ScottOiler Details

A ScottOiler is a constant-loss chain lubricator. It's vacuum driven, so there's no oil dripping when the engine isn't running, and it's adjustable. It operates entirely from the engine vacuum--there's no electical or mechanical power.

I installed the oiler and the optional "touring reservoir". Together, they hold about 450cc's of oil, which is good for about 3500~4000 miles of riding. Yes, it's a constant loss, so there's a certain amount of oil spray, of oil being carried by the chain and flung off, and an environmental impact. However, I think that it's comparable (at the least) to the mess involved in cleaning a chain and spraying chain lube on it every 300~500 miles.

You can easily adjust the flow, normally about a drop every 2 minutes, to provide extra lubrication if you've been riding in the rain (I do), on dirt roads (I do), or if you're doing extended highway miles (unfortunately, sometimes I do).

In addition to the great convenience of the ScottOiler, it's really extended my chain life. I've got ~32K miles on the current o-ring chain and sprockets, and there's plenty of mileage left. The adjustment interval is also increased.

My personal theory is that the ScottOiler's light-weight oil prevents grit from sticking to the chain, or washes it off, whereas typical chain lubes (90W oil, or paraffin-based wax, or some sticky oil) retain dirt. That dirt becomes a fine lapping paste, causing wear in the sprockets and chain.

The ScottOiler uses special ScottOil, but Dextron II Automatic Transmission Fluid can be used in place.

It takes a bit of fiddling to adjust the oil flow, but that's a fast and easy operation.

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