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Linguica Chili

Recipe from: Bob Sassone

For those of you not familiar with this Portuguese sausage, it's pronounced Ling-GWEES-a. I was waiting tables in a pizza place about 20 years ago and a tourist asked me what this "Linguicka" was.

It's fantastic in sandwiches and on pizza, but you can also make chili with it. One of the best bowls of chili I've ever had was made with linguica instead of beef. It gives the chili a really nice, different flavor, while remaining hearty. I don't know how this place made it, the exact recipe. I'm sure I could call them up right now and say "hey, give me your recipe," but I don't want to do that, even though they probably remember me coming in there.

I've found a few recipes online for Linguica chili. Here's one from the Gaspar's site:

Linguica and Chourico Chili

1 pound linguica, skinned and chopped
½ pound chourico, skinned and chopped
3 green peppers, diced
3 medium onions, diced
½ bottle of ketchup

Sauté linguica and chourico (often spelled chorizo) in butter. Add remaining ingredients. Cover and simmer for 20 minutes.

Hmmm...ketchup? No idea how that would taste. The recipe also says to serve it in a roll, though that's not the way I've had the chili. But it sounds like it's worth a try.

Here's another, from


1 pound hot linguica
1 pound hamburger
1 medium red onion, chopped
3 cloves of garlic, chopped
2 23 ounce cans ranch style beans
2 8 ounce cans of tomato sauce
2 packages taco seasoning mix
salt and pepper

Cut linguica in slices and brown with hamburger, onions, and garlic. Add salt and pepper. Add tomato sauce, taco seasoning, and beans. Simmer for one hour.

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