We moved!

We were quite happy with our old apartment, particularly the location, and were upset to hear that the current owner, a Croatian diplomat stationed at the embassy in Budapest, was unexpectedly recalled to Zagreb. Our landlords (the owner's parents and and sister, who also live in our building) helped us find another apartment.

What can I say about the new apartment? Well, it's a quieter, more prestigious address. It has the same number of rooms and a similar layout to our current flat, but it's far better furnished and maintained, if a bit smaller. It's closer to the central square and the largest daily market, as well as the main tram junction. Oh, it also is cheaper!

The new apartment is about a 5 minute walk to shops, restraunts, and movie theaters at the Kaptol center, and about a 10 minute walk to Dolac (the daily market, just visible under the "Kaptol" label on the map).

You can see some photos of the new apartment.

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