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Most of my current photos, particularly travel photos, are available on my Flickr site (

I've been a serious amatuer and occasional freelance photographer for about 20 years. I've got about 5 or 6 thousand old photos, some of which are actually worth looking at. This means you don't need to sit through hours and hours of a virtual slide show on the 'net. Lucky you. Some old photos are available in my on-line Photo Gallery.

March, 2002

After a mere 3 1/2 or 4 years of window shopping, I finally bought a digital camera! Instant gratification! More photos! More bits to manipulate! More images for you, the lucky web-site visitor, to see!

Travel and Expatriate Living

I caught the international travel bug seriously in 1998 when I moved to Turkey. The bug only got worse when I lived in in Zagreb, Croatia in 2001-2002. This section of my web site is an attempt to gather up some of the photos and observations I've collected.

Note that many sections are merely placeholders--I don't have the photos from older trips on-line, but they will get filled in eventually.

Turkey. August, 1998-June, 1999

der Moto.Alpentour (Turkey->Greece->Italy->Switzerland->France->Germany).

June-July, 1999

Costa Rica. June, 2001

Croatia. September, 2001-?

Corsica, March 2004.

"Spring Break" on the ocean coast... Mark's way!.

Italy, Switzerland, France, Moscow. July 2005.

Italy, Switzerland, France. July, 2005. Milan, Italy I really like the Splugen Pass. Andermatt, Switzerland Pass loops, passport, Sherlock Holmes. Newspaper writeup as tourists in XXXXX, France. Beautiful valley filled with watchmakers. La Clusaz, France. Newly paved pass XXXXXXX back to Italy. Night in Chiavari, Italy.

A Night (two, actually) in Moscow

Mexico, 2006

Rock climing trip to el Potrero Chico.

Morocco, March 2007.

Train from Casablanca to Marrakesh.

Italy, May 2007.

Liguria (Cinque Terre), Tuscany.

Mexico, 2008

Sight-seeing in Mexico City and rock climbing in Potrero Chico.

Euro-Moto-tour 2009

In April, 2009, we went to Italy, Austria, a smidgen of the Czech Republic, a sliver of Hungary, Croatia, a passage through Slovenia, and back to 2+ weeks. An insane schedule, but having lived in the area before, we weren't seeking a large-city tourist experience, but wanted to go to specific spots. In addition, the weather was poor for motorcycling (we had some rain every day, sometimes intense), and we generally avoided the more technical and demanding alpine roads, leaving us more time for off-the-bike sightseeing.

There's an extensive (and largely unedited) set of tour notes and a collection of photos from the tour.

Scotland 2009

A brief trip to Edinbugh and Glasgow, with a couple of days in country. Driving on the "wrong" side was the closest thing I've found to motorcycling in terms of the level of concentration, moments of terror, and fun. Better than driving in Morocco!

Terrific pub music, beautiful countryside, scenic cities. Can't wait to go for the Fringe Festival some day.

Mexico, 2010

Long-weekend trip for a wedding and a little tourism, particularly Xochimilco.

Florence 2010

This was a 5-day trip (who needs to sleep, really?) for Meredith to check the details on-the-ground for the upcoming Edith Wharton in Florence 2012 conference. I was there to carry luggage and take lots of photos.

Florence is beautiful, but as a tourist, I really disliked all the tourists. Hmmm...any problem there? It was a bit odd being in a place that was so heavily oriented toward outsiders.

EuroMoto 2011

A fairly brief trip to Italy & France. Some places we had been years ago (Milan, Barcelonette, Gorge du Verdon) and some nice new sights (Val d'Allos, Apricale, the Piedmont region).

Florence 2012

India 2011

I had long wanted to go to India, and this was a great way to celebrate Meredith's tenure! Beautiful, hectic, colorful, crowded, amazing. This trip was just to the south/west, leaving lots of the country for future visits.

Amsterdam 2012

Winter week in Amsterdam, lots of museums and galleries, good food & coffee.

Russia 2013

We had a brief layover in Moscow in 2005, and wanted to go back since. Finally got to spend a week in Moscow and a week in St. Petersburg (with fun train trips back'n'forth). See the photos here!

Belize 2013

Due to being bumped on our way back from Russia, we had some generous airline vouchers, which made a winter week in Belize possible. A great destination, with a very multi-cultural feel (though few vestiges of the British colonial rule that ended in 1981 than we expected).

Hong Kong, 2014

Belize & Guatemala, 2014/15

Puerto Aventuras, Mexico 2015

Hong Kong & Vietnam 2015

Here are some links to sites that I've found useful, particularly if you're an American considering doing the expatriate thing.

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