Friends ! Ain't they cool ?!

Sidne Gail Ward, a brilliant young research scientist, is known far and wide for her broad range of talents. In addition to teaching a large number of Kansas students, she is also known for having brought up two extremely bright and beautiful children, to whom she is deeply devoted. Learn more about at least one of 'em here.

Hosun Lee, the illustrious and esteemed Vorpal Bunny (and second most popular absent character in the rac newsgroups), maintains his home on the World Wide Web here. Enter with immense caution. And a Holy Hand Grenade or two ...

The sedate and immensely polite Troy McNemar (Arizona's last, best defense against Hosunsanity) abides here.

While Arizona's answer to Hosun, the venerable Brian Hance, makes his dwelling here.

You might find out more about the loquacious David J. Snyder at his home page ... or not :-)

Beware Mad Scientists ! Those fiendish doctors, Cris and Irene, have returned to the hidden jungles of South America to refine their plans of subversion and world conquest ... though from my standpoint, they were pretty darn perfect, already.

Tomoko-san, New York's genial Ambassador of Culture, displays the many trophies of her globe-trotting lifestyle here.

Sheryl and Sidra Roberts, fervent members of the cause to throttle Cosmic Boy, occasionally give vent to their innermost feelings on this page.

Michael Chary, that size-shifting Usenet prodigy, has been variously cited at heights ranging from 5'2" to 6'6". This Colossal Boy's definitely no Shrinking Violet, as you'll see on his home page.

The ever charming and amiable Shelesh Gupta first crossed my path in Jakarta, Indonesia, a fortunate moment that's been the precursor to great times. Check what he's been upto , ever since
Well ... assuming you don't mind data from the last century, given Shel's incredibly industrious nature ...

The Punkster (a.k.a. Punk, a.k.a. Pankaj Jain, a.k.a. Pink-Ponk-Punk, a.k.a. the Punk Panther) is a really lazy chump who's married to the charming and industrious Prerna , the one smart move he's ever made in his life (and the jury's out on just who decided it ...). The couple are often referred to as Punky and the Prern (it's fairly evident who the smarter half is). Unfortunately, the Punk has been far too lazy to actually create a home page of his own, and until he actually bestirs himself to create one (so that I have something to link to), he's going to get mocked on this page.

Harpreet "Happy" Singh, that jovial and corpulent Left-Coaster, is so hideously bad at corresponding with anyone, that he decided to marry the charming and industrious Amarjit, so that she could handle that side of affairs. However, it looks like the laziness spread from Happy to Amar ... To see more of them, c