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Edisto She-Crab Soup

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This is a dish from the Southeast, but hope it can possibly work for you. The garnish on top can be a little much and can be omitted!

4 cups cooked crab meat
4 teaspoon finely chopped onion
2 quarts whole milk
½ cup (1 stick) real butter
dash of nutmeg or mace
1 teaspoon salt
dash of red pepper
2 tablespoon plain flour
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
½ pint whipping cream
parsley to garnish

Melt butter and blend in flour. Add milk, crab, and seasonings, except for sherry. Cook slowly over hot water till boiling/simmering. When ready to serve, put ½ tablespoon sherry into each soup dish. Add soup and top with a spoon of whipped cream. Garnish with parsley.

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