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Drink Recipes (With Alcohol)

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Champage Peach Punch

Recipe from: butterflydog
Servings: 24

3 750 ml bottles of Champagne ( really any brand is fine )
1 32 ounce carbonated or seltzer water
½ cup peach brandy
2 cups peach nectar
¼ cup lemon juice from fresh lemons
¼ cup grenadine syrup
1 large glass punch bowl

For the Peach ice block:
1 can sliced cling peaches with syrup

I made this for my daughters' engagement party and another summer party I gave. Even leftover fizzed out punch tastes great when refrigerated. It's one of the best champagne punches I ever tasted in my opinion. Great for any celebration. Into a large glass punch bowl, add the peach nectar, grenadine and lemon juice and peach brandy. Pour in the champagne. Mix well and add the peach ice block and pour in the carbonated water. The mixture will fizz.

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