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Spam Trap

One method that spammers use to gather addresses is to use programs (web spiders) to walk through millions of web pages, looking for e-mail addresses.

I've removed all the legitimate

links from my site, but you can still send me e-mail.

Take a look at this page:
Those are all addresses used by spammers. Many are fake or invalid, many are from closed accounts, and some may even be legitimate victims. Many of these domains are from legitimate ISPs, but many also are from places that are facilitating spammers or are directly run by spammers.

The addresses in that page are intended as fodder for spammers. The more invalid addresses the have, the less valuable their lists are for use or resale. In the best case, the spammers will spend time and money sending mail to each other. There are more sophisticated ways to fight spam, but this works for me.

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