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This is my music. Hope you enjoy listening. -Barbara

  • Allegri, Miserere Mei Deus
    I sang this solo on 11/22/97. It was the definitive moment when I came out as an artist, and it was my great pleasure to share that piece with my friend Christina, who sang the chant solo. We sang with the Canticum Novum Singers at St. Peter's Church on 54th Street and Lexington Avenue in New York City. Canticum Novum is conducted by a wonderful man, Harold Rosenbaum, and here is a link to their web site.:-)

  • Bach Chorale
    This is a small excerpt from Canticum Novum's second Bach concert at Merkin Concert Hall in New York City. We sang so many cantatas, I forgot which one this chorale is from. :-)

  • Siloham's Reel, American Spiritual composed by David Smith
    The Cathedral of St. John the Devine on 110th Street and Amsterdam Avenue in New York City is the biggest cathedral in the world. Christina, David Smith, and I had the entire place to ourselves one night. We saw a sunset through stained glass. With Alex Skidan as recording engineer, we recorded music that David had set to Victorian poems. It was one of those haunting experiences that makes you remember why you're alive.

  • Chant: How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds, by David Smith
    This is a chant setting of a beautiful poem. David sings with us here, and we do some nice two- and three-part harmony. This is the second of three spirituals we recorded at St. John's.

  • Song: How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds, by David Smith
    This is the song to the same words, and is the third in the series of songs we recorded. I hope you enjoyed listening to them.

  • I'll Sing On
    This is a hymn sung by the professional choir I'm in at the First Presbyterian Church, which is on 12th Street and 5th Avenue in New York City.

The above links call up 56K and ISDN versions of this music. If you need a 28.8 version, please click on the links below. Everything has been encoded in RealAudio format.
28.8 Allegri
28.8 Bach
28.8 Siloham
28.8 Chant, How Sweet
28.8 Song, How Sweet
28.8 Sing On

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