Join the "Best Viewed Without a Browser" campaign! I believe that the best way to read HTML documents is to connect to the appropriate port, and then display the raw HTML at 30, 120, or 240 characters per second. (V.32 classic speeds are perhaps acceptable, but certainly not V.32bis or anything faster.) At such speeds, subtle nuances of pacing can be appreciated; with traditional all-at-once rendering, such nuances are thrown away. Also, semantically different tags, such as "<cite>" and "<em>" are easily distinguished without an interfering browser to render them both as italic. Unfortunately, few designers today care about such nuances: join the "Best Viewed Without a Browser" campaign today and make your voice heard! (Um, figuratively speaking.)

Download the Best Viewed Without a Browser http client (requires Python 1.5.2 built with readline support, and has a bit of C code).

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