1. Barbara

Darcy was getting sick of the Love Wars on Pink. She slammed the door to her apartment underneath the pink rocks of the gaseous planet and threw her laser destroyer on the ground. That destroyer could be reprogrammed into a real weapon, but instead it spewed gas to make men fall in love with Astra, Pink's leader. Spurned by Zor, Astra went nuts, and Darcy was getting disgusted.

She went over to her Egg computer. A formula she created enabled her to see everything in the universe by just looking into the Egg. "Hey, Egg."

"Hey, Dar. How you doin'? Look inside my brain, baby."

"You just tempt me because you know I need you," she smiled. Egg exploded her mind, and she was able to relax.

There were real wars out there. There were also real men out there. She wanted to spend the day as a real warrior and then come home to a munitions factory worker who would make her body smile.

The planet Pink was invented when some astronaut from Earth thought she was being humorous by bringing her daughter's Barbie Doll into space, but then lost it in a space walk. It floated into deep space, got mixed up with an exploding star, and the color of Barbie's pink bathing suit ended up permeating every fucking thing on the planet.

She had to get out of there.


2. Peter

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