The Tcl Extension Projects


Tcl-- what a small, elegant language! I became interested in Tcl only relatively recently, in January, 1995 when I heard a talk by (who else?) John Ousterhout at Usenix on the potential that Tcl has as a platform for (hopefully intelligent) internet agents.

It seemed to me that the ability to backtrack would be convenient in constructing such agents. Tcl's own nature invites extensions and it was not long after I returned that I cajoled Dayton Clark into working on this project with me:

Backtracking and Constraints in Tcl-BC

Another Tcl-based project here at Brooklyn College is one carried out by three undergraduate students: Anatoliy Shor, Leonid Massarsky and Anatoliy Glantz. They are in the process of building a C-Linda-like extension to Tcl, basing it on the DP-Tcl extension (no relation to the DP project described elsewhere in these pages!):