Rock Climbing

I started rock climbing the right way in the fall of 1997. Before that was another story entirely.

I've spent too much time climbing in various gyms (ExtraVertical in NYC, and in Virginia, mainly), but I've gotten to some fun spots.

A bunch of day trips to the Gunks when I lived in NYC and then a wet, soggy, wet, chilly, wet, muddy, wet, fun Memorial Day weekend trip with the PATC Climbing Club (thanks, Pete).

I even did quite a bit of climbing in Turkey when I lived there from 1998-99.

There's quite a bit of climbing in overcrowded northern Virginia, but it's really worth the trip out to West Virginia to Seneca Rocks.

I did my first lead climb at Joshua Tree. Fun. Lots of fun.

I'm glad that there's so much climbing here in Croatia too! In Zagreb (a city of about 800,000 people), there are two climbing clubs, Velebit and the one I belong to, the Zeljeznicar Climbing Club. There are plenty of opportunities for alpinism, hiking, and climbing in Croatia. Living here, I've been lucky enough to get to Paklenica which is a beautiful place to climb, hike, or just enjoy being outside.

You can see a history of many of the "significant" (interesting, outdoor) climbs I've done. Sorry, I don't have details on climbs I've done in Turkey or Slovenia on-line right now. I've built a small database to record my climbs.

I've got a little chart to translate ratings from one climbing system to another. The chart is generated by a perl script that I use in my climbing database.

Here are some of my favorite climbing links:

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