The Comic Creators Page

As most of my friends and family know I'm rather fond of comics. So I've created this page to make note of some of the finer practitioners of the genre. Most of these people are already well known in the industry, and as a consequence, have already got web pages of their own (which is good: it's less work for me ). Still, if you'd like to know more about this particular creative art form (yes, I mean comics ), you'd do well to check out the works of the following creators.

Sergio Aragones is one of the swiftest, funniest and just plain out-and-out charming artists I've ever had the pleasure to meet. For more information on this amazingly talented man, just visit the Groo site.

Alan Brennert is a writer who does far too little work for my taste. I want lots more from him Since I couldn't find a page of his work on the Net, I decided to create one myself. Anyone who knows me will realize just how much it takes to move the incurably lazy me into action Believe me, Alan Brennert's worth it !

Carl Barks is probably best known for his work on Walt Disney's Ducks, and particularly for his creation of the crotchety, miserly old umpteen-centrifugilillionaire, Scrooge McDuck.

Mark Crilley is the creator of Akiko, a wonderful tale of a bunch of friends on the planet Smoo. Mark's also been enterprising enough to set up his own web-site, sparing me the large amounts of time it would have cost me to sing his praises

Warren Ellis, the most evil man in the world. I first caught up to his efforts on Hellstorm and he's always rewarded my effort in keeping up. Particular favourites of mine include his runs on Doom 2099, Stormwatch and Hellstorm. He's yet another Internet-aware writer who's gone to the trouble of putting up his own web-site. So what are you waiting for ? Check it out, already !
Ellis is also currently writing the excellent Transmetropolitan from Vertigo: more information on this is available at The Transmet Feed.

Steve Englehart What can I say about the man who gave us Silver St. Cloud ? He didn't have a very long run on Detective Comics (along with artist Marshall Rogers), but every issue of that run was a classic. Other favourites of mine include his series from Epic Comics, Coyote.

Mark Evanier

Neil Gaiman is best known for his creation of the Sandman. And that's all I'm going to say about this terrific writer just now, since there are a lot of other people capable of praising him much more eloquently than I. Catch up with them at The Dreaming

Steve Gerber, probably best known for his work on Marvel Comics' Howard the Duck has had a long stream of innovative work in comics, ranging from his work on the Defenders to the Phantom Zone and Foolkiller mini-series. Check out his web-site for more information on the man.