Date:  October 15, 2001

You're receiving this mail because you are on the e-mail list that Mark
Bergman and Meredith Goldsmith-Bergman will be using to keep in touch
with you during our stay in Croatia and other travels.

For those of you that we haven't had time to tell personally, we've left
the US for at least a year in Zagreb, Croatia. Meredith has a Fulbright
Fellowship to teach American Literature at the University of Zagreb,
and Mark will be messing around with computers again.

We hope to do a sporadic "report from the field," with text and URLs
to travel photos on our web site. 

You may be getting this e-mail because we know you from an academic or
professional context, via motorcycling, rock-climbing, or our previous
year abroad in Turkey. You may be getting this because certain Dark
Forces in the universe generated a random combination of symbols that
correspond to your e-mail addres, and inserted them into this list.
If you'd like to get off this list, or would prefer the mail sent to
a different address, or know of someone that really needs to get the
spam^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hthese important mailings directly, please send
us mail.

Mark Bergman                            Meredith Goldsmith-Bergman
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