Rock Climbing Ratings Chart

There are almost as many different rating scales are there are climbs. Here's a chart to help you figure out what you just flailed on, and give you a nice excuse like "Oh, I thought that was an 7c(FR), and it was really an 7c(GB), no wonder it was so hard!". :)

You can get a copy of your very own.

  YDS                UIAA                  FR                  GB
------              ------              ------              ------
  5.2                  II                   2                  <4
  5.3                 III                   3                  <4
  5.4                  IV                  4a                  <4
  5.5                 IV+                  4b                  4a
  5.6                  V-                 4b+         4a/vs 4b/vs
  5.7                   V                  4c 4b/vs 4b/hvs 4c/hvs
  5.8                  V+                  5a       4c/hvs 5a/hvs
  5.9                 VI-                  5b        5a/hvs 5a/E1
5.10a                  VI                  5c         5a/E1 5b/E1
5.10b                 VI+                  6a         5b/E1 5b/E2
5.10c                VII-                 6a+         5b/E2 5c/E2
5.10d                 VII                  6b               5c/E2
5.11a            VII/VII+                 6b+         5c/E3 6a/E3
5.11b                VII+                  6c               6a/E3
5.11c               VIII-                 6c+               6a/E4
5.11d                VIII                  7a               6a/E4
5.12a               VIII+                 7a+               6b/E5
5.12b           VIII+/IX-                  7b               6b/E5
5.12c                 IX-                 7b+         6b/E5 6b/E6
5.12d                  IX                  7c               6c/E6
5.13a                 IX+                 7c+               6c/E7
5.13b              IX+/X-                  8a         6c/E7 7a/E7
5.13c                  X-                 8a+         7a/E7 7a/E8
5.13d                   X                  8b               7a/E8
5.14a                  X+                 8b+               7b/E8
5.14b              X+/XI-                  8c         7b/E8 7b/E9
5.14c                 XI-                 8c+         7b/E9 7c/E9
5.14d                  XI                  8d               7c/E9
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