10th Ave between 24th and 25th

I park my bike at a garage on 10th Ave between 24th & 25th. This garage is a 4 story building, so it's enclosed, secure (_you_ go up on the elevator with your bike, _they_ don't touch *anything*), and pretty cheap (for Manhattan). I pay about $90.00 per month (that includes the state tax of 8 1/4%, the 10% city is waived becuase of the certificate). They're also open 24 hours, but late at night you have to ring the bell (but they come out pretty quick) and during rush hours it may take a few minutes. They limit it to 2 bikes per floor, tucked in the corner, so I've never been pinned in.
From: Christopher Zguris <0004854540@mcimail.com>
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 95 10:12 EST