Many changes have happened in my life, and finally I think it’s time to bring this up to date. 

First off, Tappan and I moved.  We’ve left the house we lived in for 14 years, in northeast Tucson, and moved to a little ranch 20 miles south of Tucson, near the village of Corona de Tucson.  We have four acres, and a nice little house.  The financial implications of selling a big house in a growingly popular area of  Tucson, and buying a small place out in the boonies meant that I could build the barn of my dreams.  We are all happy about that!

Then, this spring, I had the first of two knee replacement surgeries.  I am now bionic, and very happy indeed about it.  Knee number two will, I hope, be replaced this winter.  It was a hard recovery, but well worth it.

I love living where we do — just north of the Santa Rita Experimental Range, and just to the west of a huge, connected, parcel of State land.   We can see the stars again, and there’s no traffic.


Cai and Beth in the new barn


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July 25, 2004