3/23/04 7:21 pm off-bike day in Bonifacio


good day not to ride-very windy (I est. 40mph gusts). Alteaatey bright sun w. blue sky and sudden clouds. A bit of rain (most during nap-time) and a brief hailstorm during evening drinkie-poo time.

Walked down to sea, then up promenade & paths toward lighthouse. Very dramatic views of town, ocean, Sardinia, and very windy.

Different mood in town vrs. Corte-friendlier, more shops (tourist-oriented) open or being rennovated for the upcoming season-fewer cafes. Some people speaking Arabic-more Italian, less Corsican (or at least less noticjble, and sounds more like Italian).

Visited church (under rennovation). Rampart walk closed.

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