What happens when there are no IDs and everything is based on associated memory or positional indexing.

   "Hello, this is the social security office here, I'm the agent with
    wearing the blue dress in the third cubicle after you walk into the
    fourth room from the east elevator on the 6th floor of the large brick
    building two blocks past the gas station on the street that is 7 blocks
    to the west of memorial for the war that lasted roughly from 1965 to
    1975. This phone call will be monitored for quality assurance. How can I help you?"

   "Ummm, yeah, well, my social security check was not direct deposited in my

    "Which account is that and at which bank?"

    "It's next to the ice cream shop with 28 flavors and the yellow sign. It
     has 7 teller positions in the main area though usually only 3 are occupied.
     The account is the one opened on July 5, 2003 by the gray-haired guy
     with a mole on the left side of his nose and who used a black cane."

     "Hold on sir, I'm entering that information into our computer system; it
      will interface with the banks to retrieve and confirm this information.
      I will put you on hold..."

     ... You've just heard the 23rd piano concerto of that composer who
     lived just before that deaf one and who died tragically young, possibly
     poisoned by that mediocre one, conducted by that short Japanese guy
     with the pianist being that dumpy looking old lady who has so specialized
     in this composer's piano works. I'm sure you know who I mean. ....

     "Hello, sir? I'm sorry, but are you sure the mole is on the left side of
      your nose? Is that your actual left side or the left side of the mirror
      when you see it? Because the bank doesn't have any record of any depositor
      opening up an account that day with a mole on the left side of their nose."

     "It's definitely the left. Are you sure you've gotten in touch with the right
     bank? Actually there is one on right side of the ice cream shop. My bank is
     on the left side."

      "Sir, is that the left side as you're facing the ice cream shop or if you're
      in the shop facing the street?"