The German Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Mark’s (Bowronville) was organized January 2d, 1868, by Messrs. W. Droge, Fr. Noll, Ch. Rohrig, L. Muller, W. Poppe, J. Wolf, M. Dellert, W. G. Hegewisch, A. Detering, G. Vigelius, W. Van Behrenn, H. F. Nolte, Ch. Huebner, B. Gisch, J. Ross, W. A. Schmitthenner, Ch. Mohr, M. Renner, Fr. Mocholdt, Fr. Herr, C. Schmeissing, and Rev. Mr. Flath, of East New York, temporarily supplied the pulpit. The corner-stone of a church edifice was laid, August 30, 1868, and the building dedicated June 20, 1869, on Evergreen avenue, at the head of Jefferson street, E. D., and at the same time, the Rev. G. A. Schmidt was installed as pastor.

The building is a frame structure above an ample basement of brick and stone, and its dimensions are forty-four feet front by seventy-four feet deep, and has an elevation of forty feet with a small belfry. The exterior is painted white with grained walnut trimmings, and presents a picturesque and neat appearance. The cost of the church complete was $15,000, of which sum more than two-thirds has been paid by voluntary subscriptions. Present church membership (male) thirty-six; Sunday school one hundred and ten pupils and fifteen teachers; and fifty-two Scholars on day school.


Congregation of “Beth Israel.” In 1856, a small number of Israelites residing in Brooklyn, having experienced much inconvenience from being obliged to go to New York to attend the meetings of their church, especially during the celebration of the festival of the Atonement, and the New Year, met together for the purpose of forming an independent congregation. Commencing with only ten members, they rapidly increased, and a society was organized of which M. Erlich, Esq., was elected president; a private room was hired and worship was conducted from such preachers as they could until they finally selected the Rabbi Joel Alexander as their pastor. By this time, the congregation, having increased in numbers and wealth, it was determined to erect a church edifice, and during the presidency of Solomon Furst, Esq., a site was procured, and the corner-stone laid on the 12th of January, 1862, by Moses Lewenthal, who was subsequently president of the society. The building was completed and dedicated, August 31, 1862, with appropriate services by Rabbis Raphael and Isaacs, in the presence of a large concourse of Israelites and others, including several prominent ministers of different denominations, Some of whom delivered eloquent addresses. This synagogue, which is situated upon the corner of State and Boerum streets, cost $10,000, and the congregation is in a very flourishing condition.

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