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Barbeque Recipes

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Gates Bar-BQ Ribs

Gates Bar-B-Q is a family restaurant in Kansas City since 1946. The major success of Gates Bar-B-Q is attributed to their unique barbeque sauce. I always try to keep a bottle of Gates barbeque sauce on hand! This is a recipe for the barbeque sauce, but it can also be ordered online directly from Gate's Bar-B-Q Online Store.

How to Cook Ribs

Place your pork ribs, preferably 2 to 3 pounds, on the counter or block. Trim all fat and score between each bone. Marinate, medium strength, using Gates original Seasoning, shaking off excess. Let stand until it starts to liquify, approximately 15 minutes.

Place ribs front or face side down on a HOT FIRE. Bar-BQ until golden brown, then turn over. Bar-BQ backside until golden brown. Move away from the fire slightly. Continue Bar-BQ process for 45 minutes to an hour, or until tender. There, the perfect ribs!

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