The Dragaera Timeline

A Tentative Timeline of Dragaeran History
Compiled by Alexx Kay [Version 2.4, last updated March 11, 2021]

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Table of Contents

Preface to Edition 2.0 of the Timeline

I first discovered the world of Vlad Taltos sometime between 1987 and 1988. I have a vague memory of Taltos being the first of the books that came out after I started reading the series, but no longer remember for sure. I loved the way that the series was written out of chronological order, and how Vlad would often make references to past adventures -- many of which wouldn't be revealed in detail until much later, if at all. Some time around 1990 (I think shortly after Phoenix came out), I started wondering whether all those references actually lined up properly, and started taking down notes that eventually became this document.

Over the years, the page has grown considerably in complexity and detail. In the summer of 2010, I realized that those sections which had been done many years earlier no longer stood up to my current standards. I decided to embark on a full rewrite of the Timeline, from top to bottom. Doing so has taken most of a year, but I am finally done.

In this rewrite, I had three major goals:
1. Improve the level of scholarship. Be more critical. Cite textual evidence more. When I derive a date through a long chain of reasoning, state that reasoning clearly, so that it can be more easily criticized, or revised if more information comes to light.
2. Better cross-referencing. My use of HTML is still pretty primitive, but there are a lot more active links than there were in earlier versions.
3. More detail on the main narratives of the books. In earlier versions, I was often coy and spoiler-averse. I have come to realize that no one is likely to be reading this who hasn't already read all the books, so clarity is far more important than spoilers.
I don't claim to have perfectly achieved all these goals, but I have made huge progress on all of them. I welcome suggestions for further improvement!

As work on version 2.0 progressed, I added more and more information that was not, strictly speaking, Timeline-related. If I were to do a 3.0 revision, it might incorporate a full attempt to annotate the Dragaera works. I toy idly with the idea of making such a thing a publishable book. But definitely not until I take a few years to recover from this effort...

Change Log

July 31, 2011 -- version 2.0 posted.

August 6, 2011: version 2.0a

: version 2.0b

November 4, 2014: version 2.0c

7/12/2015, 2015: version 2.1

November 7, 2017: version 2.2

11/9/2017: version 2.2a

4/8/2021: version 2.3

5/8/2021: version 2.3


Thanks first and most to Steven Brust, for creating works that were cool enough to inspire me to do this. Thanks also to Robert Sloan (aka Adrian Charles Morgan, Adrienne Thornley), for helping inspire Steve in the first place.

Mark Mandel's excellent Cracks and Shards web page was an early inspiration, and helped clarify my thinking on many matters, especially those relating to unreliable narrators. There are many places where we present identical information, and I no longer remember which of us came up with it first. I have found Bryan Newell's Map of Dragaera an excellent source for helping clarify some matters relating to travel times.

Lastly, my thanks to the members of the Dragaera Mailing List, past, present, and future, for their many questions, criticisms, and observations that have helped shape this document.

List of Abbreviations:


BI = Before Interregnum
I = Interregnum
PI = After Interregnum
NR = Norathar's Reign

Vlad books:

Jr = Jhereg (April 1983)
Y = Yendi (July 1984)
Tk = Teckla (January 1987)
Tt = Taltos (March 1988)
P = Phoenix (November 1990)
A = Athyra (April 1993)
O = Orca (March 1996)
Dn = Dragon (November 1998)
Is = Issola (July 2001)
Dz = Dzur (October 2006)
Ja = Jhegaala (July 2008)
Ir = Iorich (January 2010)
Ti = Tiassa (April 2011)
H = Hawk (October 2014)
V = Vallista (October 2017)

Paarfi books:

PG = The Phoenix Guards (August 1991)
FH = Five Hundred Years After (April 1994)
PD = The Paths of the Dead (Book One of The Viscount of Adrilankha) (December 2002)
LCB = The Lord of Castle Black (Book Two of The Viscount of Adrilankha) (August 2003)
SL = Sethra Lavode (Book Three of The Viscount of Adrilankha) (April 2004)
BMV = The Baron of Magister Valley (August 2020)

The Fenarian book:

BP = Brokedown Palace (January 1986)

Miscellaneous stories

TD = "The Desecrator" (March 2011)

Principles of Analysis

All that we know of Dragaera comes filtered through multiple levels of unreliability. Those who witnessed the events were subject to human error and bias, as were those who translated and edited them. Yet if we say 'that is an error' at every minor inconvenience, we shall never get anywhere. Hence, my first principle is to regard any authorial statement in the canon as true unless it is contradicted. When there are contradictions, I attempt to resolve them according to Occam's Razor, in the simplest possible fashion. Statements by Steven Brust outside of the novels themselves may be useful, but only insofar as they themselves do not cause more contradictions.

This document is as complete and accurate as I can make it, but I do not pretend to perfection. I welcome corrections, and suggestions of alternate interpretations.

To quote Bölk, " memory differs from the legends, and I am not certain that the legends are not more accurate." (BP 13).

Unreliable Narrators: notes on the sources of the books

Too Many Brusts

There are at least two different Steven Brusts we must concern ourself with. There is the 'real' Steven Brust, who spends much of his time making up the adventures of Vlad Taltos and company. Then there is the 'fictional' Steven Brust, who has visited Dzur Mountain, interviewed Paarfi, and spends much of his time translating and editing stories acquired from Dragaera. For the rest of this document, I shall refer to the 'real' Steven Brust by his name, while the 'fictional' one will be called "SB" (as many of the footnotes are signed). I assume that SB published his books in the same order that Steven Brust did.

We know SB mostly by inference, though there are some direct references. Paarfi writes about SB in the "About the Author" section of The Phoenix Guards. Paarfi and SB interview each other in the "About the Author" section of Five Hundred Years After. From these details, we see that SB's life is congruent with Steven Brust's to a fairly close degree.

Vlad usually narrates his stories assuming that the listener has no prior knowledge of Dragaera in general, or Vlad in particular. I see a few possible explanations for this.
1. There are multiple different versions of SB, and Vlad never knows when a book will go to a new one. This strikes me as rather over-complicated to be preferable.
2. SB inserts these interjections to make the books more accessible to new readers. I expect that some of this goes on, but I'd prefer not to ascribe all (or even most of) the instances to this explanation. Or, alternatively, Vlad knows that SB is selling these books to naive readers, and inserts these helpful explanations proactively.
3. Vlad and SB's meetings do not happen in the same linear order from both of their points of view. That is, Vlad's first meeting with SB is not the same as SB's first meeting with Vlad, and Vlad never knows how much SB may or may not be aware of from 'prior' meetings. This explanation seems most supportable to me. We know that SB interacts directly both with Vlad in 242 PI (Tiassa, Prologue) and with Paarfi at least 76 years later (Zerika rules until at least 309 (65 years), and Five Hundred Years After was submitted to the Imperial Library in the 11th year of Norathar's Reign). Further, we have precedent, in Devera, that time travel is possible.

It should be pointed out that we don't know when -- or indeed if -- Vlad personally meets SB after their initial introduction. Most of the narratives seem to have been done into the 'metal box', without SB being physically present. Presumably, Vlad occasionally meets with Sethra and exchanges recordings for gold bars, and the occasional "useful oddities and trinkets" (Dn 15) from SB himself. These trinkets probably include the metal box itself and a velcro weapon harness (H 55).

On one hand, SB is a conscientious translator. When faced with tricky issues in translation, he footnotes them, rather than just eliding them. He may have developed this trait partway through his career, as the earlier-published Dragaera books do not have any footnotes.

On the other hand, SB seems quite willing to make 'improvements' to his source material. We know that he changed at least the titles of the Paarfi works. And there is strong evidence that the Vlad novels are heavily edited. Vlad only spends a few days narrating each book, and (as far as we can tell), he does so in a simple, linear way. Many of the Vlad books exhibit complex structural details that I believe must have been added by SB, perhaps to feel that he was adding more than 'mere' translation duties. Which structural features were due to SB, and which due to Vlad, is of course open to argument; what's listed below are merely my best guesses.

SB's access to Dragaera

How is it that SB reaches Dragaera? We have strong reason to suspect that his visits are not in the same order in his timeline as they are in Dragaera's.

Travel Hypothesis 1. SB is summoned to Dragaera by Sethra (and/or the Necromancer) periodically. They don't necessarily have control over when in SB's timeline they get him, however.

Travel Hypothesis 2. SB travels to Dragaera at will, but doesn't have full control over when in their timeline he arrives. There is precedent for this in the way Devera arrives "early" in Brokedown Palace, chapter 1. The mechanism of his travel may have been given him by Sethra or the Necromancer, or its origins may be something else entirely.

Vlad's introduction to SB

What prompted the business arrangement between Vlad and SB? We know that Sethra Lavode introduced Vlad to SB, in (Tiassa, Prologue). I believe that, while Sethra did not, strictly speaking, lie during this introduction, she was deliberately misleading.

Vlad is offered "Five hundred imperials' worth of unminted gold for a few hours of conversation" (Ti 17). A gold coin is, at least to a first approximation, an ounce of gold (Ja 211-212). In 1982, the year before Jhereg was published, gold hit a low of just over $300 an ounce. So if SB had acquired that gold himself, he would have spent in the neighborhood of $150,000 to do so. This seems, to say the least, implausible.

So if SB didn't come up with the money, who did? There are only two other people known to be involved in this communication, the Necromancer, and Sethra Lavode herself. We know little of the Necromancer's character or motives, so I cannot rule her out entirely. But we know much more of Sethra Lavode, and she actually does have a clear motive.

We know that Sethra took an interest in Vlad from early in his life. This may be because he was a reincarnation of Dolivar, because she has access to a prophecy linking Vlad to a Great Weapon, both, or some other, unknown reasons. Regardless of the purpose, Sethra kept in close contact with Vlad (in her identity as Kiera) since he was 11 years old. Despite this close study, when she first decides to approach Vlad in her Sethra identity, she misjudges his reactions to the point of near-catastrophe. Vlad and Morrolan almost kill each other, and Vlad then almost manages to provoke Sethra herself into a killing rage.

At this point, it is made starkly clear to Sethra that she has much less insight into Vlad's character than she thought she had. I believe she decided to rectify this situation. After some thought (and work with the Necromancer), she comes up with a way to get Vlad to talk about his innermost thoughts in a way that she will have access to. In this scenario, it is Sethra who contacts SB, and gives him the gold to give to Vlad. This scenario is further supported by Vlad's self-description of his narratives as "I’m just telling you what happened, and what I was thinking, because that’s what I’m being paid for (H 258).

Sethra did tell Vlad "...on my honor, that nothing you say will ever be heard by anyone who can do anything to you." (Ti 17). This suggests interesting notions about how Sethra's behavior is constrained by destiny, or other forces.

It is likely that Sethra also provides SB with access to resources sufficient to learn the primary language of Dragaera. Over time, she provides him with access to various books which he studies for background detail (or pleasure), but doesn't translate in full. (Oscaani's, Fauna of the Middle South: A Brief Survey and Miersen's Six Parts Water, both quoted in Jhegaala, are two notable examples. Sethra also probably introduced him to Paarfi, and helped broker the deal by which Paarfi allowed his works to be translated and published on SB's world (not that Paarfi could probably have prevented it).

Incidentally, Sethra's plan seems to work to her satisfation. In Issola, chapter 2, she says "I know how your mind works by now, Vlad..." (Is 38). She does seem to have regarded this as a bit of a slip, though, as shortly thereafter she conspicuously disavows knowing that Vlad has met a Serioli -- something she would have known from reading Dragon: "You have never met one, but--You have? I didn't know or have forgotten." (Is 39).

Paarfi's introduction to SB

How did SB end up meeting Paarfi (as evidenced by the "About the Author" sections of both The Phoenix Guards and Five Hundred Years After)? It seems likely that Sethra introduced them, but why? Possible motives include (but are not limited to) "I think my friend SB would like these books", "I actually wrote these books [see below] and am vainglorious enough to want SB to see them", "A 'later' version of SB told me I would do this, so I will do it in order to preserve the continuity".

Regardless of who performed the introduction, they had enough influence with Paarfi to convince him to become reasonably fluent in english: "I fail to comprehend why the reader ought to concern himself . . . herself . . . it . . . curse this language of yours! How do you manage?" (FH 440).

Sethra and Paarfi

Little is officially stated about the relationship between Sethra and Paarfi. Paarfi says, in the Preface to The Paths of the Dead that he has "...over the years, had the honor to carry on a limited but fascinating correspondence with Sethra Lavode, in the course of preparing for the work (as yet unpublished) from which, accidentally, sprang our two previous histories..." (PD 23).

Damien Sullivan ( contributed a delightful speculation as to the possible contents of that correspondence:

"Will you do me the honor of answering some small questions about certain events concerning the Interregnum?"

On the other hand, Paarfi does report things such as Sethra's conversation with Tukko in The Lord of Castle Black, chapter 45 which would seem difficult for him to know of without Sethra's cooperation.

Indeed, Paarfi has access to so much information that seems difficult to come by, that some readers speculate that Paarfi is Sethra Lavode, in disguise. This is a radical theory, but cannot be completely ruled out. It is at least partially counter-indicated by Sethra's claim to Vlad that her other identities are "No one you've ever met. Or heard of, I imagine." (Ir 109). Sethra knows that Vlad knows of Paarfi (O 142). Unless, of course, that Paarfi reference was inserted by SB as an in-joke...

Vlad's narration


Taltos was almost certainly the first material that Vlad narrated to SB. It took SB several years to realize how to edit it into an appealing form, however. Told in a strictly linear fashion, it takes forever to get to anything resembling action. If you leave out all the early biographical material, you don't have enough material for a novel (and this is still the shortest of the canon, the only one under 200 pages). By interleaving the timelines, however, SB was able to create an enjoyable book that was at least approximately novel-shaped.

Before SB realized this, however, he used some of the biographical material for the prologue of Jhereg (see below). That material is notably absent from Taltos, leading to a bit of a narrative gap when taken as a single book.

There are a few (weak) references within Taltos that place the narration of this book early in Vlad's career: Vlad has had "a few years' perspective" (Tt 7) on his father since his death. In chapter 14, after discussing "fools" who give Imperial testimony against the Jhereg, Vlad comments "never mind, that isn't my problem" (Tt 150), suggesting strongly that this was narrated before the events of Phoenix. The scene with Kieron the Conquerer in chapter 15 seems to contain veiled references to Vlad's early incarnation as Dolivar. Vlad, as narrator, comments "Now, if some of this conversation doesn't make sense to you, I can only say that it doesn't make sense to me, either." (Tt 157), which suggests that Taltos was narrated before Jhereg. Finally, as almost the last word, Vlad mentions that "...I never have told Morrolan..." (Tt 181). The use of the word "never" suggests that some considerable time has already passed since the end of the story and its narration.

Dragon has more references to when Taltos was narrated, but they are somewhat confused. In Dragon, chapter 1, Vlad describes waking up the morning after finishing "a one-sided conversation with a metal box" (Tt 15), which seems to have been the narration of Taltos. This scene is described as having taken place "three years" (Dn 15) earlier, and "just days" (Dn 15) after Taltos concluded. Yet we know from the Prologue of Tiassa that Vlad wasn't introduced to SB until at least after the main events of Dragon, months after Taltos concluded. Also, the main story of Dragon takes place very shortly after Taltos, whereas Vlad later claims that he didn't have this memory "until a couple of years later" (Dz 158).

As an interesting side-note, there is a brief suggestion in chapter 5 that Vlad was contemplating getting Kragar involved in the whole storytelling-for-money deal: "There is an interesting story in how Kragar managed to get the information I wanted, but I'll leave it to him to tell." (Tt 45)

SB's editorial hand is extremely heavy in this book. He rearranged Vlad's presumably linear narration into three parallel strands. He may have inserted the reference to Quion in the last chapter, which brings the book full circle rather neatly.


Dragon is clearly narrated very shortly after the events of Yendi, from multiple references during the frame sequence.

SB again takes a fairly strong editorial hand. While the Interludes and Epilogue may well have been presented as narrated by Vlad, I disbelieve that Vlad could split up his narration of the final assault on Fornia into so many discrete sections while narrating ex tempore. The chapter titles are presumably also added by SB. SB's editorial re-arrangement may well be the source of the confusion about when Vlad narrated Taltos (see above).

Tiassa, "Tag"

"Tag" seems to have been narrated pretty soon after it happened. There aren't any specific narration-time indicators, but Vlad always refers to his criminal affairs in the present tense, so it was definitely narrated pre-Phoenix.

There's an odd reference in chapter 1: "Oh, right; you haven't actually met my familiar." (Ti 33). Just before Vlad was first introduced to SB, he definitely had Loiosh with him. This reinforces the notion that Vlad's first meeting with SB wasn't SB's first meeting with Vlad. And why doesn't Vlad have Loiosh with him during this narration, which seems to be in person ("Turn that thing off for a minute, I need some water." Ti 100)?

"Tag" doesn't seem to have been heavily edited by SB (though Tiassa as a whole certainly was; see later sections).


Yendi seems to have been narrated shortly after its events. Near the conclusion, Vlad says "The next day I moved into Laris's old office and set up business. I met with Toronnan, and set about trying to take control of the area Laris had been running--but that really belongs to a different tale. Besides, as I speak these words, I don't know how it's going to turn out, so I may not be telling you about it after all." (Y 209).

The Introduction to Yendi may have been narrated at a later time, since it seems to (obliquely) reference the events of Jhereg and Teckla: "When I was older, I learned that most of what I had been taught were lies.". Or perhaps SB added it. Or perhaps I am overanalyzing a single sentence :-)

SB's editorial hand seems extremely light here, just selecting chapter divisions, and quotes to head them.


The prologue to Jhereg was presumably part of the narrative sketch that was later heavily mined for Taltos (see above).

For the main narrative, I see a few temporal cues, sadly contradictory. In chapter 1, Vlad says that the police using a witch to trace a murder weapon "...has never been done in the 243 years since the end of the Interregnum." (Jr 19). This suggests (weakly) that he narrated the tale in 243 PI (the same year it took place). In Chapter 12, there are multiple references to Morrolan's tower having a "single" window (most notably, Jr 154). We know from Sethra Lavode, chapter 99, that the apparent number of windows can vary, but Vlad appears not to know that at the time he narrated this. Vlad appears to know more about the windows by Phoenix, chapter 8. Or perhaps SB simplified a phrase like "had a single window in it today" in his editing pass. Early in chapter 13, however, Vlad says " bothered me so much that for years afterward I'd wake up seeing her face." (Jr 159). If this is accurate, then it must have been "years" after the events of Jhereg that Vlad narrated them. I half-suspect that SB inserted this section to make Vlad more sympathetic, but am reluctant to claim so with certainty.

I am inclined, on the whole, to think that Vlad narrated Jhereg very shortly after it happened. By this time he had already narrated several books for SB, and had to know that SB would like this material. Moreover, this is arguably the high point of Vlad's career, and I suspect he would be inclined to brag (safely) about it. To the left, Vlad certainly didn't need any money from SB right after Jhereg.

SB's editorial hand in Jhereg seems fairly light. He inserted the Prologue from an earlier Vlad narration, possibly adding the connecting material about the breeze and the knife on the back of one's neck. He also added the Pronunciation Guide, the Cycle Poem, the division into chapters, and the quotes which headed up the chapters. As mentioned above, he may have also added the material about Vlad's remorse, but that is far less certain.


Teckla, somewhat unusually, seems to contain no references to its own narration. The emotional tone, especially of the ending, suggests to me (albeit weakly) that it was narrated either before the events of Phoenix, or a considerable number of years after.

SB's editorial hand is fairly light, but he is almost certainly responsible for the device of using a laundry list as the chapter headings.


Phoenix has one major cue as to its own narration. In chapter 14, Vlad says, "A long time later, in the cottage of an Eastern family where I spent a night, I found Maria Parachezk's little pamphlet "Grey Hole in the City," a description of those few days in Adrilankha." (P 189). This suggests that a number of years had passed, since there was time for the book to be written, published, and distributed.

As a minor cue, in the Prologue, Vlad refers to this story as "The last time I killed somebody". Vlad kills people indirectly in Jhegaala, and directly in Athyra. On the other hand, 'killed' might be a mistranslation for 'assassinated'. One might argue that Vlad carries out an assassination in Orca, chapter 15, but one could also argue the other side. And Vlad commisions an assassination in Dzur, chapter 13. Other than those incidents, we don't know of any Vlad-related assassinations between Phoenix and Hawk.

Of course, the entire Prologue could be an addition by SB, to allow him an excuse to use clever chapter titles. I don't see signs of any other editorial interference.

I suspect that Phoenix may have been narrated near the end of the events of Orca, see below.


Jhegaala is notable in that, for the first time, there is strong evidence of Vlad deliberately holding back important information from SB. This is discussed in further detail in the essay The Case of the Missing Merss.

Contrariwise, the narration of Jhegaala is easily placed, as there is one clear reference, and nothing to contradict it. In the Epilogue, Vlad says "That was three years ago" (Ja 299), which seems definitive. That places the narration somewhere around the time that Orca took place. Whether before or after, I can't say. It wouldn't take too much stretching to allow it to happen during Orca (see below).

A minor reference in chapter 1, "I wondered if failing to have that fixed when I could, would end up being what did me in. Come to think of it, I still wonder." (Ja 25), suggests that Vlad still hasn't had his night vision fixed at the time of narration.

SB's editorial hand is strongly felt here; his division of the sections and chapters, and the quotes from other Dragaeran works, are not the sorts of things Vlad would insert. Explicitly, there is the footnote about "flaisl" in chapter 3, which is signed "SB". He may have also been responsible for the interesting structure of the recounting of Vlad's witchcraft spell in chapter 5.


Issola has no obvious cues as to when it was narrated. Vlad's uncertain references to SB's knowledge suggest that it was narrated to the metal box, not to SB in person. It seems, from simple logic, that it wouldn't have been narrated until after the events of Dzur, but it could have been immediately after, or years.

There is no obvious editorial interference by SB in this one. He may have prettied up the strange cognitive experience that Vlad had in chapter 9.


Dzur has one fairly clear narration reference. In chapter 5, Vlad says "It's been weeks now, and I still don't know." (Dz 113). How many weeks is not clear, but the use of 'weeks' rather than 'years' suggests that this was narrated fairly soon after the events in question.

SB clearly had a lot of fun creating the structure of this one, by dividing the meal at Valabar's up into the titles and openings of each chapter. It's unclear whether the decision to stop the narrative just before Vlad meets Vlad Norathar was Vlad's idea or SB's.


It is clear from the Epilogue that Iorich was narrated not long after the events it depicts, at a time when Vlad was free to leave Adrilankha, but had not yet done so.

Interlude: Memory may have been inserted from an earlier narration (probably Dzur) with light editing. Or it may have been part of Vlad's narrative of this book. Other than that possibility, SB doesn't seem to have done much editing to this book, other than adding the fanciful "Deleted Scenes".

Tiassa, Prologue and Epilogue

The Prologue to Tiassa has no clear references to when it was narrated. It seems likely that it was as part of Vlad explaining the silver tiassa to SB. But we don't know when -- or why -- Vlad would make such an explanation. I would guess that this was related at the same time as the Epilogue (which also has no clear narrative-time cues), and that both of them were part of some larger narrative that (at least so far) we haven't seen the bulk of.

SB's editorial hand is quite evident here. He cuts off the Prologue before he, himself, appears. He omits whatever explanation (if any) that Sethra offers Vlad about the silver tiassa. The Epilogue picks up (from the point of view of Vlad's narrative) in media res. Was Vlad's narration about the silver tiassa not enough material for a novel, so SB required lots of additional material to make one (a la Taltos)? Or was it too much material for a single novel, so SB extracted some of it, saving the rest for later?

Tiassa, "The Silver Tiassa"

"The Silver Tiassa" is in Devera's first-person voice. But it ends with an address to Vlad, suggesting that he, at some later time, related the whole thing to SB.


Vlad's narration could have happened any time after the events. It seems likely to me that it would have been narrated at the same time as Hawk.

SB presumably added all the gothic novel in-jokes that consisted of close parodies of literature from our world (First line of Chapter 1 and Epilogue, all the chapter titles). I also detect one other possible change, see the essay "Dating the events of Vallista".


Vlad's narration happens at a time when he not only has leisure to talk to the box, but even to look up some relevant background information in a book and quote it (H 117).

SB presumably added the structure of the chapter titles.

Paarfi's writings

"Early Paarfi"

While Paarfi of Roundwood clearly becomes most famous for his "Khaavren" novels starting in 309 PI, there are two mentions of his works (without titles) in "Vlad-period" books (P 15; O 142). While it is implied that he only had one earlier "popular" work (Three Broken Strings, FH 13) from University Press, it is possible that some other "popular" work was released by other publishers, possibly including early drafts of what later became the "Khaavren" novels. Perhaps these became sufficiently widely read that Paarfi acquired some upper-class fans who persuaded him to "clean up" his work sufficiently to submit to the Imperial Library.

It's possible that these early Paarfi references were inserted by SB as an in-joke, but without further evidence, I am reluctant to believe that.

The Phoenix Guards

Paarfi's work Toward Beginning a Survey of Some Events Contributing To the Fall of Empire is rejected (at least temporarily) by "the Institute" around 269 PI ("a mere two score of years" before 309 PI, PG xiii). Paarfi begins to "hone" his notes for The Phoenix Guards around 288 PI ("twenty-one years" before 309 PI, PG xiii). Paarfi writes the Preface and About the Author for The Phoenix Guards in "309 (2/1/2/3)", (PG xv, 331). (See notes at 309 PI for discussion of the slashed date form.) The book is submitted to the Imperial Library the same year.

SB's editorial hand is not much in evidence. The clever, parallel "About the Author' sections may have been his work (lying about inventing Paarfi), or may be attributed to Steven Brust.

Five Hundred Years After

Five Hundred Years After is submitted to the Imperial Library on 11 NR. Oddly, the Preface isn't completed until 46 NR. See notes at those dates for more discussion.

Again, SB's editorial hand seems light, evidenced only in the interview he has with Paarfi in "About the Author".

The Viscount of Adrilankha

The Viscount of Adrilankha is submitted to the Imperial Library on NR 179. It is submitted as a complete work, though Paarfi's publishers insist on publishing it in three volumes. The Preface to The Paths of the Deadis written in 181 NR, see notes there for more detail. We don't know exactly when the individual volumes were published.

SB's editorial interference seems minor, consisting of the addition of 2 footnotes in The Paths of the Dead. These footnotes are notably disrespectful of Paarfi, and presumably were not approved by him. The note "As far as I can determine, the "noted historian" in question is Paarfi himself. --SB" (PD 311) suggests that SB has significant access to Dragaeran history -- or perhaps to a Dragaeran research assistant?

Tiassa, "Special Tasks"

There are no direct references to the time of writing for "Special Tasks", but a few indirect ones. In chapter 1, Paarfi says "Khaavren of Castle Rock, with whom the reader may, perhaps, be familiar from our earlier histories." (Ti 224), suggesting that at least two of the Khaavren books had been published before "Special Tasks" was written. In chapter 4, Paarfi assumes that the reader is aware of the Blue Fox's true identity (Ti 279), suggesting that The Viscount of Adrilankha also predates "Special Tasks".

It is unknown what context "Special Tasks" originally appeared in. Was it part of a larger novel? Published as a thin stand-alone? For appearance in a magazine or anthology? Commissioned by SB, or by Sethra Lavode?

The footnote in chapter 4 is not signed. The language suggests Paarfi as author. Contrariwise, "the Northwestern language" is the one most commonly spoken in Dragaera (Dz 39), so it's unclear why Paarfi would have included this footnote -- unless perhaps he knew he was writing for a non-Dragaeran audience. There is no other clear evidence of any editorial changes by SB.

The Baron of Magister Valley

Submitted to the Imperial Library in 290 NR (BMV 9).

SB has added a few footnotes on translation issues. There are a few errors in geography and dates that may be due to translation errors.

Works which don't come directly from Vlad or Paarfi

Brokedown Palace

The exact source of Brokedown Palace is not known. chapter 17 contains a suggestion by Bölk that Miklós might "write down what has happened so others will know of it when it is time for them to." (BP 266). If Brokedown Palace was indeed written down by Miklós, and subsequently published, we still don't know when, except insofar as they must have happened after the events of the book itself (circa 218 PI). It is possible that the 'others' Bölk refers to above may include Vlad or his family, since they may have a vested interest in Brigitta's Background. Perhaps Vlad acquires a copy from SB!

There are no overt SB editorial changes, other than inserting a pronunciation guide written by his father. This guide reveals the intriguing fact that Fenarian is apparently praactically identical with modern Hungarian. This has some significant implications which are beyond the scope of this essay, but may get written up at a later date.

"The Desecrator"

"The Desecrator" is narrated by Telnan, to Sethra Lavode. It seems to have been narrated shortly after the events it depicts, in 230 PI.

It is unknown whether Telnan knows that Sethra is recording him. It is also unknown whether she does so using one of SB's recording devices (which would imply that Sethra knew SB for years before she introduced him to Vlad), or whether the device was her own, and she simply gave SB access to it at a later time.


Athyra is the first book about Vlad which is not written in Vlad's first person narration. The 'close third person' viewpoint follows Savn, for the most part, though there are short passages from Rocza's point of view. It seems that the source for most of this book has to have ben Savn, himself. (It is possible that SB pieced this book together from interviews with Savn's family, Hwdf'rjaanci, and other interested parties, but Occam's razor suggests that he got it mainly from Savn.) Perhaps SB recast it in third person because Savn's narration was clumsy and un-aesthetic. Or perhaps Savn actually narrated the story in the third person, to distance himself from these traumatic memories. Sadly, this narrative distance leaves us with few cues as to when Savn told SB this story. It almost certainly has to be after the events of Orca, and possibly after the Epilogue of Tiassa or Hawk.

The 'Rocza' sections are, I suspect, entirely added by SB, since I don't see any circumstances under which Rocza would 'talk' with him. I suspect that he had been reading Oscaani's Fauna of the Middle South: A Brief Survey, and wanted to pass on some of the insights into jhereg habits and thought processes.

It is probably also SB who extracted the Prologue, and who added the chapter-heading verses.


Orca has a clear narrator, and a rather suprising one at that: Sethra, in her guise as Kiera. Her willingness to let SB know so much about her is a sign of the trust she has in him, and perhaps of friendship that has developed between them. She even provides him with copies of some letters she wrote to Cawti, perhaps to underscore the unreliability of even her own narration.

SB certainly is responsible for organizing the structure of the book, placing Kiera's letters and the Interludes in appropriate places. He may have also done some major reworking of the timeline of events in the latter part of the book, as I infer from the following continuity issue:

Kiera says that after leaving Stony, she "hastened back" (O 171) and that it was "late afternoon" when she arrived. This is problematic. After she saw Stony, there had to be time for Stony to be killed by Vlad, Vlad to spend long enough walking back that it was quite dark (O 219), and for Savn to work on Loiosh "far into the night" (O 219). [Thanks to for first pointing out this discrepancy.]

David Silberstein ( speculates that the "Kiera" chapters of Orca are being "told to" a diary that Sethra keeps, and that the unaccounted-for time here was taken up by something that Sethra kept out of that diary (possibly having to do with the larger ramifications of the financial crisis).

I now have a more favored theory, which is based on significant fudging by SB during editing, in service of dramatic surprise. I propose that the following was the actual course of events:

The problem with this sequence of events, from an authorial/editorial perspective, would be that it completely undercuts the surprise of Stony's attack on Vlad. And so, I posit, SB rewrote it so that Kiera would not obviously know Vlad had been in a serious fight, inadvertently introducing some continuity errors in the process.

I also suspect that SB depicted Vlad and Savn's departure much earlier than actually happened. If Savn's treatment lasted significantly longer, then Vlad would be stuck in one place, with nothing better to do than narrate for SB, and was also in direct contact with Sethra, who could facilitate delivery. We know that Jhegaala was narrated at roughly this time, and it would also be a plausible time for the narration of Phoenix.

Tiassa, "Conception"

Presumably Sethra told SB about her part of this story directly. She may have also told him at least the general outlines of the Verra and Aliera sections, since neither of those seem very likely to have spoken with SB.

Tiassa, "Whitecrest"

This section has no obvious narrator, so was presumable authored by SB directly. It is unclear who his sources were, or why they felt it worth letting him know of these events.

The Cycle:

1 Phoenix
2 Dragon
3 Lyorn
4 Tiassa
5 Hawk
6 Dzur
7 Issola
8 Tsalmoth
9 Vallista
10 Jhereg
11 Iorich
12 Chreotha
13 Yendi
14 Orca
15 Teckla
16 Jhegaala
17 Athyra

General Notes on the Dragaeran Calendar

There are 30 hours in a day (PG 142, et al). References are made to hours 'of the morning' and 'after noon', so they have AM and PM as we do, just with 15 hours in each half, not 12. Note that four meals a day is standard (PG 405, 433), so they eat roughly as often as Terrans do. There are a few references in early books to 24-hour days, but these are almost certainly mistranslations. Speaking of mistranslations, there is reason to think that several different Dragaeran words tend to all be translated as 'noon', despite denoting different times of day; see the discussion in the notes to Sethra Lavode, chapter 86 for more detail. Similarly, "lunch" may refer to either the second or third meal of the day; see discussion in notes to chapter 5 of Jhereg. Fourteen-hour work days are considered to be lengthy by the middle class (BMV 141), though no doubt Teckla are treated worse.

Hours have 60 minutes (FH 256) and minutes have sixty seconds (SL 303). Hours and minutes are apparently close to their Terran counterparts, and were presumably established by the original Terran colonists (see below). Philip Hart (philiph@SLAC.Stanford.EDU) points out that an exact 30/24 ratio is unlikely, but also mentioned a workaround used by the fictional lunar colonists in John M. Ford's Growing Up Weightless; namely, having one "hour" of the day be a non-standard length, to make up the difference. This "lunar" model does presume that the time system was "restored" after the creation of the Orb, since it certainly wouldn't have been used during the immedate Post-Jenoine period. Alternatively, the "lunar" model may have been used by the original colonists, but then, after the Jenoine were driven out, the Dragaerans simplified matters to an even 30/60/60 division of their actual day length, which would give us seconds, minutes, and hours that were similar to Terran ones, but not identical.

There are 17 months in the year (Tt 97), of 17 days each (PG 59). Both days and months are named after the Houses. The first month is that of the Phoenix (P 1). There may be 'calendar hacks' such as the Terran Leap Year, but none have so far been mentioned, and their impact is likely to be small in any case. This works out to a year of about 8,670 hours, as compared with a Terran year of about 8,736 hours, so the length of the year is almost identical to a Terran year, which fits with various references to Easterner's ages and life expectancies. Eastern months are probably longer, since Morrolan reminds Arra that "we are now in the Empire, where a month is only seventeen days" (SL 307, emphasis added).

The Imperial year starts in spring, with a large celebration; the "Festival of the New Year" (P 120, 128) is the last day of the year, and New Year's Day is the first (P 151); many Dragaerans even start partying the afternoon before the last day (P 120). [This festival may not have existed before Zerika IV's reign. Paarfi recounts events surrounding the New Year on 1 PI, but mentions no festival. The New Year on 2 PI is the start of Morrolan's party, but no mention is made of the New Year.] Approximately one Dragaeran month after the New Year is Spring Balance day (Ja 17), which is presumably the equinox. Other holidays ("Holy Days", P 120) include Kieron's Eve (time unknown, O 222), Kieron's Day (an occasion for gift-giving, V 187), and some "obvious feast days" (Ir 101) when services to Verra are held (Is 75). Verra has a feast day which "falls in the winter" (PD 42), at least in some Eastern lands. At least some other gods have "certain calendar days that might be sacred to one or the other of them" (LCB 324). Some Teckla celebrate a day called Pudding Morn (A 95), and have a Harvest Festival (A 102, 107, 243). Ascension Day is celebrated in both Dragaera (Ja 105) and Fenario (BP 143), and would appear to involve fireworks (Dz 16) and/or lots of light (BP 143). In Fenario, they also have a Planting Festival (Ja 62). The first day of summer is on "the fifth day of the month of the Hawk" (SL 16). Greenaere has a "Winter Festival" (P 47) which involves musical performance, and is the beginning of their year (P 128).

A Dragaeran week is five days long (Y 39). Days include Endweek (numerous refs), Farmday (Tk 7, BMV 401), Homeday (Tk 7, Dz 119, V 119), Marketday (O 82, BMV 145-145, 406), Firstday (O 143), and Skyday (O 143, BMV 420). That's six; maybe one of them is an alternate or regional name, or Marketday is not a day of the week but whatever day market is held. The two references to Marketday in LCB (151, 175) make the suggestion that Marketday is a movable one somewhat less supportable. The one clear match we have between day of the week and date of the year is Ir 136, in which we find that the second day of the month of the Lyorn, in the year Zerika 252, is a Marketday. It's a safe bet that Firstday begins the week and Endweek ends it, but we have no solid guidance for the order of the rest. Sethra Lavode, chapters 74 and 75, suggest that Farmday follows Skyday, but there are enough issues around the dates (see notes for those chapters), that it is a very weak suggestion, indeed. Vlad sometimes works on Endweek, but not always (Dn 95), and he associates Endweek with not working (Ja 163), strongly suggesting that it is equivalent to our notion of "a weekend". This is further supported by Livosha only having a half day of work on Endweek (BMV 144), and a tavern being "very busy" "early evening on Endweek" (BMV 395). Apparently it is traditional to have a somewhat fancy dinner on Endweek (V 244), possibly involving bacon (V 246). There's weak evidence that "Homeday" is a day for staying at home (V 119). There is a reference to "a spot for the market to set up come Endweek" (Ja 32-33), suggesting that Endweek and Marketday may be the same thing. But elsewhere, Marketday and Endweek appear to be different days (BMV 144-145). A reference in H (202) suggests that Endweek is two days after Farmday, but this is somewhat problematic (see note at H 219).

Fenarians perform rituals to worship the Goddess every seven days (BP 62). A Fortnight (Eastern term) is 14 days (Tk 95). These imply that Easterners keep a 7 day week. Burz has a "different" Endweek than Vlad is used to (Ja 163); unsurprising, given the difference in week lengths.

Birthdays are celebrated, though with differences between various cultures. Easterners (or at least Fenarians) celebrate much as we do; Dragaerans "honor and thank those who brought him into the world" (Tt 30).

A House can hold the Orb between 289 (17^2) and 4,913 (17^3) years (Tt 96-97) (Vlad says "three thousand something"; he isn't very good at math). Since exactly one Great Cycle has passed (P 161) in the last ~224,000 years (Jr 72), the average Cycle is about 13,200 years, and a given House's reign averages about 775 years. These figures have been used in estimating antique historical dates, although these have been rounded to the nearest thousand to acknowledge the fact that these are estimates based on very little real data. References to antique historical events in this document will be made using the format Cycle/Reign; e.g. "4/5" would indicate the 4th Hawk reign. When reference is made to an emperor such as "Juraj IX", without explicit mention of a Cycle, I have usually tentatively assigned the Cycle to be the same as the Emperor's number, but have left a question mark in, as there is certainly no requirement of 1-to-1 correspondence between the numbers of the name and the Cycle. It seems likely that, in at least some cases, there is more than one consecutive ruler from the same House, though opinions differ. 4,913 years is longer than the (natural) Dragaeran lifespan, and undead aren't allowed to hold office. On the other hand, life extension is certainly possible, if apparently uncommon. We have exactly one definite example of multiple rulers within a single Reign, Tortaalik and Zerika -- but that case is exceptional in so many ways that it can hardly count as solid evidence.

A period of 17 years is called a Turn, and these are, naturally, named after the Houses. Similarly, 17 Turns (289 years) make up a Phase, also so named (FH 9). The numbering of Years, Turns, and Phases restart with every Reign (FH 9, PD 11). This works, since no House can hold the Orb for more than 17 Phases (Tt 96-97). [The numbering was also restarted after the Interregnum, even though that was still technically part of the Reign of the Phoenix, which probably leads to some confusion with using numeric dates.] Long-form dates often leave out one or more of these items, but this may be translation error. Perhaps Dragaeran writing includes some way of indicating what part each number in the date plays, but the translator isn't very good at catching that level of detail.

Conversions between long-form text dates, "slashed dates" and decimal dates are extremely tricky to work out, as they aren't a straightforward "convert to base 17" operation. For the terms except the Turn, counting starts with Phoenix as 1, not 0. But for Turns, the count does appear to start with Phoenix as 0, and Dragon as 1. [At least, that assumption makes four apparent errors go away, and only seems to introduce one new one (and that one is dubious), so Occam's Razor supports it.] As the decimal dates are used most frequently, I've generally assumed them to be correct, and massaged the rest of tfhe data to match.

While formal or mystical date-keeping is in base 17, it seems that informal discussion of dates use base 10, as there are many references to decades, centuries, or "thousands" of years.

There are occasional hints of a different dating system, unrelated to reigns, possibly used by Teckla (BMV 183) and for wine (Jr 217; Tt 48).

A few words on "few"

The Dragaeran word (or words) which is translated as "few" is, like the english word, a vague term, but some things can be determined about it. The vast majority of times in which "few" maps to an identifiable number, it is between 2 and 5, with 4 being slightly more common than the others. In cases where there is no other data, I will assume "few" to equal 4. There are many instances when it means a higher number, however, including multiple instances of 9, and some higher still. Contrariwise, some cases seem to map to a number less than 2, especially when dicussing quantitative nouns like 'weeks'. I hypothesize that a formal Dragaeran grammar would say that "few" can mean any number less than 17. "Several" appears less often than "few", but seems to follow roughly the same statistical pattern. [This should be developed into a detailed appendix, but I don't want to hold up the release of 2.0 until I get around to it.]

The Timeline:

Wayyyyyy back

The Cycle "created"??? Barlen asserts that "it is part of the fundamental nature of the universe" (PD 193). Paarfi says of it "perhaps, older than Time" (PD 391).

The Lords of Judgment estabished as an institution (P 108 implies that not all gods are members of that body).

The Lords of Judgment create the Halls of Judgment, connecting with many different worlds and time-streams (V 168).

The Gods create the world out of amorphia (Is 21, possibly facetious). Or maybe it was giant droppings (Is 102). Or maybe it was Chaos (Is 117-118).

Serioli are the original natives of Dragaera (Is 36, 39).

"It is said that before the arrival of Men or Dragaerans, so long ago even the hills have forgotten, in secret caverns deep in the mountains, an ancient race called the Serioli constructed artifacts of breathtaking beauty, profound subtlety, and unimaginable power." (H 238).

Terrans(?) discover Dragaera (P 117, Dn 110, Is 36). Although some theories claim they were brought in by the Jenoine (Jr 110), this is pretty clearly false (Is 35-36).

Many Terran lifeforms are introduced to Dragaera (notably Hawks, Orca, and horses, plus many animals and plants used for food), although native ones are probably already abundant. Not all animals and plants with Terran names are necessarily the same as their Terran counterparts, due to both evolution and "translation errors", but as a general guideline, if it's called a duck, assume it's a duck. Native lifeforms at this time include Dragon, Dzur, Jhereg, and Serioli (Is 36). Are the cat-centaurs native? [Question: Why didn't the Jenoine create a Tribe of the Horse? Or did they, and it just didn't survive until the founding of the Empire? Perhaps Bölcseség is a 'survivor' of that tribe.]

The "Dragaeran" race arrives on Dragaera after the Terrans (Is 36). [It should be noted here that we have no compelling evidence that the inhabitants call this world Dragaera, or indeed, that they have any name for it at all.]

~40,000,000 BI???

The Jenoine arrive, bringing their servant Verra with them (Is 36). Tri'nagore was also originally their servant (SL 138).

Jenoine begin experiments on Dragaera "a few hundred thousand generations ago" (Jr 109-110). Unclear how old a typical Dragaeran has to be to parent (and thus be a 'generation'), but I'm arbitrarily guessing about 200 years.

The Jenoine are (according to Verra) attempting to build a society that will develop for a time, then stagnate (V 127, 282).

Hypothesis: The Eastern tribes are the result of an earlier round of experiments that reached a simpler, earlier form of stasis. This is particularly suggested by the way in which Eastern languages don't seem to have evolved significantly. Fenarian is identifiably Hungarian (BP ix). Kelly is able to read Marxist works which appear to come from our own world (P 117). Conversely, Dragaeran language definitely does evolve over time (V 186).

Jenoine experiments create Dragaerans from Human stock (Is 36-37).

~10,000,000 BI?

Mountains of Faerie start forming ("Ten millions of years before", BP 14).

~300,000 BI??

Jenoine Disaster, fomented by Verra "and a few others" (Is 37; "My sisters", V 283) forms Great Sea of Chaos, creates sorcery, elevates Verra and her peers to godhood, and kills all Jenoine then on Dragaera (Jr 111; P 107-108; FH 429; Is 37, 204; V 127). Fenarians later have stories about the relationship between Verra and the Jenoine (Dz 238-239). "The Catastrophe that created the Great Sea in the first place resulted from several fluke occurrences, as well as some nasty scheming and plotting on the part of Verra and others with her. But the fact that it failed to entirely consume the world is the biggest fluke of all." (Is 204) [This dating is extremely tentative, but I gather that a significant period of anarchy elapsed between this event and the founding of the Dragaeran Empire.] Verra swears to end the Jenoine experiment in sstagnation, which continues even though the Jenoine are gone (V 127).

Ordwynac addresses Barlen as "old god" (LCB 389). Does Barlen predate the Jenoine Disaster? Or is Ordwynac younger?

Events whose exact timing is unknown, but which would seem to be Ancient.

Before the Empire, there were thirty-one tribes ("thirty-one", Is 35; "about thirty", Jr 112). Many tribes die off, eventually leaving sixteen (Jr 112).

Teckla tribe invents agriculture (Jr 112).

Sethra Lavode born ("older than the Empire" Jr 114). [Some readers speculate she helped bring about the Jenoine Disaster, though her statement "I cannot, in my own mind, imagine the cataclysm of the moment when it came into being" (Is 37) would tend to suggest otherwise.]

The left ear of Dzur Mountain is fabricated (Tt 1).

The future site of Adrilankha discovered and named by Orca mariners (Tt 50; presumably has to happen before the events that lead to the naming of Kieron's Watch).

Greenaere institutes "ancient" laws against torture (P 56).

"Ancient" (PG 257) laws prohibit Lyorn warriors from challenging anyone who doesn't have the same training (PG 160). In cases of treason, however, this restriction does not apply (PG 258).

Dri'Chazik a Tukknaro Dzur born (created?) (LCB 147,148; Is 31). PD 183 states him to be "of middle years", but I think that is only his appearance. In Issola, Sethra says that he is "Younger than I am" (Is 31), but in LCB 147, he calls her "young one".] Dzur offers more contradictions, on page 47. Perhaps at least one of them has spent a lot of place where time runs at a different rate? Or perhaps they are in some sense twins? In Tiassa: Conception, Sethra says to him "I always know what you mean." (Ti 210).

Chaos stones first created (by the Jenoine? or nature?) (FH 205).

Serioli smiths invent Morganti weapons and wipe out warfare (among themselves, at least) ("before the beginning of the Empire", Dn 36).

Godslayer has "a destiny tracing back longer than the Empire" (H 190).

"music was one of the first things that magic was applied to, and that the magical arts have been enhanced by music for almost as long." (H 242).

Blackchapel founded "far back in prehistory" (PD 40).

A "very old" prophecy is made (LCB 190). Tukko tells Sethra of it "some years ago" (LCB 188), which I think is likely to be extreme understatement.

Prince Tapman and Lady Tersa of Haynels are "great philosophers of antiquity" (FH 276).

A small enclave of Easterners is established in a certain Dragaeran village near Brachington's Moor ("from time immemorial", PD 229).

Sethra Lavode expresses a (perhaps narrow) opinion on what novels are worthwhile ("It must have been an eon ago", SL 143).

"There is a tree that grows between the Adrilankha River valley and the desert of Suntra, where it was first brought, I’m told, by Pilmasca the Explorer (who might never have existed) from somewhere in the East I’ve never heard of (and which might also not exist). From the tree grows a bean that has some complex name derived from Serioli, even though everyone is convinced the tree came from the East originally." (H 234).

Verra introduces the ability to manipulate amorphia into what will become known as the e'Kieron line (V 283-384), not knowing quite why. (She describes it as the e'Kieron line, but the introduction has to have happened at least one generation prior to Kieron, as we know Dolivar inherited the ability.)

~250,000 - 200,000 BI?
Events surrounding the formation of the Empire. Ordering is mostly speculative.

"The formation of the Empire, from scattered tribes, took tens of thousands of years" (V 283).

"The Empire has existed--I don't know--somewhere between two and two-and-a-half hundred thousand years." (Jr 72).

Dolivar is "good with irony" (Is 40).

Dolivar shames Kieron & Dragons; he is tortured and expelled from tribe. Sethra is supposed to hamstring him, but deliberately misses. Aliera (probably not her name in this incarnation) sees this, but says nothing (Jr 114).

Dolivar forms the Jhereg tribe (Jr 113).

Devera "picks" Dolivar for Verra (V 281).

Dolivar makes a bargain with Kieron to get the Jhereg included in the Empire (Jr 113; V 127).

Kieron debates with Shamans (Jr 134).

Empire formed (Jr 72) out of the remaining tribes (17, 16, or perhaps 21, PD 47) by Kieron the Conqueror (Jr 110; Y 39) (inspired by dreams from the gods, Is 39, "only Zerika knew we were [making an empire]", Is 41) and a union of Shamans (Jr 113). First Empress is Zerika I (PG 16). [See also FH 345.]

The Empire starts moving east, driving the Serioli from their homes (Is 39).

Zerika negotiates with the Serioli; Kanefthali culture starts developing (PD 47).

Kieron gains a sword which is intended for some specific use; Aliera later claims that this task is unfinished (Tt 157). What the task actually is has not yet been revealed. Possibly conquering the East?

Orb created out of Great Sea of Chaos (Jr 215) "(by Zerika the First, according to legend; by the Jenoine, according to myth) by ... pre-Empire sorcery" (FH 206). Sethra is quite clear that Zerika created the Orb, inspired to do so by the gods. (FH 344, Is 37,39). "It is said that the ancients, before the creation of the Orb, could use the power of the Great Sea of Amorphia in this way, and indeed, that was how the Orb was created, by Zerika the First, and the Athyra Sholandir, and the Vallista Caerdwin, and the Chreotha Mar, who worked together to contain the power, trap it, direct it, and so put it under the will of the Empress" (BMV 134-135). The Orb was created from Trellanstone (Is 151), which was apparently a gift from the gods (Is 155).

At least five of the 'original sixteen' tribes used to practice human sacrifice. The first Imperial Edict outlaws this practice, due to pressure from the gods (Ir 55-56).

Elder Sorcery declared illegal by Imperial Edict ("at the beginning of the Empire", FH 80; "since the creation of the Orb", FH 182; "about as old as the Empire", Ir 45).

"black has been considered the color of sorcery for hundreds of thousands of years" (Jr 79). [This would seem likely to be connected with the Orb; prior to this the 'color of sorcery' might well have been purple (FH 205-206).]

Kieron's army drives eastward, displacing many Easterners and Serioli (Jr 113, Is 39).

Kieron's army, despite protests from the Shamans, stand their ground while awaiting Orca reinforcements against "Eastern Devils". Kieron Watches for the arrival of the Orca for 5 days (Y 39-40; PG 137; "The sea has brought our salvation," LCB 113). This takes place on the future site of Adrilankha (Y 39). Kieron wins the battle, "thus securing the foundations of an Empire of Dragaerans" (Y 40).

Kieron decides not to completely conquer the East, so that the Empire will always be bound together by an external threat (Y 99). Note that this is stated by a Dragonlord (Morrolan), about their greatest hero, so may be a... distortion of what really happened.

Kieron comes "within a hairsbreadth of attempting to take the Orb" (PD 198).

Warlord's Headdress adopted as symbol of command ("since the First Cycle", 1/?, FH 99). [Definitely in the First Cycle, possibly dates back as far as Kieron.]

Dolivar "betrayed" Kieron and Aliera (Jr 115). Exactly how is unspecified, but this may be the event that led indirectly to Kieron being killed.

Kieron killed by Lyorn warriors and Shamans who blame him for problems that Jhereg are causing (Jr 113-114). Apparently this happened when Kieron was at "late middle age" (Tt 149). This was "two hundred thousand years" ago (Tt 157).

Dolivar dies (and is sent over Deathsgate? Dn 257).

Drien is a famous Shaman/warrior contemporary of Kieron's. Sex is unknown, and allegedly involved a sex-change at one point (Is 138). The gods recall his judgement (PD 195).

Events which seem fairly ancient, but probably post-date the founding of the Empire.

"...a Serioli named Cly!ng Fr'ngtha that made the Elder Sorcery tangible by embodying it in objects blurring the distinction between animate and inanimate..." (Is 37). A later reference (Is 40) seems to clarify this as referring to the creation of the first Great Weapons.

Godslayer and Pathfinder created (Dn 111-112).

The gods attempt to destroy Godslayer, converting it to Spellbreaker? (Dn 111-112)

The Jenoine attack the Great Sea of Chaos (Is 82, 207?).

The Jenoine attack the Halls of Judgement (Is 82).

The Jenoine attack the Imperial Palace (Is 82).

Sethra arranges for steps to be carved in the interior of Dzur Mountain (LCB 185). [Just how much of the interior did she create/excavate/remodel?]

Sethra becomes "part of the rock of Dzur Mountain", possibly because she considers her "existence fulfilled" (Is 217). Obviously, she didn't stay a rock, but what brought her out of it is still unrevealed.

Pitra sculpts a mammoth Dzur ("in the depths of time" FH 358).

Eight (or possibly nine) "Battles of Dzur Mountain" before the end of the Interregnum (LCB 19 et al). One of these may be the "Third Seige of Dzur Mountain (Jr 134). At least three of them were fought at least twenty miles from the foot of the mountain (LCB 197-198).

Sethra says "I speak for the Mountain, and the Mountain speaks for the Orb" (LCB 113).

The walls of Adrilankha allegedly taken down "thousands upon thousands of years before" (LCB 40). If Adrilankha ever did have walls, it was long enough ago that most historians think it to have never been the case.

County of Southmoor was a domain of the House of the Dragon "dating back to the earliest days of the Empire" (PD 279; LCB 41).

Sethra states an opinion on novels "an eon ago" (SL 143).

~219,000 BI

Jamiss (later Jamiss I) begins construction of the Imperial Palace in the reign of Faarith I (1/8, PG 22).

~218,500 BI

Forts and fortresses constructed along the Eastern border of the Empire (1/9, PG 22).

~218,000 BI

Imperial Palace (earliest version) completed (1/9, PG 22).

The phrase "breaking into the Imperial Palace" starts getting used ("the early days of the Empire", O 160).

~215,000 BI?

Wetrock region colonized by Orca and Iorich ("the First Cycle", 1/12?, BMV 24; "in the First Cycle", BMV 40).

Ivaacim village named for its first baron ("in the First Cycle", BMV 204).

~210,000 BI

In the reign of Kieron the Younger, the Great Houses near the Palace are begun, just after the reign of Zerika II (2/2, PG 22). They are completed over the next few Reigns, concluding with the Hawk Reign (2/5, PG 22).

~204,000 BI

"an abandoned Serioli dwelling that goes back to the Second Cycle" (2/?, TD 1). Unclear whether this refers to the dwelling having been created at this time, or abandoned at this time. Nightslayer is later found here, but it's not clear how long it was there.

~197,000 BI

The House of the Dragon reaches the Southmoor region ("in the Dragon Reign of the Third Cycle", 3/2, LCB 44). This page also reference a "Lord Drien". If this is the same individual who is referenced in Is 138, he/she was extremely long-lived. If not, then the name is puzzling, since one would think it was already "reserved" for the e'Drien line. Or perhaps the custom of using e' style names was not yet current.

Vallista architects brought into Southmoor in great numbers (LCB 44).

Dzur Mountain erupts (LCB 44).

~196,000 BI

Building project in Southmoor abandoned; Nacine grows ("the Cycle had turned, bringing ... a Lyorn Emperor", 3/3, LCB 45).

~191,000 BI

The first chapel is built in Blackchapel ("most likely around the middle of the Third Cycle", 3/9?, PD 29)

~185,000 BI

Lanya e'Kieron arrested ("in the third Cycle by the Athyra Emperor", 3/17, PG 271).

Eastern expansion of the Empire ends "toward the end of the Third Cycle" (PD 48).

~184,000 BI

Phoenix emperor Jessier the Fearful (4/1, PG 272).

~183,000 BI

Lanya takes the Orb after the Coup of the Bureaucrats (4/1-2, PG 272).

200-year War of the Streets follows; Lanya designs & builds Inner Palace to be defensible (PG 273). [Presumably, this Lanya also founds the e'Lanya line.]

Lanya comments on the notion of a State investigating its own military, and the assumptions therein (Ir 23, 40).

Marish'Chala is Warlord (4/2, PG 85).

Bengloarafurd region discovered by Imperial scouts of the House of the Dragon. "ten years of almost constant war" follow between the Empire and the Easterners, during which time the local Serioli depart. The Dragonlords eventually win (PG 166).

Mt. Kieron discovered by the Dzurlord Brionn (PG 233).

Countess Mundra's family begin trying to duplicate a certain signet ("since the Fourth Cycle", 4/?, V 112).

~176,000 BI

Sethra helps turn back an invasion from Elde Island ("during the Iorich Reign of the Fourth Cycle", 4/11, FH 98). "along with Terics e'Marish'Chala", possibly the founder of the e'Terics line?

Lishni invents the Fire-ram (Dn 35). [Presumably a relatively low-tech(sorcery) tactic, and so tentatively placed early in the chronology.]

~165,000 BI

Maalics e'Kieron conquers Redface region, begins to fortify it (5/?, PG 182).

The Institute of Discretion founded, to ensure that the Emperor has a Discreet ("in the Fifth Cycle", 5/?, FH 45).

~165,000 - 140,000 BI

Spell-sticks used in warfare ("the Fifth and Sixth Cyxles, and even into the Seventh, before flashstones", 5/? - 7/?, O 224).

~164,000 BI

Emperor Yurstov tries to create an actual justice system, with only partial success ("Iorich Emperor of the Fifth Cycle", 5/11. Ir 222-223).

~158,000 BI

First documented person enters Dzur Mountain ("the Sixth Phoenix reign", 6/1, FH 99).

Zerik II has A'jo's discretion (6?/1, PG 148). [Presumably (though not definitively) after the founding of the Institute of Discretion; could easily be earlier or later.]

~151,000 BI

Imperial laws defining the contributions of the Houses to the Imperial Allowance created (6/?, FH 27).

Sethra founds the Lavodes (FH 100, 419). "The Lavodes were created to handle threats or potential threats to the Empire that were fundamentally non-military." (Is 199). Dating extremely speculative; placed here because Paarfi strongly suggests (FH 97-98) that the Lavodes were founded well after 4/11.

Vallista architects start searching for techniques to link architecture between worlds ("tens of thousands of years", V 81, 278).

Sometime during the Sixth Cycle lives a Lyorn Princess named "Loini" (V 116).

~147,000 BI?

Wirev discovers pearls in what will become Aussiar ("during the Teckla Republic of the Sixth Cycle", 6/15, BMV 75).

~146,000 BI

Kiva VI, of the House of Jhegaala (6?/16, PG 167).

~145,000 BI?

Athyra Lady Veshika creeates first reliable levitation spell; names the Fingers ("in the Sixth Cycle", 6/17?, BMV 331).

~140,000 BI

Vlad incarnates as a Lyorn (7?/early? V 115-116).

~139,000 BI?

Far Harbor constructed "in the Seventh Cycle" (7/?, BMV 354).

~138,000 BI

During the Seventh Jhereg reign, the Emperor/ess misuses the Orb (to listen in on private communications?) (7/10, O 153). Bad consequences apparently followed and no one has (openly) done the same since.

~132,000 - 119,000 BI

Sethra is Warlord ("in the Eighth Cycle", 8/?, O 156). This may or may not have included the Whetstone Rising, see below.

The house of Traanzo gains its first High Justicer ("going back as far as the Eighth Cycle", 8/?, BMV 94).

~129,000 BI

Whetstone Rising; the Battle of Plowman's Bridge ("Eighth Cycle, two hundred and fifth year of the Tiassa Reign", 8/4, O 123).

~123,000 BI

Blackbirdriver region settled ("in the Chreotha Reign of the Eighth Cycle", 8/12, PD 231-232).

~120,000 BI

The Empire claims Elde Island for 30-35 years (9/2, LCB 213).

Some poets thrive, including Redgrew ("early ninth cycle", SL 116).

~119,000 - 106,000 BI?

Lady Braidre writes An Inquiry Into the Nature of Learning ("the Ninth Cycle", 9/?, BMV 115).

~113,000 BI

Floating Bridge built during the Pioneer Wars (late 9?/7, "shortly before the abdication of the Issola Emperor Juzai XI", PG 220-221).

Blackbirdriver raised to a duchy. A subsequent naming dispute lasts seven hundred years ("in the Issola Reign of the Ninth Cycle", 9/7, PD 232).

County of Arylle founded ("during the Ninth Issola reign", 9/7, FH 109).

Arylle is the sole survivor of an attack on a western pirate stronghold (FH 358, dating uncertain).

Markon e'Lanya and the Smallflute Uprising; Flower Road ("in the Ninth Reign of the Issola", 9/7, FH 305-306). Sethra was fighting on the other side (FH 306).

Athyra Marquis of Trigaar proves relatonship between skill at sorcery and psychic communication "as far back as the Ninth Cycle" (9/?, SL 218).

~112,000 BI

County of Arylle raised to Duchy by the Ninth Vallista Emperor after the Siege of Blacktar (9/9, FH 109). Its eleven baronies are raised to counties.

A school of poetry forms, including Torturi and Lartol (and Wint?) (9/9, "after the reconstruction at the end of the ninth Vallista reign", Tk 187).

~106,000 BI

Athyra wizards discover how to make Chaos stones ("late in the Ninth Cycle", 9/17?, FH 205).

~104,000 BI

Battle of Waterford Landing ("Tenthc Cycle, early Dragon Reign", 10/2, O 79).

Dragons use Chaos stones effectively ("early in the Tenth [Cycle]", 10/2?, FH 205).

~103,500 BI

Lyorn Emperor Cuorfor II bans Chaos stones (10/3, FH 205).

~100,000 BI

Yngra (Grassfog and Tsira's ancestor) lives at Round Mountain, near Deathgate Falls (10/7, SL 232-235). He acquires an amulet "one day during the Tenth Issola Reign" (SL 233).

~99,000 BI

Conspiracies (and/or plays about them?) become common (10/?, FH 65).

~92,000 BI

At some point after this, Early of Alban writes Sketches of the Early Eleventh Cycle (SL 142).

~87,000 BI

Meeting between Ricci of Longgarden and Nessa of Kobi ("During the Eleventh Issola Reign", 11/7, PD 147).

~86,500 BI

Ekrasan of Sibletown writes about literature ("in the Eleventh Cycle during the Reign of the Issola or the Tsalmoth, we forget which", 11/7 or 11/8, PD 189). Ekrasan lays down the laws of literature. Pashiva expands upon them ("so long ago", BMV 391).

~86,000 BI

Ziver the Tall's last stand ("the Tsalmoth reign in the eleventh Cycle", 11/8, PG 234).

Battle Beneath the Hills ("some few years later", 11/?, PD 147, dating very uncertain, but given the number of Reigns that intervene, I think that 'few' must be read as 'few thousand').

~85,000 BI

Ekrasan defends fiction against Fecila the Third ("during the Eleventh Vallista Reign", 11/9, PD 189).

~83,000 BI

Chreotha Empress Synna IV (11/12. PD 147).

~70,000 BI

Catchman Tower built ("during the Twelfth Chreotha Reign", 12/12, FH 390).

~68,000 BI

Hold of Purchase laws instituted ("in the twelfth Teckla Reign", 12/15, O 140).

~64,000 BI

Sethra is Warlord ("under the Lyorn Emperor Tiska during the Thirteenth Cycle", 13/3, FH 98-99).

~53,000 BI?

The events of Liberty Cove ("a relatively brief span early in the Fourteenth Cycle", 14/1?, BMV 330).

~51,000 BI

Sethra is Warlord (and still alive) ("during the Dragon Reign in the Fourteenth Cycle", 14/2, FH 98).

~47,000 BI

Defense of the Running Circle developed ("the fourteenth Issola reign", 14/7, PG 234).

~41,000 BI

The Three Barons practice strange magics ("during an Athyra reign a few cycles ago" 14?/17, P 75). [Possibly the same as the "War of the Barons" mentioned in PG 3 (and P 90), which involved three forts?]

Left Hand of the Jhereg founded ("Perhaps in the Fourteenth Athyra Reign", 14/17, Dz 73). After an inconclusive trial, the founders join House Jhereg (Dz 74).

Iron discovered at Wirton ("late in the Fourteenth Cycle", 14/17?, BMV 76).

~37,000 BI?

Lord Brythor (Dzur Heir), fights a duel with the Duke of Kl'Burra (15/?, PG 106).

~34,000 BI

Elde island attacks during a war with the East (15/7, P 95).

~33,000 BI

The border of Southmoor County and Iadim County is fixed "after the Fifteenth Issola Reign" (15/8, LCB 197).

Sorceress in Green creates Wall of Circling Winds ("the Fifteenth Tsalmoth Reign", 15/8, PD 204).

Deepwell Inn founded, and immediately friendly to highwaymen ("the Fifteenth Tsalmoth Reign", 15/8, SL 93).

~30,000 BI

Sorceress in Green and Sethra Lavode involved in Littleshell War ("during the Fifteenth Chreotha Reign", 15/12, PD 204).

Farcical costume dramas being written ("late Fifteenth Cycle", FH 87).

~27,000-25,000 BI

Orca architecture fahions include curved roofs and fronts, and building houses very inland ("late Fifteenth and early Sixteenth Cycles", O 148).

~25,000 BI

"Beed'n, the Cavalier Minstrel of the early Sixteenth Cycle" (16/?, PG 131).

~22,000 BI

The Charge of Sundered Trees wins back the Pepperfields ("the Dzur reign in the sixteenth Cycle", 16/6, PG 234).

Maps are teleported to Shenta e'Terics ("the Sixteenth Dzur Reign", 16/6, FH 430). [This campaign is "far to the southeast", and thus probably not involving the Pepperfields.]

~21,000 BI

Pavilion of the Sycamores built for "the twentieth Baron of Sycamore, Warlord to the sixteenth Issola Emperor" (16/7, PG 283).

Piro's sword made ("dating back to the Sixteenth Cycle", PD 333). "it is one of the last weapons made by Ruthkor and Daughters before their business failed" (LCB 126).

~15,000 BI

Kragar finds references to Sethra being Warlord, "more than once" "about fifteen thousand years ago" (Tt 6-7).

~13,000 BI?

Favintoe area becomes wealthy ("by the beginning of the Seventeenth Cycle", 17/1. BMV 289).

The First Dragon-Jhereg War

~11,000 BI???

"About ten thousand years ago" (Jr 72), during the Athyra reign 2 before the Interregnum (Vlad says "nearly a full turn of the cycle" (Jr 72), but he probably means "just over a full turn"), the first Dragon-Jhereg war takes place (Jr 72-74). It lasts "about six months" (Jr 74), which is about 100 days, unless this is a mis-translation for "half a year". Sethra (note that Kiera hasn't been "born" yet) gets involved on the side of the Dragons (O 156). [This last reference may actually refer to the second Dragon/Jhereg war, but is phrased in such a way as to make me think they mean the first.]

"The insult, reasoned the Jhereg, wasn't that great. After all, they hadn't destroyed the poor fellow's brain, or done anything else to make him unrevivifiable. They were just sending the Dragons a message." (Jr 73). There's some sort of error here, either in the historical record, Vlad's memory, or Vlad's interpretation of events. A) Severing the spine does make someone unrevivifiable; B) Before the Interregnum, revivification was not common practice.

"The e'Kieron line of the Dragons was almost wiped out, and for a while it seemed that the e'Baritt line had been." (Jr 74). The reference to the e'Baritt line is a bit puzzling. The Baritt who was alive during the early Vlad books founded a line (Y 132), though it doesn't seem likely that he was alive this long ago. Of course, some Dragaerans are exceptionally long-lived, such as Sethra and the Sorceress in Green, so perhaps Baritt was as well; "He was old when he died" (Y 132). Alternatively, Vlad's history is confused (as it often is), and the near-destruction of the e'Baritt line happened during the Second Dragon-Jhereg War.

~12,000 BI

After the Dragon-Jhereg War, "the Athyra reign was long, and the Phoenix reign even longer after that" (Jr 74).

"...the notion that it should be possible to teach a wounded or diseased body to heal itself, something sorcerers had been working on for more than ten millennia." (H 238).

~11,000 BI

Norathar the Sorcerer works on teleportation ("during the Seventeenth Dragon Reign", 17/2, FH 430).

~10,000 BI

Last time Nacine had a Speaker? ("ten thousand years", LCB 45).

Sethra states an opinion on the usefulness of novels in relieing ennui "ten thousands of years ago" (SL 142). [Note that Tukko was around at this time.]

A map of the empire is drawn, later found in Castle Daavya ("during the Seventeenth Cycle", date very approximate, SL 121).

~9,000 BI

During this Issola reiign, many Issola become landlords. Despite this, Harro's family continues a tradition of service. ("the last Issola reign", 17/7, V 78).

~8,000 BI?

A legal case involving a heart attck and a blow ("the most recent Tsalmoth reign", 17/8, BMV 104).

~7,000 BI

House Jhereg recovers from the first Dragon/Jhereg war after "several thousand years" (Jr 74).

Hrivan maintains a water-breathing spell ("during the most recent Vallista reign", 17/9, BMV 138).

~6,000 BI

Merinna "created", and under protection of the Kings of Elde ("for six thousands of years", LCB 222).

The Feathers founded "at least six thousands of years" before SL 93.

~5,625 BI?

Undira makes discoveries about sealstone ("five thousand years before that", BMV 24).

Tikara allegedly commits murder ("over a thousand years", BMV 97).

??? BI
Events which are "thousands of years" ago.

Easterners have used the same spell to find familiars (Jr 5, "as old as witchcraft", Tt 73).

The Northwestern language gains prominence ("over the course of millenia" following the Fourth Cycle, PG 166).

Dragons have manned the watch-posts leading from Redface, through Mount Kieron, Pepperfield, the Valley of Salt, to Sandyhome ("for thousands of years", PG 184).

Fenarians have been invading the Pepperfields ("for thousands of years", PG 250).

Dragaera City enters a growth phase (FH 241).

The problem of refuse disposal solved "tens of millenia" ago (PD 228).

A Phoenix emperor takes some mining rights, leading to an "age-old resentment" (SL 13).

The Pins founded (SL 93).

Speculation begins on how travel affects time-of-day ("for many thousands of years", SL 304).

Vallista architects begin studying how to embed emotional states in rooms (V 318).

??? BI
Events whose dates are unclear, but seem to be well before Tortaalik's reign.

"Kiereth, four thirty-seven" bottled (Jr 217). Unclear what dating system is being used here.

"Greenhills Wine, '637" bottled (Tt 48).

Valabar's founded ("before the Interregnum", "hundreds of years", Tt 141; "since time immemorial", PD 229). It is allegedly the first actual restaurant in the Empire (Tt 141).

Yinta's great-great-uncle designs a new ship steerage system (P 23).

Korotta the Sixth's powerful reign (P 161).

Sethra fights at the Battle of Ice River Crossing (Is 188).

Control of canals in Whitemill given over to the Imperial Navy "long ago, when the Orca were higher in the Cycle" (Ir 17).

The Heir has been made Warlord during a Phoenix reign at least once, but not often (Ir 153).s

'Nylissit's cousin allegedly becomes acquainted with Tortaalik (PG 14).

Vallista architects split into Idyllic and Realist camps, reform, and split again (PG 23).

Serioli speech becomes fashionable at court (PG 28).

Undauntra I wins the War of the Wine Cups, and thus the Orb (PG 23, 177; "Let him who doubts the victory wrest the banner from my hand," LCB 113). She causes the Lower Square to be constructed, a defensible area within the palace, with access to labyrinths; "the matter of Undauntra's whistle" (FH 151).

Tuorli spends weeks composing love-poems to the Marquis of Gwethurich (PG 106).

Hawk's Landing Road constructed; a certain neighborhood devolves int slums (PG 107).

Masks which disguise the full face are used by nobles who wish to be incognito (PG 107).

Taro the wise speaks of wheat and flour (PG 122-123).

Lord Golgoril fights at Bendrock Junction (PG 136).

Vengli the Vicious has a reign of horror (PG 148).

Kathana e'Marish'Chala achieves mastery of all known painting techniques "by the age of three hundred" (PG 202).

Star-crossed lovers Chalora and Auiri commit mutual suicide (PG 221).

Barracsk and Vrono duel on the Floating Bridge, ending "an artistic siege that had lasted nearly two millennia" (PG 221).

Joroli of Bridden Cove drowns at Floating Bridge (PG 221).

Sethra Lavode dies (at least "some hundreds of years" before the Lavode Scandal (c.750 BI), FH 98). It is implied that her body was sent over Deathgate Falls (Tt 102). She is allowed out of the Paths of the Dead by the Lords of Judgement (PD 197).

Noima's birth and early life. She "knew I would be Consort from when I was eight years old" (FH 150).

Tortaalik's father makes a poor investment in an Overcast-clearing device ("before his marriage", FH 199).

Agate settled (LCB 175). There are no clear records of this, but there may be oral tradition.

Barony of Loraan awarded to House Athyra, after a sorcerer (later the first Baron) carves a canal out of the rock (LCB 310).

Yebro writes on the relationship between matter and energy. These ideas eventually result in the creation of the first flashstones (SL 180-181).

Sethra is involved in a military campaign culminating at Brownstone Creek (SL 182).

~4,500 BI?

The Empire’s Challenge of Tikara. ("during the most recent Chreotha reign", 17/12, BMV 97).

~4,000 BI?

Magister born ("an old man, certainly well past his three thousandth year", BMV 104).

~3,950 BI?

Magister begins his magical studies (BMV 115). [No date given, but we know that Kefaan, a fairly ordinary Iorich, had started learning magic by age 60. It seems likely that an Athyra would start such studies earlier.]

~3,850 BI?

Magister encounters An Inquiry Into the Nature of Learning (date speculative, BMV 115).

~3700 BI?

Magister graduates Pamlar University ("not long before", BMV 115).

Magister develops a hypothesis about learning ("by my third century", BMV 115).

Magister acquires a position at Pamlar University (no date, but apparently soon after the previous, BMV 115).

~3,500 BI

Tortaalik's mother thrown out of the Navy ("during the Reign of the Orca", 17/14, FH 199).

Zhayin born ("I would guess past his four thousandth year", V 33)

Traanzo senior creates the jail of the Burning Island ("during the last Orca reign", 17/14, BMV 282). [Presumably not too early in the Orca reign, or the Teckla would not bother to "agitate for a republic".]

"Number 35" jailed on the Burning Island ("nearly three thousand years", BMV 86).

~3,000 BI

Marquis of Mistyvale born? No date given, but he is "stooped now from age" (PD 150).

Fawnd born? Again, no date, but "age had come upon him" (PD 223).

Zhayin begins trying to create a crossplanar platform ("All my life. More than three thousand five hundred years", V 330).

Coru born (he has "old eyes", date very approximate, BMV 30).

Biska born. [While he is first described as "of middle years" (BMV 141), on his second appearance, roughly 640 years later, he is descibed as "elderly" and "old, old" (BMV 383).]

~3,000 - 2,500 BI?

The Copper Wars (BMV 164). [Dating for this is problematic. See notes for The Baron of Magister Valley, chapter 12.]

~2,500 BI

Quion born ("close to three thousand years", Tt 3).

Zhayin designs (and wins an award for) the new Silver Exchange (V 181-182). Five Hundred Years After says that the Silver Shadow (and thus, the Silver Exchange Building) has been in existence for "thousands of years". Assuming that this is the same building that Zhayin designed, it has to be a pretty small number of thousands, given his age. Interestingly, this suggests that he won this award early in his career. This seems consistent with his psychological profile. Many people who achieve fame early in life become obsessed with somehow topping that early success, especially after experiencing a period of (perceived to be) lesser achievement.

The Silver Shadow erected "just after" the Silver Exchange Building ("the thousands of years of its existence", FH 239).

Lady Ficora born ("just beyond middle years", date very approximate, BMV 141).

Berwick born ("late middle age", date very approximate, BMV 337).

~2,250 BI

Cropper born ("probably getting close to three thousand", Dn 127).

~2,200 BI

Khaavren's house on the Street of Glass Cutters built ("during the Teckla Republic", 17/15, PG 47).

Sufficiently wealthy Teckla are allowed in The Silver Shadow ("during the Teckla Republic", 17/15, FH 239).

Pamlar University publishes a monograph by Burdeen, apparently on blood-work ("during the last Teckla Republic", 17/15, FH 281).

~2,000 BI?

Leareth/Mellar's father born (Jr 179; date highly speculative.)

Tazendra's great-grandfather made a baron "during the Elde Island Wars" (Tk 27) [dating speculative, based largely on the guess that Castle Daavya's reconsruction was about the same time].

An Orca born, whom Vlad later kills ("at least a couple thousand years old", Tt 50).

Prince Tiwall of the house of the Hawk born ("well over two thousand years", SL 22).

Castle Daavya (re-)built ("over two thousand years before" SL 118).

A sculpture of Kieron is placed outside the Dragon Wing of the Palace ("a score of centuries" PD 144).

Magister has learned many arts, and gained the name "Magister" ("by the time of my two thousandth year", BMV 116).

Magister departs his University position, accepting a new position with a duke (no date given, but it is weakly implied that this happens shortly affter the previous, BMV 116).

Magister begins to study necromancy (BMV 162).

~1,996 BI?

Magister encounters bandits at the Valley of Dust (after these events "my five years were now up", BMV 165).

~1,995 BI?

Magister begins to teach the duke's child ("a short time, only five years", BMV 162).

~1,965 BI?

Magister admits failure and is jailed ("After thirty years", BMV 116; "nearly four thousand years ago", BMV 170).

~1,900 BI

Owner of what will be Khaavren's house dies ("three hundred years later", PG 47).

~1860 BI?

Traanzo (Ciadric) born ("some twelve or thirteen hundred years of age", BMV 94).

~1,850 BI

Baron Fernbrook born ("over twenty-one hundred years of age", SL 16).

~1,750 BI

A young G'aereth travels to Dragaera City (late 17/15, PG 30, exact date quite speculative). He is involved in the installation of the Jhegaala Empress Viodonna VI.

Mica born ("of early middle years" in 532 BI, PG 137, dating tentative).

Fornia born ("over two thousand", Dn 48).

Clerk of Tymbrii's born ("elderly", Ir 256).

Tevna born ("nearly two thousand years", PD 266).

Lazzo enters military service ("for nearly two thousand years", LCB 131).

The Silver Goblet inn founded on Elde Island ("two thousand years before", LCB 214).

~1715 BI?

A guard (who will later be director) starts work at the Burning Island ("Nine hundred years", BMV 86).

~1,700 BI

Black founds The Painted Sign ("near the beginning of the last Jhegaala Reign", 17/16, PG 167).

Mica's grandmother moves in with his family; he helps her to dress ("when I was but a child", PG 139, exact date speculative). Mica learns to read "sometime in his early career" (PG 263, again, dating speculative). Mica abused by soldiers (unless Tazendra was prevaricating, "as a child", PG 272).

~1,650 BI

Black paints a sign for The Painted Sign ("fifty years" PG 167-168). At some point thereafter (but apparently well before 532 BI), Black encounters some brigands (PG 168).

~1,500 BI

Leareth/Mellar's mother born (Jr 179, date highly speculative).

County Shallowbanks sold back to the Empire by Khaavren's family ("nearly a thousand years ago" PG 10, "ten hundreds of years ago" PG 307). Zerika later makes reference to this event happening "a thousand years before [Khaavren's father] died" (SL 331-332), but since he died during the Interregnum, this number seems inaccurate.

The position of Imperial Brigadier becomes vacant ("nearly a thousand years", PG 50).

Brudik gains the post of Lord of the Chimes (FH 22).

Kiera "born"? ("After two thousand years", O 284). Though she apparently looks "too young to remember the Interregnum" (O 39).

Fenarian runic writing is "very, very old in Fenario. Some say it goes back to before the Fenarians settled there" (Ja 13-14).

Nomadic horsemen settle in the area which will later be called Fenario (BP 1; "two thousand years" Ja 59). Over the next thousand years or so, they fight off incursions from the Empire "often" (BP 2).

Gormin born? ("over a thousand but less than three", V35).

~1,400 BI

Mica's grandmother dies (by inference from the fact that he only spent "three hundred years" dressing her, PG 139, exact date speculative).

~1,300 BI

Sorceress in Green turns down a Court position ("during the Seventeenth Athyra Reign", 17/17, PD 204).

The Punctured Jug starts making "cure" in their oven ("more than eight hundred years", Ir 128).

~1,283 BI

Wellborn born ("six hundred" years plus "a hundred and fifty years" before Tortaalik takes the throne, PG 148).

~1,250 BI

Count Ritsak born ("around fifteen hundred years", PD 151).

~1,100 BI

Rollondar e'Drien born ("about eleven hundred years", FH 57; "his one thousand and one hundred years", FH 277).


Adron e'Kieron born ("past his thousandth year", FH 77).

Carnaro born ("about one thousand and three hundred years", LCB 214).

Corthina Fi Dalcalda born ("some thirteen hundred years before" SL 33).

~1,000 BI

Tiassa oracle born ("probably pushing fifteen hundred" Tk 2).

Red boots cease to be worn by the Red Boot Company ("more than four hundred years" before PG 49).

Gyorg Lavode born ("perhaps five hundred years of age", PG 60; "perhaps half a millenium", PG 74).

Fountain in the Sycamore Pavilion falls into disrepair ("had not seen use for five hundred years", PG 283).

Cariss born ("of about a thousand years", FH 373).

~945 BI?

Jerin born ("Of around five or six hundred years", BMV 183; rather younger than middle years, BMV 411).

~951 BI

A coin minted with the face of Rollondar e'Drien (17/16, LCB 47-48). Placed here as late as possible within that reign, since Rollondar would still be a young man. But perhaps he inherited his estate at an early age. Alternatively, Teldra is mistaken, and this is actually Rollandar's father.

~950 BI

Navier born ("nine hundred or a thousand years", FH 281).

Trees planted at Khaavren's house (PG 47).

~900 BI

Adron wins fame at the Battle of Twelve Pines, in the Pepperfields (PG 189, dating tentative, based on Adron's age, and the fact that Paarfi mentions this before the "Elde Island War"). Also mentioned by Tazendra (PG 45), but with no clear details.

Klorynderata born ("his nine hundred years", FH 284).

Corthina Fi Dalcalda's elder(?) brother swears the Oath of Renunciation ("at the age of two hundred", date very approximate, SL 33-34).

Fyres born ("about fourteen hundred years old", O 49).

~850 BI

G'aereth involved in the Island Wars (against Elde?), which lead to establishment of Athyra Emperor Cherova III. He receives a battlefield promotion to officer at the Battle of Near P'iensotta. Yaro e'Lanya dies in his arms in the Charge of the Brown River (PG 30). [This makes the Athyra Reign a bit on the short side, but not unreasonably so. BMV establishes that Cherova's reign has to begin at roughly this date.]

Sethra is warlord during the latter part of the Island Wars (PG 30).

Adron distinguishes himself several times during the Elde Island War (PG 189).

G'aereth founds the Featherhats ("At the end of the Wars", date approximate, PG 30).

~800 BI

Seodra becomes chief advisor to the Emperor Cherova (PG 194, exact date speculative).

~750 BI?

Yanis born ("perhaps 120 or a 130", BMV 41; "a little older than myself", BMV 159).

The Lavode Scandal (750 BI?)

The Lavode Scandal (PG 30, dating tentative).

G'aereth is involved in some capacity, and manages not to make any enemies -- indeed, making powerful friends at court (PG 30).

Sethra banned from court, resigns as head of the Lavodes ("many years ago", PG 49). This may be a result of the discovery that she is now undead (FH 98).

The Lavodes are disbanded "before the Interregnum" (Is 199). [But we see what appear to be active Lavodes right up until the Disaster itself. Were they reformed? Perhaps this "disbanding" is merely Sethra's own point of view. She founded the Lavodes to protect the Empire -- specifically seen as a distinct entity from "the current Emperor". If the Lavode Scandal caused a reorganization which put the Lavodes in a chain-of-command that descended from the Emperor, rather than Sethra, then their function would have been, to her mind, subverted. The argument is somewhat weakened by the fact that it is Vlad, not Sethra, who makes the statement, but he may have "learned" that tidbit of history from her in the first place.]

A hall in the Dragon Wing of the Palace with Sethra's name is renamed "the North Room" ("after the Lavode Scandal", FH 382).

~750 BI??

Tortaalik stops his schooling "at the age of one hundred and ten" (date totally speculative, FH 199).

Haro born ("Perhaps a thousand years", PD 157).

Corthina Fi Dalcalda becomes heir apparent to Elde after the Innuthra Plague ("By the time three hundreds of years had passed since his birth", SL 33).

Poncer born ("say a thousand or so", Ir 91).

Left Hand mistress at Tymbrii's born ("say a thousand or so", Ir 257).

~735 BI

Jenicor e'Terics born ("scarcely two hundred years in age", PG 106). Her maid is born sometime later ("even younger than she", PG 106).

Master Cleff of Beed'n's Inn last has a prince as a guest; or possibly, Cleff acquires the inn or the silverware, the wording is unclear ("which he has never used in two hundred years", PG 139).

A guard is promoted to be the director of the Burning Island ("a hundred or a hundred and ten years", BMV 86).

~725 BI?

Eremit born ("between ninety and one hundred years of age", BMV 25).

Livosha born (seems to be of an age with Eremit).

~700 BI

Sethra the Younger serves her apprenticeship to Sethra Lavode and takes her mentor's name (Y 118). [A moderately daring move, politically, as Sethra Lavode was out of favor at court at this time.] She spends "a good number of years" studying the gods (SL 137)

G'aereth gives Tortaalik swordplay lessons before Tortaalik becomes Heir (PG 31, dating quite speculative).

The Count of Endmarch builds a personal army, in defiance of the Empire ("almost two hundred years ago", PG 109).

An early work on teleportation published by Tigarrae of Plainview, who claims to have teleported himself ("a mere seven hundred years before", 17/17, FH 430; SL 223). Tigarrae says "Turn around, my lord; I am behind you" (LCB 113).

~670 BI?

Kefaan born ("not more than sixty", BMV 31).

Yanis last at sea ["you have been on shore for over a hundred years" (BMV 100), during a scene which is itself difficult to date, so this placement is very speculative.]

~683 BI

Wellborn becomes Imperial Discreet ("a hundred and fifty years" before Tortaalik takes the throne, PG 148).

~677 BI

Aerich born. [Aerich is "eighty" (PG 102) at about the same time (PG 323-324) that Tazendra is "barely thirty" (PG 67), and she is (I'm guessing) roughly Khaavren's age.]

~670 BI?

Keen born ("between six hundred and seven hundred years of age", date approximate, BMV 313).

~650 BI

A certain Teckla messenger is born ("of perhaps nine hundred years", PD 235).

~645 BI?

Sealstone discovered near Wetrock ("fifteen years earlier", BMV 24).

Eremit studies the sword ("years before", date tentative, BMV 51).

~640 BI?

Berwick and Dorin begin conspiring against Livosha's parents (date speculative, based on BMV 24,70).

~635 BI?

Livosha's parents suspect a conspiracy, and begin taking precautions ("For some time now", date tentative, BMV 70).

Eremit comes across an interesting legal case ("at the age of ninety", BMV 105).

~632 BI?

Livosha's parents write a letter ("dated a mere two years before", BMV 70).

The Baron of Magister Valley

(first section)

[This book presents some particular challenges of chronology. For one, it obviously spans a period of almost seven hundred years. More subtly, Paarfi has often presented scenes out of their actual chronological order (presumably for dramatic effect). Hence, I have had to do a few unusual things. Several chapters are broken up into multiple parts, so that I can put them in their proper order. Also, this book contains many discrete sequences of events, so the numbering of days is similarly broken up, with "BMV-n" indicating the n-th sequence.]

~630 BI?

[The same year that BMV begins, Eremit is imprisoned; "He did not see the light of day again for more than six hundred years" (BMV 58). We know he escapes in I0. Many people refer to that stretch of time throughout the remainder of BMV as "six hundred years" (BMV 221; 259; 264-265 (including one "more than"); 272; 284; 337; 340; 343; 371). Approximately 24 years later (see 24 I), there is one reference to 650 years (BMV 397) and two to 700 (BMV 417, 423). So the stretch between "the fourth day of autumn in the two hundred and forty-first year of the reign of Cherova the Third" (BMV 23) and the Interregnum is more than 600 years, but that stretch plus 38 years must be plausibly rounded to either 650 or 700. 630 seems a good compromise.]

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the First, In Which Two Young People, Unlike the Reader, Are Blissfully Unaware of the Doom Hanging Over Them

BMV-1, day 1

["On the fourth day of autumn in the two hundred and forty-first year of the reign of Cherova the Third", BMV 23.]

Sunset, dinner, a conspiracy (BMV 23-34).

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Second, In Which Eremit Mingles with the Powerful

A mission to Dorin (BMV 35-48).

BMV-1, day 2

Eremit reaches Hargon's Point around midnight (BMV 39; 60).

When Eremit reaches Dorindom Castle, "it was already morning" (BMV 39).

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Fourth, In Which the Author Is Embarrassed to have Nearly Forgotten about Livosha

Livosha's house attacked (BMV 59-62).

Tunnel to an inn (BMV 62-71).

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Third, In Which Eremit Takes a Journey in the Company of Unsympathetic Persons

(first part)

BMV-1, still day 2?

[While we do not know that when Eremit wakens it is still day 2, there seems no reason to suppose otherwise.]

A journey with Kinsmen (BMV 49-58).

Berwick and Dorin have documents of sale forged (date speculative, BMV 150).

Dorin begins a "full investigation" of an explosion (date speculative, BMV 265).

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Fifth, In Which Livosha and Kefaan Contrive to Escape

morning-1 of BMV day 2 through morning of day 9.

Escaping on horseback (BMV 72-75).

BMV-1, day 5

Yanis arrives in Aussiar to suborn Gystralan (BMV 81).

[Travel from Wetrock to Aussiar would normally take a bit more than 4 days, but since Yanis is likely to be pushing his horse, let's just call it 4.]

BMV-1, day 9

Livosha and Kefaan reach Aussiar (BMV 75).

Gystralan and Emeris (BMV 76-82).

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Eleventh, In Which Livosha and, Presumably, the Reader, Are Astonished at Kefaan

(first part)

BMV-1, day 16

Livosha and Kefaan arrive in Candletown (BMV 140).

[If they traveled entirely by land, it would be about 375 miles, at ~50 miles a day, would be 7.5 days. However, it may have been cheaper to take ship from White Harbor, which cuts their land travel to 140 miles (about 3 days), and then about 300 miles by sea to Candletown, for an estimated 2.5 days, giving a total of 5.5 days. Somewhat splitting the difference, I'm going to estimate 6.5 days.]

BMV-1, day 17

Livosha finds work with Lady Ficora ("The next morning", BMV 140-142).

Gyrstalan arrives in Candletown to hire Sajen (BMV 389). [I assume he was in something of a rush, but not so much as Livosha and Kefaan. I think this has to be after Livosha meets him, because there isn't sufficient time after it was known that Livosha survived for Gystralan to travel to Candletown and return before he actually met her.]

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Third, In Which Eremit Takes a Journey in the Company of Unsympathetic Persons

(second part)

BMV-1, day 22?

Eremit arrives at Northport (BMV 54).

[If the distance estimate of "something like a thousand miles" (BMV 54) is accurate, then it would be approximately 20 days travel time. This accords fairly well with the statement "After a full month had passed" (BMV 53).]

BMV-1, day 46?

[It is probably mid-late autumn by now.]

Eremit arrives at Burning Island ("The journey lasted twenty-six days. Just after noon on the twenty-seventh", BMV 56).

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Sixth, In Which Eremit Learns of the Prison, That Is to Say, the Jail on Burning Island

BMV-1, day 46?-???

Rules of the Burning Island (BMV 83-92).

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Seventh, In Which We Meet Several Unsavory or Unpleasant Persons

[This section cannot be precisely dated. It is "while Kefaan and Livosha flee Aussiar and Eremit settles into life in jail" (BMV 95). These two events are over 30 days separate from each other.]

On unpleasant history (BMV 93-94).

Traanzo succession (BMV 94-97).

627 BI

Khaavren born (PG 6).

~617 BI?

("some ten or fifteen years after", BMV 97).

Duke Traanzo becomes Prince (BMV 97-99).

p.98: "Elde Island pirates (a group that, we are happy to say, vanished with the Interregnum" - There are multiple references to Elde Island "reavers" during the Interregnum (PD 272-273, LCB 62, SL 34). It is unclear how "reavers" are different from "pirates", but there may be a technical distinction.

~612 BI

Easterners driven out of Pepperfields ("few score of years", PG 233, exact date speculative).

~600 BI?

Khaavren's father beats a neighbor (Dating tentative, Khaavren is "a child", PG 6).

Khaavren's mother dies before he enters Imperial Service (SL 331). Possibly as a result of this, Khaavren has a bad drinking experience ("early in his childhood", PG 66).

Khaavren spends time with his father's carpenter (Ti 313).

~597 BI

Aerich's father gets involved in politics concerning relations with Elde Island, to his detriment ("at just about the time this gentleman [Aerich] reached the age of eighty" PG 102-103, 162-163, PG 256-257). Adron e'Kieron is involved in a losing battle because of Shaltre's machinations (PG 163).

Tazendra's parents 'flee' a battle (PG 67, 323-324). [I'm guessing that Tazendra is roughly the same age as Khaavren; this happens when she is "barely thirty years of age".]

~572 BI

The Revolt of the Livery ("forty years" before PG 48); police abolished in Dragaera City (PG 54).

~570 BI

Kathana begins working on a painting ("I had worked on that painting for thirty-nine years, of which eleven were spent in the jungles watching dragons", PG 231).

~559 BI

Kathana begins a 5-year period of painting the background (PG 231).

~554 BI

Kathana begins a 15-year period of sketching dragons (PG 231).

~550 BI

Grita born ("certainly not more than six hundred", FH 68). [PD 57 describes her as "eight or nine hundred", which would put her birth closer to 620 BI. On the other hand, one would hardly be surprised if she appeared to have aged faster than normal, given her experiences.]

Leareth/Mellar born, child of a Dragon/Dzur halfbreed mother and a Jhereg assassin father (Jr 179). [Date conjectural, but placed here in support of the Grita/Mellar theory, for more about which see the entry for FH, Day 7.]

~540 BI

The man who will be known as Crionofenarr, and later as Fenarr, comes to Dragaera, and spends some time serving under an Iorich noble (PG 246, dating speculative). He learns the Dragaeran language, and perhaps also acquires his Morganti weapon during this time.

~539 BI

Kathana begins work on the main subject of her painting; completion takes another 8 years (PG 231).

Uttrik's father makes him swear the Oath of Protection and belts his sword upon him (PG 234, date speculative).

~535 BI (and following)

Fenarr arrives in the land which will one day bear his name, from unknown origins, as an adult (BP 1-2; dating speculative). [One story claims that he was formerly known as Jancsi (BP 228-230), but it doesn't seem a very reliable source.]

A city forms around Fenarr's home ("soon", BP 3). Eventually the city, and then the country, becomes known by the name "Fenario" (BP 3).

533 BI

Fenarr begins assembling a Fenarian army to assault the Empire (BP 2, dating speculative).

Fenarr causes a usable path to be made between Fenario and Lake Fenarr. (Implied by the fact that he brought an army up, and that the path has been eroding for "thousands of years", BP 41.)

Serioli speech is fashionable in court at this time (PG 28).

Gambling with Sivali-Yangorra (S'yang) Stones becomes popular (PG 34). Shereba is already "well in fashion" (PG 51).

Mounted duels are in the process of becoming unfashionable (PG 223).

Adron has an intimate encounter with Verra (PG 266). [By implication. While time sometimes runs differently for the Lords of Judgement, Adron's reactions suggest that the period between conception and birth was not unusual. Not that we have any information on how long a typical Dragaeran pregnancy is, but in the lack of such information, I shall assume it is simiar to human norms.]

Diamonds discovered in County Sandyhome (PG 42).

The Baroness of Kaluma kills the Marquis of Pepperfield (PG 77). Argument breaks out in the House of the Dragon as to who should inherit (PG 78).

The Carriage House Uprising (PG 78). This included at least two battles in the duchy of Fautonswell, in which Uttrik fought ("Both of these ... came about shortly after my father's death", PG 132-133). The Uprising appears to have been finally defeated shortly after Tortaalik takes the throne (PG 147). Possibly the same as the uprising referred to on PG 150.

Tortaalik I made Emperor, 7 days before the end of the year (on 6 Phoenix, "This day was the thirteenth of Tortaalik's reign", PG 3; FH 9). G'aereth made Captain of the Phoenix Guard ("the very day", PG 31). Tortaalik gives Lanmaera the job of arresting Kaluma ("immediately", PG 78).

Tortaalik defeats the Carriage House Uprising (PG 147).

The Phoenix Guards

532 BI

[The Disaster occurs in the 532nd year of Tortaalik's reign (FH 9). The long date at the beginning of the Phoenix Guards (PG ix) incorrectly omits "of the Turn of the Dragon" in between the Year and Phase. Note also that The Phoenix Guards (PG ix) claims that this is still the Cycle of the Athyra. This is certainly incorrect by standard practice, but an exception may have been made in this case so as to count Zerika IV's reign as the beginning of the Great Cycle. It is interesting that Five Hundred Years After, published shortly after the end of her reign, returns to correct usage, calling Tortaalik's reign the beginning of the Great Cycle of the Dragon.]

The Phoenix Guards, Preface

This Preface was written in 309 PI, shortly before the book was submitted for publication. If Vlad is still alive at this time, he is 90 years old.

p.xiii: "It has now been a mere two score of years since we had the honor to have our work ... rejected"; 269 PI.

p.xiii: "for the past twenty-one years, we have had the honor of refining"; since 288 PI.

p.xiii: "a brief explanation of how this particular notebook ... came to exist"; the events and interviews described here cannot be dated with any certainty.

p.xiii: "Master Kesselroi's Survivors of the Fall"; this may perhaps be the book Cawti was reading in Phoenix, chapter 6.

p.xiv: "certain events transpiring nearly five hundred years before the Disaster"; these events are unknown, occurring some thirty years or so after the conclusion of this book.

p.xiv: "a Dzurlord who, some time later, became a Lavode"; see The Paths of the Dead, chapter 17.

p.xiv: "the Yendi who was mentioned in the poem has left many records and missives behind"; the phrasing is suggestive (though by no means definitive) that by 309 PI Pel has either died, or vanished from the public eye.

p.xiv: "many of the events were witnessed by such chroniclers as the Marquis of Windhome, and, in some cases, by Sethra Lavode herself." The phrasing suggests, albeit weakly, that Sethra Lavode has written a chronicle including some of the events herein, and that Paarfi had access to that chronicle.

p.xv: "We have ... reason to believe that some of them may have had an influence on the events at Court beyond the account contained herein, perhaps even exerting their influences as far as the Interregnum itself." See Five Hundred Years After.

PG, day -1 (4th of Phoenix)

Khaavren loses his hat ("two days before", PG 4).

PG, day 0 (5th of Phoenix)

Pel passes through Newmarket ("just yesterday", PG 11).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the First, Several Persons Introduced

PG, day 1 (6th of Phoenix, "sixth day of spring", PG 3)

Sketches of Newmarket, and of Khaavren (PG 3-4).

p.3: "during the War of the Barons"; possibly around 41,000 BI?

Tazendra discovers some cheating; a duel ensues; Aerich described (PG 4-8).

p.5: "given me by my uncle, Lord Tuaral"; unknown when this happened, or anything more about said uncle.

p.6: "his ninety-five years"; placing his birth at 627 BI.

Tazendra described; a friendly game; careers in the Guard (PG 8-12).

p.8: "Aerich gave her, for only an instant, a singular glance, but said nothing." Aerich knows something of her proper name and history; see Conclusion.

p.12: "I will certainly find you out in time." See chapter 30.

Pel tested, and accepted to the Guard ("His test was completed two days ago", PG 32).

Revels in Pondview ("last night", PG 14).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Second, Our Friends Take a Journey

PG, day 2 (7th of Phoenix)

("the next day", PG 13).

On Coaches; Meeting two Issola (PG 13-15).

Afternoon meal; Issola are Phoenix (PG 15).

Coach ride resumed; On Phoenix Reigns; Candlebud (PG 15-18).

p.15: "And is it not the case that every Phoenix Emperor except Zerika the First, who founded the Empire, grew decadent, and began practicing evil arts, and neglecting the Empire, until at least he was removed by the turn of the Cycle and the arrival of the Dragon?" / "Well, that seems to be true." This is a very interesting claim, if true, though statements by Zerika in Iorich, chapter 17, would seem to indicate otherwise.

P.15: "And is this not the eighteenth time the House of the Phoenix has taken the Orb? That is, the first time after a complete Cycle?" Or, more correctly, the first Great Cycle, or Cycle of Cycles.

p.17: "He considered the words which had caused the simultaneous reaction in his fellow-travelers, and decided that it was upon the mention of the word "candlebud" that the reaction had occurred." See chapter 16.

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Third, Arrival in Dragaera City

PG, day 3 (8th of Phoenix)

("early in the morning", PG 19)

Dragaera City described; Pel introduced (PG 19-22).

Sketch of the Imperial Palace (PG 22-23).

p.22: "The Imperial Palace was begun shortly before the reign of Emperor Jamiss I"; about 219,000 BI.

p.22: "The construction of the Great Houses around the Imperial Palace did not begin until the Second Cycle, with the reign of Kieron the Younger, of the House of the Dragon." About 210,000 BI

p.23: "the Empress Undauntra I"; Though often referred to, we don't yet know when she reigned.

The Dragon Wing, and the apartments of the captains of the Imperial Guard (PG 23-24).

Shaltre meets with G'aereth (PG 25, 260-261).

p.24: "Khaavren, whose keen eyes missed nothing, saw Aerich's back tense as this name was pronounced"; see chapter 30.

p.25: "with his head remarkably close to the door itself." See chapter 30.

G'aereth interviews the candidates (PG 26-27).

p.26: "I was born on horseback"; probably hyperbole, but an interesting story, if true!

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Fourth, Our Friends Assigned Their Duties

Aerich orders a sword (PG 28-29).

Cloaks, and dinner (PG 29-30).

Sketch of Captain Gant-Aerithia (PG 30-31).

p.30: "late in the Seventeenth Teckla Republic"; about 1,800 BI?

p.30: "during the Island Wars"; circa 950 BI? Possibly another war with Elde Island?

p.30: "the Lavode scandal"; not fully documented, but see notes here.

p.31: "just coming into his prime"; a phrase which is normally taken, in english, to refer to a person being not yet old, so perhaps a mis-translation here. G'aereth has already been described as "old" (PG 24), but perhaps that was more Khaavren's 95-years-young perception than an objective truth. G'aereth has lived through two entire Reigns and then some, but the Athyra Reign was probably on the short side, so he could easily be as young as 1,500 years, or younger.

Assignments (PG 31-32).

Lodgings acquired (PG 32).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Fifth, Method Applied to Mayhem

Partners met; the Street of Nine Pleasures (PG 33-34).

The Issola and Tree; gambling graft (PG 34-35).

Khaavren and Frai argue, then duel (PG 35-39).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Sixth, The Captain is Less Than Pleased

Debriefings of deaths (PG 40-46).

p.41: "the reign of the Athyra had ended fifteen days ago." Consistent with day 1 having been "the thirteenth [day] of Tortaalik's reign' (PG 3).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Seventh, How Lodging Was Arranged

Lodging at a house on the Street of the Glass Cutters (PG 47-48).

p.47: "during the last Teckla Republic"; which lasted from roughly 2,500 BI to 1,750 BI.

p.47: "at the beginning of the Athyra reign"; about 950 BI, over 400 years ago.

p.48: "this history begins only forty years after the Revolt of the Livery"; circa 572 BI.

PG, days 4-17

Life at home and in the Guard (PG 48-51).

p.49: "the Lavodes, who were at that time still in existence, and were led by their Captain, one Gyorg, Sethra having resigned upon being banned from the court many years before." The Lavodes cease to exist (for most practical purposes) in Adron's Disaster. The details of Sethra's banishment are unknown, but may well be part of The Lavode Scandal.

p.50: "since [Tortaalik's] coronation (some weeks past, at this time)"; Three weeks past as of day 3, but this passage is describing the events of the following few weeks.

PG, day 5

Inaugural festivities conclude (after "four days to run their course", PG 3; "There remains two more days of festivities in the city", PG 31).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Eighth, No Police in Dragaera

PG, day 18 (or so)

["some three weeks after our friends' arrival in the city", PG 51.]

Shareba at the Hammerhead Inn; On the enforcement of gambling taxes (PG 52).

Discussing Srahi's discipline (PG 53).

On the nature of the word "police" (PG 53-55).

p.54: "since the Revolt of the Livery, some forty years ago." Circa 572 BI.

Thorns vs Guards (PG 55-57).

PG, day 22 (or so)

Lessons learned ("several anxious days", PG 58).

Lady Yurotta killed in a cowardly manner, causing turmoil in the court for days (PG 95, dating tentative.)

Lord Porishtev kills Gerand of Kor in an informal duel (PG 95, dating tentative).

Tazendra and Pel fight rogues in the Underside (FH 228, dating tentative).

Tazendra and Khaavren are in a fight where she breaks a dagger (FH 228, dating tentative).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Ninth, Results of a Private Discussion

PG, day 39 (or so)

[It is "many a gay evening" (PG 68) after this that it is stated to be "eleven weeks" (PG 76) since Tortaalik took the throne. While it is stated that "...these weeks, likewise, turned themselves into months..." (PG 59), it is not clear from when this period dates, so the fact that it is a mere two months since our friends joined the Guard does not render the statement false.]

Fenarr meets a táltos horse, and gains a Sword of Faerie. (BP 2-3; dating speculative)

A wrong turn and a rude guard; privacy interrupted (PG 59-62).

Tazendra also encountered a rude guard and lack of privacy (PG 62-63).

Dueling guards (PG 63-65).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Tenth, Tazendra's History

Celebration of victory; Tazendra reminiscess (PG 66-68).

p.67: "One day while I was still a child, barely thirty years of age"; perhaps 600 BI, assuming Tazendra to be roughly the same age as Khaavren.

Skinter involved in a duel "early in the last Phoenix reign" (date approximate, but probably before Illista exiled, LCB 216).

PG, day 43 (or so)

[Emperor Tortaalik ascended to the throne "some eleven weeks ago", PG 76, on day -12.]

On horse breeds (PG 68-69).

Khaavren recognizes Illista (PG 69).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Eleventh, The Plot Thickens

Overhearing Illista's conversation (PG 70-71).

Khaavren talks with Illista; a meeting arranged (PG 71-73).

p.71: "Did we not meet some weeks ago?" About 41 days, by my reckoning, or just over 8 weeks.

p.72: "some few weeks ago, you killed a man called Frai?" The day after meeting Illista.

Aftermaths of Dueling (PG 73-76).

News of Court (PG 76-79).

p.76: "especially during the weeks before our arrival here"; Pel only arrived two days before the others, but can be expected to have picked up news from before that.

p.78: "this area has been subject to more invasions throughout the history of the Empire than any other. Why it is, we do not know"; the explanation is in chapter 30.

Our friends decide to arrest Kathana (PG 79-80).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Twelfth, Khaavren Looks For Kathana

PG, day 56

On libraries, and the non-taxation of artists; "Fricorith" discovered (PG 81-86).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Thirteenth, We Leave Our Heroes

Lytra conspires with Seodra; Khaavren to be scared off if possible; Kaluma to be protected -- for now; Uttrik to be set against Khaavren; His Imperial Majesty to be set upon the "right" war; G'aereth to be set after candlebud (PG 87-91).

p.90: "you are of the e'Kieron line"; an odd statement, since Lytra is elsewhere styled "e'Tenith". Perhaps the e'Tenith line is a fairly recent offshoot of the e'Kieron.

p.91: "you could send him out to look for something such as, say, candlebud." See chapter 16.

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Fourteenth, Eleemosynary Behavior is Rewarded

Pel speaks with G'aereth about the situation in Pepperfield (PG 92-93).

Khaavren goes to meet Illista; On the nature of love and hope (PG 93-94).

p.93: "Now that the festivities were well over"; having ended roughly 51 days ago.

Illista asks Khaavren to protect Kaluma; he eagerly accepts this quest (PG 94-97).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Fifteenth, Khaavren Receives a Warning

On his way home, Khaavren is warned to stay away from Kaluma (PG 98-99).

Khaavren returns home in confusion (PG 100-101).

Aerich tells the sad story of a young Lyorn (PG 102-103).

Our friends are undeterred; preparations for departure (PG 103-105).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Sixteenth, Half an Emperor

Jenicor e'Terics prepares for a visit from the Duke of Galstan (PG 106).

Pel woos Jenicor, and seeks information about court intrigues (PG 107-111).

p.111: "Someday he may be more than half an Emperor". See Sethra Lavode, chapter 102.

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Seventeenth, Preparations for Departure

Further preparations; flash-stones; money; travel routes; miscellaneous supplie (PG 112-117).

Pel returns and is briefed; sleep (PG 117-118).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Eighteenth, Some Reflect, Others Wonder

PG, day 57

Wondering what to do about Kathana (PG 121-123).

Uttrik encountered; he duels with Khaavren and loses (PG 123-126).

p.123: "Tazendra... had not had a fight in some time"; the last one we know for sure was on day 39, 18 days earlier. She may, of course, have had one or more since then.

Uttrik explains how he was set up (PG 126-129).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Nineteenth, Uttrik is Interviewed

Uttrik joins the expedition (PG 130).

On hunger caused by duels; On rural inns; food (PG 130-132).

Uttrik is interviewed; his performance in the Carriage House Uprising (PG 132-134).

p.133: "Both of these were in the south-west, and came about shortly after my father's death"; Therefore within the last year, since his father's death was quite recent.

A Teckla attacked -- and defended (PG 134-136).

Mica is interviewed, first as a witness, then for employment as a lackey; On whether fashions should be slavishly followed; Mica hired (PG 136-141).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Twentieth, What Has Seodra Been Up To?

Fayaavik tells Lytra of his failure (PG 143-145).

Seodra suggests a new job for Fayaavik (P 145-146).

PG, day 58 (or so)

Our friends cross the Yendi River ("about noon the following day", PG 165).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Twenty-first, Nothing Escapes the Historian

PG, day 67 (or so)

["while our friends were about midway on their journey to Redface", PG 148]

Character sketch: Tortaalik I (PG 147-148).

Character sketch: Duke of Wellborn, Imperial Discreet (PG 148).

Tortaalik confesses his jealousy of the Consort (PG 149-151).

p.150: "the uprising in the western duchies"; possibly the same as the Carriage House Uprising, but this is uncertain.

Wellborn calls attention to Lord Garland's actions (PG 152-155).

Garland to be sent away; the Consort to be apologized to (PG 155-156).

Character sketch: Noima, the Consort (PG 156).

Tortaalik apologizes (PG 157-158).

Character sketch: Lord Garland (PG 158).

Garland sent to deliver an apology to Adron (PG 158-159).

Seodra sends Garland to deal with Khaavren and friends (PG 159-161).

Seodra advises Shaltre, then sends him after Khaavren as well (PG 161-164).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Twenty-second, More Prying Ears

PG, day 57-76 (or so)

["our friends had a distance of many days ahead of them", PG 142. Tazendra refers to their travel time as both "some weeks" and "many weeks" (PG 187). Taking our usual assumption that these indeterminate numbers are around 4, that means 20 days of travel.]

Uneventful Travel (PG 142-143; PG 165-166).

p.142: "the explosion of red and gold from the Creeping Woods ... the blossoms of the late-apple"; these images suggest that the season is late summer or early fall. However, the text clearly states that "this journey was made ... in the full heat of summer" (PG 165), "still high summer" (PG 178), and "still the height of summer" (PG 267).

p.143: "Adron's Disaster, some five hundred years after the events herein described"; see Five Hundred Years After.

PG, day 76 (or so)

History of Bengloarafurd; History of The Painted Sign (PG 166-168).

p.166: "The first to discover the place"; overlooking, in typical Dragaeran-centric fashion, the native Serioli who lived there.

Aerich and Khaavren speak, but come to no conclusions (PG 168-170).

On the question of which overheard mistakes should be corrected; Plans for an ambush (PG 170-173).

p.172: "Lord Adron is, even now, in Dragaera City, negotiating for control of Pepperfield"; this is, of course, a lie. Adron, having been sent home, is now not far away.

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Twenty-third, Art of the Amuscade

The rest of the friends briefed on the ambush; a counter-ambush planned (PG 174-177).

Adron arrives at Redface ("only yester-day", PG 189).

PG, day 77 (or so)

On one's first night before battle (PG 177).

Ambush Ambushed (177-181).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Twenty-fourth, Three Pennies More

Lost & Found (182-184).

Castle Redface described (PG 184-185).

p.184: "the floating castles of the e'Drien line (of which only Castle Black survives to this day)"; to say that Castle Black "survived" is something of a misnomer. It would be more accurate to say that it was reconstructed, see The Lord of Castle Black, especiallly chapters 37, 40, 56, and 65.

On Wondering (PG 185-187).

Asking for a meeting with Adron -- and, unexpectedly, getting one (PG 188-189).

Character sketch: Adron e'Kieron (PG 189).

p.189: "several times during the Elde Island War"; unclear whether or not this is paart of the recent "Island Wars" or not, but that seems likely.

p.189: "he was even then beginning to make use of the infamous blue stones which would allow him, five hundred years later, to harness the power that destroyed the Empire"; see Five Hundred Years After, chapters 17, 24, 33-34.

Misunderstandings with Adron; Adron sent to seek his seal (PG 189-192).

Enumerating possible antagonists (PG 192-195).

p.194: "What of the plans they have been formulating for months?" At this point, more than five months have passed since Tortaalik's ascension.

The seal found, but not where looked for (PG 195-197).

Three pennies locate Kathana (PG 198-199).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Twenty-fifth, We Meet a Principal Actor

The Return of Duke Highwater; On the writing of history; Character sketch: Kathana (PG 200-202).

Confronting Kathana, and their own conflicting motives (PG 202-207).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Twenty-sixth, The Effects of a Stratagem

PG, day 78 (or so)

Departing Lord Adron's home (PG 208-209).

Taking the northern route (PG 209-211).

Garland prepares another ambush (PG 215-216).

PG, day 79 (or so)

Ironwall and the Eastern River (PG 211-212).

Lord Garland seen skulking around the camp; a strategy determined upon (PG 212-214).

Lord Garland reports the results of the strategy (PG 214-219).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Twenty-seventh, Reflections and Projections

PG, day 80 (or so)

[The previous scene was at dusk. One presumes that the travelers were prudent enough to move their camp, yet not so foolish as to attempt the crossing of the Floating Bridge in the dark. Therefore it seems likely that this scene takes place the following morning. This is also supported by Uttrik's remark "To-morrow we will have arrived in the Pepperfields"; given that this was claimed by Aerich to be a 3-day journey, they are now on the second of those days.]

The Floating Bridge; discussions while crossing it (PG 220-222).

Khaavren soliloquizes (PG 222-224).

Mica makes projections (PG 224-226).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Twenty-eighth, Set for a Tragedy

Shaltre delivers Imperial orders to Adron (PG 227-229).

Camping, the night before the duel; Imperial politics (PG 229-231).

Kathana's painting; enmity reduced, but the duel is still on (PG 231-232).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Twenty-ninth, The Situation Becomes Hopeless

PG, day 81

Pepperfield described (PG 233-234).

Dueling details arranged (PG 234-236).

Interrupted, happily, by an Eastern invasion; Mica sent to warn Adron (PG 236-238).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Thirtieth, Khaavren Becomes a Diplomatist

Mica meets Lord Adron sooner than expected (PG 239-242).

Arguments over what Adron's army should do (PG 242-243).

p.243: "that would only leave the Wood of Twelve Pines to be defended, and I suspect you will have heard of the latest battle to be fought there." As mentioned in chapter 24, Adron "distinguished himself at the Battle of Twelve Pines" (PG 189).

p.243: "five hundred years later he would, without hesitation, have disobeyed the Emperor's orders, as he thought them, in order to do what he considered his duty"; see Adron's actions throughout Five Hundred Years After.

Mica returns with the news (PG 243-244).

Khaavren decides to speak to the Eastern leader (PG 245-247).

p.246: "I am called Crionofenarr"; for an interestingly different account of these events, see Brokedown Palace, prologue.

p.247: "It may be that the Easterner's horse had more experience than its master had, or it may have been the merest chance"; or it may be because the horse was a taltos horse -- see Brokedown Palace.

Khaavren kills the horse; a duel decided upon (PG 247-249).

A Morganti weapon drawn (PG 249).

Aerich distracts Crionofenarr by pointing out Adron's army (G 249-250).

On the reasons for invasion; negotitions suggested (PG 250-252).

Mica sent to Lord Adron (PG 252-253).

Negotiating peace (PG 254-256).

p.255: "we call it Sandyhome." As mentioned in chapters 6 and 15, diamonds have recently been discovered in Sandyhome, and Tortaalik was considering a major military campaign to retake the region.

Aerich challenges Shaltre; details of conspiracy rvealed, allegedly thanks to Mica's eavesdropping; Shaltre killed (PG 256-259).

Uttrik and Kathana are reconciled (PG 259-260).

More details of the conspiracy, and its discovery (PG 260-261).

p.260: "some time ago, Pel happened to overhear a conversation between Count Shaltre and Captain G'aereth"; chapter 3.

p.261: ""I discovered, before we left"; Partially from talking with Jenicor e'Terics in chapter 16, though one presumes Pel had other information sources as well.

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Thirty-first, All Is Not Over

Attempts to convince Adron to return to the capitol with them; Tortallik's letter delivered at last; setting off (PG 262-264).

Return to Bengloarafurd (PG 264-265).

p.264: "a week before"; it is, in fact, precisely 5 days since they were last in Bengloarafurd, in chapter 22.

Birth Announcement (PG 264-266).

Aliera born. ["less than a thousand years old, however you measured her age" Tt 151; actually, just over that. "less than five hundred" (P 67-68), but that must not be counting the time she was "mortally challenged". Also, see Paarfi's comments on her "agelessness", FH 77.]

PG, day 81-95 (or so)

[They reach Beedn's Inn "before many days had passed" (PG 267). They are riding faster than they had on their way in, which took about 20 days, yet slower than Adron and his pursuers, who took about 10, but killed horses in doing so. Hence, a travel time of 15 days seems about right.]

Travelling home (PG 267).

PG, day 95 (or so)

Return to Beedn's Inn; Our friends arrested (PG 267-271).

Traveling under arrest; History of Lanya (PG 271-273).

Khaavren discovers that they are not allowed to communicate with any one; he informs Pel (PG 273-275).

Pel manipulates Thack into seeking out Jenicor e'Terics (PG 275-278).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Thirty-second, A Bloodless Duel

G'aereth kept busy; status of the court (PG 279-280).

PG, day 97 (or so)

["some two days after the close of the previous chapter", PG 280; "two days ago", PG 288]

Diesep e'Lanya sent by Jenicor to challenge G'aereth (PG 280-281).

Allistar asks after Khaavren, on Illista's behalf; he agrees to be G'aereth's second; Lytra e'Tenith to judge (PG 281-282).

Jenicor arrives to duel; motives explored (PG 283-285).

Thack questioned (PG 285-289).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Thirty-third, Some Time in Prison

PG, day 95 (or so)

[The first scenes of this chapter go back in time a bit.]

Khaavren paces; Aerich crochets (PG 290).

Kathana questions Guinn the jailer, and asks for some supplies; she explains her plan to Tazendra (PG 291-294).

Pel inquires; Uttrik sleeps; Mica tells of his adventures (PG 294).

PG, day 97 (or so)

On Prison vs. Jail; Our friends grow anxious (PG 294-295).

Khaavren questioned by Illista; she asks him to kill Adron; her true nature revealed (PG 295-301).

Our friends summoned to the Imperial Wing (PG 302-303).

The Phoenix Guards, Chapter the Thirty-fourth, A Strand of Justice

Scene of the questioning (PG 304-305).

Accused of four murders; rebuttals (PG 306-309).

Khaavren questioned under the Orb, answering only direct questions; answers are damning (PG 309-311).

Questioning turns to Kurich; the truth comes out (PG 311-315).

Exonerated; Kathana sentenced to spend 57 years in the Guard (PG 316).

Khaavren settles matters with Seodra, and forestalls Adron's assassination (PG 317-319).

PG, day 98 (or so)

["Early the next morning", PG 319.]

Seodra arrested (PG 319-320).

The Phoenix Guards, Conclusion

PG, day 166 (or so)

["some months after", PG 321.]

Returning from Aliera's naming ceremony (PG 321-322).

p.321: "the Reign of the Dragon perhaps only a few hundred years away." We don't know exactly when Norathar takes the Orb, but it is at least 1090 years after this.

Tazendra's true history (PG 322-324).

Pel reveals his intent to study discretion (PG 325).

Khaavren vows to maintain his house in readiness (PG 325).

The Phoenix Guards, Epilogue

The fates of various parties (PG 326-327).

p.326: "Lytra ... was caught up in the matter of the White Goblets"; see notes here.

p.326: "Illista and her brother were exiled, and they were believed to have lived out the remainder of their lives on an island kingdom to the west." But see The Lord of Castle Black, chapter 52 and following.

p.327: "we shall, ... leave it to another time"; see Five Hundred Years After.

The Phoenix Guards, About the Author

p.328: "[Paarfi] can be placed at roughly the same period as the books of the Vlad Taltos series, or about a thousand years after the events he is supposed to be writing about." While Paarfi's early career does seem to have some overap with Vlad's, this book was published in 309 PI, when Vlad (if still alive) would be 90 years old.

Late 532 BI

Fenarr builds a home by the River of Faerie upon his return (BP 3). This home is apparently the "hut" which eventually becomes the Palace of Fenario ("nearly a thousand years" 995 years later, BP 5). Even then, the idol of the Demon Goddess was present (BP 5); legend claims that Fenarr brought the statue back with him from Faerie (BP 207).

Illista, at least, travels in exile to Elde Island (LCB 217, 223). [No mention is made of what happened to Allistar; I presume that he perished some time before LCB, as he isn't mentioned as a surviving Phoenix.] Illista (and, presumably Allistar) are stripped of at least some of their lands at this time (LCB 218).

G'aereth made Brigadier (PG 326).

Aerich & Tazendra leave the Guard ("before the end of the year", PG 326).

Dorin corresponds with Traanzo(s) (BMV 99-100).

[This scene is stated to take place "some weeks after the death of the elder Duke of Traanzo" (BMV 99), but the letter quoted is from Prince Traanzo, which title Traanzo did not acquire until "some ten or fifteen years after" (BMV 97) said death. While technically a period of years is also "some weeks", this seems an unlikely phrasing. Further confusing matters, the letter references "the recent ascension of the House of the Phoenix" (BMV 99), which did not take place until late 533 BI. I reluctantly conclude that Paarfi (or SB) has conflated several different time periods here for dramatic purposes.]

Berwick and Yanis discuss marriage (BMV 100-102).

[This scene has little dating information. "We have made great strides in this last century" (BMV 100) suggests weakly that it takes place no later than 530 BI.]

~530 BI

Pel enters the Academy of Discretion ("eventually", PG 326). His interview is memorable (SL 165-166).

Treaty with Crionofenarr concluded (PG 326).

Statue of Verra brought from Faerie to Fenario? (BP 207).

Gormin starts working for Zhayin ("Over a thousand years", V36).

The Baron of Magister Valley

(second section)

~521 BI?

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Eighth, In Which Eremit Makes the Acquaintance of an Interesting Person

Long imprisonment (BMV 103-104).

["He had been on the Burning Island for one hundred and nine years", BMV 104.]

BMV-2, day 1

Eremit saves a life (BMV 104-107).

[Eremit "had been on the Burning Island for one hundred and nine years" (BMV 104).]

BMV-2, day 2

Eremit begins to recover ("By the time of the next exercise session", BMV 107).

BMV-2, day 3

Eremit receives a letter ("The next morning", BMV 107-108).

BMV-2, day 4

M is ill ("He woke up early", "yester-day", BMV 109).

BMV-2, day 5

M's second letter ("The next morning he awoke", BMV 109).

BMV-2, day 6

M's 3rd letter ("The next day", BMV 110).

BMV-2, day 6-17?

Eremit collects paper scraps ("day after day", exact time speculative, BMV 111).

BMV-2, day 18?

M's 4th letter ("the next day", BMV 111).

BMV-2, day 19?

M's 5th letter -- and Eremit's first ("the next day", BMV 112).

p.114: "still scarcely two hundred years of age". By my estimates, Eremit is 204 years old.

BMV-2, day 20-34?

Eremit and Magister exchange histories [Impossible to date exactly. "This [...] continued for some time" (BMV 114).

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Ninth, In Which Eremit and the Reader Together Learn Something of the Mysterious “M”

Magister's history (BMV 115-117).

BMV-2, day 34?

Eremit agrees to learn (date sepculative, BMV 117-118).

BMV-2, day 35?

Eremit draws a circle (possibly the same day, possibly the next, BMV 118).

BMV-2, day 36?

A second screw ("the next day", BMV 118).

BMV-2, day 37?

Making paste (possibly the same day, possibly the next, BMV 118).

BMV-2, day 38-150?

Scraping (dates very speculative, "days and months", BMV 118-119).

BMV-2, day 151-200?

A rectangle ("the next day", total time very speculative, BMV 119).

BMV-2, day 201?

A tray disassembled with some risk ("the next day", BMV 119-120).

BMV-2, day 202-209?

Making a bowl ("The next morning", "over several days", BMV 120).

BMV-2, day 210-278?

Making vinegar ("It took four months", BMV 120-121).

BMV-2, day 279-289?

Collecting dust ("until the eleventh day", BMV 121).

BMV-2, day 289-400??

Painting with lye (dating highly uncertain, BMV 122).

~520 BI?

BMV-2, day 400??

A section of wall comes loose (dating highly uncertain, but it seems by this point at least 1 year would have elapsed, BMV 122).

~500 BI?

Nielar born ("probably close to a thousand", Jr 13).

Laris born ("say around a thousand", Y 29).

Illista arrives on Elde Island (LCB 215).

~494 BI

Kathana leaves the Guard after "thirty-eight years". Her service is allowed to end after she paints the Consort's picture (PG 326-327).

~492 BI

Fenarr succeeded by József I ("[Fenarr] ruled for forty years", BP 133). His body vanishes, but állam is found in its place.

~487 BI

The palace of Fenario (fort) built ("Nine hundred and fifty years" before 216 PI, BP 5). Possibly because József I felt less sure than Fenarr about whether Faerie would hold to their treaty. It had a stairway and a window with glass, both considered impressive features at the time (BP 105).

~485 BI?

Eremit reaches Magister (dating highly speculative, "Days and months and years went by", BMV 122-124).

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Tenth, In Which We Discuss Learning, Escape Plans, and Learning Escape Plans

Eremit's first lesson (BMV 125-128).

More lessons about food ("Over the next days and months", BMV 128-129).

~485-385 BI?

Eremit studies fencing (BMV 130-132).

~450 BI

Thack transfers to G'aereth's command ("some eighty or eighty-five years after ... The Phoenix Guards", FH 56).

Kathana paints Adron's portrait (FH 77) and Aliera's portrait (FH 88) [placement extremely tentative]

Adron begins studying Elder Sorcery in earnest ("more than four hundred years", FH 206).

~444 BI

Norathar born ("You were about four years old" Y 121).

The Affair of the White Goblets and the Second Dragon/Jhereg War

~442 BI

[This mess all starts "early in Tortaalik's reign" (PD 21), "some ninety years after" (PG 326) The Phoenix Guards, but some of the repercussions detailed below may have played out over centuries.]

Paarfi's (PD 21-23) and Aliera's (Jr 166-167) accounts of the Second Dragon/Jhereg War differ drastically, but between them, information from Yendi, and the Brust quote below), some sense can be made. Remember that none of these sources are infallible, or even completely honest.

Steven Brust wrote (in rec.arts.sf.written, 7/16/97): "Aliera got her stories tangled, is all. She's referring to the incident of the Goblets, which happened well before Adron's move, and only indirectly had anything to do with it. Aliera doesn't know as much history as she thinks she does, and tends toward tunnelvision. And, besides, Daddy couldn't have done anything really wrong." The incident he's referring to is probably the same as "the matter of the White Goblets" (PG 326), which I take to be the public fallout from the Dragon/Jhereg war, the attempt to poison the Emperor (using those goblets?), or both.

At the beginning of this sequence, Adron is Dragon Heir (PG 78, 151, 162, etc.; PD 21-22).

"early in the Reign of the Phoenix" (Y 117) the Dragon Council meets to choose a new heir. It seems likely to me that this is simply standard procedure for shortly after a Phoenix Reign starts, since that signals the transition of 'Heir' from a largely ceremonial title to a position with a very real chance of ascending the throne. Adron is not reconfirmed as heir; we don't know why, but whatever the reasons are, they can probably be summed up as 'politics'.

The Dragon Council chooses the Count of Kee'Laiyer Meadows as Dragon Heir, and he holds that position "for a short time early in Tortaalik's reign" (PD 21).

Sethra the Younger is annoyed that K'Laiyer doesn't want to invade the East. She, The Sorceress in Green, and Baritt plot to make Adron Emperor (Y 205). Vlad thinks the plot was laid without Adron's knowledge (Y 186-187), but we don't have firm evidence one way or the other.

Sethra the Younger approaches Sethra Lavode with an alleged scandal about the Dragon Heir (Y 120, 122-123), and the results of a genetic scan (Y 118).

A genetic scan of Norathar is performed by a committee composed of Baritt, an 'Athyra', and a Lyorn (Y 118) with Laris's help (Y 206)

Norathar's parentage formally accused by Sethra Lavode (Y 117-118). K'Laiyer responds by declaring war on Sethra Lavode (Y 120). (Is this one of the "Battles of Dzur Mountain" referred to in The Lord of Castle Black, chapter 50?)

Dragon heir, K'Laiyer E'Lanya, and his wife, Miera, are killed in war (Y 116, 118; PD 21). The exact circumstances of their deaths is somewhat suspicious (Y 120).

Norathar is expelled from House Dragon (Y 116, 121).

Adron is accused of having had Kee'Laiyer assassinated, and then protecting the assassin (who may have been Mario) (PD 21-22). Paarfi doesn't seem to give credence to these rumors, but they may have arisen because (according to Aliera), Adron was working with a Jhereg assassin (call him A), on a plan to poison the Emperor (Jr 167) (or perhaps Adron was working with this particular assassin because he had successfully used him before against Kee'Laiyer). This plan may or may not have been identical with the White Goblet plan (see below).

A is killed by another Jhereg (B), possibly (I'm guessing here) because the Jhereg Council hear about Adron's plan and don't want the Emperor assassinated (Jr 166). This means that A could not have been Mario, since we know he's alive after this date.

Vlad later guesses that B is Leareth/Mellar's father (Jr 186), and gets that guess verified (Jr 189).

The Dragons demand that B be delivered to them, and the Jhereg comply. B, however, escapes, killing several Dragonlords. B also kills some of the Jhereg bosses who had turned him in, and a general bloodbath ensues, in which (among others) several wizards working for Adron are killed (Jr 167, PD 22).

Vlad guesses that B is also killed around now ("revenge for the death of his father" Jr 187). But some of Kragar's research (Jr 179) says "as far as I can tell" that he died during the Disaster. I suppose he might yet turn up, still alive...

Gyorg Lavode foils a plot to poison the Emperor, with Tortaalik's own sister as the prime mover (FH 23). This seems likely to be the primary source for Aliera's puzzling statement, "another Phoenix tried to take the throne, and father had to move too quickly" (Jr 167). [This may have been early enough in the Phoenix Reign that the conspirators felt assured that the Cycle could not turn after an assassination. Or not.] The connection between those events and The Disaster is far from immediate, but it fits with Brust's comments, above.

Lytra executed for her part in the matter of the White Goblets (PG 326). Tortaalik is forced to exile his sister for her part in the affair (FH 23).

Adron is unhappy about Tortaalik's "mismanagement" of the White Goblet affair (FH 207). Paarfi portrays this as the start of his dissatisfaction with Tortaalik, but it nonetheless seems possible from Aliera's recounting (Jr 167) that he was involved in the plot himself!

It's possible that Tortaalik "tried to use the Orb against the Jhereg" (Jr 167) at some point during this complicated mess.

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Eleventh, In Which Livosha and, Presumably, the Reader, Are Astonished at Kefaan

(second part)

~435 BI?

Kefaan begins working with Tigra and bringing home money ("Over the next few years" until the following scene, BMV 143).

~430 BI?

Livosha learns about Kefaan's work (BMV 144-154).

["the difference between the age of one hundred and the age of sixty is far greater than the difference between the age of two hundred and the age of one hundred and forty, and yet another hundred years brings them even closer together" (BMV 144) suggests that this scene is about 200 years after the beginning of the book. Note however, that "one hundred and forty" is almost certainly an error and should read "one hundred and sixty", casting doubt about the reliability of the other numbers.]

~400 BI

Seb born ("of perhaps four hundred years", FH 21).

Rollondar e'Drien marries ("a few hundred years earlier", FH 277).

Udaar born (LCB 215).

Corthina Fi Dalcalda becomes King of Elde ("upon the eventual death of Queen Legranthë", date very approximate, SL 34). This apparently happens after Illista arrived (SL 38).

Traanzo begins accumulating immense wealth ("few hundred years before", dating approximate, BMV 261).

~385-335 BI?

Eremit studies languages (BMV 132-134).

~350 BI

Theen born (FH 415).

349 BI

Sewage Edicts enacted ("in the 183rd year of [Tortaalik's] reign", FH 62).

326 BI

Food riots in the capitol ("in the two hundred and sixth year of [Tortaalik's] reign", FH 51-52).

~335-285 BI?

Eremit studies sorcery (BMV 134-136).

~300 BI?

Magister nears death and discusses escape (BMV 136-139).

p.136: "Eremit had [...] now passed his four hundredth year." Eremit would have turned 400 on about 325 BI.

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Twelfth, In Which Magister Reveals His Final Secrets

~285-120 BI?

Eremit studies philosophy, science, and psychology (BMV 155-157).

Reviewing Eremit's past -- and possible future (BMV 157-162).

Magister speaks of necromancy, demons, and places of power (BMV 162-167).

p.164: "long ago, after the depredations of the Copper Wars that consumed so much of the Seventeenth Jhegaala reign." This seems very likely to be an error. The "Seventeenth Jhegaala reign" dates to (roughly) 1,700 BI; Magister was jailed circa 1,995 BI, hundreds of years earlier. Further, we know that the Athyra reign began circa 850 BI, well after Magister was jailed (and cut off from the outside world), so Magister could hardly refer to something that "consumed so much of" a reign that he was in jail for the majority of (or all of). So what's the best correction for this error? It does seem to refer to a relatively recent period. Immediately prior to the Jhegaala reign would have been the Teckla Republic; this seems unlikely to have been the correct answer, as it is never referred to as a "reign". Immediately prior to that, however, is the Orca reign. Given that the plot of this very book hinges on Orca being involved in conflict over mineral resources, it doesn't seem too much of a stretch to think that "the Copper Wars" might have happened during their reign. Hence, I am tentatively dating the Copper Wars to 3,000 - 2,500 BI.

~250 BI?

Rolling Rock Wars; Adron creates the Breath of Fire Battalion (PG 189; FH 77; dating speculative, but known to be between The Phoenix Guards and Five Hundred Years After).

Breath of Fire Battalion in the Kanefthali mountains (FH 77).

A temple to the Three Sisters built in Blackchapel ("several hundred years before" PD 40).

~239 BI

The palace of Fenario (Old Palace) built ("Seven hundred years" before 216 PI, BP 5).

~200 BI?

Leen born ("about seven hundred", O 29).

Climate changes "over the last two hundred years" (FH 28) lead to "thirty or forty seasons of drought" (FH 28). Possibly these changes are due to imperial mismanagement.

Lysek born ("scarcely seen his two hundredth year", FH 84).

Adron involved in the War of Three Sieges (FH 77; dating tentative).

Fentor e'Mondaar born ("some two hundred years before Adron's Disaster", LCB 73).

The Whitecrest Uprising

~150 BI??

Date is speculative, but seems likely to have been well into Adron's career.

Unknown whether this was an uprising on the part of the peasants, the nobility, or some mix thereof. There was some sort of significant miltary force, given that Adron's Breath of Fire battalion proved its worth again" (FH 77) there. On the other hand, contemporaries apparently referred to the Uprising as "the unpleasantness along the coast" (FH 77), suggesting that there was something lower-class about the whole affair. A reference in Five Hundred Years After, chapter 19 suggests that the House of the Dragon received no recompense for the incident (FH 240).

Referring to Daro, Countess of Whitecrest performing well in battle, Paarfi says "any questions about the loyalty of the Countess's family that might have remained after the Whitecrest Uprising were on this day put to rest for-ever" (SL 272). This suggests that there were significant suspicions about at least one member of her family being culpable for the Uprising, presumably the former Countess, her mother (FH 264). There is reason to believe that the former Countess was exiled from court at this time, though the reference is imprecise, and may be to Daro, rather than the mother (LCB 224). Since Daro's mother is alive, yet technically not Countess, perhaps she resigned in some disgrace -- though probably not full disgrace, since her daughter was allowed to inherit the title, and she herself appears to have remained in de facto charge of the county for some time afterwards (FH 264). Paarfi characterizes Daro as "a woman used to sudden changes in her situation" (FH 247), possibly referring to the events and aftereffects of the Uprising. This may be related to what Paarfi (while speaking of Adron's frame of mind) refers to as "the debacle along the coast that had left an entire district, and one critical to Imperial trade, without a liege" (FH 207); Daro is clearly the official Countess, yet she is both young, and not living in her fief, so one might perhaps say that Adrilankha was "without a liege" at this time. Paarfi also says that Daro "on one occasion, had even been involved in what could only be called a battle (although, had Her Majesty known of this battle and the part the Countess had played therein, it is doubtful whether Daro would have been allowed any position whatever at court, much less that of maid of honor)" (FH 287), so perhaps she was personally involved in the Uprising after all.

143 BI

Belly born ("a hundred and forty-three years before the Disaster", SL 47).

~140 BI

Hevlika born ("I’ve been studying the art for four centuries. I started when I was barely forty." V56)

~132 BI

Seodra dies in prison (PG 326).

~120 BI

Khaavren fights his last duel for some time ("more than a century ago", FH 41, dating approximate).

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Thirteenth, In Which It Is Demonstrated that Circumstances Alter Cases

(first part)

An unusual disposition for a body (BMV 168-171).

p.170: "that must have been nearly four thousand years ago." This seems likely to be in error. 4,000 years appears to be a typical Dragaeran lifespan, and Magister was over 2,000 years old at the time he was imprisoned (BMV 116). While his great knowledge may well have extended his lifespan some, a 50 percent expansion seems excessive enough to have warranted explicit comment. The speaker is an unnamed functionary, so I am inclined to think he just misspoke.

A new plan, a new tunnel (BMV 171-173).

~105 BI

Mario born ("scarcely seen his hundredth year", FH 245). (But see notes to Dzur, Prologue for an alternate interpretation.)

~100 BI??

Adron settles "the Briartown affair", which encourages Tortaalik to improve the post system (FH 118, 126; dating approximate).

Rollondar e'Drien becomes Warlord ("early this past century", FH 51).

Skinter e'Terics' cousin starts to annoy him ("over the previous century" PD 48).

Lar born (was a "young man" at the Disaster, PD 101).

Fentor joins the Army of the Three Spears "upon reaching sufficient age" (LCB 73). He becomes skilled in training troops and examining intelligence.

Hevlika starts studying dance ("I’ve been studying the art for four centuries." V56).

~95 BI

Laris starts as a collector for a moneylender; does 'work' once or twice as part of job (he spends 'thirty or forty years" doing this, which concludes "about sixty years" before the Interregnum Y 19).

~90 BI

Khaavren gains Raf's gratitude (FH 48). Raf begins to consider having a child (FH 49).

~80 BI

Princess Loudin marries Lord Vernoi (FH 266).

~60 BI

Laris starts working as a moneylender ("about sixty years" pre-Interregnum, Y 19).

Smaller employed by Countess Bellor ("scores of years", FH 176).

~50 BI

Wellborn retires, and the post of Imperial Discreet goes unfilled until the Disaster ("half a hundred years", FH 46; "fifty years before", FH 73).

A war with Elde during Tortaalik's reign that "lasted a mere five years" (FH 30-31).

"The last time we fought Elde, Greenaere was on our side" (P 94). [This is presumably the most recent time there was conflict between Elde and Greenaere.]

The "debacle along the coast that had left an entire district, and one critical to Imperial trade, without a liege" (FH 207) may have been connected with this war. It was certainly during Tortaalik's reign. But see also The Whitecrest Uprising.

The Empire captures Redsky Harbor from Elde ("less than three hundred years ago", SL 148; see also FH 31).

~45 BI

Kytraan born ("three hundred or three hundred and twenty", PD 114).

32 BI

Khaavren receives a 500th anniversary mug ("upon the date of the 500th anniversary of his promotion to ensign", FH 162).

~30 BI

Kathana marries a Dragonlord ("some thirty years ago", FH 52).

Lar granted use of land on the coast ("In my youth", PD 104, date uncertain).

23 BI

Belly apprenticed ("When I reached the age of one hundred and twenty", SL 47).

~4 BI

Tem born ("barely reached his five hundredth year", A 4).

Skinter e'Terics begins gathering an army ("shortly before the disaster" PD 48).

~3 BI

Tazendra's experiments cause an explosion (FH 52, 114; "some years ago", FH 434-435). Perhaps this accident was the proximate cause of Aerich's visit "more than two years" (FH 114) prior to Five Hundred Years After.

??? BI
Miscellaneous undated events that happen not long before the Interregnum.

Aliera spends "fifty or a hundred years" (Jr 151) studying Chaos, then enters the Great Sea and makes friends with it.

"The Terrace" restaurant is established in Adrilankha (Y 30).

Shade Tree Street is a good section of Adrilankha ("probably before the Interregnum", Tk 61).

There is a job niche for Teckla as rickshaws (P 165).

Lothinor, Duke of Needle-At-The-Top, attempts to jump across the Lonely Ridge in his famous twenty-two-horse carriage, apparently unsuccessfully (PG 13).

Count Fornia expands his territory ("before the Interregnum", Dn 48).

A sorcerer discovers a method of making enemy flashstones explode, and they stop being used as part of normal warfare (Dn 59). Flashstones are still used on a smaller scale right up to the Interregnum, as seen in Five Hundred Years After. Presumably the 'remote detonation' spell requires too much preparation to be useful in small, impromptu combats.

Baritt is Imperial Sorcerer "for a few hundred years" (Dn 92), but not at the time of Five Hundred Years After. Perhaps he fell out of favor with Tortaalik? Or perhaps he was part of the previous administration. It seems unlikely in the extreme that he could have been Imperial Sorcerer during an Athyra reign, but on the other hand, his successes (and his enemies) were described as remarkable. However the balance of power had shifted, Sethra the Younger was convinced that Baritt would be Adron's choice for Warlord not Imperial Sorcerer) (Y 205).

Adron was not (technically) the Dragon heir (Y 116). Aliera seems to imply that he (and she) knew this at the time, which is quite interesting, if true.

Redwreath and Goldstar Have Traveled to Deathsgate is written, and becomes popular. (It is stated to be "of the period" (FH 15), but in a discussion which could be referring to either The Phoenix Guards or Five Hundred Years After.

Jurabin appointed Prime Minister (FH 23).

Khaavren fights in "eight or ten" military campaigns, including "the retreat from Watcher's Lake" (FH 35).

The Duke of Hoarwall rebels; he is captured and executed at the Battle of Irontown (FH 63).

Tenth Cycle conspiracy dramas become popular (FH 65).

Adron regroups at the Defense of the Gripping Ford (FH 235).

Skinter e'Terics begins gathering an army ("shortly before the disaster" PD 48).

Nelshet becomes known for his fine swords (LCB 37).

Khaavren loses a Nelshet sword during the Three Hands Road campaign (LCB 37).

Grassfog is apprenticed to a physicker "shortly before the Interregnum (LCB 161; SL 233).

Dortmond(?) serves under Morrolan's father (LCB 319).

Tazendra's cousin assaults Dzur Mountain (LCB 346).

Belly and Iatha turn bandit (SL 47-48).

Triesco born into the House of Athyra, but leaves it for Jhereg, apparently due to her love for Terion. (Dz 176-177).

Cyl begins working at Whitecrest Manor ("since before the Interregnum", Ti 269).

The Owl's Feet inn founded ("before the Interregnum", Ti 314).

Odelpho starts working for Zhayin (or perhaps more accurately, his wife, V 182).

Zhayin and his wife patronize a dance troupe that will (eventually) include Hevlika (V 256).

Five Hundred Years After

~0 BI

"In the Year of the Hawk, In the Turn of the Orca, In the Phase of the Dragon, In the Reign of the Phoenix, In the Cycle of the Phoenix, In the Great Cycle of the Dragon, Or, the 532nd Year of the Reign of Tortaalik the Third" (FH 9).

Five Hundred Years After, Preface

p.17: "2:1/2:1/2/12" See notes at 46 NR for a discussion of this date.

The Baron of Magister Valley

(third section)

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Thirteenth, In Which It Is Demonstrated that Circumstances Alter Cases

(second part)

[From now until the Disaster is "less than a year", BMV 175. Hence, I am placing these events around the beginning of chapter 14.]

Tunnel completed (BMV 173).

p.173: "eighty feet of tunnel is needed" [..] "each foot worn away was more than a year of effort". Hence, I estimate 120 years for the excavation.

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Fourteenth, In Which Livosha Meets an Old Acquaintance and Kills a New One

BMV-3, day 1 (day 9 of the month of Dragon?)

News of Sajen (BMV 180-181).

p.180: "several years after" [chapter 11]. This is considerable understatement. That chapter took place circa 410 BI. The events of this and the next few chapters take place over 400 years later, in 0 BI, as made clear at the end of chapter 15 (BMV 209).

Jerin's story (BMV 182-191).

p.183: "four eighty-one". This is a puzzling number. It cannot be the year of Cherova's reign, as the book's events started in "the two hundred and forty-first year of the reign of Cherova the Third" (BMV 23).

BMV-3, day 5 (day 13 of the month of Dragon)?

Kefaan gets a letter from Jerin ("six days ago", BMV 192).

BMV-3, day 11 (2nd day of Lyorn?)

["only ten days later", BMV 191]

News of an arrest (BMV 192-193).

BMV-3, day ~31 (5th day of Tiassa?)

Livosha gives A Look ("some few weeks after", BMV 193).

FH, day -68 or so (9th of Hawk?)

Tortaalik requests Adron to bring the Breath of Fire Battalion to the Meeting of the Principalities ("some months ago", FH 133).

BMV-3, day ~73 (13th day of Dzur?)

["two or three months after that", BMV 194]

An assassin (BMV 194-196).

BMV-3, day ~75-76

Livosha feels uneasy about killing ("Two or three days later", BMV 397).

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Fifteenth, In Which the Author Discusses the Problem of Travel in Historical Narrative

(first part)

Preparations to leave (BMV 197-198).

BMV-3, day ~77 (17th day of Dzur?)

["It was, in fact, four days later", BMV 198]

News of the Burning Island (BMV 198-200).

BMV-3, day ~78 (1st day of Issola?)

Preparations to depart complete ("In a single day", BMV 201).

BMV-3, day ~79 (2nd day of Issola?)

Departure ("The next day", BMV 201).

BMV-3, day ~80-120

[Bryan Newell analyzes this trip to be "a little over 2,000 miles", which seems reasonable, accounting for uneven terrain preventing straight-line travel. Assuming an average travel speed of roughly 50 miles per day, that would come to 40 days. Day 73 was "the middle of summer" (BMV 194). During this journey "summer ended and autumn began" (BMV 203), which accords very well with a 40 day travel time.]

Describing Travel (BMV 201-203).

FH, day -20 or so (6th of Tsalmoth?)

Khaavren starts writing a letter to Aerich, but doesn't get around to finishing it ("some weeks before", FH 51).

FH, day -4 or so (5th of Vallista?)

Tortaalik asks Khaavren about the state of the people ("some days ago", FH 51).

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the First: Matters of State

FH, day 1 (9th of Vallista)

"the first day of autumn ... the ninth day of the month of the Vallista in the five hundred and thirty-second year of the reign of His Imperial Majesty Tortaalik I" (FH 21).

Seb brings a message from Sennya to Tortaalik (FH 21-22).

Character sketch: Tortaalik (FH 23).

p.23: "some four hundred years earlier, when he was forced to exile his sister" See notes on The Second Dragon-Jhereg War.

p.23: "the retirement of His Discretion, the Duke of Wellborn"; some fifty years earlier, see chapter 6.

The message is that Sennya doesn't want to come to the Meeting of the Principalities; this is the 46th cancellation (FH 23-25).

Tortaalik and Jurabin discuss the finances of the Empire (FH 25-27).

p.27: "the Princes have been called, as is the custom, to determine the Imperial Allowance for the next phase, which begins in less than fifty years." This coming Phase would be the Lyorn, and (except for the Interregnum) would have started in the 578th year of the reign.

p.27: "dating from the Sixth Cycle"; about 150,000 years ago.

House of the Dragon wants a tax exemption to raise armies; Easterners encroach in the south, and Teckla rebel in the west (FH 27-28).

Teckla claim poverty due to drought; Athyra claim they cannot both pay taxes and fix the climate (FH 28).

Various other houses also claim exemptions and/or poverty; moreover, they conspire (FH 28-29).

Tortaalik thinks he could have prevented this; Jurabin explains the complexity (FH 30-32).

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Second: Three Old Acquaintances

Character sketch: Khaavren (FH 33-34).

p.33: "Khaavren, who has now passed his six hundredth year"; he is now about 627 years old.

Tortaalik questions Khaavren, who advises Discretion (FH 34-38).

p.35: "You did so once before, didn't you?" See The Phoenix Guards, chapter 34.

Khaavren considers his conversation (FH 39-41).

p.40: "on that occasion when Khaavren and his friends had been questioned about their desire to join the Imperial Guard." The Phoenix Guards, chapter 3.

Pel asks Khaavren for news of the court (FH 41-45).

p.43: "a war fought at sea in the West"; with Elde, see notes to 50 BI

p.44: "having been an ensign for nearly five hundred and fifty years"; 531, actually.

On the system of Discretion; funding issues (FH 45-46).

Pel's opinion of Khaavren's destiny (FH 46-47).

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Third: Casual Correspondence

Khaavren asks Raf how the pastry business is doing; taxe hikes have improved it! (FH 48-50).

At home, Khaavren resumes his correspondence with Aerich, interrupted by an assassin (FH 51-54).

Assassinations of G'aereth, Smaller, and Gyorg Lavode (FH 57-58).

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Fourth: Correspondence of Correspondences

FH, day 2 (10th of Vallista)

At the palace, Khaavren hears of the assassinations (FH 55-59).

Khaavren and Rollandar to investigate the conspiracy; Khaavren suggests seeking Sethra's aid (FH 60).

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Fifth: In A Bad Part Of The City

The Underside (FH 61-62).

Character sketch: Greycat (FH 62-63).

p.63: "Whatever his history"; see chapter 32.

A meeting between Greycat, Laral, Chaler, and Dunaan; Leen has failed to kill Khaavren, so Chaler is set upon him; Greycat pays for the assassinations; Dunaan to embarrass Bellor; Laral to assassinate Adron; Greycat to provoke a riot; all to meet again in 4 days (FH 63-67).

Grita and Greycat; On half-breeds; Grita to provoke the riot; On the nature of riots (FH 68-71).

Aliera and Adron are seen at the theater; plans for a riot overheard ("yester-day", FH 88-91).

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Thirteenth, In Which It Is Demonstrated that Circumstances Alter Cases

(third part)

BMV-3, day ~114 (10th day of Vallista)

On the ripeness of apples (BMV 174-177)

Seven days (BMV 178).

[This seven day countdown concludes on the seventeenth day of Vallista, so must begin on the tenth.]

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Sixth: An Important Dignitary

FH, day 3 (11th of Vallista)

Tortaalik's daily routine (FH 72-75).

p.72: "It was, first of all, invariant--more than invariant, in fact, it was unchanging." A fun game: see if you can count all the variants and changes described in the next few pages.

A message from the Lord Mayor: Adron has arrived (FH 75-76).

[Although he is referred to as the mayor of "Adrilankha", this is presumably an error; logic suggests that he must be the mayor of Dragaera City.]

Character sketches: Adron and Aliera (FH 76-78).

p.77: See notes on The Whitecrest Uprising

p.77: "Aliera had, at this time, passed her five hundredth year"; In fact, she is 531 years old, having beeen born in the first year of Tortaalik's reign, see The Phoenix Guards, chapter 31.

Aliera makes a strong first imression (FH 78-79).

Tortaalik is annoyed at Adron (FH 79-81).

Whether or not to arrest Adron; On the destiny of Phoenix emperors (FH 81-83).

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Seventh: Pel's Activities

Pel and Erna interrogate Lysek, who brings news of a riot; On popular theater; Grita overheard (FH 84-92).

Pel writes a false letter to save Adron, and a true one to summon Aerich (FH 93-94).

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Eighth: Sethra Lavode

Sethra is announced (FH 95-96).

Character sketch: Sethra Lavode (FH 97-100).

p.98: "during the Iorich Reign of the Fourth Cycle"; about 176,000 BI.

p.98: "during the Dragon Reign in the Fourteenth Cycle"; about 51,000 BI.

p.98: "when the Lavode Scandal broke"; dating uncertain, but within living memory, perhaps 750 BI. <> p.98: "the Lyorn Emperor ... during the Thirteenth Cycle"; about 64,000 BI

p.99: "the Sixth Phoenix reign"; about 158,000 BI.

Tortaalik asks Sethra for investigative aid (FH 100-101).

Khaavren brings Sethra to view the bodies; Aliera is there before them (FH 101-104).

Aliera takes umbrage, and nearly duels Sethra; Forensic examinations (FH 104-107).

BMV-3, day ~115 (11th day of Vallista)

Eremit is eager and impatient ("six" days left, BMV 178).

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Ninth: Aerich Receives His Messages

FH, day 4 (12th of Vallista)

On Messengers (FH 108).

Description of Aerich's holdings, the Duchy of Arylle (FH 109-110).

p.109: "during the Ninth Issola reign"; about 113,000 BI.

p.109: "The area had been unsettled for countless years"; actually they should be countable quite easily, since only two reigns passed between Arylle's discovery, and Corpet's arrival.

p.109: "by the Ninth Vallista Emperor"; about 111,000 BI.

p.109: "sowing the seeds of jealousy and resentment with her southern neighbor, the Lyorn Count Shaltre--seeds which were not destined to sprout for some thousands of years." See The Phoenix Guards, chapter 30.

Aerich receives Pel's message, and replies; preparations for departure with Fawnd; note to Tazendra (FH 110-113).

p.113: "he brought out silk yarn and a crochet hook"; a sentimental recollection of the crocheting he did throughout The Phoenix Guards, climaxing in chapter 30.

A fast ride to Daavya; Tazendra and Mica join the party (FH 113-115).

How Aerich and Tazendra have aged (FH 115).

Setting forth with speed, using the Imperial Post (F 115-118).

p.116: "I believe that the wings are not as stable as they were a hundred years ago." If Aerich is referring to some specific event here, I am unaware of it.

p.117: "it doesn't take me as long as it used to." See The Phoenix Guards, chapter 17.

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Tenth: Various Suspicions

Khaavren eventually goes home (FH 119).

It is notable that, for all practical purposes, nothing else of note happens in the court on this date, which is itself rather unusual. Indeed, the scene with Khaavren that starts on page 119, while on first glance appearing to continue directly from page 107, and on the same day (the 11th), must in fact start today (the 12th), as the following day is explicitly the 13th (FH 143). One wonders if Paarfi is deliberately concealing something here, either some scandalous occurrence, or his own inability to find source documentation for this particular day...

BMV-3, day ~116 (12th day of Vallista)

Counting meals ("Five days", BMV 178).

FH, day 5 (13th of Vallista)

Khaavren attends His Majesty, and worries about possible rebellion (FH 119-122).

Adron refuses to be bothered with Calvor's poetry; he readies an army; he considers Elder Sorcery (FH 122-123).

Khaavren visits Adron; he finds that Tortaalik requested that Adron bring his battalion (FH 123-128).

p.126: "had it not been for your skill as a diplomatist"; see The Phoenix Guards, chapter 30.

p.126: "I remember other things." See The Phoenix Guards, chapters 24-30.

A mysterious message from Calvor of Drem (FH 128-130).

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Eleventh: A Timely Arrival

Khaavren reports to His Majesty (FH 131-134).

Khaavren investigates the site of the pavilion dedication ceremony; The timely arrival of Aerich and Tazendra saves Khaavren from assassination (FH 134-137).

Examining the body of the assassin; into the Underside (FH 137-139).

Catching up with old friends (FH 139-142).

Sethra & Aliera avoid coming to blows due to a librarian ("only yester-day", FH 166).

Aliera and the Baker (FH 231-232). [Presumably, this happens on her way to or from a break from her forensics work with Sethra.]

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Twelfth: Social Unrest

'Riots' versus 'uprisings' (FH 143).

Khaavren and friends encounter the riot; word sent to the Palace; Guardsmen rescued (FH 143-146).

p.144: "Aerich did not, but those who have read our previous history will understand that he had no need of such toys." In fact, Aerich usually did use a sword in combat, only disdaining to do so when facing Count Shalte in chapter 30.

The rescued Guardsmen report the beginnings of the riot (FH 146-147).

Laral reports to Greycat of Chalar's failure, and her own lack of success so far; Grita retreats to safety (FH 147-149).

The Consort is jealous of Aliera (FH 149-150).

p.149: "It has been two days ... since [Aliera] has appeared"; Aliera arrived on the 11th, it is still (just barely) the 13th.

A Guard comes to take Noima to safety (FH 150-151).

BMV-3, day ~117 (13th day of Vallista)

Breathing exercise ("Four days", BMV 178).

Traanzo leaves Dragaera City ("a matter of days", date approximate, BMV 261).

FH, day 6 (14th of Vallista)

Raf is no longer able to buy flour for his pastries ("For the last three days", FH 365).

His majesty waits impatiently for news (FH 152-153).

Report on the riot (FH 153-157).

On satiric pamphlets (FH 157-158).

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Thirteenth: Khaavren's Day Off

Khaavren returns home to friends, and bed (FH 159-161).

Khaavren decides to rest for the day (FH 161).

A quiet morning with friends; news of the court (FH 161-163).

p.162: "As I told Pel a week ago"; back on day 1, so exactly 5 days ago.

p.163: "Well, they have been executing intendants." As revealed in the following chapter (FH 171), Khaavren is exaggerating -- or projecting.

Khaavren is visited by Aliera and Sethra; they report their findings (FH 163-166).

Aliera receives an urgent pyschic communication (FH 166-167).

p.167: "have you forgotten the famous disk he left behind?" see The Phoenix Guards, chapters 21 and 34

Sethra is sure the assassin was a Jhereg sorceror; Khaavren summoned to the palace (FH 168-169).

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Fourteenth: An Arrest

On trivialty in history (FH 170).

Khaavren receives an order to arrest Countess Bellor; he seeks an explanation (FH 171-172).

p.171: "Imperial matters were transacted at supper for the second time within a week"; in fact, it was only yesterday that Khaavren last had cause to interrupt His Majesty's supper, at the beginning of chapter 11.

Bellor arrested (FH 172-175).

Bellor tries to understand why she has been arrested; Khaavren considers her theory, and decides he needs Pel's advice (FH 175-179).

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Fifteenth: Galstan Becomes Pel

Aliera causes a scandal due to her rooms being searched (FH 180-182).

Khaavren decides not to duck his duty; strangely, an arrest is not ordered (FH 182-184).

Khaavren seks out Pel, who resumes his old appearance (FH 184-187).

Pel sheds a little light on the mysteries, and offers to help investigate; disturbing pamphlets (FH 188-191).

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Sixteenth: A Busy Night

Seeds of large events (FH 192).

Greycat, Laral, and Dunaan discuss recent events, and Greycat's plan to achieve a position at court; Laral to kill Khaavren and investigate Adron; Dunaan to find an expendable assassin (FH 192-195).

Discussion of how genuine the riot was (FH 195-196).

Grita is also worried about the civil unrest; she is sent to stay near Adron (FH 196-197).

Who is Greycat? (FH 197-198).

p.198: "Greycat has not and will not appear anywhere in these pages under another guise." Somewhat disingenuous, see chapter 32.

[Various members of rec.arts.sf.written, notably Elio M. Garica, Jr., have speculated that Greycat's presence in this story is a romanticization of some facts that Paarfi may have had only incompletely; and that his child, Grita, is a fictional stand-in for Mellar, from Jhereg.]

Adron is angry (FH 198-199).

Considering how His Majesty knew to search Aliera' rooms, and why she has not been arrested; Jurabin's involvement suspected (FH 200-202).

Should Khaavren be consulted? No, but Jurabin should be questioned. Tazendra to return to Khaavren's house (FH 202-204).

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Seventeenth: Small Purple Stones

On small purple stones (FH 205-206).

Adron's use of Chaos stones (FH 206-207).

p.206: "Adron ... had devoted more than four hundred years of his life to the study of this illegal and dangerous science"; actually more than five hundred, since Paarfi claims in The Phoenix Guards, chapter 24, that "he was even then beginning to make use of the infamous blue stones which would allow him, five hundred years later, to harness the power that destroyed the Empire and replaced Dragaera City with the Lesser Sea of Flux."

p.207: "Tortaalik's mismanagement of the White Goblet affair"; see notes on The Affair of the White Goblets and the Second Dragon-Jhereg War.

p.207: "the debacle along the coast that had left an entire district, and one critical to Imperial trade, without a liege" Possibly a reference to The Whitecrest Uprising, or the most recent war with Elde, or perhaps something else entirely.

BMV-3, day ~118 (14th day of Vallista)

Pacing ("Three days", BMV 178).

FH, day 7 (15th of Vallista)

A clothing mill near the canal is shut down ("two days before", FH 390).

Morning activities of various folk (FH 207-208).

Tazendra visits Khaavren at his office, and dutifully attempts to not say things she shouldn't (FH 208-212).

Pel visits Khaavren; the consort had Aliera's room searched (FH 212-213).

Khaavren overhears Daro arguing with the consort over her treatment of Aliera (FH 213-216).

Khaavren courts Daro; On soldiers and love (FH 216-219).

What else is happening at this moment?; Daro is actually a Tiassa (FH 219-220).

p.219: "a week and a day nearly to the minute from when we opened this history"; likely a translation error -- it has been a week and 2 days since this story began.

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Eighteenth: The Captain in Demand

History versus literature (FH 223-224).

Sethra and Aliera consider what they have learned from Jurabin (FH 224-225).

Tazendra visits Pel; they decide to consult Khaavren (FH 225-229).

Consort and Emperor argue about Aliera (FH 229-233).

p.231: "Two days ago", that is on day 5, the 13th of Vallista.

A message from Adron angers Tortaalik; Khaavren summoned (FH 233-235).

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Nineteenth: A Dragon, a Lyorn, and Two Jhereg

Aerich and Adron share a meal, and a discussion about ethics (FH 236-239).

The Silver Shadow described (FH 239-240).

Clover, Newhouse, and Jaan discuss politics (FH 240-242).

Dunaan hires Mario to kill the Emperor (FH 242-245).

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Twentieth: Translations

"It was still the middle of the afternoon" (FH 246).

Daro to visit Khaavren's home; Srahi interprets Khavren's note (FH 246-247).

Tortaalik orders Khaavren to arrest Adron; Khaavren interprets the nuances and considers his course of action (FH 247-249).

Pel and Tazendra find Khaavren and consult about the assassin; he indirectly informs them of Adron's impending arrest (FH 249-251).

p.250: "Two days ago? ... Is that all it was?" The second assassin did indeed attack Khaavren 2 days ago; the first one was 6 days ago.

Aliera and Sethra ask Khaavren if he has order to arrest... Aliera (FH 251-253).

Aliera and Sethra argue again; Pel tells them of Khaavren's mission (FH 253-255).

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Twenty-first: Khaavren's Mission

Khaavren rides fast to Adron's camp; he is denied entrance, and fights (FH 256-260).

Khaavren is rescued by Daro; musical analogies; Daro's history (FH 260-265).

Khaavren advises Lord Vernoi to get the pregnant Princess Loudin out of the city at once (FH 265-267).

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Twenty-second: Various Treatments

Khaavren reports his failure to Tortaalik, eats, passes out (FH 268-272).

Tazendra & Pel have investigated the assassins, and hurry to the palace (FH 272-274).

Mica treats Srahi to an expensive dinner; she inadvertently threw out his bar-stool (FH 274-276).

On the changes in His Majesty's character (FH 276-277).

Character sketch: Rollondar e'Drien (FH 277-278).

Rollondar and Jurabin advise His Majesty (FH 278-280).

Character sketch: Navier (FH 281).

Tortaalik checks on Khaavren's condition; Khaavren sent home to recover (FH 281-282).

Rollandar sends a message to his wife, sending her out of the city (FH 282).

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Twenty-third: Heroic Repetitions

On repetition in various domains (FH 283).

Laral attacks Khaavren, but is interrupted by Srahi and Mica, then Daro; Mica and Daro badly wounded, but Tazendra and Pel arrive in the nick of time (FH 283-289).

Tending the wounded; many questions (FH 289-293).

His Majesty realizes how romance has been impacting court intrigue (FH 293-295).

BMV-3, day ~119 (15th day of Vallista)

Childhood songs ("Two days", BMV 178).

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Twenty-fourth: Philosophy and Conquest

FH, day 8 (16th of Vallista)

Breakfast with Aerich, Adron, Aliera, and Sethra; discussion of the forthcoming battle (FH 296-298).

Sethra has a plan to avoid the battle; Aliera accompanies her (FH 298-300).

p.299: "His Majesty--" / "Knows that I am Captain of the Lavodes." An interesting statement. Sethra is certainly the de facto Captain, but has she formally claimed that captaincy with the recent death of Gyorg Lavode? When Sethra refers to herself as Captain to Tortaalik (FH 315), no surprise is reported.

Adron explains himself to Aerich; circumstances under which he might use his spell (FH 300-304).

p.302: "the idea that such power could be a weapon even against the Orb only occurred to my thoughts when I learned of the insult His Majesty had offered my daughter." This is consistent with Paarfi's account; the insult is first mentiond in chapter 15, the Chaos Stones in chapter 17. On the other hand, Adron did bring a lot of Elder Sorcery equipment to Dragaera for someone who had no intention of using it.

Sethra and Aliera briefly discuss Adron's spell (FH 304-305).

The story of Flower Road (FH 305-306).

p.305: "in the Ninth Reign of the Issola"; about 113,000 BI.

Khaaven, after sleeping in, reports to Tortaalik on the state of the Guard and the people; he convinces Tortaalik to cancel the attack on Adron (FH 306-309).

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Twenty-fifth: Plans Are Revealed

Sethra proposes that Tortaalik abdicate; Tortaalik, furious, considers whether to arrest her and Aliera; Lavodes gather outside (FH 310-316).

Dunaan reports that he has recruited an assassin, but Laral has been killed; Greycat asks Dunaan to kill Khaavren (FH 316-318).

Greycat explains his political plans to Dunaan; how to cause an alliance of Dragon, Dzur, and Jhereg (FH 318-323).

Grita is ashamed of Greycat; she may be able to arrange another riot, if it doesn't happen on its own first (FH 323-325).

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Twenty-sixth: Dzurlords

Pel is concerned about Khaavren; Tazendra accompanies him to the Palace (FH 326-329).

Pel and Aliera travel towards Khaavren (FH 329-330).

Sethra and Tazendra recall Gyorg Lavode (FH 330-332).

p.332: "he said to me things a Dzurlord would not ordinarily tell someone of another House." While no doubt strictly true, this statement does not rule out Sethra's actually being a Dzur. Her House (if any) is a matter of some mystery.

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Twenty-seventh: Regicide

Mario gains entrance to the Palace disguised as a peasant (FH 333-335).

Mario makes his way to the Portrait Room and prepares (FH 335-336).

Placement of various characters (FH 336-338).

Aliera and Pel run into Khaavren and decide to hang out; Jurabin startled, then questioned by Pel; a love spell suspected (FH 338-343).

p.338: "the walls [of the Seven Room], as I have learned, are sufficiently thin that no secrets ought to be told"; see chapter 2. Intriguingly, in The Phoenix Guards, we find His Majesty unburdening himself to his Discreet in this insecure room!

p.342: "Could he be the victim of a love-spell?" It is curious that there is no talk of examining Jurabin himself for evidence os sorcerous tampering. Perhaps Paarfi thought that this would slow the pacing too much, and elided it.

p.342: "Sethra told me so." It would be most unlike Sethra to have spoken on this subject to Aliera after Adron began his rebellion. It most likely came up during their earlier forensic investigations. Perhaps Aliera remarked that if even so skilled a sorcerer as Gyorg Lavode could be killed inside the Palace itself, that even the Emperor must fear assassins, or something along those lines, prompting Sethra to lecture on the Emperor's defenses.

Sethra examines the Orb and lectures about its defenses (FH 343-345).

Mario detected; his spell revealed to be a memory-destroyer; Mario bolts (FH 345-347).

Mario flees through the Palace, pursued by Khaavren and the Guard (FH 347-348)

Mario meets Aliera; they each find the other beautiful (FH 348-351).

[A fellow named Erik ( made an interesting speculation: "Consider, perhaps, that the hour that Mario spent with Aliera in /Five Hundred Years After/ caused Aliera to become pregnant. When Aliera was thrown in spirit from the Disaster and trapped as a disembodied soul for hundreds of years, what would have happened to any unborn child she carried? Maybe Aliera's daughter is simply hanging around in the Paths of the Dead, waiting for her mother to get pregnant again so she can come back."]

Khaavren searches for Mario; Aliera arrested (FH 351-352).

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Twenty-eighth: The Eve of Crisis

Rumors of battle in Adron's camp (FH 353).

Adron receives word of Aliera's arrest, and decided to attack; Aerich leaves him (FH 353-355).

Fawnd tells Mica and Srahi to pack (FH 355-358). He fetches a coach, with great difficulty (FH 37s0).

Tazendra sharpens her sword (FH 358).

Khaavren delivers Aliera to prison (FH 358-359).

Khaavren discovers that a swarm of refugees is fleeing the city; he can think of no good response (FH 359-360).

Khaavren does the rounds with Tortaalik; news of Adron; Khaavren reminded to arrest him (FH 361-362).

Aerich reports to Khaavren (FH 363).

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Twenty-ninth: An Assassin or Two

Raf the pastry vendor is ruined (FH 364-365).

Dunaan attacks Khaavren, but is poisoned by Mario (FH 365-368).

p.367: "for I knew you intended to do so"; How exactly Mario discovered this is a minor puzzlement.

Khaavren and Mario converse (FH 368-369).

p.369: "beginning the day after that, I will bend all of my efforts to tracking you down." Khaavren does not keep to this proposed schedule, which, under the circumstances, is understandable.

Khaavren propses that Daro depart (FH 370-373).

Mario is inspired to seek out a sorceress; they discuss the power to do nothing (FH 373-377).

BMV-3, day ~120 (16th day of Vallista)

Trembling ("One day", BMV 178).

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Fifteenth, In Which the Author Discusses the Problem of Travel in Historical Narrative

(second part)

BMV-3, day ~120 (16th day of Vallista)

Ivaacim; renting a boat (BMV 204-209). ["late in the day", BMV 204.]

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Thirtieth: Dawn of Battle

FH, day 9 (17th of Vallista)

Weather conditions; the state of the city that morning (FH 378-379).

Rollondar and Nyleth disscuss battle plans (FH 379-380).

Greycat waits; Grita brings news of Dunaan's fate; Greycat plans to attack Khaavren personally with Grita and his brigands (FH 380-382).

Sethra discusses the disposition of the Lavodes; they decide to attack Adron, though without Sethra (FH 382-384).

The Lavodes report to Rollondar; they are to escort Nyleth to Adron's spell-wagon (FH 384-385)

Adron addresses his officers; he thinks there is little danger (FH 385-387).

Tazendra, Pel, Aerich, and Khaavren share morning klava; they decide to attempt Adron's arrest in the midst of battle (FH 387-390).

Underside urchins kill a guardsman, guardsmen chase, riot ensues (FH 390-391).

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Thirty-first: Uprisings

On the nature of rapid shifts in public opinion, and subsequent uprisings; causes of The Uprising; how it played out (FH 392-396).

Mario enters the Palace, disguised as a Guard (FH 396-398).

Mario gains entrance to Aliera's cell (FH 398-399).

Khaavren and friends head for the Gate of Seven Flags (FH 399-403).

Greycat and his band have lost Khaavren; they make their own way through the Gate of Seven Flags (FH 403-405).

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Thirty-second: Khaavren and Greycat

On the difference between battle-wagons and spell-wagons (FH 406-407).

The Imperial forces lack intelligence; Rollondar decides to attack (FH 407-409).

Khaavren sees a route to the spell-wagon (FH 409-410).

Greycat interrupts our friends; Garland revealed (FH 410-412).

p.410: "It seems to me I know that name." See The Phoenix Guards, especially chapters 30 and 34.

Five-to-one odds (FH 412-416).

Grita's parentage; she departs (FH 416-417).

p.416: "Who is your mother?" chapter 25 has some strong implications about that subject.

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Thirty-third: Again, Regicide

Messengers approach His Majesty (FH 418).

The Lavodes move towards the spell-wagon (FH 418-419).

Khaavren and company approach the spell-wagon stealthily (FH 419-420).

Khaavren arrests Adron; Adron's spell is in process and unstoppable (FH 421).

The messengers report; Aliera has escaped (FH 421-422).

Mario's grey mist; Tortaalik killed (FH 422-423).

[Note that Aliera's recounting of these events in Jhereg (Jr 41, 166-167) is almost certainly incorrect in major ways. For more details, see the entry for ~440 BI, above.]

Adron's spell begins to take effect; Aliera attempts to claim the Orb for Adron, unsuccessfully; last-minute rescue attempts (FH 424-427).

p.426: "You," said Tazendra, startled "are now the very Emperor that your spell is attempting to win control away from in order to give it to you. How peculiar." Tazendra (and Adron's) understanding of what is going on is almost certainly mistaken. The Cycle has not actually turned, so Adron is not truly Emperor.

Five Hundred Years After, Chapter the Thirty-fourth: Adron's Disaster

This book is not a history of Adron's Disaster; the capitol destroyed; judgment of Adron's character (FH 428-429).

The Orb is transported to the Paths of the Dead (Tt 146; FH 429, 432; PD 210-211). [With Sethra's help? The two accounts are not in agreement.]

Sethra teleports Aliera and Mario away, albeit imperfectly; On teleportation (FH 429-430).

The Disaster spreads quickly; love amidst death (FH 431-433).

p.431: "Molric e'Drien ... would never meet his brother." Probably a reference to Morrolan; see notes on Morrolan's birth under Miscellaneous undated events during the Interregnum, below.

p.432: "Sethra herself thought for many years that [Aliera's soul] had never escaped the fall". Sethra learned otherwise in early 239 PI, shortly before the events of Taltos.

p.432: "It is not impossible that the belief that she had failed accounts for Sethra's vanishing from human intercourse, if, indeed, she has not met her fate in some awful battle or tragic mischance." (See also the reference to Sethra's disappearance on page 430.) This is an extremely curious. The implication is that Sethra Lavode has not been seen in public since some time before Aliera's soul was recovered. This may be true, if one is willing to accept a sufficiently narrow definition of "human intercourse". She does command an army in the field during Dragon, which one could, perhaps, call a private affair. Despite her friendliness to Vlad and a few others, she does appear to be leading a very private life.

p.433: "It is believed by many... that [Mario] still lives... always searching for the one woman he ever loved, Aliera e'Kieron". Another odd statement. Aliera (as opposed to Sethra) is a very public figure, getting into duels all the time and such. So why would Mario need to search for her? Has Paarfi's romanticism gotten the better of him? Alternatively, perhaps this section of text was a hastily (and poorly) edited copy of some text that Paarfi wrote many decades earlier, before Aliera's 'return' (presumably as part of Toward Beginning a Survey of Some Events Contributing To the Fall of Empire, PG xiii). As a point of interest, Vlad doesn't know of Mario's active presence in the world as of Orca, chapter 9.

Leareth/Mellar's parents apparently die in the Disaster (Jr 179).

The gods halt the growth of the Lesser Sea by use of the Greater (Is 204).

Mario disappears? There are many references to him being hard to find and/or out of touch (O 156, FH 433, others).

Presumably, enough (all?) of the Lavodes die in the Disaster that the organization no longer exists afterwards (PG 49).

The Disaster causes huge "breakwaves" at sea (P 23).

Strong tremors in the Kanefthali region; Skinter e'Terics' cousin dies, as does the Duchess of Kâna (PD 48).

Vernoi (Zerika's father) dies "in Adron's Disaster" (PD 113).

Uttrik dies ("he was in Dragaera at the time of the Disaster", PD 114).

Grita escapes (FH 439; PD 219).

Five Hundred Years After, Conclusion

Aerich wakes at Brachington's Moor, with Khaavren, Pel, and Tazendra; estate business; Khaavren is ill (FH 434-436).

p.434: "several hours after the events we have just related". Was this early example of teleportation not instantaneous? Or, rather, did the people teleported suffer some shock during transit and lose consciousness for some time? Or both, of course...

BMV-3, day ~121 (17th day of Vallista)

"something entirely unexpected" ("the next morning", BMV 178).

p.209: "in the capital city, more than two thousands of miles to the southeast, it was just past the eleventh hour after midnight on the 17th day of the month of the Vallista in the 532nd year of the reign of his Imperial Majesty, Tortaalik the Third." This is, of course, the time of Adron's disaster.

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Sixteenth, In Which Something Unexpected Has Happened

something new is happening (BMV 210-212).

Eremit departs at night (BMV 213-217).

p.213: "crisp with the autumn". This is the 8th day of Fall.

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Seventeenth, In Which Livosha and Kefaan Explore the Island

Exploring the island (BMV 218-224).

Disagreements with the director (BMV 225-229).

Escape forestalled (BMV 230-233).

p.230 "they preserved their energy, as it happened, for a long time". Long enough for Eremit to take their boat, but still that same night.

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Eighteenth, In Which Livosha and Kefaan, Having Explored the Island to their Heart’s Content, Would Now Prefer to Leave

BMV-3, day ~122 (1st day of Jhereg)

["dawn is coming", BMV 140]

Further escape attempts (BMV 237-243).

News of Eremit (BMV 244-246).

The director of the Burning Island sets out for Adrilankha with 8 men (BMV 262, date very approximate).

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Twenty-first, In Which It Is Shown That, if All Roads Do Not Lead to Adrilankha, At Least Many Do

(first part)

Back ashore (BMV 274-275).

FH, day 10-11 (1st and 2nd of Jhereg)

Doubts (FH 436).

BMV-3, day ~123 (2nd day of Jhereg)

["the next morning", BMV 275]

Seeking Eremit (BMV 275-277).

FH, day 12 (3rd of Jhereg)

Fawnd, Srahi, and Mica arrive; On family; reports of catastrophe; Daro arrives (FH 436-438).

On the beginning of the Interregnum and the end of this tale (FH 439).

Five Hundred Years After, About the Author

There are no specifically Timeline-related comments here, but see the related essay "Narration Times".

BMV-3, day ~124 (3rd day of Jhereg)

Shoes found ("On the second day", BMV 277).

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Nineteenth, In Which We Visit the Valley of Dust and Learn Why it Can No Longer be Found, at Least Under that Name

(first part)

BMV-3, day ~127 (6th day of Jhereg)

["six days after", BMV 247]

Bandits receive a visitor (BMV 247-249).

The cave of the valley of dust (BMV 250-254).

Dust begins a period of recovery and practice (BMV 357). Duration unspecified; since it happened on another world, the rate of time passage may even have been different!

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Twenty-first, In Which It Is Shown That, if All Roads Do Not Lead to Adrilankha, At Least Many Do

(second part)

BMV-3, day ~128 (7th day of Jhereg)

Livosha meets bandits (BMV 277-280).

[Date for this scene is a little uncertain. Alishka, speaking two years later, describes it as happening "only a day after" Dust left (BMV 258). Jerin reports overhearing a bandit describing Dust being there "Earlier to-day" (BMV 278). Neither source seems authoritative.]

p.277: "perhaps seven hundred years of age". Eremit is about 705 years old.

??? I
Miscellaneous undated events during the Interregnum.

The Demon extends the practice of selling Jhereg titles to Easterners (Jr 23).

Sethra somehow rescues Zerika (Tt 146). [Perhaps more accurately, she rescues Zerika's mother? Or, more likely, Morrolan is confused about the timing of these events.]

Zerika born. (Vlad claims in Yendi, chapter 6, that she is "three or four hundred" (Y 63), but he's rarely accurate outside of his own life-span.). "Sethra had something to do with it" (Tt 146). In Phoenix, Vlad claims that she "survived Adron's Disaster" (P 152), but this is either a mistake or a non-standard use of the word "survived". Zerika is "Two hundred and forty or two hundred and fifty" as of 246 I (PD 86).

Loudin (Zerika's mother) was said to have died either in childbirth (Y 64) or "in the Disaster" (Tt 146). Paarfi suggests that she died of plague "scarcely ... a year" after Zerika's birth (PD 113), but then renders that less certain by having Zerika say "she hardly survived my birth, although whether it was childbirth that took her, or plague, or brigands, or some other cause entirely, I don't know" (PD 254).

Sethra Lavode arranges fosterage for Zerika (PD 254).

Sethra creates illusions to convince the Jenoine that Dragaera is still being protected by the Orb (LCB 147).

Earthquakes, volcanoes and tornadoes (P 161).

The Sorceress in Green and Sethra the Younger temporarily abandon their plans to manipulate the Empire into invading the East (Y 205).

Plagues (Jr 23, PD 89-90, 113).

Eastern Invasions (Jr 23, P 116). Leareth/Mellar "hides out" during these (Jr 179).

Many Easterners arrive in Adrilankha in an Exodus (P 181, PD 289). They occupy the recently(?) burnt-out Six Corners section of South Adrilankha (Dz 53-54).

Only three members of the pre-Interregnum Council survived the Disaster and its aftermath, but there may have been new members added during the Interregnum. The Jhereg Organization suffers greatly, and is not very (or at all?) profitable during the Interregnum (Jr 23).

Morrolan born "around the time of Adron's Disaster" (Is 104), grows up in the East (Jr 79), unaware he is a Dragaeran (Is 104). Presumably his parents (who "didn't survive") were refugees fleeing the general social chaos of the time. His mother was Adron's youngest sister. (Tt 144). His father was Rollondar e'Drien (PD 81). There is some implication that Molric e'Drien was his elder brother ("he would never meet his brother" FH 431); although Morrolan describes himself as "eldest son" (Tt 144) this could easily be ascribed to a translation error, perhaps for "eldest living son". [Does Morrolan have any other living siblings?]

Leareth/Mellar infects, then saves Lord Onarr's wife (Jr 181).

According to the Athyra Broinn, sorcery skill develops in the absence of the Orb (P 86).

Rascha sees action against Easterners as a marine ("during the Interregnum", Dn 131).

The Jenoine launch some sort of attack (Is 82).

Teldra born about the same time Morrolan is ("I was... much the same age", Is 105; "after the Disaster", LCB 154).

Lord Ibron dies of plague before seeing his daughter (PD 154).

Tazendra travels to Dzur Mountain and becomes a Lavode (PD 180; "some years ago", PD 321-322).

Larkspur Manor rebuilt (PD 232).

Tevna disbelieves a vision (PD 268-269).

Kieron's Watch collapses ("the Interregnum", Y 40; "a few hundred years ago", Tt 50; "during the Interregnum", Tt 146 and H 230; "with the Interregnum", PD 111; "at the time of Adron's Disaster", PD 289).

Morrolan becomes an "experienced rider" (PD 298). Before he started studying witchcraft?

Khaavren learns to predict storms at sea (LCB 31).

Army of the Three Spears disbands (LCB 73).

Fentor serves under a warlord, sharpening his skills and gaining some combat command experience (LCB 73).

Dortmond(?) soldiers, presumably for several armies (LCB 319).

Khaavren's father dies (SL 331).

Cialdi becomes Superintendent of Investigations for the Adrilankha Police ("as far back as the Interregnum", Ti 278-279).

Elde Island pirates vanish due to Dragaeran competition ("with the Interregnum", BMV 98, but see note at 617 I).

The Favin Canal stops operating (sometime after 20 I, "during the Interregnum", BMV 288).

"the nine-hour battle between the Lamplighter and the Emperor’s Arse

Hadrice joins Count Dorin (BMV 270).

Miscellaneous events which might be placed before, during, or after the Interregnum.

Kragar kicked out of House Dragon after unsuccsessful battles (Jr 129).

Kragar has a son, Deregar, who he raises in the Jhereg (H 256). Note that we don't know whether the son was conceived or born before or after Kragar's leaving House Dragon.

Kiera and Aliera have met (Jr 204).

Bölk is stronger than Faerie (BP 13).

Gellért I of Fenario erects a statue of a táltos bull (BP 22).

Fenario wars with the Northmen ("Many, many, years ago--hundreds of years ago", BP 129-130).

Bölk & Verra allied (BP 212).

Aliera has met Kragar (Y 90).

Loraan discovers how to temporarily preserve the last thoughts of the dying (Tt 37).

Kragar works with Sticks for Dofer (V 103-104).

Kragar works with Sticks for Toronnan (V 104-105).

Kragar starts working for Nielar (Tt 86).

Heir to the throne of Greenaere born ("looked like he couldn't be more than two or three hundred", P 216).

War of the Barons (P 90).

The noted Teckla composer G'hair of Clyferns composes the Nine-Hour SYmphony of the Model Sevens (PG 170).

A Serioli tribe moves away from the Bigcliff area ("a few hundred years ago" as of Athyra, A 62)

Khaavren's Spsecial Tasks Group prevents a letter from reaching the Imperial Palace during "the Berdoign business" (O 233).

Waitman gets an Imperial title for his deeds at the Stand at Spinning Lake (O 181).

Kragar meets Daymar ("some years ago", Dn 37), and has reason to find him trustworthy (Jr 42).

The Wars for Indepence in the Mountain States (Dn 52).

Baritt stands off armies on his own (Dn 92).

Baritt defies the Imperium and "made it stick" (Dn 92).

Virt involved in a battle at Kipper Bay, which involved an inferior force deciding to charge (Dn 266).

Baritt hides Pathfinder inside a Morganti greatsword (Dn 283).

Sethra Lavode is offered godhood (Is 35).

Ustav of Leramont is bored in Blackchapel (PD 29).

Sethra the Younger at the Third Battle of Hartstongue Wash (PD 205).

"the incident that gave inspiation to the popular ballad "Lord Stonewright's Revenge"" (PD 297). It would seem to involve a man chasing a horse over a long distance.

The Warlock begins seeking his name ("since I was twelve", PD 300). He journeys to Faerie (PD 300), specifically Adrilankha (PD 302).

The Warlock gains a "standing invitation" to the Halls of Judgment (V 140).

The Warlock has a "personal history" with torture, and swears off it (V 144).

"Reega before the onslaught at the gates of Thuvin" (PD 385).

Lord Kuinu says "By all the Lords of Judgement, it is proved at last" (LCB 113).

Deo says "Welcome, my lady, to my home" (LCB 113).

Loraan is trained by his uncle, the Marquis of Blackvine, and acquires interest in necromancy (LCB 312).

On at least three occasions, "the wielder of a Great Weapon had his soul taken by a Morganti weapon" (Dz 80).

Athyra attempt (multiple times) to infiltrate the Left Hand of the Jhereg (Dz 82).

An unnamed Duke persecutes poachers in what becomes known as The Forbidden Forest (Dz 86).

The Left Hand of the Jhereg occasionally shares Imperial contacts with the Right Hand. Also, they are occasionally prosecuted for possession of illegal artifacts (Dz 168).

The Shay Market Slaughter is part of the history of the Jhereg (Dz 168).

Sethra hears something about Crithnak (Dz 175).

Meatpacking becomes big business in Adrilankha, leading to changes in legal statutes (Ir 221-222).

After tin is discovered in Korlaph, the Count goes on a statute rampage (Ir 222).

Kiera tries to steal two things at once; it doesn't work (Ir 263-264).

Mafenyi spends "years and years" (Ti 23) creating the silver tiassa.

Devera gives the tiassa to the Athyra Chuvin, a psiprint artist (Ti 24). Date unknown.

Chuvin loses the silver tiassa (Ti 24). Date unknown.

Devera finds the silver tiassa in the possession of a Lyorn sculptor, Pindua (Ti 24-25). Date unknown.

The woman later known as Litra moves to Adrilankha. "five hundred years ago" (H 86).

Illitra and Radfall meet and fall out over the murder of children (H 279).

Vlad has an incarnation as an Athyra carver (V 107-109).

The Baron of Magister Valley

(fourth section)

~0 I

Dust helps with manor construction (date approximate, BMV 257).

Berwick acquires the Wriggling Dolphin (date highly speculative, BMV 340).

~1 I

Dust has his own manor built (date approximate, BMV 257).

Dust purchases "good wine land" "near Lake Chen" (date speculative, BMV 370).

~2 I

["Some two years after", BMV 254]

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Twenty-first, In Which It Is Shown That, if All Roads Do Not Lead to Adrilankha, At Least Many Do

(third part)

Livosha and company in Rockwell (BMV 280-281).

["a year and a half later", BMV 280. Hence, late in 1 I or early in 2 I.]

~4 I

Skinter e'Terics completes his conquest of Kâna "within the first few years after the disaster" (PD 49).

Belly and Iatha join Wadre's band ("shortly after the Disaster", dating approximate, SL 48).

Zhayin's son born ("early in the Interregnum", V 80).

Captain Sheen settles in Icolev ("some four years after the fall of the Empire", BMV 332).

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Nineteenth, In Which We Visit the Valley of Dust and Learn Why it Can No Longer be Found, at Least Under that Name

(second part)

Bandits are visited again (BMV 254-260).

p.258: "now she would have guessed that he could not be older than a thousand years, perhaps younger." Eremit is about 727 years old.

p.259: "what happened there some six hundreds of years ago." That is, when Berwick's conspiracy destroyed Eremet and Livosha's families.

The director and his men stay in Markingstone (date approximate, BMV 262).

~6 I

The director and his mean leave Markingstone (date approximate, BMV 262).

~8 I

The director and his mean stay in Nuresit (date approximate, BMV 262).

~10 I

A balance evolves between trade and piracy (""seems to have been well in place by the tenth year after the fall of the Empire", BMV 331).

Dust identifies Lord Traanzo's significance ("for some time", BMV 356, date highly approximate. While this is well beforee he receives Alishka's report, presumably he is investigating via other channels as well.)

Nef falls to his death (BMV 376, dating highly speculative).

~12 I

The director and his mean leave Nuresit (date approximate, BMV 262).

Liniace goes East (BMV 376, dating highly speculative).

15 I

["Some fourteen or fifteen years after", BMV 261; "fifteen years ago", BMV 262].

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Twentieth, In Which We Return to Those Unsavory or Unpleasant Persons We Saw Before, Who Now Have Their Own Problems

The director reports (BMV 261-264).

16 I

Countess Daro returns to Adrilankha. She has been "in the Duchies" (BMV 290), presumably for an extended stay (possibly to avoid a plague outbreak?).

[This is described as "lately" (BMV 290) in 20 I, and as "ten years" before 24 I, so 16 I seemed a good compromise.]

18 I

["some eighteen years after [...] three years after", BMV 264; "eighteen years ago", BMV 266]

A refugee from the Burning Island arrives in Kartro (BMV 266).

Berwick's concerns; relayed to Dorindom (BMV 264-270).

p.264: "more than six hundred years before". By my calculations, 628.

p.264: "some twenty years ago". Technically 18, referring to the fall of the Empire.

19 I

["nearly a year", BMV 271]

Hadrice reports to Traanzo (BMV 271-273).

p.272: "Six hundred years ago". By my calculations, 649.

~20 I

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Third: A Possible Emperor

Habil convinces Kâna to try to become Emperor "scarcely twenty years after the Disaster" (PD 49-53).

[Chapter 4 is at 229 I.]

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Twenty-first, In Which It Is Shown That, if All Roads Do Not Lead to Adrilankha, At Least Many Do

(fourth part)

BMV-4, day 1 (spring?)

Kefaan reports (281-285).

[Paarfi says this is "some twenty years after their arrival" (BMV 281), which suggests 20 or 21 I. Kefaan reports that the director was released after "five years" (BMV 283), suggesting 20 I. Further, it seems like this cannot be a great deal of time after the final scene of chapter 20 (the director was released "eleven days ago" (BMV 284), albeit after an unknown amount of time being questioned by Hadrice), indicating 19 or 20 I. Yet again, in a scene about 49 days after this one, Paarfi uses the phrase "in the last twenty years" in reference to the events aaround the Disaster (BMV 296).]

BMV-4, day 2

Picking up clothes ("by to-morrow morning", "the next day", BMV 285).

It should be noted here (though Paarfi does not) that Livosha and Kefaan haave left Jerin behind. Presumably, Jerin continues working as a groom in Rockwell until contacted by Eremit (BMV 384) approximately a year from now.

BMV-4, day 2-~30

Traveling to Adrilankha (BMV 285).

[The journey to Adrilankha probably took about 42 days. The first leg, on horseback is explicitly stated to be 300 miles; at an average 50 miles a day, 6 days. The second leg is by barge downriver, and I estimate from Bryan Newell's maps about 660 miles. While pre-restoration ship travel is normally estimated about 120 miles/day, for a working ship like a barge which may make frequent stops, I'm estimating half of that, or 60 miles/day; hence about 11 days on the barge. The last leg is by fishing boat, which again I estimate at 60 miles/day. The sea distance from the river mouth to Adrilankha also seems to be about 650 miles, for another 11 days.]

BMV-4, day ~30 (late spring?)

Arrival in Adrilankha (BMV 286).

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Twenty-second, In Which Livosha, Though Unaware of Doing So, Asserts Causality and Certain Other Philosophical Principles

BMV-4, day ~33

["three days later", BMV 287]

Aquiring jobs (BMV 287-291).

BMV-4, day 35

["The first such meeting", BMV 291; "every alternate day", BMV 297]

Recognition and Friendship (BMV 291-297).

20 I - summer-winter

Dust identifies Livosha ("shortly after you began working for [Traanzo]", BMV 356, date approximate.)

Livosha and Kefaan continue to gather information.

20 I - winter

["a winter day", BMV 297]

News of Eremit and of pirates (BMV 297-301).

[This could, in fact, be years later, in some subsequent winter.]

21 I - spring

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Twenty-third, In Which It Is Demonstrated that the Merchant Is the Connection Between the Bandit and the Pirate

[Paarfi describes this scene as happening "At roughly the same time as the events we have just had the honor to relate were occurring", BMV 302. "Roughly" gives us wiggle room, which is just as well. The way the timelines synch up in Chapter the Twenty-Sixth cause a slight problem. Dust hiring Nosaj must happen some time after meeting Keen at BMV-5 day 11. Dust/Eremit meeting Livosha happens at BMV-5 day 71 (and must obviously be after Dust hires Nosaj). Assuming all this was calculated correctly, the meeting between Dust and Nosaj must happen somewhere between BMV-5 days 13 and 71. Dust meets Berwick "nearly a month later" than meeting Nosaj, which is then "high summer" (BMV 337). Let's say that was the exact middle of summer, or yearday 109. Go back "nearly a month", and Dust must have met Nosaj around yearday 94 (early/mid-summer). Hence, Dust's meeting with Alishka could have happened (depending on when he meets Nosaj) could be anywhere from yearday 24 (early/mid spring) to 82 (very late spring). Since "the events we have just had the honor to relate" (BMV 302) were happening in "winter" (BMV 297), "roughly the same time" is off by about a season, and we are in Spring of 21 I.]

[Alishka refers to the time since she has seen Dust as "how many years? Seventeen? More?" and "nearly eighteen years ago" (BMV 303), both of which would seem to place the scene at 19 I. Given that the scene is lagely about Alishka's poor memory, I tend to think she is mistaken in her dates.]

BMV-5, day 1

Dust returns (BMV 302-306).

BMV-5, day 2

Departure for Northport ("To-morrow morning", BMV 306).

BMV-5, day 10

Arrival in Northport (BMV 307-309),

[Travel time to Northport: According to Bryan Newell's map, Dinshouse is only 50 miles from Magister Valley, so a single day by horse. Northport is about 800 miles from Dinshouse in a reeasonably straight line. Assuming Dust chartered a ship for reasonably fast travel (120 miles/day), that's just under 7 days. Total: 8 days.]

BMV-5, day 11

["The next morning", BMV 310]

Northport Jhereg (BMV 310-315).

p.308: "by some fluke, the breeze failed for them but not for us". Has Dust learned enough Elder Sorcery to use it to affect the weather, or was this just luck?

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Twenty-fourth, In Which Is Demonstrated the Theater Adage that Two on a Mark Means a Tangle of Limbs

(first part)

BMV-5, day 13

Loose lips (BMV 317).

[There is confusion about when this scene takes place. It is first described as "some ten or eleven days after Alishka and Dust took their departure on the way to Northport" (BMV 317). But the letter written at the end of the scene states "they left for Northport 12 days ago" (BMV 319). So we have a range from 10-12, and I am splitting the difference and calling it 11.]

BMV-5, day 35

Message reaches Adrilankha ("it took some twenty-two days", BMV 319).

[Travel between Dinshouse and Adrilankha by sea is a journey of about 4,800 miles, which would be expected to be about 40 days even by a fast ship. Hence, the message could not have made the entire journey by sea. Assume, therefore, that Traanzo has access to at least some sorcerers powerful enough to communicate psychically without the Orb, and that Hadrice's spy sent their message to one such sorceror, located somewhere closer to Northport than Adrilankha. If that sorceror were in Wetrock, about 2,000 miles away, then a journey of 22 days only requires the ship to make an average of 90 miles/day, well within plausibility.]

Livosha learns of Dust and of pirates (BMV 319-321).

[The meeting takes place "that evening" (BMV 319). This could be as little as 2 days after the end of chapter 22, and is probably not very long after.]

BMV-5, day 36

Sejan seeks protection from the Jhereg ("I think within a day", BMV 326)

Kefaan convinces Traanzo to arrest a forger, and tells Hadrice it is Sajen (BMV 328).

BMV-5, day 37

Arresting Sajen; Flight (BMV 321-329).

[While this scene is described as "the next day" (BMV 321), later in the same day Kefaan says of some intervening events "It was yester-day, Livosha. We were not to meet until to-day." (BMV 328), suggesting that 2 days have elapsed.]

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Twenty-sixth, In Which Livosha and Kefaan Attempt to Reach Northport

(first part)

On travel methods (BMV 343-345).

Leaving Adrilankha (BMV 345-347).

BMV-5, day ???

Dust learns that Livoshka and her brother have fled Adrilankha. Placed roughly here, since his hiring of Captains Sheen and Nosaj seem to have been motivated (at least immediately) largely to intercept them (inferred from BMV 359). Somewhere around this time, Dust also learns of Kitescu's indiscretion (BMV 362).

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Twenty-fifth, In Which the Author Says Two Words about Pirates

(first part)

BMV-5, day 46

[Backdated from BMV-5, day 58]

On pirates (BMV 330-331).

Dust meets Captain Sheen (BMV 332-335).

p.332: "several years after" [4 I]. I make it 17, which is stretching the word somewhat, but not impossible.

BMV-5, day 47

Leaving for Far Harbor ("to-morrow morning", BMV 335).

21 I - summer

BMV-5, day 58

Arrival in Far Harbor.

[The journey from Northport to Far Harbor seems to be on the order of 1,300 miles. At our usual estimate of average 120 miles/day, travel time is about 11 days. This accords with the text "in less than a month" (BMV 335).]

[As mentioned in the notes at Chapter the Twenty-Third, the meeting with Captain Nosaj has to take place between BMV-5 day 12 and BMV-5 day 71. The choice I've made is a bit arbitrary.]

Captain Nosaj (BMV 336-337).

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Twenty-sixth, In Which Livosha and Kefaan Attempt to Reach Northport

(second part)

BMV-5, day 71

["after thirty-four days", BMV 347]

Passage to Northport, interrupted (BMV 347-352).

[They are now "a day's sail" from Far Harbor. That means they've sailed (very roughly) 2,700 miles. Given a time of 34 days, that works out to almost exactly 80 miles a day. Significantly less than the time given for fast ships (120 miles/day), but a plausible speed for a ship that might be making stops along the way.]

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Twenty-seventh, In Which Dust, Livosha, Alishka, and the Author Discuss Vengeance

(first part)

Tending wounds (BMV 353-354).

BMV-5, day 71

[Clearly the next day, though not explicitly stated.]

Catching up withh old friends and new plans (BMV 354-359).

p.355: "[...] it has been a long time." By my count, 631 years.

p.359: "It will take considerable time to prepare [...] at least several years": By my calculations, only about 2.5 years. (Though there is a strong case to be made for !~16.5 years, see notes at chapter 28 (second part).

On vengeance (BMV 359-361).

p.359: "Ekrasan" is presumably the literary critic of the same name who lived in Eleventh Cycle, whom Paarfi has previously mentioned in The Paths of the Dead

BMV-5, day ~73

[Unclear exactly when this happens. The phrase "just making plans" (BMV 362) implies, very weakly, that this was soon after the previous scene.]

Adding Alishka (BMV 361-363).

p. 361: "some seven or eight hundred years". I calculate Livoshka's current age as 726.

BMV-5, day ~74

Dust, Livoshka and Aliska set out to put plans in motion ("the very next day", BMV 363). Presumably this includes the meeting with Berwick already recounted in chapter 25B

BMV-5, day ~82

[This scene is in White Harbor. If we assume that Dust went here directly after the previous scene (presumably still in Far Harbor), then the journey would take about 8 days. (Curiously, it works out almost identically by land and sea; boats are faster, but the land route is shorter.) This assumption is quite weak, however, so this dating is tentative.]

Dust recruits Vokra (BMV 363-366).

p.365: "I was eighty." Sadly, as we don't know Vokra's current age, this tells us little.

p.366: "You will not wait long." We don't have specific data as to how long this actually was.

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Twenty-fifth, In Which the Author Says Two Words about Pirates

(second part)

BMV-5, day 85

["nearly a month later", "high summer", BMV 337]

Daifan mets Berwick (BMV 337-342).

p.337: "the last six hundred years of prosperity". Technically, I make it 638 years, though one could quibble about when exactly the prosperity started.

p.340: "the loss of custom in the last six hundred years". This is somewhat puzzling. Berwick has personaly had "six hundred years of prosperity" (BMV 337). It would appear that trickle-down economics are no more true in Dragaera than in our world.

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Twenty-eighth, In Which An Argument Is Made That the Pirate and the Bandit Should Be Friends

(first part)

BMV-5, day 86

[The dating here is a guess, but there doesn't seem to be any reason why Dust would delay this step of the plan.]

Dust and Riffetra discuss the Wriggling Dolphin (BMV 369-371).

22 I

The Wriggling Dolphin reopens ("two years", BMV 397). (It presumably took Riffetra a while to get ready to reopen.)

23 I

Eremit approaches Jerin; Jerin begins working for (and spying upon) Ficora ("it has only been a year", BMV 384).

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Twenty-seventh, In Which Dust, Livosha, Alishka, and the Author Discuss Vengeance

(second part)

["We have been seeking you for three years", BMV 367.]

Livosha recruits Kelsama (BMV 366-368).

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Twenty-eighth, In Which An Argument Is Made That the Pirate and the Bandit Should Be Friends

(second part)

[It seems likely that this sequence of events is "several years" (BMV 359) since 21 I. Kefaan (Arin) fled Adrilankha "some two years ago" (BMV 400) in 21 I. Kelsama has been sought "for three years" (BMV 367, possibly since 21 I, but this could be based off of Dust starting to search for her before he reunited with Livosha).]

[There is a serious dating problem here, however. This sequence of events (BMV-6) includes a specific date which is given as "the thirty-eighth year after the fall of the Empire". And yet, all these events seem to take place not long after events which are said in many ways to be circa 20 I. I could insert approximately 14 years of time where not much happens, but I don't see any way to do it that isn't really awkward. So I considered an alternate possibility - what if that year was mis-translated? If the Dragaeran number was in base 10, but the translator thought it was in base 17, that would give us a year of 24 I, which fits neatly with all the other dates. If we assume the month and day were translated correctly, then that means the new year would have been about BMV-6, day 45, so events prior to that are in 23 I.]

BMV-6, day 1

Livosha partially repays Emeris; Gystralan abducted (BMV 371-375).

p.371 "six hundred years before" - closer to 654 by my count.

Alishka extracts Sajen (BMV 375-379). [In the absence of any claims otherwise, I am assuming this scene takes place on the same day as the previous one.]

p.377: "Livosha's brother [...] is still weak." Kefaan was wounded in 21 I. Speaking personally as one who suffers from untreatable chronic pain which was made worse by surgery, this tells us nothing by itself about how many years have passed.

p.378: "at the age of one hundred and ten" - sadly, we don't know Alishka's current age, so cannot pin this down.

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Twenty-ninth, In Which the Kinship of the Mask Demonstrates Repentance

BMV-6, day 2

["The morning after the events we have just witnessed" (BMV 380).]

On facts and conclusions (BMV 380-381).

p.380: "Jigrae Lavode through the Ramshorn Swamp" - Not otherwise referenced.

Hadrice and the director entrapped (BMV 381-383).

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Thirtieth, In Which the Dancers Take Their Places and the Music Begins

(second part)

The director approves of the destruction of some (BMV 404-405).

[This strongly appears to take place on the same day as the preceding scene.]

BMV-6, day ~8

[As earlier in , I am assuming a seven-day travel time between Aussiar and Candletown.]

Livosha extorts Ficora and reunites with Jerin (BMV 383-387).

BMV-6, day ~37

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Thirtieth, In Which the Dancers Take Their Places and the Music Begins

(first part)

Sajen and Gystralan (BMV 388-394).

[This must take place after Sajen was abducted, and enough time after Gystralan was abducted for him to reach Adrilankha from Aussiar. Probably the first leg of Gystralan's journey was accompanying Livosha to Candletown. From Candletown to Adrilankha is ~2,900 miles by sea, ~2,100 miles by land. But since sea travel is (over long distances) roughly twice as fast as land, they probably went by sea, for a travel time of 29 days.]

[Sajen seems not to know this room, but may have been held in another location until Gyrstalan arrived in Adrilankha.]

p.390: Traanzo "was the object of my little deception for Livosha." Recommendation letters which seemed to come from Dorin (BMV 290-291).

p.390: "The last few years" - Presumably, he was discovered shortly after Livosha and Kefaan fled Adrilankha, some 2.5 years ago.

p.392: "the laws of literature laid down by Ekrasan and expanded upon by Pashiva so long ago" - ~86,500 BI.

P.392: "Doro was given hers on the occasion when a particularly intoxicated Dragonlord failed to show sufficient respect for her physical boundaries" - date unknown.

Halvar negotiates (BMV 394-396).

p.395: "the countess has been back for ten years now.” - circa 20 I.

p.395: “I do not wish to tell you.” Quite possibly because it was Dust who (indirectly) gave Daro the idea to hire police in the previous scene!

24 I

[See note at chapter 28 (second part).]

BMV-6, day ~77

Dust and Livosha go over final plans (BMV 396-397).

[Livosha and Dust were both in Adrilankha; Mermaid Cove is in Northport (BMV 331), a journey of about 4,000 miles by sea. The ships would move fast, but over such a lomg journey would encounter some bad weather, so let's assume a speed of 100 mies/day. Thus travel time would be ~40 days.]

p.396: "for some considerable time." - Since chapter 4, 654 years ago.

p.396: "Two." Keen's bodyguards, in chapter 24.

p.397: "At least one, but sometimes in a melee" - The one was in chapter 14. The melee(s) were in chapters 17-18.

p.397: "I have waited six hundred years and fifty" - By my count, 668, but rounding off seems perfectly reasonable. (see also notes at 630 BI.

BMV-6, day ~87

Livosha arrives in Wetrock.

[Northport to Wetrock is about 1,000 miles by sea, so ten days (BMV 397).]

BMV-6, day ~88

Fidra finished (BMV 397-399).

[Livosha seems to have had time to settle in a bit, but it's unlikely to be more than "a day or two" (BMV 397).]

BMV-6, day ~90

Kelsama gets a new position (BMV 401-403).

[Fidra has "just" been killed (BMV 403).]

p.401: "summer" is possibly an error. By my calculations this is mid-spring.

BMV-6, day ~120

Dust arrives in Adrilankha.

[From Wetrock to Adrilankha by boat is about 3,200 miles, so 32 days (BMV 397).]

Halvar again (BMV 399-401).

BMV-6, day ~121

Halvar consults an advocate, then testifies informally to Daro (dating tentative, BMV 401).]

BMV-6, day ~123

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Thirty-first, In Which His Highness Yields to Force and Berwick Yields His Supper

Traanzo arrested and testified against (BMV 406-410).

[Date is tentative, but I'm guessing that a day or two would have gone by before a good opportunity to quietly arrest Traanzo.]

BMV-6, day ~147 (7/2, 24 I)

A gift for Berwick's barracks (BMV 410-411).

[The journey from Adrilankha to Wetrock by sea is about 2,800 miles, so would take about 24 days. I am assuming that Dust et al left Adrilankha allmost immediately after dealing with Traanzo, as they would want to arrive in the region around the same time as Hadrice. Jerin would not have made her move until everyone was nearby.]

p.411: "rather younger than middle years" - I put her at just under 1,000.

Pirates plunder Berwick (BMV 411-414).

[This scene takes place the same day as the preceding one (the cask of wine we gave them", BMV 413).]

[This scene, unusually, is given a specific date: "the second day of the month of the Issola in the thirty-eighth year after the fall of the Empire" (BMV 411). That date is suspect, however, see note at chapter 28 (second part). The date is also somewhat suspect, as an event noted as "summer" (BMV 401) is solidly in spring.]

[Captain Sheen is here, along with many of his crew, so either enough time has passed since he arrived in Adrilankha with Dust and Livosha for his return here, or else he and his men have been lurking in Wetrock for ~35 days.]

BMV-6, day ~148

Dorin receives a message via Hadrice (yester-day", BMV 429).

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Thirty-second, In Which Berwick Wishes to Visit Dorin Who Wishes to Visit Adrilankha

BMV-6, day ~149

Berwick "escapes" to Dorin (BMV 415-420).

p.427: "Berwick and Yanis took significantly longer to cover the distance between Wetrock and Dorindom than Eremit had" - That was accomplished in a single night and morning, so this probably translates to about 2 days.

p.417: "seven hundred years before" - Again, by my count, 668, but rounding off seems perfectly reasonable. (See also notes at 630 BI.)

BMV-6, day ~150

Dorin departs for Adrilankha ("to-morrow", BMV 419).

BMV-6, day ~151

Sheen makes a rendezvous with Nosaj at Zerika's Point (the geographical feature). (Hypothetical, but I'm presuming that Dust arrived with Captain Nosaj, as neither one made themselves apparent during Sheen's assault on Berwick. It would take Sheen at least 3 days to reach here; 4 is still plenty of time to intercept Dorin.)

BMV-6, day ~153

Dorin reaches the coast ("three days", "Skyday", sBMV 420).

p.420: "our journey to the coast, which will take three days." Zerika's Point (the town) is about the same distance from Dorindom as Wetrock is. One or two people riding fast could make the journey in 2 days, but a large troop of soldiers would naturally be somewhat slower.

p.420: "with fair winds, I will be in Adrilankha in a month.” The journey from Wetrock to Adrilankha is about 2,800 miles. To cover that in "a month" (17 days) would require an average speed of almost 165 miles/day, which seems implausible, given that normal sea travel in fair conditions is 120 miles/day. Paarfi's account of this trip has multiple obvious geographic errors (detailed below), so cannot be counted on. (Perhaps the manuscript was badly copy-edited or transcribed?)

p.420: "the northern coast of Greenaere" - Greenaere comes to a point at the north end; this is likely an error for "eastern coast".

BMV-6, day ~154

Sheen expects to interept Dorin; failing that, he races south (see note to p.422 below).

BMV-6, day ~156

Dorin's ship passes Greenaere ("The third day of the journey", BMV 420).

BMV-6, day ~160

["On the fourth day", BMV 420, but see below]

p.420: "apparent on deck" - SKZB has said that Dragaera is roughly Earth-sized, so we can use well-known calculations to determine how far the horizon is. If Dorin's ship is fairly high (100 feet), and the coast had cliffs of extreme height (2,500 feet), Dorin could see the coast 100 miles away. The distance from the closest point on Greenaere to the coast near Ridgly is over 650 miles. 100 miles less than this is 550 miles. To cover that distance in a single day is not plausible. If, however, we take "on the fourth day" to mean four days since escaping the coast of Greenaere, then the ship would have had to have been traveling at about 135 miles/hour, which is within the realm of possibility.

p.421: "That is the coast, south of Ridgly" - This is almost certainly an error for "north".

Dorin's trip is interrupted; the end of Hadrice (BMV 420-424).

p.422: "The captain informed me you had been driven far south out of your way." Presumably Sheen had intended to intercept Dorin somewhere along the coast between Zerika's Point (the town) and Zerika's Point (the geographical feature). Encountering the same winds that Dorin did, Sheen's captain would realize that Dorin could no longer be following the coast, and they could not count on finding him on the open sea. Hence Sheen's decision to "make the best time we could to beat you to the Channel [between the mainland and Elde]", a spot narrow enough to be sure of catching Dorin (if they got there before him). In the event, they happened by luck to meet him en route.

p.423: "some seven hundred years ago" - Again, by my count, 668, but rounding off seems perfectly reasonable. (see also notes at 630 BI.

p.423: "having failed to find us for so long." Hadrice has presumably been seeking them since they fled Adrilankha in chapter 26 about 3 years ago.

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Thirty-third, In Which the Reader’s Patience Is Rewarded as at Last Justice Is Served

Dorin, done (BMV 425-426).

p.425: "You have cheated us repeatedly for many years." Since at least 21 I, possibly earlier (BMV 327).

Dust leaves the ship (BMV 427-428).

[Here, Paarfi is (I think) using some narrative misdirection. Dust cannot be teleporting directly to Yanis, as that scene must be several days in the future. Dust is likely conferring with the demon he knows as to the locations and recent movements of Yanis and Berwick, to ensure that when he and Livosha make their respective strikes, neither party will have received warning.]

BMV-6, day ~166

[The scene after this takes place "some four days later" (BMV 431).]

One last favor from a demon; Yanis (BMV 428-431).

p.429: "Yanis, riding at the head of his troop" - Yanis would have had plenty of time by now to return to Wetrock and secure it (even assuming that any pirates had stayed behind, which seems unlikely. Probably, Yanis is heading back to Dorindom to return Dorin's troop. Alternately, these could be troop of Wetrock soldiers traveling on patrol or for some other reason.

p.429: "You saw me in Dorindom Castle, the very day you arranged for me to be taken away, and on the day you arranged for my home, that is to say, Cryden House, to be destroyed, killing all of my family with it." For "arranged for me to be taken away", see chapter 2 and also chapter 12. The claim that Yanis saw Eremit "on the day you arranged for my home [...] to be destroyed" has not previously been made, though it is not implausible.

BMV-6, day ~170

Livosha reaches Dorindom (Presuming she takes as long on the trip as Dorin did in the other direction).

Berwick meets a countess (BMV 431-433).

The Baron of Magister Valley, Chapter the Thirty-fourth, Conclusion

Conclusion (BMV 434-438).

p.435: "If the Empire is restored, either by this Kâna" - Kâna began his campaign to become Emperor about 18 years ago ("scarcely twenty years after the Disaster", PD 49).

~30-35 I

"Splintering" of the former Empire ("began thirty or thirty-five years into the Interregnum", BMV 318).

~45 I

Islanders attempt to invade Adrilankha ("two hunded years ago", PD 138). Presumably this is the same event referred to as "when the Reavers landed upon our shore" on PD 272-273. These may be the same "reavers from Elde Island" that later cause difficulties for Kâna's shipping (LCB 62).

Elde allows reavers to raid former Imperial shores, while reducing Elde's standing army (SL 34, "two hundreds of years" 36).

Izak born ("scarcely two hundred years old" LCB 105). Brawre born (LCB 67)?

~50 I

Lewchin and Shant born ("a hundred and ninety or two hundred", "nearly the same age", PD 85-86).

Kâna finishes conquering the area around the Kanefthali mountains ("By the time a half century had elapsed from the Disaster", PD 122; "around the fiftieth year after Adron's Disaster", SL 12).

Harro sees Hevlika (V 294, date very speculative). [Harro says that he first saw Hevlika while accompanying "my lord" to a dance (V 294), which, as he apparently hadn't even heard of Housetown yet (V 79), must have been a public dance, before Hevlika joined Zhayin's household. He fell in love with Hevlika, but did not immediately follow her (possibly not willing to abandon his current employer with no notice). At some later date, he hears (via post) that Hevlika has taken up permanent residence with Lord Zhayin. After (I hypothesize) giving his employer due notice, he heads to Housetown.]

~57 I

Hevlika and Gormin become lovers ("forty-one years" before she joins Zhayin's household, V 240).

~60 I

The palace of Fenario completed (current version, as of the start of Brokedown Palace) ("Four hundred years" before 216 PI, BP 5; "more than four hundred years old" by 218 PI, BP 85). It has no basement at this time (BP 5). See also BP 203.

~79 I

Zhayin’s son born ("early in the Interregnum", V 80).

~90 I

Clari born ("some hundred and fifty or hundred and sixty years before", PD 241).

Iatha breaks up with Belly after "nearly a hundred years" (date approximate, SL 48).

~98 I

Hevlika is abandoned by her troupe (V 257); she joins Zhayin’s household ("A year and a half" before Gormin is disgraced, V 254).

~99 I

99 I - Harro arrives in Housetown, denounces Gormin, and takes Gormin's job (see the essay "Dating the events of Vallista"); Zhayin orders Harro to stay away from Hevlika (V 295).

~100 I

Kâna's influence extends as far as the Ocean-sea and the desert ("by the end of the first century", PD 122).

Orlaan lights a fire ("some hundred and fifty years ago", PD 217).

Timmer born ("seemed to have hardly reached her four hundredth year", Ti 277, date approximate).

Adrilankhan fisherman begin trying to anchor far from Kieron's Rocks ("something like four hundred years" H 230-231).

~102 I

Zhayin’s son becomes a monster (V 79-85). [Dating highly speculative. It has to be after Harro arrived, but before the Interregnum ended. It feels psychologically correct that the accident happen before Zhayin goes about callously preparing to use the lives of other family members in his pursuits as he does.]

~105 I

Discaru brings Her Ladyship to the Halls of Judgment, where she gives birth to Tethia (V 266, 323), then dies ("a hundred years or so after the Disaster", V 240).

Physical construction of Precipice Manor begins ("centuries" before pseudo-present, V 30).

~110 I

Clari's family moves north ("the twenty-year-old Clari", PD 241).

~125 I

Clari's family arives in Blackbirdriver ("Clari was thirty-five", PD 241).

~129 I

Orlaan "sees" Aliera's soul ("scarcely a hundred years ago" PD 56).

Clari's brother and Sennya's husband die of the plague ("Some years later", PD 241, date very approximate).

~145 I

Piro born ("just about one hundred", PD 87; "near his first century", PD 138).

Pel starts working his way into Kâna's network ("a hundred years before", PD 122).

~150-155 I

5-year siege of Fenario by Northmen; tunnels dug beneath the palace and much of the city ("more than three hundred years before" 216 PI, "The siege had lasted five years", BP 5; "three hundred years" before 218 PI, BP 203). [Placed here, somewhat arbitrarily, at 313 years before Brokedown Palace, chapter 1.] Possibly during the reign of Istvan II (BP 138).

During the siege, according to a Coachman, a demon tells Verra of the activities of one Northman, indirectly leading to the death of the King's youngest son, and marriage between the demon and a Fenarian woman (BP 73-74).

Clari starts working as a maid ("some years after that", PD 241, dating very approximate).

~155 I

Fenarian tunnels converted to wine cellars ("When the enemy was finally driven out", BP 5).

Röaana born ("ninety or ninety-five years", PD 157).

Odelpho returns to Housetown (she hasn't seen Tethia "since she was a child", V 324).

The Paths of the Dead

"Describing Certain Events Which Occurred Between the 156th and the 247th Years of the Interregnum"

[Though completeneess requires me to point out that chapter 3 is largely concerned with the events of 20 I.]

The Paths of the Dead, Prelude

See Miscellaneous undated Paarfi events for notes.

The Paths of the Dead, Preface

See The Second Dragon-Jhereg War for notes.

p.23: "a limited but fascinating correspondence with Sethra Lavode". See comments in the essay Unreliable Narrators.

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the First: Traveler and Coachman

156 I

"a Homeday in the early summer of the 156th year of the Interregnum" (PD 27).

On the valley of the Nemites; Thundering Lake (Lake Nivaper); Blackchapel (PD 27-29).

On the various meanings of 'warlock'; Morrolan arrives in Blackchapel and finds a room (PD 29-33).

Morrolan meets Miska the coachman in an inn, and receives his name (PD 34-35).

Morrolan's other quests; Miska has lost his employer; the workings of fate (PD 36-37).

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Second: Not a Goddess

Erik speaks of a goddess; Miska leads to the temple, where he is paid and dismissed by Arra (PD 39-42).

Arra convinces Morrolan to serve Verra (PD 42-44).

After the ritual, Morrolan sleeps, Arra cleans up; Morrolan dreams of a black wand (PD 44-45).

Beginning to gather witches (PD 45-46).

[Chapter 3 is set earlier, at 20 I.]

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Third: A Possible Emperor

Early history of the Duke of Kâna and his cousin, the Marchioness of Habil (PD 47-53).

~160 I

Ibronka born ("not yet reached her ninetieth year", PD 233).

~167 I

The Baron of Bellows dies "some eighty years before" (LCB 41).

~168 I

Paresh born, grows up in a Dzurlord's home (81 years before 2 PI, Tk 27).

~175 I

Clari's remaining brother dies "some years later" (PD 241)?

~180 I

Morrolan is an accomplished witch ("three hundred years before you were born" Y 43).

~195 I

Kâna decides not to recruit Khaavren ("some fifty years previously", PD 122).

Pel becomes head of Kâna's spy network ("for the half century leading up to [246 I]", PD 122).

~200 I

Chimov born ("maybe three hundred" Y 54).

An area of Northport is developed by Sorenet and Family ("about three hundred years ago", O 180).

Kâna controls or threatens nearly half of the old Empire ("by the time two hundreds of years had passed", SL 12).

Timmer joins Combrack's mercenary army ("Upon leaving home", Ti 277, date approximate).

Precipice Manor becomes habitable and the core staff move in ("over a hundred years" before the pseudo-present, V 37; "less than a hundred years" ditto V 295). Zhayin begins having deaf servants bring food from the old manor (V 296).

~205 I

Society of the Porker Poker founded ("forty or forty-five years previously" PD 87).

Plague hits Adrilankha ("forty years ago", PD 267).

~208 I

Lessor makes a pen ("some forty years ago", SL 64-65).

~210 I

Khaavren's brooding grows worse ("the last thirty or forty years", PD 107).

A lichbird grows a feather ("some forty years ago" SL 64-65).

~225 I

Warlord Fwynn starts gathering strength ("for the past score of years", PD 123).

Clari becomes Ibronka's maid "some years after that" (PD 241)?

~228 I

At 60, Paresh gets land (Tk 28).

229 I

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Fourth: Road Agents Meet a Sorceress

"On a Spring day in the 229th year of the Interregnum" (PD 55).

Orlaan/Grita meets some brigands, and finds Aliera's soul (PD 55-58).

p.55: "we should say that she was eight or nine hundred years of age". This would put her birth at around 620 BI. Yet in Five Hundred Years After, chapter 5, Paarfi claimed that she was "certainly not more than six hundred", which would make her less than 800 now.

Lar is out of a job (PD 58). [Presumably he gets some respectable ones between now and working for Piro, as he has letters of recommendation by then.]

[Chapter 5 is at 243 I.]

239 I

Khaavren's horse Stepper is born ("a nine-year-old", SL 84).


Various members of the Society of the Porker Poker disperse; Stagwood becomes a bard, Flute gets disgusted, and Mialand marries someone far away (PD 85).

Grita observes Khaavren, Piro -- and Zerika's secret lover (LCB 334-335).

241 I

Northmen invade Fenario in the reign of János the Third, but are tricked into defeat ("About seventy-five years before" an invasion in roughly 68 PI, BP 24-25).

243 I

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Fifth: Arra Prevents Aging

Morrolan's Circle foresees, and thus prevents, a raid on Carrick "last year" (PD 62).

244 I

"on a spring day ... in the 243rd year of the Interregnum" (PD 59). [I think this date is probably incorrect; see notes to chapter 6 for reasoning.]

Blackchapel has been peacefully expanding with witches (PD 59-60)

p.59: "several scores of years earlier". 87 years, to be precise.

Morrolan speaks with Arra about fame, raiders, and possible repurcussions (PD 60-64).

245 I

Lord Shellar dies ("two years ago", PD 357).

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Sixth: Return to Blackchapel

"in full summer of the 244th year of the Interregnum" (PD 65). The year of this is likely incorrect. Bryan Newell convincingly argues that the travel times involved make a departure date of 245 I much more plausible.

Blackchapel has been largely destroyed (PD 65).

Morrolan and Arra discuss the raid; Morrolan inspects the damage; on literary horror (PD 65-67).

p.67: "after living there for a hundred years". Well, 88 or so, though I admit the figue to be less poetic.

Morrolan desires vengeance; Arra suggests asking Verra for assistance; the goddess directs him to seek a particular sword and leave Blackchapel; clattering hooves (PD 67-73).

p.68: "Not in a hundred years." Presumably referring to the vision that sent her to seek Morrolan in chapter 2. Probably rather less than 100 years, but again, poetic license.

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Seventh: Morrolan's Astonishing Discovery

Miska has brought a passenger; character sketch: Lady Teldra; what she and Morrolan have in common; Morrolan's lineage and ancestral lands (PD 75-83).

246 I

A fair happens in Housetown seven days before Vlad arrives in the past ("eight days ago", V 238, date speculative).

Vlad visits Housetown in the past ("pretty late in the Interregnum.", V193). [Dating speculative. Vlad is guessing about the date here. But given that a local peasant has never seen a picture of the Empress (V 239), this probably can't be much later than 10 PI or so.]


PD, day -4

Penultimate meeting of the SotPP ("a pleasant enough week", "some four days ago, that is, the day after we last met", PD 88).

PD, day -3

A messenger arrives at Whitecrest ("four days ago" PD 88).

PD, day -2?

Khaavren advertises for a lackey ("within the last few days", PD 102).

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Eighth: The Society of the Poker Poker

PD, day 1

"a Farmday in the middle of winter in the 246th year of the Interregnum" (PD 85).

The Society of the Porker Poker meets for the last time; a subdued uproar in Piro's house; debating madness versus plague (PD 85-91).

Zivra announces she will be leaving for an unknown destination (PD 91-94).

The question of Zivra's origins (PD 94-95).

Piro and Zivra part (PD 95-96).

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Ninth: The Viscount's New Lackey

Lar has been waiting for 4 1/4 hours, telling time by ratbird calls (PD 97-99).

Lar wishes to apply for a job; Piro lets him in to sleep, and offers some advice; on Khaavren's melancholy (PD 99-102).

Lar wishes to be Piro's lackey; Piro questions him more closely; Lar's history (PD 102-105).

Zivra bids farewell to Laszló, who also leaves that night (LCB 300-301).

PD, day 2

Zivra leaves, in the morning (PD 95).

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Tenth: The Envoy

Khaavren's deterioration (PD 107-109).

p.107: "two and a half hundred years before". 246, to be precise.

Khaavren hires Lar (PD 109-110).

p.109: "that long-ago day when the Emperor had done [Khaavren's ears] the honor to make an observation respecting their obedience to their owner's desires". Five Hundred Years After, chapter 2.

An envoy in Phoenix livery, from Sethra Lavode and Zerika (PD 110-113).

p.111: "I have not tasted klava in three hundred years." An exaggeration, as he has klava on multiple occasions during Five Hundred Years After.

p.113: "a scant few days before the fall of the Empire." Five Hundred Years After, chapter 21, two days before the Disaster.

The envoy is Kytraan, son of Uttrik (PD 114).

Sethra has asked Khaavren to send Piro; he is eager for adventure (PD 114-116).

Piro's parents give some last advice; preparing to depart (PD 117-120).

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Eleventh: Pel's Responsibilities

PD, day 3

Piro, Lar, and Kytraan depart (PD 121).

Update on Kâna's progress, and Pel's (PD 121-122).

Pel reports on Warlord Fwynn, and on Dzur Mountain activity; Pel to seek an audience with Sethra Lavode (PD 122-126). [It is presumably shortly after this that unwelcome visitors become common at Dzur Mountain, see PD 178.]

p.122: "two centuries before". If the reference in chapter 3 to "scarcely twenty years" is accurate, the it was actually about 226 years earlier.

PD, day 4

Zerika's companion reveals herself to be Sethra the Younger ("after traveling for two days", PD 255).

PD, day 7

Pel leaves on his mission ("six days ago" PD 137).

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Twelfth: Piro Travels

On the difficulty of writing about travel (PD 127-128).

PD, day 8

Piro and company have travelled for "exactly a week" (PD 128).

Fireside talk on the nature of adventure, and girls (PD 128-131).

PD, day 10

Zerika arrives at Dzur Mountain ("last week", PD 184, 254; "only eight days", PD 255).

PD, day 12

"Late one evening, after they had been on the road nearly two weeks" (PD 131, exact day rather approximate).

Piro and company meet Orlaan; on the study of Elder Sorcery (PD 131-134). [It seems clear that Orlaan does not completely recognise Piro at this time. Presumably, she discovers his identity shortly thereafter, possibly through use of Elder Sorcery.]

PD, day 13

Piro and company continue on their journey (PD 134, 165).

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Thirteenth: Khaavren's Visitor

Khaavren's brooding is interrupted by the arrival of Pel; The posts are working again, thanks to Kâna; Pel will stay for the night (PD 135-141).

p.137: "There has been no post for two hundred and fifty years." 246 would be more precise, if less poetic.

Cook prepares dinner (PD 141-142).

Khaavren pretends to Pel to have lost all ambition (PD 143-145).

PD, day 14

Pel departs Whitecrest; Khaavren considers what he has learned from Pel (PD 145).

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Fourteenth: Kâna Meets With the Houses

On simultaneity (PD 147).

p.147: "that resulted, some few years later". As the Issola is 7th in the Cycle, while the Chreotha is 11th, I would read 'few' as 'few thousand'.

Kâna meets with representatives of the Houses, to propose restoring the Empire (PD 147-150).

The Marquis of Mistyvale complains that no Orb can be made (PD 150).

Count Ritsak complins that it is still the Reign of the Phoenix (PD 151-152).

Princess Sennya is concerned about Houses which do not join (PD 152-153).

Dinner; Sennya considers Ibronka (PD 153-155).

p.154: "even, on one occasion, weak." See Five Hundred Years After, chapters 25 and 32.

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Fifteenth: Röaanac's House

PD, day 15

Röanna returns home (PD 157-158).

Character sketch: Röanna (PD 158-159).

Röanna's parents worry about her, and decide to send her to Adrilankhaa (PD 159-163).

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Sixteenth: The Bandits

Piro and company travel for "several days" (PD 165).

Lar worries that they are being followed (PD 165-167).

Wadre's bandits confronted anticlimactically (PD 168-171).

Are the bandits karmically linked to Piro now? (PD 171-172).

PD, day 16

"the next day" (PD 172).

Climbing Dzur Mountain; Lar is superstitious about the Enclouding; Sethra's lair visible; a guard (PD 172-176).

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Seventeenth: Dzur Mountain

Meeting Tazendra (PD 177-180).

A steep climb; stables and stairs (PD 180-182).

Sethra's chambers; Tukko; conversing about Sethra and adventures (PD 182-185).

p.183: "[Tukko] was of middle years". Though he may appear that way, there is substantial reason to think him to be much older.

p.184: "Zerika appeared last week". Six days ago, by my count.

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Eighteenth: The Gods

On Ekrasan's theories of literature (PD 189).

The Halls of Judgment sketched (PD 190-192).

On making informed guesses about the gods (PD 192-193).

The gods debate (PD 193-199).

The gods decide to send a demon as an emissary (PD 199-200).

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Nineteenth: Plans and Intentions

Character sketch: Sethra Lavode (PD 201).

Sethra's hospitality (PD 201-203).

Character sketch: The Sorceress in Green (PD 203-204).

Character sketch: Sethra the Younger (PD 204-205).

Dinner; Mica (PD 206-207).

Sethra Lavode proposes to restore the Empire (PD 207-209).

p.209: "Many years ago, my friend Pel pretended that wondering was a sign of intelligence". See The Phoenix Guards, chapter 24. To be perfectly accurate, it was Khaavren who first linked the two ideas, though Pel did take part in the ensuing discussion.

The Orb is in the Paths of the Dead (PD 209-213).

p.210: "Oh, as to that ... who can say?" This is a slightly curious passage. In Five Hundred Years After, chapter 34, Paarfi states quite plainly that Sethra Lavode intentionally sent the Orb to the Paths of the Dead. Yet in this chapter, she suggests that it took her nearly 250 years to confirm that the Orb was there. Were the gods being unusually reticent for some reason? Or was there perhaps some time travel involved? Or is the reason for Sethra Lavode's reticence about whether she helped the Orb due to embarrassment that she transported the Orb so clumsily that it took centuries to turn up again?

p.212: "Who will be Warlord?" For more on Sethra the Younger's interest in who shall be Warlord, see Yendi, especially chapter 15.

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Twentieth: Wadre and Orlaan

"At around the same time as Piro was getting his first look at Sethra Lavode" (PD 215).

Wadre and his band meet Orlaan, who is revealed to the canny reader as Grita at this point; she seeks vengeance, and wants Wadre's help; he agrees (PD 215-221).

p.219: "within minutes of the Disaster itself." See Five Hundred Years After, chapter 32.

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Twenty-First: Pel Has a Plan

Pel arrives at Aerich's estate; they discuss Khaavren's condition; Aerich suggests that Pel arrange for another Tiassa to intervene (PD 223-227). [Not explicitly stated to be the same day, but seems a reasonable assumption.]

PD, day 17

Pel departs Aerich's abode, and has a long train of thought (PD 227-229).

Pel hires a witch to plant a thought (PD 229-230).

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Twenty-Second: Ibronka

[Not explicitly stated to be the same day, but seems a reasonable assumption.]

On the Harata region, Blackbirdriver, and Larkspur Manor (PD 231-232).

Character sketch: Ibronka (PD 233).

Ibronka receives a message from her mother, telling her to travel to Adrilankha (PD 233-237).

Ibronka prepares to leave; Clari to accompany her (PD 237-239).

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Twenty-Third: Ibronka Meets Röanna

Character sketch: Clari (PD 241-242).

Ibronka departs (PD 242-243).

PD, day 18

Kâna's meeting due to resume ("in a week", PD 153).

"the next morning" (PD 243).

A morning duel; Ibronka meets Röaana (PD 243-248).

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Twenty-Fourth: Zerika

[It's unclear how much time has passed since chapter 19. Not many, to be sure, since Kyttran says "we just got here" (PD 253). On the other hand, the first sentence of the chapter suggests (weakly) that "several days" (PD 249) have passed. I have settled on 2 days, as a somewhat arbitrary compromise.]

Mica explains stool-fu to Lar; breakfast (PD 249-253).

Zerika is introduced (PD 253-256).

p.253: "this at least explains why you, of all people, should be summoned by this mysterious Phoenix." Slightly inaccurate; at the time Kyttran set out, though he was acting in Zerika's name (by Sethra Lavode's orders), Zerika herself had not yet become aware of her destiny.]

p.254: "this last week". Zerika arrived six days ago, by my count.

p.254: "it was your father who convinced my father to send my mother out of Dragaera City, and she only barely escaped the Disaster." Five Hundred Years After, chapter 21.

p.255: "just as I told you some weeks ago". 17 days ago by my count.

Planning the campaign (PD 256-261).

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Twenty-Fifth: Tevna the Pyrologist

On crisis and character (PD 263).

"Several days after Pel had left" (PD 263).

Khaavren is visited by a pyrologist; pyrology explained; a vision of plague in Adrilankha (PD 263-271).

The vision proves innocuous (PD 271). "If Tevna's vision was influenced, more or less indirectly, by witchcraft, and by a certain Yendi of our acquaintance, well, he never learned of it." Did Pel, or the witch he hired, also arrange for the death of the apoplectic? Or did the various magics involved simply fix on a pre-existing event?

Dinner with Tevna; on the inward-turning of pain; a metaphorical fire lit (PD 271-277).

[Link to chapter 26, part 1.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Thirty-Sixth: Khaavren Sets Out, part 1

Khaavren begins to get back into shape (LCB 27-29). This process takes "months" (LCB 29). By my reckoning, about 14 months, most of a year.

[Link to The Lord of Castle Black, chapter 36, part 2.]

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Twenty-Eighth: Various Others, part 3

Saynac and Dortmond get lucky ("two nights ago", PD 316, dating based on next entry). Is this the same Dortmond whom we meet in Dragon, and who also seems to appear in The Lord of Castle Black, chapter 60? If so, either Ibronka or Paarfi is mistaken or fibbing about his rank, as that Dortmond was never a corporal. Paarfi's curious reticence in naming him in The Lord of Castle Black, chapter 60 may be due to awareness of this discrepancy.

PD, day ~20?

[Dating of this section is slightly troublesome. Paarfi says, in introducing it, "we will return once more to the point in time when Orlaan was asking herself where Piro and his friends were going" (PD 314), which referenced scene took place on day 20. Yet I&R seem to have been traveling for at least "a hundred leagues" (PD 315) since having joined their caravan on day 18. 50 leagues a day is significantly more than one could expect from such a caravan, but 50 miles a day would be about right (according to Bryan Newell's calculations). Hence, I am guessing that 'leagues' is either an exaggeration, or a mistake.

Ibronka and Röaana discuss their love lives and travel plans; Clari knows a Captain (PD 314-317).

[Link to chapter 28, part 4.]

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Twenty-Sixth: Sites of Historical Interest, part 1

"the day after to-morrow", PD 261; "a Farmday in late winter of the 246th year of the Interregnum", PD 279.

Zerika and company set out; Tazendra's spell will watch (PD 279-282).

[Link to chapter 26, part 2.]

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Twenty-Seventh: Traveling South, part 1

Dates in this chapter are approximate, but it is "winter" as it opens, and "closer to two" years since they left Blackchapel (PD 293). They left in "full summer" (PD 65), so it now must be late winter.

Morrolan gives up on finding a pass through the Eastern Mountains; horses acquired (PD 293-296).

On whether traveling by horse is faster than by foot (PD 296-298).

Buying supplies at Keybrook Village ("after a good week of riding", PD 298-299).

Meeting the Warlock; Morrolan's soul-mate is Verra; the Warlock to accompany them, and take all the watches (PD 299-304).

[Link to chapter 27, part 2.]

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Twenty-Eighth: Various Others, part 1

Orlaan, with Wadre's bandits, pursues Piro and company (PD 307-309).

[Link to chapter 28, part 2.]

PD, day ~21

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Twenty-Eighth: Various Others, part 4

"tomorrow", "Early the next day" (PD 317).

Hartre; getting supplies for the next stage; Clari to find out the best route (PD 317-320).

Ibronka eats twisted noodles (LCB 318).

PD, day ~22

Ibronka and Röaana set out from Hartre (PD 320).

[Link to chapter 28, part 5.]

247 I


It is spring by chapter 26, part 2.

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Twenty-Eighth: Various Others, part 5

[Date uncertain, but "we will continue our steady progress in time" (PD 320) suggests that this scene follows the last. "How did the winter stores hold out" (PD 320) suggests early spring.]

Aerich consults his Steward, and arranges an exercise regime; he writes Pel, but does not send the letter (PD 320-322).

[Link to chapter 29.]

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Twenty-Sixth: Sites of Historical Interest, part 2

PD, day ~31?

Piro becomes accustomed to traveling ("by the time ten or twelve days had passed", PD 282).

The Luatha region, near Newmarket and Khaavren; imminent rain (PD 282-283, dating very approximate).

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Thirty-Second: Arrivals and Greetings

PD, day ~33

Bryan Newell calculates that Hartre is about 612 miles from Adrilankha. At an average travel time of 50 miles/day (also per Bryan), that would be 13 days. Estimated and uncertain, but it gives us a rough idea of a date.

Ibronka and Röaana arrive in Adrilankha; first impressions of the city; lost (PD 351-357).

Lord Shellar's Manor; Shant and Lewchin; dinner (PD 357-359).

Röaana brought to a crossroads by a coachman in a dream (PD 359-361).

Röaana welcomed at Whitecrest Manor (PD 361-364).

[Link to chapter 33.]

PD, day ~35?

Rains stop; philosophy ("several days", "eventually", PD 283, dating approximate).

A detachment of Kâna's "Imperial Army" is encountered, then defeated (PD 283-288).

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Thirty-Sixth: Khaavren Sets Out, part 2

PD, day ~37?

Röaana becomes part of the household at Whitecrest Manor ("within the first few days", LCB 29-30).

[Link to The Lord of Castle Black, chapter 36, part 3.]

PD, day ~39?

Noticing Easterners "as they traveled" ; speeding up from 5 leagues/day to 10 leagues/day (PD 288-291, dating very approximate).

[Link to chapter 27, part 1.]

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Twenty-Seventh: Traveling South, part 2

PD, day ~48

Morollan and company reach the Enclouding ("as the days and weeks wore on", PD 304, dating very approximate).

PD, day ~61

Morrolan and company see (by implication) Zerika and company in the distance ("eight or nine days later", PD 304-305). [According to Bryan Newell, this spot is about 800 miles from the conversation that I place around day 31. Zerika and company were then traveling at about 5 leagues/day, and continued doing so for "several days" (PD 283). They then sped up to 10 leagues/day. I make the total travel time from day 31 to be about 30 days.]

[Link to chapter 28, part 1.]

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Twenty-Eighth: Various Others, part 2

PD, day ~78

"during these weeks and months", PD 309, dating very approximate.

Pel visits Dzur Mountain, and Sethra's position on "Skinter" is made clear (PD 309-311). [This is back-dated from the calculation of Zerika's travel time below. If these calculations are correct, Pel has taken about a quarter of a year to accomplish his mission (having departed on day 7)!]

[Link to chapter 28, part 3.]

PD, day ~83

Pel sets watch on Dzur Mountain ("after merely a week or six days", "something like a week after", PD 311-312).


The changeover to spring happened before day 31. Assuming seasons of equal length, they would each be about 72 days, so summer would start at roughly day 100.

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Thirty-Seventh: Morrolan's Vision, part 1

PD, day 100

["on a Firstday in the summer of the two hundred and forty-seventh year of the Interregnum" (LCB 41). For reasons which should shortly be clear, I am going to take this as an error for "the first day of summer". Morrolan was last seen in Paths of the Dead, part 2, about 950 miles from here, on about PD day 57. Summer begins around PD day 100 giving a travel time of 43 days. This works out to just over 22 miles/hour. They are on horseback, but they're also in no particular rush, so this seems reasonably plausible.]

On the geography of Southmoor (LCB 41).

Morrolan arrives in Southmoor (LCB 41-42).

PD, day ~101

["the next morning", LCB 42.]

Morrolan describes his dream (LCB 42-43).

The history of the village of Nacine (LCB 43-45). Though Nacine is described as a 'village', it must be quite large; in chapter 53, both Izak's army and Zerika's party are described as being 'just outside ... Nacine', and yet being almost ten miles away from each other (LCB 227). This is consistent with the description here that the Vallista "had built, and built, and built" (LCB 45).

p.44: "Dzur Mountain, some seventy or eighty miles north". - Bryan Newell's map puts the peak of Dzur Mountain about 75 miles NNE of Nacine.

The Inn at Nacine (LCB 45-46).

Zerika's band spotted near Mount Bli'aard (PD 312-313).

[According to Bryan Newell, Mount Bli'aard is about 1,200 miles from the "near miss" on day 61. At 30 miles a day, that would take 40 days.]

PD, day 102

["the next day", LCB 46.]

Morrolan and company get directions to the ruins of a floating castle (LCB 46-47).

p.47: "Once past the west gate, continue for three or four leagues until the road curves left to avoid a pond. After following it to the left, you will almost at once see a smaller trail also going to the left. Take this trail up into the hills, and, from the top of the hills, you will see the ruins of the castle spreading out before you." Bryan Newell's map clearly shows that the site of Cadtle Black is WNW of Nacine. This makes leaving by the west gate perfectly reasonable, but the directions to turn left twice don't make obvious sense. Either one of those "left"s is an error for "right", or the road twists significantly, either of which seems plausible.

A coin showing Rollondar's face (LCB 47-48).

The ruins; Morrolan decides he is home (LCB 48-49).

[Link to chapter 38, part 1.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Fortieth: Morrolan Learns About Kâna, part 1

PD, day 103

Morrolan hires 2 young Teckla ("from there", LCB 69, dating approximate).

PD, day 104

The first workers build temporary residences ("soon", LCB 69, dating approximate).

[Link to chapter 40, part 2.]

PD, also day ~104

"Three days ago" (PD 312).

Pel hears of Zerika's band (PD 312-314).

p.313: "Consider, Mount Bli'aard is five hundred leagues from here if it's a mile. How could word reach us so quickly?" An excellent question. In chapter 13, Pel takes six days to travel a similar distance by 'imperial' post. How can Teckla gossip travel almost twice as fast as a post horse? There may be a clue in the name of the organization: It would be just like a Yendi to name a group 'wire', when it functions largely due to the use of wire-less technology. Note also that, unless there is a mistranslation, Pel is rounding down by a lot, as he is now over 700 leagues from Mount Bli'aard.

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Twenty-Ninth: Deathgate Falls

PD, day ~109?

Deathgate Falls is (according to Bryan Newell's map) about 120 miles from Mount Bli'aard. Given that they are (again, per Bryan's map) traveling through extremely mountainous terrain, I estimate that their speed slows back down to 15 miles/day. This has them arriving at day 109, a few weeks into summer, which is consistent with most other data (see notes below).

On the lack of details of Zerika's journey (PD 323).

p.323: "the supposed "debate with the dragon,"; this may have its origins in Piro and company's later encounter with a dragon, see The Lord of Castle Black, chapter 42.

p.323: "In fact, none of those on the journey have spoken of anything save its remarkable end". If so, where did Paarfi get the information which formed chapter 26?

Nearing Blood River; Tazendra thinks things have been too easy; Blood River region described (PD 323-324).

p.323: "nearly a full year after setting off on their mission". Almost certainly an error. Probably a typo or translation error for "half a year". While planning the trip, Kyttran remarked, "By the time we reach the colder climes, well, it will be at least spring, if not full summer, and thus we will miss the worst of the cold as well as the worst of the heat" (PD 279). This sentiment is not consistent with reaching the Falls in mid-winter. Later, Piro clearly states that they pursued Grita for "All of summer, all of autumn, and much of this winter" (LCB 97). This pursuit seems to have begun no more than 4 days after the battle at Deathgate Falls (LCB 50-60). The pursuit clearly ends in the winter of 247 (LCB 109).]

Zerika is to travel the Paths alone (PD 324-327).

A waterfall; being followed; a phoenix statue, then others; Kieron's statue; the Falls; giant jhereg; considering how to get down (PD 327-331).

Horsemen approach; Orlaan opposes Zerika's mission; A leap of faith (PD 331-336).

p.334: "I regret to say that I cannot permit it to continue." Why is Orlaan opposed to Zerika's mission? She has desires for personal revenge against Tazendra and Piro, but no obvious grudge against Zerika, nor the exitence of the Empire, per se.

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Thirtieth: Battle Above Deathgate

Note that there is no sign of Morrolan at this battle. See notes to Taltos, chapter 9, for discussion of this discrepancy.

Discussion of whether or not to fight (PD 337-338).

The battle (PD 339-340).

Grita retreats to observe and follow (LCB 50).

Deciding to return to Dzur Mountain (PD 340-342).

Stopping to rest near Grita (LCB 50).

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Thirty-First: Sethra's Visitor

"As our friends rode" (PD 343) implies that this chapter took place the same day, but only weakly, as they presumably rode for some considerable time.

On the difference between history and mysticism (PD 343).

The Necromancer arrives and travels swiftly to Dzur Mountain (PD 343-346).

Sethra Lavode meets the Necromancer; she is to aid Sethra against the Jenoine (PD 346-350).

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Thirty-Third: Paths of the Dead

On the unusual nature of time below the Falls (PD 365).

Zerika wonders if she is alive (PD 365-366).

Zerika follows her directions (PD 366-379).

p.367: "the leaves of the trees could be distracting, but not, evidently, in this season, as the branches were quite bare." Odd, since it is now mid-to-late summer. On the other hand, time behaves oddly, here.

The Paths of the Dead, Chapter the Thirty-Fourth: Zerika and the Gods

Zerika come to the Halls of Judgment (PD 381-382).

Zerika argues her case, claiming what is her due (PD 382-390).

The Orb described, and given; the Cycle; escorted out (PD 390-392).

The Paths of the Dead, Afterword: Some Notes Toward Two Analyses

p.393: "Brust's translations of Paarfi's pre-Interregnum works". From context, it seems likely that this refers to works set before the Interregnum, not written before the Interregnum. Otherwise, Brust has been holding out on us!

p.395: ""Blood of the horse!" is an oath properly used only by those present for the stirring events at the non-battle of Pepperfields." I suspect Cleebers of being mistaken here. Either that, or Paarfi is indulging in anachronism by putting that phrase, or variants of it, in the mouths of several characters well before the events Cleebers alleges to.

p.397: "his patroness" Cleebers' use of this word in the singular indicates an oversight. While Paarfi's dedications invariably start with "Presented, as Always," the actual dedicatee is different for every book (taking into account that The Viscount of Adrilankha was considered a single book on Dragaera, albeit with some suggestion that it was published in multiple volumes). Unless, that is, Lady Parachai of Redstaff is the same person as the Countess of Garnier and Marchioness Poorborn, an identity which strikes me as unlikely.

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Thirty-Eighth: Grita Collects Information

LCB, day 1

[This scene begins "a little more than a day" (LCB 50) after the battle of Deathgate Falls on

Grita picks up Piro and company's trail; useless eavesdropping (LCB 50-51). PD day 109, in early summer, probably around the 15th of Hawk.]

[Link to chapter 38, part 2.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Fortieth: Morrolan Learns About Kâna, part 2

Morrolan hires more Teckla ("soon", LCB 69, dating approximate).

[Link to chapter 40, part 3.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Thirty-Eighth: Grita Collects Information, part 2

LCB, day 2

["the next day", "after a day's travel", LCB 51.]

Grita eavesdrops; Mica to be sent to Dzur Mountain while the rest pursue Grita (LCB 51-55).

LCB, day 3

["the next morning", LCB 55.]

Mica departs on his mission (LCB 55-56).

Grita's tracks discovered by Tazendra; they decide to follow them (LCB 56-60).

[Link to chapter 39.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Fortieth: Morrolan Learns About Kâna, part 3

LCB, day 5

The newer workers build temporary residences; Morrolan hires a cook ("Within a few days", LCB 69, dating approximate).

[Link to chapter 40d.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Thirty-Fifth: Pel and Wadre

On the delay between Zerika's leap and her emergence with the Orb (LCB 21-22).

LCB, day 6

Pel meets Wadre; Wadre wishes employment; Wadre tells Pel his story; Wadre hired, and to seek out his fellows (LCB 22-26).

p.22: "we left [Pel] in a small village on the southern slopes of Dzur Mountain, we now find him [...] on the western slopes of Hanging Mountain" - This is a distance of over 2100 miles. Pel departed his old base on PD day ~104. Post travel (where available) seems to reach speeds of over 400 miles/day, so traveling this distance would be an absolute minimum of 5 days, probably longer. So LCB day 1 is later than PD, day 109. Meanwhile, Wadre has traveled from Deathgate Falls to (near) Trader's Rock, a distance of 64 mile as the crow flies -- and in these mountains, Wadre's route would almost certainly be longer. Too, his travel speed would be reduced by the rough terrain. Yet he is unlikely to have taken too long on his journey, as he has only recently run out of food. I would estimate 4-6 days all told.

[Link to chapter 36.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Fortieth: Morrolan Learns About Kâna, part 4

LCB, day 10

Morrolan discovers 2 partially-intact walls ("during the excavation of the region", LCB 70, dating very approximate).

LCB, day ~~20

Morrolan announces the start of work on a temple to Verra ("one day", LCB 70, dating very approximate).

LCB, day ~25

Teldra discusses funding with Morrolan; tax collectors hired ("the next problem", LCB 70-71, dating approximate).

Morrolan hires more Vallista ("around this time", LCB 71, dating approximate).

LCB, day ~30

Morrolan has living quarters for himself and his companions built, as well as alcoves for Arra ("as an afterthought", LCB 71, dating approximate).

Morrolan has a basement dug, primarily for his Circle of Witches (LCB 71, dating approximate).

LCB, day 35

Fentor e'Mondaar's army defeated in battle by general Suura's forces. Fentor escapes, and begins to consider his options (LCB 73, backdated from LCB day 50).

[Fentor takes "several weeks" to reach Morrolan (LCB 73).]

LCB, day ~~40

A roof placed over the temple ("at length", LCB 72, dating very approximate).

Morrolan speaks with Arra about an altar, and forming an army (LCB 72).

LCB, day ~44

Soldiers for Morrolan's army begin to arrive ("within a few days", LCB 72-73).

Morrolan paints the temple black ("while this was going on", LCB 73-74).

[Link to chapter 40, part 4.]

LCB, day ~48

Piro & company are nearly caught in a brushfire (LCB 97). Dating very approximate, based on the notion that their encounters were fairly evenly spread out.

Mica chased by a Darr (LCB 85, dating very approximate).

LCB, day 50

Fentor e'Mondarr arrives ("after several weeks", LCB 73).

[From the approximate position of Suura's army to Nacine is a journey of over 1600 miles as the jhereg flies. And the jhereg would almost certainly detour, as the straight-line path goes near or through the lesser Sea of Chaos! Let's call it 1,800 miles and assume Fentor had a horse. TRavel time would be 36 days.]

Note that this is not the same Fentor who appears in the Vlad books, working on Morrolan's internal security. That Fentor is a Tsalmoth, and doesn't begin working for Morrolan until almost two hundred years after this.

LCB, day ~~51

Pel learns of Zerika's name and plan; he sends word to Kâna (date quite tentative, see notes about Pel's machinations.)

LCB, day ~55

Morrolan starts to drill with his army (LCB 74, dating approximate).

LCB, day ~56

Habil receives a message from Lady Suura ("yester-day", LCB 62).

LCB, day ~57

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Thirty-Ninth: Kâna Learns About Zerika

["as these events were unfolding" (LCB 61) suggests (weakly) that this chapter takes place at roughly the same time as the previous one (LCB days 1-3). We don't know when (or how) Pel gets his information in this chapter (see notes about Pel's machinations), so that doesn't help with the dating. I think, however, given the strongly stated timing of chapter 40 as close to this one, that "these events" refers to the last several chapters, seen as a whole. So I tentatively date this chapter as the same day as chapter 40.]

Kâna is worried by many problems; Habil assuages his fears (LCB 61-63).

Pel's report on Zerika (LCB 64). (See notes about Pel's machinations.)

Habil convinces Kâna to attack Dzur Mountain; replacing older generals with ones who have no link to the Orb; Kâna to take post to Third Imperial Army (LCB 65-68).

p.62: Third Imperial Army (Suura/Izak) is in "desert" (presumably Suntra) not far from the Pushta (LCB 62).

p.65: "To get them in position will take months." Close to 9 months, if my figures are correct.

p.66: "our armies to the southwest" - Possibly in the region around Zerika's point?

[Link to chapter 40, part 1.]

Orders sent to lady Suura (LCB 104) to dispatch a troop of soldiers (Tsanaali's as it happens) to aid Pel (by inference).

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Fortieth: Morrolan Learns About Kâna, part 4

LCB, day ~61

["at nearly the same time" and "just about the same time" (LCB 69), especially together, suggest strongly that, while these events were not far from those of chapter 39 (about day 57), neither did they overlap exactly. By my figuring, they are about 4 days apart.]

Morrolan's army is 30-35 strong ("in a month", LCB 73, dating approximate).

A Teckla arrives, bringing news of Kâna (LCB 73-75).

[This event is given no clear date, but it is "during this period" (LCB 74). "This period" isn't 100% clear, but I take it to be the same as the "in a month" mentioned on the previous page.]

p.75: "that is scarcely fifty leagues from here!" - Bryan Newell's map puts Stable Point 56 leagues north of Castle Black. Indeed, it is so close that, cross-referenced with later events, we can be quite sure that this is not one of Kâna's two primary armies, just a (presumably much smaller) recruiting operation.

Fentor reports to Morrolan about Kâna (LCB 75-77).

Morrolan consults with Arra about fortifications (LCB 77-78).

LCB, day ~57-61

Morrolan plans for battle with his allies ("spent some days", LCB 78). Note that these plans for fortifications apparently do not reach fruition. Approximately 147 days later, the future Castle Black is described as having "only the barest of defensive fortifications" (LCB 203), and these are ones which Fentor has cobbled together "in only a few days" (LCB 227). No reason is given for why the planned "wall, with guard towers" didn't happen; I can hypothesize several, most of which are variations on "Morrolan doesn't have much experience in large project management yet, and is easily bored/distracted".

[Link to chapter 41, part 1.]

LCB, day ~61

Kâna reaches the Third Imperial Army. [He's traveling by post, which seems circa 400 miles/day. Assuming he goes south around the Kanefthali mountains, the journey would be roughly 1,600 miles, hence about 4 days.]

Tsanaali's company sets out to join Pel (by inference, date approximate).


[The transition from Summer to Autumn would be somewhere around day 62.]

LCB, day ~65

Tsanaali's troop meets Pel, and they begin sweeping south in search of Piro and company (by inference, date approximate).

LCB, day ~93

Piro & company are nearly caught in a rockslide (LCB 97). Dating very approximate, based on the notion that their encounters were fairly evenly spread out.

Mica detours around bandits (LCB 85, dating very approximate).


Winter starts on approximately LCB day 135.

LCB, day ~138

Piro & company are nearly caught by a dragon (LCB 98). Dating very approximate, based on the notion that their encounters were fairly evenly spread out.

Mica trapped by snowfall until an "unseasonable thaw" (LCB 85, dating approximate).

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Thirty-Sixth: Khaavren Sets Out, part 3

LCB, day ~154

Khaavren decides he is ready (LCB 30-32).

[This sequence is backdated from Zerika's emergence on LCB day 186.]

Röaana wishes to accompany Khaavren, and is eventually accepted (LCB 32-34).

A messenger from Ibronka, suffering from ennui; she to join the expedition (LCB 34-36).

Preparations for departure (LCB 36).

LCB, day ~155

["early the next morning", LCB 36.]

Departing (LCB 36-40).

p.37: "almost eight hundred years before". It was 779 years by my reckoning.

Khaavren and company travel 15 leagues ("on the first day", LCB 40). [Bryan Newell argues convincingly that the text on this page reading "miles" must be an error for "leagues".]

LCB, day ~156

Khaavren and company travel 20 leagues ("each of the next two", LCB 40).

LCB, day ~157

Khaavren and company travel 20 leagues ("each of the next two", LCB 40).

LCB, day ~158

Khaavren and company travel ~15 leagues ("by the fourth day they were all sufficiently exhausted as to get a late start, and to decide to retire early", LCB 40).

LCB, day ~159

Khaavren and company travel ~20 leagues (by inference).

LCB, day ~160

Khaavren and company travel ~20 leagues ("which they repeated on the sixth day", LCB 40)). They arrive at Bra-Moor shhortly after "early evening of the sixth day" (LCB 40).

[Link to chapter 37, part 1.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Forty-First: Friends Reunited, part 1

Aerich greets Khaavren and company (LCB 79-80).

p.79: "as he had seven hundred years before." Actually, 779.

p.79: "the day we met". The Phoenix Guards, chapter 1.

Aerich and Khaavren worry about Pel and decide to seek him out; dinner and bed (LCB 80-82).

p.81: "We will set out at dawn to-morrow." Contradicted on the following page.

p.82: "sleeping in a bed for the first time in more than a week" - Technically true, but barely, as it's only been 6 days.

LCB, day ~161

Aerich, Khaavren, and company depart (LCB 82-83).

["they all awoke", LCB 82.]

p.83: "As to direction, we will go north, of course. Directly north, toward Deathgate. If we have seen nothing when we reach the mountains, we will continue northward, with the mountains always to our right hand." These are remarkably precise and confident directions, all things considered. Aerich presumably has some source of information on Pel's movements that has not been explicitly mentioned. Possibly this is the oracle whom Aerich wrote about in The Paths of the Dead, chapter 28, part 4 -- in a letter which, perhaps significantly, Aerich decided at the last minute not to send to Pel. Also note that according to Bryan Newell's map, their course is definitely NOT "Directly north", but NNE.

Ibronka and Röaana play rhyming 20 questions (LCB 83).

[Link to chapter 41, part 2.]

LCB, day ~177

Mica starts following a brook from South Mountain ("for days and days", LCB 93, dating approximate).

LCB, day ~180

Wadre finds "tracks in the snow" (LCB 100) of Piro and company and begins following them (dating approximate).

LCB, day 183 (Jhegaala 10)

Mica encounters Pel ("not two days ago", LCB 89). Placed here on the assumption that he encountered Pel fairly late in the day, while encountering Khaavren & company somewhat earlier.

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Forty-First: Friends Reunited, part 2

LCB, day 184 (Jhegaala 11)

Khaavren and company see South Mountain (LCB 83-84).

p.83: "as the hours became days, and the days became weeks". This strongly suggests that the period of time covered did not extend to "weeks became months", since if it had, Paarfi could hardly have resisted saying so. Hence, I am guessing the elapsed time is less than 34 days (which would be two complete months). I estimate the journey so far at roughly 1,000 miles. If they have continued to make "short stages" (LCB 82), let's put their average speed at 45 miles/day. That gives a travel time of about 23 days.

LCB, day 185 (Jhegaala 12)

["The next day", LCB 84.]

Khaavren and company encounter Mica; Mica tells of his travels, the battle at the Falls, and Piro's pursuit of Grita (LCB 84-88).

p.85: "It has been months since I have seen them." Almost 11 months by my reckoning.

Discussion of what to do next; Mica convinced to lead them to Pel; pursuit, then camp (LCB 88-91).

[Link to chapter 41, part 3.]

Wadre finds a horse with a broken leg ("yesterday", LCB 102).

Wadre catches up with Piro and company ("the night before", LCB 100). ["after months of searching" (LCB 100) - 180 days by my reckoning, or about 10 1/2 months.]

Pel's Machinations in The Lord of Castle Black

There are many details missing about Pel's activities around this time. I have some speculations...

Issue #1: How does Pel learn about Zerika?

We are not told when or how Pel learned of Zerika's existence and goals. Very few people knew that information. It seems likely that Paarfi himself doesn't know for sure, given that he later says: "We do not know, in fact, when he realized that it was Khaavren's son he had been following" (LCB 118). I see several possibilities:

Issue #2: Grita and Tsanaali

When Grita meets Tanaali (pages 144-145), their conversation has some interesting holes in it. Grita says she "warned you of the perfidy of the Yendi, and told you where to find the Orb". What perfidy? and what's that about the Orb? And when, exactly did Grita get this information to Tsanaali? I think Paarfi intends for the reader to think the "perfidy" referred to is Pel's joining forces with Khaavren et al, and this is a plausible reading, though not my favorite. Pel had barely joined Khaavren before Tsanaali attacked. Grita would havve to have warned him telepathically (an ability that we don't know whether or not she has, but which is at least plausible). But such a "warning" would hardly count as a "service to you", as Tsanaali was attacking anyways, and knowing that Pel was among the foe doesn't seem to have changed his tactics. Similarly, getting news that "The Orb is right here!" shortly before the attack would be of relatively little value; they would soon have seen for themselves, and again, no tactical change appears to have resulted.

So I think that Grita gave some information to Tsanaali considerably earlier. And there's one significant event where we know Tsanaali did seem to change his plans: Something made him decide to start moving his troop eastward, at high speed, hours before dawn on the day of the Orb's return. I think that this attack was triggered by a message from Grita (though not in person, as she couldn't have gotten back to the bluff in time.) Grita may have had access to prophetic knowledge about the time of the Orb's return, or she might have been exaggerating with that part of her claim, on the theory that finding Zerika's companions would be "close enough".

But what of Pel's alleged "perfidy"?

Issue #3: Grita and Pel

"Grita and Tsanaali," suggested Khaavren.

"Tsanaali and Kâna," observed Pel.

"Grita and Kâna," concluded Aerich grimly. -- LCB page 141

I suggest that there's an important fourth connection elided here: "Grita and Pel". To explain why I think that, I need to answer a subsidiary question: Why was Tsanaali's troop half a day's ride away in the first place? Tsanaali appears to be (unhappily) under Pel's authority for the time being, but is physically quite distant. Why does Pel have him placed there? Wouldn't he have them aiding the search for Piro et al?

I believe Tsaanali was aiding the search. I think Pel assigned him and his soldiers the task of sweeping the north-south road and the area around it, while Pel himself searched the mountains. (There's no mention of such a road, but it pretty much has to exist for normal people to get to the vicinity of Deathgate Falls. Piro and company are staying in the foothills precisely to avoid being intercepted on the road.)

But how can Pel hope to search "the mountains" for Piro et al by himself? He can't, he would need another group of scouts. And there's a potential such group whose movements are unaccounted for in the narrative: Wadre's -- now Grita's -- bandits. This is another reason to believe that Pel and Grita were working together for at least some of this period.

Paarfi strongly implies that Pel is seeking Grita after his encounter with Wadre in chapter 35. I now believe that Pel did seek her and did find her. When they met, perhaps one or both of them was in disguise? Regardless, somehow they convinced each other that they could work together. Pel joins forces with Grita's band as they move through the mountains trying to lure Piro and company into a death-trap. At some point (probably shortly thereafter), Pel learns the identities of Piro's band, and figures out what Zerika is doing. [Wadre already gave him a significant clue that Tazendra is in the group; I don't see how he could fail to know their identities before learning of Zerika.] So now, his duty to Kâna would demand he destroy Piro et al, Grita is also actively trying to kill them, but his duty to his friends argues against doing so. Perhaps he stalls for time, perhaps he decides at once. He decides in favor of his friends.

But at this point, it's hard to see how Pel can help his friends without blowing his loyal cover(s) with Grita and Tsanaali. Tsanaali he keeps out of the way by simply lying to him about having not yet found Piro's company. Meanwhile, from his position within Grita's band, he "accidentally" sabotages her death-traps. The first two such (LCB 97) could easily have been foiled by making a just-loud-enough noise in the right place and time.

But while Pel is loyal to his friends, he's never even seen Zerika, and has no inherent loyalty to her. So he gives that information to Kâna, without revealing where he got it. This preserves his reputation with Kâna while allowing him to keep Kâna's forces away from his friends.

Pel and Grita might have continued to work together up until LCB day 186. I think it more likely, however, that they parted company at some earlier point, but continued to dance around both each other and Piro's group.

At some point, probably while still working with Pel, Grita learns of Tsanaali's existence and mission. Presumably Pel is still checking in with him somehow from time to time, and Grita would eventually notice and investigate. Now, Grita knows that Pel is arguably betraying Kâna. But I think she doesn't act on that knowledge right away, deciding to save it for the right time.

Now, it could be that Grita acted as soon as she knew, and that that was one more coincidence in a bevy of coincidences surrounding the Orb's return. Wait a minute... How many of those actually are coincidences? We've already raised the notion that Grita might have had warning of the re-emergence of the Orb, and that's still quite possible. But there's another possibility which doesn't require anything supernatural, just a fairly wide-spread group of spying bandits, which Grita has. What if Grita gets word of six riders approaching Piro's general vicinity, including two whose descriptions she recognizes at once? She's been doing a lot of maneuvering to try to kill Piro, Tazendra, et al, ideally with Pel's unwitting help. But with the arrival of Khaavren and Aerich, the odds of any successful revenge for Grita would go way down.

At this point, Grita pulls the trigger on Tsanaali, sending him a message either by courier or other means. "Hey, guess what? Your boss is betraying the Emperor. And he's had you doing pointless busywork for months now. Plus, he might end up next to the Orb soon..." Tsanaali immediately starts moving. Pel was not expecting this, and probably realizes that at least part of his cover is blown, so rides out to meet Tsanaali and try and patch things over, or at least assess the situation. Tsanaali doesn't 100% trust his new informant, so he keeps Grita's message to himself, but can barely control his anger at Pel. Pel realizes that he's on shaky ground, so acts as if he's still loyal, but then gets the hell away before Tsanaali can have him detained or killed.

[This hypothesis would mean that Tsanaali, Khaavren, Pel, and Grita all converging at once with Piro was not coincidence at all. Grita was always going to be nearby, keeping tabs on Piro. Khaavren and Piro would have met at some point, and Pel would naturally step out of the shadows when that happened. Khaavren's imminent arrival inspired Grita to summon Tsanaali. The only remaining coincidence is Zerika's emergence just as all this was happening.]

Grita's original plan was probably to wait until Tsanaali arrived, then attack from the rear, with devastating surprise. So why did she actually attack well before that? Because she knew who the approaching riders were, and had a near-supernatural dread of that foursome united. Tsanaali was going to arrive too late, and this was her last chance to strike before the four friends reunited. Indeed, the reunion happens just as the battle with the bandits is concluding. If Zerika hadn't emerged when she did, the bandits might have succeeded in killing Piro and Tazendra. The bandits probably wouldn't have also managed to kill Khaavren's group, but if they had, it would have been a bonus. Grita would have been ready to escape as the battle was winding down if it went against her.

So if this is true, why is so little of it related in the book? Partially because most of the sources were unlikely to write any of it down, or agree to talk to Paarfi. But one or more of the surviving bandits might well have had a diary or Paarfi interview which revealed that Pel took part in some attempts to murder Piro, Tazendra, et al. While betraying the (not-yet-)Empress could be excused by duty to the (potentially-real-)Emperor, it's much harder to reconcile the appearance of cooperating with people trying to kill your best friends. I, personally, don't believe that any of those were sincere attempts, but Paarfi may have felt there was room to doubt. I think Paarfi didn't want to risk the potential smirch on Pel's honor, and so left out a few inconvenient facts. And lastly, I think that guilt over breaching his historian ethics in such a way is what caused him to write "We do not know, in fact, when he realized that it was Khaavren's son he had been following" (LCB 118). I think he had a pretty good idea when, and just didn't want anyone else to know.

The Day of the Orb's Return

["the thirteenth of the month of the Jhegaala in the two hundred and forty-seventh year of the Interregnum", LCB 109.]

[We know LCB day 1 is approximately the 15th of Hawk (year day 83). Zerika emerges on 13th of Jhegaala, which is year day 268. Hence, this is about LCB day 186. Many earlier events are backdated from this.]

[As this is a very complex sequence, I am including estimates of the hour, not just the day. This has revealed many places where Paarfi has related events slightly out of sequence.]

[At this latitude and date, sunrise on Earth, woud be about 6:45 which corresponds to 8:25AM, Dragaeran time. Given that South Mountain is close by to their east, I would expect it to be somewhat later. Earth sunset would be around 5:30, corresponding to approximately 6:50 PM Dragaeran timess.]

LCB, day 186, Jhegaala 13, ~7:00AM

Tsanaali's troop begins moving in the middle of the night (by inference, time approximate). Presumably they have received a message by some means (courier, telepathically, whatever) that they must immediately head east to catch Piro and company. (See notes about Pel's machinations.)

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Forty-First: Friends Reunited, part 3

LCB, day ~186, ~8:15AM

A pre-dawn departure for Khaavren and company ("In a very short time", LCB 91-92).

LCB, day ~186, ~9:00AM

Dawn; starting to travel faster (LCB 92-93).

["until there was enough light" (LCB 92). This may seem late, but it is winter, fairly far north, and with South Mountain east of them.)

LCB, day ~186, ~10:30AM

A dust cloud behind ("After an hour or so", LCB 93).

LCB, day ~186, ~~13:00AM

Mica's camp seen; traveling faster yet (LCB 93-94).

[We aren't given any clear notion of how much time has passed here. The mountain and the dust cloud are both larger, but neither of those gives us a number.]

LCB, day ~186, ~~13:00AM-3:00PM

Khaavren and company "continued in this way for several hours" (LCB 94).

LCB, day ~186, ~2:00PM

Piro and company halt upon a bluff, presumably for a meal/rest break (by inference, as Wadre observes them doing "little except to wait" (LCB 101).

Pel observes Piro and company (by inference from his report on p.104). (He may have been aware much earlier, see notes about Pel's machinations.)

LCB, day ~186, ~2:30PM

Wadre begins observing Piro and company. [He stays still until "the expiration of an hour" (LCB 101), and perhaps longer.]

Grita sees Wadre at a distance; she sees and follows Pel; a stolen horse ("this was an hour and a half ago", LCB 102).

Pel rides his new horse downslope and starts heading towards Tsanaali (by inference).

LCB, day ~186, 3:00PM

A lone horseman seen (LCB 94-95).

[Why am I placing this at 3PM when the text cleary says "It was around noon"? Because it can't be around noon. Counting backwards, we have Zerika at 5PM, Wadre killed at 4:30PM. Assume the conversation between Grita and Wadre took half an hour, so we can push back to 4PM Grita saying "this was an hour and a half ago" in reference to her seeing Wadre, placing that event around 2:30PM. So it is after 2:30PM that her horse is stolen and Pel starts his ride. He prresumably has to go rather slowly when high up, so I give it half an hour until Khaavren sees him. My hypothesis is that the Dragaeran text said something roughly equivalent to "It was around lunchtime" and, while translating, SB forgot that Dragaerans customarily eat four meals a day. Presumably they have two words that both get translated as "lunch", but neither of which traditionally happens at noon.

p.94: "It was as if he emerged from a cave." He almost certainly did not. He acquired his horse rather high on the slopes of the mountain, and rode it down in a hurry (see below).

p.94: "Could he have seen us?" - He could have, but it seems that if he did, he did not recognize them, as he doesn't mention them to Tsanaali.

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Forty-Second: The Interregnum Ends

LCB, day ~186, ~4:00PM

Piro and company discuss the hunt for Grita (LCB 96-99).

[They have been in the mountains for "very nearly a year" (LCB 97); an exaggeration, as they reached the mountains in the mid-spring of this year, and it is now only late winter. They have been chasing Grita for "All of summer, all of autumn, and much of this winter" (LCB 97); another exaggeration, as it was well into summer by the time Zerika jumped (see notes to The Paths of the Dead, chapter 29).]

Khaavren and co start heading towards the bluff (LCB 104).

Piro and company see six riders approaching, and discuss the cave at their back (LCB 99-100).

Wadre watches (LCB 100-101).

Pel reports to Tsanaali (LCB 104-106). [Placed at 4:00, because he left the lower slopes of the mountain around 3:00 (see notes to 3:00, above), and had returned by 5:00 (LCB 108).]

The fact that Tsanaali is unaware that Suura has been replaced by Izak suggests strongly that his unit has been incommunicado for the last (roughly) 125 days. This, in turn, suggests that they have been assigned to Pel's usage for at least that long. Pel himself has presumably been in at least intermittent contact with Kâna's government all along.

p.105: "They do not know where she is." - Either because Pel didn't tell them, or because "where" in the normal sense doesn't really apply to someone in the Paths of the Dead or the Halls of Judgment.

p.106: "Izak is approaching Dzur Mountain from the north" - More likely NNW.

Grita begins talking to Wadre (LCB 101-103, see notes at 3:00 PM, above).

[Presumably, Grita spent much of the intervening "hour and a half" (LCB 102) trying to find her horse.]

LCB, day ~186, ~4:30PM

Grita kills Wadre (LCB 104, see notes at 3:00 PM, above).

Pel speaks to some horsemen at touch-it glass distance from Grita (LCB 103).

Lar sees a body fall ("Half an hour ago", LCB 108). [Incidentally, I feel this must have been an accident. Grita could have lost the element of surprise due to this. In the event, it appears to her that no one notices right away.]

LCB, day ~186, 5:00PM

Grita prepares to attack; Piro and company see mysteries on all sides (LCB 107-109).

p.108: "now numbering ten or twelve". There were ten brigands (not counting Wadre) at the start of the battle in The Paths of the Dead, chapter 30, and several of those died. Presumably Grita has augmented their numbers since.

Zerika emerges with the Orb (PD 392; LCB 21-22, 109). This is "the thirteenth of the month of Jhegaala in the two hundred and forty-seventh year of the Interregnum" (LCB 109), a "winter's day" (LCB 112).

On the dating of the end of Interregnum and the nature of citizenship (LCB 109-113).

p.109: "Others claim that the placing of the cornerstone of the new Imperial Palace is the moment". See Sethra Lavode, Preface. "to others, it is the end of [...] the Battle of South Mountain". See chapter 44. "or sometimes the Battle of Dzur Mountain (that is, the Ninth Battle of Dzur Mountain, or the Tenth as some historians call it)." See chapter 56. "Still others do not consider the Empire to have truly existed until Zerika actually took possession of the Imperial Palace". See Sethra Lavode, Conclusion.

p.109-110: "some think it did not exist until the last of the serious opposition to it was crushed--which, in turn, leads to many debates over what might be considered serious opposition." The Battle of Adrilankha might qualify; see Sethra Lavode, chapter 98.

p.113: "Kieron the Conqueror's, "The sea has brought our salvation,"" refers to the arrival of the Orca forces at Kieron's Watch. See notes on the founding of the Empire. "Undauntra the First's, "Let him who doubts the victory wrest the banner from my hand"". An Empress who ruled an unknown time before Tortaalik. "the elegant understatement of Tigarrae's famous "Turn around, my lord; I am behind you,"" refers to an early reasearcher in the art of teleportation, around 700 BI. "Sethra Lavode's, "I speak for the Mountain, and the Mountain speaks for the Orb," or Lord Kuinu's, "By all the Lords of Judgment, it is proved at last," ... or Deo's "Welcome, my lady, to my home"" are all of unknown signifigance.

[Link to chapter 43.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Forty-Sixth: An Intriguing Individual

LCB, day ~186, also 5:00PM

[This chapter is stated to be taking place in "the middle of a morning [...] in the first year of the reign of the Empress Zerika the Fourth" (LCB 151). But this is logically impossible. Paarfi speculates of the fire-lighting in this chapter "It is possible that this was the first use of the Orb for sorcery after the Interregnum" (LCB 156), yet spends some time showing how sorcery was used "early" the next morning in Zerika's camp. (LCB 159), That strongly suggests that this chapter has to take place on the day of the Orb's return. Yet the Orb returned at 5PM (and the two locations are not separated enough in longitude for there to be much time difference), so this chapter can't be at the time described. By Occam's razor, "morning" here is a mis-translation of "evening", and Sethra sent the Necromancer to Morrolan very soon after the Orb returned. It could have been any time within a few hours, but the longer it took, the less likely that the fire-lighting incident here could plausibly be the first use of sorcery, so I place it within the same half-hour block of time.]

The Warlock summons Morrolan to deal with The Necromancer (LCB 151-153).

The Necromancer warns Morrolan of Kâna's army's approach (LCB 153-154).

The Orb's return verified (LCB 154-156).

p.154: "A large army of the Duke of KKânana is heading in this general direction" - Presumably the "exploratory expedition to the south" mentioned on LCB 66, now under the command of Brawre.

Fentor ordered to ready his forces to march by the morning of day 188; the Warlock to scout the enemy (LCB 156-157).

Morrolan consults Arra, and through her Verra, about what to do (LCB 157-158).

[Link to chapter 47.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Forty-Third: Four Old Friends

LCB, day ~186, 5:15PM

Grita's attack is unsuccessful (LCB 114-116).

Pel climbs the bluff, possibly hoping to catch Grita off-guard (by inference, LCB 118).

p.114: "three hundred years earlier" is of course actually 247.

Greeting the Empress; Khaavren & Aerich reunited with Tazendra; Pel appears (LCB 117-119).

p.118: "We do not know, in fact, when [Pel] realized that it was Khaavren's son he had been following with malicious intent." See notes about Pel's machinations.

Defensive preparations; climbing higher; recruiting ex-bandits (LCB 119-122).

LCB, day ~186, ~5:30PM

Tsanaali and his forces arrive below the bluff; debating with Pel; Zerika briefed (briefly) on the danger of Kâna (LCB 122-124).

Röaana and Ibronka agree to fight together; Kyttran and Piro discuss girls and tactics LCB 124-126).

Aerich offers comforting words to Khaavren; Tazendra complains of the weakness of the foe (LCB 126-127).

Description of the battleground; position of the warriors (LCB 127).

p.127: "The two girls positioned themselves near Khaavren." Almost certainly a typo for Kytraan, since they are described during the battle as being on his side, not Khaavren's. "Lar, wielding his cooking pot, stood next to Piro. Clari, though she had no weapon save a fist-sized rock which she thought to pick up, stood near Ibronka." These two brave servants were not, however, in the front lines, though Lar does step in later to fill a gap. "Three of the new recruits--Belly, Iatha, and Thong--were positioned beyond Mica, the others behind them". Belly must have been at the far end of the right side, though nothing more is said of his part in the battle. Ritt steps in to fill a gap, but Grassfog apparently has no such opportunity.

The lines of battle, for reference, are:
Right side: Khaavren (at the edge), Tazendra, Mica, Iatha, Thong (replaced later by Ritt), Belly
Left side: Aerich (at the edge), Piro, Kytraan, Pel, Röaana (replaced later by Lar), Ibronka

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Forty-Fourth: The Battle of South Mountain

LCB, day ~186, ~6:000PM

Introduction to the battle (LCB 128).

Tsanaali attacks both sides at once (LCB 128-129).

Battle on the right side (LCB 129-131).

Battle on the left side; Röaana injured, Lar steps in (LCB 131-134).

p.131: "Piro, who stood immediately to his right." A mistake for "left", since the cliff is to Aerich's right.

More battle on the right; Thong injured, Ritt steps in (LCB 134-136).

p.134: "Tsanaali had never had a chance to wound her". And yet, a mere three pages earlier, Tsanaali gave her "a similar scratch on her right leg above the knee" (LCB 131).

To the right, the enemy is defeated (LCB 136-138).

p.137: "Amidst the shuffling back and forth that will inevitably accompany such a confused battle in such difficult surroundings ... [Lar struck an enemy] to his right, who was exchanging passes with Pel." Pel and Lar have switched places during this "shuffling".

Thong is dead; Röaana's wound tended; the surviving enemy retreat (LCB 138-140).

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Forty-Fifth: Decisions Made, part 1

LCB, day ~186, ~6:300PM

Grita observed with Tsanaali (LCB 140-141).

Our friends decide to rest for the night (LCB 141-144).

p.141: "We did before." See The Phoenix Guards, chater 30.

Grita joins with Tsanaali, wishing to bargain with Kâna (LCB 141, 144-145). (See notes about Pel's machinations.)

[Link to chapter 45, part 2.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Forty-Fifth: Decisions Made, part 3

Zerika consults her advisors (LCB 148-150).

[Link to chapter 46.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Forty-Seventh: Tazendra Makes a Test

LCB, day ~187 (Jhegaala 14?)

["early the following morning" (LCB 159).]

Tazendra makes an inadvertent explosion, discovering the Orb to be more powerful (LCB 159-161).

Grassfog physics Röaana's leg, and (after some debate) some wounded enemies (LCB 161-163).

Kâna's armies are both predicted to be 9 days from Dzur Mountain (LCB 163-164). This happens "At just about the time the Empress was setting out" (LCB 163). These estimates were optimistic; two days from now, the Warlock estimates that the two armies are 10-17 days (LCB 168) away from Castle Black, which is quite close to Dzur Mountain. In the event, Brawre's army is even later than Izak's (LCB 227).

Tsanaali thinks he can reach Dzur Mountain (LCB 164-165) in 8 days. According to Bryan Newell's map, the distance between South Mountain and Dzur Mountain is about 1200 miles. They've already traveled for about half a day, so this suggests that a troop of horse can plausibly cover about 140 miles/day by pushing as hard as they can. They do have a significant surplus of horses, between their own diminished numbers and the horses stolen from Zerika et al. Switching to an unladen horse that has also been traveling fast is not as good as a fresh horse, but it still does increase speed sighnificantly. We also know that Tsanaali's band changes horses at least once (in Barleytown, LCB 181). Note that full armies travel much slower than individuals and small groups can (see notes to chapter 64, part 3). Hence, Kâna's other forces are probably much nearer to Dzur Mountain already.

["a few hours later", LCB 164.]

p.164: "westward" seems likely to be in error, as they are presumably heading for Dzur Mountain, nearly due south from their current estimated location.

The gods discuss the situation (LCB 165-166).

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Forty-Eighth: Morrolan Contemplates Command, part 1

LCB, day ~189 (Jhegaala 16?)

[Morrolan had ordered Fentor to be ready to depart on day 188 (LCB 157), but that is now "yester-day" (LCB 167).]

The Warlock reports on the various armies approaching (LCB 167-169).

The armies are "Two weeks, perhaps a month" away from this region (LCB 168). My figures have the battle starting on day 199, which is 10 days away, exactly 2 weeks. Note that the Warlock's familiars scouted both of these armies and returned in only 3 days! Obviously they are supernatural, but even so that is impressive speed. The Warlock himself appears to have remained nearby, interrogating locals (LCB 169).

p.168: "unless they change directions" - Which they do, see notes to Disposition of the Armies.

p.169: "If they continue as they are marching, they will meet at a point somewhat north of here." Presumably Dzur Mountain.

Tsanaali's detatchment is coming "much more rapidly" (LCB 169). True, see notes to chapter 47.

Morrolan considers his options (LCB 169-171).

p.170: "We asked her for a sign some days ago". 3 days ago by my count.

[Link to chapter 48, part 2.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Forty-Fifth: Decisions Made, part 2

LCB, day ~190 (Jhegaala 17?)

[Exact date uncertain, but at least "several days" after the Orb returned (see below).]

Sethra Lavode finishes seeing to Dzur Mountain's defenses (LCB 145-146).

p.146: "I attended to that [the defense of the Empire, presumably against the Jenoine] over the last several days". Since the activity referred to presumably started as soon as the Orb returned, this scene seems to take place several days later.

Sethra and Tukko converse (LCB 146-148).

p.147: "[The Necromancer] will do more good with the little Dragon than she will here." Another indication that this scene takes place after chapter 46.

p.147: "The Empress, it seems, has just won a sort of victory". To the left, the use of the word "just" here suggests that the Battle of South Mountain had just concluded. Then again, to a Dragaeran (and Sethra Lavode in particular), a span of a few days may seem almost simultaneous.

[Link to chapter 45, part 3.]

Tsanaali's troop reaches Barleytown early in the day and does some horse-trading (speculative, see Disposition of forces for more detail).

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Forty-Ninth: Zerika Acquires Horses

LCB, still day ~190 (Jhegaala 17?)

The youngsters discuss defense, and their histories (LCB 172-174).

Barleytown, Agate, the Blue Flower Inn; seeking horses (LCB 175-177).

The youngsters discuss adventure (LCB 177-180).

Horses acquired; a late departure (LCB 180-181).

[Link to chapter 50.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Forty-Eighth: Morrolan Contemplates Command, part 2

LCB, day ~195 (Athyra 5?)

Although this scene is apparently tightly integrated with the previous one (on day 189), I believe that there was actually a gap of many days that has been elided away. From the time that Morrolan sets out, until the beginning of the Battle of Dzur Mountain, we know that exactly 4 days elapse. My calculations (see notes to chapter 47) suggest that that Battle begins on day 199. Hence, I think Morrolan didn't depart until day 195.

Morrolan departs to extract tribute from Dzur Mountain (LCB 171). Though he thinks he will be gone "a day or two" (LCB 171), he is in fact gone about 3.5 days.

[Link to chapter 49.]

Fentor starts work on battlements (date approximate, LCB 199).

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Fiftieth: Morrolan Demands Tribute, part 1

LCB, day ~196 (Athyra 6?)

[Morrolan arrives at Dzur Mountain "in the middle of the morning of the day after setting out" (LCB 182).]

Sethra Lavode welcomes Morrolan (LCB 183-185).

Morrolan discusses tribute, then loses his temper; Tukko reminds Sethra of a prophecy (LCB 186-191).

p.190: "that was a hundred years--" probably meant to continue "later"; a slight exaggeration, as he met Teldra (in a coach) 88 years after first meeting "the fool".

[Link to chapter 50, part 2.]

At Morrolan's camp, biscuits to provision the soldiers start to be baked ("three days" ago, LCB 231).

Disposition of forces leading up to the battle of Dzur Mountain

As the battle approaches, let's examine where the various forces are, and how they got there.

Morrolan's army

Morrolan has a force which has "noticeably grown" (LCB 192) from "scarcely three thousand" (LCB 157), but still is only "a few scant thousands" (LCB 203), or "somewhere between three thousands and four thousands" (LCB 231). This army is deployed around what will become Castle Black.

Izak's army

The Third Imperial Army is initially under the command of Lady Suura. They were extracting themselves from "the desert" circa LCB day 57. This desert is probably the Suntra, both because it's the only desert we know of for sure, and because Kâna is studying "a map which detailed certain areas to the northeast of Suntra" (LCB 61). This army is headed roughly south towards the Pushta (LCB 62).

Inference: Circa day 61, Kâna reaches this army, puts Izak in command, and starts heading more directly towards Dzur Mountain. They head almost due south, until they are in position to be approaching Dzur Mountain "from the west" (LCB 106).

By day 187, Izak's believes they can reach Dzur Mountain in 9 days "if we do not have any unexpected delays" (LCB 164), for a projected arrival at day 196. Delays presumably do happen, as on day 189, the Warlock thinks they are "Two weeks, perhaps a month" (LCB 168) away, for a projected arrival between day 199-206. (But Brawre's army is even later, see below.) At this point they number about "forty thousand" (LCB 168). They are approaching "from the west", and "heading directly for" Morrolan (LCB 168).

Inference: Their heading straight for Morrolan was coincidental. Sometime within the next few days, they become aware of Morrolan's army in their path, and detour around it (adding at least another day's travel time). They presumably circled to the south, through Iadim County, as going north would bring them dangerously close to Dzur Mountain itself, before they are ready to attack. This is supported by the fact that they are next seen "just outside of the village of Nacine" (LCB 227), which is slightly south (though more east) of Morrolan's temple.

Inference: In order for Zerika's march to start on the proper date (see notes to chapter 64, part 1), I'm assuming Izak's army made good time. Izak's army camps north of Nacine in the middle of day 198, having reached a good campsite around Hightower Brook (see below). Kâna believes he can ignore Morrolan for the time being, and is still planning to attack Dzur Mountain in concert with Brawre's army. However, Brawre is lagging behind and Kâna has gained some appreciation for how optimistic estimates often fail in actual practice. Hence, he expects to launch the joint attack 14 days from today, on day 211 (LCB 225). Needless to say, Kâna still isn't pessimistic enough... This army couldn't have stayed in place long without being noticed, so I believe Fentor noticed them the following morning, the day of the battle, day 199.

By the day of battle Izak's forces are east of Morrolan (LCB 201), "barely ten miles away" (LCB 198), and "just outside of the village of Nacine" (LCB 227). Nacine is about 18 miles from Morrolan's temple, but the ten mile figure probably refers to the closest border of a large, stretched-out camp. They may also be stretched out in a specifically northwest direction, see section on local waterways, below. For reasons that should become clear below, I think Izak's army has gone past Nacine, and spread out camp to the northwest of it.

A brief digression on local waterways

Hightower Brook travels to and/or through the village of Nacine (LCB 43). A (long-past) volcanic eruption of Dzur Mountain blocked much of the then-river, reducing Hightower to a Brook (LCB 44). This incidentally implies that the Brook runs roughly north to south. The water blocked by the lava flow has to go somewhere (unless it goes underground), so there's probably a lake and/or forking waterway some distance north of Nacine. I believe that Izak's army camp is spread out around this river-junction/lake north of Nacine. (Incidentally, this probably causes notable water supply problems for the inhabitants of Nacine before long.)

Since the edge of Izak's camp is "barely ten miles away" from Morrolan's temple, it might make things a bit more plausible if the Hightower is somewhat sinuous, and the site of the junction/lake is northwest of Nacine. This would also help with Paarfi's description that the battle was "fought for the most part along a small stream called Lostoar Brook" (LCB 197), see below for more on that.

The other named waterway in the area is Lostoar Brook. Grita was expected to make camp "at a small stream called Lostoar" (LCB 208). The scene with that description is talking about how waterways are "few in this region" (LCB 207), so by "at" Lostoar, they must mean "at the easternmost point of Lostoar", the river either starting here from some source, or perhaps making a sharp turn here. While it's possible that Lostoar starts from a spring here, I'm inclined to think that Hightower Brook continues south from Nacine, and that Lostoar Brook is an offshoot of Hightower. [It's also possible that they are the same waterway, just with different names north and south of Nacine.] From this easternmost point, Lostoar definitely extends west, somewhat south of the border of Southmoor, LCB 197). I believe this easternmost spot to be somewhat west of Nacine, but the evidence is circumstantial (after traveling north for some distance from Lostoar, Khaavren turn southeast to approach Nacine, LCB 244-245).

At least one of these waterways probably goes close to the site of Castle Black. Even floating castles need access to water!

The "Theoreticals"

Izak sends a troop of 250 or so soldiers to scout eastward in force circa day 193 or so, traveling about 75 miles/day. They pass Nacine on day 194. In the middle of day 196, they reach an unnamed village about 180 miles down the road from Nacine, and turn around. They reunite with the main force near Nacine late on day 198. This is all hypothetical, but it helps makes sense of several otherwise puzzling remarks and actions of Zerika's group (see below).

Zerika and Khaavren

Zerika, Khaavren, et al leave the site of the battle of Dzur Mountain on the morning of day 187.

What is Zerika's medium-term goal as she travels south?

How long does it take to reach Barleytown? We know that before they do, "South Mountain has [...] vanished behind them" (LCB 172). When Khaavren et al were approaching from the south, South Mountain came into view 2 days before they reached the site of the battle (LCB 84). Assuming Zerika is following a similar path, they would have to travel at least 100 miles to lose sight of South Mountain. Assuming an average walking speed of ~30 miles/day, they would reach Barleytown "Near the end of the day" on day 190. This date also works out well in another way, being exactly one week after day 186, and both days are stated to be "Marketday" (LCB 151, 176). [We also know that, prior to arriving at Barleytown, Zerika et al are on "the vast plain [...] between the Shallow Sea and the Laughing River" (LCB 172), but this could apply to any of the land southwest of the Ash Mountains, so tells us little.]

While the text has plenty of gaps allowing for other interpretations, I believe that Zerika very nearly caught up to Grita by late day 196, despite Grita's group being better trained and having more horses than Zerika's group, not to mention the 4 days Zerika spent on foot. I surmise that Zerika used the Orb to both impede Tsanaali and speed up her own group. When Zerika's band reach Barleytown, the horses they re-buy "are a trifle winded just now" (LCB 176), which could be taken to imply that Tsanaali sold these horses earlier that same day. If so, it would imply that Tsanaali made terrible progress over the preceding week. The journey from the estimated location of Barleytown to the vicinity of Chorbis (see below) is approximately 1100 miles. Zerika covers that distance in 6 days, for an average speed of over 180 miles/day. This is so fast, it makes me certain that sorcerous aid was involved.

The scene where Pel reports on his eavesdropping on Grita has several problems. Firstly, when and where does it take place? Zerika's camp is roughly east of Morrolan's temple ("Zerika and Khaavren were looking west", LCB 201). We know that the (failed) counter-ambush takes place on day 199, and that they are then not far from Nacine (LCB 227). The text says that after the scene with Pel's report, they expect to reach the counter-ambush site "late afternoon, the day after to-morrow" "Or, rather, the morning of the day after" (LCB 208), implying that it is then the evening of day 196. Both Zerika and Grita's groups have been traveling about 180 miles/day, but if they were 360 miles east of Nacine, they'd be in the sea, so they're clearly closer than that. (Perhaps progress slows significantly due to hilly terrain this close to Dzur Mountain?) Somewhat arbitrarily, I'm putting them about 175 miles east of Nacine.

p.201: "It seems clear that those we pursue have either joined with a larger army, or are about to do so. I, like you, wish to know which it is, as well as the size and precise disposition of this larger army which is, at this moment, only theoretical." - Hypothesis: Khaavren has noticed that there are tracks of a sizable force (the "Theoreticals"), traveling in the same direction that they are. These tracks are fresh, and only slightly older than those made by Grita's group. Hence, he is concerned that these two groups will merge.

p.203: "what she called the 'main army' was only ten or eleven miles away" - Hypothesis: Some text got lost or corrupted here. Grita is "ten or eleven miles away" from the "Theoreticals". (Whereas Grita is now 2 days' ride away from the actual "main army".)

p.203: By the evening of day 196, Grita's group has apparently made contact with the "Theoreticals", learning that "there was only one small garrison between [the main army] and Dzur Mountain". When the "Theoreticals" set out, this was literally true, as Izak hadn't finished circling around Morrolan yet.

If Zerika has reduced Grita's lead to a mere 2 miles by the night of day 196, and we know that Zerika must be able to travel faster than Grita, why doesn't her group just overtake Grita and attack her tomorrow (day 197), rather than setting up a complex counter-ambush? Probably because Khaavren thinks the risks are too great. Grita's band still outnumbers Zerika's, and Grita herself is a formidable sorceress whose abilities they don't fully know. (The battle at Deathgate Falls was inconclusive, and Grita didn't actually take part in the battle of South Mountain.) While taking such precautions is reasonable, it could be spun as dishonorable, which may be one reason why Paarfi doesn't explicitly mention it. Though such concerns might have influenced the later discussion of means and ends (LCB 236-240).

Mid-day of day 197, Zerika's group gets water at a small town (LCB 208), possibly Chorbis.

Late on day 198, Zerika makes camp early to rest (LCB 208). (Inference: The next day, after traveling at least generally north, Khaavren is northwest of Nacine, I think this camp was probably southwest of Nacine.) Khaavren and Piro scout Grita's camp, and find her where they expected her (LCB 233). (Inference: Grita detects the scouting party, and realizes that her ambush plan has been countered!)

Tsanaali and Grita

Tsanaali's troop, as of day 189, is "perhaps twenty or twenty-five in number" (LCB 169).

Inferences: They have followed the main north-south road southwards. After making terrible time before Barleytown (see above), Grita manages to counteract whatever Zerika is doing to slow them down, and (given their subsequent performance) even duplicate the sorcerous aid to their speed. They then cover 1,100 miles in 6 days, for an average rate of over 180 miles/day.

Inference: At some point on the road, they hear that the Third Imperial Army (which Tsanaali belongs to) is approaching Dzur Mountain from the south, so Tsanaali and Grita deide to continue down the main north-south road, bypassing Dzur Mountain to the east. They reach the general vicinity of Chorbis by the end of day 196, putting them roughly east of Castle Black.

[See section on Zerika and Khaavren above for their movements between day 197-198.]

Brawre's army

Brawre's army is about "sixty thousand" (LCB 168). Circa day 57, they were "southwest" (LCB 66) of Kanefthali, perhaps in the Zerika's Point region. By day 186 (as far as Pel knows, though his info is almost certainly out of date), they are approaching Dzur Mountain from the north (LCB 106). By the morning of battle, Brawre's force have "reached a position a hundred or a hundred and ten miles west of Dzur Mountain" (LCB 227), so cannot immediately take part in the battle.

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Fifty-First: Preparation for Battle

LCB, late day ~196 (~Athyra 6)

[Although Paarfi suggests that this chapter takes place "even as" the end of chapter 50 (LCB 201), this is clearly at least one night and probably three before the Battle of Dzur Mountain begins. Hence it actually happens "even as" Morrolan is getting ready to sleep in Dzur Mountain. Perhaps in an earlier draft, Paarfi ended the previous chapter with that scene.]

[Pel (and Paarfi) are being deliberately obscurantist in this scene. For a somewhat plainer explanation of what I think is going on here, see Disposition of forces.]

Scouts sent towards Tsanaali's forces; Kytraan listens, but only Pel understands (LCB 201-208).

p.202: "If, indeed, their destination is Dzur Mountain, as it appears to be" - This almost certainly is an oversimplification or error, as both Grita and Zerika's groups have already passed Dzur Mountain. See Disposition of forces for more detail.

Plan of approach made; they expect to meet the enemy "In the late afternoon, the day after to-morrow ... Or, rather, the morning of the day after"; day 203 (LCB 208-209).

Concern over eavesdropping (LCB 209-210).

[Link to chapter 52, part 1.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Fiftieth: Morrolan Demands Tribute, part 2

LCB, day ~197 (Athyra 7?)

"early the next morning" (LCB 191).

Morrolan rides back, with Blackwand (LCB 191-192).

Zerika's group gets water at a small town, possibly Chorbis ("in the middle of the day", LCB 208).

LCB, day ~198 (Athyra 8?), "mid-morning"

["the next day", LCB 192. Extrapolating from his journey out, Morrolan probably arrives back "in the middle of the morning" 4 days after setting out.]

Morrolan arrives home; Blackwand revealed (LCB 192-195).

War-council (LCB 196-197).

Enemies are 3-5 days away from "us" (LCB 196). In context, I believe "us" refers to Dzur Mountain, since Izak's army is quite close to Morrolan by tomorrow (see below). This estimate assumes that the armies keep moving at their present rate; in fact Kâna seems to want to delay the attack for some weeks for unknown reasons (LCB 225).

On the circumstances surrounding the 9th (or 10th) Battle of Dzur Mountain (LCB 197-198).

[Link to chapter 50, part 3.]

"In the late afternoon" (LCB 208), Zerika makes camp south of Grita (LCB 209). Khaavren and Piro scout Grita's camp (LCB 233). (See Disposition of forces for more detail.)

The Battle of Dzur Mountain begins: LCB, day ~199 (Athyra 9)

[This is the day the battle begins, and a lot happens, so we need to track by time again for a while. This date is approximately equivalent to March 11th in our calendar, and the battle is taking place at roughly 28 degrees north. Sunrise on Earth for that time / latitude is 6:34 AM, which equates to a dragaeran time of roughly 8:20 AM. Sunset on Earth would be 6:28PM, Dragaeran about 8:10PM.]

LCB, day ~199 ~6:00 AM

Grita breaks camp shortly before dawn (see notes to Disposition of forces for reasoning.)

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Fiftieth: Morrolan Demands Tribute, part 3

LCB, day ~199 ~10:00 AM

["The morning after Morrolan's return from Dzur Mountain" (LCB 198). Time estimated by counting back from 13:00, LCB 242.]

The smaller enemy army has "made camp barely ten miles away" as of "morning" (LCB 198).

Morrolan and Fentor discuss strategy and battlements (LCB 198-200).

[Link to chapter 51.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Fifty-Third: Means and Ends, part 1

LCB, day ~199, ~11:30 AM

["the next day's morning" (LCB 227). There are strong reasons to think that this is not referring to the end of chapter 52 (see notes to that chapter). It does seem to be the same day as chapter 50, and some time after chapter 51. Perhaps chapter 52 was inserted between 51 and 53 during an editing pass, and the broken reference wasn't corrected.]

Morrolan finishes listening to Fentor's explanation of defenses (a conversation that started in chapter 50, part 4); Morollan will fight to win (LCB 227-229).

Grita meets Kâna and tells him about Illista (LCB 218-219). This is presumably the same meeting in which Grita gives him the staff with Aliera's soul (LCB 304). Kâna, presumably very quickly, sends Udaar to Illista (see chapter chapter 52), and the staff to Loraan ("some days ago" two days from now, LCB 304).

At this point, Kâna has a plan to attack Dzur Mountain at least 13 days from now, on LCB day ~211, which Udaar hears before he is sent off (see chapter 52, part 3.

Grita and Tsanaali have words; Tsanaali to protect Illista (LCB 231-233).

[Grita appears to be mistaken about Tsanaali's next assignment, since, as we have already seen (chapter 52, part 1), a soldier named Udaar will be sent to Illista.]

["Even as" the previous scene, LCB 231. Presumably it took Grita several hours to get through multiple layers of guards to reach Kâna, and she may have had to wait while he was dealing with other business.]

Zerika's group is "just outside of Nacine, and, in point of fact, less than ten miles from Izak's outposts" (LCB 227).

[Time assignment is speculative. Zerika is not breaking camp in any great rush, because they believe that Grita is waiting for them ("you perceive there is no hurry", LCB 233).]

Tazendra chats with Pel about children (LCB 233-234).

Tazendra chats with Grassfog about large battles and small ones (LCB 234-235).

Aerich consulted on the ethics of using sorcery in battle; ends and means (LCB 235-241).

p.240: "when we faced odds of three against a thousand in the Pepperfields." The Phoenix Guards, chapter 29.

LCB, day ~199 ~12:00 AM

[Time estimated.]

Morrolan musters his 'special forces', then rides out with his army (LCB 229-231).

p.230: "it did take place yesterday." In chapter 50, part 3 (LCB 196-197).

Zerika gives the order to go to battle (LCB 241).

[Link to chapter 54.]

LCB, day ~199 ~12:30 AM

[Time estimated.]

Zerika's band reaches Grita's camp, but finds it unoccupied! There are tracks leading roughly north, however, and Zerika decides to follow them, still hoping to intercept Grita in time. Note that at this time, Zerika and Khaavren are unaware that Izak's main army is here. They are a bit worried about encountering the "Theoreticals", but expect that a force of that size could be evaded or, at need, fought past. (All of this is inference.)

Izak sends out a battalion of "three or four thousand" (LCB 243-244) to search for Zerika. (This is roughly 10% of his army.) The battalion is split into smaller groups of various sizes (LCB 244, 250), one of which is accompanied by Grita (LCB 261).

[While the text suggests that this happens at "just about" the same time as Morrolan's initial attack at 13:00, I find it more plausible to place it a bit earlier.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Fifty-Fourth: The Battle of Dzur Mountain

LCB, day 199, 13:00AM

["It still lacked two hours of noon" (LCB 242).]

Morrolan drives off some advance forces (LCB 242).

Realizing he is under attack, Saakrew sends for support ("two hours ago", LCB 249).

LCB, day 199, ~13:30AM

[Time estimated.]

Morrolan finds a small detachment and attacks it (LCB 243).

LCB, day 199, ~14:00AM

[Time estimated.]

Zerika and company see a band of searchers (LCB 244). This band is clearly not the "Theoreticals" (see Disposition of forces), and is moving in a way that implies they are searching, presumably for Zerika's group. A search party of such size seeking them implies the existence of other such parties, and, more significantly, a sizable army that said parties have been dispatched from.

Khaavren attempts to flank toward Nacine (LCB 244-245).

p.245: "they abandoned the plans they had made so carefully" - In a general sense, the plans to stop Grita before she could report to Kâna. More immediately, the plans they made on pages 208-209.

Morrolan has won his first skirmish; he presses forward (LCB 245-246).

A superior of Saakrew receives his request for support, and sends an answer. (Inferred from LCB 248-249. Though these orders are described as being "sent several hours before" (LCB 248), this seems impossible, as it is a mere 3 hours since Morrolan's army started moving.)

LCB, day 199, 14:45AM

["By this time, it was nearly mid-day", LCB 248.]

Morrolan's second skirmish ends, successfully; he orders the next advance (LCB 247-248).

Saakrew ordered to avoid an engagement, requests more pertinent orders (LCB 248-249).

LCB, day 199, ~15:45PM

[While Morrolan ordered Fentor to be ready by 15:30 (LCB 248), I'm going to assume that Fentor's original estimate was more accurate.]

Morrolan re-engages Saakrew's forces (by inference).

Zerika enters Nacine briefly (LCB 250-251) from the south (LCB 250).

[Zerika retreats for "thirty or thirty-five minutes" (LCB 245) until they hit a road to Nacine, which they take. The road may be a bit twisty, as they end up entering Nacine from the south (LCB 250).

LCB, day 199, ~1:00PM

Khaavren leads Zerika's party "back out" (LCB 250), suggesting weakly that they exited by the same path they had entered. Future travel directions however (LCB 258, 259) pretty strongly suggest that they exit Nacine traveling west.

Khaavren sees Morrolan battling (LCB 250-251).

["After only a few minutes", LCB 251. And this has to be after Morrolan re-engaged Saakrew around 17:45PM.]

Zerika's party decides to go towards Dzur Mountain (LCB 249-252).

p.252: "around the fighting [...] as straight as he could" - Unfortunately, "as straight as he could" was not very straight at all. If, immediately after leaving Nacine, Khaavren had turned north, crossed Hightower Brook as soon as possible, then set a roughly NNE course, he might have been able to reach Dzur Mountain without intersecting much (if any) of Izak's forces. But having imperfect information, the party actually spends at least the first mile of travel (LCB 258) going west. This puts the bulk of Izak's forces between them and Dzur Mountain.

LCB, day 199, ~1:15PM

Morrolan's forces outflanked, he retreats (LCB 252).

p.252: "four or five thousand additional troops" - This is puzzling at first, since the total number of searchers we've been told about was 3,000-4,000 (LCB 244), and this new, larger force is only "some of a group". I strongly suspect that Izak is sending significant additional troops to search for Zerika. After all, if he catches her, the war is over, and it's been 3 hours since the first batch of searchers went out. The only reason that he isn't sending all his troops is that he's worried about Sethra Lavode somehow attacking if he scatters his forces too much. (No one knows what she can do, and Kâna fears her enough to bring 100,000 soldiers to bear on Dzur Mountain.) Morrolan is viewed by Kâna as an unimportant distraction. Saakrew, of course, disagrees, and intercepts some of these new searchers to flank Morrolan.

LCB, day 199, ~1:30PM

Zerika encounters the enemy; Aerich observes their composition (LCB 254-255).

[Time estimated, but this is "only a mile outside of Nacine", LCB 254.]

Tazendra casts Wall of Fire (LCB 256-257).

A hasty retreat (LCB 257-258).

p.258: "a crude road, or perhaps a new but well-trod path, running west from Nacine." This was presumably created by frequent traffic between Nacine and Morrolan's temple site over the past months.

LCB, day 199, ~2:15PM

A pause for Morrolan; riding back to base (LCB 252-254).

["past the second hour after noon", LCB 252.]

LCB, day 199, ~2:45PM

Morrolan returns to his fort.

[Time estimated.]

LCB, day 199, ~7:30PM

Khaavren worries about pursuit (LCB 258).

["It will be dark soon", "Another hour, then, and it will be dark", LCB 258. While this snippet seems initially to be immediately after the fire incident, it must actually be many hours later.]

LCB, day 199, ~8:30PM

Morrolan's forces finish straggling in (LCB 255).

["as dark was falling", LCB 255.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Fifty-Fifth: The Battle of Dzur Mountain--Continued

Zerika and company make camp (LCB 259).

LCB, day 200 (Athyra 14)

Röanna hears searchers, Khaavren has the company move (LCB 259).

Zerika and company break camp (LCB 259).

Khaavren calls for a brief rest (LCB 259-260).

p.259: "We are still at least two days' ride from Dzur Mountain" - They're actually quite close to Dzur Mountain as the jhereg flies, but this estimate takes into account a lot of army avoidance.

Pel sees Morrolan's standard, and Khaavren decides to join him (LCB 260-261).

["As the first soft glow of morning began to spread", LCB 260. This sounds like pre-dawn light, but it's soon light enough to reognize Grita from a distance.]

Grita is between Zerika and Morrolan, with 150 soldiers; Tazendra's tactics (LCB 261-262). Presumably, Grita's current group is one of the search parties, still camped for the night.

Morrolan's fortifications are attacked by a small force which is repelled (LCB 262).

p.262: "They are now under attack by what appears to be an entire army." While the text is a little confusing here, I don't think Grita's group is attacking Morrolan, but is searching for Zerika. Some distance away (probably to the north), a sizable contingent of Izak's army has moved close to Morrolan's temple.

A much larger attack on Morrolan; necromancy used to defend (LCB 263-264).

Khaavren decides to fight through to Morrolan (LCB 264-267).

Tazendra's spell distracts Grita's forces enough for Khaavren and company to charge past without fully engaging (LCB 267-268).

Morrolan sees Zerika's troop approaching and decides to let them through (LCB 268-269).

Morrolan calls in the Warlock's help (LCB 270-271).

p.271: "In the old days, I am told, one could use the Orb for this sort of communication with anyone one knew well." Though from the evidence of Paarfi's earlier works, this must have been much more difficult and rare than it was to become in Vlad's time. See especially Garland's use of a magical device to aid such communication during The Phoenix Guards, especially chapters 21 and 34.

Morrolan meets Zerika (LCB 271-274).

p.272: "three months ago I didn't have so much as an estate!" Morrolan has perhaps lost track of time again; by my figuring, it is over 12 months since he declared himself "home". To the left, he may not have considered what he had practical control over to be "an estate" until more recently.

Röaana discovers Ibronka's crush on Piro (LCB 275).

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Fifty-Sixth: The Battle of Dzur Mountain--Concluded

Morrolan's forces prepare to receive an overwhelming attack (LCB 276-277).

The Warlock's animal friends attack (LCB 277-278).

The Warlock returns, is recognized, and rewarded (LCB 279-280).

Considering plans; Zerika rejects teleportation (LCB 280-282).

p.281: "at the time of the Disaster". See Five Hundred Years After, chapter 34.

Arra reveals that the castle may be levitated; preparations to do so are made (LCB 282-284).

Izak reports to Kâna (LCB 285-287).

The situation of the castle (LCB 287-288).

The youngsters converse about fear, love, and philosophy (LCB 288-290).

The castle has only "two days" (LCB 290) worth of supplies; Pel has a plan (LCB 290-291).

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Fifty-Seventh: Pel's Plan

LCB, day ~201, early-ish (Athyra 11?)

["on the following day", LCB 292.]

Ibronka and Röaana, at Dzur Mountain, speak of love; so do Kytraan and Piro (LCB 292-295).

Ibronka befriends the Sorceress in Green, and learns of the existence of teleport blocks and teleport tracing (SL 50-51, date approximate).

Tazendra teleports people to Dzur Mountain, and supplies from it (LCB 295). This raises the interesting question of how Dzur Mountain gets its supplies of "food and fodder".

Results of Pel's plan to harrass Kâna's army (LCB 295-296).

Pel is Discreet for Zerika (LCB 296-297).

Morrolan studies sorcery; Tazendra thinks he will be able to teleport inanimate obejcts "in a week" (LCB 297-298).

p.298: "I do not believe any one in that army was able to sleep last night, nor will they to-night, nor for many nights to come." This phrasing strongly suggests that we are still on day 205.

Zerika speaks with the Warlock, who proves to be her lover (LCB 299-303).

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Fifty-Eighth: Various Faces

LCB, day ~201, middle-ish (Athyra 11?)

["Even as" the end of chapter 57 (LCB 304)]

Kâna sets out to meet Brawre's army (LCB 304-305).

p.304: "Whither shall we march? Dzur Mountain?" "Yes" - This may be a bit confusing. While Kâna does plan to attack Dzur Mountain (to the north), he first moves Izak's army south to meet Brawre. See also notes to chapter 63.

p.304: "It reached its destination, Sire." - One might assume that the destination in question is the Barony of Loraan, but this cannot be. Loraan is almost 1,600 miles away. Even with the post, that is a 4 day journey, and the "item" can't have left much more than 2 days ago. Hence, the destination being spoken of is somewhere closer. We never see Habil present at the Battle of Dzur Mountain, so perhaps she is at a near-but-not-dangerously-near location to the west (perhaps the village of Covered Springs?), and this is the "destination" referred to. A messsenger could reaasonably have gotten there and back in 2 days.

LCB, still day ~201, middle-ish (Athyra 11?)

[The text suggests (weakly) that this scene takes place around the same time as the previous one. Khaavren and Zerika haven't yet heard that Izak's army is on the move. This news is what causes Khaavren to go on his scouting expedition (see chapter 63).]

Zerika consults Khaavren about the strategic situation; Pel's intelligence network is facilitating desertions from Kâna (LCB 305-306).

p.305: "the Pretender has lost nearly five thousands of troops to desertion." This puts Izak's army at roughly 35,000 troops, and Morrolan's at roughly 5,500. (I am assuming relatively light casualties on both sides. The bulk of this battle is being decided by morale.)

Arra feels that more witches are required; she has Seen that Kâna's army will be gone tomorrow; the castle may stay up permanently (LCB 307-309).

[Link to chapter 59.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Sixtieth: A Conversation and Unease

LCB, day ~201, middle-ish (Athyra 11?)

[Date speculative; this could be the same day as chapter 57, or a few days later. But it can't be long after, since the solider's camp outside is still just being established (LCB 318).]

Piro and Kytraan encounter Röaana and Ibronka in the kitchen; Piro and Ibronka left alone together, and eventually kiss (LCB 315-318).

Clari delivers fruit to soldiers, climaxing with a pomegranate for someone who appears to be Dortmund (LCB 318-321).

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Sixty-First: Sethra is Uneasy

LCB, day ~201, late-ish (Athyra 11?)

[Date highly speculative.]

Morrolan wonders what Sethra's army is for; he wishes to return to Blackchapel; he also wishes to suppress Kâna (LCB 322-323).

p.323: "I heard you speak of going east, with an army." For more on why Sethra the Younger is interested, see Yendi, chapter 15.

Morrolan considers converting the temple to a ballroom; he discusses theology with Sethra the Younger (LCB 323-326).

Sethra Lavode's worry is contagious (LCB 327).

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Sixty-Second: Three Women, part 1

LCB, day ~201, late-ish (Athyra 11?)

Piro and Ibronka are amused, but not amusing to their friends (LCB 328-329).

[Link to chapter 62, part 2.]

LCB, day ~202, early-ish (Athyra 12?)

Khaavren leaves on a scouting trip (see chapter 36).

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Fifty-Ninth: Kâna's Plans

LCB, day ~203 (Athyra 13?)

[Assuming Habil was waiting about 100 miles west of Castle Black (see notes to chapter 58, part 1), the journey to Loraan is about 1,500 miles. Traveling by post, that's a journey of about 4 days.

On the history of Loraan Barony (LCB 310).

Habil visits Loraan, who has been studying necromancy; she offers him the staff with Aliera's soul, in exchange for a simple task... (LCB 310-314).

p.313: "the chance that your rôle will be discovered is negligible." This appears to be reasonably true, since Loraan retains his lands and title at least until the events of Athyra. Of course, it did eventually come out, or Paarfi could not have been aware of it.

[Link to chapter 60.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Sixty-Third: Her Majesty's Unease

LCB, day ~204, late-ish (Athyra 14?)

[Khaavren's scouting mission takes at least "little more than a day" (LCB 340). If he left early on one day, he could be finished by late the following day. I'm also assuming that once he's finished scouting he gets teleported back.]

Khaavren reports to Zerika on the movements of Kâna's armies (LCB 339-341).

p.339: "The reader, we have no doubt, is wondering how [Khaavren] came to be on this trail, when we had left him, only a few days ago, on the roof of Morrolan's temple". This is a puzzling statement; Khaavren was last seen in chapter 58, where "Zerika was, with the aid of Sethra Lavode, once more in the bowels of Dzur Mountain, where she caused Khaavren to be sent to her" (LCB 305).

p.340: "Two days' march south of here" - This is a bit odd, as Brawre was last seen to the West of Dzur Mountain (LCB 227). Perhaps Izak felt that bringing what was left of his forces northwest to meet Brawre would leave him too close to Dzur Mountain. Instead, Izak retreats approximately due south (possibly following Hightower Brook) to a distamce he feels is safe from both Dzur Mountain and Castle Black. Brawre would probably have changed course towards Castle Black while the battle there was happening. Since he was too slow to help during that battle, he avoids Castle Black entirely, angling further south to meet Izak.

p.340: "At least fifty thousands of soldiers ... Sixty thousands, when the remnants of the other army meet them." Earlier (LCB 168), the Warlock described Brawre's army as having close to 60,000 soldiers, so perhaps they have had significant losses due to disease and/or desertion. He also reported Izak's army as "nearly forty thousand"; after all their losses, Khaavren seems to figure them at aout 10,000 now.

p.340: "perhaps nine thousands of troops". An impressive number; before the battle of Dzur Mountain, Morrolan had "somewhere between three thousands and four thousands" (LCB 231), and they did suffer some losees, so they have gained about 6,000 since then.

Khaavren posts some Imperial Guards (LCB 341-342).

Sethra works against the Jenoine; Tazendra visits Sethra to ask about rumors of her unease (LCB 342-344).

["at nearly the same moment" as the previous scene ends (LCB 342).]

Sethra explains her unease to the Empress; she fears Habil's contingencies (LCB 344-37).

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Sixty-Fourth: Zerika's March, part 1

LCB, day ~205 (Athyra 15?)

["It was on a Farmday in the late winter" (LCB 348). We know that the date of the Orb's return was on the 13th of Jhegaala (LCB 109), already past mid-winter. In an earlier draft of dating this book, I had an elapsed time between that and the army setting forth from Dzur Mountain of 28 days, but that would push the date over into spring, so time clearly had to be trimmed from that draft. If either the army or Zerika herself had departed Dzur Mountain on New Year's Eve, I can't imagine Paarfi not mentioning it. Hence, the start of the march can be no later than Athyra 15. This means that all the events between the Orb emerging and now have to fit within a span of 19 days. So working backwards from here, I've adjusted all my time estimates to be on the small side.]

[Zerika's army moves "after consultation", and Khaavren reported relatively late on day 204, so the army starts to move the following day.]

Zerika's army brushes aside the advanced forces of the enemy, and proceeds to inflict serious losses on Izak's army (LCB 348-349).

p.348: "forced to order a general retreat" - This is perhaps somewhat inaccurate. At this time, the remains of Izak's army was already traveling south, away from Dzur Mountain. On the other hand, there is a difference between "marching" and "retreating while subject to enemy harrassment".

[Link to chapter 64, part 2.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Fifty-Second: Their Own Thoughts, part 1

LCB, also day ~206 (Athyra 16?)

[From near Dzur Mountain to the coast near Elde is almost 1600 miles as the jhereg flies, presumaby somewhat longer in practice. As Kâna's post seems to achieve about 400 miles/day, and allowing time for minor mishaps, I assume Udaar got to the coast in about 5 days, and crossed to Elde Island on that 5th day. From there, the distance to Kripna was about 120 miles, 2 days travel or a little less for a fast carriage. Hence reaching Illista roughly 7 days after setting out. More time could certainly have passed.]

On Elde Island geography and fish (LCB 213-215).

A messenger from Kâna finds Illista; they set out for the mainland (LCB 215-220).

p.215: "seven or eight hundred years ago". 779 years, by my count.

[Link to chapter 52, part 2.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Sixty-Fourth: Zerika's March, part 2

LCB, day ~206 (Athyra 16?)

Zerika decides to accompany the army to Adrilankha to create a court; Morrolan can now teleport himself; he is now presumptive Dragon Heir; Sethra Lavode appointed Warlord (LCB 349-350).

p.349: "the fourth was disqualified by your House over some sort of impropriety." See Yendi, especially chapters 10, 12, 14, and 15 for more details.

p.349: "I have offered that position [Warlord] to Sethra Lavode." In Taltos, chapter 15, Verra claims "there are imperial rules against the undead holding official imperial positions" (Tt 163); if these rules predate Zerika IV's reign, then this appointment violates them. On the other hand, who is likely to complain? Aerich might, which may explain why he soon returns to his estate (LCB 353).

Khaavren arranges marching guards for Her Majesty; discussion of dueling customs (LCB 350-352).

[Link to chapter 64, part 3.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Fifty-Second: Their Own Thoughts, part 2

LCB, day ~207 (Athyra 17?)

["The next day" (LCB 220).]

Illista arrives in Salute (LCB 220).

[Link to chapter 52, part 3.]

1 PI

[The New Year occurs on LCB day 208. Paarfi does not note if any celebration took place.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Sixty-Fourth: Zerika's March, part 3

LCB, days ~207 (Athyra 17?) - ~217 (Phoenix 11?)

["In all the march occupied some fourteen days" (LCB 352). I presume this count includes the two days already covered.]

Zerika's army marches to Adrilankha (LCB 352-353).

This march includes the New Year, and the start of Zerika's first calendar year as Empress. Recruitment contiues during the march, as the army grows from "perhaps nine thousands" (LCB 340) to "nearly twelve thousands" (LCB 355) strong by the time it arrives.

p.352: "the march to Adrilankha was accomplished an astonishingly short length of time" - The distance covered is about 250 miles, making for an average speed of under 18 miles per day. Armies move much slower than individuals or small groups. Further, supply is explicitly a problem (LCB 352), and it seems likely thaat enemy forces are at least sometimes harassing them.

Morrolan frequently pesters Sethra Lavode with questions and suggestions (Is 210-211).

[Link to chapter 64, part 4.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Fifty-Second: Their Own Thoughts, part 3

LCB, day ~208 (Phoenix 1?)

["by [...] morning" (LCB 220).]

Illista reaches the mainland, then spends the night at Cliffside (LCB 220-221).

Presumably, the escorting wagon they meet is delayed somehow, as by the time that wagon is loaded, the time is described as "full night" (LCB 221).

LCB, day ~209 (Phoenix 2?)

["the next day" (LCB 221).]

Illista arrives in Merinna (LCB 221-222).

p.221: "...there passed the remainder of the night, as well as, after making special arrangements with the host, several hours the next day..." What are these 'special arrangements' that take hours to accomplish? I guess that they were arrangements to have Illista's luggage sent after her to Hartre, while she and Udaar traveled much faster, by Imperial Post.

LCB, day ~210 (Phoenix 3?)

[After they have "spent the night" (LCB 222).]

Illista and Udaar set out for Hartre (LCB 222-225).

p.224: "She was later exiled from court herself." Unclear whether Udaar is referring to Daro or her mother, who would have been Countess of Whitecrest when Illista was last in the Empire. See Whitecrest Uprising for more details.

p.224: "Hartre ... is a tolerably long journey." In distance, the journey is about 1,200 miles. Since I believe they are traveling by post, that would be a journey of about 4 days.

LCB, day ~211 (Phoenix 4?)

["the next day" (LCB 225).]

[This is about 12 days after Udaar left a meeting between Grita and Kâna, which I believe took place early on day 199.]

Udaar and Illista discuss contingencies (LCB 225-226).

Udaar considers that today is the day -- "If all is on schedule" (LCB 225), which things rarely are -- that Kâna attacks Dzur Mountain. Udaar's news is badly behind the times; he was dispatched before Morrolan engaged Kâna. By now, Zerika is halfway to Adrilankha!

[Link to chapter 53.]

LCB, day ~212 (Phoenix 5?)

Grita leaves Southmoor ("three days ago", LCB 331-332). Note that both armies were long gone at this point. Perhaps Grita was at Habil's inferred remote post (see notes to chapter 58, part 1).

[Possibly Habil leaves wherever she is for Hartre at a similar time. She was in the Barony of Loraan 9 days ago, but may have moved on since.]

LCB, day ~213 (Phoenix 6?)

[For Illista's travel time, see notes to chapter 52, p.244.]

Illista arrives in Hartre and has goose for dinner ("On the first day", LCB 330).

LCB, day ~214 (Phoenix 7?)

Illista has stew ("On the next day", LCB 330).

LCB, day ~215 (Phoenix 8?)

Illista has suckling pig ("The next day", LCB 330).

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Sixty-Second: Three Women, part 2

LCB, day ~216 (Phoenix 9?)

[Paarfi, for once, makes no claim that this scene follow directly on the previous; and, indeed, I calculate it occurs considerably later.]

Habil and Grita join Illista; they discuss mutual enemies, and desire for vengeance (LCB 331-333).

p.331-332: "if you will credit it, three days ago I was in the county of Southmoor" - Quite credible. Dzur Mountain is about 830 miles away, and this post system has been known to go over 400 miles/day, so "three days" is actually on the slow side.

p.332: "I have heard no news. Has your cousin managed to acquire the Orb?" Perhapps some text has been corrupted here. While these sentences are ascribed to Grita, they only make sense coming from Illista. Grita would already know, and Habil would not refer to Kâna as "your" cousin.

Against the Yendi, Pel, deploy the secret of Zerika's lover; Illista to do so (LCB 334-336).

p.334: "I recall him from the trial." See The Phoenix Guards, chapter 34. While no mention was made of Illista being present, it's quite plausible that she could have observed it. Failing that, she would be likely to hear a detailed account soon after.

Grita wants to torture Khaavren; Aerich must be killed quickly; Tazendra is only a foolish Dzur; Habil will help as long as the other two help the Empire (LCB 336-337).

p.337: "have you found a use for that staff?" See chapter 59.

Making contingency plans (LCB 337-338).

[Link to chapter 63.]

LCB, also day ~216 (Phoenix 9?)

A coach requisitioned in Cambry ("the day before", LCB 353).

Messengers sent to summon Daro to Adrilankha's 'gate' ("the day before", LCB 354).

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Sixty-Fourth: Zerika's March, part 3

LCB, day ~217 (Phoenix 10?)

Zerika arrives at Adrilankha (LCB 352-355).

p.353: "Piro had set out more than a year before." Piro left "in the middle of winter in the 246th year of the Interregnum" (PD 85), and has been gone all of 247 I, and the first few weeks of 1 PI.

p.354: "having left the city last year". Piro has lost track of time, see note to p.353, above.

Khaavren arranges camp for the army, and offers Whitecrest Manor as a temporary Imperial Residence (LCB 355-356).

Khaavren discovers Piro and Ibronka's affair; he and Piro exchange harsh words (LCB 356-359).

Grassfog informs Iatha that they "do not belong here" (LCB 359-360).

[Link to chapter 65.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Sixty-Sixth: Piro Goes Back East

LCB, still day ~217 (Phoenix 10?)

Piro leaves Ardilankha, with no destination in mind; he reaches an inn; Lar appears (LCB 368-371).

LCB, day ~218 (Phoenix 11?)

Lar produces Klava; Piro decides to set out to join Morrolan's army (LCB 371-372).

LCB, day ~219 (Phoenix 12?)

Riding towards Southmoor; heartsickness; Ibronka catches up (LCB 372-375).

Clari catches up, as do Kytraan and Röaana, and some bandits (LCB 375-377).

A merchant is happy that the Orb is back, so there will be no more bandits; he is proven to be mistaken; Piro's friends join him in banditry (LCB 377-380).

[Link to chapter 67.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Sixty-Fifth: Castle Black

[Dates uncertain, though this chapter would seem to cover a period of several months, perhaps as much as a year (LCB 367).]

Sethra lectures Morrolan about safety (LCB 361-362).

Morrolan begins learning to read Dragaeran, and in "rather less than a week" (LCB 362) is able to study books of sorcery; he also practices swordsmanship; work continues on the castle (LCB 362-363).

Morrolan asks Sethra about the association of the color black with sorcery; he decides to name his home Castle Black (LCB 363-364).

Teldra hires Lord Carver to work on Castle Black; Morrolan extracts rents to pay for the castle; materials and craftsmen are imported (LCB 364-367). [Is this the same Carver as Duke Carver, who later rebels against the Empire? See Iorich.]

[Link to chapter 66.]

The Lord of Castle Black, Afterword

On A Mighty Thundering... (LCB 393-395).

Paarfi rebuts (LCB 395-397).

p.397: "An obvious error, and one as easily repaired, or so we would think". Interestingly, this error was finally corrected before the english publication of The Phoenix Guards (PG 57).

Between The Lord of Castle Black and Sethra Lavode

A nobleman is last seen at the Canal Inn ("more than a year" before SL 88).

The Count of Flowerpot Hill and Environs comes to Adrilankha to pledge the support of House Lyorn to Zerika ("within days of [Zerika's] arrival", SL 23).

Confusion over Whitecrest's stabling situation is settled ("some weeks before", date approximate, SL 60-61).

Lessor sends a pen to Zerika (SL 65).

Shant has a fight ("twelve weeks" before SL 87, so by my estimates, about 4 weeks before SL begins).

At 80, Paresh's loans are paid off (Tk 28). Presumably, he also starts to learn magic around this time, since that has just recently become possible again.

Sethra Lavode

"Describing Certain Events that Occurred Between the 1st and 3rd Years Of the Reign of Empress Zerika the Fourth"

Sethra Lavode, Preface

On Prefaces (SL 11).

Summary of preceding volumes (SL 11-13).

Political situation (SL 13-16).

Kâna has regrouped, and still controls the western third of the Empire ("By the time several months had passed", SL 13).

Zerika "immediately" begins extending the post, leading eventually to a general mail delivery system (SL 15).

Zerika spends money on roads, attempting to win support of merchants. "By the time fourteen or fifteen months had expired, this support was still not especially noticeable" (SL 15).

Zerika plans the new Imperial Palace. Ground broken on "the first day of summer: the fifth day of the month of the Hawk" (SL 16).

Economic recovery in Adrilankha ("During the subsequent months", SL 16-17).

p.16: "this concentration of Easterners (and, indeed, many human Teckla) would eventually lead to social unrest, this would not occur for hundreds of years". See Teckla and Phoenix.

Winter, 1 PI

SL, day -3

Daro sends a letter to Aerich, saying Khaavren would like to see him ("some days ago", SL 32).

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Sixty-Seventh: Kâna's Indignities

SL, day ~-2

[Date completely uncertain. Since Udaar has been promised an audience (LCB 382), it seems likely that this chapter takes place shortly before Sethra Lavode, chapter 70.]

Kâna meets Habil and Illista at Peffa's (LCB 381).

Udaar has arrived at his destination and been promised an audience (LCB 382).

Grita has plans to deal with Tazendra, Aerich, Khaavren, and Pel (LCB 382-383).

p.382: "her arrangements are complete as far as the Dzurlord goes, and that this will, necessarily, see to the Lyorn as well." See Sethra Lavode, chapter 78.

p.382: "She has found a way to separate him from the court". This suggests, weakly, that Grita arranged for the House of the Hawk to make the demands which Khaavren found so offensive in Sethra Lavode, chapter 69. If so, this plan would have seemed likely to have the beneficial side effect of causing friction between Morrolan and Zerika. On the other hand, these events could have been coincidental, and have rendered whatever Grita had planned moot.

Attempts to deal with the warlock so far have failed, due to asking "the wrong god" (Moranthë, LCB 389) (LCB 383).

With Habil's help, Kâna performs a ritual to contact Tristangrascalaticrunagore (LCB 384-387).

The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Sixty-Eighth: The Gods Puzzled

[Dates within the Halls of Judgment are always uncertain, but this chapter would seem roughly the same time as chapter 67.]

The gods discuss the state of the empire; Kâna must be defeated on an organizational level, not just killed (LCB 388-390).

Curiosity over what help Kâna sought from Moranthë (LCB 390-391).

p.391: "[Morrolan] has not the bloodlines to use such powers fully." "As to that," said Verra, "we shall see." See Taltos, especially chapter 17, for a possible explanation of this.

SL, day 0

Zerika receives a letter from Count Röaanac, pledging the support of House Tiassa ("only yester-day", SL 23).

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Sixty-Ninth: Zerika Interrupted

SL, day 1

[Zerika has spent "some fourteen or fifteen months" negotiating suport from various quarters (SL 15). Presuming this period started after her arrival in Adrilankha, and ended just as this chapter opens, we are now in the month of Teckla or Jhegaala, about mid-way through winter.]

Zerika meets with Prince Tiwall of the House of the Hawk; his House offers their support and that of several others, in return for several Counties, some of which have already been promised to Morrolan; Zerika agrees (SL 21-26).

Khaavren resigns, without giving honest reasons (SL 26-28).

p.27: "you have not seen a thousand years." Khaavren is now about 895.

Khaavren tells Daro of his resignation, and his annoyance with Zerika's re-gifting that which she had promised Morrolan (SL 28-30).

p.29: "I might live with you for hundreds of years". About 247.

Khaavren and Daro discuss Piro; Daro suggests that Khaavren seek Aerich's advice (SL 30-32).

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Seventieth: The King of Elde

SL, day ~2

[Date very approximate. But by default, I assumee events happen in the order depicted.]

On the history of King Corthina Fi Dalcalda of Elde (SL 33-34).

The King of Elde meets with ambassador Gardimma of House Athyra, who seeks Elde's recognition of Zerika (SL 34-35). He puts off answering until tomorrow.

The King of Elde meets with Udaar, who seeks troops to aid Kâna (SL 36-38).

Udaar also seeks an apology on behalf of Illista; Elde is offered Spaire Island (SL 38-39).

The King puts Udaar off until tomorrow. (SL 39-40).

SL, day ~3

"The following day", Elde sides with Kâna (SL 40).

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Seventy-First: Piro as Road Agent

SL, day ~4

[This chapter suffers from multiple conflicting seasonal indicators: "a Marketday near the end of winter" (SL 41), "the approaching summer" (SL 41, in the same paragraph), "now that winter seems to be over" (SL 45). In the face of these contradictions, I'm defaulting to my standard "things happen in the order they are related" heuristic. That makes this very late winter, when perhaps one might say "winter is over" about the weather, especially if this was a mild winter (as 247 I had). And technically, summer is always "approaching", though it still has all of spring intervening.]

Piro and company are recognized at a market; they decide to move on (SL 41-43).

Breakfast; discussion of how teleportation will affect banditry; Belly's history; Iatha's history (SL 43-48).

p.46: "I have been looking at him from beneath my eyelashes for a year". Perhaps literally true; Röaana met him just over a year ago, in The Lord of Castle Black, chapter 43.

Ibronka explains how she befriended the Sorceress in Green, and learned of the existence of teleport tracing (SL 49-52).

Piro and Ibronka reaffirm their love (SL 52-53).

Piro writes to Shant and Lewchin ("Marketday week", dating approximate, SL 86).

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Seventy-Second: Khaavren Receives a Message

SL, day ~5

["a Skyday in the early spring toward the end of the first year of Zerika's Reign" (SL 54). This date conflicts badly with that given at the start of chapter 74. There are several references to Morrolan's party being tomorrow (SL 54, 58), one of which goes to some lengths to point out how swiftly the message was delivered. Yet the day of that party is also stated to be "Skyday", and moreover, "winter" (SL 69). Hence, I can only regard this date as an extreme error on someone's part. I should note, however, that "toward the end of the first year of Zerika's Reign" makes sense if it refers to the first calendar year. See also notes to chapter 75.]

Khaavren invited to a party at Castle Black (SL 54).

A Teckla messenger arrives, working for Goodrow and Niece, telepathic messenger service (SL 54-57).

Message from Aerich; he wishes to meet Khaavren at the party (SL 57-58).

Logistics of getting to the party; Khaavren hires a teleport (SL 58-62).

p.59: "Sergeant ... being that gentleman's name, he being the son of an old comrade of Khaavren from the days before the Interregnum." His father died in the Disaster (FH 431). Presumably he had sent his family out of the city for safety, perhaps on Khaavren's advice.

Mica overhears a conversation between Sethra Lavode and Devera ("yester-day", SL 81).

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Seventy-Third: The Flight of a Pen

SL, day ~6

[Morrolan's party starts "Today" (SL 67), so this must be the day after the previous chapter, and the same day as the following chapter.]

Zerika becomes annoyed; on history being a combination of intention and accident (SL 63-66).

Kâna's plan are proceeding (SL 64). p.64: "the resignation of the annoying Tiassa was exactly on schedule, according to their plan." This suggests that they planted the idea of requesting Morrlan's promised counties in the minds of influential members of the House of the Hawk.

p.65-66: "it seemed to her that she had been working, without a pause, for something like a hundred years, although a hundred days was, in fact, closer to the mark." Zerika entered Adrilankha almost 300 days ago. Granted, she may have had one or more 'rests' in that time.

Zerika decides to go to the party at Castle Black (SL 66-68).

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Seventy-Fourth: Entertainment at Castle Black

"on a Skyday in the winter of the first year of the reign of the Empress Zerika the Fourth" (SL 69). This date conflicts with that given in chapter 72, but Occam's razor suggests that this is the correct one; see notes to chapter 72 for further discussion.

Morrolan enjoys his party; Khaavren and Daro arrive (SL 69-71).

Khaavren meets Aerich; they speak of Piro; Sennya joins them to speak of Ibronka (SL 71-76).

Khaavren, Aerich, Tazendra, and Pel decide to seek out Piro (SL 76-77).

Zerika arrives; she apologizes to Morrolan; Sethra Lavode attends briefly (SL 77-79).

Morrolan decides not to end the party (SL 79-80).

Mica and Fawnd catch up in the wine cellar (SL 80-83).

p.81: "if [Kâna] has done nothing for this last half year and more". Kâna's last public action recorded by Paarfi was the Battle of Dzur Mountain, almost exactly a year ago. Did he make some other (inconsequential) military sortie since then?

2 PI

Spring, 2 PI

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Seventy-Fifth: Khaavren Begins His Search

SL, day ~6

["a Farmday near the beginning of the second year of the reign of the Empress Zerika the Fourth" (SL 84). This would seem (from references on pgs. 77 and 91) to be the day immediately after the previous chapter. Yet we are now in the "second year" of Zerika's Reign, whereas yesterday was during the "first year" (SL 74). This would make sense if last night was New Year's Eve.]

Khaavren sets out to find Piro (SL 84-85).

p.84: "his favorite rapier, which had served him well for more than seven hundred years". The time span suggests that this is the same sword he has had since we first met him, in The Phoenix Guards, chapter 1.

Khaavren visits Shant and Lewchin, seeking information, finding but little (SL 85-88).

Over lunch, Pel reveals how he discovered Piro's address (SL 88-91).

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Seventy-Sixth: At the Deepwell Inn

SL, day ~9

[The Deepwell Inn is (very roughly) 150 miles from Adrilankha, hence a journey of 3 days at normal speeds.]

On Mistyvale County and the Deepwell Inn (SL 92-94).

A wealthy traveling Tsalmoth hires a Teckla to lead him safely past the Blue Fox (SL 94-100).

The Blue Fox appears, but the Tsalmoth is actually Pel, with Khaavren behind (SL 100-102).

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Seventy-Seventh: Father and Son

Khaavren and company visit the Blue Fox's camp (SL 103-104).

Khaavren and Piro converse (SL 104-106).

Dining with bandits; discussing robbery versus taxation, and the nature of laws (SL 106-112).

Khaavren and Piro's conversation concludes, but resolves nothing (SL 112-115).

p.113: "In ten years, it will be impossible to survive as a highwayman in this region. In a hundred years, it will be impossible anywhere." 250 years from now, in Iorich (Preface), Vlad is still running into bandits. Granted, they are in smaller and less sophisticated bands.

[Link to chapter 78.]

SL, day ~10

Tazendra returns to Dzur Mountain (date speculative, by inference from SL 117).

SL, day ~30

Tazendra returns to her estates (date approximate, "spring", SL 117). Presumably Srahi travels with her. Mica does not, suggesting that she intends the journey to be brief.

SL, day ~54

Tazendra abducted (date approximate, but would seem to be in spring of 2 PI; "some months since" SL 118; "almost a year since we took her" SL 250; "less than a year", SL 255). Presumably, it is during this abduction that Srahi is killed (SL 260). Srahi was last seen in Dzur Mountain, but presumably traveled back to Tazendra's estate when Tazendra did.

At 81, Paresh's home burns down (Tk 28-29).

SL, day ~55

Paresh travels south; he performs rites for the dead (Tk 29).

SL, day ~56

Paresh comes to Tazendra's keep, but no one answers his calls (Tk 29-30).

SL, day ~57

Paresh takes over Tazendra's castle and spends "most of a year" learning sorcery (Tk 30). He is able, later, to teleport himself (Tk 32), so presumably Tazendra must have acquired a very recently-penned book of instruction on this topic.

SL, day ~78, beginning of summer, 2 PI (approximate)

Experiments with desalinization ("recently" SL 181). Sethra also notes that flashstones "were tolerably useful at one time" (SL 181), which suggests that recent magical developments have made them less useful now.

Sethra begins putting together a communication corps "months" before the Battle of Adrilankha (SL 217).

SL, day ~150, beginning of autumn, 2 PI (approximate)

The Necromancer is helpful in delaying the Jenoine (date very approximate, SL 137).

Morrolan visits Whitecrest Manor (perhaps multiple times), becoming familiar enough to teleport there (SL 313, date very approximate).

SL, day ~222, beginning of winter, 2 PI (approximate)

Ibronka gives Piro a touch-it glass ("a recent gift" SL 124).

SL, day ~234

Sethra sends Mica after Tazendra (date approximate, see notes to chapter 78, SL 256-257).

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Seventy-Ninth: Grassfog is a Prophet

SL, day ~240 (Orca 2)

["Thirteen or fourteen months had passed after Khaavren spoke with his son" (SL 123). This would place chapter 79 in early winter, between the 3rd of Orca and the 3rd of Teckla. They arrive at South Mountain on day 263, which is the 3rd of Jhegaala. South Mountain is ~1,200 miles from the Deepwell Inn; assuming normal travel of !50 miles/day, that's 24 days. This would put the date at the 1st of Orca. Splitting the difference, I'm placing this chapter on the 2nd.]

On the social changes occurring with the return of Empire (SL 123).

Piro stops a small caravan, which proves to be not as small as it looks (SL 123-131).

Piro's forces charge, to good effect; Grassfog wounded; Piro victorious (SL 131-133).

Grassfog's dying wish is for Piro to take an amulet to his sister, Tsira (SL 133-135).

[Link to chapter 80.]

SL, day ~243

Arra becomes unable to do a Seeing (date approximate; "for the past month", SL 139; "these last months", SL 307).

Tsanaali's band enters Adrilankha ("weeks", date approximate, SL 201, 221).

SL, day ~250

Imperial help is requested against the Blue Fox (date approximate, SL 147).

SL, day ~259

Having not heard from Mica, Sethra sends a message to Aerich (by inference).

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Seventy-Eighth: Aerich's Discoveries

SL, day ~260 (Teckla 17)

["a Farmday in early winter--that is to say, more than half a year after the last chapter of our history" (SL 116). This description is likely incorrect. It is established elsewhere that this is three days before the battle of Adrilankha (SL 250), which is "near the end of winter (SL 136), and moreover, is itself "a Farmday" (SL 226). That dayu is specifically identified as the 3rd of Jhegaala, which makes this chapter start on the 17th of Teckla, just 2 days after mid-winter. Further (weak) evidence is supplied by Paresh's account in Teckla, chapter 2, which claims his encounter with Aerich was "late in the winter" (Tk 30). I hypothesize that the date given here is actually the date when Mica was sent to seek Tazendra, that Paarfi detailed this event in an earlier draft of this chapter, and when he decided to cut that sequence, he forgot to update the date. Whether this was late or early winter, it is definitely true that "more than half a year" since the previous chapter, which was in early spring, though "almost a year" would perhaps be closer to the truth.]

Aerich receives a message from Sethra Lavode, asking after Tazendra; he sets out (SL 116-118).

Aerich discovers devastation (SL 118-119).

Paresh fights Aerich (Tk 31-32; SL 119, 121). [Paresh's account differs significantly from Paarfi's. See notes to Teckla, chapter 2 for more commentary on these differences.]

On Tazendra's artwork, and the power of art in general (SL 119-121).

SL, day ~261 (Jhegaala 1)

Aerich continues to explore Castle Daavya; he discovers a map, and infers a trap by Grita (SL 121-122).

["into the next day", SL 121.]

[It is not stated in the text why Aerich failed to bring Khaavren and Pel along, but I surmise that he did contact them. The imminent attack on Adrilankha, however, would already be known about, and prevent their leaving the city.]

p.122: "riding west" - This at first seems odd, as his destination is to the north. But he isn't riding directly to his destination, but rather back to Bra-Moor, where (I infer) he has a sorceror on staff who can teleport him. From there, he teleports to somewhere about a day's ride from Zerika's cave.

[Link to chapter 79.]

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Eightieth: Sethra Attempts to Relax

"near the end of winter" (exact day approximate, SL 136).

Piro and company are "approaching South Mountain" (SL 136).

Sethra Lavode consults Sethra the Younger about Tri'nagore (SL 136-138).

p.137: "at length". An understatement by human standards; it has been almost a full year since chapter 74!

On the nature of Sight; Sethra the Younger tasked to find out more (SL 138-140).

Sethra Lavode asks the Sorceress in Green to locate Kâna's troops (SL 140-142).

Sethra reads for relaxation, but is admonished by Tukko (SL 142-145).

The Sorceress in Green reports that Kâna's troops are two days west of Adrilankha; Sethra goes to Zerika (SL 145-146).

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Eighty-First: Sethra's Plan of Battle

Zerika and Sethra Lavode discuss the Blue Fox, relations with Elde, and political progress with the Houses (SL 147-149).

p.147: "in the west, in the area between Bra-Moor and Southmoor." Slightly misleading wording here. The area in question is to the west of Bra-Moor and Southmoor, but north of Adrilankha.

p.147: "Imperial aid has been requested." Probably just after the events of chapter 79, since the Blue Fox and his band departeed the area just after that. Presumably this request took a goodly while to reach the top of the Empress's priority queue.

Discussing battle tactics and preparations (SL 149-153).

Sethra inadvertently frightens a maid (SL 153-155).

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Eighty-Second: Khaavren and the Empress

Khaavren meets with Sethra Lavode, who convinces him to reconcile with Zerika (SL 156-161).

p.159: "a year ago". Chapter 74, by my calculations a little bit less than a year.

Discussing the defense of the harbor districts (SL 162-163).

Khaavren's inspection of the guard posts begins to unravel a plot (SL 163-164).

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Eighty-Third: Pel Accused

Pel accused by Zerika, and dismissed (SL 165-168).

Pel encounters Khaavren, who 'arrests' him (SL 168-172).

Khaavren argues with Zerika; he convinces her to reconsider (SL 172-177).

p.75: "I have known him for more nearly nine hundreds of years." Actually, about 780 years, but Khaavren is no arithmetist.

Zerika is reconciled with Pel (SL 177).

SL, day ~262 (Jhegaala 2)

Kâna discovers the fortifications in Adrilankha, and alters his plans somewhat ("thirty hours ago", SL 206-207).

The Warlock discovers his spells are being blocked ("yester-day", SL 216).

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Eighty-Fourth: The Warlord's Defense

Since Kâna is expected "to-morrow" (SL 181), this chapter must be the following day.

On Kiraamoni e'Baritt's work on the defenses of Adrilankha (SL 178-180).

p.178: "it is also undeniable that she had considerably less time." She only had 2 days, whereas Fentor had, by my calculations, about 5.

p.179: "within ... fifty-two hours". A bit less than 2 thirty-hour Dragaeran days.

Sethra visits Castle Black; on the nature of matter and energy (SL 180-181).

p.180: "for nearly a year". By my calculations, about 31 days short of a year.

Sethra asks Morrolan to resume being a division commander (SL 181-184).

Morrolan converses with Blackwand, to surprising effect (SL 184).

Sethra's war council; Morrolan declares his intent to banish Tri'nagore (SL 185-190).

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Eighty-Fifth: Morrolan Returns to the East

Morrolan teleports to Blackchapel; the villagers welcome him and provide a horse; he sets off (SL 191-195).

SL, day ~263 (Jhegaala 3) - The Battle of Adrilankha

"a Farmday" (SL 226). "the third day of the Month of the Jhegaala" (SL 282).

The chronology of the battle is somewhat confused, perhaps due to laziness on the part of the translator. I infer the existence of Dragaeran words which signify things like 'lunchtime', and which the translator often renders as 'noon'. Two problems: The Dragaeran diet features four daily meals, and we have no reason to think that any of them is at mid-day. They may also have a specific word for mid-day, which would naturally also be translated as noon, adding to the confusion. I have interpreted "noon" in all three senses during the battle, in order to make the chronology work, as detailed throughout.

SL, day ~263, 7:10 AM (Adrilankha time)

Morrolan dedicates his upcoming kills to Verra; he arrives at his first target at dawn (SL 195-196).

Dawn at this latitude and date would be about 8:50 AM local Dragaeran time. However, Blackchapel is considerably east of Adrilankha, so it would only be about 7:10 in Adrilankha, with dawn over an hour away.

[Link to chapter 86, part 1.]

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Eighty-Seventh: Morrolan Learns About his Sword, part 1

SL, day ~263, 7:30 AM-10:00 AM (Adrilankha time)

[Time approximate.]

Morrolan slaughters the first village (SL 209-210).

[Link to chapter 87, part 2.]

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Eighty-Sixth: Apprehension, part 1

SL, day ~263, 9:00 AM

"before the first hour of morning had quite run its course" (SL 199). This seems unlikely to mean 1:00 AM. It might mean "the first hour after dawn". Dawn in Adrilankha at this date would be about 8:15AM Dragaeran time.

Kâna and Habil discuss the impending battle; scouts report; initial attack composition decided (SL 199-204).

Habil suggests marriage to Kâna as a distraction (SL 204-205).

The boats from Elde are visible; Kâna orders the attack to start, then joins the vanguard (SL 205-207).

On the morale of Kâna's army (SL 207-208).

[Link to chapter 86, part 2.]

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Eighty-Seventh: Morrolan Learns About his Sword, part 2

SL, day ~263, 10:00 AM-12:30 AM (Adrilankha time)

[Time approximate.]

Morrolan slaughters the second village (SL 210-211).

[Link to chapter 87, part 3.]

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Ninetieth: Grassfog's Family History, part 1

SL, day ~263, 11:30 AM-13:30 AM (Adrilankha time)

[Time approximate, "a few short hours" (SL 226) before the previous chapter; "two hours later" (SL 229).]

The village of Six Horses; Piro shops for norska fur, and directions to find Tsira (SL 226-229).

[Link to chapter 90, part 2.]

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Eighty-Seventh: Morrolan Learns About his Sword, part 3

SL, day ~263, 12:30 AM-2:00 PM (Adrilankha time)

[Time approximate.]

The third village has armed men, and an icon of Tri'nagore; Morrolan kills most of them (SL 211-213).

[Link to chapter 88.]

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Ninetieth: Grassfog's Family History, part 2

SL, day ~263, 13:30 AM-15:30 PM (Adrilankha time)

[Time approximate. "After several hours" (SL 231).]

Tsira discovered and informed of her brother's death (SL 229-231).

[Link to chapter 90, part 3.]

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Ninety-Fourth: The Battle Develops, part 2

SL, day ~263, 14:00 AM - 2:15 PM

["in the fourteenth hour of the morning", SL 272. This appears to be slightly before Sethra was informed of the approaching boats (SL 218).]

Daro helps defend the bridges (SL 272).

p.272: "any questions about the loyalty of the Countess's family that might have remained". See notes on the Whitecrest Uprising.

[Link to chapter 94, part 3.]

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Eighty-Sixth: Apprehension, part 2

SL, day ~263, 14:15 AM

Brawre's troops meet the Warlord's on Lower Kieron Road ("fifteen minutes after the second hour after noon", SL 208). [I take "noon" here as a mistranslation for "at the time of the second meal", which is about 12:30 AM.]

[Link to chapter 87, part 1.]

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Eighty-Eighth: The Warlock Enters the Battle

SL, day ~263, 14:35 AM-14:55 AM

The retreat to the fortifications takes "some twenty or twenty-five minutes" (SL 214).

Opening of the battle; the Warlock still cannot cast his spells (SL 214-217).

On telepathy, and Sethra's use of it in the battle (SL 217-218).

Boats from Elde are attempting to land (SL 218-219).

p.219: "It lacked an hour of noon". This chapter seems pretty brief, so I interpret this as "it was still less than an hour until mid-day".

[Link to chapter 89.]

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Ninetieth: Grassfog's Family History, part 3

SL, day ~263, 15:00 PM-15:30 PM (Adrilankha time)

[Time approximate.]

Tsira and Piro walk together; she tells him the history and abilities of the amulet (SL 231-236).

SL, day ~263, 15:30 PM-1:00 PM (Adrilankha time)

[Time approximate. "after some twenty or thirty minutes" (SL 238).]

Questions about a sorcerous field; the field seems centered on the cave Zerika emerged from (SL 236-238).

Piro's friends woken up

[Link to chapter 90, part 4.]

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Eighty-Ninth: Attack on the Orb, part 1

SL, day ~263, 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Tsanaali's forces gather; he explains that they are to seize the Orb (SL 220-224).

p.221: "there are twenty-one of us [...] four squads of four" - This math only accounts for 16 of the 21 soldiers. On p.223, Tsanaali details 5 squads, including one led by himself, presumably not included in the count on this page. On p.224, we find that this 5th squad contains 5 soldiers (including Tsanaali), so all are now accounted for.

[Link to chapter 89, part 2.]

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Ninetieth: Grassfog's Family History, part 4

SL, day ~263, 1:00 PM-2:30 PM (Adrilankha time)

[Time approximate, "After a few hours" (SL 238).]

Piro and company ride towards the cave (SL 238-239).

[Link to chapter 91.]

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Eighty-Ninth: Attack on the Orb, part 2

SL, day ~263, 1:30 PM-1:45 PM

[Time approximate. "After some fifteen minutes of walking" (SL 224).]

Tsanaali travels to Whitecrest Manor; the first guards easily dispatched (SL 224-225).

[Link to chapter 91, part 1.]

SL, day ~263, 1:45 PM

The Jenoine is (partially) summoned, causing sorcery to be blocked (by inference).

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Ninety-Third: Attempt on the Orb

SL, day ~263, 1:45 PM - 2:00 PM

The Orb is inert; Tsanaali's forces attack; Tsanaali duels Pel; the enemy defeated (SL 262-266).

Khaavren inspects the grounds and sends for reinforcements (SL 266-268).

[Link to chapter 94, part 1.]

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Ninety-First: Kâna's Secret Plans

SL, day ~263, 2:00 PM-2:15 PM

Time approximate.

Sethra Lavode discovers that psionic communication is blocked, as is sorcery (SL 240-242).

The Sorceress in Green reveals the Jenoine threat, which seems to be responsible for the blockage of necromantic powers and the Orb; Sethra Lavode summons the Necromancer to help locate the Jenoine (SL 243-245).

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Ninety-Fifth: Morrolan Versus the God, part 2

SL, day ~263, 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM (Adrilankha time)

This scene is apparently "not [...] near to the end of the day" (SL 277).

Morrolan desecrates Tri'nagore's icon, summoning him; they fight; Morrolan, unable to harm Tri'nagore, psychically asks Arra for help; Morrolan wins, but loses consciousness (SL 276-280).

The Warlock is able to use his magic again (SL 289).

Arra sleeps, and has a dream of a tower (SL 307). I infer that she was fatigued by directing the spell to help Morrolan against Tri'nagore.

[Link to chapter 95, part 2.]

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Ninety-Second: Grita and Illista's Vengeance

SL, day ~263, 2:05 PM-2:30 PM (Adrilankha time)

Time approximate. "As all of this was taking place" (SL 246). The Jenoine has apparently already been summoned as this chapter opens, which places it after chapter 93.

Tazendra held captive within a cave full of strange equipment (SL 246-247).

Grita and Illista discuss their plans, and the nature of vengeance (SL 247-254).

p.250: "it has been almost a year since we took her." It was early spring when they took her, and is now late winter.

Tazendra awakened (SL 254-256).

Mica arrives, having walked from Daavya (SL 256-257).

[Since Mica is "skilled at walking", I'm estimating a travel speed of 45 miles/day. The distance from Dzur Mountain to Daavya is ~60 miles as the jhereg flies, probably more by mountain paths. Include the time to find the map, and call it 2 days. The distance from Daavya to South Mountain is about 1,200 miles, for a travel time of ~27 days. So Mica has been walking for ~29 days total.]

On the properties of this cave (SL 257-259).

Aerich arrives; Mica attacks, but is slain; Piro and company arrive; Tazendra attacks Illista, but Illista is protected by Grita's channeling of the Jenoine's energy; Grita slays Kytraan (SL 259-261).

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Ninety-Fourth: The Battle Develops, part 1

SL, day ~263, 2:15 PM

"it being very nearly the hour of noon" (SL 269). Again, I think this refers to "the third meal of the day".

Status of the battle (SL 269-271).

p.270: "the first hour after noon"; unclear which 'noon' this is. But this may indicate a time of around 3:00 PM. This tallies neatly with the turning of the battle.

[Link to chapter 94, part 2.]

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Ninety-Fourth: The Battle Develops, part 3

SL, day ~263, 2:15 PM - 2:30 PM

Sethra Lavode consults the Necromancer about the Jenoine, and deduces where it is -- but not how to get there (SL 272-275).

p.274: "In twenty minutes" - Bringing us to perhaps 2:30 PM.

[Link to chapter 95, part 1.]

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Ninety-Sixth: Piro's Rescue

SL, day ~263, 2:30 - 2:45 PM (Adrilankha time)

"It was shortly after the hour of noon, on the third day of the Month of the Jhegaala in the second year of the Reign of Her Majesty Zerika the Fourth" (SL 282). Which 'noon' is meant here is unertain, but probably the third meal of the day. (Whichever noon it is is almost certainly referring to the time at Adrilankha, not local time at South Mountain or Blackchapel.)

Simultaneous status of the various plot threads (SL 282).

The small band of ordinary soldiers is easily put to flight (SL 283-284).

Grita kills Iatha and Belly; Tazendra destroys Illista, then falls dead; Aerich grievously injured (SL 284-287).

Sethra Lavode, the Necromancer, Khaavren, and Pel arrive; Piro kills Grita (SL 287).

[Link to chapter 97.]

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Ninety-Fifth: Morrolan Versus the God, part 2

SL, day ~263, 2:45 PM (Adrilankha time)

Morrolan wakes, and is eager to return to the battle (SL 280-281).

It is now 'after noon' (SL 281), and the solar reference suggests the meaning mid-day. How much after is unclear. There is an ~1:40 time difference between here and Adrilankha, so it is not necessarily after noon there.

[Link to chapter 96.]

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Ninety-Seventh: Sethra Versus the Jenoine

SL, day ~263, 2:45 PM - 3:00 PM (Adrilankha time)

Sethra Lavode attacks the Jenoine, while the Necromancer closes the portal; with the Jenoine gone, sorcery and the Orb function once more (SL 288-290).

Paarfi implies that Tri'nagore's defeat was simultaneous with that of the Jenoine, but does not come out and directly state it. The actual schedule was less poetic, since the Necromancer could not bring Sethra et al to the cave until after Tri'nagore's removal.

Aerich's wound is mortal; Mourning (SL 290-294).

p.292: "it has been less than two years." Probable typo for "less than three years, which it (barely) is.

Khaavren is reconciled with Piro (SL 294).

[Link to chapter 98.]

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Ninety-Ninth: The Demon Goddess's Gift

SL, day ~263, 2:45 PM - 6:00 PM (Adrilankha time)

"Morrolan was more than a little startled to discover, upon returning to Castle Black, that it was only a little past the hour of noon" (SL 303). I think it likely that this is the "third meal of the day" noon, given that Morrolan receives word of the end of the battle before finishing his meal.

Morrolan returns home and breaks his fast (SL 303-306).

p.303: "He smiled a little as these doors opened on their own, just like the door at Dzur Mountain that he had seen." This is curious. Morrolan observed those doors at Dzur Mountain only yesterday (in chapter 84, and has not been back to Castle Black until now. Were these doors also a gift from Verra? Or has Paarfi misreported the timing of some of these events?

p.305: "breakfast". This is Morrolan's first meal of the day, but it is late to be breaking fast, no matter how one measures time.

Arra joins Morrolan over klava; she has had a vision of a tower (SL 306-308).

Morrolan and Arra visit his tower, and see surprising windows; speculation as to their nature and uses (SL 308-312).

p.308: "the small hole Morrolan had made when his sword had emitted a kind of spell on its own." See chapter 84.

p.309: "the dawn in Southmoor". An error, possibly induced by the use of the word 'breakfast' earlier; it is late afternoon by now, and not remotely dawn, though it might well be sunset by now.

Morrolan goes to Whitecrest Manor, receiving news and compliments (SL 312-313).

[Link to chapter 100.]

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Ninety-Eighth: End of the Battle, part 1

SL, day ~263, 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM (Adrilankha time)

"the third hour after noon" (SL 296). Probably referring to mid-day, as not much time has passed since p.282's "shortly after the hour of noon", which 'noon' I expect to have referred to the time of the third meal. See also notes to chapter 99, immediately below.

Status of the battle as Sethra Lavode returns; battle turns (SL 295-297).

Kâna and Habil flee (SL 297).

Battle ends, the Empress debriefed (SL 297-299).

"By the fifth hour after noon, everything was, in effect, over" (SL 298). This phrasing almost always is using "noon" as "mid-day".

[Link to chapter 98, part 2.]

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the Ninety-Eighth: End of the Battle, part 2

SL, day ~263, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM (Adrilankha time)

Zerika wishes Kâna and Habil arrested; after inspecting the guard, Khaavren sets out on this mission (SL 300-302).

[While the text strongly implies that this scene takes place after the battle is over, I have good reason to believe it is significantly earlier. Firstly, Khaavren reaches the inn shortly after his enemies (SL 315), and they would not have waited until the bitter end to flee. Secondly, the elapsed time of the search doesn't work unless it starts before the battle ends (see chapter 100, below).

[Link to chapter 99.]

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the One Hundredth: The Arrest of Kâna

SL, day ~263, 4:30 PM - 8:30 PM (Adrilankha time)

Khaavren sets out after Kâna, immediately after the conclusion of chapter 98; he studies the site of Kâna's field HQ (SL 314-315).

[The search is stated to take about 4 hours, and end "As darkness was falling" (SL 315). At this date and location, sunset would be about 7:42 PM, with full darkness being somewhat later.

SL, day ~263, 8:30 PM - 14:00 PM (Adrilankha time)

Khaavren catches up with Kâna at an inn; Kâna and Habil arrested and brought to Whitecrest Manor (SL 315-318).

[I presume a more leisurely pace on the way back. They arrive "In the middle of the night" (SL 317).

SL, day ~264

"Early the next morning" (SL 318).

Khaavren reports to Zerika about his mission, and how he located Kâna (SL 318-323).

"The next day" (SL 323). Almost certainly a mistake. Chapter 102 places the execution as the day after the battle, and there seems no reason why Zerika would delay that execution. (At least, no reasons I can think of that would result in delays of only a single day.)

Kâna and Habil executed (SL 323).

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the One Hundred First: The Gods Consider

Tri'nagore on trial by the other gods; Verra asks for the disposition of certain souls (SL 324-327).

Sethra Lavode, Chapter the One Hundred Second: Zerika's Gratitude

SL, day ~264-268

Victory celebration (SL 328).

SL, day ~265

Victory parade ("the second day after the victory", SL 328).

SL, day ~266

Sethra Lavode moves the army out of Adrilankha ("On the third day of the celebration", SL 328).

SL, day ~268

"in a week's time", SL 313; "On the fifth and last day of the celebration", SL 329.

Zerika grants rewards (SL 329-332).

p.329: "an official apology was tendered both from the Empire, and from the House of the Phoenix." The apology from the House of the Phoenix is probably merely a personal touch, as we don't know of any Phoenix involvement in Sethra's being banned in the first place (see notes to the Lavode Scandal for more details).

p.331: "so long ago". The Phoenix Guards, chapter 1.

p.331: "a thousand years before he died". Probably inaccurate, see notes at 1,500 BI.

SL, day ~~264-284

Negotiations with Elde over prisoners from the Battle of Adrilankha conclude ("over the subsequent weeks", date very approximate, SL 296-297).

Prisoners from Kâna's army released ("over the next few weeks", date approximate, SL 297).

3 PI

Spring, 3 PI

SL, day ~294

Exact date of changeover approximate, based on my theory that 2 PI started on SL, day 6.

SL, day ~298

The last of the Houses (Lyorn) officially confirms Zerika's position ("In the next two months", date approximate, SL 332-333).

SL, day ~299

"The following day" (SL 333).

Khaavren receives leave to take his friends to Deathgate; he sees a ship coming to harbor (SL 333-334).

Sethra Lavode, Epilogue

SL, day ~403

"a mid-summer's day" (SL 335).

Return to Deathgate Falls; offerings and farewells (SL 335-337).

6 PI

Sethra Lavode, Conclusion

Imperial Palace ready for habitation (SL 338).

11 PI

Imperial Palace officially opened (SL 338).

What became of various characters (SL 338-339).

p.339: "at the Wall of Barrit's Tomb years later." See Dragon, especially chapters 14-17.

The question of Khaavren's happiness (SL 340).

Piro and the Blue Fox; on the relationship between legend and history (SL 340-341). Piro does remain at least active enough that, over 200 years later, there's still a sizable reward out for the Blue Fox (Ti 75-76).

Sethra Lavode, Afterword

Ivan Sekély's various encounters with Paarfi; on mythographical confusion and gambling (SL 343-351).

Early Post-Interregnum
Events that occur not long after the Interregnum ends.

"just after" the Interregnum ends, Demon (aka "Daifan", Dz 170) kills two of the three Council members who had survived since before the Interregnum, and takes a Council seat himself (Jr 23). He apparently suffers no serious threats to his power between now and Jhereg (Jr 24). He also acquires a reputation for honesty (Jr 33).

Morrolan instrumental in driving back Easterners and curing plagues (J 80).

Sethra and Morrolan start looking for Aliera's soul ("more than two hundred years" before Tt 37).

Boralinoi joins the Jhereg Council (P 194).

A dock built in Northport ("since the end of the Interregnum", O 5).

Loftis joins Imperial Service ("he'd have to have been in the Imperial Service at least two hundred and fifty years" which is unlikely to be literally true, since the Interregnum only enmded 247 years ago, O 118).

Piro and Ibronka move out of Whitecrest Manor into an apartment in Adrilankha (SL 338).

Earrings fell out of fashion in the Interregnum (H 92).

Some wines are bottled ("just past the end of the Interregnum, two and a half centuries ago", V 158).

??? PI
Miscellaneous events that aren't exactly dated, but are Post-Interregnum and Pre-Vlad.

Jhereg Council puts their House in order, becomes official governing body of the Jhereg (Jr 22). (All of House Jhereg? Or just "The Organization"? I think the latter, but the matter is unclear.) House becomes profitable again (Jr 23). The Organization abandons a lot of old rituals and oaths which they used to have "Before the Interregnum" (Ir 185).

Castle Black acquires a painting (by The Necromancer) of a wounded dragon (Jr 133-134), a painting by 'a nameless Lyorn' showing Kieron debating the Shamans (Jr 134), and a large painting (fresco?) by Katana e'M'archala of the Third Seige of Dzur Mountain (Jr 134).

Leareth/Mellar tries (unsuccessfully) to join Dragon and Dzur (Jr 179).

Alfredo is sent to Faerie (from a country to the south of Fenario) (BP 152). At some point, his name is changed to Sándor (BP 153). [Though Sándor is old and powerful by Fenarian standards, there is no indication that he is powerful enough to have survived the Interregnum without access to sorcery.]

Sándor drinks the power for the first time (BP 157).

Sándor comes out of Faerie into Fenario (BP 153).

Sándor becomes a fixture in the Fenarian court "since before László's grandfather's time" (BP 31).

Loraan discovers a means to preserve last thoughts of the dying (Tt 37).

"Early Paarfi". (See notes in the essay Unreliable Narrators).

Climbing River is dredged; Bengloarafurd Bridge is built; Bengloafurd itself renamed Troe (PG 166-167).

Paarfi meets the Serioli Jggo!f'tha the bone-dancer (PG 171). [That Paarfi met him is an inference, as is the dating of this as Post-Interregnum.]

A "flood-year" in Smallcliff ("a generation ago", A 24).

An epidemic in Smallcliff ("many years before Savn had been born", A 24-25).

Architecture fashions no longer include rooms without windows (O 9), and have an "aesthetic that thinks monoliths attractive for their own sake, producing big blocks of stone with the occasional bit of decoration, usually a wrought-iron animal, sticking out as an afterthought." (O 11).

Kiera bets three friends that they can't spot her climbing up a blank wall; she wins ("once", O 11).

Khaavren apparently resigns from time to time, but not permanently ("he'd have another one of his temper tantrums and resign again", O 119).

Daymar knows Morrolan (Dn 40).

Morrolan meets a Serioli (Dn 108).

Kragar and Morrolan meet (Dn 116).

Morrolan makes two planned trips off-world ("before Aliera had, uh, re-emerged", Is 22).

Teleportation spell is refined by Krimel and Thrace at Twabridge University (LCB 295).

Paarfi at University with Ivan Sekely (SL 344-346).

A story (probably apocryphal) circulates about one of Mario's victims bringing himself to Deathgate (Dz 21).

Teldra guards Morrolan's body, with difficulty, for nearly a week while his mind and soul fought a battle over the Paths of the Dead (Ir 35). Could he have been using some sort of time travel to help Zerika? (See entry for Summer, 247 I for more discussion.)

Pel either stops being Prime Minister, or becomes "secret Prime Minister" (Ir 96).

The Jhereg Organization stops using secret rituals (Ir 184-185).

One of Pindua's sculptures is placed in the Imperial Palace, though it is unclear if this happens before or after Devera's visit (Ti 25). Date unknown, though the mention of the Imperial Palace makes it clearly Post-Interregnum.

Pindua dies, and Paarfi buys the silver tiassa (Ti 25).

A cheap hotel in Adrilankha gets converted to a Jhereg brothel (it was a hotel "before the Interregnum", Ti 65).

Timmer is injured at Cook's Bluff. Shortly thereafter, the mercenary army she worked for "went missing". She joins the Phoenix Guards. (Ti 277-278; date unknown, but must be post-Interregnum, since the Phoenix Guards exist.)

Khaavren recruits Timmer into Special Tasks (Ti 278).

Dinaand has his musical career cut short when he kills a disrespectful patron (Ti 298).

Dinaand studies sorcery under Brestin, as does Kosadr (not necessarily at the same time, Ti 278).

Dinaand is recruited by Khaavren (Ti 278).

Cialdi comes close to catching the Blue Fox; Piro recommends him to Khaavren ("After the Interregnum", Ti 279).

Cialdi brings down the Jhereg "Lord Hiyechin's palm-steel operation" and discovers how stolen jewelry was smuggled out of the city (1 case or 2? Ti 279).

Palaniss disguises herself as a Lyorn "during the coal-tax rebellion" (Ti 279).

"Later," Palaniss works covertly against the Duke of Loghram; she is then recruited into Special Tasks by Khaavren (Ti 279).

Flatstones stops working for Terion (though they remain "close", H 156), and starts working for Krasno (H 153).

~20 PI?

A communist tract (from Earth?) is unearthed from a Lyorn vault (P 116-117). [The vault is unearthed "during the Interregnum", but Kelly can't have gotten the book (and understood it) much earlier than ~215 PI, which happens "nearly two hundred years" later (P 117). On the other hand, maybe this is another error on Verra's (or Vlad's) part.]

~30 PI

Hennith makes a sword for Telnan ("two hundred years ago", TD 3). Possibly on the occasion of Telnan's birth?

~31 PI

Devera takes the silver tiassa (Ti 23-24).

~47 PI

Loftis gets his first Signet ("two hundred years old", O 118).

Telnan falls down (TD 3, dating extremely tentative).

~50 PI

Dortmond joins Copper Company ("most of two hundred years", Dn 183).

The King of Fenario hasn't interfered with the provinces for "the last few hundreds of years" (Ja 59).

"...the Wand of Ucerics was made by a Hawklord in Adrilankha about two hundred years ago." (H 238).

A Jhereg turf war over Little Deathgate "about two hundred years" ago (H 91).

~52 PI

Precipice Manor is shifted from Housetown to Kieron's Watch (see the essay "Dating the events of Vallista").

~53 PI

The castle at Housetown is mostly shut down, though a few servants remain. (Implied by the empty storerooms and neglected wine cellar. Possibly due to Zhayin's death being discovered.)

~68 PI

Northmen invade Fenario, doing much damage ("about a hundred and fifty years ago", BP 24). This is probably during the reign of János IV (BP 138). After the invasion, sections of the city wall are "pulled down by ropes and oxen" (BP 138), though I'm not clear on why.

The time of Tividar the Renewer; The Tale of Jani and Margit ("Long ago, in the days of your grandfather's grandfather's grandfather"; from rough guesses at generation times, about 150 years before PI 218.) Possibly Tividar is "renewing" the kingdom after the disastrous invasion under his predecessor?

~80 PI

Telnan sees his mother explode a rock (TD 3, dating extremely tentative).

85 PI

Ritt promoted to Ensign (SL 339).

90 PI

Sennya dies, with Ibronka present (SL 339).

~92 PI

Laris starts selling Jhereg titles to Easteners ("about a hundred and fifty years ago", Y 20).

~100 PI

Fyres is a wealthy man "by the end of the first century" (O 49).

Sándor last feels fear ("more than a hundred years" before 218 PI, BP 162; "more than a hundred years", BP 255; exact dating highly speculative).

~120 PI

Telnan draws blood in anger for the first time ("I was ninety", TD 3, dating extremely tentative).

~135 PI

Leareth/Mellar starts 'working' freelance for House Jhereg, while studying fencing with Lord Onarr (Jr 180-182). He works with Onarr for "close to a hundred years" (Jr 182).

Count Fornia begins expanding his territory again ("during the last hundred years or so", Dn 48).

~140 PI

Morrolan picks up an interest in Pre-Empire sorcery "a hundred years or so" (Jr 83) ago.

Telnan topples some peasants (TD 3, dating very tentative).

~145 PI

Fyres loses his first fortune ("forty or fifty years later", O 49). He gains and loses a fortune twice more (O 49) between now and Orca, and has his fourth fortune about to go under as the book opens.

~152 PI

Kiera steals a jade phoenix with an enchanted lockpick "a hundred years or so before" (H 85).

~158 PI

Rezsô born ("every day past forty should be counted as a blessing. I know, because I have given thanks to the Demon Goddess every day for the past twenty years" in 218 PI, BP 25).

János VI of Fenario is born. (date approximate, but László thinks that Rezsô "must have studied with the old King and Queen", suggesting that they are all about the same age.) János is the son of a King Gellért (presumably not Gellért I), and Gellért was the son of King Vendel (BP 132).

Savn born ("probably not more than ninety", O 5; "under a hundred", Ti 286).

Kragar starts working for Mario ("About, uh, ninety years, I guess", Dz 222; "About ninety years", Dz 224). Did Aliera actually introduce the two of them? As Mendel pointed out in a discussion on Dreamcafe, Aliera was not incarnate at this time. I suppose that Aliera could have introduced the two of them before the Interregnum, with the business arrangement starting later. Further, in Jhereg, chapter 4, when Kragar thinks Vlad is considering geting help from Aliera for an assassination, he says "Boss, she's a Dragon. They don't believe in assassination. They consider it a crime..." (Jr 55); this suggests strongly that he is unaware of the relationship between the two of them. Perhaps Kragar is simply humoring Vlad's guess in order to minimize the amount he betrays Mario's confidence.

~160 PI

The future Queen Teréz is born. [She is fourteen (BP 166) when János is sixteen (BP 165).]

Telnan kills a cheating Jhegaala merchant (TD 3, dating very tentative).

~161 PI

A peasant acquires a paper recipe "oh, I don't know, a few hundred years ago, maybe" (Ja 128). [Dahni is very uncertain as to the timing, and other references (see immediately below) make me believe it was actually less than 100 years.]

Old Saekeresh brings a paper recipe to (not-yet-named-that) Burz from "Back East", then makes preparations for fighting the Baron (Ja 230-231).

Old Saekeresh slaughters Baron Neeyali and his followers, except for a few witches "in the course of a week" (Ja 231).

The King of Fenario "was weak then, and old, and concerned with his own troubles" (Ja 233). [We don't know who this King was.]

The old Baron "sold" his mansion to Veodric's grandfather (Ja 111). [Is Veodric just whitewashing family history here?]

Count Veodric Saekeresh born "three and eighty years" before Jhegaala (Ja 62).

Mill built ("about eighty, I think" Ja 165;. "The mill was first founded by my grandfather, some eighty-three years ago" Ja 173). [Interesting coincidence (if it is coincidence) that this is the same year Veodric is born.] Keeping specific time starts to matter in Burz (Ja 164).

There's been a school in Burz "for years and years" (Ja 250). Founded by Old Saekeresh to educate mill workers (Ja 251).

Old Saabo remains in Burz. Three of his sons work in the mill (Ja 231). His eldest son ("Old Matyawsh" Ja 250) changes his name to Merss (Ja 231). Merss means "pulper" (Ja 15). "My great-grandfather, Matyawsh's brother, kept the name he was born with" (Ja 250).

~165 PI

Polyi born ("now in her eighties" in 246 PI, A 3).

Old Saekeresh's War on Witches, ~165-185 PI???

Count Saekeresh's grandfather goes mad, fights witches, who split into pro- and anti-Count factions. This goes on for 10-30 years. Merchants' Guild becomes the de facto government. Merss family were associated with the anti-Count faction of witches. (Ja 59-60; Zollie is an unreliable source, but Vlad seems to mostly believe him, see Ja 293). "There were some witches who were killed by old Saekeresh" (Ja 233). "back when this started" there were conflicts among the witches (Ja 290).

The conflict is settled by Veodric Saekeresh's father, who makes a non-aggression pact with the witches (Ja 60). Presumably this happens after he becomes Count, his father having finally been killed or abdicated.

By the time this conflict ends, some of the Merss family have left Burz entirely ("years ago. Before I was born." Ja 135). "They left the country. Some say they went West to sell their souls to the elfs" (Ja 137). Those who left were "the last followers of the dark way" (Ja 135); those who remain "give up practicing the Art, except perhaps in secret" (Ja 289). [Which phrasing suggests to me that Vlad hasn't any strong reason to believe that they did continue the practice.] The remaining Merss may be sufficiently reconciled with the Count to stay, but they no longer work at the mill. Instead, they farm, possibly on the "small piece of land" that once belonged to Old Saabo. (Although changing their name would normally disinherit them (Ja 72), perhaps an exception was made here since his other heirs all wanted to continue working at the mill.) This sequence of events is inferred from scanty data, but it fits what we know. [On further thought, the Merss "cousins" (Ja 58) who moved away 10-15 years before Vlad arrived (Ja 137) may have still worked the mill up until they left. Or not -- insufficient data.]

Marishka Merss (Vlad's mother)'s father (and mother?) come from Fenario "either before she was born, or when she was only in arms" (Ja 13).

~172 PI

Noish-Pa born in Fenario ("almost seventy" in 242 PI, Y 206).

~173 PI

Count of Mordfal born ("about five-and-forty" in 218 PI, BP 64).

~174 PI

János finds Teréz in Faerie ("he was a lad of sixteen then", BP 165). He rescues her, then becomes king (BP 167).

~177 PI

Rezsô becomes an advisor to László's father ("for many years", BP 23, dating very approximate).

Laache born ("seemed to be about seventy", O 67).

Tip born ("about the same age as her", O 68).

~178 PI

Savn "fills the bucket" ("when I was twenty", A 64).

~180 PI

Telnan serves for two months in Yinsil's Private Army (TD 3, dating very tentative).

~185 PI

László born ("When Miklós was five, it was time for Prince László, then fifteen", BP 6; "You are thirty-three years old" in 218 PI, BP 25).

~188 PI

Noish-pa conscripted into an Eastern army. "...we were soundly beaten in our first and only battle" (Dn 121). [dating very speculative]

Noish-pa "had to leave" Fenario (Ja 13). [dating very speculative] Possibly due to Coven issues (Ja 16-17)?. Or to the birth of his son?

Vlad's father born? [Dating highly speculative. We know he started working in a restaurant in 195 PI, but not how old he was when he started. Given Noish-pa's poverty, and the apparent lack of child labor laws, I'm arbitrarily guessing he started work at age 7.

~189 PI

Andor born (He is Miklós's "elder by six years", BP 8).

~190 PI???

Fentor the Tsalmoth joins Morrolan's security force ("over fifty years", Jr 139).

Son of Old Saekeresh inherits from his father, changes name of town to Burz, then moves back East (Ja 232). Guild fills power vacuum (Ja 232-233). Saekeresh II solidifies a deal with the Guild (Ja 60).

~192 PI

Vilmos born ("three years [Miklós's] elder", BP 8).

Laris starts working as an enforcer for Welok. He 'works' a few more times over the next thirty years ("About fifty years ago", Y 20).

~193 PI?

A particularly cold winter in Fenario; windows of the palace towers are filled in ("some years before" 216 PI, BP 7).

~195 PI?

Vlad's father starts working in a restaurant. "squandered everything he had earned in forty years of running a restaurant" (Jr 5); "forty years of work" (Jr 23).

Miklós born ("twenty-one years old", as of 216 PI, BP 4).

Viktor born ("twenty-three years old" as of 218 PI, BP 27).

~198 PI

Kelly born (Natalia thinks he "was around twenty" (Tk 153) when she met him, which I place at 218 PI).

Rezsô begins giving daily thanks to the Demon Goddess ("every day for the past twenty years" in 218 PI, BP 25).

~199 PI

A dragon is last seen in Fenario ("close to twenty years" before 218 PIBP 25).

~200 PI

Miklós moved out of nursery, so that Prince László can have chambers of his own ("When Miklós was five", BP 6).

Miklós learns about the Hand of Faerie (dating speculative, but based on the notion that it happened before the partial palace collapse in 203 PI, BP 8).

Brigitta's mother marries. [Exact date highly speculative; see Brigitta's Background for more discussion of the issue.]

Telnan tries to provoke the wizard Calfri into a fight (TD 3, dating very tentative).

~201 PI

Half of the west wing of the Fenarian palace collapses, after a week of heavy snow ("during Miklós's sixth year", BP 8). King János VI is injured, losing the use of his legs, and hence abdicates ("when the west wing had collapsed many years ago", BP 30).

Brigitta born (She is "seventeen" as of 218 PI, BP 28).

Venchel Saabo born ("Forty? Forty-five?" Ja 244).

Father Noij "once knew a man who spent thirty years" seeking vengeance (Ja 75). [dating very speculative]

~202 PI

László's portrait is painted (at seventeen, "as was done for all Princes at that age", BP 147).

~203 PI

Mariska born (She is "Fifteen" in 221 PI, BP 26).

~206 PI

Miklós is 11. He watches the River (BP 4). He does so a lot; László claims "He spent nearly his whole childhood there" (BP 160).

"At fourteen years old," Vilmos is strong enough to lift up Andor and László with one hand (BP 21).

Brigitta (and her mother?) pick mushrooms in the woods ("When I was very little", dating approximate, BP 94-95).

Andor's portrait is painted (at seventeen, "as was done for all Princes at that age", BP 147).

Natalia born (She is "only fourteen" about a year before the "the riots, and the killings" (presumably the uprising of 221 PI, Tk 155).

~209 PI(?)

Vilmos's portrait is painted (at seventeen, "as was done for all Princes at that age", BP 147).

~212 PI(?)

Natalia's mother dies (Tk 151, dating highly tentative).

Miklós's portrait is painted ("In the winter when he had turned seventeen", BP 147).

~213 PI(?)

Vilmos starts raising norska ("years of experimentation", BP 87, exact date is a guess).

Viktor starts working at the palace of Fenario ("I've known you for five years", BP 132).

~215 PI(?)

Brigitta runs away to Faerie (BP 218, "When I was 14", BP 263).

Kelly discovers communist tract (P 116)

~216 PI

Miklós is 21 (BP 4).

Miklós enrages László, and is nearly killed (BP 11).

Miklós crawls to the River (BP 12).

Miklós meets Bölcseség (BP 9-16). They travel for four days to reach the Wandering Forest, then for three days through it (BP 14). One more day takes them to the base of the cliff below Lake fenarr. In the middle of this travel, they stop at a village to trade for supplies (BP 15).

Miklós meets Devera (BP 17-18).

Miklós swears fealty to a Dragaeran Baron (BP 43), thus becoming a Teckla, and gaining a link to the Orb (by implication from Brokedown Palace, chapter 3).

László begins sparring with Viktor ("two years" before PI 218, BP 27).

Miklós butchers a calf "Once" (BP 212).

Natalia caught stealing, runs away, starts working in an inn ("I was only about ten", Tk 151-152).

~217 PI

The path up the cliff to Lake Fenarr collapses (BP 41, date approximate).

Conversation at King László's dinner table begins to fall off ("a year or two ago", BP 62).

Brigitta returns from Faerie ("I was there more than a year", BP 263).

Brigitta's mother dies in winter (BP 77).

A kitchen staircase of the Fenarian Palace collapses ("a year ago", BP 78).

~218 PI

Vlad's parents meet and fall in love (dating tentative). They marry, despite Vlad's father disapproving of her being a "witch" (Jr 7; Ja 13).

Brigitta moves to Fenario City in Spring (BP 77).

An old woman starts patronizing Jancsi's sausage business ("for thirty years", Dz 144).

Natalia starts reading ("I was twelve", Tk 152).

Natalia meets Kelly (Must happen after she learns to read, Tk 153).

Brokedown Palace

The bulk of the narrative of this book is assumed to take place in 218 PI. This placement rests on two rather flimsy assumptions, but has not yet been contradicted. The assumptions are that Cawti is, in fact, the daughter of Brigitta and Miklós; and that Cawti is about the same age as Vlad. Other dates that are only referenced in this book have been placed relative to 218. The dates of the Legend of Fenarr do jibe with those given in The Phoenix Guards, though this is only weak evidence. It is "Late autumn" (BP 55).

Brokedown Palace, Prologue

The Legend of Fenarr (BP 1-3).

p.1: "he arrived one day"; roughly 535 BI, about a thousand years before Vlad's time.

p.1: "a people who had lived for long years, even then, beneath the shadow of Faerie"; About 1,000 years, according to Jhegaala, chapter 3 (p.59).

p.3: "Fenarr came to them, even to the seat of Kav"; In 532 BI. A somewhat different view of these events is given in The Phoenix Guards, chapters 30 and 31.

Brokedown Palace, Chapter One: The Horse

This chapter mostly takes place in "early autumn" (BP 9) of 216 PI, "more than two years" (BP 38) before the bulk of the narrative in 218 PI.

Miklós enrages László, and is nearly killed (BP 11).

Miklós crawls to the River (BP 12).

The River (BP 4).

p.4: "when Miklós was eleven"; in 206 PI.

The Palace (BP 5).

p.5: "It had stood for nearly a thousand years if you count the hut."; Fenarr's hut, referenced on p.3, built about 995 years earlier, in late 532 BI

p.5: "Nine hundred and fifty years if you count the fort."; 487 BI.

p.5: "Seven hundred years if you count the Old Palace"; 237 BI.

p.5: "Four hundred years by any way of counting"; 63 I.

The Interior (BP 5-7).

p.5: "the long siege ... more than three hundred years before"; Placed (somewhat arbitrarily) at 150 I, 313 years earlier.

p.6: "When Miklós was five"; 200 PI.

The City (BP 7-8)

p.7: "one especially cold winter some years before"; "some" is especially vague; I've arbitrarily placed this at 25 years earlier, 191 PI.

p.8: "Miklós used to wander"; Placed, somewhat specualtively, when Miklós was 5, 199 PI.

p.8: "during Miklós's sixth year"; 201 PI.

The Land (BP 8-9).

Miklós meets Bölk (BP 9-14). It's at least the next day, "early afternoon" (BP 10) when Miklós wakes.

p.13: "I have been there once... I am old, master. I am from another age. Once I was stronger than the power of Faerie"; Not further documented.

Miklós and Bölk travel to the borders of Faerie (BP 14-16).

Miklós meets Devera (BP 17-18).

p.17: "He said I should go to Fenario because I would be able to learn something about--well, I'm really not supposed to say. But I must have missed, since I'm way up here, and that means I'm probably early, too." Who the "he" is has yet to be identified, nor what exactly Devera was supposed to learn. Devera has a strange relationship with time, and hasn't yet been born at this time.

Brokedown Palace, Interlude (One)

Blood on the floor of Miklós's room (BP 19). This is presumably a day or two after he and Miklós fought.

Brokedown Palace, Chapter Two: The King

BP, day ~-2

Andor acquires an interest in gardening ("a few days ago", day 1, p29).

Miklós 'escapes' from his Faerie master (BP 42, date approximate).

BP, day 1

On the similarity of the Palace to a human (BP 20).

Three brothers dine in the Informal Dining Room (BP 20-21).

p.21: "At fourteen years old"; 205 PI.

László contemplates an old carving (BP 22).

p.22: "one day when that part of the Palace had settled unexpectedly"; exact time unknown, but probably within the last few decades.

p.22: "placed there by Laszko's distant forebear, King Gellért I"; exact time unknown, but probably within the last 150 to 700 years.

László consults with Rezsô (BP 22-26).

p.23: "He had been an advisor to László's father for many years"; exact time unknown. I have arbitrarily placed this at 177 PI. He would have been young, but a peer of the King's.

p.24: ""The Northmen invaded last about a hundred and fifty years ago"; around 68 PI.

p.24: "About seventy-five years before that"; about 241 I.

p.25: "We haven't had a dragon in Fenario in close to twenty years"; nineteen years would place this at 199 PI.

p.26: "That leaves the throne of Fenario going to some Baron or other who is probably descended from your grandfather's eldest sister or something." This suggests that King János VI has no surviving siblings.

p.26: "Fifteen." "At least you aren't trying to palm any more children off on me." An interesting commentary on Fenarian notions of adulthood. See also László's reaction to Brigitta's age (and lack of marriage) on p.28.

László spars with Viktor (BP 26-29).

László talks to Andor about gardening (BP 29-30).

László visits his parents (BP 30-31).

p.30: "when the west wing had collapsed many years ago"; 201 PI.

László asks Sándor about Andor (BP 31-32).

László asks Vilmos to deal with the dragon (BP 32-33).

László meets Brigitta (BP 33-34).

Brokedown Palace, Interlude (Two)

The Tale of Mózes (BP 35-37).

Brokedown Palace, Chapter Three: The Dragon

BP, day 2

Miklós arrives at Lake Fenarr, and burns his Teckla clothes (BP 38-39). He has been gone "more than two years" (BP 38, et al). [My best guess is that Vilmos's fight against the dragon takes place on day 7; this date is back-calculated from there.]

BP, day 3

Miklós circles Lake Fenarr, then begins descending the cliff into Fenario (BP 39-41).

BP, day 4

Miklós completes his descent (BP 41).

BP, day 5

Miklós contemplates the sun, and his 'escape' (BP 41-42).

Miklós reaches the Wandering Forest (BP 42-43).

BP, day 6

Miklós encounters a dragon. Reaching the River, he builds a raft (BP 43-47).

BP, day 7

Vilmos fights the dragon (BP 47-50). [We don't see a horse in this scene, but let's assume that Vilmos had one, and tied it up away from the dragon. Miklós and Bölk took four days to ride to the Forest, but started further east and wanted to avoid the city. So say three days to reach the western edge of the Forest. The Forest is four days ride across, east to west, but inside deep woods, a horse won't make much better time than a man afoot. Miklós has been walking for about a day when he reaches the location of the fight. So give Vilmos another three days of riding, for a total of six days after he set out. Alternatively, Vilmos may have traveled by water; in chapter six, he says "Well, the River carried me away too fast to take any [dragon meat] home with me", but he may not have been speaking literally.]

BP, day 8-10

Miklós recovers from his injuries (BP 50-51). [Miklós arrives back three days after Vilmos does. Their methods of travel are very different, but probably of at least roughly similar speeds.]

Brokedown Palace, Interlude (Three)

A drop of blood causes a seed to sprout (BP 52).

Brokedown Palace, Chapter Four: The Splinter

BP, day 13

[Date figured based on a six-day travel time for Vilmos.]

Andor needs help with a splinter (BP 53-55).

Andor asks Sándor for advice, and receives an epiphany (BP 55-57).

p.55: "It's been more than a week" since Andor planted some flowers. In Fenario, the week is (probably) seven days long. But it's actually been more than a fortnight, by my calculations.

Vilmos almost kills Sándor, but László stops him (BP 57-59)

László asks Andor to make arrangements for the visit of the Count of Modrfal and Mariska (BP 59).

Andor dreams of the Demon Goddess (BP 59-60).

BP, day 14

Andor gets another splinter while praying (BP 60-61).

Andor confronts Vilmos in the basement (BP 61-62)

p.61: "I remember when László first took the throne from our father." 201 PI. Andor would have been about 12, Vilmos about 9. Hence Vilmos probably does remember the event.

A tense family Dinner (BP 62-64).

BP, day 15

Andor greets the Count of Mordfal and Mariska (BP 64-66).

Andor fails to see what grows in Miklós's room (BP 66).

Brokedown Palace, Interlude (Four)

The Tale of the Farmer With Three Sons (BP 67-69).

Brokedown Palace, Chapter Five: The Coachman

BP, night of day 15 / morning of day 16

Miklós arrives at the Palace (BP 70-71).

Miklós meets Miska, the Coachman (BP 72-75).

p.73: "a tale of the occupation" Around 150-155 I.

Miklós wanders the Palace (BP 75-76).

p.75: "leaving Miklós to wonder if losing his boots hadn't been a stroke of good fortune"; A curious statement, as there has been no previous mention of the loss of his boots.

Miklós meets Brigitta and Vilmos (BP 76-78).

p.77: "How long have you been in Fenario?" / "Since spring. My mother died last winter." / "I'm sorry." / "Don't be," she said with only the tiniest trace of bitterness. "It wasn't much of a life."; This would have been almost a year ago, as it is now late august. For more details, see Brigitta's Background.

Viktor hears the conversation, and goes to warn László (BP 78).

Verra wakens László at a bad time to meet Miklós (BP 78-79).

László and Miklós fight, each asking for Vilmos's help (BP 79-80).

Miklós flees to Andor's room, but is caught (BP 80-81).

Miklós uses magic to flee again, first to his old room, then out the window (BP 81-83).

Brokedown Palace, Interlude (Five)

The seed grows, the Palace decays (BP 84-85).

Brokedown Palace, Chapter Six: The Giant

BP, day 16

Vilmos tends his norska (BP 86-88).

p.86: "You want a room of your own, eh? My brother wanted one too. It got him into trouble." Probably referring to the incident two years prior that led to László attacking Miklós (BP 11).

p.87: "through years of experimenting"; how many years is not known; I have arbitrarily guessed five.

László scolds Vilmos (BP 88-90).

Roots in the basement (BP 90-91). Sándor presumably spends the next several hours trying to use magic against the roots, unsuccessfully (BP 99).

Mariska comes to see the norska (BP 91-93).

p.93: "I've wanted to see them for some time." Are Vilmos's norska famous? Or is this an exagerrated way of saying "since I heard of them yesterday"?

Andor tries to scold Vilmos while a minstrel is playing (BP 93-94).

Brigitta tells Vilmos of her childhood. (Perhaps around 206 PI? BP 94-95)

László speaks with Vilmos about how his marriage will change things, and about the nature of the Palace (BP 95-97).

BP, day 17

Vilmos has breakfast with Mariska; Sándor asks for help (BP 97-99).

Brokedown Palace, Interlude (Six)

The Tale of the Silver Miner (BP 100-102).

Brokedown Palace, Chapter Seven: The Meeting

BP, day 17, later

Miklós has been healed by the River, and meets Bölk again (BP 103-106).

p.104: "There was a time, not too long ago, when I was a bull." This may refer to the incident that King Gellért's statue depicts (BP 22), or to the incident during the occupation of the Northmen (150 I, BP 73-74). Or, of course, to somthing else entirely.

p.105: "the 'fortress' that was here before ours"; Built around 487 BI, by King József 1.

Miklós is found by Brigitta, then Sándor and Andor; Sándor tries to make Miklós return with him, but is thwarted (BP 106-111).

On the nature of a Táltos Horse, magic, and what Miklós must do (BP 111-113).

Brigitta departs (BP 113-114).

p.114: "how great an improvement that is over my previous state." Exactly what part of her life she is referring to here is unclear.

Miklós and Bölk discuss the curious plant (BP 114-115).

Brokedown Palace, Interlude (Seven)

The plant continues to grow (BP 116).

Brokedown Palace, Chapter Eight: The Captain

BP, still day 17

Viktor tries to deal with the roots, unsuccessfully (BP 117-120).

p.117: "He had only seen [állam] drawn three times in his life, and on only one such occasion had been able to get a good look." Presumably the two times he hadn't gotten a good look were the times that László attacked Miklós. Unknown what the other occasion was.

Viktor reports his failure; állam fares little better (BP 121-123).

Vilmos agrees to pull out the roots, but cannot make himself do it (BP 123-125).

Viktor shows Brigitta the tree (BP 125-127).

Discussing what to do about the tree (BP 128-129).

László spend the night speaking to the Goddess (BP 129, 132).

BP, day 18

Miska tells Viktor a story (BP 129-130).

Viktor and Sándor discuss the king's options -- and the options for king (BP 130-132).

Laslzo discusses what the Goddess told him (BP 132-134).

Brokedown Palace, Interlude (Eight)

The Tale of Jani and Margit (BP 135-136).

p.135: "Long ago, in the days of your grandfather's grandfather's grandfather"; from rough guesses at generation times, about 150 years ago, or 67 PI.

Brokedown Palace, Chapter Nine: The Homecoming

Miklós comes home (BP 137-139).

p.138: "during the siege of King István II"; possibly the events of 150 I?

p,138: "[sections of the city wall] had been pulled down by ropes and oxen after the invasion during the reign of King János IV"; This invasion is probably the one that took place in 68 PI, since the only incursion of the Northmen prior to that was during the reign of János III (BP 24-25). Odd that walls would be torn down after the siege; there's presumably a story there.

László greets Miklós, and shows him the tree; Miklós promises to help (BP 140-143).

Family Dinner (BP 143-145).

p.144 "the same soup that Viktor had remarked on the day before"; actually, just a few hours ago (BP 133), though it was the previous chapter.

Brigitta and Miklós discuss the tree (BP 146-147).

p.147: "In the winter when he had turned seventeen"; about 212 PI.

Miklós and Vilmos visit Bölk, and discuss Vilmos's inability to pull the roots (BP 147-150).

Miklós talks at the tree (BP 150).

Brokedown Palace, Interlude (Nine)

The tree spreads out (BP 151).

Brokedown Palace, Chapter Ten: The Wizard

BP, day 19

Sándor's recalls his history, and considers what to do about the tree (BP 152-153).

Sándor speaks with Miklós about the tree, an about apprenticeship (BP 153-156).

László tries again to convince Vilmos to pull out the roots (BP 156-157).

Sándor considers the power of Faerie (BP 157-158).

Sándor and László discuss the tree (BP 158-161).

p.159: "Henrik led them over the southern border..." An impressive feat to achieve in 18 days, since when this strategem was first done, it "took months of careful planning and maneuvering" (BP 24). "...there are still witches, hiding in covens in the Wandering Forest or in the marshes to the south." See Jhegaala for more discussion of Covens, especially in the Prologue and chapter 17.

Sándor and László talk to Bölk (BP 161-163).

On the Goddess (BP 163-164).

Brokedown Palace, Interlude (Ten)

The Tale of János and Teréz (BP 165-167).

p.165: "he was a lad of sixteen then"; if this is true, that would have been roughly 174 PI.

p.166: "Well, he travels for a while"; possibly quite a while; she had only been missing a week when he set out, but by the time he finds her, "she'd been sleeping for a hundred days" (BP 166).

Brokedown Palace, Chapter Eleven: The Stable

BP, day 20

Miklós is angry at finding Bölk bound (BP 168-169)

Bölk frees himself (BP 169-170).

Bölk advises Miklós not to confront Sándor (BP 170-171).

p.170: "I asked him to justify his reliance upon the Demon Goddess." This is not what we heard Bölk say to them in the previous chapter, but Bölk is like that.

Miklós and Bölk discuss the tree (BP 171-172).

Miska departs (BP 172).

Miklós examines the tree with the power (BP 173-174).

Miklós sees Brigitta in a new light (BP 174).

Miklós and Brigitta discuss the tree, and beauty, and the Demon Goddess (BP 175-179).

Miklós shares his secret passage with Brigitta (BP 180).

Brokedown Palace, Interlude (Eleven)

The tree gathers its strength (BP 181).

Brokedown Palace, Chapter Twelve: The Cellar

Mariska recalls the death of someone important (BP 182).

Mariska briefly interrupts an argument between Miklós and László (BP 183).

Mariska discusses the palace over dinner with Vilmos and Andor (BP 183-185).

p.185: "When did he say that?" Back on p.97.

Andor leaves the table, László and Miklós join (BP 185-187)

Mariska warns László against Viktor (BP 187-188).

Collapse (BP 188).

Initial damage report (BP 189-190).

Mariska goes to help Vilmos with the norska (BP 190-192).

Miklós understands; Rezsô and Sándor do not (BP 192-193).

Mariska sees László in communion with the Goddess (BP 194).

Mariska avoids Viktor (BP 194-195).

On Brigitta's advice, Mariska visits Vilmos (BP 195-196).

Brokedown Palace, Interlude (Twelve)

The Tale of the River (BP 197-198).

Brokedown Palace, Chapter Thirteen: The Goddess

BP, day 21

Miklós is moody (BP 199).

Miklós visits Vilmos (BP 200).

Brigitta and Miklós talk (BP 200-201).

BP, day 22

Miklós tells Bölk he is ready; they discuss the problem, and reach a conclusion (BP 201-206).

p.203: "It has been done before, has it not?"; Several times, see p.5.

p.203: "And was not the wall strengthened around the Palace after that?"; unclear exactly when this was. For more on the city walls, see p.138.

Summoning the Goddess (BP 206-209).

Confronting the Goddess (BP 209-211).

p.209: "She reminded Miklós of someone, but he couldn't remember who." Possibly Devera (her grand-daughter)?

p.210: "lineage"; for more on this, see .

Verra kills Bölk (BP 211).

Miklós cuts out Bölk's heart and kills Verra with it (BP 212-213).

[Note that, though everyone seems to assume that Verra is dead, the narrator never states so himself. The only character who might definitively know, Bölk, says nothing on the subject. For that matter, he himself displays the tendency of 'killed' supernatural beings to return to life in various ways. Hence, there is no inherent contradiction with Verra appearing later in the timeline (without even getting into the messy way time works for gods in the first place...). Also note that, in Dragaeran cosmology, "life" and "location" seem to have a lot to do with each other. Verra is "dead" in Fenario; she is probably referring to the consequences of this when she later says, "there is one place I cannot be" (Is 78).]

Brokedown Palace, Interlude (Thirteen)

The tree pushes against the walls (BP 214).

Brokedown Palace, Chapter Fourteen: The Wake

Brigitta studies Miklós (BP 215-216).

p.215: "When she had worked at the sign of the Two Rivers"; Presumably after moving to Fenario City (which is at the junction of two major rivers).

p.215-216: "To have been the King's, albeit for a while, would give her pleasant memories when she was old and ugly and--no! Don't think of it. Never think of it!"; see Brigitta's Background for speculation as to the significance of this, and of Brigitta's other cryptic references over the next few pages.

László doesn't want to kill Miklós (BP 216-217).

Miklós orders Bölk buried (BP 217).

Brigitta considers Miklós and the power (BP 217-218).

p.218: "For trying to save me twice," At the River, in chapter 7, and from the Goddess, last chapter.

Miklós wants to burn down the palace (BP 218-219).

Brigitta and Miklós visit the tree (BP 219-221).

László and Viktor join them at the tree; Miklós refuses to help them (BP 221-223).

p.222: "Days ago." Two days, to be precise, p.142

Miklós and Brigitta walk away, talking briefly with Sándor (BP 223).

Miklós and Brigitta try to get Vilmos, then Andor on their side (BP 223-227).

Brokedown Palace, Interlude (Fourteen)

The Tale of Jancsi (BP 228-230).

Brokedown Palace, Chapter Fifteen: The Staff

Miklós avoids László (BP 231).

BP, day 23

Miklós and Brigitta continue to try and convince Vilmos (BP 231-232).

Everyone meets at the tree (BP 232-234).

On the matter of Viktor's loyalty (BP 234-236).

Mariska leaves, trying unsuccessfully to bring Vilmos away (BP 136).

Battle of the Tree (BP 236-242).

The palace starts to collapse (BP 242-243).

Brokedown Palace, Interlude (Fifteen)

The tree replaces the palace (BP 244-245)

Brokedown Palace, Chapter Sixteen: The Tree

Some survive; others choose not to (BP 246-249).

p.247: "years before, when he had taken the kingship"; 201 PI.

Vilmos rescues the norska, and a fan (BP 250-252).

Viktor attacks (BP 252-254).

Sándor is surprised (BP 254-255).

Andor hears Bölk (BP 255).

Mariska goes home (BP 256).

Happiness among survivors (BP 256-257).

Bölk announces Brigitta's pregnancy (BP 257-258).

János and Teréz have died (BP 258).

Mixed reactions (BP 258-259).

Brokedown Palace, Interlude (Sixteen)

Fenario, and Margit, and the tree (BP 260-261).

p.260: "Pretty, pretty Margit, who lost her lover"; see Interlude (Eight), p.135-136.

p.260: "in the inn where the dzur stand"; Miklós passed this inn on p.138.

p.260: "Your daughter will learn, won't she? But only too late"; see Brigitta's Background.

p.260: "Perhaps your daughter's daughter will fare better, and some say that will justify everything"; see note to p.268, below.

p.261: "pretty Margit wed the demon while Jancsi rides the turtle through the River, plowed with the head of a dragon", "Stay here with us, with the Northman who built the River, rode the turtle, and fell in the inn where the pair of dzur guard the door. Or was it Jani?"; This overlapping of the elements of several tales which (allegedly) took place at wildly distinct times may be a comment on the way mythic events recur. Or perhaps merely an indirect confession "by the biggest liar Fenario has ever known".

Brokedown Palace, Chapter Seventeen: The Palace

Brigitta tells her story, then departs (BP 262-264).

p.264: "I'm not human. I'm not elf. My father was--"; see Brigitta's Background for speculation on what this is all about.

p.264: "Mariska told me of it"; I would guess this conversation was around day 16, but the exact time is unknown.

p.264: "A while later"; unclear what transpires between them during this time. Perhaps she tells him more of her background.

Vilmos becomes king (BP 264-265).

The Tale of the Brokedown Palace (BP 265-266).

p.266: "She had granted him a few days; he would have to be content with that." It's not entirely clear whether he is referring to the few days he spent with her in the past, or that he means she will be staying for a few more days. I suspect the former, and that this was her final departure, due to the fact that the scene with Devera in the Epilogue seems to me (albeit not provably) to take place on the same day as these events.

Brokedown Palace, Epilogue

Devera again (BP 267-268).

p.268: "I won't have to watch over her; everyone else will have to watch out for her." The standard assumption among Brust fans is that Brigitta's daughter is Cawti, later Vlad's wife. Does Cawti know that her father was a Prince? Or the true nature of her mother's father?

Enough (BP 268-269).

Brigitta's Background

There are lots of hints and allusions about Brigitta's background. This section will attempt to make sense of them.

Brigitta's mother seems to be conflated (albeit elliptically, 260) with Margit, from The Tale of Margit and Jani (BP 135-136). However, that tale was set about 150 years ago. I see three major possibilities:
1. Brigitta's mother lived through events similar to the Margit from the tale.
2. Brigitta's mother is the Margit from the tale, but has lived unusually long,
2a. ...due to some sort of suspended animation (suggested by "She sleeps amid the roses, or she lies on a bier, but she will awake in time to see pretty Margit wed the demon", BP 261),
2b. ...due to sorcery, like Sándor and some characters from other books.
3. Brigitta's mother is the Margit from the tale, but the source events of the tale actually happened much more recently than claimed.

At any rate, 'Margit' ends up marrying someone who is alcoholic ("When ... my father was too drunk to make liquor", BP 94), abusive ("It wasn't much of a life, BP 77; "to torment her mother", BP 218) ... and, apparently, a shapeshifter ("assuming his natural shape", BP 218). Moreover, he is apparently non-human: "I'm not human. I'm not elf. My father was--" (BP 264). I see two possibilities:
1. He was a demon ("She married the demon," BP 74; " And demons, demons, demons. / They are everywhere, and doubtless have their own tales to tell. They gibber and they squeak; they chatter and they speak. They speak truth and tell lies, reward and chastise. They are part of life in Fenario, though not everyone knows this. / Pretty, pretty Margit, who lost her lover in the inn where the dzur stand." BP 260).
2. He was a Dragaeran. (Why else would Brigitta say "I'm not elf" (BP 264)?) We don't actually know for certain such a cross-breeding is possible -- but neither do we know it to be impossible.

Whoever fathered Brigitta was significant enough for Verra to take some interest, to the extent of later recognizing Brigitta, and commenting (in a positive manner) on her "lineage" (BP 210).

During Brigitta's youth, her father abuses her, as well as her mother (BP 217-218). I believe that this happens before she runs away to Faerie, though I could be mistaken. If I am right, there is a fascinating corollary: Brigitta had a connection to the Orb before going to Faerie. (This is part of why I think her father was a Dragaeran.) Alternatively, these memories could take place in the window between Brigitta's return and her mother's death.

p.218: "Finally the escape to--to the city, at the last. Best not to think of what had gone before, either." Presumably the dash is her avoiding thinking of traveling to Faerie, and of what happened because of her return.

p.218: "But Miki. Dear, dear, Miki. He must not become one of them, as she was. He must not." It is unclear what exactly "them" refers to here. Since it seems unlikely that Miklós would be at any risk of losing his humanity, perhaps she means "habitual user of sorcery". Why would she be so concerned about this? Possibly because she can't face the idea of Miklós discovering her secrets. Perhaps the green aura that Miklós saw on p.174 has a significance that she desires he never know.

p.263: "When I was fourteen, I--ran away from home." The pause is probably significant of Brigitta hiding something, though what exactly, is a matter for speculation. Here's some, with very weak foundations (p.215-216: "To have been the King's, albeit for a while, would give her pleasant memories when she was old and ugly and--no! Don't think of it. Never think of it!"): I think that when she hit puberty, Brigitta began to manifest some non-human features. If true, one of her major motivations for traveling to Faerie would have been to find a way to mask these features. For that matter, her fear of those features being exposed may be why she clung so firmly to sorcery, and to the notion that she could not possibly remain with Prince Miklós.

p.263: "I was there [Faerie] for more than a year. In that time, I learned much of the ways of the power. Not enough to challenge Sándor, but enough that it is now a part of me." if not enough to challenge Sándor, did she learn enough to challenge and defeat her father? There is no mention at all of what (if anything) became of him, but Brigitta speaks of him in the past tense.

Brigitta returns home, after more than a year, so aged fifteen or sixteen. By the events of Brokedown Palace, she is seventeen, and her mother died nearly a year previously. Depending on how these vaguely-specified times line up, Brigitta's mother may have lived for almost two years after Brigitta's return from Faerie... or, as I think more likely, may have died soon after Brigitta's return. Perhaps the (supposed) confrontation between Brigitta and her father killed her mother as well. Perhaps her mother still loved her husband, and died of a broken heart. Perhaps her husband's magic had been keeping her alive. Perhaps the mother died before the father, he left Fenario, and Brigitta, hearing of these events, decided to return. Who can say? [Interestingly, if she had returned a bit earlier than I think she did, she might well have crossed paths with Miklós on his way to Faerie.]

The Spring following the death of her mother, Brigitta moves to Fenario City (BP77). There she finds work as a "tavern wench" (BP 215, 247). Eventually she catches Viktor's eye, and enters the story proper...

~219 PI

Vlad's parents have a meal with Noish-Pa, after which his mother writes a letter, signing it Marishka Merss Taltos. She is pregnant at the time (Ja 14). (Why does she write it? Perhaps a premonition of her own death? Or interference from Verra?)

Natalia starts talking to Kelly after about a year (Tk 153).

Tavern Tax imposed; Natalia's tavern closes (Tk 153).

Natalia argues with Kelly and storms off (Tk 153-154). She claims tht she "didn't see him again for years" (Tk 154); I figure it had to be less than two years.

Natalia finds work in a Dragaeran inn (Tk 154).

Tereza born (Vlad thinks she is "around my age, maybe a bit older" Ja 53).

Cawti born? [She seems to be about the same age as Vlad. I'll assume this, so as to have a date to hang the Brokedown Palace events off of.] She has lived in the Empire her whole life (Y 138).

Vlad's Birth

We don't know when in the year Vlad was born. There's only a single reference to his birthday (Tt 31), and that contains no seasonal information.

Vlad acquires the egg that will hatch Loiosh at age sixteen (Jr 3). We don't know exactly how far into his sixteenth year he was, but we can make some inferences. In "the following week" (Jr 9), there is a near-accident which prompts Vlad to sell the restaurant. "About two months after I had sold the restaurant" (Jr 10), Loiosh hatches, and the next day Vlad ends up joining the Organization. "I was seventeen years old the first time I was paid to kill a man" (Tt 97), and at that time "Loiosh explained to me that he was now more than a year old. I allowed as to how this was true" (Tt 115). Loiosh is only just over a year old, since about three weeks earlier, Vlad says "I had been in the Organization nearly a year" (Tt 103). From all this, we can put his seventeenth birthday at between 2 and 15 months earlier.

Vlad's first assassination is part of the war between Welok and Rolaan. That war "lasted for several months" (Tt 137). "several" is vague, but (like "few") generally means between 1 and 16, with 4 most likely. The war had been going for at least a month when Vlad was hired for his first 'work', so say between 1 and 6 months passed between that job and Rolaan's death, with 3 being most likely. "About a year and a half after Rolaan [died]" (Y 14), Welok dies in turn; let's figure that at between 24 and 27 months. Tagichatn takes over (Y 14). After 2 months (Y 14), Vlad kills him and sets up in business for himself. This is only "a few months" before Taltos begins (Tt 2-3); "few" is usually 4, though can be anywhere from 1 to 16. Assuming none of this is grossly wrong, it adds up to a total of between 27 and 60 months, with 34 being most likely. Thus, Vlad's age at the beginning of Taltos could be anywhere between 18 years, 13 months, and 21 years, 7 months, with the most likely age being 19 years, 10 1/2 months.

Figuring backwards from Jhereg, which multiple references place in 243 PI, Taltos begins in 239 PI. (See notes for each individual book for more details on that derivation.) It's "summer" (Tt 113), which we know begins a few days into the month of the Hawk (5), and presumably continues until halfway through the month of Vallista (9). Let's say, for the sake of argument, that Taltos begins in the month of Issola (7). That would put Vlad's birthday somewhere in the month of the Orca (14), in the winter of late 219 PI.

I fully realize that the previous two paragraphs are full of wild assumptions, and have error bars of over a year either way, in total. But until such time as I get better data, I'm going to use these figures. That very use may help highlight further data...

~220 PI

Uprisings in the eastern and northern duchies to end forced labor (Tk 155).

Head tax instituted in the Eastern section; petitions circulated (Tk 154). Allegedly caused by the uprisings in the eastern and northern duchies; presumably one of the proximate causes of the 221 Uprising in Adrilankha.

221 PI

Uprising of 221 in South Adrilankha (Tk 48-49). "riots and killings" (Tk 155). Lumber Exchange is torched (Kelly and Natalia are both there), bringing in the Phoenix Guards (Tk 156). Judging by Noish-pa's remark "All in a night it can happen" (P 176), things started off quite rapidly.

Kelly incarcerated in a "camp" (Tk 156).

Natalia joins Kelly's group (Tk 155).

Empress lifts the head tax (Tk 155).

Vlad's family involved in riots; his father kills a Guard (Tk 53; 160).

Noish-pa meets Kelly (Tk 121, 161).

Lumber exchange torched, bringing troops in, Dragons who had fought in the East (Tk 156, 160-161).

Ibronka (Noish-pa's wife) dies, presumably killed by Dragaeran troops (Tk 160).

Noish-pa throws the sands to ask what will become of him ("twenty years" before Phoenix, chapter 17, which, if exact, would be 224 I -- but I expect the death of his wife is what prompted it.

Empress lifts head tax (Tk 155).

Noish-pa becomes a block delegate (Tk 160).

Vlad's mother departs ("My father kept changing his story, so I don't know if she died or if she left him, and I don't know if I was two, four, or five at the time.", Tt 4). Placed here speculatively, because this was a pretty significant time of upheaval, when Vlad was 2. Noish-pa's use of the phrase "passed on (Ja 13) suggests weakly that she died.

Stable-boy at Inchay's born ("somewhat older than I was" Ja 104).

Vaski born ("a little older than me" Ja 68).

A messenger is hired by the Phoenix Guards ("some thirty or thirty-five years" before 252 PI, Ti 224).

222 PI

Welok wars successfully against K'tang the Hook. Allegedly, Laris fomented this war and "pretty much ran the fight". Laris is given an area under Welok ("twenty years ago", Y 20). It is later supposed that Laris's success in the war was due too help from The Sorceress in Green (Y 181).

~224 PI

Vlad gets started washing dirty dishes (Tt 5, timing speculative).

Vlad learns to wash dishes, take out trash, clear tables, and sharpen knives (Ir 254; dating tentative).

Vlad's father begins regularly bringing him to visit Noish-pa ("I suppose I was four years old", Tt 7).

Vlad's father grew red mushrooms "years and years ago" (H 49).

~225 PI

Vlad beaten for first time, goes to Noish-pa ("when I was about five", Tt 8-9).

Vlad visits his grandfather "several times a week" (Dz 52-53).

Vlad's grandfather tells him ghost stories ("when I was young", Tk 141, exact dates unknown).

Vlad realizes that his father disapproves of some of what Noish-pa is teaching him ("I must have been five or six", Tt 8).

Vlad stops crying about fairness at age six? (H 59).

~226 PI

Vlad's father is annoyed at Vlad talking to Ambrus ("when I was, I don't know, maybe seven", Tt 17).

Savn & friends play near Loraan's manor (A 203).

~228 PI

Vlad's father hits Vlad, but Vlad is unimpressed ("I think I must have been about seven or eight", Tt 18).

Someone comes by Vlad's father's restaurant with a petition, presumably against some anti-Easterner legislation (Tk 154-155, dating highly speculative).

Vlad beaten by Easterners for the first time, for wearing Jhereg colors ("I think I was about eight", Tt 19-20).

Telnan meets Sethra Lavode ("Around twenty years", Dz 16) by tring to kill her (TD 3). Sethra offers to teach him instead (TD 3), joking that she can use him to help destroy the Empire (TD 1). Sethra later tells Vlad "Iceflame found him ... Or, rather, Iceflame found his weapon." (Dz 40), while Telnan says "She's only training me because of, well, my weapon" (Dz 102). My best read on this is that Iceflame somehow informed her that this particular Dzur Hero was likely to fulfill a prophecy about finding Nightslayer (as he does in "The Desecrator"). We have a previous example, in The Lord of Castle Black, chapter 50, of Sethra not remembering such a prophecy personally, but being reminded of it.)

Telnan spends "most of twenty years" (Dz 16) studying wizardry, apparently in preparation to be the first new member of The Lavodes since the Interregnum. Sethra teaches Telnan some mental shielding techniques (TD 1), and sword-fighting techniques (TD 2). Incidentally, "Telnan" may be a name Sethra gave him: "I think it means 'student' but I'm not sure." (Dz 15), though that might be a coincidence.

Vaski's eldest son ("K-") born ("maybe around sixteen or so", Ja 68).

"Old Meehayi" born ("maybe sixteen", Ja 221).

~229 PI

On his tenth birthday, Vlad starts learning to communicate psionically (Tt 31).

"During my entire tenth year" (Tt 36), and continuing after, vlad learns witchcraft and Eastern-style fencing from Noish-pa. Vlad's father arranges for sorcery lessons and Dragaeran fencing lessons, which continue "until my father died" (Tt 36).

Vlad frequently crosses the Chain Bridge to visit his grandfather ("before I had begun working for the Jhereg", Dz 52-53, dating tentative). He used to watch the Adrilankha River from it "when I was a kid" (Ja 31, dating speculative).

Yanosh Saabo born ("He's a year younger than me" Ja 244).

Kosadr becomes "Court Wizard" ("I've held this post for twenty years", Ti 124); but see notes to Tiassa, "Whitecrest", chapter 1.

~230 PI

Daymar sent by Pamlar University to investigate an abandoned Serioli dwelling (TD 1, exact timing unknown). Possibly his investigations lead to the "amorphic anomaly" that Sethra later notices. I further speculate that, while Nightslayer was not yet 'awake', it was 'stirring in its sleep' due to Daymar's poking around, and thus causing the anomaly.

"The Desecrator"

TD, day 1 (Phoenix 3)

"the third day of the month of the Phoenix in the 230th year of the Reign of Her Glorious Majesty Zerika the Fourth" (TD 1).

Sethra notices an amorphic anomaly (TD 2, dating tentative). She sends Telnan to investigate.

Telnan sets out, then spends the night with some Teckla peasants (TD 1).

TD, day 2 (Phoenix 4)

Telnan rides in an oxcart, then spends the night in the owner's cottage (TD 1).

TD, day 3 (Phoenix 5)

Telnan walks to Yalata "the next day", and sleeps in a real bed (TD 1).

TD, day 4 (Phoenix 6)

Telnan's "next ride" is from a Jhegaala merchant, who takes him to Adrilankha (TD 1). Length of trip is not specified, but it seems to me to be about a day, arriving in the evening,

TD, day 5-7 (Phoenix 7-9)

Telnan parties in Adrilankha for "three days" (TD 1).

TD, day 8 (Phoenix 10)

Telnan teleports to Lansord "an hour after dawn" (TD 1).

Telnan follows a path "for a day", sleeping outside (TD 1).

TD, day 9 (Phoenix 11)

Telnan finds a cave (TD 1).

Telnan meets Daymar in the cave (TD 1).

p.1: "I'm here looking for something I lost." There's no evidence that Telnan previously owned Nightslayer. Possibly this instruction was rooted in a prophecy; before he gains Nightslayer, Telnan loses "my sword". Alternatively, he may lose it in the future, and the prophecy was confused about linear time. Or as yet a third possibility, perhaps a previous incarnation of Telnan wielded Nightslayer and lost it. (Thanks to Philip Hart for these last two suggestions.)

Telnan and Daymar argue jurisdiction, inconclusively (TD 1).

p.1 "If you're here from Sethra, I may be inclined to help you." Has Daymar met Sethra? Or does he just know her reputation?

Discussing the difference between mind and matter (TD 2).

Telnan and Daymar search for a way down, unsuccesfully (TD 2).

Daymar psychically awakens the anomaly (TD 2).

A monster attacks, but is illusory (TD 2).

A man (illusion) wielding Nightslayer (real) appears (TD 2).

p.2: "He was staring at me with all the expression of a Jhereg assassin." Has Telnan (yet) met a Jhereg assassin?

Telnan battles the sword; Daymar tries to talk to it; on the nature of evil (TD 3).

Nightslayer breaks Telnan's sword; Daymar lets Telnan communicate with Nightslayer (TD 3).

Nightslayer penetrates Telnan's heart and memories (TD 3).

p.3: "Call me Nightslayer." In Dzur, chapter 12, Telnan says "I call her Nightslayer because I like how that sounds" (Dz 199). Presumably Telnan was joking with Vlad.

p.3: "another ten thousand years." There is no particular reason too think that this time period is anything other than idiom for "a very long time".

Telnan offers Nightslayer ongoing carnage; Nightslayer impales Telnan as a test (TD 3).

Nightslayer searches through Telnan's memories (TD 3).

p.3: "she offered to teach me." About two years ago (Dz 16).

Nightslayer joins Telnan; Daymar has fled (TD 3).

TD, day 10-~13

Telnan seeks out some "less than completely guilty" to kill with Nightslayer ("the next few days", TD 3).

TD, day ~14

Telnan returns to Sethra Lavode (TD 3).

Ricard learns about steering (Dz 159, dating tentative).

~231 PI

At 11, Vlad witnesses a Jhereg assassination. Threatened, he prays to Verra. Kiera approaches him for the first time, to comfort him. (Jr 1-3, Tt 68).

Vlad encouraged to read by "smart friends" (H 210).

Vlad occasionally hangs out at Mertun's Fine Wine Sampling House ("when I was younger" H 121).

Mellar joins House Dzur (Jr 125).

Vlad's father tells him about finding good, cheap wine (Dz 101, date very tentative).

Some Merss cousins leave Burz. See The Case of the Missing Merss for more discussion of this.

Devera first sees the silver tiassa (Ti 23).

~232 PI

Vlad is beaten and gives up trying to make people like him ("when I was twelve years old", Tk 157).

Vlad starts walking around with a lepip ("I think I was twelve or thirteen", Tt 43-44). It's curious that he doesn't remember the first time he fought back against Dragaerans. Trauma? Mind-wipe?

Vaski's daughter born ("around twelve" Ja 73).

Chimov joins the Jhereg "less than ten years" before Yendi, but has already 'worked' at least twice (Y 54).

~233 PI

Mellar leaves House Dzur to join House Jhereg (Jr 126).

Mellar (or an employee of his) steals a book of Pre-Empire Sorcery from Morrolan ("about ten years ago" Jr 85).

Mellar "starts out" protecting a brothel (Jr 53).

Mellar is running his brothel (Jr 53). [If Kragar is speaking in literal years on this page, this would have been in 230 PI. It seems more plausible that it happens just after Mellar leaves the Dzur.]

Kelly's movement founded; Sheryl joins early ("It's taken us ten years of work to get this far", Tk 69).

At 13, Vlad first knowingly kills someone (Tt 45, 50-51).

Vlad asks Kiera why she likes him ("Once", Tt 68, date very speculative).

~234 PI

Vlad's father spends most of his life savings to buy a Jhereg title. (Jr 7, Y 140, Tt 43; This happens "shortly before" (Jr 7) his death, which happens when Vlad is 14.)

Vlad begins learning sorcery from a Left Hand sorceress and swordplay from a Dragaeran swordmaster (Jr 7).

Noish-pa begins teaching Vlad fencing and withcraft (Jr 8). (Arguably, the groundwork for these lessons started years earlier.)

Vlad starts wearing a sword (Tt 60-61).

Vlad learns to spin a knife "when impressing girls was the entire goal of my life" (Dz 69; dating speculative).

Vlad becomes skilled enough to teleport (Jr 8).

Kiera teaches Vlad to move quietly, even in crowds (Jr 8 [Vlad's father is still alive]; Tk 111-112; Tt 69; O 271).

Vlad uses the skills Kiera teaches him to break bones of those who torment him (Jr 8).

Vlad's father dies ("when I was fourteen", Jr 7, Tt 43) of a plague (Jr 181). "He'd been wasting away for quite a while" (Tt 43). Vlad doesn't know enough sorcery to save him (Jr 8, 181), and he refuses to be cured by witchcraft (Jr 181, Tt 43). Vlad also catches the plague, but his grandfather cures him (Jr 181). (Does Vlad get cured before or after his father dies? Either way tells an interesting story...)

Vlad takes over running the restaurant (Jr 8). [See essay Notes on Vlad's Wealth for more discussion.]

Mellar is running ten brothels (Jr 53).

~235 PI

Vlad can light a candle with witchcraft, but the effort leaves him too weak to communicate psionically (dating tentative; "not so long before" getting a familiar at age 16, Jr 5).

Vlad starts carrying his rapier in public ("I was almost sixteen", Tt 60).

Kiera pays some taxes for Vlad ("I think I was fifteen", Tt 69). [This is probably late in his fifteenth year, since it is followed not long after by his quest to get a familiar, at age 16.]

Verra asks Sethra to arrange for Vlad to have a vial of her blood, for unkown reasons (O 283).

Kiera asks Vlad to hold onto a vial of goddess's blood ("a week or so later", Tt 69-70). [Since time isn't always linear around the gods, it's possible that Verra arranged for Vlad to hold this package precisely in order so he would use it in the way he eventually does (Tt 176).]

Extortionists harass several merchants, including Vlad's grandfather. "Things got a little complicated, but they had eventually learned not to mess around with an old witch and a young punk." (Dz 193, dating very tentative, but "before Loiosh").

Foolop Saabo born ("He's nine", Ja 244).

~236 PI

An Orca borrows money from Nielar ("quite a while" ago, Tt 86, exact date uncertain).

Noish-pa says he cannot teach Vlad any more (Jr 8). Vlad starts preparing to get a familiar (Tt 71, 73).

At 16 (Jr 3) Vlad teleports to the jungles west of Adrilankha to seek a familiar. He bargains with a female Jhereg, and acquires one of her eggs (Jr 4-9).

During "the following week" (Jr 9) Vlad gets into a fight with some Orca. Worried about harming his egg, he begins to practice diplomacy. He also nearly has an accident in his restaurant, prompting him to sell it.

Vlad considers his career options, including offers from Noish-pa and Kiera (Jr 9). He takes neither offer.

Vlad moves into an apartment (Jr 9). [See essay Notes on Vlad's Wealth for more discussion.]

Vlad buy a rapier (Jr 9). (He owned at least one sword before this (see Tt 60), but presumably this is the first 'custom' one he could afford.)

Vlad joins the Jhereg

VjtJ, -1 week

One of Nielar's men has an 'accident' ("last week", when Nielar approaches Vlad, Jr 14).

VjtJ, day 1

"About two months after I had sold the restaurant", Vlad gets into a scrap in Nielar's gambling house (Jr 10).

Loiosh hatches (Jr 10-12). He bites Vlad, and gets his first meal, of milk and a piece of hawk wing.

Vlad mixes some anti-jhereg-bite antidote (P 225).

This is no later than day 211 of the year, since Loiosh strongly implies in Jhereg, chapter 17 that he is "more than five years [old] now" (Jr 219). It could, of course, be quite a bit earlier.

Kiera talks to Nielar about offering Vlad a job. Nielar discusses the notion with Kragar (Jr 14).

VjtJ, day 2

"The next day ... around mid-afternoon" (after Loiosh hatches) Vlad is offered a job by Nielar, on Kiera's recommendation (Jr 13-14). [Yendi (in 242 PI) says that this took place "some three years ago" (Y 13), but it's more like four.]

Vlad accepts the job (not actually documented, but by inference, it must have happened).

Kiera recommends Vlad start carrying concealed weapons (Tt 73-74). [As related in Taltos, chapters 7-8, it seems that this would have to have happened in between accepting the job and meeting Kragar. But when Vlad meets Kiera on page 80, it doesn't seem like they've discussed his new job yet. I suspect that either Vlad's memories of these events are a bit confused (despite "Whatever becomes of me, I'm going to hold the memory", Tt 74), or the editorial arrangement of Taltos screwed up the ordering somewhat.]

Last-minute advice from Kiera (on his way to meet Kragar for the first time, Tt 75, 80-82).

Vlad begins working with Kragar ("several years" as of 243 PI, Jr 20, Tt 83-85).

Vlad and Kragar convince an Orca to pay an overdue loan (Tt 86-88).

Vlad's first payday ("the next day", Tt 91). "I had just earned, in one day, more than I would have taken in at the restaurant in several weeks" (Tt 92).

VjtJ, day 3

Vlad buys some new clothes and weapons ("late afternoon of the next day", Tt 94).

Vlad starts practicing knife-throwing (Tt 94; Dn 94).

Vlad guards the Shereba game ("tomorrow evening", Tt 92; Tt 94-95). "Two days before, I'd been playing there, and a large Jhereg had thrown me out after I'd gotten into a tussle with another customer. Now I was sitting where the Jhereg had sat." (Tt 94).

During the first "few months" of Loiosh's life Vlad gets bit a lot and becomes immune to jhereg poison (Jr 14).

Sometime early in Loiosh's life, he and Ambrus establish their relationship ("early on", Dn 120).

Kiera teaches Vlad how to oil hinges (Tt 49), lockpicking (Tt 54, 69), and disabling sorcery alarms (Tt 69). [She offers these lessons just before he meets Kragar (Tt 80); presumably they continue intermittently for some time.]

Kiera introduces Vlad to a fence near his office (H 166).

Vlad studies Dragaeran anatomy (H 33).

Vlad "moves fast" for his first "couple of years" (Jr 24).

Vlad dates Sheila "for a few months" ("a year before" assassinating Kynn, Tt 125). The relationship ends when she leaves for the island duchies (Tt 126).

Vlad starts dating Jeanine ("we hung out together for most of a year", Tt 137).

Tuk "fills the bucket" ("in his tenth year as Hider's apprentice", A 32).

237 PI

Cawti's first 'work' (Ti 173, dating speculative). Unknown whether this was solo or with Norathar (or whether Norathar 'worked' before teaming with Cawti). Cawti kills 28 more targets before Vlad in Yendi (Ti 173).

The Sword and Dagger of the Jhereg start making names for themselves ("in the last five years" as of 242 PI, Y 84; "at least five years", Y 142).

Cawti nearly blows an assassination due to vomiting on the victim after teleportation (Tk 147, dating highly speculative).

Cawti and Norathar have a memorable experience in the hamlet of Bevingers House (Ti 169, dating highly speculative).

Vaski's second son born ("I'd guess at six or seven").

The Welok/Rolaan War

Welok has a war with Rolaan (Y 13).

Vlad spots an attempt on Welok before a meeting called by Rolaan (P 134).

Tiev assassinated ("I had been in the Organization nearly a year", Tt 103-104).

Lefforo assassinated ("a week later", Tt 104).

Vlad offered his first "work", an enforcer named Kynn ("a couple of weeks later" after Lefforo's assassination, Tt 104; "I was seventeen years old the first time I was paid to kill a man", Tt 97; "three months later" after spotting the attempt on Welok (P 134).

Vlad tails Kynn (Tt 107-108).

Vlad tries to think of a plan (Tt 113-114).

Loiosh offers to help with the job ("Loiosh explained to me that he was now more than a year old. I allowed as to how this was true", Tt 114, 115). [Loiosh's birthday, and Vlad's first anniversary in the Organization, must have happened within the last 3 weeks, since when Tiev was assassinated it had been only "nearly a year", Tt 103.] Loisoh's "working for Vlad" was "more than five years" (Jr 229) before the main events of Jhereg; actually more like six, by my count.

Vlad stakes out Gruff's ("The next day", Tt 115-116).

Vlad comes up with a plan B (Tt 118-119).

Kragar buys a murder weapon for Vlad ("It took him an afternoon", Tt 125).

Vlad kills Kynn while Loiosh distracts Kynn's friend (Tt 125-127).

Kragar scolds Vlad about using Loiosh ("the next day", Tt 128-129).

Vlad's boss tells him to lie low for a month (Tt 129).

Vlad goes to Candletown; he is summoned back two weeks later (Tt 133-134).

Vlad starts paying for more lessons in sorcery and fencing (Tt 137).

Vlad's second assassination, not part of Welok's war with Rolaan (by inference from Y 13).

Vlad's third assassination is part of Welok's war with Rolaan (Y 13).

Vlad's 4th assasination: "button man" (Jr 45). [Since Vlad worked "several more times" during Welok's war with Rolaan (Tt 137), this must have been during that period.]

Rolaan dies, Feet Charno takes over (Y 13). The war had "lasted for several months" (Tt 137). [Yendi, chapter 2, claims that was "three years ago" (Y 14). This is probably a confusion with when Welok dies, not Rolaan. Given the compressed nature of Vlad's summary of his career there, the confusion may even have been a transcription or translation error, rather than a mistake on Vlad's part.]

Nielar gets rid of most of his territory, because he thinks he can't hold it ("when the war between Welok and Rolaan finally ended", Tt 177).

Vlad goes free-lance for a while: "It's hard for me to pin down the point at which I stopped considering myself to be someone's enforcer who sometimes did "work" and started considering myself a free-lance assassin. Part of it was that I worked for several different people during a short period of time during and after the war, including Welok himself, so this made things confusing." (Tt 147).

Vlad's first Morganti job

[This could have been during the Welok/Rolaan war, or shortly thereafter.]

Vlad hired for his seventh job, and his first Morganti one, Raiet (Tt 148, 150-151)

Vlad given a dossier and a Morganti blade (Tt 158).

Planning the job (Tt 160-161). [This probably takes several days, but the exact time isn't specified.]

Practicing with the Morganti blade (Tt 163-164).

Raiet visits his mistress, Treffa, but doesn't survive the experience ("the next day", Tt 168-169).

Vlad feels guilty for a few days, but it passes (Tt 170-171).

Vlad meets Ibronka and starts dating her ("About a month after I started working for Welok", Tt 174).

Treffa disappears and changes her name ("a few months later" after Raiet's death, Tt 169).

Vlad starts working directly for Welok ("a few weeks later", Tt 173-174). ("About" the same time as the conclusion of the Welok/Rolaan war, Y 14.) This is only one of several employers during this period: "I worked for several different people during a short period of time during and after the war, including Welok himself" (Tt 147); "I had many different employers in the months after Nielar" (Tt 177).

Vlad has been on horseback, but didn't like it (Tt 82; P 165, 182-183; O 20; Dn 146; Dz 44; Ja 58). [Exact date and circumstances unknown, but before the main events of Taltos. Running an errand for Welok?]

238 PI

Sticks works as 'muscle' ("a few years back", Y 127).

Vlad dates a girl with long fingernails (Tt 96, dating tentative).

Vlad dates Jeanine and Constance simultaneously "for a couple of weeks", teleporting frequently (Tt 137).

Vlad meets Ricard, and they begin a tradition of going to Valabar's every few months (Dz 150-151, dating tentative).

Vlad's 12th assassination: "small-time muscle" (Jr 45, dating tentative).

Vlad assassinates a moneylender in a crowded inn ("Some time before this", Tt 52, dating speculative).

Vlad dates Mara (Tt 141-142).

Vlad's 19th assassination: "sorcerer" (Jr 45, dating tentative).

Vlad assassinates a s'yang stone banker (Ir 144-145; dating tentative).

Vlad's life-enemy is born ("about six years old" Ja 86).

239 PI

[Exact time of year changeover is unknown, but given that Taltos happens in summer of this year, these first few events are likely in the spring.]

Welok vanishes "about a year and a half after Rolaan". Tagichatn takes over his area (Y 14, Tt 177) and buys a Dukedom (P 152).

"Inside of a month" Laris breaks from Tagichatn (Y 14). Tagichatn makes no counter-move.

"Two months" in, Vlad kills Tagichatn (Y 14, Tt 177, P 152-153).

Kragar researches Vlad's background (Dn 49, dating very tentative).

Vlad hires Melestav as a receptionist/bodyguard ("The next morning", Y 15). (Jhereg, p.49, says that Melestav has been with him two years at that time, but I make it three.)

Vlad solidifies his position with Toronnan (Y 16).

The first Endweek with Vlad in charge (Y 17). Nielar is the only one who pays right away. The brothel-manager whom Vlad assaults is probably H'noc (see notes to Tiassa: "Tag", chapter 2).

Vlad imprisoned, questioned Under the Orb about the death of Tagichatn (P 152-153). This might be his first imprisonment (P 104). If the investigation took a long time, this might have happened after Taltos, in which case it would probably be the same as the "especially long one in the dungeons beneath the Imperial Palace, as part of the affair that had gained me my exalted position in the Jhereg and had first brought my friend Aliera to the attention of the Empress. That had been a few weeks".

Vlad buys psychedelics business as office cover, and hires extra enforcers, both within "the next few months" (Y 18).

"in less than three weeks" the extra enforcers make Vlad's area extremely safe after dark (Y 19).

The extra enforcers pay for themselves "in four months" (Y 19).

"During that period" Vlad 'works' "a few times" (Y 19). ["that period" probably includes the events in Taltos and Dragon, and is immediately followed by Yendi (Y 19). It seems likely that he was not involved in any Jhereg conflicts during this period as "nothing much happened that concerns us now" (Y 19).]

Cawti becomes Countess of Lostguard Cleft (P 125; dating very tentative).

An Eastern boy is born ("...a kid who looked like I might have looked when I was nine...", (Dz 246).

Duke Carver begins a military buildup, with the eventual goal of rebellion (Ir 200). Prior to this, silver was discovered in the Duchy ("In the area around Lake Shalomar--right where Tirma is"), and the Duke made a lot of money by creating statutes (Ir 222; exact timing unclear). The rebellion may also have involved setting tarriffs for passage of shipwood (Ir 308).

Omlo and Neritha start work at the Couches ("She started there three years ago, just after I did", Ti 90).


It's "summer" during the main action of the book (Tt 113). Various references give conflicting evidence about what year this book takes place in, but the majority would set it in 239 PI. ["We've known each other for--how long? --four years?", Jr 169; "three years or so ago, Aliera shows up", Y 180; various other weaker references from Yendi, involving Baritt's death, and the conspiracy, Y 132, 180, 185, 187; "more than three years later", Dn 15. Second runner-up in terms of number and apparent reliability of references would be 241 PI, with 240 PI just behind that, either of which would certainly be plausible.]

Tt, -2 months

Sethra, Morrolan, and "some others" (Tt 75, 147) learn Aliera's whereabouts ("several weeks ago" as of day 6, Tt 37, 75, 147). [Reading between the lines, especially Tt 147, I suspect that Sethra actually used Vlad's reincaration-connection with Aliera to help find her, then mind-wiped his memory of the experience. The "others" may include the Necromancer.]

Sethra and others negotiate unsuccessfully with Loraan to get the staff ("for several weeks now" as of day 6, Tt 37). Presumably they start working on Plan B (getting Vlad to steal it) pretty early in the process.

"I'd hardly been running my area for three weeks when [Morrolan] decided to hire me for a job." (Y 51). Suborning Quion seems to have been step one of the hiring process.

Quion runs errand to Morrolan ("about a month before he started working for you", Tt 6).

Tt, -1 month

Quion hired by Vlad (Tt 3). [Exact date unknown, but long enough ago for Vlad to have built up a little trust.]

Tt, day 0

Vlad has a successful date with Szandi (Tt 2).

Taltos, chapter 1

Tt, day 1

Flashforward: Beginning the Spell (Tt 1).

On Dzur Mountain (Tt 1).

Vlad finds out that Quion stole from him, then fled to Dzur Mountain (Tt 2-4).

p.2-3: "I'd only been running this area for a few months, since the unfortunate death of my previous boss"; see Yendi, chapter 2, Phoenix, chapter 11, and chapter 17 of this book.

p.3: "when I hired him"; exact date unknown, but I'd guess about a month ago.

Vlad sets Kragar to research Dzur Mountain (Tt 4).

Flashback: Memories of mother, and dishes (Tt 4-5).

Tt, day 4

Vlad's office described (Tt 5).

p.5: "I have a window that will give me a wonderful view of an alley if I ever decide to unboard it." There's some weak evidence that he did decide to unboard it; he escapes out a window while Melestav is getting killed (Jr 49), and that has to have happened before Yendi (Jr 19); but there might, for instance, have been a window in another room. After taking over Laris's office, however (Yendi, chapter 17), there are many references to his office having an open window looking down on the streets.

Kragar reports on Quion's movements, and Morrolan (Tt 5-6).

p.6: "I wonder how he collects taxes"; see The Lord of Castle Black, chapters 40 and 65.

p.6: "What else do you know about Morrolan?" Interesting that Kragar doesn't mention that Morrolan is currently Dragon Heir ("Morrolan used to be [heir], before I [Aliera] arrived", Y 115). Perhaps Vlad forgot that detail when recounting the story; he probably views the Heir as irrelevant at this point in his life, since he doesn't expect to live long enough to see the transition.

p.6: "He spent a good portion of the Interregnum out East"; Actually he was born "around the time of Adron's Disaster" (Is 104), and was raised almost entirely in the East; see The Paths of the Dead, chapters 1-2, 5-6, and especially 7.

Kragar reports on Sethra Lavode (6-7)

p.6: "she was Warlord more than once." Kragar's research wasn't as thorough as Paarfi, as Paarfi's earliest mention of her as Warlord is the 13th Cycle, about 64,000 years ago (FH 98-99), and his most recent is late 17th Cycle, less than 2,000 years ago (PG 30). We've seen a reference to her being Warlord in the 8th Cycle, about 125,000 years ago (O 156), but that came from her herself, and may not be available to researchers.

Vlad asks Kragar to set up a meeting with Morrolan (Tt 7).

Flashback: early relationship with father and grandfather (Tt 7-9).

Tt, day 5

Kragar is angry at being left behind (Tt 9-11).

Taltos, chapter 2

Flashforward: Arranging components (Tt 12).

Tt, day 6

Dropping in on Nielar (Tt 12-13).

Walking though South Adrilankha; arguing with Loiosh about leaving him behind (Tt 13-14).

Ferenk's, and brandy (Tt 14-16).

p.15: "the Empire wasn't currently at war with Fenario." Has the Empire ever been at war with Fenario? The name "Fenario" is only about a thousand years old, and dates to the incident when Fenarr avoided such a war (see Brokedown Palace, prologue, and The Phoenix Guards, chapter 30.) It is, of course, likely that the Empire has had wars with the Easterners in that area before the name Fenario came about.

Vlad has a drink with Kiera, who gives him some courage (Tt 16-17).

p.16: "Someday I'll find out how you learn these things." Orca, chapter 17. In that context, it is interesting that, on p.35, which seems to be just a few hours later, Sethra claims to be unable to leave Dzur Mountain.

Flashback: Ambrus (Tt 17-18).

On the difference between witchcraft and sorcery (Tt 18).

Flashback: Being hit by father (Tt 18).

First arrival at Castle Black (Tt 18-19).

Flashback: Beaten by Easterners (Tt 19-20).

p.19-20: "I think I was about eight. My father presented me with an outfit in the colors of House Jhereg." Vlad turned eight in 227 PI. It's curious that his father bought him Jhereg clothes, since he didn't actually buy a Jhereg title until about the time Vlad was 14, in 236 PI. Perhaps he attempted to buy a title at this time, but fell victim to fraud?

Teldra greets Vlad (Tt 20-22).

p.21: "I'd seen such sights before, through my grandfather's eyes." This implies that Vlad has not yet gone East himself.

Meeting Morrolan (Tt 22-24).

Taltos, chapter 3

Flashforward: Arranging the Components (Tt 25).

Climbing the stairs of Dzur Mountain; Vlad and Morrolan almost kill each other (Tt 25-29).

Dzur Mountain's interior described (Tt 29).

Introducing Sethra Lavode (Tt 30).

Flashback: Tenth birthday (Tt 30-31). 229 PI

Sethra's servant brings drinks (Tt 31-32).

Funds are exchanged; blows are not exchanged, but only barely (Tt 33-34).

Sethra apologizes, and begins to explain (Tt 34-35).

p.34: "It is impossible for me to leave Dzur Mountain at the moment." Possibly due to the Jenoine incident mentioned below.

Sethra Lavode fights with and destroys a Jenoine ("a few years ago", "[Vlad's] first meeting with Sethra", Jr 110) on Dzur Mountain (Is 82, 203). It apparently starts with "Division Six looking into the activities of a wizard working for, uh, a foreign kingdom" (O 122), and Khaavren's Special Tasks Group is brought in later to 'clean up'. (Unless there were two "Jenoine at Dzur Mountain" incidents within a few years of each other.)

Flashback: Vlad learns witchcraft and sorcery; later, fencing (229 PI, Tt 36).

Sethra asks Vlad to steal a staff from Loraan (Tt 36-38).

p.37: "He happened to acquire it shortly after the end of the Interregnum"; see The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter the Fifty-Ninth.

p.37: "We have been looking for it for more than two hundred years." Presumably since shortly after the Interregnum. Sethra would want to rescue Aliera out of friendship (and to complete the job she left unfinshed in Five Hundred Years After, chapter 34. Morrolan wants someone else to be Heir, so that he might be Warlord ("What does every Dragon want to be?" / "Warlord", Y 186).

p.38: "I died before the Interregnum"; When exactly is unknown, but sometime between about 51,000 BI and a thousand years ago.

Taltos, chapter 4

Flashforward: Drawing the rune "to receive" (Tt 39-40).

Details of Loraan's alarm system; Vlad takes the job (Tt 40-41).

Flashback: Worshipping Verra; swearing never to sacrifice souls to her (Tt 41-43).

p.42: "Because she is the patron of our land." Not so much, after the events of Brokedown Palace, chapter 13. But Noish-pa amost certainly left Fenario well before that happened.

Vlad returns to the office (Tt 43).

Flashback: Beating up some Orca at the age of 12 or 13 (Tt 43-44).

Vlad briefs Kragar, and asks for research help (Tt 44-45).

p.44: "Kragar, I have another research project for you." Vlad presumably gets in the habit of having Kragar do research for him after he is impressed by the dossier on Raiet, see chapter 15 of this book.

Flashback: Killing Dragaerans (Tt 45)

Tt, day 7-8

Vlad does some work, Kragar digs up the requested info ("the two days it took", Tt 45).

p.45: "There is an interesting story in how Kragar managed to get the information I wanted, but I'll leave it to him to tell." As far as I know, he hasn't yet told it.

Tt, day 9

Vlad reviews info on Loraan ("we spent a whole day", Tt 45).

Tt, day 11

Picking a stupid plan ("we put the whole thing off for a day", Tt 45-46).

Finalizing details with Sethra and others (Tt 46).

Taltos, chapter 5

Flashforward: Pulsing, parsley, dirt, candle (Tt 47-48).

Tt, day 12?

[I'm guessing it takes at least a day to finish setting up the job.]

Infiltrating Loraan's keep (Tt 48-50).

p.49: "Kiera had taught me that." Presumably after he joined the Jhereg, the same time she taught him many other skills, see p.80.

Reins leaves town (A 25).

Flashback: Killing an old Orca (Tt 50-51).

Tt, day 13

Penetrating deeper into the keep; killing two guards (Tt 51-53).

p.52: "Some time before this I had assassinated a certain moneylender"; not otherwise documented, perhaps during 238 PI.

Flashback: Further training after his father's death; history and language lessons (Tt 53).

Even deeper in (Tt 54-55).

p.54: "Kiera the Thief had not only found a set of burglar tools for me, but had trained me in their use". Presumably after he joined the Jhereg, the same time she taught him other skills, see p.80.

Loraan's lab... with Loraan still in it (Tt 55-57).

Taltos, chapter 6

Flashforward: the rune "to summon" (Tt 58).

Morrolan comes to the rescue (Tt 59-60).

Flashback: Carrying a rapier (Tt 60-61).

Vlad helps Morrolan defeat Loraan; guards attack (Tt 61-62).

p.62: "The demons of a thousand years"; an evocative phrase, but I have no idea what it means.

Vlad acquires Spellbreaker and the Aliera-staff; Loraan returns, better armed; escape (Tt 62-65).

Taltos, chapter 7

Flashforward: forging the link (Tt 66-67).

Back to Dzur Mountain; Sethra suggests he name Spellbreaker (Tt 67-68).

p.67: "Have we ever run into her before?" / "Ummm, Loiosh, I think we'd remember if we had." / "Yeah, I guess." See Orca, chapter 17.

p.68: "I noticed then that she seemed a little harried and worn out, as if she'd just been through a rough experience of some kind"; fighting a Jenoine; see note to chapter 3.

Flashback: Kiera's teachings; holding on to a vial of blood (Tt 68-70).

p.68: "I'd first met Kiera when I was eleven years old"; 233 PI, see Jhereg, prologue for more details.

Vlad celebrates his survival with Szandi (by implication, since he wakes up next to her, Tt 71).

Tt, day 14

Vlad woken by mental contact from Sethra Lavode, and brought to Dzur Mountain (Tt 70-71).

Flashback: Putting away the vial, time for a familiar (Tt 71).

p.71: "I wondered if I would ever learn the story..." Probably not the full story, but he does learn more later; see Orca, chapter 17, and Dzur, chapter 5.

p.71: "it was time for me to acquire a familiar"; see Jhereg, Prologue.

Breakfast at Dzur Mountain (Tt 72).

Flashback: Preparing for a Familar spell (Tt 73).

You want me to go where?!? (Tt 73).

Flashback: Concealed weaponry (Tt 73-75). [The abrupt transition between the last flashback and this one is because the acquisition of Loiosh was covered in Jhereg, prologue. There's also some confusion about when exactly Vlad's conversation with Kiera happened; see notes under Vlad joins the Jhereg, day 2.]

Sethra is reasonably sure that Vlad will be safe -- except maybe from the gods (Tt 75-77).

p.75: "Aliera was caught in the explosion in Dragaera City that brought down the Imperium." See Five Hundred Years After, chapters 33-34.

p.76: "Loraan put it there, though. He found it right after the Interregnum, in a peasant's field somewhere." Paarfi's account differs substantially; see The Paths of the Dead, chapter 4, and The Lord of Castle Black, chapter 59.

Taltos, chapter 8

Flashforward: Beats (Tt 78).

Vlad agrees -- if Morrolan goes with him (Tt 78-80).

p.79: "I felt an instant sympathy; I'm still not sure why"; see Jhereg, chapter 9.

Flashback: Last-minute advice from Kiera (Tt 80-82).

p.80: "it must have been you who spoke to Nielar about me"; Jhereg, prologue.

p.80: "I often wondered why" see Jhereg, chapter 9.

p.80-81: "I wondered how old she was, too"; see Orca, chapter 17.

Tt, day 15

Preparing for the land of the dead (Tt 82-83). [Since Vlad is preparing to leave immediately after this scene, this is presumably "tomorrow" (Tt 80). What took up the afternoon of day 14 is unknown.]

p.82: "I've been on horseback before"; no further details known, though I speculate it might have been as part of an errand for Welok.

Flashback: Meeting Kragar (Tt 83-85).

p.83: "I wondered if, to a Dragaeran, the term "god" was all but meaningless. Someday, I decided, I'd have to investigate this." Some more insight is given in Phoenix, chapter 8, and in Issola, throughout, but especially chapter 2.

p.84: "an unpleasant introduction involving a game of shereba"; see Jhereg, prologue.

p.85: "It is rather like a chair leg"; Nielar saw Vlad fighting with one in Jhereg, prologue.

Taking leave of Kragar (Tt 85).

Meeting Morrolan's at Ferenk's (Tt 85-86).

p.85: "I remembered meeting Kiera there"; 8 days ago, chapter 2.

Flashback: Collecting a loan for the first time (Tt 86-88)

p.86: "There was almost certainly a story there." But it hasn't yet been told.

Arriving in the middle of nowhere (Tt 88-89).

Taltos, chapter 9

Flashforward: The need to teleport an item (Tt 90).

A night in the wild (Tt 90).

Tt, day 16

Rough breakfast, wizard style; walking (Tt 91).

Flashback: First payday (Tt 91-92).

Meeting cat-centaurs (Tt 92-94).

Flashback: New clothes; guarding the game (Tt 94-95).

p.94: "Two days before, I'd been playing there, and a large Jhereg had thrown me out after I'd gotten into a tussle with another customer"; detailed in Jhereg, prologue.

Socializing with cat-centaurs; Kelchor's token (Tt 95-96).

Flashback: On Numerology; first paid to kill (Tt 96-97).

Tt, day 17

Leaving the cat-centaurs (Tt 97).

Teleporting closer (Tt 97-98)

Approaching the falls; Blood River (Tt 99-99).

p.98: "As you approach Greymist Valley, sorcery becomes more difficult. From the time you reach the Deathgate, it is impossible." / ... / "I'm certain. I was at the top of the falls with Zerika, holding off some local brigands while she made her descent. If I could have used sorcery, I would have." Morrolan's statements here are problematic for a number of reasons. Paarfi makes it quite clear in The Paths of the Dead that Morrolan was nowhere near there at the time. Morrolan's speech at the Falls (Tt 98) makes it quite clear that he was there, so either Vlad misremembers that speech, or Morrolan or Paarfi is lying. Of course, Paarfi also goes out of his way to say that Morrolan is capable of lying (PD 45). It's also worth noting that Morrolan's statements here are somewhat inconsistent with other well known facts; he claims that sorcery doesn't work as one approaches Greymist Valley, and that he knows this from personal experience while helping Zerika; but during this period, no sorcery could have worked, as the Orb was unavailable. One possible explanation for this discrepancy is that the word "sorcery" here is a mistranslation, possibly for "wizardry" or "elder sorcery". We know that these were possible without the Orb, and that magic was explicitly not used in the battle above Deathsgate Falls (PD 338). Paarfi seems to think that this non-use was by choice rather than necessity, but he may be incorrect. Another possible explanation is that some sort of time travel was involved. Perhaps Morrolan helped Zerika at some later time in his own personal timeline, likely the incident referred to obliquely in Iorich, chapter 1 (Ir 35). This would also clear up the 'no sorcery' discrepancy mentioned above, as when Morrolan traveled to Greymist, the Orb would have been functioning.

Morrolan performs an "embarrassing ritual" by a statue (Dn 15). This statue was of Kieron, and Vlad's memory of the event was suppressed (Dz 108-109). Here, Morrolan learns how to travel the Paths (Dz 158).

Tt, day 18

Arriving at Deathgate Falls (Tt 99).

Taltos, chapter 10

Flashforward: making a line of flame between knife and rune, source and destination (Tt 100-101).

At the top of the falls (Tt 101-103).

p.101: "Mario Greymist who was named after the place". Possibly apocryphal; Paarfi offers another explanation in Five Hundred Years After, chapter 29.

p.101: "Empress Zerika who got a special dispensation"; see The Paths of the Dead, chapter 34.

Flashback: War between Welok and Rolaan starts; Vlad hired to kill Kynn (Tt 103-106).

p.103: "I had been in the Organization nearly a year"; probably putting this in 239 PI.

One last meal and a rest (Tt 106).

Naming Spellbreaker (Tt 106-107).

Starting the descent (Tt 107).

p.107: Vlad later refers to "the Guardian, that figure that stands motionless atop Deathgate Falls, overlooking the Paths of the Dead" (Jr 133). Interesting that he mentions nothing that sounds like that here. But then, we also later learn that his memories of this trip were altered (Dzur, chapter 5.

Flashback: Tailing Kynn (Tt 107-108).

Climbing down (Tt 108-110).

Taltos, chapter 11

Flashforward: hands over points, pause (Tt 111).

Corpses (Tt 111-112).

Flashback: Planning the job (Tt 112-113).

p.113: "I'd seen someone assassinated in a public place--my father's restaurant. That was how I first met Kiera"; detailed in Jhereg, prologue.

Walking through fog; ghostly wolves (Tt 113-115).

Flashback: Loiosh offers to help; staking out Gruff's (Tt 115-116).

p.115: "Loiosh explained to me that he was now more than a year old. I allowed as to how this was true"; Loiosh's birthday, and Vlad's first anniversary in the Organization, must have happened within the last 3 weeks, since when Tiev was assassinated it had been only "nearly a year", Tt 103.

Further progress; left-hand paths (Tt 116-118).

Flashback: Coming up with plan B (Tt 118-119).

Keep walking; arrival at the arch (Tt 119-120).

Taltos, chapter 12

Flashforward: bringing hands together (Tt 121).

Dueling some Dragons (Tt 121-125).

Flashback: Killing Kynn (Tt 125-127).

Guided (Tt 127-128).

Flashback: Kragar scolds Vlad about using Loiosh; Vlad goes to Candletown to hide out (Tt 128-129).

Meeting a dragon (Tt 129-130).

Discussing purple robes (Tt 130-131).

Arrival at the Halls of Judgment (Tt 131).

Taltos, chapter 13

Flashforward: Holding the world in his hands (Tt 132).

Leaving the guide behind (Tt 132).

Before entering the Halls of Judgment, Vlad must go through a pool of water, which apparently has something to do with his memory suppression (Dz 109). Is this the same as (or related to) the "shallow well" that Verra uses to revive Aliera (Tt 143)?

Verra orders Devera(?) to modify Vlad's memories (Dz 108) and she does so (Dz 109).

Devera: "We've met before, Uncle Vlad" (Y 78).

Courtyard of the Halls of Judgement (Tt 133).

Flashback: Coming back from Killertown; attitude changes (Tt 133-135).

Meeting Baritt in the hall (Tt 135-136).

p.136: "Doubtless when you left, I hadn't been . . ." Assassinated; see Yendi, chapters 11-15.

Flashback: Time passes, so does money (Tt 136-137).

The Lords of Judgment (Tt 137-138).

Vlad sees Trout (Dz 123).

Speaking to Barlan andd Verra (Tt 139-141).

Flashback: Valabar's (Tt 141-142).

Verra revives Aliera (Tt 142-143).

Taltos, chapter 14

Flashforward: Waiting for the right moment (Tt 144).

Aliera wakes, and is briefed on recent history (Tt 144-147).

p.145: "What is the last thing you remember?" See Five Hundred Years After, chapter 33.

p.145: "I was going to teleport out"; A surprising claim, given Paarfi's version of the history of teleportation in Five Hundred Years After, chapter 34. It is conceivable that Adron was at the cutting edge of this science, and had instructed his daughter. The fact that Adron successfully teleports four people just before the Disaster supports this theory.

p.145: "Then someone shouted my name--I thought at the time it was my mother." Vlad didn't hear Verra shout Aliera's name, but gods don't speak the same way to all listeners.

p.145: "You have been asleep--dead, actually--for, well, several hundred years." 486 years, by my reckoning.

p.145: "It is the reign of a reborn Phoenix, isn't it? ...I told him it would be". Not otherwise documented. Paarfi's version of events in Five Hundred Years After does not show any doubt in Aliera that her father is acting correctly. Aliera is probably more reliable about her own actions than Paarfi, of course.

p.146: "He created a sea of chaos"; See Five Hundred Years After, chapter 34.

p.146: "The capital of the Empire is now Adrilankha"; see The Lord of Castle Black, chapter 64.

p.146: "Zerika, of the House of the Phoenix, retrieved the Orb, which somehow landed here, in the Paths of the Dead. She was allowed to return with it." See The Paths of the Dead, chapter 34.

p.146: "I helped her"; By Paarfi's account, Morrolan didn't meet Zerika until after she had retrieved the Orb. For more discussion, see notes to chapter 9.

p.146: "They both died in the Disaster." According to Paarfi, Zerika's mother actually escaped shortly before the Disaster, but did die of a plague shortly thereafter. It's not clear why Sethra would mislead Morrolan on this point, but she presumably had her reasons.

p.146: "Ask me again in a few hundred thousand years when it starts to matter." Math error; the next Phoenix Reign could come up as early as 5,000 years in the future, and in no case longer than 83,000 years. If reign lengths are average, it woud be about 13,000 years.

p.147: "an Athyra wizard found you"; not exactly; for Paarfi's account, see The Paths of the Dead, chapter 4, and The Lord of Castle Black, chapter 59.

p.147: "Who tracked me down?" / "Sethra and I," he said, watching her face. He glanced at me quickly, then said, "And there were others who helped, some time ago." This leads me to suspect that Sethra used Vlad's connection to Aliera's soul to help find her, but erased any memory he had of the procedure.

Flashback: Becomin a free-lance assassin (Tt 147-148).

Heading back towards the gods; meeting Kieron (Tt 148-150).

Flashback: Hired to take out Raiet, Morganti (Tt 150-151).

Talking briefly with Kieron (Tt 151-152).

p.151: "Aliera was less than a thousand years old, however you measured her age"; Well, if you were to count the time she was dead, I make it 1,018 years.

p.152: "Have you anything to say to me?" For an explanation of why Kieron thinks Vlad might have something to say to him, see Jhereg, chapter 9.

Meeting Kelchor (Tt 152-154).

p.153: "I told them it was a dangerous precedent." This is otherwise unrecorded, but may be assumed to have happened during The Paths of the Dead, chapter 34.

Taltos, chapter 15

Flashforward: "Now, Vladimir" (Tt 155).

Aliera takes Kieron's sword (Y 3, Tt 156-158).

p.156: "Very well, then, Aliera; what about him?" Again, see Jhereg, chapter 9 for an explanation of this.

p.157: "Perhaps ... that's what I want." Supported by her actions in the frame story to Dragon.

Vlad returns to Verra's halls (Dz 110) and she takes some blood from him (Dz 157) -- dating extremely tentative, either or both event could have actually happened during Phoenix.

Flashback: Vlad gets information about Raiet, and a Morganti blade (Tt 158).

Lost in the Halls (Tt 158-159).

Baritt, again (Tt 159-160).

p.159-160: "Well, this is, indeed, droll. And you are trying to return to living lands, are you not? Well then, I crave a favor. If you succeed, and I am still alive, don't visit me. I don't think I could stand it." It is droll because Baritt's death was caused by Aliera's return from the Paths, and his unwillingness to participate in a plot against her (Yendi, chapter 15).

Back to the gods (Tt 160).

Flashback: Planning the job (Tt 160-161).

Bargaining with the Gods (Tt 161-163).

p.162: "Her voice trailed off and she smiled." Aliera can leave because she has some god's blood; Verra is her mother (Phoenix, chapter 17).

Flashback: Practicing with a Morganti blade (Tt 163-164).

Deciding to look upon the Cycle (Tt 164-165).

Taltos, chapter 16

Flashforward: The object of his desire is here (Tt 166-167).

Walking to the Cycle (Tt 167-168).

Flashback: Raiet visits his mistress, and wakes up dead (Tt 168-169).

The Cycle (Tt 169-170).

Flashback: Moral repercussions, and justifications (Tt 170-171).

p.171: "I don't know, maybe someday it will, and if so I'll deal with it then." This forms much of the matter of Teckla.

Morrolan and Aliera are stubborn at each other; Vlad decides to invent a spell (Tt 171-173).

p.172: "Drinking with Kiera." Back in chapter 2.

Flashback: Working for Welok; spending money (Tt 173-174).

p.174: "I started working directly for [Welok] a few weeks later"; note that, by his statements in chapters 14 and 17, Welok was only one of several employers he had during this period.

Beginning the spell (Tt 174).

Taltos, chapter 17

Flashforward (except we've actually caught up now): Devera keeps Vlad awake (Tt 175).

Vlad stumbles back to the others, and gives Morrolan the blood (Tt 175-177).

Flashback: Tagichatn, and deciding to kill him (Tt 177).

p.177: "when everything settled down I was working for a guy named Tagichatn"; Yendi, chapter 2, suggests that it took about a year and a half for this to happen (Y 14).

Walking out (Tt 178-179).

Flashback: Killing Tagichatn (Tt 179).

Back in the world (Tt 179).

Flashback: Kragar and Nielar join Vlad (Tt 179-180).

Tt, day 20?

[Due to the way time works (or, perhaps more accurately, doesn't) in the Paths, there's no strong reason that the time they came out should be particularly related to the time they came in. It wouldn't surprise me over-much if they came out before they went in, or weeks later. Still, in the absence of any direct evidence, I'll assume that time behaved itself on this occasion.]

Back at Dzur Mountain; Telling the tale (Tt 180).

p.180: "I owe you something, too. Perhaps someday I'll pay you." Probably referring to the contentious relationship between their earlier incarnations (Jhereg, chapter 9).

Various aftermaths (Tt 180-181).

p.180: "I recovered most of the money Quion had taken"; Presumably he spent or hid some of it before fleeing to Dzur Mountain.

Vlad probably also tells Kiera about his fight with Loraan at this point, since she knows about it later (Jr 50).

Mid 239 PI

(between Taltos and Dragon

Aliera's "arrival" (Y 115) "three years or so ago" as of 242 PI (Y 180); actually, couldn't have been much over two years, if that -- this is late 240, Yendi is sometime (possibly early in the year) in 242.

Aliera's bloodlines checked by Dragon Council, which then confirms her as Dragon Heir (Y 115). Aliera immediately starts trying to find a way out of the position, and cultivates an interest in genetics (Y 115-116). Among other avenues of research, she starts trying to track down Norathar (Y 187).

Baritt allegedly objects to the plot of Sethra the Younger and The Sorceress in Green, thus becoming marked for death himself (Y 187).

The Sorceress in Green has an apparent falling-out with Sethra the Younger ("between two and three years ago", Y 185; Y 187).

Baritt assassinated (Y 133) "within a year" of Aliera's arrival (Y 180) by Laris (Y 206). More accurately, "within the same year", and not long after, given how quickly Dragon follows Taltos. ("About two years ago" and "only two years ago", Y 132).

Kelly's folk have a 20-person parade; Noish-pa hears of them. ("a few years ago" in 243 PI, Tk 53).

Lady Teldra starts learning Jenoine ("some years ago" Is 201). [From whom? Placed here in the chronology on the assumption that it was in some way prompted by the recent Jenoine incident at Dzur Mountain.]


[Dragon commences "just days" (Dn 15) after the conclusion of Taltos. Taltos only took about 20 days, so it is presumably still "summer" (Tt 113), or early fall. (It is possible that more time elapsed in the outside world while Vlad was in the Paths of the Dead, but there is no particular reason to think there was.) The weather, varying fequently from hot to cold, and wet to dry, seems to support early fall.]

Dn, day 0

Morrolan inspects Baritt's collection (Dn 24).

Dragon, 1: Memory Is Like a Watchacallit

Flashforward: Fighting hard on Dorian's Hill; charging; Vlad prays, with uncertain results (Dn 13-14).

Dn, day 1

The scene on pages 15-16, though it appears to take place during the main story of Dragon, actually must be happening during the frame story; see the essay Unreliable Narrators.

Vlad walks to work (Dn 16-17).

A formal invitation from Morrolan; the House of the Dragon; teleported to Castle Black (Dn 17-22).

p.18: "our last method of asking for your help". See Taltos, chapter 3.

p.19: "since I was arrested after the death of my previous boss". Less than a year ago; see notes under early 239 PI.

p.22: "The land of the dead, however, is not a void--it's worse." See Taltos, chapters 11-17.

Baritt is dead; Morrolan wants his Morganti collection, and asks for Vlad's help with the competition (Dn 22-26).

p.22: "the first time I met him" was, in some senses, after he had already died; see Taltos, chapter 13 (and 15).

p.23: "It is unimportant." It turns out to be pivotal to the plot of Yendi.

p.23: "reasons too complicated to explain". See Taltos, chapters 15-17.

Morrolan hires Vlad as a security consultant (Dn 26-28).

Dragon, 2: Crossing Lines

Flashforward: Charging; Sethra's strategy; How did we get ourselves into this? (Dn 29-31).

Character sketch: Kragar (Dn 31).

Inspecting Baritt's estate; Daymar helps dampen the effect of the Morganti, then puts a psychic trace on them (Dn 32-41).

p.33: "at least as foreign as my Eastern ancestral homeland." It's unknown when Vlad first visited Fenario, but I suspect it was after this. Nonetheless, he has seen mental images of it from his grandfather (Tt 36).

Dragon, 3: On Stolen Swords and Borrowed Books

Flashforward: Counter-charge; Why? (Dn 43-44).

Dn, day 2

A weapon has been stolen; lunch; Kragar reports on the thief, who appears to be Count Fornia (Dn 44-51).

p.46: "Since I'd been in control of the area, one of the things I was learning was what I could delegate and what I had to do myself. In fact, a little later I ran into a situation where--but never mind. That's another story." Untold, so far.

Vlad assesses his forces, and reports to Morrolan; on book-borrowing (Dn 51-53).

p.51: "it wasn't until a day or two later that I became committed to it".

Morrolan decides on war with Fornia (Dn 53-55).

Vlad and Loiosh examine the painting of a wounded dragon, and speculate about what's going on (Dn 56-57)

Dragon, 4: Call to War

A brief history of battle-magic (Dn 59-60).

p.59: "Sethra Lavode once gave me a brief history of battle-magic". Not otherwise documented, but presumably during Taltos, probably during chapter 7 or 8.

p.59: "some big battle". Not identified. It's worth noting that flashstones remain in use on a small scale right up until the Interregnum (see many places in Five Hundred Years After). Presumably the 'remote detonation' spell requires too much preparation to be useful in small, impromptu combats.

p.60: "a Dragonlord named Adron, about whom the less said the better." See Five Hundred Years After.

Flashforward: Enemy spellcasting; first clash (Dn 60-61).

Fornia threatens Vlad; a fight ensues (Dn 62-63).

Waking up at Castle Black, under Aliera's care; going home (Dn 63-67).

Dn, day 3

Morollan sends payment to Vlad; into the office; deciding to help Morrolan beat Fornia (Dn 67-72).

Dragon, 5: Mourning in the Afternoon

Flashforward: A pause in the battle; heading for a hill from which he can view the command post (Dn 73-75).

p.74: "the first time the enemy had come at us over hastily thrown-up earthworks." chapter .

Vlad sets up a meeting with Morrolan; healing (Dn 75-77).

Arriving at Baritt's 'tomb' for the funeral ceremony; confronting Fornia; Fornia stole the sword he wanted; Vlad skips the service (Dn 77-84).

p.78: "We can't be anywhere near there." Because one cannot teleport to the Falls, according to Taltos, chapters 8-9.

p.83: "you don't need to know details of the internal politics of the House of the Dragon". This implies that it isn't just due to her being Dragon Heir at this time

Vlad returns to his flat ("late evening", Dn 84-85).

Dragon, 6: Assault on Helpless Wood

On schools of generalship and elite guards (Dn 87-88).

Flashforward: Vlad tops the hillock, heading for an elite force (Dn 88).

Dn, day 4-7

Vlad has fruitless conversations with Morrolan ("several days", Dn 88).

Presumably Vlad also works on Castle Black's security during this time, "and some interesting things happened" (Dn 114).

Dn, day 8

Vlad listens to a conversation about generalship, involving Sethra (Dn 87).

Sethra lays out her battle plan to Morrolan, Aliera, the Necromancer, and Vlad; further explanations for Vlad (Dn 89-92). This seems to be the first time Vlad meets the Necromancer.

Baritt was too good; did he have a Great Weapon? (Dn 92-93).

On throwing knives (Dn 94-95).

Dn, day 9

A normal workday (Dn 95).

Dn, day 10

Endweek (Dn 95).

Morrolan invites Vlad on a short journey; Morrolan's Tower (Dn 95-99).

[Link to Interlude: Maneuvers.]

Dragon, 7: What Was the Question?

Flashforward: Approaching Fornia's command post (Dn 105-106).

Entering the Serioli's cave (Dn 106-107).

Introductions; on the names of Great Weapons (Dn 108-112)

p.108: "why do you leave out the fifth? Because she is not altogether here?" For more on this, see Issola, chapter 16.

Morrolan has gotten the answer he wanted (Dn 112-113).

Back to the Tower; Vlad assigned to Cropper Company (Dn 113-115).

p.115: "What makes you think the enemy will allow teleports anywhere in the area? Or, for that matter, that I will?" A cursory analysis of travel times suggests that "in the area" means something like "Fornia", and that the army actually teleports to the borders of Fornia between chapters 8 and 9.

Morrolan visits Vlad's office (Dn 115-117).

Kragar offers some tips on army life (Dn 115-118).

The route to South Adrilankha and Noish-pa's place (Dn 118-120).

Visiting Noish-pa; more tips about military life; garlic bread (Dn 120-123).

Dn, day 11

Vlad tries to prepare, but mostly just annoys himself (Dn 123-124).

Dragon, 8: In the Army Now

Flashforward: Vlad makes motions of surrender (Dn 125).

Dn, day 12

Bivouac beneath Castle Black; Captain Cropper (Dn 125-128).

Sergeant Crown show Vlad his quarters; Virt and Napper; Corporal Rascha; Aelburr will help with equipment (Dn 128-132).

Lunch; maneuvers; Tibbs; reasons to be friendly to fellow soldiers (Dn 132-134).

Supper; talking with Virt about reasons for joining; answering Aelburr's questions about S'yang Stones; Aelburr wants to fight under Sethra Lavode (Dn 134-137).

Nighttime conversations; Loiosh is getting fed a lot; juice drum; sleep (Dn 137-138).

Dn, day 13

Cold morning without klava (Dn 138-139).

Dragon, 9: Skulking About

Flashforward: Morrolan slaughters Easterners; Vlad reaches the command post (Dn 141-142).

Marching through rain and mud; entering enemy territory; umbrella spells; rest period; more marching; making camp (Dn 142-146)

p.143: "The Paths of the Dead." See Taltos.

Picket duty (Dn 146-148).

Dn, day 14

"In imminent"; engineers; summoned to Cropper's tent by Morrolan; military planning; Morrolan has an idea for Vlad's mission (Dn 148-152).

Infiltrating the enemy camp; stealing banners (Dn 152-154).

Dragon, 10: Run Away! Run Away!

Flashforward: Vlad identified as an assassin (Dn 155).

Dn, day 15

Woken up early; arming; discussion of tactics; lining up for battle (Dn 156-160).

First battle (Dn 160-161).

Vlad has been wounded, but hadn't noticed until the physicker came (Dn 161-163).

Retreating to a prepared position (Dn 163-165).

Dn, day 16

Marching due east in the rain (Dn 165). Not entirely clear whether the march started late on day 15 or early on day 16, but it certainly encompassed most of day 16.

Services for the dead (Dn 165-166).

Dn, day 17

More mud-marching (Dn 166).

Dn, days 18-20

Marching in the dust ("after a couple of days, the rains... stopped", Dn 166-167; "spend a week marching", Dn 167).

Dn, day 20

At the Eastern River; fording; campfires, Dunn wants to carry colors; possible action tomorrow (Dn 168-170).

[Link to Interlude: Defend.]

Dragon, 11: Breakfast with Chef Vladimir

Flashforward: Vlad pretends to be a negotiator (Dn 177-178).

Dn, day 21

Sunrise brings on philosophy and poetry, then latrine duty (Dn 178-179).

Dn, day 21-23

"We held the position on the riverbank for three days" (Dn 179).

Contrasting the ethics of war and assassination (Dn 179-183).

Dortmond and his luxuries; on being content with the life of a soldier (Dn 183-184).

Dn, night of day 23

Morrolan wants Vlad to disrupt the enemy's food supply; one doesn't mess with water supplies; Vlad wants two soldiers to help (Dn 184-186).

Aelburr and Virt are assigned to Vlad; Napper volunteers to come along (Dn 186-188).

Vlad's party infiltrates the enemy camp; cook tent found; taking out guards; dousing supply wagons with kerosene; Loisoh lights the fire (Dn 188-191).

Back at camp, and laughing at the job (Dn 191-192).

Dn, day 24

Napper makes a joke at breakfast (Dn 192).

Dragon, 12: A Few Bumps and Bruises

Flashforward: Mixed feelings about the slaughter of Easterners; Fornia appears; Vlad wants to stop the slaughter (Dn 193-194).

Digging earthworks; forming lines; mounted infantry on the way; Kragar picks a bad time to make contact (Dn 195-197).

Battle joined; sorcery; Spellbreaker has small links (Dn 197-198).

No serious wounded among Vlad's mates; collecting spears; Napper wants to attack; time to reform for another attack from the enemy (Dn 199-201).

Vlad and friends survive three assaults in total, then are ordered to retreat; after a short march, they camp (Dn 201-202).

Flashforward: Discussing generalship with Sethra Lavode (Dn 202-205).

Dn, days 24-30?

"The long march"; dust; enemy raids (Dn 205-206). [This, since Vlad thinks of it as a "long march" is probably longer than his previous march, of a (5-day) week's duration (Dn 167).]

Dn, day 30

Arrival at Baritt's Tomb (Dn 206-207).

Dragon, 13: Soldier's Stew

Flashforward: Vlad wonders why Fornia is letting him live; Vlad tells Kragar to get Daymar (Dn 209-210).

p.210: "That had been . . . what? Two weeks ago? Less? Impossible." Indeed, impossible. By my reckoning, it has been about 32 days, or over 6 weeks.

Making camp; Soldier's Stew (Dn 210-211).

p.211: "I thought back to meeting him." Taltos, chapters 13 and 15.

Dn, day 31

Squareball; S'yang Stones, singing, and more stew (Dn 211).

Speculating about the upcoming battle (Dn 211-212; a night may have intervened here, but my reading is that Vlad is telling events somewhat out of order.)

Dortmond likes the soldier's life (Dn 212-214).

Vlad considers stealing back the sword (Dn 214-215).

Dn, day 32

More friendly troops arrive; Sethra strategizes; Vlad to try and steal the sword -- during the battle (Dn 215-220).

Vlad reports some news to his messmates (Dn 220-221).

Dn, day 33

Changing position; Vlad decides to accept the job (Dn 221-222).

Dragon, 14: Ups and Downs

Flashforward: Fornia deploys his reserve cavalry; Daymar arrives, and mind-probes Fornia (Dn 223-225).

Vlad contacts Kragar; forming up for a charge (Dn 225-228).

Charging Dorian's Hill; battle; retreat; napping (Dn 228-232).

Forming a defensive line; no javelins, but no attack, either (Dn 232-235).

Vlad says he "had never touched a javelin two weeks before" (Dn 234), but he has clearly lost track of his own story, as it had been just over a month since his first battle by now.

[Link to Interlude: Counterattack.]

Dragon, 15: Scratch One Jerkin

Flashforward: Vlad surrenders to buy time (Dn 241-242).

Dn, day 33

Waking to find Dorian's Hill empty; occupying it (Dn 242-243).

Magic fog; Loiosh scouts; sneak attackers repelled, fog vanishes (Dn 243-246).

First major attack broken by Tuvin's Volunteers; second attack; third attack (Dn 246-247).

Setting up camp on the hilltop; watching the enemy muster (Dn 247-248).

Fourth attack; enemy armed with javelin shooters; charging (Dn 248-250).

Vlad wakes up in his tent; he got hit from behind with a nasty spell, causing partial amnesia (Dn 250-253). He may have seen Devera (Dn 251).

Dragon, 16: A Walk in the Park

Flashforward: Fornia hopes to bring out his Great Weapon by confronting it with another one; Fornia decides to kill Vlad; Napper arrives; Morrolan causes distraction (Dn 255-256).

Nightmares; Vlad goes for a somewhat hallucinatory walk; on using power because you can; on the nature of Dragonlords (Dn 257-261).

p.257: "in the confusion of the dream I tried to explain that I deserved to be admitted as a Dragon, and they just couldn't stop laughing". This might actually be a past-life memory; see Jhereg, chapter 9. (Or perhaps it would be more accurate to call it a past-death memory?)

p.259: "There are stories that, in his youth during the Interregnum, he had entire villages put to the sword in sacrifice to the Demon Goddess that she might grant him knowledge of the Elder Sorcery." Not entirely accurate; see Sethra Lavode, chapters 85 and 99. It may well be that Verra's gift of the tower helped Morrolan learn Elder Sorcery, but that wasn't why he sacrificed those villages.

Vlad meets The Necromancer; he's been Dreamwalking; she does something to help him heal; Loiosh didn't perceive her presence (Dn 261-263).

Dn, day 34

Waking up feeling good enough to fight; prepping for the next assault (Dn 263-265).

Withstanding several assaults, with casualties; both sides charge (Dn 265-266).

[We have now caught up with the flashforwards.]

Dragon, 17: The Limitations of Wit

Daymar can't teleport them out; Vlad and Napper kill the three soldiers guarding them; Morrolan's forces draw near (Dn 267-270).

Vlad decides to attack Ori as a priority; Ori dies; Napper dies (Dn 271-274).

Chaotic, mixed battle; Vlad takes Napper's sword; Vlad cuts off Fornia's hands (Dn 274-276).

Vlad runs, but is stopped by Sethra Lavode; the battle is winding down (Dn 277-279).

Vlad is congratulated by various people; services for the dead (Dn 279-281).

Dn, day 35

Back to crime (Dn 281).

[Link to Epilogue: Trophies.]

Tiassa, Part I

From Vlad's comment ""Now that I'm out of the army..." (Ti 16), we know that this takes place after the main narrative of Dragon. I am somewhat arbitrarily placing it soon after the main events of Dragon, but it must take place before the frame story of Dragon, because by then, Vlad has already got a working relationship with SB.

Tiassa, "The Silver Tiassa"

[I'm collecting all my comments here, in a Devera-linear fashion, for convenience. They are also duplicated at their proper places in standard-linear time.]

Devera first sees the silver tiassa, being held by Mafenyi, "nine Real Years before I was born" (Ir 23). "Real Years" appears to be the way in which Devera refers to standard-linear time, as opposed to what she subjectively experiences. This also suggests that there exists a specific point in history when Devera was born -- something that I was not previously sure of! If I'm correct that she was born in 240 PI, then this would have been in 231 PI. There is no obvious significance to the date. Since Devera took the tiassa from Mafenyi much earlier (see below), it is unknown how/when Mafenyi got it back. or that matter, it is not know what Mafenyi made it for in the first place...

Devera takes the silver tiassa "two hundred Real Years earlier", in 31 PI (Ti 23-24). It is implied that Mafenyi had it at this time.

p.23: "She worked on it for years and years..." Which years, we don't have enough information to know. Probably before Devera took it, but not necessarily.

p.24: "When we were done talking I went away, but then I came back." Unclear whether the conversation was part of Devera's first viewing of the tiassa or the second.

Devera gives the tiassa to the Athyra Chuvin, a psiprint artist (Ti 24). Date unknown.

Chuvin loses the silver tiassa (Ti 24). Date unknown.

Devera finds the silver tiassa in the possession of a Lyorn sculptor, Pindua (Ti 24-25). Date unknown.

p.24: "When you looked in what the Necromancer calls the other place..." This (weakly) implies that the Necromancer taught Devera how to do this; though perhaps they merely discussed it.

Devera leaves the tiassa with Pindua. One of his sculptures is placed in the Imperial Palace, though it is unclear if this happens before or after Devera's visit (Ti 25). Date unknown, though the mention of the Imperial Palace makes it clearly Post-Interregnum.

Pindua dies, and Paarfi buys the tiassa (Ti 25). It's implied that Devera sought out the tiassa after Pindua came to the Paths of the Dead, but she clearly decided to leave it with Paarfi. Post-Interregnum, exact date unknown. [See the section Miscellaneous Undated Paarfi Entries for more discussion of Paarfi's ownership of the silver tiassa.]

Devera visits Paarfi "almost three hundred Real Years later" (Ti 25), and he still has the tiassa. Paarfi asks to keep the tiassa until he finishes his new book.

Devera visits Paarfi again "fifty Real Years later", taking the silver tiassa, and leaving a note (Ti 26).

Paarfi visits Vlad Norathar "ten Real Years ahead" (Ti 26). I suspect that she means ahead of her conversation with Vlad, not aheead of where she took the tiassa from Paarfi. Thaat would put it at 249 PI, when Vlad Norathar would be about 5 years old.

p.26: "Then I was tired from all the jumping around..." Apparently Devera's ability to 'jump' across time and space takes some effort, though she apparently can do it several times before getting tired.

Devera shows the tiassa to 'daddy' (Kieron the Conqueror); Kieron is angry about his sword having been given away; Mafenyi wants the tiassa back and argues with Kieron; Devera leaves (Ti 26). For details on Kieron's sword, see Taltos, chapter 15 and Dragon, Epilogue. Kieron's anger over the sword suggests that this scene takes place after Dragon, Epilogue, but by that time, Vlad already had a working relationship with SB. Devera's time travel may be involved; although she implies that she didn't want to 'jump', that is after she "started to Mommy's", which could conceivably have involved a jump. Alternatively, this is one of those cases where time in the Paths of the Dead doesn't match that of the 'real' world (as when Vlad met Baritt's shade before Baritt had actually died, Taltos, chapter 13).

p.26: "I started to Mommy's..." From context, this does not appear to be a 'jump', but is some sort of other mysterious form of travel that can take Devera from the Paths of the Dead to a particular point in space-time in the 'real' world. This travel takes a fair amount of time, whereas a 'jump' is probably close to instantaneous (inferring from the name). It also may follow a rather non-linear path: If Devera is heading to "Mommy's", that would presumably be at a time after her own birth (implied by Y 79); yet en route she arrives at Vlad's at a time prior to that. "I thought about jumping, but then I could never come back to now." Apparently, another restriction on Devera's jumping ability. The simple reading would be that she can't 'jump' to the same time twice, but more complex readings are certainly possible.

Devera gives the silver tiassa to Vlad (Ti 26). In what way does this protect Devera, or the tiassa, from Mafenyi? Presumably, Mafenyi has some way to track Devera, the silver tiassa, or both, through "the other place". I suspect that there is some sort of Rule that keeps Mafenyi from taking the silver tiassa from a mortal who has possession of it (though Devera is clearly not so constrained).

[After Devera did multiple time travels involving the silver tiassa, does it overlap its own existence? That is, does (for instance) the painter Chuvin own it at the same time that Vlad does? There isn't enough information to say, but it's an interesting question.]

Tiassa, "Prologue"

Vlad acquires the silver tiassa. Apparently, hand-delivered by Devera (Ir 19, 26).

Vlad visits Morrolan (Ti 15). I'm guessing Vlad asked him about the silver tiassa, and he said something to the effect of "I have no idea; why don't you ask Sethra?".

Vlad visits Sethra Lavode; she wants to introduce him to SB; Vlad has brought an object for Sethra to look at (Ti 15-16).

SB wants to hire Vlad to talk about his life (Ti 16-18).

p.17: "He wants you to talk." See the essay Unreliable Narrators for more discussion of this entire passage.

Sethra Lavode examines the silver tiassa (Ti 18-19).

p.18: "Now, how would you know that?" See Orca, chapter 17.

We never see the conclusion of Vlad's meeting with Sethra, so we don't know what she tells him. Some of it can be inferred. She clearly asks to borrow the tiassa for a while (see "a href="#TiC">Tiassa: Conception), though she almost certainly doesn't tell him the full story of what she intends to do with it (Ti 209). Whatever she tells Vlad about it is enough to convince him that he won't be well-served by keeping the silver tiassa, since he gets rid of it soon after (Tiassa: Tag, chapters 2-4).

[Link to "Tag".]

Tiassa, "Conception (An Interlude)"

Verra discusses with Barlen her desire to have a grandchild (Ti 205-). Dating, as always when dealing with gods, uncertain.

p.205: "Verra, if you are going to play with time again..." When Verra 'played with time' before is not known.

Verra suggests to Aliera that she have a child with Kieron; they travel "through" Aliera, until Verra finds Devera to "ask someone who doesn't exist for an impossible favor", "[plant] something like a thought in the mind of one who did not exist, or possibly both (Ti 206-208).

Sethra Lavode and the Necromancer work to duplicate Kieron's bower, so as to place the silver tiassa under the bed; she plans to return it to Vlad afterwards (Ti 209-210). My initial assumption was that this takes place immediately after Vlad's visit in the Prologue, but it could take place any time between then and when Vlad gives away the tiassa in Tiassa: Tag.

Aliera and Kieron meet in Kieron's bower in the Paths of the Dead -- though they are also, in some sense, in the duplicate bower that Sethra constructed (Ti 210-212).

p.211: "But I don't remember." Aliera does remember these events by Jhereg, chapter 9, having had a past-life regression done by Sethra Lavode sometime between now and then (Jr 114) -- probably inspired by this conversation.

[Presumably, this scene takes place before Aliera has given away Kieron's sword (Dragon: Epilogue). Or at least, before he finds out about it...]

[Link to "Special Tasks".]

Late 239 PI

(after Dragon).

Vlad asks Sethra about her view of the Wall of Baritt's Tomb ("months later" Dn 30, 202-205).

240 PI

Chilla Saabo born ("She's only four", Ja 244).

Devera born (Ti 23)? I believe she was conceived relatively late in 239 PI, though it could have been as late as 242. I'm assuming a nine-month pregnancy, though that's a big assumption. We don't know how long a normal Dragaeran pregnancy lasts. And it would be no surprise if Devera were unusual in this aspect, as she is in so many others.

Untold Tales of Vlad: 240-242 PI???

Events in Vlad's early career that haven't yet been fully explored. A few may have been earlier in his career than this. Some (related in later books) may turn out to be much later in his life.

Vlad 'works' at The Blue Flame a second time (Jr 22; see also Y 53).

Vlad and Loiosh go East (P 238; Dn 36). "My sources back in my ancestral homeland were few and far between" (Jr 35); "I do have a few friends in the East" (Jr 69). "I was there once before, and rather liked it" (Is 253) -- probably referring to his first visit, since his second, in Jhegaala, did not go very well. This visit was "years before" Jhegaala, which was in 244 PI (Ja 24, 47). "I wasn't paying all that much attention to my surroundings then" (Ja 24). "I hadn't met all that many people, but those I'd met had been pleasant" (Ja 47). This journey must have been very brief, mostly inside buildings and vehicles, and/or during a very overcast weather period, as on his second visit, Vlad is totally unused to sunlight: Ja 26-27, 43, 65. He didn't meet any nobility during this visit (Ja 109). Vlad was drilled in Fenarian by Noish-Pa before this trip (Ja 254). Some of the vocabulary strongly suggests that this happened before he formed a relationship with Cawti in Yendi. This trip may have been when he heard Eastern musicians playing chardosh (Dz 105).

Loiosh becomes skilled in noticing when Vlad is mind-probed (Jr 34; P 157), and believes he could detect the presence of a love spell (Y 159) or other mental interference (Dn 84, Is 146-146). Possibly this experience is due to Imperial investigations (Jr 41)? Aliera says: "Anyone can tell when his mind is being examined, unless the examiner is an expert," (Jr 109), but she may be exaggerating.

Vlad is assassinated as a warning, then revivified by Sethra Lavode (Jr 39-40). Vlad has "never bothered the guy since, either. Of course, someday . . . ."

Vlad installs "witchcraft protections and alarms" in his office (Jr 44). These may or may not be the same as his office's protections against against sorcerous eavesdropping (and other sorcery?) (Ir 157).

Melestav kills two innocent (but foolish) visitors to Vlad's office (Jr 49).

Melestav is killed, delaying an assassin long enough for Vlad to escape out a window. He is revivified (Jr 49).

Vlad's relationship with Kiera progresses to the point where he is not surprised to be greeted with a significant kiss (Jr 50; Ti 59), though they appear to have never actually become lovers (Jr 51).

Vlad sees a Dzur hero attack Sethra Lavode (Jr 62-63).

Vlad takes a half-ownership in The Blue Flame to cancel out a debt from the owner, Nethrond (Jr 102-103).

Aliera (with Sethra's help? Jr 120) relives a past life as Kieron and Dolivar's sibling (Jr 114-115, dating highly tentative).

Vlad finds out that Kragar was kicked out of House Dragon (Jr 129-130).

Vlad beaten by Phoenix Guards, possibly several times (by implication from Yendi, chapter 9, pgs. 106-108.)

Vlad learns "you can never go home" (Tk 99). [This is listed as one of the effects of the Battle of Baritt's Tomb, but doesn't seem to apply to anything that happens in Dragon. Maybe he went East because of the battle?]

Aliera tells Vlad some details abour reincarnation, though he doesn't seriously believe in them at this time (Tk 140).

Vlad, probably through Kragar, hires Ishtvan for a job, probably 'work' ("We used him once before", Tk 147).

Vlad is incarcerated for "a few weeks" "as part of the affair that gained me my exalted position in the Jhereg and had first brought my friend Aliera to the attention of the Empress" (P 54).

Vlad has been in prison once more that we don't know any solid details about ("The incident on Greenaere was the fourth time I'd been imprisoned", P 104).

Vlad "had lain helpless while Morrolan battled a demon that had taken his own sword from him" (P 111).

Vlad "parlayed with spirits from my ancestral home for the release of the Necromancer's soul" (P 111).

Vlad "battled with my own likeness" (P 111).

Vlad has "an incident with a mirror" ("Years ago, when things were much simpler", V 23).

"the time I took a job selling fish in the market" (O 24).

"Once I ended up impersonating a corporal in the Imperial Guard and had to arrest someone for creating a disturbance in a public place" (O 24).

Vlad knows that Kiera has visited The Demon's place (O 88).

Vlad and Loiosh have encountered undead often enough that Loiosh "can usually tell the undead with one sniff" (O 284).

Vlad runs into a situation involving delegating ("a little later", Dn 46).

Vlad is held captive somewhere (not by the Empire), involving "far too much potato soup" (Is 90). Possibly a reference to Jhegaala, which contains a lot of soup. But the one explicit reference to potatoes says that there aren't any in the soup (Ja 236).

Vlad sees Morrolan fight a nasty duel with Vrudric e'Lanya in Castle Black (Is 137).

Vlad has an unpleasant run-in with someone who (unexpectedly) can jump an eleven-foot crevasse (Is 120).

Vlad encounters the doors of Dzur Mountain several times, including one occasion where he waits outside for an hour and half (Dz 35).

Vlad comes across Vili in South Adrilankha ("some years ago", Dz 183).

Vlad enters a building armed, only to find Phoenix Guards inside ("once, long ago", Dz 202).

Vlad had "once been told that my friend Morrolan had been raised somewhere in human lands" (Ja 41). He doesn't believe this, until Is 104-105.

An Athyra talks to Vlad about movement and time (Ja 177).

Vlad talks shop with a colleague "many years ago". That colleague "eventually" gets killed over gambling debts (Ja 222).

Vlad spends eleven weeks setting up an elaborate hit (Ja 264-265).

Noish-pa's eyesight during Jhegaala is worse than it was "a few years before" (Ja 14).

Vlad gives the Iorich advocate Ardwena a lot of money, over the course of some years (Ir 39).

Vlad sees the Necromancer's quarters in Castle Black ("years ago", Ir 70).

Vlad talks with a priest of Verra in South Adrilankha ("years ago", Ir 101).

Niscan is wanted by the Jhereg (Ir 110).

Vlad becomes aware that the Necromancer tends to distribute clothing of unique fashions. (Possibly imported from other planes of existence? Or does she make thenm herself, with distinctive styles and/or materials?) (Ir 231, 104).

Vlad "learned early on that having a full bladder when everything in the world is happening at once was just an annoyance I could do without." (H 275, placement here highly tentative).

Vlad has employed tags who made a lot of money for just listening to people talk (H 128).

Vlad "once saw Morrolan maintain a paralysis spell for half an hour, while drinking wine and discussing the latest discoveries in natural history" (H 293).

Vlad attends a party of sorcerers at Castle Black ("Several years ago", H 15; "some years ago", H 72). Vlad thinks the Necromancer was there, which would put this after Dragon.

Vlad goes fishing and doesn' care for it (H 148).

Vlad looks out at Adrilahnka from Dzur Mountain (H 191).

Vlad talks to the Necromancer about necromantic gates (H 182-183).

Deregar works for Gasto (who works for Vlad?) "a few years ago" (H 179).

Vlad finds out about the Wand of Ucerics ("many years ago", H 239).

Vlad has Klava with Daymar (H 73).

Vlad threatens someone, only to "discover that he’s got the edge on me ... a couple of times" (V 47).

Vlad nearly bungles a job due to hair getting in his eyes ("many years ago", V 171).

Vlad learns about Dark Water and the undead (A 38, V 202).

Vlad teleports into a cavern while bleeding, coughing, and passing out (V 205).

Vlad uses poison "once" (presumably during an assassination, as he often uses poisoned weapons generally) (V 220).

241 PI

Mellar has a bigger territory than Vlad will 2 years from now (Jr 53).

Vlad 'works' at the Blue Flame "about a year and a half ago" as of Yendi, chapter 5 (Y 53). [Since I've dated Yendi to mid-late 242, this was probably in early 241.]

An oracle tells Vlad to beware his left hand "many years" before Phoenix (P 171). [Presumably before Vlad meets Cawti, as she is surprised when he goes to an oracle (Tk 8).]

Vlad assassinates Faloth, Morganti "back in 241" (H 143-144). By process of elimination, this is his second Morganti job (Jr 41). [For the first time, see Vlad's first Morganti job.]

Savn, Coral, and Lan get drunk ("some five years before", A 161).

242 PI

Piro and Ibronka first visit Couches, and are entertained by Neritha ("maybe half a year ago", Ti 90, dating approximate). They visit "two or three times" more in the next half year.


Jhereg (definitely in 243 PI) says "that business with Laris last year" (Jr 24), so Yendi must take place in 242. Even more definitively, Kragar says "it's been over a year since anyone has tried to kill you" (Jr 19); this means that Yendi has to have ended no later than approximately day 177 of the year (with plausible error ranges of 96-201). Yendi covers a long time-span, about 70 days, so has to have started around day 107 (26-131). These dates assume exactly a year, it could have been rather more.

Yendi, Introduction

p.i: "as my father did, buy Orders of Nobility in the House of the Jhereg"; This happened when Vlad was 14, in 234 PI.

p.i: "Later, I found a wild jhereg, and trained him, and set about to leave my mark on Dragaeran society."; At age 16, 236 PI, See Jhereg, Prologue for details. Leaving a mark on society was not his goal at the time, but that's what ended up happening.

p.i: "When I was older, I learned that most of what I had been taught were lies."; Possibly a reference to the revalations in Chapter 9 of Jhereg. Since most of Yendi is narrated before the events of Jhereg, this suggests that the Introduction was narrated on a separate occasion.

Y, -8 weeks?

Vlad extends the duration of a loan (Y 34-35). "About a month and a half before this--eight weeks, I think it was" (Note that this doesn't mesh with our current understanding of the calendar. Mistranslation?)

Y, -1 month

A Dzurlord refuses to pay his debts, killing the collectors ("A month before this business with Laris started", Y 23).

Temek assassinates the Dzurlord ("four days later", Y 23-24).

The Empire investigates the Dzurlord's death, inconclusively (Y24). (Was this a fast investigation? Or did it overlap the events of Yendi?)

Laris pressured to begin a (semi-fake) war against Vlad (Y 206, dating tentative).

Yendi, chapter 1

Y, day 1

On the similarity between Onions and Life (Y 1-2).

Vlad has just done some 'work' (Y 2).

Vlad visits Castle Black. While there, he is informed of some unwanted competition. Before leaving, he is introduced to The Sorceress in Green (Y 2-6).

p.2: "I visited the more or less permanent party at the keep of the Lord Morrolan."; For the founding of this party, see Sethra Lavode, chapter 74.

p.2: "I was sort of on his staff, as a security consultant"; Vlad's uncertainty indicates the newness of this position. See Dragon, chapter 1 for details of its start.

p.3: "She had taken the sword from the hand of Kieron the Conquerer, the head of her line, in the Paths of the Dead." Taltos, chapter 15.

p.4: "Go to Deathsgate." "We did that once, remember?" "Yeah. And I remember how you felt about the giant jhereg there."; Taltos, chapter 9

Vlad checks out the competition, violently (Y 6-11).

Laris controls "about ten square blocks" which is "more than twice as much" as Vlad (Y 10).

p.10: "I've only had my own area for half a year"; Vlad has actually controlled territory of his own for over 3 years now. My best interpretation of this is that "area" here is a translation error for a Jhereg technical term meaning something like "large district", and that about half a year ago, Vlad did something that earned him a major promotion in territory and Organizational ranking. This may be connected to the reference in Phoenix, chapter 4: "There had been one especially long [incarceration] in the dungeons beneath the Imperial Palace, as part of the affair that had gained me my exalted position in the Jhereg and had first brought my friend Aliera to the attention of the Empress."

Yendi, chapter 2

On Vlad's early involvement with Jhereg wars, 236-238 PI (Y 13-19).

p.13: "When I entered the organization, some three years before"; closer to six years, by my figures, in 236 PI. But Vlad may be confusing this with the date of his going into business for himself, which did occur in 239 PI.

p.13: "The first time I "worked,""; See Taltos, chapters 10-12 for more details.

p.14: "About then I stopped working for Nielar, and went to work for the Blade himself." According to the slightly fuller accounts in Taltos, chapters 14-17, Nielar got rid of most of his territory, and Vlad worked free-lance for several different employers, including, but not limited to, Welok the Blade.

p.14: "One day Welok just vanished, and his spot was filled by one of his lieutenants--a guy named Tagichatn"; For another account of Vlad's conflicts with Tagichatn, see Taltos, chapter 17.

p. 19: "During that period, I "worked" a few times". ["that period" probably includes the events in Taltos and Dragon, and is immediately followed by Yendi. It seems likely that he was not involved in any Jhereg conflicts during this period as "nothing much happened that concerns us now" (Y 19).]

p.19: "And then my good neighbor, Laris, showed me why I hadn't gotten into this end sooner." This seems to imply that Vlad fought Laris only a few months after getting his own area, rather than the three years implied elsewhere; see note to p.10, above.

Y, day 2

Vlad finds out about Laris's background, then has Kragar set up a meeting (Y 19-22).

Y, day 3

Character sketches: Varg and Temek (Y 22-23).

Readying the bodyguards (Y 24-25).

Yendi, chapter 3

Waiting until noon; going to the meet (Y 27-28).

Vlad meets with Laris. They appear to compromise, but neither believes it (Y 29-33).

Preparing for the siege I (Y 33-34).

Character sketch: Glowbug (Y 34).

On Loan-sharking (Y 34-35).

Character sketches: Narvane, Wyrn, Miraf'n (Y 35-36).

Preparing for the siege II (Y 36-37).

Word comes that Nielar has been hit (Y 37-38).

Yendi, chapter 4

On Adrilankha (Y 39-40).

p.39: "Adrilankha ... became the Imperial capital when Dragaera City became a bubbling sea of chaos, on that day four hundred some years ago"; Two corrections: First, Adron's Disaster was actually about 490 years ago -- the Interregnum lasted about 247 years, and that was 243 years ago. Second, Adrilankha didn't formally become the capital until the end of the Interregnum; see The Lord of Castle Black, chapter 34 (and following) for more details.

p.39: "the new Imperial Palace"; see Sethra Lavode, Preface for details of its construction.

p.40: "When I reached the age of deciding to get paid for what I was doing anyway"; 16, in 236 PI. See Jhereg, Prologue and Taltos, chapters 7-9 for more details.

Reminiscing about Nielar; finding his corpse; paying the families (Y 40-41).

Vlad decides to form a spy network (Y 41).

Vlad acquires some funds at Castle Black (Y 41-45).

p.43: "I was an accomplished witch three hundred years before you were born, Vlad." See The Paths of the Dead, chapters 1-2 for Morrolan's early studies, 310 years before Vlad's birth.

p.44: "three or four months is usual. Sometimes six. Nine is a long time, a year is a very long time." Note that this book was published at a time when many calendrical details were 'translated' into earth terms. Hence 'six months' may actually mean 'half a year', etc.

Kragar hires five freelance enforcers (Y 45).

Vlad orders a hit on one of Laris's brothels (Y 45-46).

Y, day 4

A Left Hand sorceress casts a teleport block on Vlad's office (Y 46).

Vlad checks in on his businesses (Y 46).

The Left Hand casts sorcerous protection on Vlad's various businesses (Y 46-47). [The text claims that this happens "the next day". However, during day 3, there were two separate references to Endweek being "two days" away (Y 34,41). The simplest way to reconcile these is to assume that Vlad accidentally inserted an extra "the next day" somewhere in here. No doubt these days of largely just waiting seemed like multiple days each!

Vlad hires a sorceress 'on call' (Y 47).

Y, day 5

Endweek. A moneylender is killed on his way to Vlad. Vlad tries to protect the other deliveries, mostly successfully. Vlad sets up a counter-hit by Wyrn and Miraf'n, leaving him broke again (Y 47-49).

p.47: "it has never happened, and I'll bet you all kinds of things that it never will"; until, of course, Jhereg.

Yendi, chapter 5

Flashback to meeting Morrolan (Y 51). See Taltos, chapter 3.

p.51: "I'd hardly been running my area for three weeks"; see Taltos, chapters 1 through 3.

Vlad hears that his counter-hit succeeded (Y 52).

Vlad hears Kiera wants to meet him (Y 52-54).

p.52: "this old Teckla"; Not clearly identified. The revelations in Orca, chapter 17 suggest at least two interesting possibilities.

Character sketches: Shoen and Chimov (Y 54-55).

Kiera delivers a present (Y 55-57).

p.56: "I'd seen either her, or her cousins, before"; not otherwise documented.

p.57: "she'd never admit it"; see Orca, chapter 17.

Vlad hires wizards to begin infiltrating Laris's businesses; Vlad makes a direct assault (Y 57).

Y, day 7

Vlad strikes again "two days later". Laris goes into hiding "That evening" (Y 57).

Y, day 8

Temek's body found ("The next morning", Y 57).

Y, day 11

Laris tries to bribe Varg ("Three days after that", Y 57).

Y, day 13

Shoen kills Laris's rep ("Two days later", Y 57-58).

Y, day ~18

Two of Vlad's infiltrators get exploded ("A week after that", Y 58).

Y, day ~19

Laris buys some flats in the Eastern Quarter ("about nine weeks" before day 64, Y 128). These flats had previously belonged to Baritt, and had been "kicking around" since his death "About two years ago" (Y 132).

Morrolan is involved in a particularly vicious duel with Vrudic e'Lanya in Castle Black (dating extremely tentative, based on "I wasn't paying much attention, being involved in some rather nasty squabble with another Jhereg at the time", Is 137).

Y, day ~23

Vlad strikes again ("A week later", Y 58).

Y, day ~24

Neritha gets caught stealing, and is badly hurt by H'noc ("Nine weeks ago", Ti 91; date approximate).

Y, day ~28

Laris burns Vlad's cleaner ("A week after my raid", Y 58).

Y, day 30

Chimov & Narvane attacked while escorting an Endweek courier ("Two days later", Y 58).

The Empire starts tagging money to deter highwaymen (Tiassa: "Tag", chapter 2).

Y, day 38

Vlad burns down one of Laris's brothels ("eight days later", Y 58).

An assassin disguised as Varg almost takes out Vlad, but Melestav kills him (Y 58).

Vlad hears about the tax reduction for installing "Some device" (Ti 53). From context, he doesn't install it. [Dating tentative. Vlad says this was "...about six weeks ago" early in Tiassa, chapter 2 (Ti 54). My first guess at that time would be around day 45 of Yendi. But by that time, Vlad's office has suffered serious fire damage (Y 58), and I infer that the herb shop got burned out. Vlad doesn't take over Laris's office until pretty near the end of the book, which is a lot less than six weeks. On the other hand, the herb business, being legal, may have managed to reopen even in the middle of the war.]

Y, day 40

Laris attacks Vlad's office ("Two days later", Y 58).

Laris starts raising rents in his Eastern flats, setting the stage for a future riot ("about four weeks before" day 60, Y 125).

Y, day 44

Vlad hits another of Laris's places ("Four days after the raid on me", Y 59).

Lord Toronnan brings Vlad to get chewed-out by a Council member, Terion, Jr 22, 24; "That day", Y 59-61).

p.59: "One of these days, bastard, I'm going to do you."; He hasn't so far, at least not in any published tale.

Yendi, chapter 6

Y, day 45

On Zerika and Phoenixes (Y 63-64).

p.64: "The last Emperor had been a decadent Phoenix, and since this was the seventeenth Cycle, the next Emperor had to be a Phoenix too, since a reborn Phoenix is supposed to follow a decadent Phoenix every seventeen Cycles." Vlad is almost certainly mistaken here. The very first Great Cycle transition has only recently (in Dragaeran terms) taken place. Some people may have generalized post facto from this one example, but it's hardly accepted with the same firmness as the Cycle itself. Otherwise, neither Adron nor Kâna would have bothered with their attempts.

p.64: "So far as I can tell, by the way, a reborn Phoenix is an Emperor of the House of the Phoenix who doesn't become decadent by the end of his reign"; See Iorich, chapter 17, for related comments.

p.64: "at the tender age of one hundred or thereabouts"; again, Vlad is way off. Zerika was roughly 246 years old at the time of The Paths of the Dead, chapter 29.

p.64: "she took the Orb from the shade of the last Emperor"; Paarfi gives rather a different account in The Paths of the Dead, chapter 34.

p.64: "I've done it myself"; see Taltos, chapter 10.

Phoenix crackdown ("the morning after", Y 64-65).

Formulating new strategies (Y 66-67).

p.65: "We can keep up like this ... for about seven weeks"; Vlad earlier claimed that keeping up with the war would cost 5,000 gold per week (Y 44). If that was accurate, the money from Kiera's present (Y 56) should have run out at least a week ago, even assuming he got full value for it. Even if we assume that "week" means here a 7-day period, that merely reduces the discrepancy, but doesn't eliminate it. Conclusion: either Vlad found a way to spend less, earn more, or he got another cash infusion from some undocumented source. Quite probably a combination of all three.

Y, day 46-50

("that week", Y 57)

Narvane works on gathering intelligence (Y 57).

Vlad tries witchcraft, to no avail (Y 57).

Miscellaneous following and bribing (Y 57).

Y, day 51

Character sketch: Smiley Gilizar ("Six days after Zerika put her foot down", Y 67-68).

Vlad reopens a brothel (Y 68).

Trying to figure out a use for Morrolan's spy network (Y 68-69).

Y, day 52

No trouble yet at the brothel, but few customers ("evening of the next day", Y 69).

Y, day 54

Vlad reopens a cleaner ("a couple of nights later", Y 69).

Narvane finds that Laris is still laying low ("At the same time", Y 69).

Vlad plans to go on the offensive (Y 69-70).

Y, day 55-56

Narvane works extra help into his intelligence-gathering efforts (Y 70).

Byrna stops paying interest on his loan ("several weeks" before Tiassa, "Tag", Ti 43, date approximate).

Y, day 56

Vlad reopens a lender ("Two" days, Y 70).

Vlad discovers that Laris still hasn't reopened anything ("The day the lender started", Y 70-71).

Y, day 60

Vlad reopens a Shareba game ("A few days later", Y 71).

Piro and Ibronka visit the Couches ("The last time was last month", Ti 90, date approximate). It is presumably at this time that they discover what happened to Neritha.

Y, day 61

Vlad reopens more gambling ("the next day", Y 71).

More intelligence on Laris, who remains inactive (Y 71).

Vlad visits his businesses (Y 71-72).

Phoenix Guards pulled out due to an Easterner riot (Y 110). The riot was fomented by Laris (Y 125), then delibertely set off (Y 128).

Vlad assassinated by The Sword and Dagger (Jr 59; Y 73-75). Aliera and Morrolan rescue him, thanks to Kragar (Y 82).

Yendi, chapter 7

Devera convinces Vlad to "come back" (Y 77-79).

p.79: "We've met before"; see Taltos, chapter 17 and Dragon, at least, for earlier meetings -- from Vlad's point of view. Devera doesn't seem to live in linear time ("I haven't really been born yet", among many other references), so she may have met Vlad in the future already!

Y, day 62

Aliera repairs Vlad's body, then, after much struggle, revivifies him (Y 82). [This takes about a day, since when Vlad wakes, "It's been three days" since the assassination (Y 82).]

Vlad sleeps for two days (Y 81).

Y, day 63

Aliera revivifies Norathar due to curiosity. Norathar refuses to talk unless Cawti is also revivified. Cawti is revivified, but Norathar still doesn't talk (Y 164, exact timing speculative).

Y, day 64

Vlad wakes up alive, in Dzur Mountain (Y 79-80).

Aliera and Morrolan visit Vlad's sickbed (Y 80-82).

Checking in with Kragar (Y 82-84).

On The Sword and The Dagger of the Jhereg (Y 84-85).

Meeting The Dagger (Y 85-87).

Recovery Sex (Y 87-88).

Yendi, chapter 8

Y, day 65

Waking up alive, again (Y 89 ("Good morning", Y 91)).

Aliera and Morrolan argue about The Sword of the Jhereg (Y 89-91).

p.90: "my first visit to Dzur Mountain"; see Taltos, chapters 3 and 4 .

p.90: "Have you met Vlad's assistant, Kragar? He's as much of a Dragon--" She snorted again. "That snake? He was thrown out of the House, as you well know."" Unknown when Aliera met Kragar.

Vlad and Cawti talk and snuggle (Y 91-93).

Checking in with Kragar and asking him to research The Sword of the Jhereg (Y 93-94).

Vlad takes a nap (Y 94).

Vlad asks Fentor to look into why the Phoenix Guards were pulled out (Y 95).

Character sketch: Sethra Lavode (Y 95-96).

p.95-96 "I'd heard [Sethra's] age placed at anything from ten to twenty thousand years, which is a significant portion of the age of the Empire itself." Vlad had heard that Sethra was old (see Taltos, chapter 1), but this was inaccurate. For that matter, such a period is not a very significant portion of the age of the Empire. In fact, Sethra is over two hundred thousand years old, "quite literally, older than the Empire." (Jr 114). The reference to "someone of her family" living in Dzur Mountain may be an attempt by people who, like Vlad, don't believe her immense age, to account for ancient records of her presence there.

p.96: "Morrolan's tolerance was due to having lived among Easterners for many years of his youth, during the Interregnum."; see The Paths of the Dead, chapters 1-2, 5-6, and especially 7.

p.96: "Aliera's tolerance I've never understood;" nor will he until Jhereg, chapter 9.

p.96: "[Sethra] had been Warlord of the Empire (while she was still living) and Captain of the Lavodes (when there were still Lavodes)"; for more on her being Warlord, see Five Hundred Years After, chapter 8. The Lavodes essentially ceased to exist when most of them were killed in Adron's Disaster, chapter 34 of the same book.

On Phoenix Guards and Imperial influence (Y 96-99).

Debate about conquering the East (Y 99).

Yendi, chapter 9

[This is still day 64, since "I'd been gone four days" (Y 101).]

Vlad returns to his office (Y 101-102).

Another assassination attempt (Y 102-103).

Vlad is mad at his staff (Y 103-105).

p.104: "if you ever want to run an area"; see Phoenix, chapter 17.

Vlad starts the custom of changing his weapons regularly (Y 105-106).

Beaten unusually violently by the Phoenix Guards (Y 106-108).

Aliera shows up to heal Vlad (Y 108-109).

Y, day 66

[Not 100% sure that a night passes here, but it seems likely that Aliera enforced some rest.]

Vlad wakes up in Dzur Mountain again. Aliera tells him when he can get his revenge (Y 109-110).

Kragar has discovered what happened to the guards on day 61, and a little about Norathar (Y 110-111).

Back to bed (Y 111-112). It is now "afternoon" (Y 111).

p.111: "It was like the drumbeat that sends a squadron into alert status"; for Vlad's knowledge of this, see Dragon, especially chapter 8.

Yendi, chapter 10

On the various types of meals (Y 113).

Dinner at Castle Black. Aliera pumps Norathar for information (Y 114-116).

p.115: "I remembered being told about Aliera's "arrival""; Vlad (or the translator) is a little confused here, conflating two different events. During Adron's Disaster, Aliera's soul was hurled into a wheat field (See Five Hundred Years After, chapters 33 and 34, and The Paths of the Dead, chapter 4). Sethra likely did "have a hand" in this, though Paarfi's account is not altogether clear on the point. But this resulted in her being presumed (and in some senses, actually) dead. Her "arrival" as heir happened only after she was returned to corporeal life (see Taltos, chapters 12-17).

p.115:"Adron's Disaster, the explosion that brought down the Empire over four hundred years ago"; Almost 450 years, in fact.

p.115: "I'd known she was [heir] since I was introduced to her"; actually, since slightly before that, see Taltos, chapter 13.

p.116: "the Emperor refused to step down when the Cycle changed"; an example of Aliera's bias. The fact of Zerika's ascension proves that the Cycle had not changed at the time of Adron's attempted coup.

On Norathar's family background (Y 116-121).

p.118: "We'd met [Baritt's] shade in the Paths of the Dead, and had three completely different impressions of the old bas-. . . gentleman"; see Taltos, chapters 13 and 15. Presumably they shared their impressions afterwards.

p.120: "Why weren't they revivified?"; Probably because this was pre-Interregnum, and revivification tech had not yet been invented.

Speculation about how the accusation came about -- and what to do next (Y 121-124).

p.122: "It was more than four hundred years ago"; by my calculations, closer to 900 years. On the other hand, it was (very roughly) 400 years before the Interregnum, which may be the source of the error.

p.123: "I've been to Deathsgate once"; see Taltos, chapters 10-11.

Yendi, chapter 11

Y, day 67

[Although the text claims that Vlad returns to his office mere minutes after leaving dinner, I believe he is forgetting a sleep in there, and actually returned in the morning. He describes a fairly full day of activity, and all this after "dinner" in the previous chapter.]

Vlad finds out riot details from Fentor, then returns to his office (Y 125-126).

p.126: "I didn't have to tell her where it was, either." See Orca, chapter 17.

Character sketch: Sticks (Y 126-127).

More details about the riot (Y 128).

Changing weapons (Y 128-129).

Vlad walks round his territory; Sticks takes out a game (Y 129-130).

Vlad sends Kragar to check an information source; a chat with Loiosh (Y 130-131).

p.131: "one of these days, I'll probably find someone myself."; see Jhereg, chapter 17.

p.131: "Just two days to Endweek." A minor anomaly here. By my calculations, it's four days until Endweek, on day 70. But it's been well over 30 days since the last clearly documented Endweek on day 30, so it would have been easy for Vlad to have mistakenly added (or forgotten) a few days here and there in his narrative.

Yet more details about the riot; connection to Baritt (Y 131-132).

p.132: "the bloodiest battle since the Interregnum"; see Dragon, throughout, but especially chapters 15-17.

p.132-133: "Remembering my last visit, I knew that those who dwell there would not take my coming again at all kindly."; see Taltos, chapter 15, where Vlad is told he may leave "on the condition that he never return" (Tt 161).

Asking Morrolan about Baritt; speculating about Laris's patron (Y 133-134).

p.133: "That at least explained some of the remarks he'd made to me."; see Taltos, chapter 13: "Don't speak in my presence." and "Baritt said "Jhereg" as if it were a curse. Then he spat on the floor in front of me and walked away."

Vlad invites Cawti to a party (Y 135).

Yendi, chapter 12

Party at Castle Black (Y 137-138).

p.137: "I introduced her to the Necromancer."; For Vlad's first meeting with the Necromancer, see Dragon, chapter 6.

Vlad and Cawti's first argument (Y 138-141).

p.139: "It suddenly hit me that I could lose her, right now." Indeed, this is more or less the issue over which he eventually does lose her, over the course of Teckla and Phoenix.

p.140: "the other day"; chapter 8, about two days ago.

Sethra the Younger has no time for Easterners or Jhereg (Y 141-142).

Norathar arrives at the party; Aliera is talking to the Dragon Council about reinstating her; Norathar and Cawti talk (Y 142-143).

Physical sketch: Cawti (Y 143).

Vlad and Norathar talk about Cawti (Y 143-144).

The Sorceress in Green chats with Norathar (Y 145).

p.145: "twenty-four hours a day, five days a week"; the reference to twenty-four hours is no doubt a (mis-)translation for "around the clock", which on Dragaera is thirty hours.

Vlad's flat; knife-throwing (Y 146).

More information about the scan-scam (Y 146-147).

p.147: "Things were so easy, just a week ago."; A bit over a Dragaeran week by my reckoning, seven days. On the other hand, I have inserted some day-breaks that may have been unwarranted...

Vlad and Cawti share a moment, as do Cawti and Loiosh (Y 147-148).

Yendi, chapter 13

Late night update on the scan-scammers (Y 151).

Y, day 68

Breakfast with Cawti (Y 150-151).

Yet another assassination attempt (Y 151-152).

Cawti's caution going through a door saves Vlad's life (Jr 71).

Recovering (somewhat) at the office (Y 153).

Vlad considers the plausibility of surviving multiple assassination attempts (Y 154-159).

p.154: "How many people do you know who have survived even two assassination attempts, let alone three?"; Vlad has lost track already; there have been four attempts by Laris.

Loiosh assures Vlad that he is not under a love spell (Y 159).

Speculating as to Laris's true motives (Y 159-160).

Confirming that the 'assassinations' were setups (Y 160-161).

Yendi, chapter 14

Still trying to figure out the plot. Was the whole point to get Norathar killed? (Y 163-165).

Could Aliera be behind this? (Y 165).

Back to Castle Black to present some speculations to Aliera and Morrolan (Y 165-168).

p.166: "[Norathar]is being examined"; so it's probably after "the sixth hour past noon" (Y 146).

More questions after lunch. Vlad asks Aliera to go after a clue (Y 168-170).

p.168: "lunch": Probably the third meal of the day, given that it's probably at least six hours since some definition of 'noon'.

Norathar is back from the scan. She is confirrmed as a Dragonlord, but must serve in the Phoenix Guard to prove her worthiness as Heir (Y 170).

Vlad gets Morrolan and Aliera to prevent Norathar going on a rampage (Y 171-173).

p.172: "Dragonlords have been trying to stare me down since I was nineteen."; Presumably referring to Taltos, chapter 3, when Vlad and Morrolan almost fight. Note that this was only about three years ago; Vlad is twenty-two years old now, and he will turn twenty-three before much longer.

Cawti proposes (Y 173-174).

Dinner plans; guess who is actually a Yendi (Y 174-175).

Yendi, chapter 15

Unravelling Yendi plots (Y 177-185).

p.179: "For over two hundred and forty years after the Interregnum"; 242, to be precise.

p.180: "three years or so ago, Aliera shows up"; Mid 239 PI.

p.180: "Within a year Baritt... is assassinated"; or even sooner, as not much time seems to have passed between Taltos and Dragon.

p.182: "I've been told that no Dragon wants the Orb."; by Norathar, last chapter.

p.184: "Phoenix Emperors always become decadent at the end of their reign, except every seventeenth Cycle, when we have a reborn Phoenix"; Either Aliera is very confused, or Vlad is misreporting due to faulty memory. As earlier pointed out, the first Great Cycle ever has only recently been completed, so there is no precedent here. A (probably) more accurate description of the difference is given by Zerika in Iorich, chapter 17.

p.184: "The Empire appeared to be falling apart"; see Five Hundred Years After, chapter 1.

p.184: "there were Easterners making encroachments on the eastern border". Alluded to briefly in Five Hundred Years After, chapter 1, and Conclusion, though that suggests that the encroachments were "in the South" (FH 27).

Insight about a motive (Y 184-188).

p.187: "Then Morrolan became the heir"; see The Lord of Castle Black, chapter 64.

p.187: "which was fine". Because he wanted to go East with an army; see The Lord of Castle Black, chapter 61.

p.187: "The plan took two years to mature"; That is, two years from the time of Baritt's assassination, in late 240 PI.

p.188: "Don't you remember the Sorceress in Green asking you how you felt about invasion plans for the East?"; in chapter 12.

p.188: "they tipped you off about Laris"; in chapter 14.

Sethra the Younger identified as a conspirator (Y 188).

Yendi, chapter 16

Dinner; verifying guesses; Dragon honor (Y 189-191).

Hospitality is revoked (Y 192-193)

Fighting a sorceress in her lair (Y 193-197).

Vlad finds Laris's location; The Sorceress in Green is killed (Y 197).

Back to Castle Black; planning to take out Laris (Y 197-199).

Yendi, chapter 17

Vlad assaults Laris's hideout, and executes him (Y 201-204).

Debrief at Castle Black; Sorceress in Green mind-probed; Sethra the Younger exiled for a while (Y 204-206).

p.205: "I revivified her," Personally? An impressive feat, if so, given her own recent wounds and exertions. But perhaps she exaggerates, and had some help in the revivification process.

p.205-206: "Morrolan proved to be the heir"; see The Lord of Castle Black, chapter 64.

p.206: "They arranged for Sethra the Younger to become friendly with Morrolan and found that he wouldn't object to an invasion"; Actually, Sethra the Younger met Morrolan, and got a feeling for his politics, slightly before he became Heir (see The Lord of Castle Black, chapter 61). But Sethra the Younger may well have suspected that he would become so ahead of the announcement, such as it was.

p.206: "When Aliera showed up out of nowhere"; Late 240 PI.

p.206: "It shouldn't take more than a week of our time." This suggests that the frame sequence of Dragon also takes place within a week, or two at most.

Y, day 69

Character sketch: Noish-pa (Y 206-207)

Vlad introduces Cawti to Noish-pa (Y 207-209). ("the day after Laris's death", Y 208)

p.207: "Dragaerans had stopped using witchcraft when the Interregnum ended and sorcery worked again"; Well, except for hobbyists such as Morrolan, of course; see chapter 4.

p.208: "(he had taught me how)"; see Taltos, chapter 3.

p.208: ""Cawti," he repeated. "Do you have a patronymic?" "Not anymore," she said. I bit my lip. Someday I'd ask her what that meant, but not now."; If Vlad ever did ask her, it hasn't yet beeen documented. The loss of patronymic may have something to do with her suspected parentage (see Brokedown Palace, Epilogue, and Brigitta's Background).

Y, day 70

Vlad starts taking over Laris's area (Y 209).

p.209: "The next day ... but that really belongs to a different tale. Besides, as I speak these words, I don't know how it's going to turn out, so I may not be telling you about it after all." This suggests that Vlad got into a new fix very shortly thereafter, but that story has not yet been told. It could include some of the events alluded to in the "Untold Adventures of Vlad" section of this timeline.

Vlad cooks Cawti a meal for the first time, with onions (Y 209).

Tiassa, Part II

Tiassa, "Tag"

Vlad's relationship with Cawti makes me think that this is very soon after Yendi, though I admit the evidence is weak. The fact that Kragar first hears about their engagement in chapter 3 does strengthen it somewhat. Vlad's office is still in Copper Lane (Ti 67), again suggesting that this is very soon after Yendi, posibly even before he narrates that story.

Tiassa, "Tag", 1

"Tag", day 1

On the demand for crime, of various sorts; Dragaerans are not superior (Ti 29-30).

Kragar tells Vlad about Trotter being badly hurt while on his way to 'persuade' Byrna (Ti 31-32).

p.31: "I'd recently been through some experiences..." All of these took place during Yendi.

Vlad banters with Loiosh (Ti 33).

p.33: " haven't actually met my familiar." See discussion of this remark in the essay Unreliable Narrators.

Vlad gets a message from Byrna asking for a meeting; Kragar finds out that Byrna's protector wore blue; Vlad agrees to the meeting, but brings Sticks and Shoen for protection (Ti 34-37).

Eating at the Basket; shopping on the way to the Blackdove (Ti 37-39).

Arriving at the Blackdove; passing Ibronka; meeting Piro (Ti 39-41).

p.41: "A bit younger than middle age--he probably hadn't seen his thousandth year." Piro is only about 344 years old. Vlad is really terrible at estimating Dragaeran ages.

Introduction to the Blue Fox; negotiating the Byrna matter; Piro offers a fair deal; Vlad accepts (Ti 41-45).

p.42: "No, everyone else calls him that." It doesn't follow that Vlad necessarily knows the Warlock; he may just be being snarky.

p.43: "...he avoided me for several weeks..." Starting sometimes during Vlad's war with Laris in Yendi, then.

Vlad, Piro, and Ibronka share some drinks (Ti 46-47).

p.47: "I sat back and studied him some more..." I presume that it is about here that Vlad recognizes the Viscount of Adrilankha.

Tiassa, "Tag", 2

Piro explains his career as a highwayman, and how it's growing more difficult (Ti 48-50).

p.48: "She got away with that once--messing up one of my people as a means of hiring me." Taltos, chapter 3.

The problem of tagged money (Ti 51-54).

p.52: "For thirteen orbs for each imperial." Since there are 17 orbs to the imperial, that's a cut of over 76%.

p.54: "I was approached by the Empire about six weeks ago." See notes to Yendi, chapter 5.

Vlad thinks the right approach is to convince the Empire to stop tagging coins; Ibronka does not kill Vlad at this time (Ti 54-55).

Vlad remembers Kiera telling him about a con; he agrees to help Piro, but asks Stick to follow Piro and Ibronka (Ti 56-57).

Vlad has a plan; he needs a bag of tagged money, so he can get arrested (Ti 57-58).

Vlad has Kragar research the Blue Fox (Ti 58-59).

p.58-59: "A week then?" / "Or sooner if you get it sooner." By my count, it takes about 3 days.

Vlad asks Kiera for details on the Hamper Load (Ti 59-60).

p.59: "...we go back to a day when..." See Jhereg, Prologue.

Sticks reports that Piro and Ibronka teleported to the Dragon Wing of the Imperial Palace (Ti 60-61).

p.61: "Dragon Wing, Boss?" Presumably to meet with Khaavren, as that is where the apartments of the Imperial Guard are located (PG 24). "I told you, I recognized him." Vlad did not tell him that in the text we have; perhaps he forgot that while narrating.

Vlad discusses the con with Cawti, who wants in; they discuss potential targets, and settle on Feorae (Ti 61-63).

p.63: "And Lord Khaavren, but he'd be a bad choice for this." Presumably because he'd be able to recognize Piro.

Discussing who should be the Skin, perhaps a tag? (Ti 64-65).

p.65: "...while she and her partner were preparing to kill me." See Yendi, especially chapters 6-8.

"Tag", day 2

"a Farmday" (Ti 66).

Vlad visits H'noc's brothel, and asks to see the tags (Ti 65-66).

p.65: "...we'd had an unpleasant altercation when I'd first started running the area." See Yendi, chapter 2. H'noc is not named in this scene, but Vlad assaults "the manager" of "the operation nearest my office, a brothel" (Y 17); when H'noc is named in Yendi, chapter 4, he is referred to as "he runs the brothel that's just up the street" (Y 48), which, along with the reference in this book, seems conclusive.

Vlad interviews Omlo; explaining his motive to Loiosh (Ti 66-67).

p.67: "Family resemblance. To someone I'd like to have owe me a favor." We know that Vlad doesn't yet know Khaavren by sight (Teckla, chapter 16), so he must be referring to the Countess of Whitecrest. He may have met her at Castle Black, or seen her officiating at some public ceremony.

Vlad examines a map of Adrilankha; meeting over roast difowl; Omlo practices being aristocratic; Kragar reports on the Blue Fox (Ti 68-69).

Vlad and Cawti discuss their wedding over dinner (Ti 69-70).

"Tag", day 3

"the next day" (Ti 71). More Omlo practice and wedding planning.

Some time around now, Piro pressures H'noc to arrange an attack on Vlad ("A few days ago.", Ti 114, 117).

"Tag", day 4

Unclear whether this is acually the next day, or a continuation of day 3.

More practice with Omlo; Piro and Ibronka arrive (Ti 71-72).

Tiassa, "Tag", 3

Explaining the con; Piro has brought the tagged money; Vlad is hopeful about the outcome (Ti 73-77).

On tags; Omlo is to approach Lord Feorae disguised as a Hawklord and try to sell him the silver tiassa (Ti 77-79).

p.78-79: "...go there and tell them you're from me, and you need to pass for a Hawklord--ears, complexion, and everything." Presumably, this is the actor Ginaasa that Vlad has a relationship with (see Iorich, chapter 15).

Piro questions Omlo about his work; Piro and Ibronka to wait at Lewchin's (Ti 80-81).

Kragar prepares the silver tiassa for sale; on making up origins for 'tag' (Ti 81-82).

Vlad studies maps to work out a path; checking out the Flagpole (Ti 82-84).

Three houses that are in no district; Vlad attacked by four Jhereg (Ti 84-86).

Back to the office; Omlo reports (Ti 86-87).

Omlo wants to be an actor; training Omlo for the next part (Ti 88-89).

p.89: "You said that before..." That was on p.80.

Omlo reveals that Piro and Ibronka have been customers at the Couches; their entertainer, Neritha, was thrown out for stealing from a num (Ti 89-92).

p.90: "The last time was last month." This was during Vlad's war with Laris, but the Couches was open around then. Neritha would have been gone for some time by then (see below), but this was probably when Piro and Ibronka discovered what happened to her.

p.90-91: "...about three months." This would have been earlier in Vlad's war with Laris. On the next page, Kragar says this happened "Nine weeks ago." Kragar is researching this specifically, as opposed to having a vague memory, so I think he is closer to correct.

A night without Cawti (Ti 92).

p.92: "'s too long a story." See Yendi.

"Tag", day 5

Final rehearsal with Omlo; Vlad offers Omlo a second, dangerous job, which Omlo accepts; Kragar can't think of a way to improve this stupid plan (Ti 92-95).

p.94: "She asked me. I said yes." Yendi, chapter 14.

Tiassa, "Tag", 4

The gang meets for final prep (Ti 96-97). They presumably spend quite a bit of time on practice, since by the time they get to the Cups, it is "early evening" (Ti 98).

p.97: "Four. Depending on how it plays out." See chapter 5 for some explanation of these plans.

The Cups; while Vlad waits, a tagged coin is detected at the Flagpole; Phoenix Guards pursue Piro, who reaches the Cups safely; Omlo takes the bag of coins; Ibronka arrives at the Cups; Piro lets himself be caught; Omlo delivers the silver tiassa to Feorae (Ti 97-100).

Piro returns to the Cups; he reports about having implicated Feorae; Omlo reports in, then leaves to change (Ti 100-102).

Vlad calls out that Piro's stated motivation was bogus (Ti 103-105).

p.103-104: "They're always coming up with ways to try to make the roads safe." Some of the tactics Vlad mentions date back to the early years of Zerika's Reign, well before he was born (see Sethra Lavode, especially chapter 79). Perhaps these measures come and go with some regularity?

p.104: " actually were one, a few hundred years ago." Starting in 1 PI (The Lord of Castle Black, chapter 66), continuing until (roughly) PI 11 (Sethra Lavode, Conclusion.

Vlad has deduced that Piro, Ibronka, or both fell in love with Neritha, but that love was not returned; further, that they were out for vengeance on Vlad (Ti 105-108).

Vlad arrested by Donnel (Ti 108-110).

Tiassa, "Tag", 5

Surprise! It's not Donnel, it's Omlo (Ti 111).

Back to the office; explanations; Vlad wants Khaavren and Daro to owe him a favor (Ti 111-114).

Vlad has deduced that Piro wants him to 'fire' H'noc (Ti 114-115).

p.114: "What better way to make him pay than to have me do it for them?" Better, because it avoids Piro and Ibronka getting directly implicated in more scandalous, illegal behavior.

H'noc is questioned, then fired with extreme prejudice (Ti 115-117).

[Link to "Whitecrest".]

Mid-242 PI, after Yendi

Only "a few weeks" (Dn 101) pass in between Yendi and the frame story of Dragon.

Shortly after the events of Yendi, Morrolan is appointed Court Wizard, in place of Sethra the Younger (Is 222).

Vlad asks Sethra about the Battle of Baritt's Tomb ("not long ago", Dn 30; "years later", Dn 143; "later", Dn 165; "months later", Dn 202-205; Dn 228), probably in preparation for narrating Dragon.

Dragon, Frame Story

Dn', day 0

Vlad finishes narrating Taltos (Dn 15).

Dn', day 1

Vlad begins narrating Dragon (Dn 15-16). He claims that it's "more than three years later" (Dn 15). Since Dragon takes place in mid-239 PI, it must now be at least mid-to-late 242. This makes sense, as it also takes place after the conclusion of Yendi, which likely ended somewhere mid-to-late 242.

Vlad remembers more about the events of Taltos, chapter 9 or 10 (Dn 14-16). See the essay Unreliable Narrators for discussion of why I place this memory here instead of in 239.

p.15: "...various useful oddities and trinkets..." Aside from the metal box itself, we know nothing about what these might be. They are also mentioned in the Prologue of Tiassa, but no more details are given there. "...if someone was repressing my memories, who that someone had to be." Not really clear in this text, but Dzur, chapter 5 strongly suggests that Verra is at least involved.

p.16: "I'd made two acquaintances recently who might know". Presumably Morrolan and Sethra. Aliera might well have insight as well, but she was dead at the time of the event in question.

Dragon, Interlude: Maneuvers

Dn', day 2

Not necessarily the exact next day, but Vlad's been narrating for a while.

Sethra the Younger returns from exile (Y 206, Dn 101).

Sethra the Younger approaches Vlad about an exchange of weapons (Dn 101-104).

[Link to chapter 7.]

Dragon, Interlude: Defend

Vlad consults Cawti (Dn 171-172).

Dn', day 3

Vlad brings Sethra the Younger's offer to Aliera (Dn 172-175).

p.173: "love and war". See Yendi.

p.174-175: "Kieron the Conqueror promising to come after you if you gave his sword away." See Taltos, chapter 15. If Kieron made good on his threat, the event has not yet been documented.

[Link to chapter 11.]

Dragon, Interlude: Counterattack

Dn', day 4

Vlad contacts Sethra the Younger (Dn 237).

Dn', day 5

Farmday (Dn 286).

Cooking dinner; Sethra the Younger arrives; Aliera summoned to negotiate; Vlad summons Morrolan to hopefully prevent a fight (Dn 237-240).

[Link to chapter 15.]

Dragon, Epilogue: Trophies

Much of Vlad's flat is trashed, but no Morrolan arrived in time to prevent bloodshed (Dn 283).

Pathfinder has been revealed; Morrolan is annoyed that Vlad never mentioned his suspicions about it; Vlad is just plain annoyed, and decides to go to Valabar's (Dn 283-286).

p.285: "I've suspected for years now". It's been about three years since the battle.

242 PI, after Dragon's frame story

Mellar "wipes out" Terion and joins the Jhereg Council (Jr 53). Terion shows up alive again in Dzur, which is puzzling on the surface. On the Dragaera mailing list, Majikjon suggested "Sure, Mellar killed Terion. Someone clearly paid to revivify him afterwards. This was probably allowed by Mellar only on condition that Terion relinquish his spot on the council in exchange for not making it Morganti. Once Mellar dies, however, there's nothing left to stop Terion from resuming his former ways and recapturing a spot on the council." Steven Brust endorsed this explanation in an email on April 20, 2009.

Some Jhereg trouble not involving Vlad ("a big, bloody mess in the Hills between Be'er and Fyrnaan", P 135). Takes place in between Yendi and Teckla, exact dating unknown.

Vlad learns that Jakoub is an important part of the Six Corners criminal power structure ("our long acquaintance" Dz 55; "before I'd shown up to run things" Dz 56; dating tentative, based on Vlad deciding to form a spy network around this time).

G'ranthar tries to muscle in on Vlad's territory, unsuccessfully (Jr 20). (I don't think this is the same event as "it's been over a year since anyone has tried to kill you", Jr 19, but the passage is ambiguous.)

Vlad gets in "a little trouble with the Empire" once (Jr 20). From context, this is probably within the year immediately previous to Jhereg.

Vlad takes out Leonyar ("last year" in 243, Jr 24).

243 PI

Nath starts infiltrating Kelly's group ("I've been here for most of the year", Tk 63). Probably as a result of Kelly's growing success in driving out pimps.

No more pimps in Southern Adrilankha ("We haven't seen any around this neighborhood for months", Tk 69).

Y, day 65+4 months

Menthar's duty with the Phoenix Guards ends (Y 109-110).

Cawti and Vlad

Events which take place during Vlad's relationship with Cawti, but whose dates are otherwise unknown

Cawti & Vlad marry. Exact dating unknown, though the phrase "has agreed to marry me" (Dn 171) suggests that the actual marriage took place after the frame story of Dragon.

Cawti begins talking about getting a castle (Jr 32) -- probably not seriously, but this may foreshadow her discontent that eventually leads to her becoming political.

Vlad and Cawti perform witchcraft rituals together often enough to get very comfortable working in this way (inferred from their quick rapport in Jr 60).

Cawti and Aliera become close friends ("in recent months", Jr 203).

Vlad tries to grow a beard; Cawti objects (Tk 10).

"Cawti holding a knife to Morrolan's throat and explaining how it was going to be, while I sat paralyzed and helpless" (Tk 13).

Cawti and Vlad reach a compromise between their pace lengths ("long ago", Tk 17-18).

Cawti gives Vlad a tea table, he gives her a /lant/ (Both "last year", Tk 37-38, so presumably between Yendi and Jhereg). Cawti hasn't tuned her /lant/ in 12 weeks, as of Tk day 8 (Tk 38).

"Vladimir, we've always agreed never to hit each other's weak spots, right?" (Tk 42). Presumably "always" means "since some important argument early in their relationship".

Cawti paints the bedroom ceiling green, for growth and fertility (Tk 86).

Cawti makes a gown from cloin-burr thread (P 37, possibly before meeting Vlad).

Vlad takes Cawti to Valabar's; she wears her cloin-burr gown (P 37).

Cawti and Vlad eat treska leaves (while visiting some Islands? On their honeymoon? Is 195).

Vlad discusses with Noish-Pa the idea of Cawti and himself moving to a small town (Ja 251-252).

Cawti shops at Tymbrii's "all the time" (Ir 252).

Vlad gives a knife to Cawti and shows her how to sharpen it with a dual edge (Ir 254).

Cawti brings home some sour bread ("years ago" Ir 307).

Cawti and Vlad see a play The Falling Damps ("some years ago", V 227).


The bulk of Jhereg takes place "243 years since the end of the Interregnum" (Jr 19).

Working backwards from Teckla (see notes there for more details), Jhereg starts around day 177 of 243 PI (with plausible ranges of 96-201) and ends around day 186 (105-210)

Jhereg, Prologue


At 11, Vlad sees an assassination (Jr 1-3).

At 16, Vlad bargains for an egg (Jr 3-7).

p.7: "...but I didn't find that out for quite some time."; see page 112 of this very book.

At 14, Vlad's father dies after buying a title in the Jhereg. Vlad studies sorcery, witchcraft, swordplay (2 kinds), and stealth (Jr 7-8).

At 16, Vlad gets his egg, and tries to avoid trouble. Loiosh hatches. Vlad joins the Jhereg Organization. (Jr 8-5)

p.15: "Slowly, as time went on, I grew in skill, status, friends, and experience." See Taltos, Dragon, and Yendi for more details.

Jr, ~-1 month

Lord Keleth's loan is due ("over a month ago", Jr 122).

Cawti has some sort of job, which Vlad doesn't help with ("last month", Jr 67).

Mellar approaches Morrollan about 'lost' book "a few weeks ago" (Jr 82) as of day 3.

Vlad visits the party at Castle Black "the other day" as of day 4 (Jr 81).

Jr, day -1.

A Teckla in Vlad's territory gets mugged ("night before last", Jr 24),

Mellar makes arrangements to bring a book to Morrolan ("four days ago", J 84).

Jr, day 0?

Mellar steals nine million gold from the Jhereg Council. Demon says "Yesterday" (Jr 34) on day 2, but Vlad says "Three days ago" (Jr 68) on day 3. He arrives at Castle Black "three days ago" (Jr 82), also on day 3.

Jhereg, chapter 1

Jr, day 1.

p.19: "Every two or three days I change weapons"; see Yendi, chapter 9 for the start of this custom.

Left Hand sorceresses begin searching for Mellar (Jr 35).

The Demon begins assembling a dossier on Mellar (Jr 37).

Vlad gets a message from the Demon, requesting a meeting at The Blue Flame (Jr 19-27).

Vlad plans to reimburse the Teckla who was mugged (Jr 25-27).

p.19: "'s been over a year since anyone has tried to kill you?" Presumably referring to the events of Yendi.

p.20: "We'd been working together for several years now and had saved each other's lives often enough for a certain amount of trust to develop." Curiously, none of these incidents are documented.

p.20: "you've built up, from scratch, a spy ring that's one of the best in the Jhereg"; Starting about a year ago, in Yendi, chapter 4.

p.22: "The last time I had met with someone that high up was in the middle of a war with another Jhereg, and the council member I'd spoken to had let me know that I'd better find a way to get things settled, or he would." See Yendi, chapter 5.

p.22: "I seem to recall that you 'worked' there twice." One of these times is briefly referred to in Y 53; the other has not been further documented.

p.24: "The only time there's been any problem was the business with Laris last year"; see Yendi.

p.23: "Young, probably under eight hundred." We know from The Baron of Magister Valley, chapter 1 that the Demon is actually closer to 1,200. Perhaps the teachings of the Magister allowed him to retain youthfulness longer than normal.

Jhereg, chapter 2

Jr, day 2.

Vlad meets the mugged Teckla (Jr 29).

Vlad meets the Demon (Jr 29-37). Vlad finds out about Mellar's theft, and agrees to assassinate him.

p.30: "He looked to be somewhere between eight hundred and a thousand". See note to p.23, above.

p.35: "I had never before accepted "work" without the understanding that I had as much time as I needed."

Jhereg, chapter 3

The types of assassination (Jr 39-42).

p.39: "It happened to me once"; not otherwise detailed.

p.41: "I've worked that way twice." The first of these is detailed in Taltos, chapters 14-16; the second has not yet been detailed.

p.41: "I expect that Mario Greymist was paid a substantially higher fee for killing the old Phoenix Emperor just before the Interregnum, but I've never heard a figure quoted." See Five Hundred Years After, chapters 19, 29, and 33 for more details (though no exact figure).

p.41: "I know of three methods and have used all of them... The most common method ... is to pay a moderate fee, usually around three to five hundred gold, to a sorceress from the Left Hand of the Jhereg... The second method... is to pay these same sorceresses something closer to a thousand, or even fifteen hundred of your newly acquired gold..." In Iorich, chapter 14, we find that Vlad has never personally purchased Left Hand services. Perhaps he had Kragar arrange the details? Kragar apparently does get a standard cut of Vlad's assassination fees (Jr 42).

Vlad meets with Kragar, who suggests using witchcraft to trace Mellar, with Daymar's help. Vlad also wants a meeting set up with Kiera (Jr 42-45).

p.42: "we know we can trust Daymar, right?" It's not actually clear to me why Kragar thinks this...

p. 44: "You know what kind of problems we have reaching [Daymar];" This has not yet been explicated. Perhaps Daymar habitually has super-strong psionic wards up, which prevent casual mental contact. This is supported by "I'll open up for contact for a few seconds" (Jr 48).

More about assassination: Memories and Philosophy (Jr 45-46).

This will be Vlad's 42nd assassination (Jr 45). "I haven't bungled one yet." (Jr 42).

Daymar suggests some modifications to the locator-spell, and agrees to help (Jr 46-48).

Vlad starts studying Mellar's dossier (Jr 48).

Jhereg, chapter 4

Melestav character sketch (Jr 49).

p.49: "My receptionist, in the two years he'd been with me," actually four years, as near as I can tell. See Yendi, chapter 2 for an account of his hiring.

p.49: "One was an assassin". See Yendi, chapter 5 for more details.

p.49: "The other two were perfectly innocent fools who should have known better than to try to bluster their way past him. He was killed once, himself, delaying another assassin long enough for me to escape heroically out the window." These events have not yet been recounted in detail.

Kiera visits Vlad's office for the first time. Vlad hires her to get something of Mellar's (Jr 49-52).

p.50: "She moved with ease and grace, almost reminiscent of Mario." Vlad has not yet met Mario (see Dzur, Prologue), but perhaps he has heard stories of Mario's graceful movement.

Kiera hasn't had any contract jobs "in a while", but has been "doing all right on my own" (Jr 50).

p.50: "fighting an Athyra wizard, right in his own castle" See Taltos, chapter 6.

Kiera has helped out Mellar "a couple of times", but "not in the last few months" (Jr 51).

Kragar and Vlad discuss Mellar's dossier, and the next steps to take in the investigation (Jr 52-55).

Jhereg, chapter 5

Demon delivers Vlad's 65,000 fee (Jr 57).

p.57: "My wife, I'm sure, knew that something was up, but didn't ask about it. I had no good reason for not mentioning anything to her, but I didn't." Perhaps he subconsciously perceives the tensions that will erupt in Teckla.

Jr, day 3.

"the next morning" Vlad finds that Kiera has left him some of Mellar's hairs (Jr 57).

Vlad, Loiosh, Cawti, and Daymar locate Mellar with a witchcraft ritual and psionics (Jr 57-65).

p.59: "I'd been quite surprised when I woke up afterwards"; see Yendi, chapters 6 and 7.

p.60: "the time I had almost killed him for mind-probing one of my people" See Dragon, chapter 2.

p.62: "There is a cry of "charge" and five thousand Dragons come storming at the place the Eastern army is entrenched . . . ." See Dragon, chapter 9.

p.62: "Making love to Cawti that first time--the moment of entry, even more than the moment of release; I wonder if she plans to kill me before we're finished, and I don't really care . . . ." See Yendi, chapter 7.

p.62-63: "The Dzur hero, coming alone to Dzur mountain, sees Sethra Lavode stand up before him, Iceflame alive in her hand . . . ." Not yet detailed.

p.63: "A small girl-child with big brown eyes looks at me and smiles . . . ." The particular event is not identified, but this is almost certainly Devera.

p.63: "The energy bolt, visible as a black wave, streaks toward me, and I swing Spellbreaker at it, wondering whether it will work . . . ." Probably a reference to Taltos, chapter 6, just after Vlad acquired Spellbreaker. His memory seems slightly confused about the colors, as it was Morrolan who shot a stream of "black fire" (Tt 62) at Loraan; Loraan shot a "blue sheet of something" (Tt 64) at Vlad.

p.63: "Aliera stands up before the shadow of Kieron the Conqueror, there in the midst of the Halls of Judgment, in the Paths of the Dead, beyond Deathsgate Falls . . . ." See Taltos, chapter 15.

Jhereg, chapter 6

Vlad has "lunch" with Cawti, and fills her in about Mellar (Jr 67-71). Several scenes later (but still clearly the same day), it is still "barely half an hour before noon" (J 96) and Vlad has an upcoming appointment for "lunch". This may seem contradictory, but remember that Dragaerans eat four meals a day.

"There had been a time, not too long before, when that had saved my life." A bit over a year before; see Yendi, chapter 13.

Vlad finds out Mellar is in Castle Black (Jr 71-72).

A brief history of the First Dragon-Jhereg War (Jr 72-74).

Vlad discusses the problems of Mellar being at Castle Black with Kragar (Jr 74-77).

Jhereg, chapter 7

Character sketch of Morrolan (Jr 79-80).

p.79: "One day, over four hundred years ago now, sorcery stopped working . . . just like that." See Five Hundred Years After, chapter 34.

p.79: "Lord Morrolan e'Drien was born during the Interregnum, which he spent mostly in the East, studying witchcraft."; see The Paths of the Dead, especially chapters 1-2, 5-7.

p.79-80: "Then, when Zerika, of the House of the Phoenix, came strolling out of the Paths of the Dead with the Orb clutched in her greedy little hands, Morrolan was right there, helping her stomp her way to the throne."; a highly biased and abbreviated version of the events of The Lord of Castle Black and Sethra Lavode.

p.80: "After that, he was instrumental in driving back the Easterners, and he helped cure the plagues they left behind them as remembrances of their visit."; not otherwise detailed.

p.80: "how I ended up working for him on a permanent basis"; see Dragon, chapter 1.

p.80: "we almost killed each other the first time we met"; see Taltos, chapter 3.

p.80: "Morrolan knew quite well that naming his keep what he did was somewhat pretentious, and he also knew that, from time to time, people would mock him for it." Paarfi paints a more naive portrait of Morrolan in The Lord of Castle Black, chapter 65; but neither Paarfi nor Vlad seem terribly likely to be authoratative in this instance.

Vlad consults with Morrolan, Aliera, and Sethra (Jr 80-93).

p.82: "Those who believe in her say she has lived ten thousand years (some say twenty)"; actually she's much, much older than that; see chapter 9, p.114, of this very book.

p.82: "Morrolan carried Blackwand, which slew a thousand at the Wall of Baritt's Tomb"; see Dragon, chapters 9, 12, and 17.

p.88: "I've only had Pathfinder for a few months"; see Dragon, frame story.

p.92: "How the hell did she find out so much? I asked myself, for the millionth time since I'd known her." See Orca, chapter 17.

Jhereg, chapter 8

Vlad checks in at the office, talks with Kragar (Jr 95-97).

Vlad meets with Demon for "lunch" (Jr 97-101).

Vlad is almost assassinated, but saved by Kragar (Jr 102-104).

Jhereg, chapter 9

Recovering from the assassination attempt (Jr 105-106).

p.105: "This was the fourth time that I had almost had my tale of years snipped"; It's unclear whether this counts the two times that Vlad did get assassinated (one mentioned only on p.39-40 of this book, the other when Cawti killed him in Yendi, chapter 6). He did have three other near misses in Yendi, chapters 5, 9, and 13, and one mentioned briefly on p.49 of this book. That's more than four already, so perhaps he's lost count, or temporarily blocked the memory of some.

Vlad meets with Aliera (Jr 106-115). They discuss Mellar's genetic background, Dragaeran genetics in general, ancient history, and reincarnation.

p.109: "Certain, uh, beings once ruled on Dragaera"; discussed more thoroughly (and accurately) in Issola, especially chapter 2.

p.110: "My mind flashed back to my first meeting with Sethra."; see Taltos, chapter 3.

p.111: "later, she had looked exhausted, as if she'd been in a fight"; see Taltos, chapter 7.

p.111: "accidentally blown up the old city of Dragaera and created a sea of chaos on its site." Again, see Five Hundred Years After, chapter 34.

p.115: "I've spoken to him. He recognized me." See Taltos, chapter 14.

Jhereg, chapter 10

Vlad returns to his office, talks with Kragar about what he has learned (Jr 117-119).

Vlad goes home for dinner, talks over his troubles with Cawti (Jr 119-121).

p.120: "After this is all over and forgotten, maybe a year from now, we'll go talk to Sethra."; if this plan was followed through on, it has not been documented yet. Of course, "a year from now", Vlad had separated from Cawti, and was on the run from the Jhereg, so it probably wasn't.

Jr, day 4.

Vlad visits Lord Keleth of House Dzur, and finds out more detail's of Mellar's history (Jr 121-126).

Vlad checks in with Kragar, tries to suppress rumors by killing the sources, decides to talk to Mellar directly (Jr 127-131).

p.129: "He hadn't left the House of the Dragon on his own; he'd been expelled. I knew it, and he knew I knew it."; not yet further documented.

Jhereg, chapter 11

Brief sketch of Castle Black (Jr 133-134).

p.133: "They say that the banquet hall of Castle Black has never been empty since it was built, over three hundred years ago." An error; Castle Black was built over two hundred years ago, but well under three hundred. For more details on the permanent party, see Sethra Lavode, chapter 74.

p.133: "like the Guardian, that figure that stands motionless atop Deathgate Falls, overlooking the Paths of the Dead..." See notes to Taltos, chapter 10.

p.135: " I gave a cold stare to the Sorceress in Green, which she returned. I nodded noncommitally at Sethra the Younger"; see Yendi, chapter 17.

Vlad spars verbally with Mellar (Jr 135-138).

Vlad notices a security anomaly (Jr 139-140).

On Great Weapons (Jr 141).

Finding Morrolan's corpse (Jr 141).

Jhereg, chapter 12

Reviving Fentor (Jr 143-146).

p.144: "that time Aliera had brought me back to life"; this is the same event referred to on p.59; see Yendi, chapter 7.

Vlad and Aliera pursue the Left Hand sorceress (Jr 146-148).

While paralyzed, Vlad creates Chaos. Luckily for him, Aliera comes back quickly enough to contain it (Jr 149-153).

Vlad tortures the Left Hand sorceress, in the tower of Castle Black (Jr 154-156).

p.154: "He has been known to sacrifice entire villages to her". See Sethra Lavode, chapter 85.

p.154: "There is a single window in it"; Actually, the number of windows varies. Perhaps a mistranslation (or misrememberance) for "there was one open window"? As far as we know, Vlad has only been inside here once before, in Dragon, chapter 6; at that time he saw that there were multiple windows, but all but one were curtained.

Morrolan is revived (Jr 157-158).

Jhereg, chapter 13

Finding out the details of the setup (Jr 159-162).

Foiling the Demon's assassination attempt on Mellar (Jr 163-165).

On the Second Dragon-Jhereg War, and considering the prospects for a third (Jr 166-169).

p.168: "you have saved my life on more than one occasion"; Several times during Taltos (twice in chapter 6, once in chapter 17), and most recently in the previous chapter of this book.

p.169: "We've known each other for--how long? --four years?" It has been a bit more than four years since Taltos.

Jhereg, chapter 14

On Jhereg apartments (Jr 171).

Discussing the problem with Cawti (Jr 172-175).

Noticing the strange behavior of Mellar's bodyguards (Jr 176-177).

Jr, day 5.

"early the next morning" Vlad hears Kragar's reports, largely background about Mellar's past (Jr 178-182).

Vlad and Kragar discuss the strange inaction of Mellar and his bodyguards, leading Vlad to realize Mellar's true motive (Jr 183-187).

p.185 "Was it only a day or two ago?"; yes, two days ago, in Chapter 10 (p.119).

p.186: "To save my life, you had to disobey my orders."; see p.102.

p.186: "I'll tell you right now what you're going to find"; see discussion about the Second Dragon-Jhereg War.

Jhereg, chapter 15

Vlad goes to Castle Black to try and work out what to do next. One of Mellar's bodyguards threatens him (Jr 189-191).

p.190: "Maybe I should arrange to forget most of this." Ironic, given Vlad's eventual reaction to discovering that someeone has been editing his memories; see Dzur, chapter 5 and following.

Vlad reassures Morrolan (Jr 191-193).

Vlad consults with Aliera. They almost kill each other, but then Vlad has An Idea. (Jr 193-197).

p.196: "I recalled a time, it seemed like ages now, when I had been in a similar position with Morrolan."; see Taltos, chapter 3.

Jhereg, chapter 16

Back to the office to finish planning (Jr 199-201).

Vlad gathers his forces: Daymar, Aliera, Cawti, Kiera, Kragar (Jr 201-203).

p.202: "How is Kiera at stealing?"; It's not yet revealed how Daymar knows Kiera's reputation.

p.203: "That's another story."; see Yendi, chapters 10 and 12.

p.203: "The two of them had become close friends in recent months, based in part on a mutual friendship with Lady Norathar." Possibly also based on Cawti's readiness to attack Sethra the Younger on Aliera's behalf, in the epilogue to Dragon.

Vlad explains the plan (Jr 204-214).

p.204: "We know each other"; It's not yet revealed how they met.

p.204: "I think everyone knows everyone, right?"; Not yet revealed how Daymar met Aliera or Cawti. We also don't know when exactly Cawti met Kiera, but there's no mystery there, as both are very close to Vlad.

Jhereg, chapter 17

Jr, day 6.

On the functions of the Imperial Orb, especially as regards timekeeping (Jr 215).

At Castle Black, Vlad picks a fight with a Hawklord (Jr 216-218).

p.216: "the Hawklord who had been speaking to Mellar the other day"; p.136, chapter 9.

p.217: "Kiereth, four thirty-seven"; This suggests that either the dating system for wines (or at least this wine) is not the normal dating system, or that Dragaerans have ways of preserving really old wines (they do; see V 158). Zerika has only been ruling 243 years, so the year doesn't (in the normal way) refer to anything remotely recent. Alternatively, this might be a typo or translation error for two thirty-seven.

Vlad and company move in on Mellar (Jr 218-221). For full details of what was going on here, see the Epilogue, pgs.235ff.

Vlad fights Mellar, and summons Rocza (Jr 221-228).

Help arrives, and Loiosh gets a honeymoon (Jr 228-229).

p.219: "I've worked for you nonstop for more than five years now"; Loiosh started explicitly helping Vlad during his first assassination, in 237 PI, approximately six years ago.

Jhereg, Epilogue

Jr, day 7.

Vlad has another meeting with the Demon, and is offered a bonus of larger territory (as revealed on p.236) (Jr 231-233). (Dating details: "the day before", Jr 232; "three days since [day 6] ... two days since [this scene]" Jr 234)

Jr, day 8.

Kragar suppresses the dirt on the Dzurs (Jr 237).

Jr, day 9.

Final debrief at Castle Black (Jr 234-239).

p.234: "How many times in the past had Morrolan and I, or Morrolan, myself, and Aliera, or a host of others, sat in this room and said some form of "Thank Verra, it's over.""; See Yendi, chapter 17, Taltos, chapter 17, at least. Such a meeting might also have occured after the main events of Dragon, but if so, it has not been documented.

p.234: "I don't see how you can have a second familiar. I had always understood that the relationship between witch and familiar is such that it is impossible for it to occur with more than one animal."; This is an odd assertion, given that Morrolan has met Laszló, who appears to have two familiars (see The Paths of the Dead, chapter 27).

Cawti visits Vlad's grandfather, meets Gregory "a few weeks" before Teckla, thus just after Jhereg (Tk 11).

Kelly's group has a parade with "thousands" of people (date tentative, Tk 53).

Loiosh starts showing Rocza around Adrilankha (Tk 56).

Nath reports to Herth about Kelly's group "a few weeks" before Franz is killed (Tk 63).

Vlad studies a little Elder Sorcery (Is 127). This must be after Jhereg, but is presumably before Phoenix.

Vlad has visited the Demon's "place" (O 88). Again, presumably between Jhereg and Phoenix.

Vlad and friends discuss the nature of time (V 166-170). "In a short time, my life would be turned upside down and my marriage would explode and I’d end up running for my life, but I didn’t know that" (V 166) suggests that this is shortly before Teckla. The lack of mention of Cawti's presence suggests that this isn't the meeting at the epilogue of Jhereg.

Now that Mellar is no longer on the Jhereg Council, a revivified Terion retakes his old position (Jr 53, Dz 170). [See note under Late 242 PI for discussion of how Terion is alive.]


My best guess is that about four weeks pass between the end of Teckla and the beginning of Phoenix (see notes at the beginning of Phoenix for full reasoning). Working back from there, that puts the start of Teckla at about day 198 of 243 PI (with a plausible error range of 158-213) and ends around day 219 (179-234).

There are two references to how much time passed between Jhereg and Teckla. Firstly, Vlad considers on day 1 of this story that his last "work" "had only been a few weeks before" (Tk 5); assuming, as seems likely, that he is referring to Mellar, that was on day 6 of Jhereg. Secondly, Cawti refers to day 3 of Jhereg as having been "a few weeks ago" (P 43) on day 9 of this story. The second "few" is 11 days (just over 2 weeks) longer than the first "few"; assuming as we usually do) that an average "few" is 4, that makes these two "fews" 3 and 5, respectively. So my best guess is that 12 days elapsed between the two books (with a plausible error range of 3 to 65 days).

~Tk, day -7

Teckla, Prologue

Tk, day 1

Vlad visits an oracle (Tk 2-3).

Bajinok approaches Vlad with a job offer; Vlad demurs (Tk 4-5).

Tk, day 3

Franz killed ("yesterday evening", Tk 11).

Teckla, chapter 1: 1 gray knit cotton shirt: remove wine stain from rt sleeve. . .

Tk, day 4

Exact day arbitrary, but three days feels about right for "last week" (Tk 8).

Vlad discusses the oracle with Cawti (Tk 8-9).

p.8: "You? Visiting an oracle? What's the world coming to?" Actually, Vlad has visited an oracle at least once before, presumably before he met Cawti; see Phoenix, chapter 12.

Gregory knocks and reports Franz's assassination (Tk 9-12).

Vlad and Cawti walk and talk -- then don't talk (Tk 12-13).

Tk, day 5

Vlad talks about Cawti with Loiosh, and decides to investigate by talking to Herth (Tk 13-15).

p.13: "Cawti, as I'd seen her at Dzur Mountain after she had killed me"; Yendi, chapter 7.

p.13: "Cawti holding me after someone else tried to kill me"; This first happened in Yendi, chapter 13, and more recently in Jhereg,, chapter 9. By implication, other times as well ("Over the years, I have developed a ritual", Jr 105).

p.13: "Cawti holding a knife at Morrolan's throat and explaining how it was going to be, while I sat paralyzed and helpless;" Not further documented yet.

p.13: "Cawti's face the first time I had made love with her"; Yendi, chapter 7.

p.14: "the whole purpose of my having become an assassin in the first place"; According to Jr 120, "my hatred of Dragaerans".

p.14: "a certain conversation I'd recently had with Aliera"; Jhereg, chapter 9.

Tk, day 6

Vlad and Cawti fail to communicate ("For two solid days" Tk 15; presumably all of day 5 and most of day 6, or perhaps there's an extra day in here).

Vlad meets Herth, inconclusively (Tk 15-16). [Franz was killed "a few days ago", Tk 16.]

Vlad thinks of using witchcraft to trace Franz's killer (Tk 17-18).

The Eastern Section (Tk 18).

Vlad meets Kelly (Tk 18-20).

Teckla, chapter 2: . . .black tallow from left. . .

Tk, day 7

Labwork (Tk 21-24).

Vlad goes for a walk (Tk 24).

Tk, day 8

Vlad meets Paresh (Tk 24-26).

On Dragaeran Aristocracy (Tk 26-27).

Paresh's History (Tk 27-33).

p.27: "My master"; popularly supposed to have been Tazendra, based on similar events occurring in Sethra Lavode. There are many inconsistencies between the two accounts, but there are enough points of agreement to make this likely. See the notes to Sethra Lavode, chapter 78 for more discussion of these differences,

p.27: "Her great-grandfather had earned the title of Baron during the Elde Island wars"; see Elde Island.

p.27: "during some war with the East"; or rather, an aborted war, see The Phoenix Guards, chapters 30ff.

p.27: "She was old"; Not as adult Dragaerans normally consider age, being well under 1,000. On the other hand, Paresh himself, at 81, would be very young indeed, and likely to consider anyone adult as "old".

p.30: "the spells I'd known before seemed only games"; The Orb had only been restored less than two years prior to this, so it's unsurprising that Paresh had, as yet, learned very little sorcery.

p.30: "Most of a year passed"; "late in the spring" (Tk 28) through "late in the winter" (Tk 30) is about three-quarters of a year.

p.31: "about my age"; Perhaps the most puzzling discrepancy. Paresh would have been 81 or 82; Aerich would have been about 925. Maybe Paresh is really bad at estimating ages. Or maybe his memory of these events has drifted significantly from what actually happened. Or, of course, the old standbys of 'Vlad misremembered' or 'translator error'.

p.31-32: "I called upon my new skills and threw a blast at him ... For the next hour I led him on a merry chase"; Paarfi relates none of these events, but his phrasing suggests that he did in fact hear of them, but chose to disbelieve that a Lyorn such as Aerich would have lowered himself to such a confrontation.

p.32: "I think that I laughed and mocked him, too, although I cannot say for certain." This admission of confused memory does cast the details of this version in some doubt.

p.32: "with time"; Between leaving his home, and the present, about 241 years have passed.

Teckla, chapter 3: & repair cut in rt cuff

Vlad gets told, "Keep out of it"; he doesn't comply (Tk 34-36).

Cawti isn't home; Vlad cleans, then goes to the theater (Tk 37-39).

p.37: "the tea table that she'd given me last year"; Occasion not known; Before Jhereg, at any rate.

p.38: "the lant I'd given her last year that she hadn't even tuned in twelve weeks"; twelve weeks was well before Jhereg.

Tk, day 9

Waking up without a reason (Tk 39-40).

p.39: "I remember a couple of times when I've woken to Loiosh screaming in my mind and found myself in the middle of a fight. Once or twice I was woken up badly and unfortunate things almost happened, but those are rare." Yendi, chapter 9, contains something halfway between these two. But see also p.76 of this book.

Breakfast out with Cawti, and argument; she refuses to give up teaching (Tk 40-46).

p.42: "Vladimir, we've always agreed never to hit each other's weak spots, right?" Presumably "always" means "since some important argument early in their relationship".

p.43: "A few weeks ago, you had a talk with Aliera." Jhereg, chapter 9. I estimate about 5 weeks.

p.45: "Adron tried that once; remember?" Not strictly accurate; Adron simply tried to move the Cycle along at what proved to be an incorrect time. For further details, see Five Hundred Years After.

Teckla, chapter 4: 1 pr gray trousers: remove bloodstain from upper right leg. . .

Talk with Kelly; he also refuses to stop the teaching (Tk 47-50).

Talk with Noish-pa (Tk 51-54).

p.53: "a few years ago when they had a parade of twenty people"; Mid-239 PI (dating tentative).

p.53: "Your grandmother did things I didn't like"; Dates and other details unknown.

Back home; Vlad's feet hurt, and things are only going to get worse (Tk 54-56).

Tk, day 10

Vlad figures out what to do next (Tk 56).

Chatting with Bajinok (Tk 57-60).

Teckla, chapter 5: . . .klava stain from upper left. . .

Chatting with Nath (Tk 61-64).

p.62: "An Easterner named Franz was killed a few days ago." Seven days ago, by now.

Chatting with Sheryl (Tk 65-71).

p.69: "It's taken us ten years of work to get this far"; 233 PI.

p.69: "We haven't seen any around this neighborhood for months"; this would have been before Jhereg, and just possibly before the frame story of Dragon.

Sticks and Chimov talk shop (Tk 71-72).

Teckla, chapter 6: . . .& dirt from knees.

Fighting with Cawti (Tk 73-75).

Vlad works out some anger by walking and damaging buildings with Spellbreaker (Tk 75-76).

p.75: "the oracle I'd spoken to a couple of weeks before"; back on day 1, 9 days ago.

Vlad is interrogated and tortured by Bajinok (Tk 76-79).

Kragar arrives, with backup, to rescue Vlad (Tk 79-80).

Vlad is taken home, much the worse for wear (Tk 80-82). Devera may be there (Tk 81).

Suicidal with Spellbreaker (Tk 83-84).

p.83: "When I first found it, Sethra Lavode had suggested I find a name for it"; see Taltos, chapter 7.

p.83: "that had been under Dzur Mountain, where strange things are normal. Or was it in the Paths of the Dead? I couldn't remember any more"; neither of those places, see Taltos, chapters 5-6.

Teckla, chapter 7: 1 pr black riding boots: remove reddish stain on toe of rt boot. . .

Tk, day 11

Waking up (Tk 85-86).

Talking things through with Loiosh, over klava (Tk 86-87).

p.86: "Even when I was young there were too many kids who didn't like Easterners"; see Taltos, chapter 1.

Fencing exercise and introspection (Tk 87-88).

Vlad sets Kragar to find info on Herth (Tk 88).

Vlad as bodyguard, during a rally; more introspection about torture (Tk 88-91).

p.89: "The last time I had seen that many people gathered in one place there was a battle being fought"; see Dragon, especially chapter 16.

p.91: "I'd had information beaten out of me before"; see Yendi, chapter 9 for one incident, though almost certainly not the first.

Tk, day 12

Bodyguarding, day 2 (Tk 91-92).

Sheryl's dead (Tk 92-94).

Chatting with Noish-pa (Tk 95-97).

p.97: "She killed me, you know"; see Yendi, chapter 7.

p.97: "Years." For Vlad's first murder, in 233 PI, see Taltos, chapters 4 and 5. For his first assassination, in 237 PI, see Taltos, chapters 9-12.

p.97: "Or enlisted in some Dragonlord's private army, for that matter"; which he in fact has done, see Dragon.

Teckla, chapter 8: . . .& remove dust & soot from both. . .

Tk, day 13

Flashback to the Wall of Baritt's Tomb (Tk 98-99). See Dragon, especially chapters 15-17.

p.98: "One army was made up of Easterners who died, the other was made up of Teckla who died. On the Dragaerans' side were a couple of Dragonlords who were never really in any danger." True, but misleading. One side had Eastern mercenaries, both sides had Teckla conscripts, and both sides had a lot of Dragonlord soldiers. Most of the Dragonlords were in significant danger, though one could certainly argue that Morrolan and Aliera were not.

p.99: "Sethra the Younger got Kieron's greatsword while Aliera got one more her size"; this happened some time after the battle, see Dragon, frame story.

p.99: "I got to learn that you can never go home"; Nothing recounted in Dragon seems to map to this statement. Perhaps Vlad's first journey Back East was inspired by the battle and took place shortly thereafter?

p.99: "I finally did . . . something--but that's another tale"; Dragon, primarily chapter 17, but also flashforwards throughout.

Report on Herth (Tk 99).

Vlad decides to be bait for his own assassin (Tk 99-101).

Kelly's organization publicizes a rally for tomorrow (Tk 101-102).

Tk, day 14

Vlad continues watching, and being bait (Tk 101-104).

Kelly makes a speech in the street (Tk 104-105).

p.102: "This would be--what?--the fourth day I'd stationed myself there"; Yes, though he arrived rather late on day 11.

Cawti is excited about barricading South Adrilankha in the morning, and her plans to visit the slaughterhouses to drum up support (Tk 105-107).

Discussing Imperial investigations and revolution (Tk 107-108).

Teckla, chapter 9: . . .& polish.

Tk, day 15

Wandering at night (Tk 109).

At the office early (Tk 109-110).

p.109: "Once, some time ago, I'd left the office in Kragar's hands for a few days"; Yendi, chapter nine, about a year ago (for about 3 days).

South Adrilankha is full of activity (Tk 110-112).

Barricades described (Tk 112-113).

Vlad watchs Kelly's place; Phoenix Guards gather (Tk 112-116).

Herth arrives and offers to settle things (Tk 116-118).

Kelly rouses dissent among the conscripts (Tk 118-120).

Noish-pa shows up (Tk 120-121).

The tensions come nearly to boil, and the assassin strikes (Tk 121-122).

Teckla, chapter 10: 1 gray silk cravat: repair cut. . .

Vlad fights off the assassin (Tk 123-125).

The Empress has the Guards back down a bit (Tk 126).

Noish-pa dispenses advice (Tk 126-127).

The Empress announces investigations (Tk 128).

Vlad gets Kragar seeking the assassin, and does some office work (Tk 128-131).

p.129: "Do you have anyone in mind?" / "Yeah. Mario. If you can't find him, use someone else." As it turns out later, Kragar could find him, but Mario isn't interested in getting involved (Dz 222-223).

p.130: "What's this for?" Good question. The obvious answer would be "helping save Vlad's life and bring him home", back in chapter 6. But why not give Glowbug a bonus, too?

p.130: "I decided that I really ought to try to find out what I could about the thing, if I lived through this." There's no evidence that Vlad ever followed up on this.

Considering how to survive, and the nature of duty (Tk 132-133).

p.132: "her partner had become a Dragonlord and heir to the Orb"; see Yendi, especially chapters 10 through 17.

Teckla, chapter 11: . . .and remove sweat stains

Vlad plans for his potential death, eventually concluding that he needs to wipe out Kelly's group (Tk 134-138).

p.136: "Mellar was tougher and smarter than Herth and the situation was worse."; see Jhereg.

Vlad sneaks into Kelly's house, and sees something spooky (Tk 138-139).

On the nature of souls, reincarnation, and ghosts (Tk 139-141)

p.139: "the time I walked the Paths of the Dead with Aliera and visited the Halls of Judgment"; see Taltos, chapters 14-15.

p.140: "some recent experiences have convinced me that this is fact"; see Jhereg, chapter 9.

p.140: "most of what I know about reincarnation I learned from Aliera before I believed in it"; date unknown, but presumably pre-Jhereg.

Chatting with Franz's ghost (Tk 141-145).

p.143: "How long ago did it happen?"; 12 days.

Teckla, chapter 12: 1 plain gray cloak: clean and press

Tk, day 16

Vlad still doesn't have a good plan (Tk 146-147).

Vlad checks in at the office (Tk 147).

p.147: "A guy named Ishtvan. We used him once before." Possibly referring to the freelance enforcer who Kragar mentions in Yendi, chapter 2. The time that Vlad "used him" is undocumented.

Vlad stakes out Kelly's again, then eavesdrops on Cawti getting yelled at (Tk 148-149).

Vlad muses about Cawti and their possible future (Tk 149-150).

Chatting with Natalia (Tk 150-158).

p.151: "She seemed to be in her early forties"; actually 37 (born 206 PI), but she's had a pretty hard life.

p.152: "I was only about ten"; around 216 PI.

p.152: "When the owner died I was twelve"; around 218 PI.

p.153: "I think Kelly was around twenty then"; if correct, that places his birth around 198 PI.

p.153: "that was the year the tavern tax came down"; by now we're up to 219 PI, since she spent about a year buying papers before talking to Kelly.

p.153: "I stormed off and didn't see him again for years." By my figuring, less than two years.

p.154: "It was after the head tax was instituted in the Eastern section"; 220 PI (or maybe 221).

p.154-155: "Someone had come to my father's restaurant with a similar petition years later"; unclear just how similar. Was there another head tax instituted (the one Natalia is speaking of was repealed in 221 PI)? Or just another regulation that hurt Easterners in some way?

p.157: "when I was twelve years old"; 234 PI.

Vlad decides that hate is enough (Tk 157).

Teckla, chapter 13: . . .remove cat hairs. . .

Chatting with Noish-pa about the 221 uprising (Tk 159-161).

Vlad comes up with a new plan (Tk 162).

Vlad starts cleaning up the neighborhood, in Kelly's name (Tk 162-166).

Vlad puts his own businesses into hiding, and prepares for arson (Tk 166-167).

p.167: "We were trained by Laris, remember?" See Yendi, especially chapter 5.

A quiet evening at home (Tk 168).

Tk, day 17

Vlad requests a meeting with the Demon (Tk 168-169).

p.168: "We shared a smile of common memories." See Jhereg, chapter 2 and epilogue.

Vlad receives word of succcessful arson (Tk 169).

Vlad hears that Kelly is both moving and preparing a rally; he orders Kelly's old place trashed (Tk 169).

More work (Tk 169-170).

Vlad meets with the Demon and arranges for nothing to happen for a week (Tk 170-171).

p.170: "some "work" I'd done for him recently"; see Jhereg.

Teckla, chapter 14: . . .brush, removing white particles. . .

Vlad is not welcome at home (Tk 172-174).

p.172: "I'd never heard of anyone stealing from the Jhereg before it happened"; see Jhereg, chapter 2.

p.174: "For the first time in quite a while I felt anger toward her." Vlad last used the word "angry" about himself five days ago, in chapter 7 (Tk 94). On the other hand, he sure seemed angry at Cawti three days ago, at the end of chapter 8 (Tk 108).

Vlad wanders the city at night, again, trying to figure where he fits (Tk 174-177).

p.174: "the last time I'd gone charging around the city with no regard for who saw me"; Obviously referring to the events of chapter 6. In fact, though, that wasn't the last time Vlad did that; he did it again at the start of chapter 9.

p.175: "An old friend named Nielar". Vlad's first employer; later an employee. Introduced in Jhereg, prologue. Killed in Yendi, chapter 3.

p.176: "when Herth broke me"; chapter 6.

Cawti makes some herb bread ("before she left", Tk 196, timing speculative).

Back at the office; The Empire has moved in to South Adrilankha (Tk 177-178).

Sticks resists getting paid off, and almost dies for it (Tk 178-179).

p.179: "the time I brought Kiera the Thief into the office"; Jhereg, chapter 4 (which was only about 35 days ago).

War planning (Tk 179-180).

p.180: "Sometime before, I'd been involved in a war where I was one of the contestants"; Yendi.

Loiosh suggests sharing the plan with Cawti, but she has left (Tk 180-181).

Teckla, chapter 15: . . .remove honing-oil stains. . .

Tk, day 18

Waking up alone (Tk 182-183).

Chatting with Kelly, mostly about politics (Tk 184-192).

p.187: "the ninth Vallista reign"; approximately 112,000 BI.

p.190: "How many bodies did you climb over to do it?" / "Forty-three." Jr 45 claims that Mellar was number 42, but in talking to Bajinok in the Prologue, Vlad strongly implies that he hasn't done any "work" since then. Either Vlad did do a "highly visible" (Tk 5) assassination between the end of Jhereg and now, or (and I consider this more likely) one of the two reported totals is off by one.

p.191: "We held a mass meeting yesterday at which we urged everyone to stay calm and not to allow the Guards to provoke an incident." Odd, since on p.169 (which took place yesterday), Kelly's people were handing out flyers for a mass meeting today, titled 'A Call to Arms'. Perhaps they changed strategies since that report?

Chatting with Cawti (Tk 192-194).

p.193: "when the Phoenix Guards showed up"; chapter 9, 3 days ago.

Home, and poetry (Tk 195).

Teckla, chapter 16: . . .& repair cut in left side.

Tk, day 19

Vlad changes plans (Tk 196-197).

Several assassins and a sorceress wait outside Kelly's new place; Vlad sends a fake note to lure Herth there (Tk 197-200).

Final confrontation (Tk 200-205).

p.200: "a repeat of the scene before"; chapter 9.

p.201: "an old Tiassa in command of Phoenix Guards"; actually, Khaavren is only a bit over 1,100 years old at this point, hardly old by Dragaeran standards. Vlad is frequently bad at guessing ages. On the third hand, Khaavren has had the sort of life that could lead to premature aging.

Kelly convinces Vlad not to kill Herth (Tk 205-208).

p.207: "so long ago it seemed"; 11 days ago, in chapter 2.

Noish-pa disables the last two bodyguards (Tk 208-209).

Confrontation defused... for now (Tk 209-210).

Teckla, chapter 17: 1 Pocket Handkerchief: clean and press

Tk, day 20

Troops withdrawn from South Adrilankha (Tk 211).

Vlad walks freely, and comes up with a plan for his money (Tk 211-212).

Tk, day 22

Vlad buys South Adrilankha (Tk 212-213).

Talking with Cawti (Tk 213-214).

p.213: "a long time ago now"; day 9, chapter 3.

Between Teckla and Phoenix

Vlad turns 24 (by a lot of highly speculative inference).

Aliera gives up levitating to hide her height ("recently", as of P 211).

"social unrest" in the Eaterner sections of Adrilankha occurs some "hundreds of years" after the end of the Interregnum (SL 16).

Vlad discusses with Noish-Pa the idea of Cawti and himself moving to a small town (Ja 251-252). [Dating speculative, but this may well have been suggested as a potential solution to their marital woes.]

Kiera tells Vlad about an enchanted lockpick ("Eight or so years ago" H 84-85).

Vlad gets blackout drunk (V 100-101).


[In the prologue to Phoenix, Vlad says that Phoenix took place in 234 and 235. This is clearly an error in Vlad's memory, or the transcription/translation process. It starts in 243 PI, and passes a New Year, so someone along the way accidentally swapped some digits. Later (P 152), Vlad says correctly that it's 244 PI. The New Year's Day celebration happens on Day 31, so day 1 of the story is approximately day 259 of 243 PI.]

We have four references to how much time passed between Teckla and Phoenix. Firstly, Vlad says on day 1 that it has been "a few weeks" (P 10) since he bought South Adrilankha (which was on the last day of Teckla). Secondly, Vlad alludes to a time period including all of Teckla as "the last few months" (P 71) on day 22 of this story. Thirdly, Kragar refers to the events of Teckla day 10 as "a few weeks ago" (P 105) on day 28 of this story. Fourthly, on day 29 of this story, Paresh refers to an event (apparently) at the end of Teckla as "a few weeks ago". If we assume that the first "few" is 4, then the second "few" is just 4 days short of 4 months. Kragar's "few" then becomes something of an outlier, at 12, but it would be an outlier regardless, as it must be 8 more than the first "few". Similarly, Paresh's "few" must be 6 weeks more than the first "few", so in this case would be 10 weeks. It thus seems like a reasonable guess that about 4 weeks passed between books. Other possibilities range from about 1 to 12 weeks.

Phoenix, Prologue

p.1: "All the time people say to me"; Presumably Vlad is being facetious.

p.1: "The last time I killed somebody"; This is almost certainly false, in a literal sense, given that Vlad narrates this book years later (see p. 183). This book likely does chronicle the last time he "killed someone for pay", at least at the time of narration.

p.1: "in the month of the Athyra in 234 PI, and the month of the Phoenix in 235"; as pointed out above, these years are incorrect. The beginning of the book, and indeed the actual killing, take place during the month of Jhegaala, though much of the escape and aftermath are during the month of Athyra.

Phoenix, Lesson One, Contract Negotiations

P, day 1

Some people are trying to kill Vlad (P 5-7).

p.5: "when things are going wrong--your wife is ready to leave you, all of your notions about yourself and the world are getting turned around, everything you trusted is becoming questionable"; see Teckla.

Vlad prays to Verra -- and arrives in her domain (P 7-9).

p.7: "I had once travelled several thousand miles through supernatural horrors and the realm of dead men just to bid her good-day." A not-very-accurate summary of Taltos.

p.7: "Well, I take that back. There might have been once when--no, it couldn't have been. Never mind. Different story." Possibly referring to the Wall of Baritt's Tomb, see Dragon, chapter 1.

p.9: "You've met before--"; Taltos, chapters 13 and 15.

Verra hires Vlad to kill Haro, the king of Greenaere (P 9-13).

p.10: "It has been some time since we've seen each other." About 4 1/2 years, at least as mortals measure time.

During this talk, Verra takes some blood from Vlad (Dz 157).

Vlad has Kragar get background info (P 14-15).

p.14: "our old friend, Herth"; see Teckla.

Home for a bit (P 15-16).

p.15: "one of Paarfi's "histories,""; see discussion of "early Paarfi" under Post-Interregnum.

Phoenix, Lesson Two, Transportation

P, day 2

[This could be the same day as the previous chapter, but it seems more likely to be the next day. Kragar said he could get the info Vlad wanted by "this evening" (P 14), and Vlad arrives in Northport in "early afternoon (P 18).]

Sketch of the Northport docks (P 17).

Setting sail (P 18-19).

P. day 3

Sailing; On salted Kethna, and its effect on Orca character; chatting with sailors (P 19-23).

p.23: "when the breakwaves hit"; presumably these "breakwaves" were caused by seismic activity in the immedate aftermath of Adron's Disaster.

P, day 4

Arriving in a crate (P 23-26).

p.26: "sneaking into an Athyra's castle in a barrel of wine"; Taltos, chapter 5.

P, day 5

Walking to the palace (P 26-28).

[The incident on p.28 may be "the time I spent half a day under a pile of refuse because it was the only place to hide" (O 24). It would be a bit of an exaggeration, but it's a fairly close match.]

Phoenix, Lesson Three, The Perfect Assassination

On the nature of death and assassination (P 29-31).

Scouting the town and palace at night (P 31).

P, day 6-7

More scouting the town at night (P 31).

Around now, Sethra mentions the troubles in South Adrilankha to Morrolan ("a few weeks ago", P 91).

P, day 8

Scouting inside the palace (P 31-34).

p.32: "half-forgotten fragments of the Paths of the Dead"; Taltos, chapters 10ff.

P, day 9

Final Rehearsal (P 34-35).

P, day 10

Myths about stars; moral compasses (P 35-37).

p.36: "she, in the course of two years, went from a skilled assassin to a politico with a save-the-downtrodden complex as big as my ego." The "two years" presumably refers to the length of their relationship, though they've actually only known each other for about 1.5 years at this point. Cawti was still functioning as a skilled assassin as of Jhereg, chapters 16-17, and that was only (roughly) 100 days earlier.

p.36: "in a moment of weakness I'd made the mistake of asking him directly," Teckla, chapter 4.

Having done the job, Vlad starts to make his escape (P 38-39).

P, day 11

It is presumably at least pre-dawn, as there is enough light to fight by.

Vlad and Loiosh fight and defeat four pursuers (P 39-41).

Vlad patches himself up some (P 41-42).

Meeting Aibynn (P 42-44).

P, day 12

At the start of this scene, they've been with Aibynn "a little more than a day" (P 45).

Aibynn takes care of Vlad (P 44-46).

Searchers catch up; Vlad climbs a tree, but is smoked out (P 46-48).

p.47: "I heard you drum at the Winter Festival." Not long ago, since it's late winter now.

Phoenix, Lesson Four, Handling Interrogation

P, day 13-14

"I'd been there three days" (P 50), presumably starting fairly early on day 12. Vlad's had five meals, and gets another one on p.53 without an obvious intervening night.

On Civilization (P 49).

Interrogation (P 49-53).

p.51: "the last time I'd tried to hold up under torture I hadn't done so well." Teckla, chapter 6. Which, incidentally, was only about 40 days ago.

p.52: "I'd died before"; Twice that we know of. Yendi, chapter 6, and one other time that has only been briefly mentioned in Jhereg, chapter 3.

Around now, the Phoenix Guards start coming out in force in places other than South Adrilankha ("even two weeks ago, none of that was going on", P 72-73).

P, day 16

Healing up ("Scratch off another day", P 53).

P, day 17

More Interrogation (P 53-54). ("After letting me ponder for an entire two days" (P 53-54), so 2 days after the last interrogation scene.)

P, day 18

Remembering previous incarcerations ("the next day", P 54-55).

p.55: "There had been one especially long one in the dungeons beneath the Imperial Palace, as part of the affair that had gained me my exalted position in the Jhereg and had first brought my friend Aliera to the attention of the Empress." Not otherwise documented. This adventure obviously must post-date Taltos, due to Aliera's involvement. Perhaps it leads to him controlling a significantly larger area, and that's what he's referring to in Yendi, chapter 1, when Vlad says "I've only had my own area for half a year."

Aibynn comes to Vlad's cell (P 55-56).

Yet more interrogation (P 56-57).

P, day 19

Loiosh, after a seven-day flight(!) reaches Castle Black (by inference).

Psychic contact from Loiosh and Daymar ("Early in the afternoon on the second day after Aibynn had joined me", P 59-60). [As narrated, the rescue party seems to get from Castle Black to Vlad's cell in about half a day. Given that they had to bring a ship (even if Morrolan did conjure favorable winds), and that they had to walk overland on Greenaere without mounts or sorcerous aid, this seems implausibly quick. Hence, I am placing the psychic contact a day earlier than stated.]

P, day 20

"They left us there for two more days" (P 57).

Learning about drumming in between interrogations (P 57-59).

Rescue! ("in the middle of the night", P 60-62).

Phoenix, Lesson Five, Returning Home

Escaping, again (P 63-65).

P, day 21

Aibynn retrieves his drum ("The sky is getting light in the east," P 65-66).

Aibynn leads them to Dark Woman's Cove (":it was the middle of the afternoon when we saw the little bay," P 66-67).

Arriving on the rescue ship (P 67-69).

p.68: "less than five hundred years old." Aliera was actually about 532 when Adron's Disaster happened, and has been alive post-revival for about 4.5 years. Morrolan was born "around the time of Adron's Disaster" (Is 104), which happened about 490 years before this.

p.68: "The three of us got acquainted one day in the Paths of the Dead. Well, that isn't strictly true, but never mind." See Taltos.

Talking with Cawti (P 69-73).

p.71: "the whole business of the last few months, with the Organization, and the Empire, and your friend Kelly"; see Teckla. By my estimates, it's been just short of four months since the beginning of Teckla.

P, day 22

Waking with the Orb link restored (P 73-74)

P, day 23

Sailing into Adrilankha ("the next day's dawn", P 75-76).

p.75: "during an Athyra reign a few cycles ago"; if "few" is 4, this would have been about 41,000 BI.

Phoenix, Lesson Six, Dealing With Middle Management I

P, day 26

"I was three days back from Greenaere" (P 79).

Vlad gets brought -- rather rudely -- to see Toronnan (P 79-82).

p.82: "I was rarely bothered by anyone trying to push his way into my area"; a notable exception being Yendi.

Talking to Torronan (P 83-85).

p. 83: "How long has it been, Baronet? Three years that you've been working for me?" / "About that"; I make it nearly five years. Although there are some indications that Vlad got a major promotion of some sort about 2 years ago (see notes to Yendi, chapter 1), which may be what Toronnan is referring to.

Walking back with Kragar (P 86).

Chatting with Cawti (P 86-88).

Aibynn is excited about calfskin (P 88-90).

P, day 27

Not entirely clear that this is only the next day, but no reason to assume otherwise.

Discussing revolution and war at Castle Black (P 90-91).

p.90-91: "Not until the Cycle points to the Teckla, in any case, which will be several thousand years from now." On the order of 12,000 years, assuming average reign lengths.

p.91: "Sethra? How would she know?" / "Because she is Sethra." See Orca, chapter 17.

Phoenix, Lesson Seven, Matters of State I

Lunch with Morrolan and Aliera; more war talk (P 92-93). [Since Morrolan made a reference earlier to "later this evening" (P 91), this "lunch" is presumably the third meal of the day.]

p.93: "when she's out in the field, as I happen to know, she'll slug it down like anyone else." The only time that we know of when Vlad was "in the field" with Aliera is during Dragon; no specific drinking incident is recorded, but one of the few times Vlad sees Aliera during the campaign is the war council in chapter 13, so that may be when he saw her 'slugging it down'.

Character sketch: Sethra Lavode (P 94).

Sethra discusses the war with the lunch party (P 94-96).

p.94: "considering their histories"; the comments in this scene are the sum total of what we know of that topic.

p.94: "Last time we fought Elde ... Greenaere was on our side." Presumably pre-Interregnum, but exact date unknown.

p.95: "There have been nine wars with Elde, and--" / "Eleven," said Sethra. Presumably, Sethra remembers more than made it into the official history books.

p.95: "if you include the first invasion of Dragaerans"; This suggests that Greenaere was originally inhabited by non-Dragaerans. Most likely Easterners, but conceivably Serioli, cat-centaurs, or someone else. Sethra's phrasing leaves it unclear whether the invading Dragaerans were part of the Empire, pre-Imperial, or something else entirely.

p.95: "They attacked during the Ash Mountain uprising, and we had to negotiate a peace. A common ancestor of ours was beheaded for that fiasco, Morrolan." Exact date unknown, but the "common ancestor" line suggests that it was before the founding of the e'Drien line, though we don't know when that was, either. [There are references to possible Drien founders in Is 138 and LCB 44, but neither is a clear identification.]

p.95: "during the fifteenth Issola reign"; about 34,000 BI.

Asking Sticks about the music business (P 96-97). [This scene seems to be the same day, though it doesn't have to be.]

p. 96: "during a recent incident I don't care to dwell on"; Teckla, chapter 6.

p.96: "You told me once"; Yendi, chapter 11.

Vlad asks Kragar to start setting up a spy network with minstrels; minor office business about Tevyar (P 97-98).

News about conscription in South Adrilankha; Kelly has had a parade (earlier today?), and plans a rally for "tomorrow evening" (P 98).

Routine office business; pondering the war (P 99-100).

A quiet night (P 100).

p.100: "A year ago I'd have been frantic. Half a year ago I'd have attempted to reach her psionically." Both of these time periods would have been in between Yendi and Jhereg.

P, day 28

War news and rumor (P 100-101).

More details about the minstrel spy ring (P 101).

Many arrested, including Cawti (P 102).

Phoenix, Lesson Eight, Dealing With Middle Management II

Flashback: Being hit from behind by a magical blast (P 103-104).

p.103: "I've acquired a length of gold chain"; see Taltos, chapters 6-7.

p.103: "once, in the middle of a battle I should never have been in, I was hit from behind." See Dragon, chapter 15.

Vlad freaks out over Cawti's arrest (P 104-105).

p.104: "The incident on Greenaere was the fourth time I'd been imprisoned. The first was the hardest"; Two of these imprisonments (unless they turn out to be the same) are when Vlad was suspected in the death of Tagichatn (P 152-153), and "as part of the affair that gained me my exalted position in the Jhereg and had first brought my friend Aliera to the attention of the Empress" (P 54). Unknown which was the first.

p.105: "A few weeks ago you lost control and almost got yourself killed"; see Teckla, chapter 6. "Few", in this case, seems to mean 12, as best I can estimate.

Vlad goes to Castle Black to ask for help (P 106-107).

On the nature of gods (P 107-109).

p.109: "I didn't think you'd take it personally." See chapter 17 of this book for why she does.

Norathar reports that Cawti refuses release (P 109-110).

p.109: "as an assassin, she had worked with Cawti as part of one of the most sought-after teams of killers in the Jhereg"; for more details, see Yendi, chapter 7.

p.109: "she'd killed me once." Yendi, chapter 6.

Visiting Morrolan's Tower (P 110-112).

p.111: "Here I had lain helpless while Morrolan battled a demon that had taken his own sword from him. Here I had parlayed with spirits from my ancestral home for the release of the Necromancer's soul. Here I had battled with my own likeness, come to take me to that land from which none return." None of these events have been further documented yet.

p.111: "I had once tortured a sorceress into releasing the spells that prevented Morrolan's revivification. That was pretty recent"; Jhereg, chapter 12, approximately 75 days ago.

p.111: "which my grandfather had made me swear never to do"; Taltos, chapter 4.

p.112: "when she had commissioned me to kill the King of Greenaere; was it only days ago?" Technically yes, but about 27 of them.

Talking to Verra (P 112-118).

p.114: "Spellbreaker came to life, as it has done every now and then"; Only one documented occasion, Teckla, chapter 6. Vlad says there "It coiled and uncoiled then, as if it were considering the matter. I had never seen it do that before" (Tk 83), but he seems to be referring specifically to the coiling motion; other forms of "coming to life" may have been observed.

p.116: "During the Interregnum," or possibly shortly afterwards; see note to 20 PI.

p.116-117: "It was an amazing time of growth, those four hundred and ninety-seven years of Interregnum." This is obviously in error; she must mean 497 years since the beginning of the Interregnum. Even that is inaccurate, as it's been 490 years by my count. [Or perhaps Vlad misremembers what she said.]

p.117: "Before the Jenoine." One of several references to (probably) original colonization of this planet by Terrans. See especially Dragon, chapter 7 and Issola, chapter 2.

p.117: "Perhaps in ten thousand years, or a hundred thousand"; that is to say, when the Teckla are next about to be on top of the Cycle, or at some other, far future cycle when, again, the Teckla are about to cycle to the top.

p.118: "I have." When this happened is an interesting question, but the event is not otherwise documented.

Phoenix, Lesson Nine, Making Friends I

Back to Castle Black; jailbreak seems like a poor idea (P 119-120).

P, day 29

"The next day" (P 120).

Going to work on New Year's Eve Eve (P 120-121).

p.120: "it was the day before the Festival of the New Year"; New Year's Day is two days from now, so apparently Dragaerans (at least in Adrilankha) typically have two and a half days of party.

p.121: "Kelly's group had moved twice since the last time I'd visited their headquarters"; Possibly referring to Teckla, chapter 16, which was approximately 40 days ago. Of course, Vlad might have had cause to visit since then.

Catching up with Paresh (P 121-122).

p.121: "He greeted me with all the warmth I remembered from our previous encounters." Most notably, Teckla, chapter 2.

p.122: "a few weeks ago, when she pulled the troops out of South Adrilankha." "Few" in this case probably means 10, unless he's referring to some incident other than Teckla, chapter 17 (entirely possible, as Cawti's group has been active all this time).

The minstrel spies have found out that the Jhereg House Representative got Cawti and the others arrested (P 122-123).

Vlad visits his House Representative, Count Soffta. He learns that Toronnan ordered the arrest (P 123-128).

Running into Aibynn at the office (P 128-129).

Vlad sets Kragar to investigate Toronnan (P 129-130).

Toronnan invites Vlad to a meeting -- politely (P 130-131).

Considering the future (P 131-132).

p.131: "when I asked him"; Teckla, chapter 4.

p.132: "And put the word out that we might get hit soon." / "Again?" / "I guess it's just one of those years." Although Jhereg and Teckla did see several attempts to kill Vlad personally, his organization as a whole hasn't come under attack since Yendi, about a year and a half ago.

Phoenix, Lesson Ten, Making Friends II

Partying at the Loquacious Madman (P 133-134).

Meeting Toronnan; finding out word came from Boralinoi (P 134-136).

p.134: "the one time it really had been a setup, for a guy named Welok"; 237 PI. This was presumably at the start of what became the Welok/Rolaan war. Vlad was himself the victim of such a setup in Jhereg, chapter 8, but that time it was Kragar's job to spot it.

p.134-135: "You have powerful friends there"; presumably The Demon, but who else?

p.135: "We just had a big mess between you and this Herth character"; Teckla.

p.135: "before that you had an altercation with some teckla that ended up with the Empire stepping in"; Yendi, presumably.

p.135: "in between was a big, bloody mess in the Hills between Be'er and Fyrnaan." Not otherwise documented.

Filling in Kragar; sending Kragar after Boralinoi (P 136-138).

Walking home with Aibynn (P 138-139).

Assassin in the house; Sticks goes down (P 139).

Aftermath with Kragar (P 140).

p.140: "Remember a few weeks ago? Didn't you go busting into someone's house to get information from him?" This reference is puzzling. At first glance, it seems like it refers to Teckla, chapter 4, where Vlad questioned/threatened Bajinok. But that did not take place in Bajinok's home, but in a workplace, which is explicitly not taboo (P 82). Now, Vlad did kill someone in their home "a few weeks ago", the King of Greenaere. But A) that wasn't "to get information" and B) there's no reason to think that the Jhereg at large know Vlad was behind it. On the third hand, perhaps this is referring to Vlad's visit to the Imperial Representative; he might well live in the Jhereg Wing, but that was only a few hours ago. Perhaps there was some other, as yet unreported incident?

p.140: "Not more than a month before, Sticks had refused an offer for my head." Assuming we're referring to the incident in Teckla, chapter 14, at least two months have gone by since then, even if there was no time at all between that book and this, more likely at least three.

Vlad spends the night at an inn near Boralinoi (P 140-141).

Morrolan sneaks into the Imperial dungeons (P 150, by inference).

P, day 30 (1 Phoenix)

According to Paresh, Kelly's folk would be giving a "demonstration of our strength" today (P 122).

Going to see Boralinoi for marital advice (P 141-147).

p.147: "Castle Black, where a guest is always safe, as I've good reason to know." See Jhereg, throughout, for considerable discussion of this.

Phoenix, Lesson Eleven, Matters of State II

Interlude at Castle Black; On Phoenix Stone (P 148-151).

A wake for Sticks (V 101-105). Placement tentative, but there's an otherwise un-narrated evening here when it could happen, and it's the day after Sticks' death.

244 PI

P, day 31 (1 Phoenix)

[Vlad say that this is "the Month of the Phoenix, in the year of the Dzur, during the phase of the Yendi in the reign of the Phoenix, Cycle of the Phoenix, Great Cycle of the Dragon" (P 151-152). This isn't quite right; it's the Phase of the Phoenix, and the Turn of the Yendi. Note that Vlad himself admits here that he doesn't often use this form of dating, hence his error is understandable.]

On the Empress; flashback to testifying Under the Orb (P 152-154).

p.152: "She had survived Adron's Disaster". Technically, she hadn't been born yet, but her mother was pregnant with her when the Disaster occurred (PD 113).

p.152: "braved the Paths of the Dead"; see The Paths of the Dead, chapter 33.

p.152: "rebuilding, almost overnight, an Empire that had fallen to ruin"; Well, in just a few years, which by Dragaeran standards is pretty quick. For more details, see the entirety of The Lord of Castle Black and Sethra Lavode.

p.152: "I'd seen her once before ... when I'd been questioned concerning the death of ... a certain Taishatinin or something"; not documented in detail, but obviously occurred after Vlad killed him, in early 239 PI.

Introduced; chatting with the musicians; is Aibynn an assassin? (P 154-156).

Talking privately with Her Majesty; On the nature of Political Power (P 156-163).

p.162: "For a brief time, at the end of the last Cycle, the Emperor did, indeed, rule, but that was short-lived, and he was brought down by assassination, conspiracy, and his own foolishness." Presumably referring to Tortaalik; see Five Hundred Years After.

p.163: "a story I'd once been told by a Teckla"; presumably Paresh, in Teckla, chapter 2.

Phoenix, Lesson Twelve, Basic Survival Skills

Cawti is released (P 164-165).

p.165: "before the Interregnum, when teleportation was more difficult"; according to Paarfi, essentially impossible, see the discussion in Five Hundred Years After, chapter 34.

Talking with Cawti (P 165-168).

Trouble starts brewing with the press gangs (P 173).

About this time, "Someone high up in the Empire dipped his hand into the war chest" (O 72-73).

Division Six has a security leak; Indus (of Surveillance) and Loftis (of Special Tasks Group) collaborate on looking into it ("during the Elde Island war", O 259).

P, day 32 (2 Phoenix)

Glowbug refuses an offer to let an assassin near Vlad (P 168-169).

Going into hiding (P 169-172).

p.171: "It has been Jhereg custom, as long as the Organization has existed, that most of the women were sorcerers, and worked in what was referred to as the Left Hand of the Jhereg..." A somewhat different account is given in Dzur, chapter 3. Vlad's statement here can be considered ill-informed hyperbole.

p.171: "Once, many years before, I'd been told by an Oracle that my own left hand would bring me to the brink of ruin"; not otherwise documented.

Briefing Kragar, and getting the latest news (P 172-174).

p.172: "It's nothing more than you've been doing for most of the last year, anyway." Kragar has been doing much of the office work since Jhereg. By my current estimates, that was less than half a year ago, but Vlad often exaggerates.

p.173: "Probably Castle Black. We both know how hard it is to dig someone out of there." / "And we both know it can be done." See Jhereg.

p.173: "It's lucky I started work on it yesterday, or it might have taken longer." Not that surprising, since Vlad first asked him for this information the day before yesterday, back in chapter 10.

Melestav tries to assassinate Vlad (P 174-175).

p.175: "He had not only saved my life more than once, he had died doing it"; One time of life-saving occurred in Yendi, chapter 5. The time he died doing it is mentioned briefly in Jhereg, chapter 4, but hasn't yet been documented at length.

Visiting Noish-pa (P 175-178).

p.176: "All in a night it can happen"; This suggests that the 221 Uprising sparked off similarly quickly.

p.177: "As I told you once before"; Teckla, chapter 4.

p.177: "I learned that I used to be one"; Jhereg, chapter 9.

p.177: "Who are your friends?" / "Well, there's--oh. I see. Yes, they're all Dragaerans." Except for Ricard, see Dzur, chapter 9. Perhaps Noish-pa doesn't know Ric. Or perhaps the editor cut the phrase "except for Ric", as not very relevant, and weakening the thematic point.

p.178: "making a cut right next to the tiny white scar I'd made only two days before"; actually four days before, assuming he's referring to visiting Verra in chapter 8.

Phoenix, Lesson Thirteen, Advanced Survival Skills

Vlad gets the drop on his assassin (P 179-180).

Riot and Revolt (P 181-184).

p.183: "since the Eastern horse-army at the Wall of Baritt's Tomb". See Dragon, chapter 17. The term "Eastern horse-army may be sightly misleading. There are no other references to the Easterners in that battle beng mounted. On the other hand, from what we know of the economics of the region, it is likely that the bulk of the horses employed in the battle were "Eastern horses".

p.183: "A long time later, in the cottage of an Eastern family where I spent a night"; not clear when exactly this happened.

Khaavren resigns as Brigadier (P 191). This is apparently a fairly regular occurence, and not permanent (O 119). Sethra the Younger ends up in charge of the Guard (P 191).

P, day 33 (3 Phoenix)

Riots continue (184-185).

Imperial palace under siege for nine hours; Morrolan, Aliera, and Sethra prepare to defend the Empress (P 184, 186).

Fourth Seaguard lands and Orca start massacring Easterners (P 184-185).

Noish-pa kills some Phoenix Guards (P 185-186).

Refuge in Castle Black; Cawti has been arrested again (P 187-189).

p.187: "I seem to recall another Jhereg [seeking refuge]"; see Jhereg.

"Someone high up in the Empire dipped his hand into the war chest during the Elde Island war" (O 72). Dating tentative, but presumably they expected both the war and the civil unrest to last long enough for them to cover up their activities.

Phoenix, Lesson Fourteen, Fundamentals of Betrayal

Catching up on news; making plans (P 190-195).

Dinner at Castle Black (P 195-198).

Picking up Aibynn (P 198-199).

P, day 34 (4 Phoenix)

Morrolan prepares; meeting with Zerika; testifying against the Jhereg (P 199-204).

Phoenix, Lesson Fifteen, Basic Improvisation

Considering consequences (P 207-208).

p.207: "the suicidal madness that had taken me for a short time after I'd been broken under torture"; see Teckla, chapter 6.

Experiments with Phoenix Stone (P 209-210).

Preparing to travel (P 211-213).

p.212: "Noish-pa, my life is complete." / "No," he said. "It is not complete until you have given me a great-grandchild." Actually, Vlad probably already has. See Orca, Epilogue.

Return to Greenaere (P 213-216).

p.213: "Loiosh had chosen well." See Jhereg, chapter 17.

p.216: "How long ago was that? It felt like years." By Imperial reckoning, it was last year. But seriously, it was about 25 days ago.

Negotiating with the new king (P 216-221).

Phoenix, Lesson Sixteen, Dealing With Upper Management I

Vlad surrenders himself (P 221-226).

Aliera and Aibynn arrive, with Boralinoi (P 226-228).

Escape from the palace; drumming (P 229-230).

Phoenix, Lesson Seventeen, Dealing With Upper Management II

Arriving at Verra's Hall (P 231-232).

Vlad gives Verra a piece of his mind (P 232-234).

p.233: "Hello, Devera." Vlad was introduced to her in Yendi, chapter 7.

Vlad sends Kragar out for Klava (Dz 13 implies that this was habitual, but given the timing, it can only have heppened once or twice at most).

Vlad gets Counted (P 234-236).

Vlad asks Aibynn for his Phoenix Stone (P 236-237).

Vlad gives the business to Kragar (P 237-239).

p.238: "I've been east"; Not yet fully documented, but see Untold Tales of Vlad, for what bits of information we do have.

Reunion with Cawti; South Adrilankha as a parting gift (P 239-240).

Parting words with Aliera, Morrolan, and Sethra (P 240-242).

p.241: "I owe you my life"; see Taltos.

p.241: "And I owe you mine, several times." This includes at least Yendi, chapters 6-7, Jhereg, chapter 12, and the previous chapter of this book.

p.241: "I sometimes wish I could remember that previous life, back in the beginning." See Jhereg, chapter 9.

Parting from Noish-pa (P 242-243).

p.243: "For the first time in twenty years, I threw the sands and asked what would become of me." If he means exactly twenty years, that would be 224 PI. I am inclined to think that the term is approximate, and that the previous occasion was in 221 PI, following the death of his wife during the 221 uprising.

Phoenix, Epilogue

Into the Jungle (P 244-245).

p.244: "Though barely more than a child when I'd been there before, I knew it"; this is the clearing where Vlad bargained for Loiosh's egg; see Jhereg, Prologue.

p.245: "the Phoenix Stone guarded my thoughts from any who would seek me that way. I had rendered myself invisible to sorcery." This phrasing is odd, why say "Phoenix Stone" rather than "Black Phoenix Stone", and why not mention the Gold Phoenix Stone? In Jhegaala, set not long after this, Vlad has an amulet of both Black and Gold Phoenix Stone. On the other hand, during Athyra, Vlad makes profligate use of sorcery, while apparently feeling he is still safe from sorcerous protection, so he must know some method besides wearing the Gold amulet of doing so. Perhaps he applied this method before teleporting into the jungle.

It is also noteworthy that, as he is able to teleport with the Gold Phoenix Stone on his person, that he must already have the 'box' that dampens its power (Is 27).

shortly after Phoenix

Cawti "started out by trying to dismantle the Organization in South Adrilankha entirely." (Dz 26).

Kragar installs a tunnel (some time after Vlad leaves, date speculative, Dz 263).

Vlad buys a whetstone on the way out of Adrilankha (Ja 163).

Notes on Vlad's Wealth

Early in his life, Vlad was notably not good about financial matters. His reports of how much he makes from running his father's restaurant vary widely (in itself, a sign of poor financial acumen): "eight gold in a good week" (Y 18); "Four gold a week? That was already more than I usually made while I was running the restaurant!" (Jr 14); "[six imperials is] more than I would have taken in at the restaurant in several weeks" (Tt 92). When Vlad runs into financial trouble due to "some weird tax thing" (Tt 69), Kiera ends up paying the taxes for him. Vlad eventually sells the restaurant, and apparently gets a bad deal ("I won't tell you what I got for it; I was still young", Jr 9). After selling the restaurant, Vlad lives in an apartment that costs approximately two imperials a week (Tt 92), a substantial fraction of his former income. He has no idea of what he's going to do with his life, nor what it might pay.

When Vlad joins the Jhereg, his pay goes up considerably. But he doesn't end up with any savings during this period. " The mystery, though, is where, by all the gods, my money went. I ought to have been rich. ... I can't figure it out. It doesn't really matter, I suppose." (Tt 137).

The first time Vlad starts showing some financial acumen is just after he takes over his own area. In recounting his first Endweek as a boss, Vlad discusses the finances of his new business in considerable detail (Y 17-18). Of course, this is just after taking a very risky move by giving all his employees large bonuses, leaving him with "damn little cash" (Y 17).

Not long after taking on his own area, Vlad also starts receiving consulting money from Morrolan (Dn 27, 68). How much is never clearly stated.

Much of the main plot of Yendi is taken up by financial matters; Vlad's war with Laris is as much about finance as about violence. Vlad almost runs out of money at least twice, being saved by a loan from Morrolan (Y 44-45), then a gift from Kiera and Sethra (Y 56-57), which Vlad might also regard as a loan. Vlad wins the war, but has close to no cash when he does so ("Paying for 'work' would break us right now", Y 131). He also has debt to the tune of about 46,000 gold (his friends likely wouldn't pressure him to repay, but Vlad would, I think, have insisted: "You always pay your debts, don't you, Vlad?", P 69). Presumably, his income does go up substantially at this time.

In Jhereg, Vlad has a thriving, profitable business, but we don't know how much he has in the bank, though it's almost certainly less than he's about to get in one lump sum (see quote from Teckla, below). He earns 65,000 gold for assassinating Mellar, which is pretty darn substantial. Vlad doesn't know what to do with that much money, and consults an oracle for advice ("I have ... suddenly acquired more cash than I've ever dreamed of having." Tk 2). At the end of Teckla, Vlad spends 50,000 of the gold to buy South Adrilankha from Herth (Tk 212-214). This leaves him roughly 15,000 in cash that we know of.

In Phoenix, chapter 1, Vlad takes on a contract from Verra for 10,000 gold (P 13). We don't actually see her pay, but it's a safe bet that she does. Vlad makes no huge expenditures during this time, so he should have at least 25,000 in ready cash when he goes on the run. Obviously, Vlad can't carry that much with him while on the run, but it's not until many books later that we find out what happened to the bulk of it.

In Jhegaala, chapter 13 (not long after going on the run, we find out that Vlad is carrying "Five pounds or so" (Ja 211) of gold. On the same page, we learn that a gold coin is 1 Imperial ounce, or 1/17 of a pound. So Vlad has approximately 85 Imperials with him at this time.

By Athyra, Vlad is carrying "a few pieces of gold" (A 11), or "several gold coins ... as well as some silver" (A 120).

In Orca, chapter 13, we have the following exchange between Kiera and Vlad:

"If you had a pile of cash--"
He smiled. I'd forgotten how much money he had.
"Let me rephrase. If you had a pile of cash that you wanted to put into a bank--"
"Which bank would you choose?"
"I wouldn't. I'd give it to an Organization moneylender."
So this strongly implies two things: Vlad still owns a lot of money, and it's being kept with a Jhereg moneylender rather than a bank.

In Dzur, chapter 4, we have the following: "I rubbed the purse I carried inside my cloak, feeling coins there. Yeah, I was okay; it would be embarrassing to run out of money, and gaining access to the rest of my hoard would be at least annoying, and maybe problematical." (Dz 92). So Vlad still doesn't carry much cash, but has (difficult) access too a "hoard". In chapters 8 and 9, Vlad considers his money as a resource, and spends hires 12 informants for "Enough for each them to buy a little piece of farmland." (Dz 154). This is a non-trivial outlay, but probably not a huge fraction of Vlad's savings.

Iorich fills in some details, but adds a mystery. We find out that Vlad can make "a draft on my bank" (Ir 43, 130). This 'bank' is apparently a Jhereg operation, not an official bank (see above), and is thus able to handle anonymous accounts: "...he didn't use names, which made him very popular among the Jhereg--both sides, presumably--and was the reason I still had money available." (Ir 258). By chapter 17, Vlad is "...starting to feel a bit of a squeeze with money, which was something I hadn't had to worry about for several years, and thought I'd never have to worry about again. A shame about that. But living on the run can be pretty cheap if you do it right; that's one good thing about it." (Ir 306). While he's been at expensive lodgings, presumably the bulk of the outlay's have been legal fees (plus 2,000 to hire Kiera).

The mysterious detail from Iorich is in chapter 6. Kiera and Vlad have the following exchange:

"And your purse? Is that flatter and smaller as well?"
"No, it's all right. I still have most of what I got for Laris."
As far as we know from YendiVlad ended that war with little cash and massive debt (see above). Perhaps Vlad made a mistake, and instead of "Laris", should have said either "Mellar" or "the King of Greenaere"? Or perhaps he discovered that Laris didn't believe in even Jhereg moneylenders, and kept all his savings in cash in his office?


Mid-to-Late Spring, 244 PI

[This story commences very soon after Phoenix. Vlad says "A few weeks ago, I'd been married. A few weeks before that, happily married" (Ja 23). This is clearly an understatement (or a large sense of the word "few"), as by the end of Phoenix his marriage had already been unhappy for at least eleven weeks. Possibly more accurate is Vlad's statement that "Two months ago" he still had Kragar's services (on day seven of this story, Ja 43). That leaves about 27 days, or 5 Dragaeran weeks, between the end of Phoenix and Vlad's arrival on Mount Saestara. We know he spent one week of that time at Lake Szurke visiting Noish-Pa (Ja 12). The rest of it would have been largely spent in travel to and from Lake Szurke. Though the implication is that all of it was on foot, that would require superhuman speed and endurance. (>2,000 miles, 22 days, ~=91 miles/day) Sorcerous aid is ruled out. Possibly Vlad risked one teleport as he left, or took carriages (Imperial post?) a good chunk of the distance. This is probably the visit referred to in Orca, chapter 11 ("We've been there before", O 201), since the context is "places to hide from the Jhereg". Most of Vlad's experience in the East was unpleasant, except for the feeling of the Furnace (Dz 147).]

Does Verra interfere with Vlad's memories of the events in this book? This is very faintly suggested by a reference to "partial memories" (Ir 57).

Ja, day ~-17

Jhegaala, Prologue

Visiting Noish-Pa; discussing how he will defend himself, and how he might mininize order-giving (Ja 12-13).

p.12: "...the poaching in his part of the forest had gotten out of hand when the poachers realized he didn't have the heart to enforce the laws against it..." This realization came quickly; Noish-pa's only been in charge for less than a month. "...what I'd done hadn't been as bad as, say, giving evidence to the Empire..." Vlad is mis-remembering; in addition to everything else, he did give evidence to the Empire; see Phoenix, chapter 14.

Ja, day ~-16 - -13

Vlad has a dream which results in his going East (Dz 240). This dream is not mentioned in Jhegaala, but I suspect that it was a dream about his mother, that prompted him to talk to Noish-Pa about her. Verra sent him at least one other dream between then and Dzur, but I don't know when (Dz 240).

Discussion of Vlad's mother "one night" (Ja 13). Noish-pa uncovers an old letter with her maiden name in it; they guess she may have come from Burz (Ja 13-15).

Noish-Pa lectures Vlad about Fenario "over the next several days"; on Guilds and Covens (Ja 15-17).

Vlad crafts a pouch to counter his amulet (dating speculative, but see notes to chapter 5).

Ja, day ~-13

Vlad leaves Szurke "the day after Spring Balance day" (Ja 17).

Ja, day 0

Saestara "some distance" from Szurke (Ja 11). Travel time unclear, but probably at least a week's walk.

Vlad gets supplies in Saestara village. The bread has started going stale by day 5 (Ja 26). Presumably, he spends the night there in "a real bed" (Ja 30), the only one he slept in between leaving Noish-pa and arriving in Burz.

Ja, day 1

Mount Saestara (Ja 11, 17).

Vlad passes through a flowery meadow ("a couple of years ago" Dz 257), probably on the way down from Mount Saestara.

Ja, days 2-4

Jhegaala, chapter 1

Down from the mountains, through the forest (Ja 22-23).

Vlad "spent about three nights in the forest after I came down from the mountains" (Ja 22). [The use of the word "about" is interesting. Did Vlad lose track of time due to sleep deprivation?]

p.22: "In the Pushta..." Vlad was in the Pushta (though it was not named as such) during Taltos, chapters 8 and 9. "...the mountains I've been on..." Dzur Mountain, on numerous occasions, the Wall of Barritt's Tomb and Hawk Mountain, both during Dragon, Mount Saestara in this book, and possibly on his previous visit East.

Ja, day 4

Walking down the road; night falls; sleeping by the roadside (Ja 23-25).

p.23: "A few weeks ago, I'd been married." Is Vlad still, technically, married? We know nothing of divorce customs (if they even exist) in Dragaera."

p.24: " previous journey to Fenario, but that had been years before..." We haave only a few scattered details about this previous journey. I surmise that it happened sometime between 240-242 PI, but the evidence is weak.

p.25: "I wondered if failing to have [my poor night vision] fixed when I could, would end up being what did me in. Come to think of it, I still wonder."

Ja, day 5

Getting to Burz (Ja 25-27).

At the Inn; drink, food, sleep (Ja 27-30).

Ja, day 6

Seeing the town (Ja 30-33).

Observing inn patrons; Meeting Orbahn; discussing local customs; Vlad asks Orbahn to see if he can find out anything about Vlad's kin (Ja 33-38).

p.33: "I realized that I knew at once those who worked at the paper factory..." In chapter 16, it is claimed that mill workers only go to Inchay's " stir up a fight. It doesn't usually happen, though. The Guild jumps on it pretty quick." (Ja 262). If there's any such altercation (or quashing of one) here, Vlad doesn't tell us about it.

p.36: "I live on the other side of the mountain, the Dragaeran Empire." Interesting that he still uses the present tense.

p.37: "...the King never turns his attention this far west..." The king is probably still Miklós. He'd be about 46 years old.

Jhegaala, chapter 2

Vlad and Loiosh discuss their suspicions of Orbahn (Ja 39-40).

p.40: "I didn't need to tell my familiar what I was doing; we'd been together for a while." Approximately 8 years.

Night walk (Ja 40-42).

p.41: "I'd once been told that my friend Morrolan had been raised somewhere in human lands..." Vlad was told this in Issola, chapter 7. Paarfi discusses the matter in The Paths of the Dead, chapter 7.

Ja, day 7

Morning in Burz (Ja 42-43).

Vlad has (so far) never used a garrote (Ja 42).

Vlad chats with a merchant who works for the Merchants' Guild; the merchant feels threatened by the use of the name 'Merss' (Ja 43-45).

Vlad chats with the proprietor of a witchcraft supply shop, who thinks he's an erdergbassor (approximately: 'bad' witch); again, the name 'Merss' provokes a bad reaction; similar results at a shoemaker (Ja 45-47).

Vlad meets Orbahn, who warns Vlad not to ask too many questions; the local Guild is unusually powerful, and led by a man named Chayoor (Ja 48-51).

Jhegaala, chapter 3

Loiosh bugs Vlad about his motives (Ja 52-53).

Vlad is approached by a prostitute, Tereza; she reacts to the name 'Merss' also; she suggests he talks to Zolie the coachman (Ja 53-56). Later Vlad believes that Orbahn set up his meeting with her (Ja 243).

p.54: "...during the cold winters." Much other evidence suggests that it is springtime, and not a particularly cold one at that.

Talking to Zollie; the Merss house described; history of the war between the Old Count and the witches (Ja 56-62). For more on that conflict, see notes here.

Back to the Pointy Hat for sleep (Ja 62-63).

Jhegaala, chapter 4

Ja, day 8

Breakfast, walking south (Ja 64-66)

p.66: "Rocza still couldn't drink out of my palm without tickling me with her tongue." Rocza has only associated with Vlad for less than a year, and doesn't have the direct psychic connection that Loiosh has.

Vlad finds the Merss house, burned to the ground, with six bodies (Ja 66-67).

Vlad walks to the nearest neighbors; they lend shovels, and send for Father Noij; digging (Ja 68-71).

Father Noij arrives; inheritance is discussed; total body count is 7; burial rites; a meal (Ja 71-74).

Father Noij gives Vlad a ride back to town; on vengeance (Ja 74-75).

Vlad decides to use magic to heal his blisters tomorrow; dreams of digging (Ja 75-76).

Jhegaala, chapter 5

Ja, day 9

Waking up in pain; getting emotions controlled enough to do a spell; in the stable; arguing with Loiosh about whether this is a reasonable risk (Ja 79-83).

Performing the ritual; Loiosh may have detected a skilled witch scanning Vlad during the ritual (Ja 83-85).

p.84: "Once I closed that pouch--I'd crafted it myself--the stone might as well have been a hundred miles away." When and where? He only received the amulet at the end of Phoenix. It's possible that he made it in the brief time window before leaving Adrilankha. More likely, it was during the week he spent visiting Noish-pa, where he had (relative) safety, and access to plenty of witchcraft supplies.

p.85: "I have, a couple of times, actually performed a spell in the middle of a fight..." One of these was summoning Rocza, in Jhereg, chapter 17. Another time might be during Athyra, chapter 17, though that was only psychic communication. Any other instances are not yet documented.

Walking back to the Pointy Hat in an altered state; Making a life-enemy of a six-year-old; nap; Vlad notices that he thinks of Inchay as an enemy (Ja 85-87).

Vlad thinks about the Guild, the Count, local witchcraft customs, Vlad makes plans, which are pointless in hindsight (Ja 87-89).

Vlad questions Inchay, who tells him little except the location of the Guild Hall; early to bed (Ja 90-91).

Ja, day 10

Breakfast and finalizing plans; Vlad is by now "pretty well convinced" (Ja 91) that the Guild was involved in the Merss massacre (Ja 91-92).

p.92: "Boss, this has been happening too much lately. Yesterday--" Referring to the way Vlad had difficulty in calming his thoughts enough to perform the healing ritual, earlier this chapter.

At the Guild, Vlad's name is known (Ja 92-93).

Jhereg assassin teleports somewhere nearby (timing tentative, Ja 201). Perhaps Saestara?

Jhegaala, chapter 6

Vlad, surprised, speaks with Chayoor; Chayoor expresses sympathy, but gives no information (Ja 94-97).

Loiosh again tries to get Vlad to leave town; Vlad considers the players (Ja 97-99).

Vlad sends a message to Count Saekeresh (Ja 99-100).

Vlad waits; a dismissive note arrives from the Count; Vlad intends to visit him anyways (Ja 100-102).

Vlad fails to think of a good reason not to get drunk (Ja 102-103).

Although Vlad's narrative implies that he doesn't do anything at this point except drink and go to bed, the next day Eelie says, "You talked to him last night" (Ja 119), and Vlad affirms it. Is Vlad misremembering what she said? Or did he decide not to narrate the contents of that particular conversation?

Dahni given job to recruit Vlad "I don't know. Two, three days ago, I guess?" (Ja 149). Mid-day of day 10 would be after Vlad wrote to the Count, but before Vlad visited him. It is probably just after getting the note that the Count sets Dahni on Vlad (Ja 152). Dahni then follows Vlad for "a couple of days" (Ja 153) -- maybe; it would have been easy to track most of Vlad's moves through gossip and he only "knew most of the answers" (Ja 153).

Dahni recruited by the Jhereg assassin "after His Lordship gave me the assignment to follow you" (Ja 210, exact timing speculative).

Zollie murdered "last night" (Ja 114). Vlad replies with "A busy night--I was harmed as well." (Ja 114). Vlad is implying that he was harmed on the same night. Is he lying? Or is this something else he didn't tell the reader?

Ja, day 11

Waking up; dressing up as best he can; hiring a horse and riding to the manor (Ja 103-105).

p.104: "...the Imperial Seal Her Majesty had given me for being an idiot in a good cause--sorry, long story--" Phoenix, especially chapter 17.

Arriving at the manor; Vlad gives the butler a package, which gains him entrance (Ja 106-107).

Jhegaala, chapter 7

Vlad brought to the Count (Ja 108-109).

Vlad pretends to be an agent of the Empress, investigating potential paper purchases (Ja 109-111).

p.111: "How about tomorrow?" Indeed, Vlad receives a note tomorrow allowing him to see the mill; see chapter 9.

Vlad chats with the Count about various topics, including the Guild, and light/dark witchcraft; the Count reveals that Zollie was killed by witchcraft last night (Ja 111-115).

p.111: "It once belonged to the old Baron, before he sold it to my grandfather." "Sold" may not be strictly accurate, see chapter 13.

p.113: "I only got to town a couple of days ago." Five days, actually.

Vlad pumps the butler for info about Zollie's death, learning the name of his girlfriend, Eelie (Ja 115-116).

A meal at the Mouse; questioning Eelie (Ja 117-120).

Back to the Pointy Hat; incense; Vlad ponders the situation, deciding he needs to find the local Coven (Ja 120-124).

p.122: "It was possible there was an assassin heading this way, right now, as fast as teleportation and feet could carry him." And, indeed, there is. Just about now, the Jhereg assassin reaches the vicinity of Burz: "with a good horse, maybe another day or two to get here" (Ja 201). This means that he contacted Dahni almost immediately upon arrival. Dahni later says "two weeks ago" (Ja 210); I make it 13 days, which is close enough.

p.123: "I considered the plan I'd come up with, all of--uh, two days ago?" Yes, on day 9, chapter 5.

Jhegaala, chapter 8

Evening; Vlad goes for a walk (Ja 125-126).

Vlad approached by Dahni with a vague offer of information (Ja 126-129).

p.127: "What's his name?" Count Saekeresh, according to what he says in chapter 9.

p.128: "...oh, I don't know, a few hundred years ago, maybe, when some peasant turned up an old recipe for making really good paper... He sold it to the Count..." Other evidence (especially in chapter 14 suggests this happened about 80 years ago; see notes at 160 PI.

p.129 "I'm sorry, Lord Taltos." Who told him that name? Vlad appears to notice, but doesn't explicitly say so anywhere in the text. It's not clear whether Dahni dropped the name as a deliberate threat, or whether it was accidental. By this time Vlad knows that the Guild (and presumably the Coven) know his real name, so he may think Dahni may be working with them (which, perhaps, he is). Dahni later claims he didn't learn Vlad's real name from the Count (Ja 152).

Vlad considers the encounter with Dahni; questioning Inchay, and getting indirect information from him; Loiosh tails a witch (Ja 129-132).

p.130: "How many days have we been here, Loiosh?" Almost exactly 6 days at this point.

Vlad goes to the witch's house and sneaks in (Ja 132-133).

Questioning the witch's wife (Ja 133-138).

p.133: "...with humans, the throat is more intimidating than the back of the neck; I'm not sure exactly why that is..." The reasons are actually pretty obvious when you think about it. It is much more difficult to sever a spine then it is to slit a throat. If you cut an Easterner's throat, he'll die in a minute or two, but if you chop at the back of his neck, there's a good chance the blow will glance off bone and do no lasting damage. While much of this remains true in a Dragaeran context, much is also different. A Dragaeran can use his few seconds of consciousness to psychically contact a friend or physicker, or maybe even teleport to one if he's skilled enough. Even if he passes out, there's a good chance he'll get medical help fast enough to survive, or failing that, get revivified from the dead. Contrariwise, if a Dragaeran's spine is severed, then they are dead dead dead with no hope of coming back. And while severing a spine is still non-trivial, a Dragaeran can expect to be threatened by someone with a very sharp knife, and who has studied his spinal anatomy.

p.135: The 'evil' Merss left "years ago. Before I was born. I just heard about it." Does she mean "just heard" as in "I have no responsibility" or as in "someone told me very recently"? It's possible that this topic was discussed at a recent Coven meeting.]

p.136: "There are such things as demons, and, yes, they can be summoned, but not by witchcraft." Vlad is perhaps overly dismissive here. See Brokedown Palace, especially the notes about Brigitta's background. " time I caused a small object to be transported to me from thousands of miles away using witchcraft..." Taltos.

Back to the Pointy Hat to sleep (Ja 138-139).

Ja, day 12

Jhegaala, chapter 9

Waking and coffee; the witch appears not to have talked; a note from the Count allowing Vlad to inspect the mill (Ja 140-142).

Vlad walks to the dock; deciding that the mill is a trap, and not to go there; more pondering (Ja 142-144).

Dahni presumably reports to the Count sometime in the afternoon (Ja 154, 146).

Vlad has Loiosh watch Dahni's house; waiting most of the day; Dahni comes home in the Count's coach, but Vlad wants to wait until things get quieter (Ja 144-147).

p.146: "A small coach and two men..." Apparently one of Saekeresh's guards is, at least temporarily, filling in for Zollie as coachman.

Vlad questions Dahni, violently (Ja 147-154).

p.149: ""I work for Count Saekeresh..." True, but incomplete. We later learn that Dhahni was working with the Jhereg assassin. I believe he was also in cahoots with the Guild and Coven. See notes at The Case of the Missing Merss. Why is Dahni confused by Vlad asking, "I suppose you have no idea why he didn't just ask me himself when we spoke?" Is Dahni so used to intrigue that this seems nonsensical? "I don't know. Two, three days ago, I guess?" That would have been sometime during day 10, see notes to chapter 6.

p.151: "I'm told the Merss family practiced the darker sort." Does Dahni mean the ones who left several decades ago, the ones who left more recently, or the ones who just got killed? And told by whom? " immediately found the representative of the Guild and, as I understand it, as much as told him to his face you were going to break up the Guild." See notes at The Case of the Missing Merss.

p.152: "His Lordship called me in, and said I was to approach you about working with him..." This would have been yesterday (day 11), presumably after Vlad met with the Count.

p.153: "How long had you been following me, waiting for an opportunity?" / "Not long. A couple of days." I think Dahni is not answering the question Vlad actually asked. He did follow Vlad for a few days, but (as far as I can tell) only spent a few hours "waiting for an opportunity" to approach him after the Count ordered him to do so. "I asked some questions about where I'd gone and who I'd seen, and he knew most of the answers." Which ones didn't he know, and why not?

Back to the inn; more pondering; Vlad checks in to the Mouse (Ja 155-156).

p.155: "...and running a little free-lance business on the side... Could I make a good guess on timing? No, not really. At least a day, no matter what. Probably not more than a week. Could be anywhere in that range." Vlad has deduced that Dahni is working with a Jheereg assassin. He is trying to figure out how long he has before the assassin strikes.

Ja, day 13

Jhegaala, chapter 10

Waking after a good night's sleep; a message from Saekeresh suggesting a visit tomorrow; Vlad can't think of any way to make that safer (Ja 157-159).

Vlad asks the hostess about Dahni; apparently he finds girls for the Count; browsing a bookshop (Ja 160-162).

p.162: "I'd now been almost a week in the village of Burz". No, you've been there for eight days, which is more than a week even by Eastern reckoning, and could reasonably be called "almost two weeks" by Dragaeran.

Ja, day 14

Sharpening weapons; a different Endweek; chatting with the hostess (Ja 162-166).

p.162-163: "I wondered why Cawti and I had never hired a servant. We could have afforded one, and I'd obliquely brought up the subject now and then. I tried to remember her reaction on those occasions, and how the subject had been put aside, but I couldn't." Which is an interesting insight into how they drifted apart, politically.

Talking to Inchay (Ja 166-167).

p.166: "Haven't seen him in days..." We haven't seen him since day 7, 7 days ago.

Riding back to the Count; Loiosh spots Orbahn; Orbahn questions the stable-boy, then meets with Tereza; Vlad sets Loiosh and Rocza to follow thm both (Ja 168-171).

Vlad talks with the Count; the Count drugs Vlad (Ja 172-173).

p.173: "I couldn't tell if he was just skeptical, or knew I was lying, and that is exactly what I needed to know." Because if the Count does know about Vlad's skills, he could only have learned that from the Jhereg.

Ja, days 15-16

Jhegaala, chapter 11

Vlad has incoherent perceptions of movement and time; Vlad is questioned, but learns more than his interrogators; the Count thinks Vlad is here on behalf of some other Fenarian noble, to steal his paper recipe (Ja 177-179).

Ja, day 17

Vlad has been out of communication for "three days" (Ja 181).

Loiosh mentally contacts Vlad; Rocza is hurt; Vlad realizes how much trouble he's in (Ja 179-182).

p.179: "A child's voice whispered, "I'm sorry,"... the voice seemed to warm me, somehow, and I stopped shivering." Devera, doing what she can to help Vlad. He later realizes that she "...hadn't been apologizing, she'd been expressing sympathy." (Ja 188).

p.180: "When they grabbed you, Boss. As soon as they grabbed you-" How to pull off such precise timing? Psychic communication of some sort, presumably. The way most clearly available to the villagers is that between a witch and a familiar. Vlad spends much of this story sending his jhereg to spy on people unnoticed -- while neither he nor the jhereg ever noticed the small birds and cats which must have been spying on Vlad. This may also be how the witch who read his mind knew when to do so. "...they were planning to do unpleasant things to me. That had happened once before..." Teckla, chapter 6.

Ja, day 17-21?

Later, Loiosh says "You've been in there for a week now" (Ja 186).

Tortured by the Guild (Ja 182-185).

p.183: "...her web grew as I watched, lines forming in patterns that reminded me of something I'd seen once, something associated with vast quantities of water." Presumably ship rigging; see Phoenix, chaper 2.

p.184: "You are working either for the Empire, or for a private entrepreneur." They also seem to think Vlad was here to steal the paper recipe, though they think he's working for a Dragaeran, not a Fenarian.

At some point in this process, Vlad's captors "attach" his amulet to him, in an unspecified but presumably painful manner (Ja 186).

Ja, day 21?

Loiosh talks to a barely-coherent Vlad; Vlad tells Loiosh to contact Dahni (Ja 185-189).

p.188: "I didn't feel like telling Loiosh how I knew; he'd raise all sorts of objections, and I couldn't deal with those right now." Dahni will help rescue Vlad because he's in the pay of the Jhereg assassin. "What is the name of the traitor, what does the King plan, and when will he be making his move?" The questioner now seems to think that Vlad is working for the King, whom he thinks intends to move against the Guild.

Jhegaala, chapter 12

Vlad watches the torturer die (Ja 191-192).

Dahni doesn't want to pause to reclaim SPellbreaker, but Loiosh and Rocza convince him (Ja 192-193).

p.192: " brief stint in the army." Dragon.

Vlad forces Dahni to bring him to the Count (Ja 193-195).

p.194: " the mercy of someone who made a career of being merciless." That is, the Jhereg assassin.

Arrival at the Count's; a physicker (Ja 195-197).

p.196: "I have tied down your hand so you can't injure it more." And at long last, albeit very obliquely, we find out what happened to Vlad's Missing Finger.

Dahni presumably meets with the Jhereg assassin to report what happened. The assassin asks him to gain more information, and to check in with him every day, an hour before dusk (speculative, based on Dahni's testimony, Ja 211).

Ja, day 22

Vlad recuperates; Loiosh remains worried; Vlad's amulet surgically removed (Ja 197-198).

Ja, day 23

Three witches find themselves unable to heal Vlad; Vlad claims to be naturally immune to witchcraft (Ja 198-199).

Vlad tells Loiosh of his deductions (Ja 199-201).

p.199: "Dahni said that talking to me in the dark like that would give him an edge." What Dahni actually said (according to Vlad's earlier narrative) was, "I saw you heading out there. I thought it might give me an edge." (Ja 153). Dahni makes no explicit mention of darkness, or of Vlad's poor night vision (unless it was lost somewhere in the chain of recollections and translations between the event and the text). Why doesn't Vlad mention Dahni's use of his real name at this juncture?

p.200: "...there is a Jhereg assassin here?" How did the Jhereg locate Vlad? Three possibilities that I see: (1) Removing his Gold Phoenix stone, even for a few moments, was enough to get a fix on him. This would imply that Gold Phoenix stone has a much smaller radius of effect than Black (which protects Vlad even when resting on his pillow). I don't care for this answer, as it makes Vlad seem to be an idiot for leaving such an opening. (2) They found him via witchcraft while he performed his Working. I liked this idea for a while, but after re-examining how Vlad pulled a similar trick in Jhereg, it seems less likely. That ritual took multiple highly skilled witches a long time to perform, whereas Vlad was only vulnerable for "an hour" (Ja 82). On the other hand, it's possible that someone else could refine the ritual Vlad came up with to be more efficient. At the very least, however, I believe that they must have been alerted that the window of opportunity was open by the removal of the gold stone; witchcraft just doesn't seem to operate on such an immediate basis. [And how would the Jhereg even think of such a ritual? That part's easy. Any assassin researching Vlad would have talked to Daymar under some pretense or other, and I find it entirely plausible that he would talk at length about this "fascinating problem in interdisciplinary magic" that he once had to solve.] (3) Vlad believes that Orbahn (and thus both Guild and Coven?) can't contact the Jhereg (Ja 239). Given how many things he's been wrong about in the course of this story, he could easily be wrong about this as well. When some local witch got Vlad's name out of his head, she got a lot more also. At minimum, she got some knowledge about Vlad's amulet. It's not implausible that she also got some information on why he wears it. Since the Coven/Guild clearly fears Vlad, they might well try to summon that which Vlad himself fears, to counter him. I find this possibility the most satisfying of the three. "When Dahni made the remark about talking to me in the dark giving him an edge." Back in chapter 9.

p.201: "A day to teleport into the mountains to somewhere someone has memorized, and, with a good horse, maybe another day or two to get here.". Vlad took off his amulet the morning of day 9; Dahni knew about his night vision by the night of day 11.

The Count apologizes to Vlad; Vlad tells the Count his worries of assassination, probably by sorcery (Ja 202-203).

p.203: "I don't suppose you know of a convenient cave?" On the one hand, Vlad may be thinking of his cave-hiding experiences in Athyra. On the other, he may be fishing for possible meeting places of the Coven.

Vlad tries to figure things out about his assassin; he asks the Count to get Dahni (Ja 203-204).

Aybrahmis does more work on Vlad, while Vlad tries to think about art criticism (Ja 204-206).

The Count returns with Dahni (Ja 206).

Jhegaala, chapter 13

Vlad asks Dahni where the Jhereg assassin is; Dahni tells him; Vlad tells Dahni to set up the assassin (Ja 209-213).

p.211: "It would have been, ah, two weeks ago." Fenarian weeks, so 14 days. My calculations put it between 12 and 13 days ago, which is close enough for general conversation.

Vlad tells the Count to send a troop after the assassin, with Nesiffa powder (Ja 213-214).

Vlad and Loiosh discuss how they have bought time, but not solved things; the assassin has been killed; the Count asks about the Morganti dagger (Ja 214-216).

p.216: "...put it in your vault..." Vlad accomplishes two things here. First, he establishes that Saekeresh does have a vault. Secondly, if the Morganti dagger ends up inside it, that might help Vlad locate the vault later.

Vlad suggests that he be moved into town, before another assassin arrives; Rocza likes Vlad (Ja 216-217).

p.217: "I had acquired her..." Jhereg, chapter 17.

Ja, day 24

More treatment; Vlad moved to the Mouse (Ja 217-220).

Meeting Meehayi; nap; meal (Ja 220-221).

Ja, day 25

Vlad plots vengeance; nap; meal; nap; meal (Ja 221-223).

Vlad convinces Loiosh to follow Orbahn; meal (Ja 223-225).

Jhegaala, chapter 14

Vlad chats with Meehayi about his family and about local history (Ja 226-228).

p.227: "It was in my great-great-grandfather's time." About 83 years ago, see notes to Witch War.

Vlad asks Meehayi to ask Father Noij to visit; Meehayi is strong, but not necessarily stupid; nap; meal (Ja 228-229).

Father Noij visits, and answers some questions about local history and politics (Ja 229-236).

p.235: "I remembered a Teckla I'd recently met..." Paresh, in Teckla, chapter 2.

Chatting with Loiosh, then Meehayi (Ja 236-237).

Ja, day 26

Loiosh tries (again) to get Vlad to leave; Loiosh and Rocza go to try and find Orbahn (Ja 237-238).

Loiosh follows Orbahn from the Guild Hall out of town; Orbahn enters a concealed cave to meet with the Coven (Ja 238-241).

p.239: "...I don't want there to be an assassin this close yet... Vlad's being awfully optimistic. It's been almost 2 full days since the last one died; the next one should at least be en route by now.

Jhegaala, chapter 15

Filling in Loiosh (somewhat) over supper; sending Loiosh to find Tereza (Ja 242-243).

Vlad asks Meehayi about the Saabo family, and about rumors of what Vlad's been up to (Ja 243-247).

p.246: "It's a damned good thing Cawti and I never had kids..." They may have by now; at the very least, Cawti is pregnant with Vlad Norathar at this time.

p.247: "I should be grateful the Dagger of the Jhereg was no longer in business..." The Dagger of the Jhereg is Cawti, Vlad's estranged wife. They met when she successfully assassinated him, in Yendi (Vlad was revivified).

Ja, day 27

The physicker thinks Vlad is "out of danger" (Ja 246-247).

Saabo visits, and answers some questions (Ja 247-253).

Vlad asks Aybrahmis about venereal diseases (Ja 253-256).

Vlad tells Loiosh to come back, since he's deduced that Tereza is dead (Ja 256-257).

p.257: "She's dead." Vlad thinks Tereza was killed because she could have implicated the Guild (Ja 259). I'm not sure why, since it's not clear to me that she had any incriminating knowledge in the first place. And she did say she was leaving Burz for Fenario City (Ja 56). It would be amusing if Vlad ran across her during his year of recovery. If it was important that Tereza not be allowed to talk, why would Orbahn have been left alive?

Jhegaala, chapter 16

Vlad discusses matters with Loiosh; the three-legged stool of Count, Guild, and Coven (Ja 258-260).

Discussing class differences with Meehayi (Ja 260-262).

Vlad comes up with a plan to kick over the stool and then escape; Vlad mulls whether the Jhereg will have time to reach him - he hopes not (Ja 262-265).

Vlad fakes a witchcraft attack on himself; Aybrahmis believes it (Ja 265-269).

Vlad demands sanctuary from Father Noij (Ja 269-271).

Vlad sends Rocza to find Orbahn, then Loiosh to follow him (Ja 271-273).

Jhegaala, Interlude

Vlad watches through Loiosh's eyes as Chayoor is arrested, then killed by witchcraft (Ja 275-277).

p.276: " coachman for the criminal." Especially if the criminal is the one who killed the last coachman.

Loiosh watches Orbahn; Orbahn sees Chayoor's body, then flees to a Coven meeting-place in the woods (Ja 277-278).

Jhegaala, chapter 17

Vlad tells Meehayi where to find the Coven; Father Noij tries to stop the mob from lynching the Coven, unsuccessfully; six leaders of the Coven are hanged, including Orbahn (Ja 279-282).

Father Noij has brought a boat; Meehayi and his brother bring Vlad to it (Ja 282-283).

p.283: "I had done a bit of ocean sailing before." In Phoenix, chapters 2 and 5.

Ja, days 28-30

"The boat trip lasted three days..." (Ja 284).

Vlad travels on the boat, attended by Meehayi (Ja 283-284).

Ja, day 29

"...he said we should be arriving tomorrow." (Ja 284).

Meehayi considers killing Vlad; Vlad explains himself (Ja 284-296).

p.292: "I surprised a flush out of him when he wasn't expecting it. Chapter 15: " might enlist the aid of a witch to concoct poultices, medications--" / He nodded. / I kept looking at him. He flushed just the least bit, but didn't say anything. My nod I kept entirely to myself. (Ja 254).

Vlad tells Loiosh that "most of" what he just related was true; he plans to come back to avenge himself on Saekeresh in a year (Ja 297).

Vlad's Missing Finger

During his travels, Vlad loses a finger from his left hand at some point. He tells everyone who asks about it a different story. In publication order:

Athyra, chapter 4: "Oh, yes. If someone is swinging a sword at you, and you are unarmed, it is possible to deflect the blade with your hand by keeping your palm exactly parallel with the flat of the blade. Your timing has to be perfect. Also, you ought to remember to keep your pinkie out of the way." Note that Vlad doesn't actually say that's what happened to him, but he strongly implies it.

Orca, chapter 1: "A very heavy weight." This one might be technically true, though it certainly gives an incomplete impression at best.

Issola, chapter 1: "A sorcerer tried to eviscerate me from across a room, and either his aim was off, or I was too fast with Spellbreaker. Or not fast enough, depending on how you want to look at it." This sounds a little like Vlad's encounter with Loraan in Taltos, chapter 6. Of course, that event had nothing to do with his missing finger.

Dzur, chapter 1: "I went back East for visit, and forgot to pack it when I returned." Close to true, actually. In chapter 10, Vlad again says that he lost his finger out East.

Finally, in Jhegaala, chapters 12 and 13, we find out what happened. Even there, it's pretty oblique. Vlad is badly tortured in chapter 11. In chapter 12 a physicker ties down his left hand "so you can't injure it more" (Ja 196), and Loiosh is worried about his left hand (Ja 201). Later, the physicker "fiddled with my left hand" Ja 204, while Vlad distracted himself staring at art, until he no longer could: "You try, and find your hand doesn't work anymore. Because your hand is going from one thing to another, all the time, changing, moving, shifting" (Ja 205). A day or two later (chapter 13), the physicker says "I think ... that you will, for the most part, recover full use of your hand" (Ja 219). In the Epilogue, Vlad makes one final oblique reference to his finger: "...I was well and whole; well, almost whole." (Ja 299).

In Iorich, chapter 2, vlad continues his tradition of changing his story, by claiming the loss of his finger was due to "A minor insect bite followed by a major infection" (Ir 52). In chapter 14 he implies that he lost the finger in a knife-sharpening accident (Ir 254).

In Hawk, chapter 13, Vlad tells Sara, "A dzur wanted my hand for a snack and mostly missed." (H 247).

In Vallista, chapter 9, Vlad tells Odelpho, "I was born that way. Among my people it is a sign of high destiny to be born missing a finger" (V 185).

~7-9 (Terran) months after Phoenix (but still in 244 PI).

Vlad Norathar born (O 290). Aliera attended the birth, which was "easy and nearly painless" (Dz 282). Cawti writes of him to Noish-pa "as soon as I was able" (Dz 282).

Possibly it is around this time, when Cawti is presumably quite distracted, that the Organization "popped back up, only outside of her control." (Dz 26).

Summer 244 through Spring 245 PI

Jhegaala, Epilogue

Vlad hides in Fenario City for "just about a year" (Ja 299). Presumably the rest of 244 PI. There's room for another few books in there, possibly.

Vlad hears Eastern musicians play chardosh (speculative, Dz 105).

Vlad learns about Eastern royalty? (Ir 50, 51 suggest this, but only vaguely).

The Case of the Missing Merss

Discussing some mysteries of Jhegaala in greater detail.

Part 1: Burz Politics during Jhegaala

The Coven:

Vlad assumes throughout that the Coven is not a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Guild. I don't see much independent support for believing this. Although there is a lot of Witchcraft going on in this story, almost all of it seems designed to benefit the Guild (save for the killing of Chayoor).

While there may have originally been a three-legged stool, it's already wobbly by the time Vlad arrives. It seems to me that the story makes more sense if you assume that the Coven is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Guild at this time. Or at least firmly under Chayoor's dominance. Vlad states that "the Guild had managed to discover at least some of the leaders of the Coven" (Ja 293). While this makes sense, Vlad seems to be speculating here; we didn't see him discover any facts about this. Vlad says that the Coven killed the Merss family (Ja 294), but emotionally identified Chayoor as responsible ("child-killing bastard", Ja 276).

Vlad must not only have deduced this connection between Guild and Coven, he must also have convinced the Count of it, in some offstage scene. Otherwise, why would Vlad expect -- correctly -- that the Count would react to what looks like an attempted-murder-by-witchcraft by arresting Chayoor? Though that does beg the question of why the Count didn't immediately arrest Chayoor over the murder of Zollie, once he knew of the connection. Perhaps he planned to do a full investigation, but Vlad wasn't willing to wait for that and sped matters up.

Vlad thinks Zollie was not killed by witchcraft, because it was too un-subtle (286-287). But we know that the entire Merss family was killed by witchcraft, and Vlad seems to think it was on Chayoor's orders. There's no reason why he wouldn't also order Zollie's death by witchcraft. We know they are capable of killing in that manner, as that's how they kill Chayoor. The Coven remains safe (at least temporarily) due to their secrecy. The only outsider who knows their identity is both the one who ordered the crime, and the authority in charge of investigating it. Killing Chayoor was risky, but if Vlad had not interfered, they might well have maintained their secrecy through the ensuing investigation.

Saekeresh's Heir:

Speaking of shaky stool-legs, there's another character who is conspicuous by his absence: an heir to Count Saekeresh. While there might be one offstage, there is no mention in the text of a Countess or a son. There is mention that the Count uses prostitutes, which suggests (weakly) that he has no current wife, nor is he actively seeking one. Eighty-Three is very old by Eastern standards. What happens to Burz -- and the mill -- if he dies with no heir? Or if he does have an heir, who is it, and how will they handle things differently? What does the Guild think about this situation? Perhaps the reason they think it likely that the King would send an investigator is that the King inherits the property in the absence of an heir. Is this what protects the Count from the Guild? Is Chayoor consolidating power in order to be able to deal with the Count's eventual successor from a position of strength?

Are there any heirs of the Old Baron still around? And if so, do they have a legal claim if the Count dies intestate? Could the Merss family be (or be rumored to be) heirs of the Baron? (This last is very weakly suggested by the rumor that Vlad is "...a spirit of the Evil Baron, returned for revenge.", Ja 245.)

Dahni and Orbahn:

We know that Dahni was working for both Count Saekeresh and the Jhereg assassin. Many things make more sense if you assume he was also selling his services to the Guild and Coven. This would explain how he knew Vlad's real name. If I'm correct in thinking that the Guild summond the Jhereg assassin (see notes to Jhegaala, chapter 12), this would also explain how Dahni and the assassin got together. Dahni's account of Vlad's initial impact on Burz (Ja 151) sounds like he got it either directly from Orbahn, or from someone else who Orbahn was in confidence with. I say this not because of its accuracy, but due to the slant of its inaccuracies.

Let's talk a bit about Orbahn. Practically everything the man says -- to anyone -- is a lie. He lies to Vlad when he says he doesn't know the Merss family (Ja 35, 50) and when he says that he isn't "involved" in the town very much (Ja 50). He lies to Dahni (or whoever Dahni heard it from) when he says that Vlad "...immediately found the representative of the Guild..." when in fact Orbahn approached Vlad; and again when he says Vlad " much as told him to his face you were going to break up the Guild" (Ja 151). And he lies to the Guild about what happened when he attacked Loiosh, leading them to believe "your familiars are no more" (Ja 181) -- when it sounds from Loiosh's account as if he got away clean (Ja 180). (Tereza may well have believed that her target was dead, since Rocza was apparently at least wounded. Ja 179.)

Orbahn and Dahni both seem willing to work with anyone, and say whatever they think will make them look best, regardless of truth or loyalty. Orbahn does seem more skilled at this behavior than Dahni, though. Vlad even thinks that Orbahn might see through Vlad's ruse (Ja 267).

Part 2: The Missing Motives

The first big questions of the story are raised within the first 67 pages: Why do people react to the name Merss as if it were a threat? And why were the Merss farmers killed? While these questions seem closely related, neither is really answered. Vlad's one "explanation" is as follows: "The Merss family, after all, had been, years and years ago, their [the Coven's] enemies, and now a man they couldn't touch or investigate with witchcraft was about to make contact with them. They didn't know what I had in mind, but it couldn't be good, and so they acted." (Ja 294). While this is probably true as far as it goes, it is, to say the least, woefully inadequate as a motive for mass murder. I have pieced together one possible explanation, based on the few available facts.

While interrogating the unnamed witch woman, Vlad says of part of the Merss family, "I thought they had only left ten or fifteen years ago." And she replies, " Oh, them. I don't think they were witches. The just left because, well, because having the name Merss isn't easy around here. I think they went to the City." (Ja 137). And Zollie also said, "Unless you mean the cousins; they moved away some years ago. I don't know where, but probably to Fenario. The city, I mean." (Ja 58). So part of the Merss family moved away between about 229 and 234 PI. Vaski also may be referencing these cousins when he says, "There were [other Merss] once; they've moved away to get away from -- from things." (Ja 72). What "things" were these?

I believe Something Important happened around the time the Merss cousins left town. I still don't know exactly what it was, but it had both a public and a secret aspect. Publicly, the Guild became enemies of the Merss family. This becomes widely enough known that almost no one will talk about them, for fear of angering the Guild (Ja 58). The Guild encourages the peasantry to believe that the Merss are evil witches, and have nothing to do with them. Although Vlad doesn't speak to anyone who actually does believes that, at least two people claim that others believe it (Ja 70, 151).

While the Guild hated the Merss family, they also clearly feared them (Ja 44). The Merss family had some sort of ability to harm the Guild, though they appear never to have exercised it. Most likely, given the corruption of the Guild, this power is in the form of a Big Secret that the Guild doesn't want known. (It's conceivable that their Big Secret actually is some sort of powerful Black Magic or demon summoning ability, but I doubt it.) I think the Merss family learned something 10-15 years ago, and the Guild doesn't want it known. Whatever this Big Secret is, it probably involves something illegal, since the Guild is paranoid about the King discovering it. The Guild are worried about a traitor in their midst, who would sell them out to the King (Ja 188).

Maybe the significant question isn't "Why were the Merss farmers killed?" Maybe the real question is, "Why were the Merss farmers left alive -- until Vlad appeared?" One presumes that the Guild didn't coincidentally acquire the ability to do the killing at the same time Vlad happened to show up. So why didn't they use it earlier? Because any such mass killing would lead to an investigation, and such an investigation would eventually lead to the Merss cousins in Fenario City -- who also know the Big Secret. The separation between the two branches of the family lets them each act as the other's backup.

The Guild only act when they think the Secret is about to come out anyways. They think Vlad has come to Burz on a mission from the King, specifically in order to find the Big Secret, and that that is why he is seeking the Merss farmers. Given how poorly they've treated the Merss family over the past few decades, they have no reason to think that the Merss won't cooperate with an investigation. So they have no choice but to act, and act fast. They need to kill all the Merss, as fast as possible.

Part 3: Vlad's Reticence

Vlad is an unreliable narrator, who sometimes withholds information from the reader. Sometimes he does this to create surprise, sometimes to skip boring bits, sometimes to minimize his own embarrassment. It's typical for this to happen 2-4 times per book. In Jhegaala, it happens at least 10 times, which is worth remarking on.

I believe that Vlad spends much of this narrative withholding information from the reader, and occasionally outright lying -- in order to protect his remaining family. Indeed, I believe that his intent was not to reveal the existence of surviving family members at all, but he accidentally let a few details slip through. (He was presumably narrating to a linear recording device, and didn't have the luxury of carefully editing his words later.)

If my suppositions in Part 2 are correct, then the Merss cousins in Fenario City were in great danger during Jhegaala as well. The Guild probably couldn't reach them immediately, but would need to kill them before the cousins heard about the slaughter of the Burz Merss, in order to keep their Big Secret. This is, I posit, a strong additional reason why Vlad is so concerned with killing the leadership of the Guild and Coven as quickly as possible, and why he travels to Fenario City as soon as possible after that. It isn't just vengeance and personal safety he's after; he wants to protect his remaining family.

Whatever the Big Secret is, it remains dangerous to know, even with the leaders of the Burz Coven and Guild dead. It's entirely possible that the Merss cousins participated in something illegal, and would be implicated as well if the secret came out. And so, Vlad does his best to leave the cousins and their Secret entirely out of his narrative. Although he generally exhibits extraordinary trust for "The Box" (he's already narrated at least three books to it), that trust doesn't quite stretch to cover his Fenarian cousins. His lack of understanding how things work in Fenario has already gotten seven of his kin murdered; he's going to be extra cautious about the few remaining survivors. Or perhaps he is narrating this story in a place where he worries about being overheard (see speculation in the Orca section of the essay Unreliable Narrators).

Does Vlad actually know the Big Secret himself? I think he does, and that he learned it from Zollie, very shortly before Zollie was murdered. Naturally, Vlad doesn't tell us of this conversation, instead inventing a scene of maudlin drunkenness (Ja 102-103). But the next day, speaking to Eelie, she says, "You talked to him last night" (Ja 119), and Vlad admits it. Alternatively (or additionally, if each had only part of the puzzle), he may have had an unrevealed conversation with Tereza. That would explain why Vlad thinks the Guild had to kill her. For that matter, Vlad probably got some pieces of the Secret from the questions he was asked under torture.

I hope Vlad got to meet some of his family and talk to them. Maybe one day he'll even feel safe enough to tell us about it.

During Vlad's Travels, 244-???

"A long time later, in the cottage of an Eastern family" Vlad reads a history of the riots (P 183-184).

Vlad narrates Phoenix. He says there (P 1) that it tells of the last time he killed someone, but he's clearly killed since then (see below). Perhaps Vlad seeks out his "audience" as one of the few truly safe ways he can think of to raise a little cash fast. It can't have been as he was leaving town, since he refers to one event as "a long time later" (P 183). Possibly, this might have been near the end of Orca (see speculation in the Orca section of the essay Unreliable Narrators).

Vlad encourages bandits to attack him; allegedly only once or twice before Athyra (A 44).

Vlad meets a philosopher, then kills her ("a couple of years ago" as of Athyra, A 58-59).

Vlad still has a large fortune, though he doesn't carry it around with him (O 236).

Vlad possibly visits some small kingdoms near Lake Nivaper, though the reference is unclear ("I know them", Is 105).

Vlad tours "the islands" (implied in Is 195, likely after Phoenix, which is his first time on a ship (P 18) -- possibly not, though, if he hired teleports).

Vlad learns some curses from some Orca he "briefly traveled with" (Dz 229).

Gasto gets killed (There's a weak implication that this happened after Vlad fled in Phoenix, H 179).

245 PI

Savn starts studying with Master Wag ("a year before", A 80).

Cawti regains (partial) control of South Adrilankha, and tries to run things more moderately (Dz 26, dating speculative).

Kragar changes recognition codes ("We haven't used that code in three years", Dz 220).

Shortly after leaving Fenario City, Vlad steals Count Saekeresh's paper recipe and mails it to the Empress (Ja 299).

Vlad returns to Mount Saestara "a year and a couple of weeks" from his last time there (Ja 299-300). That would put it at late Spring.

A petroleum refinery blows up near the Antlers Inn in Adrilankha ("years ago", Ti 194). Date uncertain; the rubble has been cleared, but there doesn't appear to have been any re-building in the area (Ti 195).

246 PI


"I've avoided the Jhereg for more than two years" (A 242). Probably about 2 1/2, as he left in spring, and now "summer is almost over" (A 3).

Vlad's last known time and location were Mount Saestara, about 1.25 years ago. If Vlad walked in a straight line (unlikely), that would have been, according to Bryan Newell's map, a distance of 2384 miles, for an average speed of ~6.6 miles/day. At a leisurely pace, with some breaks, we can imagine an average walking speed of ~7.5 miles/day, for a total distance of ~2,700 miles.

Just before Athyra (a few days at most)

Loraan becomes aware of Vlad's presence, and contacts Ishtvan ("more than a week" as of day 6, A 201).

Athyra, Prologue

Flashforward: Roast athyra in the woods (A 1-2).

Athyra, Chapter One: dung-foot peasant

A, day 1

Savn sees a pair of Jhereg, then has a meal at Tem's, then works at Master Wag's (A 3-5).

Savn meets Vlad. They discuss witchcraft, physicking, stories, flax, professions. Vlad gives Savn a green stone (A 5-12).

Dinner; evening work (A 12-13).

Savn has a vision (A 13-14).

Rocza: Called to the Provider (A 14-15)

Athyra, Chapter Two: serving man

A, day 2

["The next day was Endweek", A 16.]

Household chores; shopping (A 16-18).

Reins, dead in his cart; a post-mortem examination (A 18-23).

Finishing errands; gossip at Tem's (A 23-27).

p.24: "the flood-year a generation ago"; We don't know what constitutes "a generation" for Dragaerans.

p.25: "he left town years ago ... He came into some money"; 7 years, to be precise. See Taltos, chapter 5.

Athyra, Chapter Three: loudmouth Speaker

Vlad visits Tem's, and asks about Reins (A 28-31).

p.30: "Savn ... decided that the missing finger was not natural, and he wondered how Vlad had lost it." See next chapter, and also the entry on Vlad's Missing Finger.

Most people leave; more gossip, mostly about Vlad; a jhereg on the roof (A 31-34).

Vlad comes back down; everyone but Savn leaves (A 34-35).

Vlad questions Savn; bodies; Reins; Loraan; necromancy; coincidence (A 35-39).

p.37: "Didn't the old Baron die just a few years ago?" Vlad's surprise is understandable, given the events of Taltos, chapter 6.

p.38: "within the last five years"; Actually, Loraan was 'killed' about 7 years ago, in 239 PI.

Vlad is distracted, presumably by Loiosh arguing that they ought to leave town (A 39-40).

Vlad offers to teach Savn some witchcraft (A 40).

Rocza: Flying to a "large structure of man" (A 40-41).

Athyra, Chapter Four: magic seer

A magic lesson in a place of power (A 42-49).

p.45: "Is that how--I mean, your hand . . ." Probably not, actually. See the entry on Vlad's Missing Finger.

p.47: "No, sorcery." See Vlad's use of magic in Athyra for discussion of this.

p.48: "Savn waited, listening to the flapping of bat wings, while Vlad's eyes narrowed, then widened slightly as he shook his head, and at last he moved his lips as if uttering an incantation." The 'bat' wings are doubtless those of Vlad's jhereg, with whom he is communicating.

p.49: "Sometime later"; see chapter 14 for more details.

Going home; teleportation (A 49-52).

A, day 3

Chores; Master Wag is frustrated at not finding Reins' cause of death (A 52-53).

The Book of Seven Wizards (A 54-57).

Polyi argues with Savn (A 57-58).

Savn seeks out Vlad; philosophies of life (A 58-59).

Athyra, Chapter Five: blessing priest

On different styles of rule; Serioli accents; talking like Athyra (A 60-64).

Filling the bucket; self-knowledge (A 64-67).

People-watching from the cliff (A 67-69).

Ways of approaching witchcraft; psychic communication (A 70-74).

p.72: "Vlad ... seemed to be remembering something ... "Many people become annoyed if you attempt to penetrate their thoughts."" See Dragon, chapter 2.

Home again (A 75).

Rocza: Following Fird (A 75-76).

Athyra, Chapter Six: cursing wizard

A, day 4

Nearing the end of the harvest; thoughts of travel (A 77-79).

Vlad is seen near the manor house, and sorcerously attacked ("the day before" Loraan's guards attack, A 201).

Tem's; Master Wag; knowing what to believe (A 80-82).

Vlad figures out that Reins was killed via necromancy; on the nature of vampires; wondering what Loraan is planning (A 83-87).

p.85: "Animals are often very sensitive to magic. Especially the dumber beasts." Vlad is joking at Loiosh's expense; Loiosh can detect magic used against Vlad (see Untold Tales of Vlad).

Athyra, Chapter Seven: poor musician

Remembering Valabar's; a minstrel expected soon (A 88-89).

Cities vs. country; the Uprising; soldiers and warriors (A 90-91).

p.90: "I've never been in the army." I guess he figures that his actions in Dragon don't count... or he just doesn't want to talk about them.

The minstrel arrives and performs; Vlad speaks with her (A 92-96).

p.92: "I suspect that won't be a problem." Vlad made an arrangement with the Minstrel's Guild back in Phoenix, chapter 7.

Savn runs from hostile friends; attacked (A 96-98).

Rocza: Frightening off the attackers (A 99-100).

Athyra, Chapter Eight: guzzling drinker

Savn worries about his parents, and the idea of leaving (A 101-102).

A, day 5

Troubled thoughts as harvest finishes (A 102-105).

Going to Tem's; confronting Vlad about last night's events (A 105-109).

p.108: "No, she never did." Kiera, starting when Vlad was 11.

p.108: "I suspect one day you'll know." Savn's suspiciions about the jhereg are confirmed just a few pages later, in fact. As to Vlad's larger motives for helping Savn, see chapter 14.

Loraan's guards attack Vlad (A 110-112).

Athyra, Chapter Nine: starving painter

Aftershock (A 113-114).

Savn gathers supplies and searches for Vlad (A 114-117).

Emergency operation (A 117-126; Dz 55).

p.121: "he'd have to cut the bottom of the sheath...." Here, Vlad narrowly avoids dying in a very ironic manner; in Phoenix, chapter 16, it is strongly implied that the tip of Vlad's sheath is poisoned. (Though Vlad may well have not kept that poison up to date, since he no longer carries poison darts, A 233.)

Rocza: Letting Savn live (A 126-127).

Athyra, Chapter Ten: wealthy trader

Tending Vlad's wounds (A 128).

Savn tries some witchcraft by himself; dreaming of flight (A 129-132).

p.132: "a laugh that reminded him of Polyi's"; almost certainly Devera.

Vlad and Savn both wake; they discuss Savn's dream (A 132-133).

Treating Vlad for Fever Imps (A 133-135).

What Vlad said in his delerium (A 135-136).

Savn sees a mob looking for Vlad; Tem, Sara, and some others decline to take part (A 136-138).

Savn gets Vlad's pack and a blanket; Master Wag appears, and wants to help (A 138-139).

Athyra, Chapter Eleven: filthy hermit

Vlad brought to the caves; his fever and infection tended; Polyi arrives (A 140-146).

Vlad wakes (A 146-148).

Savn and Polyi gather wood; Master Wag leaves them (A 148-149).

Making it through the night; Vlad is to kill Lord Smallcliff (A 149-151).

Rocza: Hunting (A 151).

Athyra, Chapter Twelve: fat old cook

A, day 6

How to roast a norska (A 151-154).

vlad discusses Morganti and motives (A 154-156).

Savn and Polyi worry, while roasting norska (A 156-158).

Eating the norska; discussing the feasibility of killing His Lordship (A 158-163).

Athyra, Chapter Thirteen: handsome soldier

Savn and Polyi worry about their parents being enchanted (A 164-165).

At Master Wag's; Savn explains his concerns (A 165-167).

Fird has a note from Vlad; Savn brings Fird to Vlad, but isn't allowed to listen (A 167-171).

Savn tries to work out what to do about his parents having been enchanted (A 171-172).

Savn seeks out Bless, but gets no help there (A 172-175).

Rocza: Vlad has a relapse (A 176).

Athyra, Chapter Fourteen: sly intendant

The jhereg fetch Savn; Polyi comes too (A 177-180).

Treating fever, again (A 180-182).

A, day 7

Sleep, waking, norska stew (A 182-185).

Confronting Vlad about enchanting Savn's parents (A 185-191).

p.188: "You've been putting spells everywhere, haven't you?"; see Vlad's use of magic in Athyra.

Athyra, Chapter Fifteen: acrobat

Vlad explains his motives some more (A 192-195)

p.192: "years ago he nearly destroyed a close friend of mine." Referring to the events of Taltos. Probably in reference to his abuse of the rod containing Aliera's soul, but possibly referring to the fight where Morollan almost died. Of course, at the time, neither of them were yet close friends of Vlad's.

p.193: "I picked an unfortunate method of terminating my relationship with them." See Phoenix, chapter 14.

Savn and Polyi discuss what to do (A 195-196).

Savn asks Vlad how one knows the truth (A 197-200).

Vlad reveals his plans to exploit the tensions between Loraan and the assassin (A 200-202).

Savn decides to find out the truth by investigating Loraan himself (A 203-207).

p.203: "Was it Endweek again?" Yes, it's been five days since the last one, in chapter 2.

An audience with His Lordship (A 207-210).

Imprisoned with the tortured remnants of Master Wag (A 210-211).

Rocza: Scouting out the attacking force (A 212-213).

Athyra, Chapter Sixteen: aristocrat

Master Wag directs his own treatment (A 214-218).

Savn realizes that he has a knife; killing a guard (A 218-222).

Savn decides to go down (A 222-223).

Savn tries to contact Rocza (A 223-225).

Savn finds Loraan's workshop and lets Vlad in (A 225-227).

Athyra, Chapter Seventeen: bandit

Vlad confronted by Loraan and Ishtvan (A 228-229).

p.228-229: Vlad employed Ishtvan back in Teckla, chapter 12, and on one earlier, undocumented occasion.

p.229: "That's mine!" See Taltos, chapter 6.

Savn douses the lights; a jhereg tries to guide him (A 229-231).

Vlad taunts his attackers (A 231).

Vlad gets through to Savn psychically, and tries to make him leave (A 231-232).

More taunting (A 233).

Maneuvers and guesswork; Savn figures out what Loiosh wants him to do (A 233-234).

Savn wields Dark Water; Vlad kills Ishtvan; Savn attacked by Loraan and gets a concussion (A 234-236).

Rocza: Grabbing a Morganti dagger out of the air; she gives it to Savn who kills Loraan (A 236-238)

A, day 9

It's been "two days since the death of Baron Smallcliff" (A 240).

Roast Athyra; discussing the aftermaths (A 1-2, 239-243).

Vlad's use of magic in Athyra

Vlad's profligate use of sorcery throughout this book is rather curious. He creates light casually (A 47), he teleports (A 50, 112), and he does some fairly complex mind-control magic (A 186-188). In the lack of any other evidence, one would suspect mind-control to be done via witchcraft, but Vlad is still (usually) wearing his black phoenix-stone amulet (A 72). Also, the fact that the mind control spells don't work quite as he expects suggests sorcery, not witchcraft.

In order to do so much, so casually, he must have (temporarily) foregone the wearing of his gold phoenix-stone amulet. Since he is very much aware that the Jhereg are still after him, he must believe he is masked from sorcerous detection in some other way; he even says "I'm very well protected against being found" (A 201). He also seems to believe that he is protected from direct necromantic attack ("He can't just kill me the way he killed Reins", A 86). He still uses Spellbreaker in battle (A 111), though whether this is out of habit, necessity, or deliberate redundancy is unclear.

When we next see him, in Orca, he has resumed wearing the gold phoenix-stone, so he must have reached the conclusion (perhaps based on the events of this book) that his secondary means of protection was insufficient.

between Athyra and Orca

Vlad is neither "cut" nor "even threatened" (O 129).

Telnan is allowed out of the dungeons of Dzur Mountain ("a year and a half ago", Dz 16).

Vlad visits his grandfather at Lake Szurke "a couple of years ago" (Dz 53).

Curithne dies ("About a year and a half ago", Dz 168-169). Apparently of natural causes (Dz 175).

Cawti starts losing control again, as the Left Hand of the Jhereg take advantage of the effective power vacuum she has created (Dz 26, 28; dating speculative). Is this move by the Left Hand intended to boost Terion's chances to head the Council (Dz 230), or is it payment for the Left hand's assisstance to him (Dz 178)?

247 PI


It's been roughly a year since Athyra ("Last year", O 6; "the year he'd been with me", O 16), and "three years and more" since he went on the run (O 7).

The distance from Smallcliff to Northport is ~1,200 miles. Vlad and Savn have made an average of only 4.22 miles/day. Presumably a fair amount of time was spent seeking and trying out various physickers.

[The structure for this book is rather complex, so I have elected to cover events in the order they happened, not the order they are related. You may notice page numbers -- and chapter numbers! -- jumping back and forth.]

~O, day -7

Fyres has dinner with Shortisle ("one week" before his death, O 257). Sometime afterward, Shortisle conspires with Stony and (possibly indirectly) Reega to assassinate Fyres (O 261).

~O, day -2

Fyres dies ("A couple of weeks ago" as of day 8, O 7). Shortly thereafter, Domm is sent to 'investigate' on behalf of Surveillance (O 258).

[Link to Prologue.]

Orca, Chapter Two

O, day 1

Vlad searches for a (non-university) hedge-witch; Buddy the dog; meeting the 'sorcerer' (O 16-20).

The widow wants help keeping her home; Vlad wants help for Savn (O 20-23).

O, day 2

Fyre's death is pronounced an accident by Domm "a week later" (O 258). Shortly thereafter, Loftis and Timmer are sent to investigate (O 258), with some on-call backup (O 259).

O, day 2-6

"a long week" (O 24).

The witch begins examining Savn; Vlad starts sifting paperwork (O 23-25).

p.24: "the time I spent half a day under a pile of refuse because it was the only place to hide." Possibly a reference to Phoenix, chapter 2 (P 28).

p.24: "the time I took a job selling fish in the market." Not otherwise documented.

p.24: "Once I ended up impersonating a corporal in the Imperial Guard". Not otherwise documented.

Vlad finds the lease "late on the fifth day" (O 25).

O, day 5

Hwdf'rjaanci receives word that her bank is out of business ("Two days ago", O 32).

O, day 6

Loftis arrives in Northport ("just a couple of weeks ago", "Two weeks" O 179-180, exact dating uncertain).

O, day 7

Vlad seeks out the property's owner, following a twisted bureaucratic trail (O 26-31).

p.26: I'd been to Northport a few years before". Phoenix, chapter 2, about 3 1/2 years ago.

Vlad reports to the witch about Fyres' death; she reports a bank failure; Vlad decides to recruit Kiera (O 31-33).

O, day 8

Vlad summons Kiera. She apparently mentions this to Cawti, who makes her promise "not to say anything except that she's fine." (O 7). We don't know how Vlad got a message to Kiera, but I presume it took at least a day for the message to arrive, and Kiera to respond. It could of course have happened quicker, or taken longer. While waiting for Kiera's arrival, Vlad studies Fyres (O 37).

[Link to Interlude 1.]

Orca, Chapter One

O, day 9

Hiring Kiera (O 3-9).

O, days 9-10

Kiera double-checks Vlad's info ("It took me two days", O 9).

O, day 11

Kiera cases Fyres's mansion; she easily bypasses its sorcerous defenses; searching his office, she finds what she seeks; she leaves signs of a more primitive burglar behind (O 9-14).

The burglary is discovered and reported to Loftis, who apparently decides to sacrifice Domm; Domm decides the reverse would be better (O 260), apparently with help from Reega (O 263).

O, day 12

Vlad receives the information (O 14-15).

[Link to chapter 2.]

Orca, Chapter Three

Vlad tells Kiera a bit about Loraan; she decides to help him (O 36-37).

Kiera meets Hwdf'rjaanci; they discuss the risks of their professions (O 38-40).

p.39: "You look too young to remember the Interregnum." But see chapter 17 for more on Kiera's age.

O, day 13

First results from examing Fyres' papers; lots of fraud; Savn's treatment begins; Kiera will investigate the possibility of Jhereg connections (O 40-43).

Kiera talks to Stony; lots of people are in financial trouble because of Fyres' death, which appears to have been accidental; Fyres' history (O 43-51).

Orca, Chapter Four, part 1

Vlad has been exercising; Savn thinks he killed his sister; Kiera fills in Vlad (O 52-56).

O, day 14

Kiera and Hwdf'rjaanci discuss Savn's problems, dreamwalking, and Vlad's reliability (O 56-60).

[Link to chapter 4, part 2.

Orca, Chapter Five

Vlad visits a barbershop; interrogating urchins; Rutter's Rag has good gossip (O 64-74).

p.64: "I could have found a minstrel--I have an arrangement with their Guild". See Phoenix, chapter 7.

p.72: The Empress is missing (presumed to be with her Eastern lover) for the fourth time in three years (previous times for 3 days, 9 days, and 6 days). Vlad has apparently kept up with at least some Imperial gossip.

p.72: "during the Elde Island war." Probably referring to the conflict reated in Phoenix, 3 1/2 years ago.

Vlad disguises himself to visit the official investigators; he uses witchcraft to eavesdrop on Domm and Loftis; he is questioned (O 74-84).

p.76: "How long was I a Jhereg, Kiera? Hard to say, I suppose; it depends when you start counting and when you stop." If you start with Nielar hiring him, and stop when he goes on the run, the span is about 8 years.

p.76: "an assassin named Ishtvan, who I used a couple of times and killed not long ago." See Teckla, chapter 12, and Athyra, chapter 17.

Orca, Chapter Six

Vlad decides to visit Fyres' daughters, Endra and Reega (O 85-88).

p.88: "like The Demon's place, if you've ever been to--Oh, of course you've been there." We have not yet been told why "of course" Kiera has been to The Demon's place.

p.88: "Fyres's place had had plenty". An odd statement, since Kiera suggests that there were no guards at Fyres' place any more (O 13). Perhaps Vlad cased Fyres' house before Kiera arrived, and the guards were still in place then?

Vlad visits Endra; he tells her that the investigation isn't what it should be, and suggests a later meeting with 'a friend' (O 89-92).

Vlad walks a long way to Reega's; On Northport's landscape (O 92-93).

Vlad visits Reega, and tells her the same story, but she isn't interested (O 94-95).

Vlad has a meal at Riversend; Domm and Timmer interrogate him (O 95-102).

Vlad fights his way out and evades pursuit (O 102-104).

[Link to Interlude 2.]

Orca, Chapter Four, part two

Vlad has had a busy day; the report of accidental death makes no sense (O 60-63).

p.62: Fyres died "a few weeks ago"; to be precise, three weeks.

[Link to chapter 5.]

Orca, Chapter Seven

Kiera is worried about Vlad; Imperial cover-up at a very high level; why is everyone rushing so much? (O 107-111).

O, day 15

Vlad cooks breakfast; Hwdf'rjaanci heals Savn's physical damage; Vlad and Kiera plan (O 111-116).

Kiera steals Loftis's pouch; On Imperial covert organizations (O 117-121).

p.118: "he'd have to have been in the Imperial Service at least two hundred and fifty years". Unlikely to be literally true, since the Interregnum only ended 247 years ago.

Loftis breaks in on Kiera, as she expected; each tries to pump the other (O 121-127).

p.122: "Do you remember a certain affair three or four years ago ... ending up with a Jenoine at Dzur Mountain." Presumably a reference to the Jenoine incident that happened during Taltos, unless there were two such incidents in a relatively short time span. That was 8 years ago, by my figuring. But perhaps "three or four" is a translation for a less specific term, equivalent to "a few"; such terms seem to encompass any amount less than 17.

p.123: "Eighth Cycle, two hundred and fifth year of the Tiassa Reign, the Whetstone Rising. The Warlord was--" Interesting that Kiera cuts him off just then; was he about to say "Sethra Lavode"? We know she was Warlord during at least part of the Eighth Cycle (O 156).

Kiera returns to the cottage; Savn speaks (O 127).

Orca, Chapter Eight

Talking about knives with Savn (O 127-131).

Kiera fills Vlad in abour her talk with Loftis (O 131).

Vlad found lots of companies closed; Kiera to search a closed bank for missed papers (O 132-137).

Kiera 'robs' the bank (O 137-138).

Kiera returns to the cottage with a big bag of papers; On bank regulation (O 138-141).

O, day 16

Struggling to make klava; what Vlad found in his night's studies; Vonnith was making payoffs to BT; unexplained conclusions (O 141-146).

Orca, Chapter Nine, part 1

Kiera studies Vonnith's house; disguised as an Orca, she meets with Vonnith; Vonnith is conspiring with Lord Shortisle (O 147-154).

Filling in Vlad; they need to lure their opponents out from hiding; Kiera to seek Jhereg knowledge about Fyres, and also 'stir up some bees' (O 154-159).

p.155-156: "I was ... once, talking to Sethra Lavode ... She was telling me about the Dragon-Jhereg war." This interaction is not otherwise documented, but presumably took place in between Jhereg and Phoenix. Kiera's statement about having been on the Dragon side is actually true in some senses, see chapter 17.

[Link to chapter 9, part 2.

Orca, Chapter Ten, part 1

Vlad considers Jhereg-Imperial connections, and reluctantly decides to approach Loftis (O 175-177). While it isn't explicit in the text, this must have taken about a full day, in order to make the following events line up properly. (Well, there has to be an extra day in Vlad's timeline somewhere between the end of chapter 8 and Stony's death, and this seemed the most likely candidate.)

[Link to chapter 10, part 2.

O, day 17

Orca, Chapter Nine, part two

Kiera gathers information (O 159-160). The references to "the next two days" (O 159), and "the first couple of days" (O 172) are, I believe, somewhat misleading. It seems to me that she spent less than full day's worth of time on this aspect, starting in "early afternoon" (O 175) of day 16, and finishing as day 17 is drawing to a close. (Otherwise, we would need to account for even more unreported time in Vlad's timeline than we already have.)

[Link to chapter 9, part 3.]

Orca, Chapter Ten, part two

Vlad and Loftis walk and talk (O 177-184).

p.179: "I'm not sure if I believe them, either." Zerika told him directly in Phoenix, chapter 11. Then again, there may be more elaborate rumors as well.

On last meals; stopping to eat (O 184-188).

Vlad starts to fight his way out -- but it's Loftis who gets killed (O 188-189), on Domm's orders (O 263).

Orca, Chapter Eleven

Vlad flees the scene (O 190-191).

Talking to Savn; trying to puzzle out why Loftis was killed; Vlad decides to try a minstrel (O 191-194).

Vlad finds a minstrel (O 194-199).

p.196: "one of the last things I arranged before I left Adrilankha". Phoenix, chapter 7.

Vlad tries to work out what to do next; he visits a tailor (O 199-202).

p.201: "We've been there, remember?" At least twice. The first time is not well documented; the second time is the subject of Jhegaala.

Back at the cottage; Savn still talks about knives (O 203-204).

[Link to chapter 12.]

Orca, Chapter Nine, part three

Kiera breaks into the Orca Wing of the Imperial Palace, and then Shortisle's Office; sorcerous alarms and physical ones; exfiltration (O 160-168).

O, day 18

Kiera waits as bait; Stony advises her to be careful (O 168-171).

p.169: "By noon ... I could pretend it was lunch." Remember that 'noon' is used as the english equivalent for at least three different Dragaeran words, and 'lunch' is also ambiguous. This is likely "time of the second meal of the day".

Kiera returns to the cottage (O 171). [For discussion of why I place this event here, see the Orca section of the essay "Unreliable Narrators".]

[Link to chapter 9, part 4.]

Orca, Chapter Twelve

Vlad resumes a Jhereg appearance and walks to Vonnith's house (O 205-206). His morning activities, and then walking the "several leagues" (O 148) to her house probably takes him until about midday -- shortly after Kiera has her talk with Stony.

Vlad interrogates Vonnith about banks, Loftis's death (she claims Reega had him killed), and the land swindle (O 207-212).

Vlad is attacked by Stony and associates; Vlad fights his way out, killing Stony (O 212-216)

Stony is made unrevivifiable, as are the surviving Orca who killed Loftis (O 265).

Loiosh has been badly wounded; Rocza leads them back home; Savn works on Loiosh (O 216-219).

[Link to Interlude 3.]

Orca, Chapter Nine, part four

Kiera and Vlad discuss Fyres' lack of real money (O 171-174).

[Link to chapter 10, part 1.]

Orca, Chapter Thirteen

Kiera absorbs Vlad's story; the land swindle; Why did Reega kill Loftis? (O 222-224).

"Breaking the stick" is "leaving a warning"? (O 224-225).

Putting the pieces together; the Empire is seeking to hide their involvement with the Jhereg; Vlad and Kiera haven't been fooling anyone; Loftis and Stony were, at least indirectly, working together; Domm was probably working for Indus's Surveillance group (O 225-231).

On the economic function of Empire (O 231-238).

p.237: "Savn was snoring in a corner, Buddy curled up on one side of him, Rocza on the other, with Loiosh next to her. There were occasional sounds from the predators outside". This suggests (inconclusively) that Kiera and Vlad have talked late into the night. This scene is immediately followed by Kiera talking to various Jhereg contacts, but it is not implausible that they could be awake at any particular hour. ("The Jhereg operates all day, but the real action is mostly at night", Dn 17).

Orca, Chapter Fourteen, part 1

Kiera seeks info on the state of the local Jhereg after Stony's death (O 239-240).

O, day 19

Kiera reports back; everyone knows Vlad killed Stony, and they think he left town; lots of guards were killed, and Stony was left unrevivifiable (O 241-243).

p.241: "Vlad brought me some klava." A (mild) suggestion that it is now morning.

Vlad gets a final puzzle piece, and heads out to town (O 243-244).

p.244: "No time". The conversation with Kiera may have taken more time than is obvious. Vlad is concerned that he won't get back to Northport soon enough to catch Timmer leaving the office for the day. While his subsequent description of his stakeout makes it sound like he waited a long time, this was probably more reflective of what it felt like to Vlad; he does worry "Had I missed her?" (O 250).

[Link to chapter 14, part 2.]

Orca, Chapter Fifteen

Vlad approaches Timmer and fills her in on what he's learned, and guessed (O 250-265).

p.259: "They worked together ... during the Elde Island war." Presumably the most recent one, 3 1/2 years ago, during Phoenix.

Vlad makes an implicit deal with Timmer; she puts pressure on Vonnith to get Hwdf'rjaanci's deed; he takes care of Domm (O 265-267).

Orca, Chapter Sixteen

Vlad waits; Timmer has a warrant for him, but someone else will serve it (O 268-271).

[Link to Interlude 4.]

Orca, Chapter Fourteen, part two

Kiera takes a walk with Savn (O 245-248).

p.246: "I doubt that Rocza has anything to feel guilty about." But she does; see Athyra, chapter 17.

p.246: "It was a long time ago". Very long. See chapter 17 of this book and then Jhereg, chapter 9.

Vlad returns (O 249).

[Link to chapter 15.]

Orca, Chapter Seventeen

Kiera and Vlad discuss whether to trust Timmer (O 274)-275).

[Link to Epilogue.]

O, day 20

[While, as written, Timmer arrives at the cottage shortly after Vlad, I suspect this is editorial dramatic compression. Vlad return in the evening of day 20. When immer appears, she has had time to deal with the immediate aftermath of Domm's death, talk to superior officers about Reega and Vonnith, pressure Vonnith into giving up the will, and figure out and implement a way to trace Vlad. After she leaves, and after a lengthy conversation with Kiera, Vlad leaves immediately. While it is possible that Vlad would set out on a journey in full darkness, it seems much more plausible if Timmer arrived early in day 21, and Vlad left with more than half a day's light available.]

Someone casts a location spell on the cottage, panicking Kiera and Vlad; Timmer arrives with the deed; Reega and Vonnith are going to stay rich (O 274-280).

Kiera and Vlad discuss Sethra Lavode (O 280-287).

p.283: "that whole business with the blood of the goddess?" See Taltos, especially chapters 7 and 17.

p.284: "when you said you got more than you wanted." Back in chapter 13.

p.286: "You--that is, Sethra--once told me that you were originally from the Northwest." This conversation is otherwise undocumented.

O, day 21-???

Jhegaala narrated ("That was three years ago" Ja 299). Vlad still hasn't corrected his night vision (Ja 25). [For discussion of this dating, see the Orca section of the essay Unreliable Narrators.]

O, day 30???

[For discussion of this dating, see the Orca section of the essay Unreliable Narrators.]

Vlad decides to take Savn home (O 287-288).

a few days later?

Kiera returns home and finds a letter from Cawti (O 273).

Orca, Prologue

Kiera writes to Cawti shortly after the main events of the book are concluded (O 1-2).

[Link to chapter 1.]

Orca, Interlude (1)

Kiera is telling Cawti (most of) the story (O 34-35).

Note that, according to Dzur, Cawti is probably under a great deal of professional stress at this time.

[Link to chapter 3.]

Orca, Interlude (2)

More of Kiera telling the story; Is Kiera trying to reconcile Cawti and Vlad? (O 105-106).

p.105: "I've never known Vlad to use disguises before". Probably a lack of knowledge on Cawti's part; Vlad already has a working arrangement with a theatrical costumer as of Tiassa, "Tag", chapter 3. Kiera's alleged lack of knowledge may be genuine, or may be a reflexive lie; it's entirely possible that she taught Vlad the art of disguise, while she was teaching him so many other useful Jhereg skills in his youth.

[Link to chapter 7.]

Orca, Interlude (3)

More of Kiera telling the story; she doesn't want to give Cawti details about her conversation with Loftis (O 220-221).

[Link to chapter 13.]

Orca, Interlude (4)

Kiera and Cawti discuss Vlad's (lack of) reaction to killing Domm; Kiera finishes her story (O 272-273).

[Link to chapter 17.]

Orca, Epilogue

Kiera writes to Cawti again, sending good wishes to her and Vlad Norathar (O 289-290).

some time before Issola

An old lady named Coletti with a house on Stranger's Road dies "last year" (Dz 57). Her house is apparently bought by Left Hand representatives.

Cawti starts receiving (unasked for?) "help" from Norathar (Dz 26-27).

Apparently, Cawti then abandons control completely ("You have people?" "No, I let them go." Dz 48). If this is the case, though, why is she still in danger? Has she made it clear to the Jhereg that she will continue some sort of fight against them even alone? It would be in character, but is never explicitly stated.

"A few weeks ago" (Dz 56-57), a lot more male Jhereg show up around South Adrilankha.

Cawti is warned to leave South Adrilankha alone (Dz 29-30; this might have been during the events of Issola).

Devera makes toys for Vlad Norathar (Ir 112).

Nickolas injures his hand "a few weeks ago" (Dz 54). Lady Ciatha has chosen to let half her land lie fallow "for the season" (Dz 54).

Vlad returns Savn to his parents (Is 18, Dz 88).

Vlad has a Dragaeran lover (Ir 140). It seems likely from Tiassa, "Special Tasks", chapter 6 that Vlad was referring to Sara, though that would imply that he was, shall we say, exaggerating in the Iorich reference. His ongoing relationship with Sara is supported by comments made in Orca (O 193-194, 288). See also the next item:

Vlad learns a few words of Serioli from a bard (Ir 227). Shortly after mentioning her, Vlad thinks about "another Issola I knew" (not Lady Teldra; Ir 228), but pushes the thought away.

248 PI


Issola starts "a year or so" after Orca (Is 17).

Dates are given in terms of the time that passes on Dragaera, not the subjective time that Vlad experiences.

Issola, Prologue

On the relative complexity of manners (Is 9-10).

Is, day -3

Morrolan vanishes ("Early in the morning, four days ago", Is 22).

Is, day -2

Teldra seeks help from Fentor and Suril, then Sethra Lavode ("After a day", Is 24).

Issola, 1: Adapting Behavior to Environment

Is, day 1

Waking up, worrying about having been hunted down (Is 11-12).

Lady Teldra appears; on issola; some more sleep (Is 12-15).

p.13: "Loiosh could now see her, but I can't see as well at night as he can." Vlad's poor night vision is discussed at more length at various points during Jhegaala.

Waking again; breakfast; how she found him; Savn's return (Is 16-18).

p.17: "You had help from both Kiera and Sethra." The first of many references Vlad will make to the revelations of Orca, chapter 17.

p.18: "A sorcerer tried to eviscerate me from across a room, and either his aim was off, or I was too fast with Spellbreaker. Or not fast enough, depending on how you want to look at it." Vlad is lying, at least in the sense that this is not how he lost his finger. See Vlad's Missing Finger for more details.

At an inn; no klava, only coffee; bagels; how to make klava; missing Valabar's (Is 18-20).

Teldra explains about Morrolan and Aliera having vanished (Is 21-26).

p.22: "Twice before". Neither of these is further documented yet.

p.22: "Third Floor Relic." See Orca, chapter 17.

p.23: "I never had an advocate". Vlad is joking; for his history with advocates, see Iorich, especially chapter 1.

Issola, 2: Being a Good Listener

Character sketch: Vlad (Is 27).

Teleporting to Dzur Mountain; description of Dzur Mountain and Sethra Lavode (Is 27-30).

p.28: "thanks to an amulet I had of my grandfather, there would be no discomfort". See Phoenix, chapter 17.

p.29: "some of which I have used from time to time". Most notably during Yendi, chapters 7-10.

p.29: "I'd once insulted Sethra". Taltos, chapter 3.

p.30: "sending me the hard way". See Taltos, chapters 7-8.

Sethra welcomes them to Dzur Mountain; klava at last (Is 30-32).

p.31: "It has been some time." See Orca, chapter 17.

p.32: "Sethra didn't bat an eye at the mention of Northport". See Orca, chapter 17.

Sethra offer to brief Vlad; he demands to know what's going on; a test of wills (Is 32-34).

p.34: "I saw again Aliera's face as I returned to life after the Sword and the Dagger of the Jhereg had taken me down". Yendi, chapter 7.

p.34: "I saw Morrolan in his Great Hall defending me from the Sorceress in Green". An odd statement; the three of them were in Morollan's Great Hall on two documented occasions, neither of which quite seems to fit. In Yendi, chapter 1, Vlad and the Sorceress in Green insult each other, but it is Vlad who escalates most, and Morrolan scolds him. In Yendi, chapter 16, there is a physical altercation -- but it doesn't happen until after they've left Castle Black.

On gods, Jenoine, Serioli, the founding of the Empire, and Great Weapons (Is 34-41).

p.35: "I knew already". See Phoenix, chapter 8.

p.35: "I was once offered godhood." Not otherwise documented. I suspect that it might have to do with the events involving her death and undeath, but there's no strong evidence.

p.36: "I had known some of this before, too." See Jhereg, chapter 9.

p.39: "I became [undead] some years ago." Details unknown, but we know that this occurred sometime between roughly 51,000 BI (FH 98), and 750 BI (FH 98).

p.39: "You have?" Dragon, chapter 7.

p.40: "You always have been, even in the days before the Empire." See Jhereg, chapter 9.

p.41: "Zungaron". See "The Desecrator", and Dzur, Prologue. "...those of us who have [a Great Weapon] only by accident and have not the least clue what it is for, or what to do with it." A description that certainly applies to Vlad, and which may apply to the holders of the other Great Weapons, for all we know. Probably not Sethra Lavode, but who can say?

p.41: "I know what Aliera told you about your past lives". See Jhereg, chapter 9.

Who could have taken Morrolan and Aliera? Probably the Jenoine (Is 41-42).

Issola, 3: Dropping in Unexpectedly

Sethra thinks Spellbreaker can find Blackwand through a window in Morrolan's Tower; once through, he'll have to improvise without any help; Teldra offers to come along; the Necromancer will attempt to monitor them (Is 43-47).

p.45: "Have you forgotten the Paths of the Dead, Vlad?" See Taltos, throughout, but especially chapters 16-17.

Teleporting to Castle Black; through the window (Is 47-51).

p.48: "I'd been there before." First in Dragon, chapter 6, also in Jhereg, chapter 12, and Phoenix, chapter 8, possibly other times as well.

p.49: "Not yet." See Dragon, chapter 7.

Morrolan and Aliera are manacled, and don't know how they got here (Is 51-56).

p.54: "had put entire villages to the sword when the mood took him." See Sethra Lavode, chapter 87 for a rather different view.

p.54: "how I got mixed up with these two is a long story". Taltos.

Issola, 4: Making Acquaintances

Two Jenoine appear; Teldra speaks with them, then vanishes with them against her will (Is 57-60).

Lady Teldra's duties towards guests and gods; Spellbreaker does nothing against the manacles (Is 61-63).

On the strange properties of gravity and air (Is 63-64).

Lady Teldra returns; the Jenoine want Vlad to assassinate Verra; Vlad considers; on categories and making plans (Is 64-70).

p.65: "He broke off abruptly". Probably in order not to reveal the existence of Vlad Norathar, see Orca, Epilogue.

p.67: "It's useful, for example, to categorize your target as a sorcerer, if he is one; but if you get too attached to your category it'll leave you embarrassed when he suddenly pulls a knife on you." If there's a personal story behind this one, it hasn't been told yet.

p.67-68: "I've been to the Paths of the Dead." See Taltos.

p.68: "Five, to be exact." More or less. It was almost certainly less than five days when Vlad went through the window, but time has passed since then, apparently rapidly.

p.68: "sixty-three to be exact". A curious number. If we take a strict definition of assassination as "murder for pay", it seems a very unlikely number, given that in Jhereg, chapter 3, Vlad claims that the Mellar job is his 42nd, and he 'retired' not long after that. If we take a looser definition of "planned, premeditated murder", it seems more plausible, though it still implies a lot of untold events. Vlad deliberately killed one of Mellar's bodyguards, so that might count as #43. My best guess is that 12 days passed between the end of Jhereg and the beginning of Teckla; enough time to do some 'work', perhaps. Vlad performs no premeditated murder during Teckla. He does set up two such murders, but ends up not following through, but he might have counted them anyways (#44-45). Between Teckla and Phoenix, about 4 weeks pass, so some "work" could have been done. Phoenix opens with Vlad assassinating the King of Greenaere (#46). He commits no other premeditated murders in that book, though delivering Boralinoi to Greenaere might be considered to count (#47). The time between Phoenix and Jhegaala seems to have mostly been taken up by walking, and it seems unlikely that Vlad killed anyone during that time. Vlad doesn't directly kill anyone in Jhegaala, but he may be counting the six coven members who die due to his machinations (#48-53). About two years pass between Jhegaala and Athyra, and we know little of Vlad's activities during that time. He makes passing reference to having killed a philosopher, who may be part of the count (#54). During Athyra, Vlad probably counts Loraan and Ishtvan as deliberate murders on his part (#55-56). About a year passes between Athyra and Orca. Though, again, we know little of Vlad's activities, he would have been rather preoccupied caring for Savn, and he claims that he was never even threatened during that time (O 129), so it seems unlikely that there was occasion for premeditated murder. During Orca, Vlad assassinates Domm, even accepting payment, of a sort, for the job (#57). About another year passes between Orca and Issola, though again, Vlad is caring for Savn during much of that time. So that leaves us with at least 6 instances that are completely unaccounted for and untold, between Jhereg and Issola. At least some of these probably occurred during the two-year gap between Jhegaala and Athyra.

Vlad takes Teldra with him to Verra's Halls (Is 70).

Issola, 5: Pleasantries with Deities

Verra's Halls; on the nature of gods and symbols; Verra's doors (Is 71-75).

p.71: "Once here, once elsewhere." Here three times actually, though all during the same book: Phoenix, chapters 1, 8, and 17. Elsewhere also multiple times in the same book, that being Taltos, chapters 13 and 15.

p.73: "At one time I did, but I had learned." See Phoenix, especially chapters 8 and 17.

p.74: "I've had her answer once". Phoenix, chapter 1.

p.75: "maybe twice". Probably referring to Dragon, chapter 1.

p.75: "Or there may be other occasions I'm forgetting about. That's the sort of thing I'd like to forget." Ironic, in light of his feelings when he does forget such things; see Dzur, chapter 5.

Vlad's complex feelings towards Verra; Teldra asks for help (Is 75-79).

p.76: "When I had first met her in person, so many years ago". Taltos, chapter 13, about 9 years ago.

p.76: "my one experience as a soldier of the line". See Dragon, throughout, but with an explicit mention of prayer in chapter 1.

p.76: "some time later when she had visited misfortune upon my head". This seems to be a reference to the events of Phoenix, though it isn't completely clear.

p.77: "The last time, if you recall--". This is a clear reference to Phoenix, chapter 1, where Verra arranged for Vlad to be in danger specifically so that he would pray to her, so she could answer that prayer by summoning him to her realm.

p.78: "there is one place I cannot be, and your countrymen are responsible for that." See Brokedown Palace, chapter 13.

p.78: "She must have known some of what was going on, to judge from her comment about my being there to assassinate her". Not necessarily. Remember back in Chapter 2, when Sethra says of the gods, "they sometimes glimpse pieces of what to us is the future" (Is 38).

p.79: "Sethra once tried to explain to me about offensive-defensive strat--" Probably while he was researching prior to narrating Dragon.

Verra tries to understand the plans of the Jenoine; they may be being aided by the Serioli; she orders Vlad to free Morrolan and Aliera, return to Castle Black, and await orders; Teldra wishes to stay with her friend Vlad (Is 79-84).

p.80: "I remember a Jhereg who managed it, once." See Jhereg, chapters 11-12.

p.80: "Once I had seen Aliera--" allow herself to be hit by a Morganti weapon. See Jhereg, chapters 15-17 and Epilogue.

p.82: "I was quoting my grandfather". See Teckla, chapter 4.

p.82: "most recently just a few years ago." Probably referring to the events of nine years ago, during the events of Taltos.

p.82: "We have beat off attacks on the Great Sea of Chaos, on the Halls of Judgment, on the Imperial Palace, and, lately, on Dzur Mountain." The Dzur Mountain attack was nine years ago. The other attacks are not yet documented, though there is one other attack that doesn't seem to fit the list; see Sethra Lavode, chapters 92 and 97.

p.82: "why didn't [the Jenoine] make their move during the Interregnum?" / "What makes you think they didn't?" See Sethra Lavode, chapters 92 and 97.

p.83: "You search for the general law that applies to the specific case. You have become a philosopher." / "I hadn't known it was that easy." Actually, Vlad explained some of this to Savn, in Athyra, chapter 5.

p.83: "if there was one place I'd be safe, it was Castle Black--there are reasons for that going back to ancient history". See Jhereg, throughout, but especially discussions of the Dragon-Jhereg wars.

How to get back? Spellbreaker and Verra don't like each other; Verra opens a door with Spellbreaker's help (Is 84-86).

Issola, 6: Trading at the Market

Disturbing transit methods; joking about killing Verra (Is 87-88).

Description of the Morganti weapon (Is 88-89).

p.89: "Once, I had had to stand in a room with more [Morganti weapons] than I could count". Dragon, chapter 2.

Preparing to break the manacles; on energy and witchcraft; on becoming skillful; freezing and breaking the manacles (Is 89-96).

p.90: "...a memory that wasn't entirely pleasant, featuring, as it did, far too much potato soup." See note at Untold Tales of Vlad.

Morrolan's staff (Is 96-97).

Jenoine arrive; a battle; Morrolan and Aliera are gone, but Vlad and Teldra are captive (Is 97-100).

p.98: "This had happened to me before--going forward into danger that wasn't at all my type of danger, when I knew I ought to stay back". Mostly during Dragon, during a number of battles.

Issola, 7: Asking for and Receiving Assistance

Teldra wakes; she knows Fenarian; on languages and courtesy; (Is 101-104).

p.103: Vlad knows "A smattering of a few other Eastern languages." Presumably picked up either during his (mostly undocumented) first trip East, or during his travels post-Phoenix.

Morrolan's early history (Is 104-105).

p.104: "How did you and Morrolan meet, anyway?" For a longer account, see The Paths of the Dead, chapter 7.

p.105: "I was also of some help when he was gathering his Circle of Witches." This doesn't seem to refer to his original gathering (The Paths of the Dead, chapter 2), which predates Teldra's arrival (The Paths of the Dead, chapter 7). It may be referring to her more general help with the process of managing Morrolan's household (see The Lord of Castle Black, chapter 65), or may refer to some specific incident which has not yet been documented.

p.105: "There are--or, rather, were--a series of small kingdoms near Lake Nivaper, just south of the Hookjaw Mountains." / "Yes, I know them." There is a weak suggestion here that Vlad visited this area during his travels of the last few years. The 'were' may refer to some specific event, or may merely be Teldra being cautious and exact, since it's been hundreds of years since the events she's talking about.

p.105: "That was later, and they were Dragaeran villages." There are no well-documented instances of Morrolan sacrificing Dragaeran villages to Verra; perhaps Teldra is joking?

p.105: "Eventually, he returned to reclaim his ancestral homeland". See The Paths of the Dead, chapter 7, and The Lord of Castle Black, chapter 37.

Vlad decides to break these manacles the same way; questions about the Jenoine's behavior and motives (Is 106-109).

On Fate (Is 110-112).

Vlad decides to try and get out of this room; a doorway discovered (Is 112-115).

p.114: "that's what they say about the keep of an Athyra wizard. And we know better." See Taltos, chapter 5.

Issola, 8: Fishing Etiquette

The Tale of Chaos, Magic, and Evil (Is 117-118).

Outside; similarities to Dzur Mountain; a river; no animals; assuming the possibility of success; no help from the theater (Is 118-121).

p.119: "I had been to the East". At least twice. Once in his youth, probably briefly, and only sparsely documented. For a longer period (at least a year), beginning in Jheegaala.

p.120: "one of those elaborate living dreams, such as I had encountered in the Paths of the Dead." Taltos, chapters 11-12.

p.120: "the guy who could jump an eleven-foot crevasse". Not otherwise documented.

Examining the river; falls; the river is amorphia (Is 122-126).

Vlad remembers using amorphia, and studying it a little; he decides to capture some; drawing power from the river (Is 126-131).

p.126: "I'd used amorphia once, and since then had skimmed a couple of Morrolan's books". Vlad used amorphia in Jhereg, chapter 12, about 5 years ago. When he skimmed Morrolan's books is not documented, but seems most likely to have been shortly after the end of Jhereg.

p.127: "I just had too damned much else going on in my life at the time." Namely, the events of Teckla and Phoenix.

Issola, 9: How to Break Unwelcome News

Back to the cell; on paranoia; on the soul and Morganti weapons; Teldra's trus for Vlad; Morrolan's viciousness (Is 133-138).

p.134: "your affair with the Sorceress in Green." Yendi.

p.136: "he was at war against them at the time". See Sethra Lavode, chapters 85, 87, and 95.

p.137: "killing everyone in it". See The Paths of the Dead, chapter 6. It would be more accurate to say "killing everyone they could", as there were many survivors, mostly by hiding. This was before Teldra arrived, however, so she may be misremembering a second-hand account.

p.137: "I recalled an incident at Castle Black. I wasn't paying much attention, being involved in some rather nasty squabble with another Jhereg at the time". Not otherwise documented, though possibly during the middle of the events of Yendi.

p.138: "Morrolan charging up to Dzur Mountain when he found out that there was someone in his domain who hadn't paid him tribute." See The Lord of Castle Black, chapter 50.

Is, day 3

"a couple of days" have passed (Is 139).

Morrolan and Aliera reappear; Morrolan reopens a gate; on fateful moments (Is 138-140).

Vlad trifurcates -- read every third line, and three coherent narratives emerge (Is 141-142).

Is, day 4

When Vlad wakes, enough hours have passed here that it has to have been at least a day back on Dragaera (Is 142).

Waking with questions; the room looks different to Vlad (Is 142-145).

Vlad worries about his mind having been tampered with; Loiosh scans him (Is 146-149).

p.147: "Loiosh had done this maybe half a dozen times, and he was starting to get good at it". These times probably include include Yendi, chapter 13 (by which time Loiosh is confident in his results, though Vlad isn't, quite) and Dragon, chapter 5.

p.147: "the descent into Deathgate". See Taltos, chapter 10.

p.147: "I remembered the feel of Cawti's breath, fast in my ear, my hand in the small of her back as we explored each other." The use of 'explored' suggests this is a reference to the first time they made love, in Yendi, chapter 7.

p.147: "I remembered the feel of a ship's deck beneath my feet". Probably a reference to Phoenix, chapter 2.

p.147: "the Necromancer's cold, cold fingers on my soul". Could be a reference to Dragon, chapter 16, or to some as-yet-undocumented event.

p.147: "the edge of Blackwand against my throat". While Morrolan and Vlad have often come near to blows, I don't think this particular incident has yet been documented.

p.147: "the voice of the Imperial Inquisitor as the Orb circled my head and the Empress looked on". Not fully documented, but probably part of the aftermath of Vlad's killing of Tagichatn, in early 239 PI.

p.147: "the laugh of the Serioli who led me by circuitous routes to the Wall of Baritt's Tomb." See Dragon, chapter 7.

Issola, 10: Courtesy Toward Inanimate Objects

On trellanstone, necrophia, and the different brances of magic (Is 151-155).

On Jenoine attitudes and cuteness (Is 155-156).

The glamour is removed from everyone's eyes (Is 156-159).

Morrolan and Aliera argue and investigate; they have a plan; Verra is summoned (Is 159-164).

Issola, 11: Disagreements with Deities

Verra scolds them for summoning her; Verra speaks privately with Morrolan and Aliera (Is 165-168).

Vlad and Teldra discuss Vlad's mastery of politeness (Is 168-171).

The plan is now to attack the Jenoine, with the Necromancer's help if they can reach her (Is 172-173).

Vlad suggests using Pathfinder instead; on Pathfinder's nature, and Blackwand's (Is 173-174).

Aliera finds the Jenoine, and transports our friends to them; the Jenoine are unsurprised, so this might be real trouble (Is 174-178).

Issola, 12: Exercising Due Care for the Comfort and Safety of Others

Combat with the Jenoine; Vlad summons Chaos (Is 179-184).

Is, day 10? / Dz, day 1

They have been gone "a week and a day" (Is 184), but it's not clear where Sethra is counting from.

Vlad wakes up in Dzur Mountain; his left arm isn't working; the others fill him in on what happened; Morrolan and Aliera argue, but Vlad tells them to shut up; Teldra insulted the Jenoine (Is 184-190).

Dinner preparations; Sethra examines Vlad's arm (Is 190-191).

Issola, 13: While in the Care of the Physicker

No plans yet; meal of treska leaves (Is 193-197).

Vlad's arm appears to be improving; on the Lavodes (Is 197-199).

p.198: "Well, there's one other, but he isn't ready yet." Presumably a reference to Telnan (Dz 16).

p.199: "I thought the Lavodes were disbanded before the Interregnum." / "That is true". Perhaps from a certain point of view; see notes on The Lavode Scandal.

Wishing for better information; Teldra shares some insight about Jenoine spatial concepts (Is 199-204).

p.201: "I learned something of the Jenoine years ago". When is unknown, but it might well have been as a reaction to the Jenoine attack on Dzur Mountain in mid-239 PI.

On amorphia; the Jenoine have been tapping the Lesser Sea of Chaos (Is 204-207).

Issola, 14: Conversations with the Undead

Teldra and Vlad discuss Morrolan's character some more (Is 209-212).

p.210-211: "I know of one case late in the Interregnum ... where he was a division commander under Sethra." The phrasing "under Sethra" suggests that she was Warlord, which places this after the 9th (or 10th) Battle of Dzur Mountain. Since Morrolan (though technically in command of a division) was absent during the Battle of Adrilankha (SL 189-190), this probably refers to Zerika's march to Adrilankha (The Lord of Castle Black, chapter 64). It is true that Morrolan admitted that Fentor "did most of the work" (SL 182), but that would leave him even more time and attention for his misehavior in this anecdote.

Sethra returns; the Necromancer arrives; discussing plans (Is 212-216).

p.213: "she's a perfectly decent sort, as Dragaerans go." Though she apparently looks like a Dragaeran, there is reason to believe that she is not one; see The Paths of the Dead, chapter 18.

Morrolan and Rocza return; Morrrolan brings Vlad some new daggers; final preparations (Is 216-219).

p.217: "become part of the rock of Dzur Mountain again." Not otherwise documented.

Arrival at the Lesser Sea of Chaos (Is 219-223).

p.222: "Morrolan had been Court Wizard for some years, since an unfortunate incident involving Sethra the Younger, who had held the post previously." The unfortunate incident in question being part of the events of Yendi, about six years ago. "I believe we will be ready for them." Why isn't Telnan there to help? Perhaps because Sethra doesn't think his training has moved along far enough.

Issola, 15: When Negotiation Becomes Strained

The Jenoine arrive; some of the Lords of Judgment also arrive; people start moving forward to attack (Is 225-228).

p.227: "there was even a dragon which, from across a long distance, seemed almost to catch my eye for an instant, as if it knew me." It is widely speculated that this dragon is a shapeshifted Devera. There are hints supporting this theory later in this chapter.

Vlad gets maudlin (Is 228-231).

The Necromancer blocks the Jenoine's escape (Is 231-232).

Battle is joined; Morrolan falls; the dragon eats a Jenoine; battle gets complicated (Is 232-237).

p.235 "If I ever meet a hero, I'll ask." See Dzur, chapter 9 (prologue).

Teldra takes Vlad's Morganti dagger, and backstabs a Jenoine; the Jenoine then takes the dagger back out, and stabs Teldra with it (Is 237-238).

Issola, 16: Funereal Customs

Vlad reaches for the dagger -- as does Spellbreaker; Vlad goes into Spellbreaker to try and save Teldra (Is 239-244).

Vlad realizes what he is doing -- constructing (or perhaps more accurately, re-constructing) a Great Weapon; he repairs his own arm, too (Is 244-245).

p.244: "the Serioli had simply been telling me the simple, unvarnished truth in the most straightforward way it knew how". Dragon, chapter 7.

p.244: "why the Goddess had been so ambivalent". Possibly a reference to chapter 5 of this book.

p.244: "how Pathfinder had saved Aliera's life". Jhereg, chapters 16-17.

Vlad later (Dz 18) says that his arm had recently been "healed by an expert". Perhaps he is misremembering? Although several experts examined his arm (Is 186, 191, 193-194, 197), none of them appeared to do anything, and the arm was eventually healed by Vlad himself "almost as an afterthought" (Is 245).

Vlad returns to normal consciousness with Lady Teldra (Is 245).

p.245: "It fit my hand like an additional finger". Perhaps this compensates in some manner for the missing finger on his left hand?

Vlad rejoins the battle; he takes down a Jenoine's defenses; the remaining two Jenoine flee (Is 245-247).

Aliera claims that Adron broke the Jenoine's link; departing the scene (Is 247-249).

Issola, 17: Taking One's Leave of Friends

Some debriefing with Sethra; Vlad would rather call his new weapon Lady Teldra than Godslayer; Sethra asks Vlad to give his regards to Lady Teldra when she 'wakes up' (Is 251-253).

Aliera has successfully revivified Morrolan (Is 253).

Vlad chats with the Necromancer, and decides to go to Valabar's (Is 253-255).

p.253: ""Yes. I was there once before, and rather liked it." An odd statement. We know Vlad has 'been East' at least twice. But perhaps the first trip was not to Fenario proper (though it does seem to have been to somewhere that spoke Fenarian). And his trip to Fenario, some of which is detailed in Jhegaala, didn't seem to be a fun experience. But perhaps he 'rather liked' his subsequent stay in Fenario City.

At some point after Issola, Vlad discovers that Lady Teldra can detect invisibility and illusions (H 27-28).


Dz, day 1 (same day as Is, day 10)

Dzur, Prologue: Peasant's Platter

Vlad has been "gone for years" (Dz 11) -- over four by my reckoning. He left in early 244 PI, and it is now sometime in 248. We pick up the story mere moments after Issola ended. It is "early afternoon" (Dz 13); given how much happened earlier today (in Issola, chapters 12-17, I presume that this means "between the traditional times for the thrid and fourth meals of the day".

Vlad goes to Valabar's; over Klava, he is joined by Telnan; Peasant's Platter (Dz 11-18).

p.11: "missing a finger". See notes under Vlad's Missing Finger.

p.13: "After Melestav was killed, Kragar ... would order it from a place down the street." Not more than once, at most! Vlad went on the run two days after Melestav was killed; the only time he returned to his office at all between those two events was to give his business to Kragar -- perhaps he sent him out for klava just before that.

p.14: "Young, was my first reaction." "The Desecrator" suggests (weakly) that Telnan is about 220 at this time, born at roughly 30 PI.

p.15: "You don't expect to find a cheerful Dzurlord." Dzurlords are often cheerful, as Tazendra clearly demonstrates. But all the Dzurlords Vlad has met so far have been in unhappy circumstances (e.g., in debt to a Jhereg Easterner).

p.16: "More than half of the time I'd been alive". Vlad is only about 29 years old at this point.

p.17: "The last time I was at Valabar's". Date unknown, but obviously pre-Phoenix. Possibly between Jhereg and Teckla (about 5 years ago).

p.18: "a recent injury". See Issola, chapter 12. "even more recently healed by an expert." An odd statement, given that Vlad healed it himself; see Issola, chapter 16.

Over bread, Mario shows up; he reports that Cawti is in trouble with the Left Hand of the Jhereg (Dz 18-31).

p.18-19: "I'd have put him at over twenty-five hundred years." This contradicts FH 245, which indicates Mario was born about 105 BI. On the other hand, Vlad admits himself to be bad at judging ages, and Mario has every reason to want to disguise his physical appearance when he first meets Vlad. For the moment, I tend to believe the later date, not this one. Other possible reasons for the discrepancy: perhaps Mario, following the events of FH, spent some time in a dimension with an altered time flow. Or perhaps it is related to his alleged 'death' (Dz 68).

p.20: "Mario had assassinated an Emperor". See Five Hundred Years After, chapter 33.

p.22: "You did both." In Phoenix, chapters 9 and 15. "you've acquired a rather formidable means of defending yourself." See Issola, chapter 16.

p.23: "the stories I'd heard--that [Mario] was the lover of Aliera e'Kieron". It is interesting that these stories have gained wide enough currency that Vlad has managed to hear them. Possibly they came to light when the Dragon Council was examining Aliera's suitablity as Heir.

p.24: "care to explain?" See Phoenix, especially chapter 17, if you want a lengthier explanation.

p.27: "About two hours ago." See Issola, chapter 17.

[Chapter 1 prologue:] Over wine, Vlad decides to stay at Dzur Mountain (Dz 33-34).

[Chapter 2 prologue:] Ordering entrees, eating garlic bread; on wizardry (Dz 51-52).

[Chapter 3 prologue:] Over Shamy, Vlad and Telnan discuss Mario (Dz 67-68).

[Chapter 4 prologue:] Mushroom-barley soup; Vlad doesn't live anywhere (Dz 85-87).

[Chapter 5 prologue:] Vlad's taste in wine; on Great Weapons (Dz 101-103).

p.102: "She's only training me because of, well, my weapon." See discussion at 228 PI.

[Chapter 6 prologue:] On cheese (Dz 117-118).

[Chapter 7 prologue:] On the differences between trout and Trout; paying attention to details; preparing for heroics (Dz 123-1225).

p.123: "...I've seen [Trout]..." Presumably during Taltos, chapter 13.

[Chapter 8 prologue:] On steamed goslingroot, and side dishes in general (Dz 135).

[Chapter 9 prologue:] Over white wine, Telnan tries to explain the fun of heroism, and fighting for a cause; remembering Ricard (Dz 149-151).

p.151: "...doing what I pretended to do..." At the (apparent) time of this paragraph, Vlad hasn't yet decided to adopt the Sandor guise. Perhaps the paragraph was mis-placed by the editor.

[Chapter 10 prologue:] Salad (Dz 165-166).

[Chapter 11 prologue:] Descani wine; Vlad's popularity at Valabar's (Dz 183-184).

[Chapter 12 prologue:] Chicken with shallots; do Great Weapons vicariously enjoy food?; on the naming of Nightslayer (Dz 197-199). Note that this account of Nightslayer's name differs from the one in "The Desecrator"; see notes there.

[Chapter 13 prologue:] On wine, transitions, and the space between the notes; mutual study; Telnan likes it when the action starts (Dz 215-218).

[Chapter 14 prologue:] On pepper-essence; brisket of beef (Dz 235-236).

[Chapter 15 prologue:] On patience, knowing what goes well with what, and concentrating fully (Dz 241-242).

[Chapter 16 prologue:] Remembering a field full of flowers (possibly from Jhegaala, Prologue); things you don't notice that have an effect; on cold heroics (Dz 257-259).

[Chapter 17 prologue:] Dessert (Dz 271-272).

[Epilogue prologue:] Understanding Dzur; magical wine (Dz 281).

Dzur, 1: Dry Red Wine

Vlad pays, and Telnan teleports him to Dzur Mountain (Dz 34-35). Vlad almost passes out at the door (Dz 114).

Sethra welcomes Vlad; on the complexities of Dzurlords (Dz 36-38).

p.38: "during the excitement a few years ago." See Teckla, and Phoenix.

Vlad discusses his problem with Sethra (Dz 38-41).

p.39: "sources in the Jhereg". See Orca, chapter 17.

p.40: "Iceflame found his weapon." For more discussion of this, see notes to "The Desecrator.

Aliera arrives; she agrees to tell Cawti Vlad is looking for her (Dz 41-43).

p.42: "suddenly show up, lose our friend's soul in a weapon, make my mother fear for her existence, threaten the very fabric of creation". See Issola.

Cawti arrives; she and Vlad argue; she eventually agrees to let him help, in return for information; he has Sethra teleport him to South Adrilankha (Dz 43-50).

p.44: "I went back East for visit, and forgot to pack it when I returned." See notes to Vlad's Mising Finger. "Have you actually been back East again?" Yes, see Jhegaala. "I learned to ride a horse, but not to enjoy doing so." This actually happened much earlier in Vlad's life, about 237 PI.

p.46: "Extra cream in his, but not much honey. You know how I take mine." Cawti has been to Dzur Mountain often enough since Vlad's exile that she assumes that Tukko will remember her klava preferences, but not Vlad's. On the other hand, Sethra said, "I don't see her often" (Dz 41).

p.47: "Younger than me". See notes under Ancient.

p.49: "Morrolan had dug up for me the day before." Issola, chapter 14.

Dzur, 2: Garlic Bread

Walking from Chain Bridge to Six Corners; ordering new boots and sheath at Jakoub's (Dz 52-55).

p.53: "I'd visited him once a couple of years ago". About 4 years ago; se Jhegaala, Prologue. "I decided I should probably do so again, if I could get this matter settled without becoming dead." Whether Vlad followed through on this or not has not been recorded yet.

p.55: "It got stuck in me." See Athyra, chapter 9.

Chatting with Jakoub about recent Jhereg activity (Dz 55-58).

Checking out the house on Stranger's Road; they can detect Lady Teldra (Dz 58-60).

Finding Aibynn; asking questions and a favor (Dz 60-64). Chapter 4 reveals that the favor was arranging a room at an inn.

p.61: "Years before I had made a deal with the Minstrels' Guild". Phoenix, chapter 7.

p.62: "a complicated business". Phoenix.

Being stalked (Dz 64-65).

p.64: "Sethra Lavode had once located Loiosh." Issola, chapter 1.

Dzur, 3: Shamy

Lady Teldra has changed; she destroys a Left Hand sorceress (Dz 68-69). This includes destroying her soul (Dz 137ff).

p.68: "A long, long time ago--about thirteen hours, more or less". Issola, chapter 16.

Vlad returns to Dzur Mountain; a chat with Kiera (Dz 70-76).

p.70: "Do you know how, uh, how I might be able to reach Kiera the Thief?" See Orca, chapter 17.

Vlad chats with Sethra about Great Weapons, sorcerous protection, and the history of the Left Hand (Dz 77-82).

p.80: "the incident with Aliera in Castle Black." Jhereg, chapter 17 and Epilogue. "I know of at least three times when the wielder of a Great Weapon had his soul taken by a Morganti weapon." Not yet documented.

Vlad spends the night in Dzur Mountain (Dz 82-83).

p.82: "It's been quite a day." An extreme understatement; this morning was in the middle of chapter 12 of Issola. "a room where once I had awoken after death". Yendi, chapter 7.

Dz, day 2

Dzur, 4: Mushroom-Barley Soup

On being a lousy houseguest; gradually waking up and trying to plan (Dz 87-90).

p.88: "Once, I found myself traveling with a young Dragaeran". Starting in Athyra, Epilogue. "when I returned him to his family". Not well-documented, but some time between Orca and Issola.

p.89: "my memory kept returning to the sight of Morrolan, lying dead on the floor of an Adrilankha public house." Jhereg, chapter 11. "Aliera had been killed". Jhereg, chapter 17. "something must have killed [Sethra] at some point." Not yet documented. "those remarks Telnan had made". His remarks about Great Weapons in prologue to chapter 5?

Sethra surprises Vlad; preparations for safe travel (Dz 90-94).

p.91: "Does that sound familiar, somehow?" See Jhereg, throughout.

p.92: "...gaining access to the rest of my hoard would be at least annoying, and maybe problematical." Not that problematical; see notes on Vlad's wealth.

Vlad disguises himself as "Sandor", then gets a room, and practices his disguise (Dz 94-99).

p.95: "I managed to convince him to relocate". Phoenix, chapter 17.

Dzur, 5: White Wine from Guinchen

Watching the house on Stranger's Road; following runners (Dz 104-106).

Donner's Court; Vlad remembers Devera messing with his memories, at Verra's behest (Dz 107-110).

p.108: "let her touch your thoughts as she will." The 'her' appears to be Devera. This scene seems to be set during Taltos, chapter 13.

p.108-109: "a sword made of marble, and held by a marble hand-" This is the statue of Kieron, near Deathgate Falls. This scene would have taken place near the end of Taltos, chapter 10, though Vlad had not remembered it at the time of narrating that book.

p.109: "But she was older than I". Why does Vlad think this? Has he had some explanation of Devera that hasn't yet been documented? "I had other memories of her". Taltos chapter 17; Dragon, chapter 15(?); Yendi, chapter 7; Tiassa, Prologue and, Jhereg, chapter 5; Teckla, chapter 6(?); Phoenix, chapter 17; Jhegaala, chapter 11(?); Issola, chapter 15(?). "There is pool of clear water..." Again, this seems to be during Taltos, chapter 13.

p.110: "I had returned to her halls. I could hear myself asking her questions, demanding answers..." From context, this seems to be placed during Taltos, sometime after chapter 13. On the other hand, this sounds a lot like the scene in Phoenix, chapter 8 (or maybe 17).

Vlad wakes, having been unconscious for a bit; he returns to his room to brood; Loiosh's memories were also affected (Dz 110-115).

Dz, day 3

Dzur, 6: Sertalia Cheese

Breakfast; picking up gear from Jakoub (Dz 118-120).

p.118: "...the time she had found me in the middle of nowhere..." Issola, chapter 1. "...Sethra had implied..." Issola, chapter 17.

p.119: "...all the nice little extras..." Not yet fully documented, but see Phoenix, chapter 16.

Loiosh is searched for; Lady Teldra helps break the spell (Dz 120-121).

Loiosh fetches Daymar (Dz 121-122).

Dzur, 7: Fish

Character sketch: Daymar (Dz 125).

p.125: "...our first meeting..." Dragon, chapter 2.

Daymar tries to explain to Vlad about "psychic location" (Dz 125-129).

p.129: "Not long ago. Remember, I mentally located someone? And you fixed his mental location in a crystal, so I could convert it to a physical location?" Jhereg, chapters 3 and 5. About five years ago, but to a Dragaeran, that can be seen as not such a long time.

Daymar scans Loiosh; the seeker was a female in a cold rage (Dz 129-131).

Daymar and Vlad work out how to safely do a location spell (Dz 131-134).

p.131: "Unfortunately, that's impossible just now." Because it would be a somewhat lengthy ritual, and Vlad doesn't want to remove his amulet for that long. See also Jhegaala, chapter 11, for an example of what sort of thing can happen if he does remove his amulet do witchcraft.

Dzur, 8: Steamed Goslingroot

Daymar identifies Crithnak, mind-probes her, and blocks her location spell; Vlad had destroyed her sister's soul; Daymar leaves (Dz 136-140).

Vlad goes for a walk to try and clear his head (Dz 140-143).

p.141: "Walking around while people were trying to kill me and my head was filled with things other than how to avoid them probably wasn't all that smart, but it's something I've done before." Most notably in Teckla, chapters 6, 9, and 13.

p.142: "I suddenly thought of Napper, whom I had watched fall to a Morganti weapon in the middle of a battle." Dragon, chapter 17.

Vlad watches the house on Stranger's Road some more; some food, then drink (Dz 144-146).

p.145: "I remembered when there were Phoenix Guards all over these streets..." Phoenix, chapter 13. "...a place called Ferenk's." See Taltos, chapter 2.

Vlad is lonely, but comes up with a plan (Dz 147-148).

p.147: "...emotionally damaged Teckla..." See Athyra, Epilogue, and Orca, throughout. "...the time I had spent in the East. Not the unpleasant part, which was actually most of it..." Vlad traveled briefly to the East as a young man (see notes under Untold Vlad). He spent about a year there later, the beginning of which is documented in Jhegaala.

Dzur, 9: Chilled Defrina

On South Adrilankha; visiting Ricard and asking him for some contacts (Dz 151-155).

Over dinner, Vlad tells Ric about his troubles with Verra (Dz 156-159).

p.156: "It's been going on for years, I guess..." At least since Taltos, about 9 years ago.

p.157: "Another time, I got into a jam, and called on her." Phoenix, chapter 1.

p.158: "Near Deathgate Falls ..." This event would have been during Taltos, chapter 9. "I didn't remember any of that until a couple of years later." About 3 years; see notes to Dragon, Frame Story.

Vlad starts going through Ricard's contacts; interviewing Ernest (Dz 159-163).

Dz, days 3-6

"Over the next couple of days" (Dz 163).

Ricard has a gig ("Tomorrow" Dz 153).

Vlad recruits 11 more agents.

Ristall Market is threatened by a gang around day 5 ("I guess that was a week ago", Dz 192).

Dz, days 7-9

Kragar sends a message to Aliera (Dz 174).

A male Jhereg suggests solidarity and strike to the Ristall Marketers on day 7 ("about three days ago"), then funds the strike on day 9 ("yesterday", Dz 192). He appears to have been sent by Nylanth (Dz 261).

Dzur, 10: Salad

"We spent about eleven hours a day at it for three days" (Dz 167).

Vlad gets research help from Deleen; there is a current (quiet) power struggle in Jhereg upper management; one of the contenders, Terion, has Triesco as his mistress (Dz 166-171).

Vlad meets with the Jhereg Irregulars, and concludes that the Left Hand is trying to influence the power struggle in the Right Hand (Dz 171-172). (I wish I knew what sort of data led him to that conclusion...)

Vlad returns to his rooms and finds Kiera there; discussing Vlad's anger at Verra; Vlad still has friends (Dz 172-175).

Discussing the situation; unraveling the motives of the Left Hand (Dz 175-179).

Discussing tactics, strategy, expectations, and what Sethra might think about them; Kiera promises to return on the morrow (Dz 179-181).

p.181: "Yeah. Scouting for Sethra the Younger." Sethra the Younger is well known for her ambition to conquer the East (see, among others, Yendi, chapter 8). Vlad is, of course, joking. "What happened?" See Jhegaala for a partial explanation.

Dzur, 11: Descani Wine

Vlad has dinner, then sleeps (Dz 184).

Dz, day 10

Research seems to be complete; on streets and sore feet (Dz 184-185).

Vincent reports the bounty on Vlad, and on the Ristall Market shutdown; Claude gives Vlad the name of a marketer (Dz 185-189).

Francis Donover reports on the Ristall Market situation; on small-time protection schemes (Dz 189-194).

Vlad learns the name of an extortionist "Josef"; Vlad collects one last piece of data from some Irregulars; Kiera left a note (Dz 194).

Vlad and Loiosh discuss Verra's meddling (Dz 194-195).

Dz, day 11

Dzur, 12: Chicken with Shallots

Waking up with a plan; breakfast; ditching the disguise for a while (Dz 199-200).

Vlad watches a place on Harmony until Josef leaves; Vlad follows, then confronts him at a blacksmith's; "your scheme for Ristall Market is over as of now"; Vlad gets Vaasci's name; Vlad has missed being a bully (Dz 201-205).

Vlad tries to explain why he's giving Josef time to betray him; he contemplates hiring Mrio, but decides to put it off (Dz 205-208).

Falworth Hill; The Twig; Vlad confronts Vaasci; back to Sandor (Dz 208-213).

p.208: "Remember--" Vlad is probably referring to Orca, chapter 12

Dzur, 13: Descani Wine (Continued)

Vlad/Sandor walks to his old neighborhood; he gets in to see Kragar (Dz 218-221).

p.220: "We haven't used that code in three years." So it would have changed about a year or so after Vlad left town. "...Melestav had succumbed to temptation." Phoenix, chapter 12.

Vlad surprises Kragar; Vlad asks Kragar to get Mario to kill Crithnak (Dz 221-223).

p.222: "How did you meet him?" See notes at 158 PI for discussion of this.

p.223: "I may have implied it pretty strongly." In Teckla, chapter 10.

Vlad tries to decide whether to let Kragar get further involved; he briefs Kragar on the situation so far; Vlad plans to take out Terion, but Kragar points out a flaw in his plan (Dz 223-228).

p.226: "And Terion's connection to the Left Hand is his mistress. Who is--wait. Crithnak." / "Yeah." This is a bizarre error. Terion's mistress was clearly established to be Triesco (Dz 170). Are Crithnak and Triesco two names for the same person? No, because Triesco shows up alive after Mario completes his commisision (Dz 273). Is Vlad delierately letting Kragar misunderstand? Is this a mistake in Vlad's memory (at the time, or later when he narrates the book)?

Vlad asks Kragar to help find out who is competing with Terion to take over South Adrilankha, to find Terion himself, and to set up a meeting between Vlad and the Demon (Dz 228-233).

p.229: "...some Orca I'd briefly traveled with." Presumably the sailors during Phoenix, chapter 2.

p.230: "They--the Left Hand--are trying to take over the action in South Adrilankha, figuring that will tip things in Terion's favor." In chapter 10, Kiera surmised differently, "South Adrilankha is the price Terion is paying for the support of the Left Hand" (Dz 178).

Dzur, 14: Brisket of Beef

Vlad returns to Donner's Court, then visits Verra (Dz 236).

p.236: "I was standing in her Halls, just as I remembered them..." Vlad has been to Verra's Halls in Phoenix, chapters 1, 8, and 17. Possibly also during Taltos, chapter 15, though if so, that memory was suppressed until earlier this book.

Vlad tries to intimidate Verra into giving him information, unsuccessfully (Dz 236-239).

p.237: "How's that policy worked out for you?" / "Mixed..." This is at least partially in reference to Brokedown Palace, chapter 13. "I? You give me too much credit, Fenarian. Or too little." As near as I can tell, Verra doesn't personally have the power to adjust memories, but Devera does, and will do so when Verra orders it. See chapter 5 and notes to it.

Verra offers aid to Vlad, as long as it is indirect; on dreams (Dz 239-240).

p.240: "The last one sent me off East and cost me a finger." There is no mention of this dream in Jhegaala, which is interesting... "That wasn't the last one." We don't know what other dream(s) Verra sent to Vlad yet.

Dzur, 15: Dumplings

Vlad wanders around to kill time (Dz 243-244).

Mario stops by to report the assassination of a sorceress (Dz 244-246).

Dz, day 12

Vlad hires a messenger from Six Corners; Kragar has set up a meet at the White Lantern; Vlad travels there (Dz 246-249).

The White Lantern; Vlad negotiates with the Demon -- in return for the top spot on the Council, the Jhereg will stay out of South Adrilankha entirely until the end of the next Dragon Reign (Dz 249-255). [I note that the Demon has a pretty clear 'out' from his end of the deal. He promised Vlad things "if you get me the position", which Vlad manifestly did not do. Vlad merely removed the Left Hand from the equation. This may have weakened Terion's position significantly, but may not, and certainly left other contenders in the mix.]

p.255: Of course Kragar showed up to the meeting, and no one noticed him. Vlad isn't even particularly surprised.

Dzur, 16: Red Wine

Vlad and Kragar return to the office; Kragar has identified Nylanth as the Right Hand influence in South Adrilankha (Dz 259-262).

Vlad leaves through the tunnel (Dz 262-264).

Vlaad returns to Stranger's Road to deliberately get noticed by the Left Hand; they notice him, and the Demon shows up (Dz 264-266).

Vlad negotiates enough to engter the house with Lady Teldra sheathed (Dz 266-270).

Dzur, 17: Palaczinta

Sitting down with the Left Hand and the Demon; Vlad proposes his deal (Dz 272-274).

p.273: "Which of you is Triesco?" As mentioned earlier (Dz 170), Triesco is Terion's mistress.

Negotiations nearly turn into combat; Telnan shows up; negotiations resume; Vlad gets what he wants (Dz 274-279).

Dzur, Epilogue: Ailor Dessert Wine

Cawti tells Vlad about the existence of Vlad Norathar; Vlad decides to take Kragar to Valabar's; Vlad is about to meet his son (Dz 282-284). (This scene could have been in a later day, but one presumes Vlad is in something of a hurry to finish up his business and leave town again.)

Iorich, Interlude: Memory

Vlad meets Vlad Norathar; Vlad Norathar plays with a turtle, given him by Devera (Ir 111-113).

p.111: "I had just finished proving I wasn't a hero." Dzur, Epilogue.

p.113: "But you're right; she wouldn't hurt him." Vlad is quite confident, given his brief and fragmentary acquaintance with Devera. Especially since he just recently found out that she had messed with his memories (see Dzur, chapter 5).

On different languages and names for birds; Vlad Norathar wants a jhereg (Ir 113-115).

Vlad explains why he doesn't live with them, then leaves (Ir 116-117).

[Link to Iorich, chapter 6.]

Vlad leaves Adrilankha, passing an overlook close to Kieron's Watch; there is no building there (V 20-21).

Dz, day ~32

Vlad narrates Dzur ("It's been weeks now", Dz 113, exact date approximate).

249 PI

Duke Carver begins 'propaganda efforts' to support his eventual rebellion (Ir 200).

Tiassa, Part III

Tiassa, "Whitecrest"

"Whitecrest" takes place about "a year" (Ti 128) after the Jenoine attack described in Issola.

"Whitecrest", day -3

Feorae last sees the silver tiassa ("a week ago yesterday", Ti 141).

Tiassa, "Whitecrest", Chapter Four: Two Days Earlier, Dathaani

Although the chapter title says "Two Days Earlier", whicch would place this chapter during day 1, that seems inconsistent with most other evidence. Dathaani asks for two days' notice before the illusion is cast, and Kosadr first detects signs of the Jenoine on day -1, so this chapter can be no later than day -3. [Unless more time travel is involved, or there actually is an imminent Jenoine invaasion, or some other such undocumented complication.]

Dathaani tells the legend of the silver tiassa; Ched is to re-tell it where Kosadr will hear it (Ti 179-181).

Dathaani hires a Left Hand sorceress to fake a Jenoine invasion (Ti 181-183).

[Why does Dathaani overlook the possibility of divine intervention? Does he know of some reason why they can't or won't intervene? Or is the silver tiassa 'inspiring' him to not worry about it?]

Dathaani meets with Rynend; Rynend will provide blades, a sorcerer to teleport them, and a contact with the Imperial Representative to get the location (Ti 183-187).

Dathaani asks for protection in case the plot comes out; Rynend agrees, but only if they get Vlad first (Ti 187-188).

[Link to Chapter 5.]

"Whitecrest", day -1

Kosadr (and his staff?) begin observing signs of a Jenoine incursion ("two days ago", Ti 122).

Tiassa, "Whitecrest", Chapter One: Khaavren

"Whitecrest", day 1

"Midweek" (Ti 121).

Kosadr becomes confident enough about his findings to report to Zerika; she puts him off until Khaavren can be summoned (by inference, dating approximate).

Khaavren summoned to the Empress, along with Kosadr; Kosadr reports the apparent Jenoine threat; Khaavren to keep the city as calm as possible; (Ti 121-124).

Kosadr is excited (Ti 124-125).

p.124: "I've held this post [Court Wizard] for twenty years..." A curious statement. In Issola, chapter 14 (just a year earlier than this story), it is stated that "Morrolan had been Court Wizard for some years, since an unfortunate incident involving Sethra the Younger, who had held the post previously." The simplest explanation seems to me that there are two different Imperial offices which are both being translated as "Court Wizard". It also raises the question of what Kosadr was doing during the Issola Jenoine incursion.

Khaavren briefs Aliera, and requests the loan of some troops (Ti 125-126).

Khaavren works until nightfall, then takes a cab home (Ti 126-127).

Khaavren discusses the Jenoine situation with Daro (Ti 127-129).

p.128: "There was an attack only a year ago." See Issola for details.

"Whitecrest", day 2

Khaavren rides to the Palace; morning briefing with Zerika and Kosadr; rumors of the silver tiassa (Ti 129-130).

Daro meets with the Captain of the Whitecrest Guard ("Yesterday", Ti 137).

A busy day (Ti 130-131).

Mid-afternoon meeting with Zerika, Khaavren, Kosadr, Aliera, and Sethra Lavode (Ti 131-132).

p.131: "I have spoken of it with Sethra Lavode..." Odd that Kosadr is speaking on Sethra's behalf, when Sethra is right there. "The Necromancer has never heard of it..." This may seem to be a contradiction, since it is established in "Conception" that the Necromancer assisted Sethra Lavode in her project there. But a close reading of the text shows only that the Necromancer helped duplicate Kieron's Bower, not that she was necessarily privy to any more such details; perhaps the Necromancer never enquired as to the purpose or other details of the project.

p.132: "It is not impossible that the Jenoine have, somehow, interfered with our ability to reach [the gods]." It does seem highly unlikely, since there seem to have been no actual Jenoine involved. So what did prevent contact with the gods? Some possibilities include: Left Hand sorcery; an undocumented ability of the silver tiassa; destiny (including, perhaps, the gods deliberately withholding contact because they desired some aspect of the outcomes that led from that lack of contact).

[For discussion of Sethra's strange lack of activity here, see the essay On the nature of the Silver Tiassa.]

More busy-ness; returning home (Ti 132).

Discussing fears with Daro (Ti 133-134).

"Whitecrest", day 3

Overnight reports; checking the troops; Kosadr is optimistic about finding Szurke (Ti 134-135).

Tiassa, "Whitecrest", Chapter Two: Daro

Daro at breakfast; she sends for Piro; morning business (Ti 136-137).

Piro arrives; Daro asks about the silver tiassa; Daro plans to visit Feorae (Ti 137-140).

Daro sees Feorae; the silver tiassa has been stolen; Lyndra senses that the thief may have been an Easterner; Daro tells them not to speak of it (Ti 140-143).

Daro, disguised as a Lyorn, finds an escort to Cawti's old house; she has moved, but her escort finds the new address (Ti 143-147).

p.145: "...until the Jhereg got tired of an Easterner putting on airs, you know, and drove him out." A highly inaccurate summary of the events of Phoenix. "I saw her not more than a year ago..." Around the time of Issola and Dzur, then.

Riding to Cawti's house in South Adrilankha (Ti 147-148).

Daro meets Cawti, and discovers that Vlad is on the run (Ti 148-150).

p.148: "...clear signs of a child's presence..." Vlad Norathar is about 5 years old.

They discuss the silver tiassa (Ti 150-152).

Vlad cannot be found by sorcery, witchcraft, or psychic skills; the Orb, however, apparently can find him; Cawti asks Daro to ask Zerika to delay using the Orb to find Vlad (Ti 152-156).

Daro and Cawti go to the Palace; Daro attempts to make friends with Cawti on the way, with little success (Ti 156-159).

Daro reports to Zerika (Ti 159-160).

Tiassa, "Whitecrest", Chapter Three: Cawti

Cawti visits Norathar; she shares her suspicion that the supposed invasion is a trap for Vlad (Ti 161-162).

On the defining of people via their romantic relationships (Ti 163-164).

p.163: "...a few years ago..." About 7 years ago. "Have you met Laszlo?" The ensuing conversation strongly suggests that Cawti knows Lazslo quite well. If so, when and how did they meet? If not, why does Cawti know so many details about him? In Iorich, chapter 17, Zerika says she will "...ask Laszló to keep an eye on her...", but that happens about 3 years after this.

Cawti has a plan; Norathar is in; step 1 is to see the Empress (Ti 164-166).

The Jhereg have asked to observe the Vlad-locating spell; Zerika agrees to give a false location; Daro agrees to try and find out who in the Jhereg was seeking to observe the spell (Ti 166-171).

p.169: "It would be hard to forget. Bevinger's House." What happened there, and when, is not yet documented.

Cawti and Norathar teleport to Bevinger's House to ambush the ambushers; remembering past targets (Ti 171-173).

Five assassins arrive; one walks away alive (Ti 173-175).

Discussing next steps; teleporting back to the Palace (Ti 175-177).

Norathar begins making enquiries psychically; Norathar decides to investigate Rynend (Ti 177-178).

p.178: "She remembered prisoner's broth." Cawti was imprisoned during Phoenix. (Possibly other times as well, but any such are undocumented.) "He works out of his home." This raises interesting questions with regard to the Jhereg customs of assassination; someone is fair game at his place of work, but sacrosanct in his home. What happens when these are one and the same? In chapter 4, it is claimed that "most of the higher-ups in the Organization" (Ti 183) work from home.

[Link to Chapter 4.]

Tiassa, "Whitecrest", Chapter Five: Norathar

Norathar meets with Rynend; she asks for Dathaani's body; Rynend gives her Dathaani's name and probable location (Ti 189-192).

Rynend is described as "who could have been from the same family as his bodyguards" (Ti 189), which seems somewhat at odds with chapter 4's description of him as "small, elderly, and frail-looking" (Ti 184). Perhaps this isn't actually Rynend, but he has taken the precaution of having a lieutenant speak in his place (presumably in psychic contact with the real Rynend). This is (weakly) supported by the fact that this 'Rynend' sits "in front of the desk, rather than behind it" (Ti 190).

Cawti and Norathar travel to the Antlers inn, discussing what to do when they get there (Ti 192-195).

Cawti and Norathar confront Dathaani; Daro shows up; Dathaani confesses, and is arrested (Ti 195-200).

Daro explains her reasoning; Cawti and Norathar go for a drink (Ti 200-202).

p.200: " could have stopped the alarms days ago?" An error; it's still the same day that Daro figured it out. Misprint for "hours", perhaps?

Pel and Norathar ask Zerika not to press the investigation further (Ti 303).

"Half a year after..." (Ti 263) Feorae requests reimbursement for the tiassa.

[Link to "Conception (An Interlude)".]

Sometime between Phoenix and Iorich

Cawti has a couple "lovers" (Ir 140).

Sometime between Dzur and Iorich

Vlad possibly gets an improved scabbard for Lady Teldra (Dz 60)?

Vlad possibly follows the East Bank of the Adrilankha River (Dz 60).

Cawti changes residences (Ir 133).

Bryn of Lockhead enlists in the army (Ir 135-136; could have been even earlier, but he still seems quite green.)

The Left Hand get wind of Greycat's old plan to make narcotics illegal. ("a few years ago", Ir 173; possibly even earlier than Dzur).

251 PI

"On the first Homeday of the month of the Vallista in the two hundred and fifty-first year of the reign of Zerika the Fourth, Lord Bristoe-Camfor, House of the Dzur, of the Third Floor Relic group, was found dead behind a pawnshop a (H 167). Investigation goes on for "several weeks" (H 167) and then "Eventually" (H 168) concludes.

252 PI

"About a month" before Iorich

Vlad last had 'real food' (Ir 16).

Shortly thereafter?

An uprising starts in the northwest (Ir 18). As Warlord, Aliera orders General Lady Fardra e'Baritt to deal with it, inflicting "minimal damage to property and non-combatants" (Ir 93). Sergeant Dornin e'Lanya apparently is officially informed that the "entire duchy" of Carver is in rebellion (Ir 58). The enlisted men (at least) start referring to the rebels as "stuffies" (Ir 136).

Repeal of chimney tax within House Tsalmoth (Ir 18).

Charlsom of Whitehill allows tavers to sell local brews without surcharge (Ir 19).

An Imperial land-use loan is proposed (Ir 19).

Perisil 'permitted into' an office in House Iorich ("Just recently", Ir 42). Apparently the result of some scandal we never hear details about (Ir 62)?

Orca start being unusualy polite to Kragar; he investigates and finds signs of a conspiracy (Ir 150).

"Lyorn 2 of Zerika 252" (Ir 23)

Tirma massacre (Ir 23; Ir 58-59). It's a Marketday (Ir 136).

From Bryn's point of view, it started when the Tirmans ambushed his group (Ir 136-137). Efrin had already left with some farm animals (Ir 183), which indicates that he was worried about trouble, though the fact that he left his family behind suggests that he underestimated the extent.

Shortly thereafter?

Vlad and his jhereg last have "real food" ("About a month", Ir 16).

Cawti stops giving reading lessons (see notes to Iorich, chapter 7).

Zerika holds a meeting to discuss Tirma. The Jhereg Representative is there, but says nothing on the record (Ir 178).

9th day of the month of the Hawk

Norathar made Warlord and told to arrest Aliera (Ir 121-122). Zerika tells Norathar not to discuss the matter with anyone, and makes her promise that Aliera will be allowed to esape (Ir 171). Aliera arrested (Ir 28). (24 days after the massacre.)

10 Hawk

Intent to Indict filed (Ir 28).

11 Hawk??

Writ of felony placed (Ir 28).


For notes on the chapter headings, see Imperial Investigation into the Tirma Incident.

Iorich, Prologue

Ir, day 1; 17 Hawk

Aliera was arrested "A little more" than "two weeks ago" as of day 4 (Ir 33), so day 4 has to be at least 3 Dzur.

Vlad is attacked by brigands, but he is actually ambushing them (Ir 13-15).

At a village inn, Vlad hears how all the locals hate the navy, and various economic gossip (Ir 15-19).

Vlad overhears the name "Sethra Lavode", then gathers gossip about Aliera's arrest (Ir 19-20).

Vlad decides to go to Adrilankha to help Aliera (Ir 20-22).

Ir, day 2; 1 Dzur

Zerika thinks at this time that the Jhereg have power to "cause the nobles and princes to lose confidence" in her ("a week ago", Ir 233, date appoximate).

Iorich, chapter 1

Ir, day 4; 3 Dzur

Vlad arrives "Three days later" (Ir 22).

Vlad goes from the dock to the Palace, Iorich Wing (Ir 24-26).

p.26: "Given what the ugly thing is famous for..." This has not yet been explained.

Getting information from clerks; Aliera has been arrested for Use of Elder Sorcery, accused by Her Majesty; Aliera has refused an advocate (Ir 26-29).

Vlad teleports to Castle Black, and meets Teldra's replacement, Skifra (Ir 29-31).

p.30: "...sometime after I got [the amulet] I came out here, to the courtyard..." Vlad has only been to Castle Black twice (that we know of) since getting the amulet, Phoenix, chapter 17, and Issola, chapter 3. Not clear which of these is the incident referred to. "So far as I know, they've never had anything to do since the Interregnum..." That is, in terms of repelling obvious intruders; see Jhereg, chapter 13, for an instance of a guard (Fentor) doing a bit more (admittedly, on his own initiative).

Vlad catches up with Morrolan (Ir 31-36).

p.31: "A couple of years, anyway" since Vlad has seen Morrolan. I figure four years, actually, unless there's a story we don't know about.

p.32: "...the pair of huge tomes chained to pedestals (an expression of Morrolan's sense of humor that I may explain some day)..." A partial explanation can be found in Orca, chapter 6, where Vlad refers to these tomes as traps.

p.33: "She was arrested, ah, what was it? About two weeks ago?" / "A little more." I'm basing dates in this story on the notion that it was 11 days. It could easily have been a bit more.

p.34: "I'd have been Starred otherwise." Presumably as a result of Tagichatn's murder; see notes at 239 PI.

p.35: "Once she stood guard over my body for nearly a week, keeping it alive, while my mind and my soul traveled to Deathgate Falls and fought a battle over the Paths of the Dead." Not fully documented yet, but see speculation in notes to Taltos, chapter 9.

Morrolan teleports Vlad to the Imperial Wing; Vlad then walks to the House of the Iorich (Ir 36-37).

p.36: "Anywhere in the Palace they permit it that isn't the Dragon Wing or Jhereg Wing." Vlad's reasons for avoiding the Jhereg Wing are obvious; his reasons for avoiding the Dragon Wing, rather less so. Possibly because he expects the Jhereg to be looking for him there. Possibly because of wanting to avoid (to the extent possible) any echoes of previous Dragon-Jhereg wars.

Vlad meets with his old advocate, Lady Ardwena; he discovers that the case against Aliera is proceeding with unusual haste; Ardwena recommends an advocate for Aliera (Ir 37-39).

p.37: "It has been a few years..." Actually, it has to have been at least 8 years. But to a Dragaeran, that isn't so long.

Iorich, chapter 2

Vlad meets Perisil, and hires him on Aliera's behalf; there's no question of interpretation with Imperial Edicts, only facts; Perisil will make a procedural complaint to get Vlad in to see Aliera; Perisil advises Vlad to speak to Lord Delwick, Imperial Representative of the Iorich (Ir 41-48).

On the labyrinthine nature of the Imperial Wing; asking Harnwood for an audience with Her Majesty; waiting, with a snack (Ir 48-51).

p.49: "...our previous encounter with Her Majesty..." Phoenix, chapter 17. "I happened to know she had an Easterner as a lover..." Phoenix, chapter 11.

p.51: "I wondered if I were getting old." Vlad is now about 32 and a half, as best I can figure (see notes on Vlad's Birth). Of course, most of the last nine years have been spent living rough, with at least two incidents of severe physical trauma (Jhegaala, chapter 11; Athyra, chapter 8).

Vlad meets with Zerika; Zerika offers Aliera mercy for a confession, Vlad points out the unlikeliness of such a deal being accepted; on customs of human sacrifice; thanks for paper-making formula (Ir 51-57).

p.52: "What happened to your hand?" See Vlad's Missing Finger. "...[the Orb's lie-detecting ability] can sometimes be beaten, as I've reason to know." Vlad probably learned this with Ardwena's help, during the investigation of Tagichatn's death in 239 PI (see also Phoenix, chapter 11).

p.56: "I bring it up because--" Because you intend to sacrifice Aliera for the greater good, perhaps? Or possibly because there is divine involvement with this affair, behind the scenes?

p.57: "...a complex set of memories and partial memories..." For most of the memories, see Jhegaala; for complexity and partiality, see Dzur.

Iorich, chapter 3

Harnwood takes Vlad to Lord Delwick (Ir 59-61).

Lord Delwick, on seeing the coin, offers to help Vlad (Ir 61-63).

p.63: "You'll be hearing from me." Curiously, this seems to be false. Vlad recounts no further interaction with or message from Lord Delwick. Perhaps he did report back to Vlad, but had no useful information? Or perhaps he took so long to gather information that the book was over by then (there are, by my counting, only 11 more days)?

Vlad gets a poor, but filling, meal; Perisil has arranged for Vlad to see Aliera; Vlad travels to the dungeons (Ir 63-67).

p.66: "I'm not going to talk about the last time I was in the Iorich dungeons. And I'm certainly not going to talk about the time before that." We don't know for sure about either of these. We do know of two separate times that Vlad was imprisoned in the Iorich Wing, but there may well have been more. One was pursuant to Tagichatn's death in 239 PI; the other we know very little about, beyond Vlad's description of it in Phoenix, chapter 4.

Vlad talks with Aliera, who isn't very helpful; Vlad points out that the Empress probably expected Aliera to defend herself; Vlad convinces her to see Perisil (Ir 67-75).

p.68: " had been years since she'd done that levitating bit..." In Phoenix, chapter 15, Vlad reports "...she had recently stopped doing this..." (P 211).

p.70: "Once, years ago, I'd seen the room in Castle Black where the Necromancer lived..." Unknown exactly when this was.

p.71: " lying on my back, unable to move..." Jhereg, chapter 12.

p.74: "If Her Majesty had not wished for my conviction, she wouldn't have begun the arrest proceedings." Almost certainly incorrect; see the essay The Iorich Conspiracy.

Iorich, chapter 4

On Dancer's Rest (Ir 76-77).

Cawti tells Norathar she wants to see Vlad ("yesterday", Ir 125).

Ir, day 5; 4 Dzur

Breakfast; is there an assassin in Perisil's office?; Vlad waits somewhere more anonymous; on assassination (Ir 77-81).

Perisil has (just?) seen Aliera; she agreed to let him defend her, but won't otherwise cooperate (Ir 82-83).

Vlad finds out about Tirma; Perisil expects Vlad to find out more; on Dishonorable Prosecution (Ir 83-85).

p.83: "I'll bet Kelly has a lot to say on the subject." See Teckla (and, to a lesser extent, Phoenix).

On the differences between Codes and Edicts; Aliera's prosecution will upset the princes, which seems like an odd thing for Zerika to do; Vlad to find people who will swear to what's going on (Ir 85-88).

On paranoia; Vlad stumbles into a shopping mall in the Palace; Vlad returns the Imperial WIng, and the restaurant he ate at before (Ir 88-91).

Vlad finds Poncer, a Teckla message-runner, who is willing to answer questions (Ir 91-92).

Perisil discovers that Aliera's prosecution is being hurried (Ir 160).

Iorich, chapter 5

Questioning Poncer; who Her Majesty is close to; Laszló; Norathar is now Warlord (Ir 93-97).

p.94: "She doesn't have, ah, an office or anything. I mean, there's no name for it. But she's her Majesty's, um, I don't know the word. The person the Empress goes to when something is bothering her." Is the word he's searching for "Discreet"? Does that position still exist? (See Sethra Lavode, chapters 84 and 102.)

p.96: "...some says she does [have a Prime Minister], but it's secret." She does have a Prime Minister, Pel, as seen in Sethra Lavode, chapter 102. There might have been some upheaval since then, but Pel is still (or again) Prime Minster as of Tiassa, "Special Tasks", chapter 4 (Ti 278).

Vlad fumes; he comes up with a clever plan to reach Dzur Mountain undetected, with the assistance of an Athyra teleport business and a temple to Verra (Ir 97-103).

p.97: "...thanks to a ghost and a knife, in that order." The ghost is a reference to Teckla, chapter 11. While the story of the ghost involves some knives, the "in that order" makes me think that Vlad is referring to Lady Teldra. "...when a minor button-man started skimming from me." Taltos, chapter 1. "...The last time I'd seen him..." was just after Dzur, and will be recounted in more detail in the upcoming chapter Interlude: Memory.

p.98: "...I don't want the whole Jhereg knowing I went [to Dzur Mountain]..." It is unclear to me why Vlad would care about this. The Jhereg must already know of his association with Sethra Lavode, and it's not like she can't protect herself.

p.102: "I'd had a bad day..." Phoenix, chapter 9.

Climbing Dzur Mountain; Sethra and Vlad discuss Aliera's situation (Ir 103-105).

p.103: "...Morrolan and I had almost slaughtered each other..." Taltos, chapter 3.

Vlad wants to know why no one else is helping Aliera; on the nature of law, justice, and the differences between them; Sethra, drunk, implies that Aliera was just in the wrong place and time (Ir 105-109).

Vlad asks Sethra to arrange a meeting with Norathar; Vlad asks Sethra who else she is; Sethra teleports Vlad to the palace (Ir 109-110).

p.110: ""I'm afraid I don't know it..." Of course, Kiera would know; after Vlad's earlier questioning, Sethra is extra careful with her segregation. Vlad is, indirectly, asking Kiera to meet him there.

[Link to Interlude: Memory.]

Iorich, chapter 6

Vlad meets Norathar; there are things she can't or won't say; Aliera may have been targeted due in part to being Adron's daughter; Norathar was the arresting officer; Norathar waffles about whether or not she expected the order (Ir 119-123).

p.122: "That's your theory..." For more on this, see the essay The Iorich Conspiracy.

Vlad asks about the Tirma massacre, but gets no real answer (Ir 123-124).

p.123: "I'm told you served in the army..." Dragon.

Norathar establishes that, though she isn't Vlad's enemy, she is his opponent (Ir 124-125).

Norathar reports that Cawti wants to see Vlad; Vlad worries about putting Cawti in danger, but agrees to see her (Ir 125-126).

The Punctured Jug; Vlad hires Kiera to steal some paperwork about the idea for Aliera's arrest (Ir 126-130).

The Jhereg have people watching Vlad; Kiera gets him out by having him arrested; the prison coach brings him to Cawti (Ir 130-134).

Iorich, chapter 7

Vlad and Cawti are social; hard questions go unasked (Ir 137-140).

p.139: "Are you still giving reading lessons?" / "Twice a week, until lately." Unclear why she stopped giving the lessons. Possibly because her political group is busy with reactions to the Tirma Massacre? Cawti's statements cause Vlad to start a productive line of thought (Ir 264).

Vlad and Cawti discuss lovers, Verra, and whether Vlad can beat the Jhereg (Ir 140-141).

p.140: "One," I said. "A Dragaeran, oddly enough." Probably in reference to Sara; see Tiassa, "Special Tasks", chapter 6. While they haven't actually become lovers yet, Vlad may think of her that way already. Or he might possibly be speaking of someone else. "Also, I had a few things out with the Demon Goddess." We don't know of any encounters between Vlad and Verra that occurred "since you were here last?" But this might be Vlad making reference to the events of Dzur, chapter 5, which (as far as we know) he hasn't previously discussed with Cawti.

p.141: "I have some ideas." Not yet revealed. If, indeed, he actually has any ideas, and isn't just trying to soothe Cawti's fears.

Vlad Norathar comes in; after a bit of talk Vlad leaves (Ir 141-143).

p.142: "I remembered making no such suggestion..." In Vlad's recounting of his previous visit, he indeed did not. Perhaps Cawti put that idea in Vlad Norathar's head to make him more cooperative. Or perhaps she (and VN) took Vlad's silent acquiescence as an active assent. "I'm planning a trip this summer." Summer began about a month ago, but that leaves over 3 months for such a trip.

There are no assassins outside; Vlad wanders to his old neighborhood (Ir 143-145).

Waiting for Kragar; surprising him (Ir 145-147).

Kragar doesn't know what's going on, but there is something big up between the Jhereg and some other Houses (Ir 147-148).

Iorich, chapter 8

Kragar has noticed Orca being polite; he agrees to investigate the Orca end of things (Ir 150-151).

p.151: ""You're older..." See notes about Vlad's age in chapter 2.

Vlad and Kragar send out for food; they discuss Kragar's current job; on the unusual-ness of having the Dragon Heir be Warlord during the Phoenix Reign (Ir 151-155).

Vlad thinks "it's too small" (Ir 155-156).

Kragar gives Vlad some info about Lady Triesco, Vlad asks for more (Ir 156-157).

Some of Kragar's men escort Vlad back to the Palace (Ir 157-158). Apparently, Vlad has given up on the notion, expressed in Dzur, chapter 13, "If [the Jhereg] know you're helping me, they will kill you." He has taken no especial care to hide his meeting with Kragar, nor that with Kiera, earlier. Perhaps he has decided that he was being overly paranoid before. Or perhaps he has decided to fully accept Kragar's acceptance of whatever risk there is.

Ir, day 6; 5 Dzur

Morning bath; breakfast (Ir 156-159).

Vlad meets Perisil; they have difficulty communicating, since Perisil won't keep secrets; the prosecution is skipping steps; rushing is odd behavior when the matter is already popularly known; Vlad to look into Norathar's appointment to Warlord (Ir 159-163).

p.161: "There's no point in rushing through it when everything is already known, being talked about in every theater, written about in stock sheets." For speculation on what the actual point was, see the essay The Iorich Conspiracy.

Iorich, chapter 9

Vlad beaten by (apparent) Phoenix Guards (Ir 164-166).

Vlad thinks he's gained valuable info from the beating; he stumbles to Norathar's office (Ir 167-168).

Vlad semi-accuses Norathar of sending the Guards; he thinks the beating was due to his asking questions about Norathar (Ir 168-170).

Vlad skips a history lesson; Aliera was meant to escape! (Ir 171-172).

p.171: "How does Morrolan enter into this?" Never explicitly explained in the text, but my theory is outlined in the essay The Iorich Conspiracy.

Norathar lets slip that the attackers may have been Orca; the Left Hand of the Jhereg, the Right Hand, and the Orca, are trying to get drug laws passed; Norathar is now Vlad's ally (Ir 172-176).

p.173: "The Jhereg had come up with a big money-making scheme..." For more details see Five Hundred Years After, chapter 25. "...the Left Hand got wind of it a few years ago..." No further information on exactly when.

p.174: "How are they convincing the Empress to go for it?" / "The massacre at Tirma." I think this is somewhat misleading, see the essay The Iorich Conspiracy.

Vlad returns to his hotel, in pain; Kiera confirmed that the Jhereg are involved in the Tirma affair; Vlad continues to think it's at least partially a trap for him (Ir 176-179).

p.176: "Once, long before in a different part of the world, I'd removed my amulets to perform a simple spell to get rid of some aches and pains." Jhegaala, chapter 5.

Kiera suspects Vlad is wrong about the motive for his beating; Kiera thinks the beaters were hired by the Left Hand (Ir 179-182).

About this time, probably as a result of Vlad talking with Norathar, Zerika either starts, or steps up, an investigation into the events at Tirma (Ir 197).

Iorich, chapter 10

Kiera has learned more about the Left Hand, which operates like a cult; she thinks the Left Hand had Vlad beaten to impede Vlad's interference in their plans (Ir 184-186).

p.184: "That was several years ago." Approximately 4 years ago, in Dzur, chapter 3. "...the other witches I'd encountered..." Most prominently during Jhegaala.

Kiera binds Vlad's ribs (Ir 186-187).

Kiera theorizes that the beating was in order to get Norathar to talk, so the Left Hand could sorcerously eavesdrop (Ir 187-189).

Vlad is frustrated and doesn't know what to do; he considers messing up some random Left Hand businesses to stir things up; Kiera will find some potential targets (Ir 189-193).

p.190: "She frowned." Probably because she accidentally blurted out a piece of information that Kiera isn't supposed to know.

Kiera takes Vlad to some hot springs (Ir 193-195).

Ir, day 7; 6 Dzur

Painful morning exercises (Ir 195-196).

Catching up with Perisil; Aliera's prosecution is delayed for 'further investigations' -- into Tirma, not Elder Sorcery (Ir 196-198). For speculation on exactly why this investigation has started now, see the essay The Iorich Conspiracy.

Vlad feels the need to speak to Cawti, and sneaks to her house (Ir 198-199).

Aliera questioned (by Desaniek?) in her cell (Ir 225-226).

Iorich, chapter 11

Vlad talks with Cawti and Vlad Norathar; Cawti's group has been agitating about the Tirma massacre, but trying to prevent riots; there are at least 5 other groups, one of which is encouraging people to attack Imperial Representatives; Cawti wants an independent investigation (Ir 200-206).

Cawti tells Vlad how to find the group who wants an Imperial investigation (Ir 207-208).

Vlad wanders to Woodcutter's Market to check out Brinea's house; Jhereg agents are already watching it (Ir 208-210).

Vlad sends Loiosh to summon Daymar to mind-probe the watcher; the watcher is working for a woman (Ir 211-213).

p.211: "What do you mean?" It's been about 4 years. Even to a normal Dragaeran, that isn't such a long time; to someone as absent-minded as Daymar, even more so.

Vlad speculates about the motives and methods of the conspiracy (Ir 214).

Iorich, chapter 12

Talking things over with Loiosh (Ir 216-217).

p.217: "Can't pressure the Empress directly, we have nothing to pressure it with." I believe Vlad is incorrect about this; see the essay The Iorich Conspiracy.

Perisil finds out that Lady Justicer Desaniek in charge of the Tirma investigation, implying the investigation is legit (Ir 218-219).

Vlad can't get any useful speculation out of Perisil about how the Jhereg might stop the investigation (Ir 219-220).

On the nature of Iorich, defending the guilty, and justice; on statutes (Ir 220-223).

p.223: "Iorich Emperor of the Fifth Cycle" Approximately 164,000 PI.

Vlad gets some info about Desaniek (Ir 224).

Vlad wanders to the dungeons and sees Aliera, who is drunk; she has been questioned about Tirma (Ir 224-226).

Aliera is feeling more helpful, but doesn't seem to know anything significant; she doesn't mind Devera playing with Vlad Norathar (Ir 226-228).

p.227: "I met a bard who--never mind." Probably another reference to Sara; see Tiassa, "Special Tasks", chapter 6.

Thinking about Lady Teldra (Ir 228-229).

p.228: "In the years I'd had her, I'd only used her twice; I somehow thought that would please her." Once, to kill a Jenoine, in Issola, chapter 12. The second time against a Left Hand sorceress in Dzur, chapter 3. Possibly she would be dis-pleased at not being allowed to exercise her function; that might even be why she hasn't communicated with Vlad yet. "...another Issola I knew..." Probably another reference to Sara; see above.

Vlad thinks he sees what's going on; he decides to go see Zerika; on the etiquette for backing away from the Emperor (Ir 229-231).

Vlad recognizes Zerika's dress as coming from the Necromancer (Ir 231).

Vlad tells Zerika that he thinks the Jhereg will frame a radical group for killing Desaniek; Zerika was under pressure because she thought that the Jhereg had the power to "cause the nobles and princes to lose confidence"; now she is unsure (Ir 231-233). See the essay The Iorich Conspiracy for more discussion of this conversation.

Iorich, chapter 13

Vlad plots to stop Desaniek's assassination; he tries to find Desaniek without being noticed; Loiosh suggest that Rocza hide in a light fixture to watch the hallway (Ir 235-238).

Vlad waits for almost six hours; tailing Desaniek (Ir 239-241).

Ir, days 8-11; 7-10 Dzur

More following Desaniek; a note from Kiera (Ir 241-242). It's unclear whether the following scene happens on day 11 or 12; "When the same thing happened the next day" could refer to a partial or full repeat of Desaniek's cycle.

Somewhere in here, it is arranged that Caltho will speak to Brinea's group (Ir 251, 269, 272).

Ir, day 12; 11 Dzur

Vlad concludes that Desaniek hasn't got any Jhereg tailing her -- physically; Vlad gets Morrolan summoned to the Dragon Wing; on desks (Ir 242-245).

Vlad informs Morrolan of his theory about Desaniek's assassination, and asks for help figuring out where and when; Morrolan finds out that Desaniek is not being magically traced (Ir 245-247).

p.245: "I just heard." Has word started to get out, or did Morrolan hear through his personal connections?

Vlad is still struggling to figure out what's going on; Morrolan leaves (Ir 247-249).

p.247: "If [the conspirators] get away with it, the Empress has to choose between giving in to the Jhereg, and sacrificing Aliera." This seems mistaken; it is Jhereg influence that is causing Zerika to consider sacrificing Aliera (see the essay The Iorich Conspiracy for more discussion).

Vlad decides to follow up from Brinea's end, and to hit some Left Hand businesses, tomorrow (Ir 249-250).

Iorich, chapter 14

Ir, day 13; 12 Dzur

Kiera visits Vlad with a list of Left Hand businesses; on knife sharpening (Ir 251-254).

p.254: "Where did we first meet?" In a restaurant where Vlad worked, at age 11; see Jhereg, prologue.

Vlad takes a coach to Tymbrii's (Ir 254-255).

p.255: "Yesterday, when I was talking to Morrolan." A close reading suggests that he had the idea to change the plan just after Morrolan left.

Tymbrii's; Vlad purchases eavesdropping services for Brinea's house; Loiosh will receivee the data (Ir 256-262).

p.258: "I'll give you a draft on Harbrough." By inference from Vlad's statements in Orca, chapter 13, Harbough is a Jhereg moneylender, not an official bank.

Vlad argues with Loiosh over whether what he just did was clever or not (Ir 262). Why does Vlad want the Left Hand to identify him? He doesn't accompish anything obvious by doing so. Perhaps he merely hopes to rattle them.

Back to the inn and Kiera; Vlad is trying to do two things at once: find out more about the political situation, and confuse and therefore slow down) the Jhereg who want to kill him (Ir 262-266).

p.265: "...after you've been in battle with gods..." Issola, chapters 15-16.

Iorich, chapter 15

Ir, day 14; 13 Dzur

Vlad woken by Loiosh hearing voices in his head; nothing of substance is said until evening (Ir 267-269).

Loiosh listens in on a meeting; the group will be meeting with an Imperial Representative tomorrow, with a pre-meeting beforehand (Ir 269-270).

A Left Hand messenger tells Vlad that if he interferes, their deal is off (Ir 270-271).

Vlad checks with Norathar; Caltho is going to be the Rep at the meeting; Vlad will try to stop the assassin; Norathar will try to protect Cawti (Ir 271-274).

Vlad makes a plan, with assumptions (Ir 274-275).

Ir, day 15; 14 Dzur

Vlad buys a knife and a disguise (Ir 276-277).

p.277: "I'll most likely just lose it." True enough, see chapter 16. "... with whom I've done business before." See Tiassa, "Tag", chapter 3 for another instance.

Vlad asks Perisil if his plan will help Aliera; Vlad must prove that there is a Jhereg assassin interfering with the Tirma investigation (Ir 277-283).

p.278: "...stop me if I'm wrong about something..." I think Vlad is rather mistaken, but see the essay The Iorich Conspiracy for a full discussion.

Iorich, chapter 16

Vlad summons Morrolan, Norathar, Daymar, Kiera, and Kragar to a meeting (Ir 284-286). [We don't actually see his summoning of Daymar and Kragar, but Vlad shouldn't have much trouble contacting them.]

Vlad tells them what he's figured out, what he plans, and what he needs from the others; Kiera to do something illegal; Kragar and Daymar to distract the Jhereg Representative; Morrolan to, if necessary, escort Perisil to the Empress, with Norathat running interference (Ir 286-289).

p.286: "I outlined the situation as I understood it..." Again, I think Vlad's understanding is imperfect, see the essay The Iorich Conspiracy. On the other hand, of the people he's speaking with, most don't have the information he's missing (though I suspect Norathar does). Regardless, though I think Vlad mistaken about much of the background, he has correctly worked out the immediate actions of the assassins, who must be stopped. [It is just barely possible that he was wrong about that as well; the assassins might have not been after Caltho, but after Vlad himself. Occam's Razor suggests not, though.]

p.287: "Find the Imperial Representative, and keep her occupied." The Imperial Representative of the Jhereg was male when Vlad was last in town (Phoenix, chapter 9. Perhaps he retired, due to on-the-job stress. "We've met..." Kragar met Daymar sometime prior to Dragon, chapter 2, though we don't yet know the details.

Vlad returns to Brinea's; he convinces her to let him attend the meeting (Ir 289-293).

p.290: "...pulling the name more or less out of the air." Not really, see Athyra and Orca.

People gather for the meeting (Ir 293-295).

p.294: "...there is the occasional woman working for the Jhereg (as I happen to know better than most)..." Vlad was killed by one, after all; see Yendi, chapter 6.

The meeting bores Vlad; leaving for the meeting with Caltho (Ir 295-296).

Vlad identifies the assassin and kills him; assassin has backup; Phoenix Guards show up, as does Norathar (Ir 296-299).

p.298: "...I realized I didn't hurt anymore. ... You'd think someone would have told me [Lady Teldra] could do things like that." Maybe they thought you knew; you did heal yourself in Issola, chapter 16.

Norathar and Vlad discuss the assassin, Aliera's probable release, and the Edict against carrying Morganti weapons (Ir 299-302).

Iorich, chapter 17

Vlad gives his parole, then returns to Perisil; running into Daymar and Kragar en route; Aliera is to be released, Tirma to be investigated; Zerika wants to see Vlad; Vlad has Kragar arrange damage for the ones who beat him (Ir 303-306).

Vlad hires Perisil to be his advocate about the carrying of a Morganti weapon (Ir 306).

Vlad goes to see Zerika; on Imperial cheese; the Tirma investigation is legit, but inconsequential; Zerika cannot help Vlad or Cawti (Ir 306-310).

On the difference between decadent and reborn Phoenixes (Ir 310-311).

Norathar and Lazló will watch over Cawti; Vlad departs, as a friend (Ir 312).

Imperial Investigation of the Tirma Incident

These events start at (very roughly) 4 Dzur, and continue into the month of Issola, I would guess. Ordering quite tentative.

Lord Carver refuses to speak to the investigative committee (Ir 200).

Norathar sends a note to the investigative committee (Ir 149).

Aliera questioned (by Desaniek?) in her cell (Ir 225-226).

Desaniek is pressured by Nurik, then writes a memo to Lukka (Ir 118). Is Nurik part of the conspiracy? Norathar claimed that there was likely to be "Iorich involvement" (Ir 174).

Lady Otria e'Terics investigates the scene of the massacre (Ir 76). She is less than completely forthcoming.

Dornin e'Lanya interviewed (Ir 58-59). He appears to be under pressure to lie.

Henish (apparently someone in the chain of command in the army at Tirma?) refuses to testify. Desaniek requests Caltho to seek answers off the record (Ir 234-235).

Sergant Bryn of Lockhead interviewed (Ir 135-137). The interrogator seems to want him not to talk about his specific orders (Ir 136).

Sergeant Bryn commits suicide (allegedly). Desaniek requests an immediate review of prison procedures (Ir 267).

Efrin of Tirma questioned. (Ir 183).

Aliera e'Kieron questioned (Ir 215-216).

Caltho (from context; he didn't sign the note) is asked by an unidentifed lady official (Possibly Nurik?) to speak to a group of malcontents. He agrees, but seeks guidance in what exactly to do, explicitly asking that it not be written down (Ir 251).

Rumors circulate about "influence by outside parties" and about narcotics (Ir 164). This may have led to the investigators being replaced (see below).

Several papers apparently written by Desaniek (Ir 118, 234-235) and her assistant Caltho (Ir 251)-- all unauthenticated --get examined by the committee. Is this due to the aforesaid rumors of outside interference? Was the propriety of Desaniek's investigation called into question? There is, at any rate, a strong implication that Desnaiek and Caltho weren't part of the commitee that wrote the Final Report.

Final Report on Tirma filed (Ir 23, 40-41, 58-59, 76, 93, 118, 135-137, 149, 164, 183, 200, 215-216, 234-235, 251, 284, 303, 313).

Iorich, Epilogue

Date uncertain, but more than "Two weeks" (Ir 313) after chapter 17. This may in fact have been narrated during the events of "Special Tasks", between chapters 2 and 3, or even later.

Riots in South Adrilankha in response to the report (Ir 313).

Aliera agrees to become Warlord again "a week or two later" (Ir 313).

Perisil regains a private office (Ir 313).

Vlad cleared of charges against him (Ir 313).

Kragar arranges to have the Jhereg who beat Vlad beaten in turn (Ir 313).

Vlad is starting to run out of money (Ir 314).

Vlad visits Cawti and Vlad Norathar every few days (Ir 314).

Vlad narrates Iorich "Two weeks" after the charges against him are cleared (Ir 313). (Possibly as a way to raise some quick cash.)

A few days earlier, Vlad hears of Soramiir for the first time (Ir 190).

The Iorich Conspiracy

A detailed examination of what was going on behind the scenes in Iorich

At some point before the Tirma Massacre, the Jhereg (both sides) and the Orca begin conspiring to criminalize the drug trade for mutual profit. They know that the Empress wouldn't pass such laws without a lot of public outcry, so they are on the lookout for some scandal which they can plausibly blame on drug abuse. [This is established by Norathar in chapter 9, and confirmed by Zerika in chapter 12.]

The Tirma Massacre seems to fit the bill. Thanks to groups like Kelly's and Brinea's, there is substantial public outcry building. Probably the conspirators are lending their own efforts to increase public attention. It may also be the case that the conspirators have some pre-existing influence over some of the witnesses, some of the likely investigators, or both (speculative).

Under normal circumstances, Zerika would probably have wanted to have a legitimate, if quiet, investigation into the Tirma Massacre. 'Quiet' quickly becomes impossible.

Having decided to use the Tirma Massacre to get their drug laws passed, the Jhereg start exerting pressure on the Empress. They suggest arresting Aliera as part of their scheme [strongly suggested by Ir 178, though never actually proven], possibly with the side-goal of luring Vlad back to town.

At this point we come to a major lacuna in Vlad's version of the story. There are two sorts of pressure that the Jhereg are exerting. Pressure #2 (never fully deployed) is "public outcry over the 'cover-up' of the 'true' reasons behind the Tirma Massacre". This pressure would, in theory, cause the Empress to pass the drug laws they want. But the Empress, quite uncharacteristically, starts co-operating with the Jhereg to create the appearance of the cover-up, by arresting Aliera. This could never happen without some pre-existing leverage, which I will call Pressure #1.

Pressure #1 is clearly not raw political power, because the Jhereg and Orca aren't high enough in the Cycle. Given Zerika's character, it must encompass not merely a personal threat, but a serious threat to the stability of the Empire. Arresting Aliera is inherently de-stabilizing (whether she is executed or released, it will look arbitrary and unjust), so Zerika must believe she is heading off something worse.

The one, rather oblique, textual explanation of Pressure #1 is found in chapter 12:

"If I lose the confidence of the nobles, of the princes, I cannot run the Empire."
"Sounds pretty simple. Can the Jhereg really cause the nobles and princes to lose confidence in you?"
"A week ago I thought they could. Now--" She shrugged. "Now I guess we'll put it to the test." (Ir 233).
So we know that Pressure #1 is something that may make the nobility lose confidence in Zerika, but also may not, presumably a secret that the conspirators threaten to reveal.

As it happens, we know of a previous conspiracy involving Jhereg and Orca working together. In Orca, about 5 years earlier (practically no time from a Dragaeran point of view), those houses were conspiring, along with the Empire, to cover up the degree to which Fyres's actions had over-inflated the economy. As far as we know, that cover-up was successful. But the underlying fact that the Imperial economy was disatrously over-inflated remained true. If the Jhereg were to reveal the true state of the economy (and the cover-up), that very well might make "the nobles and princes to lose confidence". This may be the threat they are holding over Zerika. The Orca and the Jhereg would suffer a lot, themselves, in the ensuing financial chaos. But perhaps they put it to Zerika in terms of, "If we don't get a major new source of income (such as new drug laws), we're going to go broke anyways, so we might as well make everyone else suffer too." And Zerika has a strong vested interest in none of the Houses going broke, even if she may disapprove of their methods. As we know from our own history, governments are often willing to take extreme measures to keep the wheels of commerce turning, even if that means rewarding bad actors.

Pressure #1 might, of course, be something else entirely; the economic crisis is merely a possibility that fits the known facts. It has the added benefit of being a Mutually Assured Destruction scenario, which would go some way to explain why the conspirators don't immediately pull the trigger on it once Zerika starts the real investigation (see below)

Pressure #2 is the only one that Vlad discusses during Iorich, he never talks about Pressue #1 directly at all. Possible explanation 1: he is deliberately withholding that information. In The Case of the Missing Merss, I have outlined a situation where (I surmise) Vlad has kept secrets from SB because he feels that they are not his to tell. Recall also that Orca was not narrated by Vlad, and he has never made overt reference to any of the significant secrets he discovered in that book. Possible explanation 2: That information was removed from his mind, possibly by Verra. Possibly explanation 3: Vlad just never figured any of it out. Embarrassing, but certainly the simplest solution.

At any rate, Zerika 'agrees' to help the Jhereg 'cover-up' the Tirma Massacre, by arresting Aliera, and by not running a real investigation. Zerika has no intention of fully following through on the deal, however, unless forced to. Her first hope is that Aliera will escape (Ir 171). Since the Empress isn't an idiot, she must have realized that Aliera would never go on the run. Therefore, she must have expected Aliera to escape in order to clear her own name, by uncovering the conspiracy that led to her arrest in the first place. There are even weak hints that Zerika expected Aliera to have Morrolan's help in this endeavor (Ir 33, 171).

Soon it becomes 'common knowledge' that Aliera was arrested to distract attention from the Tirma Massacre ("...everything is already known, being talked about in every theater, written about in stock sheets." Ir 161). This is the message that the Jhereg want people to get, though it is self-evidently false. Arresting Aliera has, as intended, drawn more attention to the already much-discussed Tirma Massacre. [Note also that both Norathar (Ir 122-123) and Aliera (Ir 225) dispute Vlad's assumption that distraction was the real motive.]

Aliera and Morrolan, sadly, fail to understand what Zerika actually wants. Zerika can't officially ask them to turn into vigilante detectives, so must be extremely frustrated at their sudden uncharacteristic attack of loyalty to the Empire. Zerika makes Aliera's prosecution deliberately speedy and shoddy (Ir 160); I believe this was an attempt to provoke action by Aliera or Morrolan, but to no avail.

When Vlad appears, and seems determined to do just the sort of vigilante detective work Zerika was trying to provoke, it must have come as a relief. Zerika couln't tell him so, but she does give him what help she can.

Two days after Vlad starts poking around (that is, as soon as it became clear that he was serious about digging until he found something), Zerika starts up a proper investigation into the Tirma Massacre (Ir 197, 218-219). We don't know her exact state of mind, but we can infer some things from the already-established political situation. Zerika is not giving the Conspiracy the drug laws that they asked for. She is calling their bluff on Pressure #1, while actively countering their attempts to create Pressure #2. She is presumably counting on Vlad to provide her with counter-pressure to get her way before she runs out of ways to stall the conspirators. (She may also be offering the conspirators some 'carrot' that she finds less objectionable than the drug law scheme, but this is pure speculation.)

There presumably follows a rather tense period wherein the conspiracy is trying to decide whether or not to pull the trigger on Pressure #1, or if not, what they can do to maximize their chances of coming out ahead. At some point during this time, the conspirators come up with the plan to disrupt the Tirma investigation by assassinating Caltho. (There's even a remote possibility that they came up with the plan due to finding out what Vlad assumed they were doing!)

Vlad may or may not have understood the full extent of the Conspiracy he was battling. Regardless, he understood enough to arrange convincing evidence that the Jhereg were interfering in an official Imperial Investigation. Once that is done, the Empress has a new stick to threaten the Conspiracy with.

The report excerpt at the beginning of chapter 9 (the introduction to an "appendix" discussing "tangential rumors", Ir 164) strongly suggests two things. First, that the conspiracy failed to get serious traction on their drug abuse notion. Second, and equally interesting, that the conspiracy itself was not officially accused of anything during the Tirma Investigation.

I infer that Zerika approached the conspiracy members with a proposal along these lines: "If you carry out your earlier threats [Pressure #1], I'll have a big investigation into your recent actions, and you'll all get starred for treason. If, on the other hand, you let the Tirma Investigation proceed without further impediment, then I'll let this one slide." The conspiracy agrees to this deal, at least largely. Zerika tells Vlad "I think you stopped them" (Ir 311). The conspirators may, of course, renege at any time, or try to use Pressure #1 again. But since Zerika successfully called their bluff once, subsequent attempts would be less likely to work.

It's possible that Desaniek and Caltho either resigned on being told not to investigate this aspect of the affair, or were simply removed to smooth over the cover-up of the cover-up. We don't know this for sure, but the fact that all of their memos in the final report are labeled "unauthenticated" is suggestive.

Tiassa, Part IV

Tiassa, "Special Tasks"

This story starts "some years" (Ti 261) after "Whitecrest", and shortly after Vlad has had a family visit ("I have not returned, but rather was on my way out after returning for a visit." Ti 239). The only known such 'visit' that fits is Iorich, though it might refer to some later visit. For the time being, I am assuming that it is soon after the main storyline of Iorich, still in 252 PI. The epilogue of Iorich may actually take place between chapters 2 and 3 of "Special Tasks".

between Iorich and Tiassa, "Special Tasks"

Vlad and Sara meet secretly (Ti 322). I presume that this happens in Adrilankha, before Vlad leaves town after the events of Iorich. Their relationship has not yet been consumated, though Vlad remains hopeful (Ti 322).

Vlad leaves Adrilankha in Sara's company (by inference). She has arranged a performance at the village of Swells (Ti 257-259).

"Special Tasks", day 1

Vlad and Sara arrive at Swells a day before the scheduled performance; Vlad goes for a walk, and is ambushed (Ti 260, and inference).

Vlad is attacked by nine of Sara's relatives. (Ti 249-251. Date uncertain; it could have been the previous day. Longer is unlikely, given that Vlad survived.) Vlad loses his sword during this fight. This loss may have been intentional, as Vlad may be reluctant to destroy the souls of Sara's relatives.

Sara arrives at the battle site, and retrieves Vlad's sword (Ti 251-252). She was probably led there by Loiosh.

Tiassa, "Special Tasks", Chapter the First

A Teckla named Dyfon discovers Vlad's almost-dead body; he binds the wounds somewhat, then seeks help (Ti 215-217).

Dyfon finds two Phoenix Guards, Mil and Farind; Mil deduces Dyfon's news; they return to the body (Ti 217-219).

Examining Vlad; they bring his body to the North Central Guard Station and send for a physicker (Ti 219-221).

Reporting to the ensign, Shirip; the ensign sends a message to Khaavren (Ti 221-224).

Character sketch: Khaavren (Ti 224).

p.224: "...somewhat more than eleven hundred years of age..." 1128, by my count. "...his ears, which had once been honored by winning the attention of an Emperor..." Five Hundred Years After, chapter 2: "You have very complaisant ears, sir." (FH 35).

Khaavren orders Shirip to investigate Vlad further; she does, then reports to Khaavren's office; on the layout of Khaavren's office (Ti 224-227).

Shirip's report (Ti 227-229).

p.227: "By he, you understand," added Khaavren, who was always careful to avoid confusion, "I refer to the Easterner, not the physicker." / "I understand all the better, Captain, because the physicker is a she." While we know that there is a Dragaeran pronoun for "someone of unknown sex" (PG xiii), Khaavren presumably had already been informed that Vlad was male, so was using a specifically-male pronoun.

p.229: "I believe I know him." Where from is unclear, though see notes to next chapter.

Khaavren goes to the North Central Guard Station; Vlad's condition (Ti 229-231).

Tiassa, "Special Tasks", Chapter the Second

Khaavren interviews Vlad; Vlad claims no memory of the attack, but deduces it was not the Jhereg; Vlad was on his way out of town when attacked (Ti 232-240).

p.233: "Brigadier of--" Presumably the Special Tasks Group. Vlad has referred to Khaavren as "Brigadier of the Phoenix Guards" at least twice in earlier books (Teckla, chapter 16 and Phoenix, chapter 14), though that may not be the proper title. "We have met before..." Not documented, though clearly before Phoenix, chapter 17.

Khaavren seeks further details; Vlad is evasive; Khaavren directs Shirip to continue investigating; (Ti 240-243)

Sara arrives, seeking Vlad; She is allowed some privacy with him (Ti 243-247). Presumably, she returns Lady Teldra to Vlad, who then uses her powers to heal himself.

p.246: "Through a mutual friend." Loiosh, presumably.

Khaavren investigates the spot where Vlad washed up, then the area of the fight (Ti 248).

Khaavren explains his findings to Shirip; there were 9 attackers; 2 were fighting non-human flying opponents; 1 was taken out at the very start of the fight, 1 was killed in the first pass; 2 more were wounded quickly, as if Vlad attacked first; Vlad then fought the remaining 3, was wounded several times, and threw himself in the river (Ti 249-251).

After the battle, someone retrieved a sword that seems to have been Vlad's (Ti 251-252).

Vlad has left through the window; Khaavren wants Shirip to investigate nonetheless (Ti 252-253).

between chapters 2 and 3

Where is Vlad during this time period? The fact that he hears about Dinaand's gig/trap (Ti 325) implies one of 2 possibilities that I can see:
1) Vlad has stayed in (or at least near) Adrilankha all this time. Foolish, but not entirely out of character.
2) Vlad is with Sara, and hears about the gig/trap from her.
Or, of course, both of the above.

Sara also hears about Dinaand's trap/gig, but she could have been contacted psychically, so there's no requirement that she must have been in/near Adrilankha.

"Special Tasks", day ~52

"fully three months after the events described in the previous chapter" (Ti 255).

Tiassa, "Special Tasks", Chapter the Third

On the writing of history, and the selection of events (Ti 254-255).

Pel visits Khaavren, enquiring about Vlad's beating; they noticed different anomalies in the report (Ti 255-258).

p.258: "a box labeled simply with the year and the word, "open."" This strongly suggests that this is the same calendar year as when Vlad's case was opened.

Pel noticed that the Eprishka wine was unusually cheap, indicating that a large event had been planned, but didn't happen. Saruchka had been scheduled to perform (Ti 258-261).

The matter is connected with the events of "Whitecrest", and the silver tiassa that came from Vlad (Ti 261-264).

p.261: "Some years ago--" About 3 years ago.

p.263: "It took several years..." Again, about 3 years by my counting.

Khaavren agrees that Special Tasks should seek the silver tiassa, and gets approval from Her Majesty (Ti 264-266).

Character sketch: Borteliff (Ti 267-268).

Khaavren returns home; Daro informs him of the Jhereg assassination plot from "Whitecrest", and of his relationship with Cawti (Ti 269-272).

Khaavren and Daro plan an evening out; on the relationship of Issola to music (Ti 272-275).

Timmer checks reports on the silver tiassa's theft, and rules out Kiera's involvement (Ti 286).

"Special Tasks", day ~53

"The next day" (Ti 276).

Tiassa, "Special Tasks", Chapter the Fourth

The search for Saruchka has begun, but not yet yielded results (Ti 276).

Khaavren meets with Special Tasks; character sketches: Timmer, Dinaand, Pel, Cialdi, Palaniss (Ti 277-280).

Khaavren briefs his people; examining the list of strangers, and finding "some Issola" unusual (Ti 280-283).

p.280: "Last month he was set upon and attacked..." A probable error; chapter 3 places the attack "fully three months" ago (Ti 255). And in the very next paragraph, Khaavren again says "Three months ago" (Ti 280).

Khaavren wishes them to seek the silver tiassa; Timmer will re-investigate the area where Vlad was attacked; Palaniss will search Dathaani's residence (Ti 283-284).

Timmer stays behind to privately brief Khaavren on some details of her knowledge of Vlad (Ti 285-287).

p.285: "...the Fyres matter?" See Orca.

Palaniss reports that the tiassa had been there (Ti 287-288).

Khaavren deduces that Cawti took the silver tiassa; he sends Palaniss to investigate further (Ti 289-290).

Khaavren works into the night (Ti 290-291).

"Special Tasks", day ~54

"the next morning" (Ti 291).

Khaavren's morning work (Ti 291-292)

Palaniss reports on his (unsuccessful) interview with Cawti; it is suspected that she gave the tiassa to Vlad (Ti 292-295).

Khaavren decides to bring the elements of the case together, to see what results (Ti 295-296).

Tiassa, "Special Tasks", Chapter the Fifth

Khaavren questions Dinaand about how to lure a musician; it will take "A good month" to set up (Ti 297-300).

"Special Tasks", days ~55-59

Dinaand makes progress setting the trap ("Over the next week", "In the first week", Ti 301).

Vlad learns of the concert, and deduces that Khaavren is seeking the silver tiassa (Ti 325).

"Special Tasks", day ~59

Khaavren meets with Zerika to discuss the false Jenoine invasion, and the nature of political expediency (Ti 301-307).

p.306: " the time of the latest difficulties with Elde Island." See Phoenix.

"Special Tasks", day ~60

"The next day" (Ti 307).

Saruchka agrees to the gig/trap (Ti 307).

Khaavren at home with Daro (Ti 307-308).

p.308: "It will take another week to see the end of the matter..." Since it is only about a week since Dinaand started setting the trap, apparently his estimate of "a month" (Ti 300) was conservative.

"Special Tasks", day ~61

"the next morning" (Ti 308).

Khaavren meets with Pel, who wishes to know more about Vlad (Ti 308-312).

p.310: "...the real one of a few years before..." The real invasion was in 248 PI, about 5 years before now, about 1 year prior to the false invasion.

Tiassa, "Special Tasks", Chapter the Sixth

"Special Tasks", day ~65

This is a Marketday (Ti 308), and "another week" from day 60 (i 308).

Khaavren arrives early; he watches the others arrive (Ti 313-315).

Khaavren enters; the musicians begin setting up (Ti 315-316).

When Saruchka appears, the Issola draw weapons; Vlad appears to fight them; Khaavren fights by Vlad (Ti 316-319).

p.317: "A light-weight sword was in his hand..." I'm guessing that this is not Lady Teldra, since no one reacts as if there was a Great Weapon in the room, and since there is circumstantial evidence that Vlad was (and presumably remains) reluctant to destroy the souls of Sara's relatives.

Khaavren enquires as to what is going on; Sara's family are angry because they think Vlad is her lover (Ti 319-323).

Sara doesn't wish her relatives arrested; they depart (Ti 324).

Discussing the silver tiassa; Savn has it; Vlad suspects that the tiassa creates inspiration (Ti 324-328).

p.325: "...two months ago..." Another apparent error; it is now nearly almost 4 months since the assault on Vlad.

Tiassa, Epilogue

"Special Tasks", day ~66

Date is uncertain, but would seem to be soon after chapter 6 of "Specal Tasks". [Some readers think that the conversation Vlad has with Khaavren here overlaps significantly with the one in chapter 6 of "Specal Tasks", to the point where they think that one of these accounts is a fictionalized version of the other. I remain unconvinced, but note the theory.]

Vlad and Sara meet with Savn, whose condition is improving (Ti 331).

Khaavren arrives; he had Timmer follow Sara; they discuss the silver tiassa (Ti 331-334).

Khaavren hints about the events of "Whitecrest"; Vlad and Khaavren almost fight, but don't (Ti 334-335).

On the Nature of the Silver Tiassa

The nature of the silver tiassa is shrouded in mystery. None of the main characters claim to understand it fully. Presumably Mafenyi does, but she remains mysterious as well. We haven't previously heard of her, and we don't know what principle(s) she represents (though Dathaani refers to her as "the artificer", Ti 179).

According to Devera, Mafenyi "made it because she had to, but it shouldn't ever stay with anyone for too long." (Ti 23). The construction required Mafenyi's hand and eye. When it was constructed is unknown, if 'when' can even be said to have meaning after Devera haas interfered so much with it. Mafenyi's purpose in making the silver tiassa, or why she "had to" do so is unknown.

Devera's story suggests that the tiassa has the ability to inspire artists to great works.

The silver tiassa is clearly visible when one looks in "the other place" (Ti 24), a mode of seeing that the Necromancer knows of.

Sethra, on first seeing the tiassa, implies that it has "mystical significance" (Ti 18-19). If she ever explains that further to Vlad, we haven't heard the details. She understands enough (or perhaps is instructed by Verra) that it becomes part of the plan to conceive Devera (Ti 210). It has the effect of making Kieron feel "alive" (Ti 212), and perhaps actually returning him to life, at least in some temporary, mystical sense.

Dathaani spreads a story that the silver tiassa was created to close any gates the Jenoine opened to Dragaera "in the hands of one who touches the powers" (Ti 179). Exactly what 'powers' are meant is not specified. Zerika and Khaavren both later express disbelief in this story (Ti 304), but its veracity is never actually tested. It might well be true (even if Dathaani thought he was making it up).

Possession of the silver tiassa seems to have a healing effect on Savn's mental trauma (Ti 331).

Vlad opines (without certainty) that the silver tiassa "has its own plans" (Ti 333). Further, that it "it unites the conscious mind with the unconscious. Sometimes, and in some ways, and under some conditions" (Ti 334).

Vlad's possession of the Silver Tiassa

Vlad seems reluctant to hold the silver tiassa himself for very long. He loans it to Sethra shortly after acquiring it (Tiassa, "Conception"), then gives it away in "Tag" a few years later. It's not know exactly when he re-acquires it, but it can't be very long between then and when he gives it to Savn.

This may simply be due to Vlad's taking to heart Devera's (vague) comments about how no one should have it for long (see above). We also know that Vlad hates considering himself as part of 'fate' or 'destiny' (see, for example, Dzur, chapter 3. While we don't know everything Sethra told him about the tiassa, it's likely that he knows enough about it to trigger this aversion.

On a meta-level, Vlad's reluctance to keep the silver tiassa may reflect a desire of Steven Brust (not SB) to maintain the integrity of Vlad's previous adventures. If I've interpreted the timing correctly, Vlad only had the silver tiassa during Yendi, and possibly the frame story to Dragon. It's even possible that Vlad didn't get the tiassa until after Yendi, though that's not the chronology I think most likely. Hence, Vlad's insights in all other stories can be credited entirely to himself, and not to the divine influence of the silver tiassa (something Brust might well regard as an unfortunate weakening of Vlad's character).

Sethra and the gods

There's some curious lack of activity during Tiassa, "Whitecrest". The gods stay out of contact (Ti 132). Sethra, despite the apparent urgency of the matter, makes no attempt to help locate Vlad. Do they know more about the situation than they are telling? Are they staying out of things in order to let the destiny of the silver tiassa proceed? Or are they actually prevented from interfering by some power of the silver tiassa? Could it, perhaps, prevent inspiration as well as cause it?

Savn's acquisition of the Silver Tiassa

We know that Savn receives the silver tiassa some time before the epilogue of Tiassa. This raises some questions that the text does not answer.
Whose idea was it to give Savn the silver tiassa?
How did Savn get to (near) Adrilankha? Did Vlad fetch him? Sara? Did he decide to come on his own?
Who took the silver tiassa from Dathaani's house, and when? Khaavren infers that Cawti took it (Ti 288-290), which is possible, though no motive is given. It might have been taken much more recently, perhaps by Kiera.

Vlad gives a game warden a bloody nose (apparently in the recent past as of V 209).


This book occurs before Hawk, and seems to be after Tiassa, Special Tasks, so is likely set in late 252 PI. It is certainly after Iorich, as Vlad knows Perisil (V 314).

Time does some funny things in this book. The "days" listed below are from Vlad's point of view. How much time elapsed in the outside world between Vlad entering and exiting the mansion is not clear, although it doesn't seem to have been very much (if any!). For more detailed discussion, see the essay "Dating the events of Vallista".

Vallista, 1, Devera the Wanderer

V, day 1

Precipice Manor shifts ("two days ago", V 302, 309).

Discaru binds Tethia (V 329).

Zhayin seals the Manor (V 322).

Devera becomes trapped (V 66).

Cooking sausage (V 13-16).

p.13: "I’d been on the run for several years at this point"; almost 9 by my count.

V, day 2

Devera asks for help; walking to a precipice (V 16-22).

p.21: "A few years before, last time I came this way"; slightly after the end of Dzur, in 248 PI, about four years ago.

Starting to explore the house (V 23-26).

p.23 "Years ago, when life had been much simpler, there’d been an incident with a mirror". This incident has not yet been related at length, though it may be the same as the time he "battled with my own likeness" (P 111).

p.24 "the windows were fastened in really well". From Hawk, chapter 14, however, we know they can be loosened.

Meeting Tethia (V 27-31).

p.29 "that time we spoke with a ghost". That was in Teckla, chapter 11.

p.29: "I wondered if I could gather some high-powered Jhereg in this room and convince them not to kill me." For the answer, see Hawk.

Vallista, 2, The Mystery of Elven Food

Meeting Lord Zhayin (V 32-36).

p.35 "At one time, I’d wanted to buy a castle". Jhereg, Epilogue.

Gormin and Harro (V 36-39).

p.38 "a Newberry from the year thirty-one". As mentioned earlier, there is some reason to believe that the dating system for wines is not the normal dating system, although Dragaerans do have ways of preserving really old wines (V 158).

Zhayin releases the monster (V 329).

Looking for food (V 39-41).

Odelpho and a monster (V 41-42).

Meeting Discaru (V 43-45).

Back to waiting (V 45-48).

p.46 "I don’t like to threaten someone and then discover that he’s got the edge on me. I’ve had that happen a couple of times." Undocumented.

Discaru re-imprisons the monster (V 329).

Explorations: ballroom; closet (V 48-49).

Vallista, 3, The Phantom of the Dance

Explorations: study; dining room (V 50-54).

Theater; Meeting Hevlika (V 54-62).

p.60: “Decades, anyway. Since the Interregnum." Hevlika really doesn't pay much attention to the passage of time. By my figuring, it's been about 200 years (from her point of view).

p.62 "I’ve been a foot soldier." See Dragon.

Hall of Mirrors; Devera tries to explain (V 63-68).

More exploring; a waiting hall; a dance studio; an armory (V 69-70).

Vallista, 4, The Legend of Sleepy Harro

Folk stories about buildings (V 71).

A room for the night; dinner (V 72-74).

p.72: "until we met Sethra". Taltos, chapter 3.

p.72: "until we met a Jenoine". Issola, chapter 4.

V, day 2

Breakfast (V 74-75).

p.74: "small round loaves of bread with a hole. They were of a type I’d had once before". Issola, chapter 1.

Interrogating Harro (V 76-78).

Harro's story (V 78-85).

p.78-79: "Eventually, late in the Interregnum (though of course, we didn’t know it would end soon) a Dragonlord named Kâna instituted a post service for sending and receiving messages, and that is how I learned of Housetown." See the essay "Dating the events of Vallista".

p.80: "So it was when Lord Zhayin’s son was born, early in the Interregnum, and so it was a little more than a Turn later, when I came here." My figuring (which involves a fair amount of speculation) puts the son's birth at 79 I, and Harro's arrival at 99 I.

p.80: "My Lord hired [...] a dry-nurse". Harro is probably mistaken, as Odelpho seems to have been hired well before the birth, indeed before the Interregnum (V 182).

p.84-85: "My lord keeps a sorcerer on staff just to prevent that from happening." And for other reasons, but Harro is likely not privy to those.

Explorations: a secret room; a monster (V 85-88).

Vallista, 5, At the Fountains of Sadness

Scary monster (V 89-91).

Trading questions with Discaru (V 91-95).

Fountains in The Halls of Judgment (V 95-100).

p.96: "we’d been here before". See Taltos.

p.99: "Cawti sort of went through some changes in what she wanted, and then I got some people mad at me". See Teckla and Phoenix.

Memory: Blackout drunk (V 100-101). This memory appears to happen in between Teckla and Phoenix.

p.101: "You killed me." See Yendi, chapter 6.

Memory: Sticks' wake (V 101-105). This probably takes place during a gap in Phoenix, chapter 11.

Discussing memory retrieval (V 105-106).

Vallista, 6, In the Past Darkly

Memory: Athyra carver (V 107-109). Date unknown.

Memory: Hawklord Kelham (V 110-115). This happens during an Athyra reign (V 112), but we don't know exactly when. The people involved use highly advanced magic, typical of the Post-Interregnum period. This may indicate that this is a memory of a future incarnation! Time is complicated in The Halls... (SKZB claimed in on-line discussion that it was pre-Interregnum, but he is as unreliable a narrator as the rest.)

Memory: Dying Lyorn (V 115-116). Given that the lineage block seems to be only 3 generations away from a "Sixth Cycle Princess", this is probably early-ish in the Seventh Cycle.

Memory: Birn e'Drien, a soldier (V 116-118). This takes place during a Dzur reign, but we don't know which Cycle, except that the mention of e'Lanya strongly suggests that it is after the 4th.

Memory: A Jhereg boss (V 119-120). This takes place early in a Iorich reign (the text says "an early Iorich reign" (V 120), but the context makes this seem to be in error), but we don't know which one. It is set in Dragaera City, so must be pre-Interregnum.

Memory: Tiassa tattoo (V 121-122). Date unknown.

Memory: Dolivar (V 122-128).

Processing (V 128-130).

Discaru is less helpful (V 130-131).

Vallista, 7, The Turn of Discaru

Discaru attacks (V 132-135).

The Warlock (V 136-141).

p.138: "I’m older than I look." We don't know his precise age, but he's certainly over 260.

Discaru cowed (V 141-145

p.143: "I’ve heard you once managed to teleport an object". Vlad accomplished this in Taltos. How the Warlock could have heard about it is unclear.

p.144: "I guess I get that". Vlad has both tortured (Jhereg, chapter 8) and been tortured (Teckla, chapter 6 and Jhegaala, chapter 11).

Back to the mansion; Discaru escapes (V 145-147).

Explorations: light room; stairs up (V 147-152).

Vallista, 8, Withering Depths

Sorcery Workshop (V 153-155).

p.154: "something I’d run into before". See p.202 for more.

Explorations: roof; storage rooms; wine cellar (V 155-160).

p.159: "now you’re a soldier again?" Vlad was a soldier in Dragon.

Explorations: pillared room; cave; runes; mirrored opening (V 160-166).

p.161: "I was pretty sure these things had been alive less than a year ago. Probably a couple of months ago." Probably a few months before the "pseudo-present".

Memory: Discussing time at Castle Black (V 166-170). This would appear to take place in between Jhereg and Teckla.

p.166: "In a short time". Teckla.

p.166: “A few times.” Taltos, chapter 17, Dragon, chapter 15, Tiassa, "The Silver Tiassa", Yendi, chapter 7, Jhereg, chapter 5. Some of these are uncertain, and there may also have been others.

p.166: "Things she’s said make me wonder". Most likely, Tiassa, "The Silver Tiassa", though possibly other incidents also.

p.167: "She did things to my memory." This may (or may not) be the earliest time that Vlad remembers Verra's memory manipulation. And there's some evidence that he doesn't maintain the memory ("I’ve remembered and forgotten this once before", H 151). Is Verra perhaps periodically re-suppressing his memories?

p.168: “Of course, time on another world doesn’t have to match time on our own.” Vlad has been exposed to this idea by Sethra before, in Yendi, chapter 17.

p.169: “That was years ago". Since this scene appears to be happening in 243 PI, about 4 years by my best reckoning.

Kieron's (intact) Watch (V 170).

Vallista, 9, The Miseries of Odelpho

The cave mouth; pondering paradoxes (V 171-173).

p.171: "when I came near to bungling a job". Undocumented.

Discaru instructs Odelpho to lie to Vlad ("Just before we spoke, my lord. Perhaps an hour?", V 322).

Bedroom (V 173-176).

p.174: "two hundred years". Actually, at least 250, possibly closer to 500. We don't know when Kieron's Watch fell, but it was during the Interregnum.

Barracks (V 176-177).

Odelpho in the nursery; some hints about history (V 177-185).

p.182: "I would it see every day on the way to the park with—". One might assume that she is referring to Zhayin's son, but she is talking about pre-Interregnum times, before his birth. Probably she means Her Ladyship.

p.182: “Yes,” she said. “No. Well—it wasn’t like that.” Zhayin had certainly already begun the conceptual work on what would become Precipice Manor, but had probably not yet broken ground.

p.185: "She looked doubtful". As well she should, see Vlad's Missing Finger.

Library (V 185-190).

p.186: "...seemed fascinated by the middle Eleventh Cycle: Issola, Tsalmoth, and Vallista reigns". Perhaps not unreasonably; Paarfi makes several references to events in that period.

p.186-187: "the late Fifteenth Cycle, in the Jhegaala and Athyra reigns". We know very little about this period, only that farcical costume dramas were being written (FH 87), and some details about Orca preferences in architecture (O 148).

Vallista, 10, Waters Below the Ground

Outside in a different time (V 191-198). Note that we don't actually have enough information to be certain whether this scene is past or future.

Explorations: another secret passage; an inner courtyard (V 199-201).

A fountain of (formerly) Dark Water; a gateway (V 202-205).

p.202: "a rod filled with Dark Water was used to control the undead". We don't know when Vlad learned this.

p.204: "Someone—Zhayin? one of the servants?—had mentioned a place called Housetown." Several someones, actually: Zhayin (V 34), Gormin (V 37), Hevlika (V 59), and Harro several times (V 79ff).

Back to the past (V 205-208).

p.205: "teleporting into caverns is so disorienting, although on that occasion I was too busy bleeding and coughing and passing out to fully experience the disorientation". Undocumented.

Vallista, 11, Gormin's Guest

Suspicious guards (V 209-215).

p.209: "It had been a while since I’d drawn blood at all". Not a huge while, as near as I can tell. Vallista appears to be set in the same year as Iorich and Tiassa, "Special Tasks", in both of which Vlad definitely drew blood.

p.209: "Giving that idiot game warden a bloody nose". Undocumented.

p.212: "a tune I’d picked up somewhere on the road". Possibly from Sara, after Athyra?

p.213: "Are they letting Easterners into the Jhereg now?" From a local-time point of view, no, they aren't. The Demon instituted that reform at some time after the Interregnum (Jr 23).

p.214: “Over how much information on Jhereg activities the Empire ought to have.” It may seem odd that no one comments on Vlad's use of the word "Empire" when the Interregnum has not ended (from a "modern" point of view). However, they may assume that he is referring to Kâna's "Empire".

Dinner, with a little something extra; struggle and recovery (V 216-220).

p.216: "under the seal of the Empire." See note to p.214, above.

p.217: "a ’31 Khaav’n". We don't know enough about wine-dating in Dragaera for this to be meaningful.

V, day 3

Vlad has been out for "a few hours" (V 219) and then "A couple of hours" (V 220).

Waking; musing about poisons; wanting to leavee (V 220-222).

p.220: "had even used [poison] once". Presumably, he is referring to using poison as a method of assassination, as there are numerous documented cases of Vlad using poisoned weapons in combat. If so, this assassination is undocumented.

Chatting with Gormin (V 222-225).

Knocking out guards (V 226-228).

Vallista, 12, The River at Housetown

Wine cellar; a different cave; a river (V 228-231).

A vallista (V 231-233).

Wandering and pondering (V 232-234).

Peasant inn (V 235-237).

p.237: "I’d been around Teckla before". Most notably during Athyra, but presumably at many other times during his travels.

Questioning the natives (V 238-244).

p.241: "The same as he did before". This contradicts Harro's account, who claims that he took Gormin's post. Perhaps from Ouffach's point of view, all manor servants are the same.

Vallista, 13, The Star of the Seven Jewels

Hevlika performs (V 245-246).

p.245: "remembered things I don’t feel like talking about". Presumably, instances of Lady Teldra (pre-Morganti) being gracious.

Talking to Hevlika (V 247-258).

Vallista, 14, A Short Fatal Hate Chase

Pursued; hiding in a shed (V 259-262).

p.260: "My eyes had adjusted more than I thought they could". There are multiple references to Vlad having poor night vision.

p.261: "That meant that construction on the manor had already started." By my reckoning, it's only about 50 years from completion at this point. One would expect the mirrors to have been installed late in the process.

p.262: "Maybe you can put all this together and make sense of it, but I couldn’t." He couldn't yet; he will on p.276.

Warped space on the riverbank; heading bowards Precipice Manor (V 262-263).

Discaru makes some foolish threats (V 264-267).

Devera appears (V 268-270).

p.269: "the Halls of Judgment, that’s where you were born, right?" Is Vlad guessing, or has he been told this by someone?

Vallista, 15, This Smooth Magic

Retracing steps (V 273-276).

Mirrors and Lady Teldra; Verra has good wine (V 276-280).

p.279: "It ended more than two hundred years ago." Verra seems, in further discussion, to be talking about several different (if related) events, ranging from Adron's Disaster, more than five hundred years ago, to Devera's conception, which seems to have been less than ten years ago.

Verra and Vlad explain to each other (V 280-285).

While they are talking, Zhayin re-releases the monster (V 329).

Monster returns (V 285-288).

Aftermath; servants with dinner (V 288-292).

p.290: "remember those three". They were last seen in the past, on p.225.

Interrogating Harro about Hevlika (V 292-297).

p.294: "She hates me." We don't actually know why, since Hevlika didn't know about Harro's sabotage of Gormin. But it seems likely to be true, given Hevlika's reaction to being told that he loves her (V 300).

p.295: "It wasn’t long, my lord." It was over 100 years as I figure it. But to a Dragaeran, that might not seem long, I suppose.

Vallista, 16, On the Night of the Surly Mood

Back to Hevlika (V 298-308).

p.299: "We met before, at a house called the Seven Jewels." Chapter 13.

p.299: "a few hundred years ago". If Hevlika paid more attention to the passage of time (but she doesn't, see chapter 3), she might find this confusing, as it was only about 50 years ago by her personal timeline.

p.299: "I was called that once." Presumably during Taltos, chapter 9. That's the first (perhaps only) time Vlad met cat-centaurs, and "We lost most of the day eating and socializing with the cat-centaurs and enjoying it" (Tt 95).

p.301: "Perhaps that was close to [...] when things happened with Gormin." Not very close, even by Dragaeran standards; approximately 150 years. But Hevlika may be suggesting this as a blind for some other private matter which left her "not myself".

p.301: "when I saw all the dead plants". Chapter 8.

p.306: "A lot of this I’ve known for years". Some of the notable pieces of learning occurred in Jhereg, chapter 9, Phoenix, chapter 8, and Issola, chapter 2.

p.306: "if she was just going to accept all that as if it were reasonable". There is some suggestion (IS 61) that Issola tend to be more involved with matters of divinity than other Houses.

p.308: "I’ve only ever met one before this.". Teckla, chapter 11.

Talking to Gormin (V 308-314).

p.308: "Who is two?" An excellent question. If it is no one "at present", that suggests that it was someone before. Perhaps that servant was deemed inessential, and not brought forward with the Manor?

p.309: "from before, when you drugged me and tried to interrogate me." Chapter 11.

p.311: "When I first spoke with Zhayin". Chapter 2.

p.312: "It’s disturbing."

Vallista, 17, Zhayin's Heir

Tethia again (V 315-321).

p.317: "It means you can manifest in more than one place at the same time." Vlad learned this from Sethra in Issola, chapter 2.

p.321: "What does the guide look like for your House?" Vlad learned a lot about guides in chapter 6.

Odelpho tells truths (V 321-325).

Confronting Zhayin (V 325-332).

p.331: "Because of reasons that are none of your business, I get to see my son every month." See Iorich.

Vallista, Epilogue

Endings (V 333-334).

Dating the events of Vallista

Figuring out the dates of the events referenced in Vallista is unusually tricky, due to the amount of time travel involved. There are some details that seem like they have to be errors, but as always, I try to find a set of assumptions that minimizes these.

Problem: Hevlika's age. She states that she is 440 years old (V 56), which is likely an approximation, but is presumably close to correct. Yet she was alive (and working with her dance troupe) at the time of Adron's Disaster (V 256), which was 500 years ago!

Hypothesis: When Precipice Manor "arrived" on Kieron's Watch, it also moved forward in time, though most of the household were unaware of this. I will refer to their time of departure as the "pseudo-present", and work under the assumption that anyone inside the Manor (other than Zhayin and Discaru) is referring to past events as if "today" were still that time. Most of the inhabitants speak about "since the Interregnum" as if it has been over for a good while, so the pseudo-present has to be no earlier than, say, 10 PI, with 50 a more likely lower bound. For Hevlika's statements to all be correct, the pseudo-present can be no later than 400 years after the Disaster, or 153 PI. We will narrow this down more later on.

Problem: Harro's arrival time. There are four data points about when Harro arrived in Housetown. Two of them (V 295, 310) agree that he arrived about 200 years before the pseudo-present, so we can accept that as true. The other two, while more vague, seem to directly contradict each other, and so one of them is probably in error. One says Harro arrived in Housetown "late in the Interregnum" (V 78), while the other says he arrived "a little more than a Turn" after the birth of Zhayin's son "early in the Interregnum" (V 80). A Turn is only 17 years, and a span of about 20 years is just not long enough to go from "early" to "late".

Analysis: I tried treating "late in the Interregnum" as true, but this led inevitably to the conclusion that Zhayin's son would have been over 100 years old when he had his accident, an implausibly old age for a Dragaeran to need constant supervision and be referred to as a "toddler" (V 179), especially when that child is described as "bright" (V 80). So the "early in the Interregnum" reference must be true, and the other, false.

If we set the pseudo-present to be 52 PI (a nice round 200 years before the "present"), then Harro would have arrived in around 99 I. If Zhayin's son was born about 20 years earlier, that would put his birth somewhere around 79 I. That may seem a bit late to be considered "early", but on the other hand, we know that Harro considers a century "not long" (V 295), so this seems reasonably plausible. I haven't found any other issues with the pseudo-present being 52 PI, so I'm keeping that number.

Hypothesis: The supposedly erroneous reference in full is "Eventually, late in the Interregnum (though of course, we didn’t know it would end soon) a Dragonlord named Kâna instituted a post service for sending and receiving messages, and that is how I learned of Housetown." I suggest that SB added the phrase "late in the Interregnum (though of course, we didn’t know it would end soon)" because he was familiar with Kâna's posts from The Paths of the Dead, chapter 13, which was indeed late in the Interregnum. However, the establishment of the post service was not a unitary event, it was a process that must have taken years, perhaps centuries. While it reached Adrilankha late in the Interregnum, it perhaps connected Housetown and wherever Harro was much earlier.

So all this leaves us with the following tentative timeline of Precipice Manor:
140 BI - Hevlika born ("I’ve been studying the art for four centuries. I started when I was barely forty." V56)
100 BI - Hevlika starts studying dance ("I’ve been studying the art for four centuries." V56).
50 I - Harro sees Hevlika (V 294, date very speculative). [Harro says that he first saw Hevlika while accompanying "my lord" to a dance (V 294), which, as he apparently hadn't even heard of Housetown yet (V 79), must have been a public dance, before Hevlika joined Zhayin's household. He fell in love with Hevlika, but did not immediately follow her (possibly not willing to abandon his current employer with no notice). At some later date, he hears (via post) that Hevlika has taken up permanent residence with Lord Zhayin. After (I hypothesize) giving his employer due notice, he heads to Housetown.]
57 I - Hevlika and Gormin become lovers ("forty-one years" before she joins Zhayin's household, V 240).
79 I - Zhayin’s son born ("early in the Interregnum", V 80).
98 I - Hevlika is abandoned by her troupe (V 257); she joins Zhayin’s household ("A year and a half" before Gormin is disgraced, V 254).
99 I - Harro arrives in Housetown, denounces Gormin, and takes Gormin's job (see essay above); Zhayin orders Harro to stay away from Hevlika (V 295).
102 I - Zhayin’s son becomes a monster (V 79-85). [Dating highly speculative. It has to be after Harro arrived, but before the Interregnum ended. It feels psychologically correct that the accident happen before Zhayin goes about callously preparing to use the lives of other family members in his pursuits as he does.]
105 I - Discaru brings Her Ladyship to the Halls of Judgment, where she gives birth to Tethia (V 266, 323), then dies ("a hundred years or so after the Disaster", V 240).
- Physical construction of Precipice Manor begins ("centuries" before pseudo-present, V 30).
~105-155 I - Odelpho cares for Tethia during her childhood in the Halls (V 323).
~155 I - Odelpho returns to Housetown (she hasn't seen Tethia "since she was a child", V 324).
~155 - 200 I - Tethia studies architecture, necromancy, and her own nature, while traveling between The Halls of Judgment, and Precipice Manor, and presumably traveling through time as well. She may well have taken up residence in the Manor before having designed it, for instance! She probably also spends some time visiting her father in Housetown, but if so, Zhayin keeps her presence there a strict secret (V 242, 257). While this is a span of less than fifty years in elapsed time, it could easily have been longer from her own perspective (Vlad thinks it was "a couple of hundred years" (V 303), but could easily be mistaken).
200 I - Precipice Manor becomes habitable and the core staff move in ("over a hundred years" before the pseudo-present, V 37; "less than a hundred years" ditto V 295). Zhayin begins having deaf servants bring food from the old manor (V 296).
- Harro is allowed to "meet" Hevlika at this time (V 295).
- Tethia is not allowed to meet Discaru over the next century (V 319). Similarly, Hevlika doesn't hear about Tethia's existence (V 303).
~246 I - Vlad visits the past ("pretty late in the Interregnum.", V193). [My dating is speculative. Vlad is guessing about the date here. But given that a local peasant has never seen a picture of the Empress (V 239), this probably can't be much later than 10 PI or so.]
~25-50 PI - Hevlika "travels" away from Zhayin's estate from time to time (V 255).
52 PI - Precipice Manor is shifted from Housetown to Kieron's Watch (see essay above).
53 PI - The castle at Housetown is mostly shut down, though a few servants remain. (Implied by the empty storerooms and neglected wine cellar. Possibly due to Zhayin's death being discovered.)

Shortly before Hawk, Sara receives word of Savn's improving condition ("Last month" H 244).

Vlad finds out more about Devera's vanishing during Vallista (in "a bit", V 284).


Vlad has been in Adrilankha for "several months" (H 24). Presuming that this is counting from Iorich, then we're probably in late PI252, though we could be early PI253. The fact that Vlad says "The building was rented out every now and then" (H 252-253) suggests that some time has passed since Vallista, and that he's been keeping tabs on Precipice Manor since then.


H, day 1

Vlad goes to visit Vlad Norathar, but assassins are waiting (H 17-19).

Vlad rents a room, and gets unwelcome vsitors (H 20-23).

Vlad considers what to do (H 24-H26).

Discovered in the park (H 27-29).

Assassin duel (H 30-31).

Breathing (H 32-34).


Aftershocks (H 35-39).

"Sethra Lavode had once found me in the wilderness by tracking Loiosh"; Issola, 1.

The Warlock; speculations on how Vlad was found (H 40-47).

p.40: "I’d seen that dog before, fairly recently". See Vallista, chapter 7.

Witch hospitality (H 48-53).


H, day 2-3

Assassins set a trap in case Vlad tries to us Morrolan's necromantic gates ("For the last two days", H 187).

Hiding out (H 54-61).

p.55: "I was wearing the harness you gave me". See discussion under Unreliable Narrators".

H, still day 3

Vlad remembers a party and has an idea (H 16-17). This is "a couple of days" (H 17) after being attacked.

An Idea (H 61-68).

p.63: "put someone else in exactly the position I’d been in so many years before"; see Jhegaala. "I told myself the story of how I’d gotten into this mess, but you don’t need to hear about it." Possibly referring to to events we haven't seen yet?


Meeting Daymar (H 68-77).

p.74: "We’ve discussed this before, Daymar." Dzur, chapter 7.

Starting to gather supplies (H 77-80).

p.79: "I’d fought personal demons..." Probaly referring primarily to the events of Jhegaala. "...impersonal gods and wandered through buildings that couldn’t exist to do impossible things." Possibly referring to the events of Issola, but more likely Vallista. "I had discovered that I had a destiny, and blown that destiny right off the table." Probably referring to Dzur, chapter 14 and/or Vallista, chapter 6 and chapter 15, though "blown off the table" seems like wishful thinking on his part.

Meeting Asyavn (H 80-81).

Meeting Kiera (H 82-89).

p.84: "I could steal the Jhereg treasury." I chuckled. "That didn’t work out so well the last time someone did it." See Jhereg.


Tippy (H 90-94)

Approaching The Demon (H 95-100).

Meeting The Demon (H 101-107).

p.101: "I’d been there [the Demon's home] before, and I’d been impressed then, too." We have no record of this visit (though it is mentioned in Orca (O 88), which seems odd. Vlad met the Demon for the first time in Jhereg, and it wasn't long afterwards that the Demon was one of the people trying to kill Vlad.


Dinner and PTSD (H 108).

H, day 4

Buying weapons (H 108-110).

Back to the old office (H 111-116).

On hawk's eggs (H 116-118).

Hanging out with Kragar (H 118-121),

p.120: "it had been years since I’d spent more pleasant time." No exact referent, but possibly just after the events of Jhereg.

Talking with Daymar at Mertun's (H 121-126).


Meeting Perisil (H 127-128).

Meal with Kragar (H 128-129).

Picking up the lockpick (H 130).

Cawti visits (H 130-132).

p.132: "As well as he was a month ago." Is that when Vlad last visited?

On Violence and Money (H 132-134).

H, day 5 (Farmday?, see H 202, 219)

Attack on Kragar; Aliera helps (H 134-140).

Vlad prepares to investigate (H 141-144),


Vlad uses witchcraft to find the assassin (H 145-147).

Daymar helps Vlad find Havric (H 147-151).

p.150-151: "Your head—there was a wall in it." / "A wall? How could there be—oh, right. Yeah, I don’t want to talk about it." ... "I’ve remembered and forgotten this once before." / "Brought back memories, did he, Boss?" / "Yeah." Presumably this refers to the events of Dzur, chapter 14.

Confronting Havric and analyzing what they find (H 151-153).

Visiting Kragar at home (H 153-158).

p.156: "Not long ago, during a conflict over South Adrilankha, I’d come close to putting a shine on [Terion]." Dzur, chapter 13.

Planning to kill Terion (H 158-161).

p.160: Many years ago—seems like lifetimes ago—when everything was simpler, I had dealt with a complicated problem by arranging for Aliera to be killed by a Morganti blade..." Jhereg, chapter 17.


More planning; Daymar delivers the egg and some psychic persuasion (H 162-165).

Daymar visits Sethra (H 191).

Locating a ring from Third Floor Relic (H 166-172).

p.167: "When I first learned about them—that’s its own story" A story that was perhaps told around Orca, chapter 8.

p.167: ""Papa Cat," an old acquaintance" Vlad met Khaavren (briefly), in Teckla, Chapter 16.

p.168: Vlad claims to have learned of the circumstances surrounding the death of Lord Bristoe-Camfor from Kiera "some years ago" (H 168). This seems likely to be a mistake for "some months", since the events are only about two years in the past.

How to rob the Black Rose (H 172-176).

More planning (H 177-180).


A clever way to get to Dzur Mountain (H 181-182).

A necromantic trap; Lady Teldra awakens (H 183-188).

p.187: "It seems familiar," I said. / "Back room of the Blue Flame." Vlad has been using the back rom of the Blue Flame for occasional meetings since at least Yendi, chapter 5

Morrolan picks up Vlad (H 189-191).

Visiting Sethra; testing Lady Teldra (H 192-198).


Tears; Morrolan helps Vlad prepare (H 199-203).

Tukko shows Vlad to his room (H 204-205).

p.205: "Last time I stayed there, I was dead; or rather, had been recently." Yendi, chapter 7.

H, day 6 (Farmday?, see H 202, 219)

Waking and breakfast (H 205-206).

Morrolan delivers a glass sphere, and helps Vlad get back (H 206-208).

Meeting with Chesha to set up Terion (H 208-217).


Waiting for the call (H 218-220).

p.219: "...on Farmdays, there’s a low-stakes Shereba game he likes." This is a bit puzzling, as Morrolan said it was Farmday last night (H 202). Perhaps when Morrolan said that, it was after midnight?

Hitting Terion (H 221-225).

Aftermath; stonecutter (H 225-228).

p.225: "Laris" See Yendi. "Mellar" See Jhereg. "Loraan had first been an accidental casualty" See Taltos, chapter 4. "...then had come after me. Ishtvan forced it on me." See Athyra. "Boralinoi" See Phoenix.

H, day 7 (Endweek?, see H 202, 219).

A rusted boat anchor (H 229-231).

Orange, knife, chocolate (H 232-235).


Messages to Saruchka and Daymar (H 236-237).

Daymar delivers the Wand of Ucerics (H 237-240).

p.240: "I should be done with it by nightfall tomorrow, one way or the other." And he will be, at least for this book.

Sara brings the enchanted euphonium (H 241-248).

Dinner and a wheelbarrow (H 248-251).


Setting up the building (H 252-255).

p.252: "I’d found it a short while back, led there by someone I trusted. ... There’s a story there, too". See Vallista.

p.252: "It was first built by a Vallista named Tethia". Sort of accurate, but see Vallista, chapter 17 for another perspective.

H, day 8 (Endweek?, see H 202, 219).

Waking on the big day; breakfast with Kragar and son; waiting for the call (H 255-259).

Passing time until the meet (H 259-264).

p.261: "I don’t mind risking my ass for you. I’ve been doing it for almost fifteen years now." By my count, more like sixteen; 236-252.

Setting out; meeting with Khaavren (H 265-269).

p.267: "Lord Khaavren, called Papa Cat behind his back". See Orca, chapter Seven.

p.268: "It seems to me, Lord Tal—that is, Count Szurke—that I have paid that debt." See Tiassa, "Special Tasks", chapter 3ff.


Traveling to the meet (H 273-274).

Sitting down; introductions (H 275-281).

p.278: "one of those gestures between nodding and bowing your head that I’d practiced in front of a mirror back when I was young and forcing myself to learn to be diplomatic instead of being, you know, me." See Jhereg, Prologue.

The Deal and the Demonstration (H 282-290).

p.281: "hadn’t been for a few days now. I had committed myself with the visit to the Demon." Four days ago, by my count.

p.284: "[the euphonium] has been enchanted with the necessary spell itself." Exactly when this enchantment could have happened is somewhat puzzling. Perhaps Vlad misremembered the order of Sara and Daymar's visits?

p.285-286 "Daymar once ... about burned out my brain." See Jhereg, chapter 5.

p.289: "I’d once almost put a knife into Daymar’s eye..." See Dragon, chapter 2.


Vlad betrayed (H 291-299).

p.293: "I once saw Morrolan maintain a paralysis spell for half an hour, while drinking wine and discussing the latest discoveries in natural history..." As yet, untold.

Out the window; into the bay; up the cliff (H 300-304).


The cavalry arrives; justice postponed (H 305-307).

A last attempt (H 308-312).

Protecting investments: Demon (H 312-315).

Protecting investments: The Left Hand (H 315-317).

Dessert; finishing things (H 317-320).

Sometime after the events of Issola, Lady Teldra is expected to destroy Verra and (metaphorically?) "cut out the diseased flesh in the world" (Dz 81).

At some point (probably) in the future, Precipice House is busily occupied, and has apple trees (V 191-198).

~269 PI

Toward Beginning a Survey of Some Events Contributing To the Fall of Empire rejected (at least temporarily) by "the Institute" ("a mere two score of years" before 309 PI, PG xiii).

~288 PI

Paarfi begins to "hone" his notes for The Phoenix Guards ("twenty-one years" before 309 PI, PG xiii). He corresponds occasionally with Sethra Lavode (PD 23). [See the essay Unreliable Narrators for more discussion of this.]

It becomes the fashion for nobles wishing to stay 'incognito' to wear masks which are merely symbolic, rather than actually concealing identity (PG 107, dating tentative).

309 PI

Paarfi writes the Preface and About the Author for The Phoenix Guards ("309 (2/1/2/3)", PG xv, 331). [This date is extremely problematic, as a well-formed date should have at least 6 digits just to specify the Year, or 8 digits to cover Month and Day. The date may follow the sequence I posit for The Paths of the Dead's preface (see below), leaving out Cycle and Phase. Or it could be leaving out the Turn and Reign (as the long form on the title page does. Either one would yield the correct date of 309 PI.]

Paarfi submits The Phoenix Guards to the Imperial Library (PG ix). [The long form of the date incorrectly leaves out "of the Turn of the Dragon" in between the Year and the Phase, and "of the Reign of the Phoenix" in between the Phase and the Cycle.]

~-21 NR

Luchia of North Greenleaf becomes Publisher of Glorious Mountain Press ("two hundred years" PD 17).

0 NR

Norathar II assumes the Orb (FH 9; "the Eighteenth Reign of the Phoenix has only just come to a close with the peaceful and well-ordered beginning of the Eighteenth Dragon Reign", 315-316). [This obviously happens sometime after 309 PI, but we've had no clear indication yet how much after, hence the designation "NR" for "Norathar's Reign", which I will happily excise as soon as Brust establishes the data. Incidentally, Vlad would turn 90 years old in 309 PI, so he (and Cawti) might not have lived to see Norathar's coronation. Of course, both sorcery (BP 155) and witchcraft (PD 61) have been shown to be abe to extend lifespans, so they certainly could be hale and hearty.]

Sethra Lavode vanishes from public sight (FH 430-431, dating highly speculative, but before the publication of Five Hundred Years After).

"....And a Bandit's Never Parted from His Sword" becomes popular (LCB 396, dating highly tentative).

Rumor has it that the Society of the Porker Poker begins meeting again, once a decade (SL 339).

5 NR

Edicts on Half-Breeds signed ("within five years of [Norathar] taking the Orb", FH 68-69).

11 NR

Five Hundred Years After submitted to the Imperial Library (FH 9). [The long date given leaves out Cycle, Reign, Phase, and Turn.] Though it shoud be noted that, on Dragaera, the title of the work is A Discussion of Some Events Occurring in the Latter Part of the Reign of His Imperial Majesty Tortaalik I (FH 441).

46 NR

Preface to Five Hundred Years After written "2:1/2:1/2/12" (FH 17). [The first four digits parse as "Great Cycle of the Dragon, Cycle of the Phoenix, Reign of the Dragon, Phase of the Phoenix". The last two would logically be "Turn of the Lyorn, Year of the Chreotha", but that places this preface as being written 35 years after the book was published! But perhaps "submitted to the Imperial Library" is something distinct from (and prior to) actual publication. Some alternative explanations (though I think them less likely): The 2/12 may indicate Month and Day. It might have been intended to be 11 NR, but there were two typos in the date (which should have read "2:1/2:1/0/11").]

Miscellaneous undated Paarfi entries

Paarfi acquires the silver tiassa after Pindua's death (Ti 25). My best guess is that this happened some time around 288 PI, when he was starting work on The Phoenix Guards, but it could have plausibly been any time post-Interregnum.

Paarfi becomes a celebrity "almost overnight" (PD 17).

Various encounters with Adain of Arylle (BMV 442-443)

Paarfi appears at an important reception dressed all in white (PD 17).

Zerran and Bolis suffer a warehouse flood (PD 18).

There are scandals over Five Hundred Years After (PD 19).

Devera visits Paarfi "almost three hundred Real Years" (Ti 25) after he acquires the silver tiassa. She says he should give the tiassa away, but he wants to keep it until he finishes work on "his new book"; we don't know what book that is. Some readers believe that perceived weaknesses in The Viscount of Adrilankha are due to Paarfi's not having possession of the silver tiassa during some or all of the writing process.

Devera takes the silver tiassa from Paarfi "fifty Real Years later" (Ti 26).

Paarfi meets Ivan Sekély various times (SL 343-344).

Ivan Sekély dies (BMV 440).

Preface to The Lord of Castle Black written. No date given, but almost certainly some time after the Dragaeran publication of Viscount (LCB 15).

Afterword to The Lord of Castle Black written. Ditto (LCB 393).

Third volume of The Viscount of Adrilankha printed. Khaavren remains Captain of the Guard (SL 339).

~169 NR

The Viscount of Adrilankha first due to be published (PD 18).

179 NR

The Viscount of Adrilankha submitted to the Imperial Library on the third day of the month of Athyra (PD 11). All three volumes bear this date, suggesting that it was submitted as a complete work.

Paarfi and/or his publisher are threatened with Lawsuits (PD 20, dating tentative).

181 NR

Preface of The Viscount of Adrilankha written "2/2/10/11 (Norath. II: 181)" (PD 24). [This date (like so many) is problematic. If it's the least signifigant digits (as the introduction date to The Phoenix Guards was), then it must represent either 19 NR or 308 NR, neither of which seem reasonable. If it is the most signifigant digits, then it's in the Cycle of the Dragon, which is even less reasonable. But! If we look at the curious form of the Preface to Five Hundred Years After ("2:1/2:1/2/12"), there is some support for the theory that the numbers after the colons (Cycle and Phase) might be left out. If so, then this date parses to "Great Cycle of the Dragon, (Cycle of the Phoenix), Reign of the Dragon, (Phase of the Phoenix,) Turn of the Iorich, Year of the Iorich". This yields the correct date of 181. Note that this is another instance of a Preface being written after the book is submitted to the Imperial Library, lending credence to the notes on Five Hundred Years After, above.]

200 NR???

The second volume of The Viscount of Adrilankha printed, as is A Mighty Thundering... (LCB 393).

~277 NR

Paarfi is passed over for "some sort of honor" (presumably "the Office of the Chair of Interregnum Studies in the Department of History of Pamlar University at Adrilankha", BMV 445). A forger (presumably Sajen) gains the post (BMV 446).

Paarfi distributes "unflattering pamphlets about the publishing industry", leading to his falling out of favor with publishers (BMV 447). [I speculate that this was in reaction to his missing out on the above post.]

~278 NR

The Princess of Mermaid Cove visits Adrilankha ("some years ago", BMV 445).

Paarfi starts the basic research for what will become The Baron of Magister Valley (BMV 446).

~280 NR

The Princess of Mermaid Cove meets Paarfi ("a year or so later", BMV 445).

~284 NR

Paarfi writes a draft of The Baron of Magister Valley ("In only a few years", BMV 447).

~288 NR

Paarfi completes the manuscript of The Baron of Magister Valley ("It was not so many years after that", BMV 447).

The Princess of Mermaid Cove receives some ledgers ("recently", BMV 442), then sends a Paarfi manuscript out (BMV 445).

[Earth publishers take about a year from final draft to published book. I doubt Draggaerans are faster.]

290 NR

~1000 NR???

Jhereg are allowed back into South Adrilankha at "the end of the next Dragon Reign" (Dz 251, 254, 274, 278). Assuming that the deal holds at all, which is rather dubious...

~5,000-83,000 PI

The next Phoenix Reign. With average reign lengths, it would be expected to be about 13,000 years. Certainly not "a few hundred thousand years" as Morrolan claims (Tt 146); guess he isn't good at math either. It is, however, pretty certain to be after all the main characters (except Sethra Lavode, of course) are long dead.

Nyssa will ask Ordwynac whether he regrets allowing Sethra Lavode out of the Paths (PD 197).

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