Corisca is...

One of the most beautiful and amazing places I've ever seen
A small island in the Mediterranean
~9000' mountains, sandy beaches, palm trees, and the green desert
Pigs, and sheep, and cows, and goats on the road, Oh, My!

The whole week we were there I was continuously astounded by the scenery, the diversity of micro-climates, geology, and vegitation over such short distances.

Here's a breakdown of where we went on the island in 8 short days. Click on the thumbnails for a description of each day's route, and links to photos, or click on the large map to bring up more details.

Day 1Bastia to Calvi
Day 2Calvi to Cargese
Day 3Cargese to Corte
Day 4"Gorges" loop, Corte
Day 5Central loop, Corte
Day 6Corte to Bonifacio
Day 7Bonifacio walking day
Day 8Bonifacio to Bastia
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