Indo-European Linguistics, Classical Languages, etc.

First seven lines of the Iliad, spoken and chanted, with accents based on my research
Spoken   MP3 format   AIFF format
Chanted  MP3 format   AIFF format

Vintage Computing, especially DEC 36-bit systems

WAITS lives! and  SAIL ASCII too!
22 March 2013: Three hackers debugging Tops-10 6.03 virtual memory

XKL Toad-1 System installation manual

DEC's first mainframe, the PDP-6
Description of filenames on MIT's Incompatible Timesharing System
MIT ITS TECO command set (implementation language of the original EMACS)
DEC Tops-10 BOOT program for the KL-10 processor
Hand-built Kermit-11 install tape for RSTS/E
RMA version of PIP10

KLAD-10: DEC diagnostics for the KL-10 processor including Tops-10 v7.04 (AP22)
Installation instructions for KLAD-10
Tape 1 (BB-FI81B-DD_KLAD10-AC-7.04-A_1of3)
Tape 2 (BB-FI82B-DD_KLAD10-AC-7.04-A_2of3)
Tape 3 (BB-FI83B-DD_KLAD10-AC-7.04-A_3of3)

The Living Computer Museum candid photos
I gotta 'blog, you gotta 'blog, ev'r'body gotta 'blog
Ken Harrenstien & Mark Crispin's KLH10 emulator for the PDP-10:
Modified files for Mac OS X Snow Tiger (10.6.8)