Subject: Sretna Nova Godina (Happy New Year)
Date: Jan  1 2002

Meredith and I just returned from a very noisy and impressive New Year's
celebration at the main square here in Zagreb, and now we're enjoying a little 
quiet champagne at home.

Our ears are still ringing from the band, all the small (and not so
small) firecrackers, and from a dazzling professional fireworks display
launched from the top of an office building on the square. It's chilly
enough to feel like January, and there was a couple of moments of snow
this afternoon, but it wasn't too cold to stay outside for a while.

We want to wish you a happy, healthy, and safe New Year.

I've also uploaded a few new photos to our web site, so take a look at
for links to the photos of our current apartment and from our trip to Vienna.

Mark Bergman					Meredith Goldsmith-Bergman
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