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Prik Ki Nu

Prik Ki Nu Characteristics
Pronounced: Prik Kee Noo
Prik Ki Nu, also known as birds eye chillies (sometimes called "birdshit" chillies"), scuds, dynamite chillies, or "mouse dropping" or mouse shit chillies. These Thai chillies are viciously hot and are widely used in Thai cuisine. They form the basis for most nam prik recipes. On a scale of 1 to 10 in ascending hotness, these chillies rate a "9" just behind habaneros and scotch bonnets!

Prik Ki Nu often refers to the green, unripe chilli. It has a sharper flavor and is used in green curries.

Prik Ki Nu Daeng means red birds eye chillies.

Prik Ki Nu Daeng Haeng means dried red birds eye chillies -- They should not be used as a substitute for fresh chillies. You will not get the same floral flavor as the fresh chillies. The dried chillies are commonly used to make roasted chili powder.

Fresh whole chiles

Prik Ki nu at a market in Thailand.

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