About this web site

O.K., I confess, that's not really my brain. For a picture of my brain, you'll have to use one of those funky neato-keen really k00l dudez browsers, like Netscape, to view


This web site was first created in 1996 as a place to play with CGI. The inspriration for the graphic theme came about while commuting on the subway to Fox Television Studios in NYC.

This web site has:

Having a stateless web site means never having to say you're sorry.

About the brain behind Mark's Brain

As you can tell, I've got a wide range of interests. Since about December of 1993, I've been ``signing'' my e-mail with a file that's included something like:

I want a newsgroup with a infinite S/N ratio! Now taking CFV on:


In that time, I've gotten quite a number of responses, including over fifteen people who fully or partially qualify for membership!

Let me know if you feel that you qualify for this exclusive, august group.

Were you/are you/will you be a

New! rock-climber?
pet bird owner?
pinball player?
ex- (or current) unix supporter?

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