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Welcome to the office...don't trip on the piles of manuscripts on the floor, and mind the cat.

I work for Tor Books as an Executive Editor, out of my home in Tucson, Arizona. This is not the normal thing editors do; I paid my dues first living and working in New York City for many years. Don't even think about sending me a submission via email. If you go to the Tor Books Web site, you'll find out everything we want you to know about the company and the books we publish, as well as guidelines for submitting a novel to Tor.

Some of the books I'm working on right now are:

HELM by Steven Gould. ISBN 0-312-86460-4 $24.95 The author of JUMPER and WILDSIDE leaves those real-world contemporary settings in this new novel, set in the far future on an Earth-colony planet. But the story is still about a young man with extraordinary abilities...

"A great adventure, beautifully written! And the horses are great." -Diana Gabaldon

"WHITE MARE'S DAUGHTER is a wonderful book, powerful and evocative. The characters come vividly alive and the clash and eventual melding of the patriarchal nomadic and settled matriarchal agrarian cultures is fascinating." -Roberta Gellis

"If she were a guy, she'd be as famous as me and Gibson!" --Bruce Sterling




Noteworthy titles that are now on sale are:

ISBN 0-312-86163-X $24.95

The remarkable conclusion of Powers' "Fisher King" sequence that started in LAST CALL and continued in EXPIRATION DATE. Powers is again his improbable self. A November 1997 hardcover.



RAILROAD SCHEMES by Cecelia Holland
ISBN 0-312-86405-1 $23.95

"Fully realized characters, suspenseful plot, well-integrated historical details and vibrant local color-it is, as usual, an outstanding example of the genre....Impetuous, unsophisticated Lily is a wonderful creation; her typically adolescent confusion and her love of reading are endearing characteristics. Plenty of rough and tumble action, a fine evocation of the various ethnic and social classes who settled the West and the punch of an ironic ending add up to irresistible storytelling." -Publishers Weekly


Now available in paperback. ISBN 0-812-55188-5 $6.99

V "While Murphy's description of the trek sometimes reads more like a historical travelogue than a fantasy, it features welcome bursts of supernatural flourishes. Especially fine are the passages dealing with the Cheyenne, in which the author highlights the strengths of Nadya's werewolf heritage by contrasting it with the Indians' spirituality. With its strong heroines and passionate storyline filled with romance, adventure and dangers both physical and moral, this novel will appeal to a wide array of readers, not just those who shiver with delight when the moon is full and the wolf's bane blooms." -Publishers Weekly 


John Kessel's new science fiction novel, ISBN 0-312-86116-8 $24.95.

Jonathan Lethem called it "Lucid, humane, and mercilessly funny, Corrupting Dr. Nice is a peach. If there could be great date books like there are great date movies, this would be one. Dr. Kessel's self-deceiving lovers strive against a painstakingly realized social backdrop-in this case, one that also happens to be the ultimate metaphor for postmodernism. Brilliant."

"Time travel yarns have been a science fiction staple since the early days of the genre, but have worn a bit thin in recent years. Now John Kessel breathes new life into the sub-genre with his latest novel. Corrupting Dr. Nice follows a pair of hapless lovers from ancient Jerusalem to the 21st century in a deft homage to the 1941 Preston Sturges romantic comedy, "The Lady Eve." Like Sturges, Kessel uses his deluded characters' antics as a vehicle for wicked observations on media saturation, consumer culture and postmodern looniness. . . . Corrupting Dr. Nice is suffused with gentle good humor. Kessel treats his characters with warmth and compassion even while he's putting them through the wringer." --Daniel Marcus, The San Francisco Chronicle.


Michaela Roessner's historical fantasy set in Renaissance Florence. The main characters are the young Catherine de Medici and a family of cooks in service to the Medici family for generations. We're talking art, politics, and food magic with this book. You'll gain ten pounds reading it.

"Michaela Roessner has cooked up a banquet of a book in The Stars Dispose, rich and satisfying, nourishing, yet with all the lure of the best guilty pleasures. It's a delicious feast of fantasy and history that I'll remember for a long time." -Emma Bull

"THE STARS DISPOSE has all my favorite things in it: engaging, complex characters, food, art, magic, and a sense of the strangeness and richness of the past. It's a sensuous literary feast, thoroughly researched and thoroughly satisfying."
-Delia Sherman, author of The Porcelain Dove

hardcover, ISBN 0-312-85754-3 $23.95


DOGLAND by Will Shetterly is a work of North American Magic Realism. Never heard of that? I'm not surprised -- not many writers have managed to pull it off. Set in North Florida in 1960, it is about immortality, race relations, and the eternal battle between good and evil. June 1997 hardcover, ISBN 0-312-85171-5 $25.95

"In this poignant coming-of-age tale, pearls of childhood memory are strung on a fine strand of fantasy. Shetterly refracts the turmoil of the civil rights era through the eyes of four-year-old Chris Nix, whose father moves the family from Minnesota to a small Florida community in 1959....A deceptively simple story, rich with complex characters and timeless themes, this novel will charm enthusiasts of contemporary fantasy." -Publishers Weekly


/ (pronounced "SLANT") by Greg Bear, a sequel of a sorts to his QUEEN OF ANGELS. It's a wonderful hard-sf novel about artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, human psychology, and SEX. July 1997 hardcover, ISBN 0312-85517-6 $24.95.

"In this sequel to his Hugo-Award-nominated Queen of Angels Bear once again provides a panoramic view of a complex future world. Bear is particularly adept at portraying the ways in which new technology is likely to affect people, both for good and ill. His application of virtual reality to the entertainment business, and particularly to pornography, is especially startling. Also effective is his portrayal of the breakaway republic of Green Idaho as a place where militia supporters and neo-Luddites find their own peculiar brand of violent contentment. Bear, who's won two Hugos and four Nebulas, should rack up nominations if not wins for this one as well." -Publishers Weekly


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