The Center for Feline Excellence is chartered to investigate purring, rolling, rubbing up against things, kneading, looking intent when it rabbiteth, sitting in about-to-be-reoccupied seats, coughing up hairballs, and allied disciplines in an interdisciplinary manner. Potential future areas of investigation include being groomed peacefully. Cicero (M. Tullius Cicero) and Tully (M. Tullius Cicero) are the two felines currently in residence here at the Center, located in Hyde Park, Chicago, Illinois. The facilities focus the attention on the intellectual life of the Center.

Philimon has recently affiliated with the Center, as part of its expansion program. Philimon is primarily known as a sleep researcher, but has also done pioneering work in the field of energy capture and storage.

Publications include:

The Center is currently fully staffed, but exceptional candidates may send a CV and references to the secretary, Aaron Lav.

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