Subject: Extended Weather Forecast:

Extended Weather Forecast:

I know its banal, but in honor of Groundhog Day I wanted to tell you
about the weather here recently.

Saturday was gray and surprisingly warm (low to mid 50s), with alternatinq
bouts of brilliant sun, drizzle, and momentary intense rain.

Sunday began with hail (a much more frequent event here than I've seen
in the US), then warmed up to a soaking rain.

Monday was warm and dry. By the afternoon the air felt like spring
was approaching.

Tuesday morning dawned (yes, I see the sunrise without even staying up all
night!) bright, clear, warm, and beautiful. The day had all the promise
of a warm day in late March after a few days of rain. It felt as if the
cold weather was over. I uncovered the bike for the first time in weeks
and rode to work, comfortable without winter riding gear. Of course,
it began to rain about noon, and turned cold and windy by the evening.

Tuesday night it was cold and everything froze. It cooled off fast enough
that Wednesday morning's snow stuck immediately--no melting at all.

	The extended weather report for Ankara, from November to April:

That's in keeping with the entire climate here. For example:

The Political Weather Forecast:
	Variable, unsettled air masses frequently moving across the
	country. However, any potential for long-term periods of bad
	weather is prevented by the sudden thunder and lightning
	accompanying military intervention, followed by an extended
	calm, cool period. 

	The short term forecast is for more unsettled upper-air
	disturbances until the April elections.

The Economic Climate:
	Partly couldy, likely chance of showers in late April,
	possibly severe thunderstorms.

The Social Climate:
	General long-term warming trend over the last 75 years, with
	scattered intermittent periods of clouds. Some areas of the
	country, particularly the East, have seen much less
	sunshine, and seem to be exporting their local weather
	conditions to other areas.

Local Weather:
	Winds around the University bluster and blow hot and cold,
	but the prediction is for an extended [budget] freeze, with
	a possible thaw in September.

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