Temporary site includes selected clips from recent editorial and series design work. Navigate using section titles above. This site is just a test product that will also make some elements available quickly. Not a lot of design focus here, just .mac expediency.
New site at some point with real host, in case you show up in the future and get a 404 for bookmarked page.
CLIPS ARE RATHER LARGE AND MAY TAKE A LITTLE WHILE TO LOAD, EVEN ON THE BROADEST OF BROADBAND CONNECTIONS. Again, this is just a test site, so it’s not fully user friendly. If you’re still using a modem or some less than broadband hook-up, email me for a tape or dvd. Maybe a 1” or U-matic or M-2?
[element at above left directed and shot for VH1’s 100 Greatest Songs.]
CHRISTOS Pathiakis
editorial & broadcast reel  
cathode ray pictures cp v 02/10\2007