Why Use WebToTeach?

WebToTeach is a system for giving homework exercises to students in programming classes. If you are teaching any course anywhere that involves teaching programming in C, C++, Java, Pascal, Ada, or Fortran you really should consider using WebToTeach for your students and yourself.

For The Students WebToTeach offers
A word about drill. "Drill"-- an educationally un-cool word. I've had entire grant proposals to FIPSE shot down because of that one word. (Really!) But drill or "repeated focused exercises" (sound better?) is essential, particularly to beginning CS 1 students. These students, particularly the at-risk ones, get overwhelmed in the face of standard programming assignments that require the integration of many language features and programming concepts. WebToTeach offers these students exercises that focus on one feature or one concept at a time because the student does NOT have to write an entire program or module. By doing several of these prior to coming to the closed lab or tackling the homework programming assignment, the student is better prepared and more likely to be successful.

For The Faculty WebToTeach offers Interested? Send mail to arnow@acm.org, or check out the NSF-supported WebToTeach project page.

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