Boris Minkin

917-251-0199 (day)

973-895-3425 (evening)

IBM Certified Enterprise Developer
IBM Certified Web Services Solution Developer
IBM Certified SOA Designer
IBM Certified XML Solution Developer

IBM Certified WebSphere Systems Expert
IBM Certified WebSphere System Administrator
Sun Certified Enterprise Architect – Part I

Sun Certified Java Programmer (1.1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.5)


Summary of Qualifications

Experienced professional, team leader and mentor in the areas of systems and application architecture, high performance computing, development of Object Oriented multi-platform applications and information systems, project and network management.


Languages And Development Tools / Environments

  • WebSphere Application Server 2.03 - 6.1 (IBM Certified) WebSphere Extended Deployment (XD)
  • IBM WSAD 5.1, 5.0, 4.03 (IBM Certified), RAD 6.0, WSAD-IE
  • IBM WebSphere Portal 4.2, 5.0
  • IBM VisualAge for Java 1.0 - 4.0 (IBM Certified - since 1998)
  • IBM VisualAge for Smalltalk 3.0 - 4.5 (IBM Certified - since 1998)
  • XML, XSLT, Web Services, JSR 101/109 – IBM Certified (SOAP, WSDL, UDDI)
  • J2EE expert – EJB, Servlets, JSP, JSF, Struts, Hibernate
  • Open Source Tools – Log4j, JUnit, Ant
  • Perl 4 and 5, JavaScript, Shell Programming
  • TOPLink, JBuilder, JDK 1.1 - 1.5 (Sun Certified - since 1998)
  • VisualWorks 1.0-3.0, Visual Smalltalk Enterprise
  • C#, VB .NET, Visual Studio 2005
  • C++ (Borland and Microsoft), C, Pascal, R/BASIC

Database And Filing Systems

  • Oracle 9i, 8i and Oracle 7
  • Sybase 11.9.2 and 12
  • DB2 6.0, 7.2, 8.1
  • Gemstone Database
  • Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, 7.0
  • Advanced Revelation
  • Btrieve Record Manager

Operating Systems

  • Windows NT 4.0, 3.51, Windows 95-XP
  • AIX 4.3.3, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3
  • OS/2 Warp, OS/2 3.0
  • Sun OS 4.1.1 - 4.1.4, Solaris 8
  • Macintosh System 7, 8
  • Linux Red Hat 6.2, 7.1, 8.0, RHEL 3,4,5
  • Novell Netware 3.11, 3.12 and 4.1

High Performance Computing (HPC)


·         DataSynapse Grid Server

·         GemFire object cache server

·         Oracle Coherence

·         Azul

·         Complex Event Processing



  • Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  • Design Patterns (Gang of Four and J2EE)
  • Expert in using Rational Rose and Rational Software Architect
  • Workflow design – Process Choreography
  • Jacobson Uses Cases
  • Wirfs-Brock, Booch, Coad
  • Object Behavior Analysis
  • Linear programming
  • Comprehensive Functional Analysis
  • Theory of the optimal management
  • Relational Database Design

Communications and Networks

  • IBM WebSphere MQ (MQSeries)
  • Java Message Service (JMS)
  • TIBCO EMS / Hawk
  • Socket Programming, TCP/IP
  • SOAP and Web Services
  • APPC and CPIC, LU 6.2 communication
  • DDCS/2

Other Programs

  • TIBCO Spotfire
  • Microsoft Project
  • SCM systems: PVCS, Visual SourceSafe, ClearCase
  • Profiling and Monitoring tools (BMC Patrol, PerformaSure, JProbe, Wily Introscope)
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)
  • Microsoft Visio

Work Experience

August 2010 - Present

            UBS Investment Bank

            Jersey City, NJ

            Position: Enterprise Architect, Director

                        Working on various enterprise architecture initiatives.


December 2006 – August 2010

            Bank of America / Merrill Lynch

            New York, NY

            Position: Grid Architect, VP

·         Promoted and supported usage of computational and data grids within an enterprise. Led on-boarding process. Supported and provided important feedback to various development teams with regards to the grid computing and caching technology. Performed numerous architecture reviews. Presented the grid technology to potential customers.

·         Led important work on computational grid side:

1.      Architected / on-boarded over 10 different applications on the computational grid. Supported and provided recommendations/enhancements to major grid applications throughout their development lifecycle. Presented grid to many potential clients.

2.      Supported and enhanced major existing applications on the computational grid side in both equity and fixed income space. Provided recommendations on capacity planning, ongoing support, reviewed code and architecture, provided recommendations on performance and stability improvements.

3.      Led design and development of major strategic capital advisory application using Data Synapse Grid Server technology. Responsible for application architecture which involved such non-trivial requirements as “Collection Later”, dynamic compilation of program logic on the grid, caching the results at specific nodes, and recursive service execution. Provided numerous examples in both C++ and C#. Worked with outsourced team in India on development of the application. Collected requirements and interfaced with users.

4.      Was instrumental in getting major CDO application on to the Data Synapse grid. Conducted performance tests, provided architectural guidance and training to the development team. Application architecture included C# services running on Data Synapse grid with Excel as a client.

5.      Led design and development of PDF report generation application on the grid. Application utilized XSL-FO style sheets applied to XML documents supplied by the grid clients. Utilized Apache FOP and later Ecrion software for PDF generation.

·         Led an effort to establish standard data grid / caching solution across the firm:

1.      Established center of expertise on caching technology, trained developers and operations across the firm. Wrote several different best practices, Monitoring & Troubleshooting guidelines, pre-production checklist and on-boarding documents.

2.      Led architecture of data grid / caching service – responsible for critical elements such as on-boarding, node provisioning, monitoring & troubleshooting, security and access model, WAN replication.

3.      Led caching technology selection / proof of concept across three equities teams. Determine requirements, architecture and helped procure the POC hardware. Evaluated performance, scalability, failover, reliability and ease of use for both products. Produced comprehensive report to customers based on which Caching strategy was determined.

4.      Worked on architecting Coherence caching solutions for a number of equity and fixed income projects, including stock loan application and major credit and risk applications. Advised on capacity planning, provided examples in C# and Java.

5.      Led architecture of major equity application to use Oracle Coherence cache from C++ clients. Performed capacity planning, cache configuration optimization and performance troubleshooting, as well as recommendation on types of clients to access the cache. Worked on JMX monitoring solution / interface.

6.      Participated in architecture, design, and providing code samples for caching solution to major fixed-income, credit project. Utilized GemFire object cache for caching data from the database. Used Real-Time-Events (RTE) engine for accessing critical events from C# clients (trading desktops). Worked on continuous query design and implementation.

7.      Performed major GemFire based proof-of-concept (POC) with caching data from mainframe DB2. Architected and coded the solution using GemFire cache server on the mainframe (running next to DB2 using Type 2 or 4 driver) and GemFire client on the distributed / grid side. Integrated GemFire cache into Data Synapse grid service. Utilized Hibernate framework to map GemFire cache to the RDBMS.

·         Enterprise Architecture Initiatives:

1.      Worked on improving monitoring solutions and introduced new monitoring architecture for one of the major equity applications on the grid. Helped developers with redesign of their client (request router) to instrument application at all levels starting from the client so that complete end-to-end instrumentation of application is achieved and root cause of the problem is promptly reported. Utilized firm-wide instrumentation framework (details in next bullet).

2.      Led firm-wide initiative on designing instrumentation framework as part of global effort for application availability improvement. Framework was designed to be flexible to route application events to destinations of choice (Files, JMS, and JDBC). Added other destinations (SNMP, TIBCO EMS / Hawk, Netcool) and designed and developed standard layouts for event emission. Designed Java version of framework and test cases. Led development of C++ version. Framework is utilized by major Strategic Credit platform to route critical events into Netcool infrastructure.

3.      Led the effort for Enterprise Reporting against the grid to establish important statistics such as CPU utilization, Total vs. Busy engines, etc. Produced comprehensive set of interactive dashboards using TIBCO Spotfire.

4.      Led technology investigation of VMWare VMotion impact on the application performance and system benchmarks.

5.      Performed numerous architecture reviews. Actively contributed and enhanced Architecture Review Process.

6.      Authored many best practice documents in the areas of grid computing, monitoring, caching and service oriented architecture.


December 1999 – December 2006

UBS Financial Services, Inc.

Weehawken, NJ

Position: Technical Officer, Architect

·         Responsible for the technical guidance of the Firm wide Architecture - Internet Technologies team in the areas of the certification of newest products, support of other teams on the architectural and design issues, creation of frameworks and reusable components. Examples included certification of WebSphere 4.0 and 5.1 servers and determination of the safest migration paths between 3.5.x, 4.0.x, 5.0 and 5.1 versions, development of best practices forum for the variety of topics including usage of EJBs, connection pooling, performance tuning, profiling, security, design patterns and Web Services. Constantly stayed on the leading edge of technology by participating in many technical conferences and forums including Web Services Edge, Sun JavaOne, WebSphere Technical Exchange, etc. Designed and developed several applications - templates of the reusable, fast and robust systems used by many developers as guidelines for their development strategy. Participated in co-development activities on several financial projects to promote the reuse and enhance overall code and design quality. Examples included high-priority multimodal application that could be accessed by financial advisors not only through the browser but also through PDA, smart phone or a blackberry for retrieving client info while on the road. Design and development of such application included complex techniques such as VOIP, XSLT, dynamically constructing page content based on the device type. Introduced and trained other developers with WebSphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD).

·         Lead technology investigation of using WebSphere Application Server 5.1 for z/OS with the possibility of use of z/Series Application Assist Processor (zAAP). Worked with the team of IBM representatives on evaluating options, sizing, performed cost/benefit analysis, analyzed current systems and prepared comprehensive report to management.

·         Lead research and proof of concepts on the J2EE Performance and Availability Management. Evaluated, compared and tested several major monitoring products including BMC Patrol, Mercury Topaz, Wily Introscope, Quest PerformaSure and JProbe. Wrote a comprehensive report on the tools suitability and availability for UBS environment. Interacted with all levels of the organization including stability and control managers, system administrators, performance specialists, application developers and vendor management team.

·         Responsible for significant research and development in the Web Services and BPM area. Participated in the project that used WebSphere Business Modeler tools (formerly Holosofx) for the purposes of modeling client account opening processes. Helped in setting up team environment for modelers. Designed and coded WebSphere-based Web Services used to access external financial information, such as financial records and stock quotes. Conducted evaluation of WSAD Integration Edition including Process Choreographer along with participation in IBM’s Proof of Technology for its usage on the project.

·         Participated in proof of technology and pilot of WebSphere Portal Server at UBS. Responsible for design of composite pages, architecture of developing portlets. Portlet applications included in the pilot were client information system, market data, and UBS Info-Net network. Developed access control and security guidelines.

·         Responsible for development of reusable components library at the corporation level. Designed and developed PW Logging framework based on Apache Log4J. Framework was utilized by more than 20 different business applications across the company.

·         Responsible for significant application design and development on several Java application projects using the WebSphere Application Server. Details are below.

·         Participated in design and development of the messaging applications for the purposes of enterprise alerts and central faxing. Enterprise alerts application required heavy message load for the purposes of issuing stock alerts and delivering messages to the customer. Utilized JMS and MQ services with WebSphere 5.1 and 4.0. Participated in the project of migrating from MQ 5.1 to 5.3. Developed best practices for messaging applications across the company.

·         Led design and development of the Presentation Builder application for Financial Advisors which allowed them to create compliance approved portfolio analysis presentations for their clients. Lead the team of 4 developers, monitoring the progress of the project, interacting with the business owner and defining physical and logical architecture and design. Application has been used by financial advisors for the purpose of optimally presenting crucial material to the clients and managing client presentation content. Application used Struts, Oracle Database and Hibernate framework for mapping objects to relational database.

·         Led the team of developers on the redesign and re-architecture of the major financial application within the company - web-based system that is responsible for supplying online account information to brokers, including account activity, realized and unrealized gain/loss. Constructed and implemented detailed redesign plan including conversion from WebSphere from 3.5 and 5.1 changing the architecture, organizing and repartitioning the code. Design included major object-oriented diagrams such as UML class diagram, use case diagram, sequence diagrams as well as the new web-site map of the system. Analyzed load-balancing strategies for the application and came up with several different architecture solutions for solving high traffic volume requirements (over 220 user requests per second). System is running on Sun-Solaris and communicating to mainframe DB2 database. Performed capacity planning for the application by analyzing Tivoli Performance Viewer statistics, garbage collection logs and using monitoring tools such as BMC Patrol Knowledge Module for WebSphere.

·         Led the team of developers to design and develop the Internet Services Request Consulting System. System was used by customers to report issues as the service requests. System was based on the three-tier architecture, utilizing WebSphere Application Server. Performed design and coding of Enterprise Java Beans component of the system. Used Container-Managed Persistence (CMP) for implementing the EJB persistence. Was mainly responsible for object and relational modeling of the system as well as generating the SQL and custom queries in the DB2 database. Installed the system on both Windows NT and AIX platform. Performed conversion of the system from WebSphere 4.0 to WebSphere 5.1 including conversion of EJBs (1.1 – 2.0), JSP pages and Servlet APIs.

·         Designed and coded JSP Tag generation system. System purpose was improving the developer capacity of using the Java Server Pages specification and creating new JSP tags and components quickly and easily.

·         Routinely performed support and provided help for the developers within the group. Participated in several major analysis and design meetings for determining the strategies of using WebSphere and development environments.

November 1998 – December 1999

Morgan Parker and Johnson, Inc

New York, NY

Position: Consultant

·         Developed a complex prototype of PC-to-Mainframe communication using Java and WebSphere. Worked on the simulation of the communication process between the Browser and the application server. Coded in Java the procedure of checking the userid and password before letting the user to proceed through the application usage scenario. Used WebSphere application server for implementing the session tracking and complex business logic implementation. Worked was performed for Bear Sterns.

·         Led a team to design and implement a VA Smalltalk and VA Java web database application using MS SQL Server and MS Internet Information Server. Developed custom graphical Java applets and applications for providing graphic modeling support for the workflow templates system. Developed Servlet communication framework between Smalltalk and Java portions of the application. Established RMI communication between applets and servlets. Extensively used JDBC and TOPLink for the design and implementation of the system. Extended and improved Web Connection framework to work with TOPLink Server framework and create the transparent mapping of the object model to relational database in the Web-enabled application. Extensively used JavaScript for the form-checking and design, extended many Web connection parts (tables, grids, centering) for better JavaScript support and advanced formatting capabilities. Wrote several major programs in Perl for the support of the database communications on the servers that did not have support for the Java Servlets or VisualAge CGI programs.

·         Developed custom graphical Java applets and applications for providing graphic modeling support for the workflow templates system. Used custom applet-to-servlet communication for providing persistency support for the graphic models.

·         Participated in the design, improvement and further development / deployment of a MSS Master Scheduling System which enabled an NT/Sun network to schedule on-line brokerage line feed maintenance and other batch jobs as needed, emulating a mainframe scheduler.

·         Supported clients in various Visual Basic / MS-Access business applications. Taught two VA Smalltalk and VA Java Design and Programming classes. Participated in a number of design consulting assignments involving design of a new object database, restructuring of a GemStone database.

Below are the consulting assignments that I worked on during 1993 – 1998:

April 1996 – October 1998

Chubb Corporation

Warren, NJ

Position: Consultant

·         Participated in the design, development and deployment of the ACT (Assign, Control, and Track) system for the business needs of the insurance company. The system was to replace three major mainframe systems: Risk Consulting, Loss Control and Premium Audit. Development performed in both OS/2 and Windows 95 environments using IBM VisualAge for Smalltalk 3.0 and 4.5. Performed conversion of the system into Java using IBM VisualAge for Java environment.

·         Designed and implemented the object model of the application using the Booch and Jacobson methodologies. Worked on the mapping between relational database and the object model using TOPLink. Worked on communication pieces of application - interfaces to mainframe transactions through APPC and IBM MessageQueue.

·         Performed mentoring of other developers in the object-oriented methodology and Smalltalk programming.

·         Interaction with end-users was necessary for development of project requirements.

January 1995 – April 1996

Champion International Corporation

West Nyack, NY

Position: Consultant

·         Participated in the design and development of major information management application (ATIMS) for keeping track of time and cost of the various manufacturing projects performed at the client site. Supported developers in construction of application and utility classes. Development was performed in VisualWorks 1.0, and then converted to VisualWorks 2.0 and 2.5. System worked on both IBM PC and Macintosh platforms.

·         Developed reporting tools for Smalltalk-80 to produce non-trivial postscript text reports from Oracle Database (custom code, not using VWRW). Performed database administration (Oracle). On the final stage of development became the lead developer of the project. Improved performance of application over 60% when reading directly from the database without BOSS files. Designed and installed over 200 additional user requests for changes to the system; constructed in Smalltalk-80 classes to project object simulation of a three year repository of data for performance test purposes; received a glowing recommendation from the client for addressing problems in tight time frame and strict deadline.

·         Was involved in the process of application deployment. Used new mechanisms introduced by VW 2.5 such as parcels, Image Maker, and Runtime Packager to decrease the image size and make application running under the memory constraints.

November 1994 – January 1995

Paine Webber

Weehawken, NJ

Position: Microsoft Project Consultant

·         Participated in major conversion effort performed in Microsoft Project by the team of IBM consultants. Wrote macros for automatic report printing and file management. Worked on consolidating the project plans from various projects.

November 1993 – October 1994

Korinf Medical, PC

New York, NY

Position: Smalltalk Consultant

·         Designed and developed the Medical Records tracking system using Smalltalk/V and Window Builder. Created an interface from Smalltalk/V to Btrieve Record Manager and developed the multi-user application on the medical office network. Produced non- trivial reports from Smalltalk to Microsoft Word using DDE interface.

November 1992 – November 1993

Morgan Parker and Johnson, Inc.

New York, NY

Position: Netware Network Administrator and Database Developer

    • Installed and administered Novell Netware 3.11 and 4.1 network of a significant size. Performed design of layout, installations and everyday management and troubleshooting. Designed and developed customer information management system using Advanced Revelation 3.0.

1990 - 1992

St. Petersburg Laboratory of Optimal Management Systems

St-Petersburg, Russia

Position: Mathematical Programmer

·         Developed in C and Pascal an application for optimal management of underwater objects. Designed and developed the application for linear programming Simplex method realization. Performed comprehensive mathematical analysis of systems stability and transfer functions theory.

Developer Conferences

          SOA World 2007, Developing Web Services with Eclipse and WTP.


More info on these available at:

·         Shuchih Ernest Chang, & Boris Minkin, "Monitoring enterprise applications and the future of self-healing applications," International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems, 2008

·         Boris Minkin, XSLT Solutions for Java EE Applications, Java Developer Journal (JDJ), November 2006

·         Boris Minkin, Bringing Together Eclipse, WTP, Struts and Hibernate, Java Developer Journal (JDJ), May 2006

·         Shuchih Ernest Chang, & Boris Minkin, The Implementation of a Secure and Pervasive Multimodal Web System Architecture," Information and Software Technology Journal (IST), March 2006

·         Boris Minkin, Developing Web Services with Eclipse Web Tools Project, Bottom-up and Top-down, Java Developer Journal (JDJ), February 2006

·         Boris Minkin, Creating Web Applications with the Eclipse Web Tools Project using open source, Java Developer Journal (JDJ), November 2005

·         Boris Minkin,  Bringing Together Eclipse 3.1, J2SE 5.0, and Tomcat 5.0, Java Developer Journal (JDJ), October 2005

·         Minkin, Boris, Osmani, Yusuf, Chang, Shuchih Ernest, "Technical Guide for Troubleshooting WebSphere Applications," UBS PaineWebber Firm-wide Architecture Technical Report, Sept 2002, 1-15.

·        Minkin, Boris, Osmani, Yusuf, Chang, Shuchih Ernest, "J2EE Application Development Overview," UBS PaineWebber Firm-wide Architecture Technical Report, June 2002, 1-51.

Book Reviews

Performed comprehensive review (including detailed analysis of the chapter text accuracy and code samples verification of correctness) for the following two books:

·         Sams Teach Yourself Programming with Java in 24 Hours, Fifth Edition, Rogers Cadenhead, 2009

·         Agile Java Development with Sping, Hibernate and Eclipse, author: Anil Hemrajani, 2006

·         Java Phrasebook, author: Timothy Fisher, 2006


  • MBA. – Financial Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ, Expected date of completion, 2012

  • M.S. – Information Systems, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ, Completed in December 2006, GPA 4.0.
    Took two classes in Financial Engineering Track.

  • B.S. - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - Specialty in Mathematics, St. Petersburg Marine Technical University, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1986- 1992

Special Professional Training

  • Java One Conference, May 2006
  • IBM WebSphere XD 5.1, 6.0 Training, June 2005, November 2005
  • IBM z/Series Technical Conference, November 2004
  • IBM Course, Web Services Development using WSAD, April 2004
  • UBS Leadership Challenge Program (LCP), March 2003
  • Series 7 Financial Training and Exam Preparation, April 2002
  • Merant University, PVCS Version Manager, March 2002
  • Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Programming, June 2001
  • Using XML in Java Applications, December 2000
  • IBM Course, Programming EJBs using IBM WebSphere, December 1999
  • Advanced Java / Designing Enterprise Systems, IAM Consulting, January 1998
  • Java Programming Course, IAM Consulting, May 1997
  • Visual Works Programming
  • Object Methodology
  • English Business Communications Skills
  • Project Management for Technical Team Leaders
  • Advanced Presentation Skills
  • Negotiation Skills