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Water Spinach

Water Spinach Characteristics
Water Spinach is also known as kang kong in Malay, morning glory, ong choy in Cantonese, phak bung in Thai, and swamp cabbage. Other names include tropical spinach. kankon, weng cai, ngung choi, ung tsoi, ung choi, kong xin cai, tong sin tsai, toongsintsai, hung sam choi, ong tung tso, ungtsai, tung choy, kang kung, and rau muong.

Despite its common name, water spinach, it is not related to spinach. It is a member of the morning glory family. It is a vine that is cultivated in waterways and fields. Water spinach leaves are almost arrowhead-shaped, one to six inches long, and one to three inches wide. The leaves have notched bases, with rounded or pointed lobes. Water spinach flowers are morning-glory-like: two inches wide, funnel-shaped and can be white, pink, or pale lilac.

Selection and Storage:
The leaves of water spinach fade quickly, so look for a perky bunch. You can store it in a loosely closed plastic bag in the refrigerator for a couple of days.

Remove the fibrous part of the stem, usually about an inch or two below the last leaves.


Fresh Water Spinach

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