3/20/04 7:38 pm 635mi


"Gorgeous" day

The plan for the day was to do a "loop" (sort of backwards "C" shaped) of two dead-end roads, one north and one south of Corte, that follow gorges into the mountains.

First, we headed north of Corte to the Gorge de L' Asco. small rd. to gorge-unexpected on-coming traffic 2x!

gorge rd-empty, very well paved fast, some debris & cows

down to Corte to gorges d'restonica- circling Soveria (bas & haut) to find rd to bypass N193 tunnel. Turning around in small space in Haut Soveria!

rd to Gorge d'Restonica - very narrow, a lot of rock debris a little snow & ice on rd. Parked at pull out when only 1 wheel track free of snow. Picnic lunch @ river. Rd. back to Corte--pause for goats in road

back to Corte too late for museum. strolled, clothing shopping (Mer), dinner w. locals

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