meeting of this series, held September 3, 1857, the formation of a Kings County Homoeopathic Medical Society, under the state law, was determined upon ; and on the 12th of the same month, the Homoeopathic Medical Society of the County of Kings was pronounced legally organized, twenty-two members signing their names, to which seven were added during the succeeding week, and Dr. Robert Rosman was chosen president. The history of homoeopathy in Brooklyn has been ably sketched by Dr. R. C. Moffat, in the Transactions of the New York State Hom. Medical Society for 1864, page 292 to 308.

The Brooklyn Academy of Eclectic Medicine, which bad been incorporated under the general act, and in existence for about eight years, was reorganized under the charter of the State Eclectic Medical Society, March 14th, 1866, by Dr. D. E. Smith, W. W. Hadley, H. L. Firth, N. E. Firth, E. H. Sands, B. J. Stow, Martin Hermance, Jas. Pennoyer and others, assembled at No. 100 Clermont avenue.

The Medical Association of the Eastern District.

The Brooklyn Dental Society, was organized December 14th, 1867, and incorporated April 5th, 1869. For some six years preceding the date of its organization, it existed as the Brooklyn Dental Association, holding its meetings mainly in New York city. Its objects are the advancement of its members in dental science and art; the encouragment and maintainence of a high order of professional excellence; the establishment of a dental infirmary, and to interest and instruct the public in dental hygiene. Its corporate seal (designed mainly by Dr. 0. E. Hill), bears the representation of a pair of human jaw-bones, a microscope and a hand with a pen, in the act of writing; while over the whole are rays of light, and the motto, “Investigamus.” Around the outer edge of the seal is the name of the society and the date of its incorporation. The society has a membership of about forty, and its meetings are well sustained by the profession. Presidents: H. G. Mirick, 1867-8; C. D. Cook, 1868-9; 0. E. Hill, 1869-70.


The Brooklyn Orphan Asylum (The Orphan Asylum Society of the city of Brooklyn), situated in Cumberland street, was the first charitable institution of the kind in the city, the Catholic Orphan Asylum, although incorporated earlier, not going into operation until 1834. The ravages of the

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