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Chile Anaheim

Anaheim Characteristics
Pronounced: AN-uh-hym
Scoville Units: 500 - 2,500
The Anaheim chile is a pale to medium green color with a long, 6 to 8 inches, narrow tapered shape. As the chile matures, it turns red. Anaheim chiles have a sweet, mild flavor, and the red chile is sweeter than the green chile. The Anaheim chile is the most common chile used to make chile rellenos.

Anaheim chiles are named after the Southern California city where they were originally grown, and they are also known as California Green Chiles, Chile Verde, or Long Green Chiles. When the Anaheim chile matures the color changes to red and the chile is sometimes called Chile Colorado or California Red Chile. Anaheims are closely related to New Mexico Chile. In the early 1900's New Mexico chile seeds were brought to Anaheim and cultivated.

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