Clay's Kitchen : Drink Recipes (With Alcohol)

Drink Recipes (With Alcohol)

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Strawberry Dacquiri

Recipe from: Wendy Stumpf

I came up with this recipe after being disappointed by the mixes and the way different bars made them.

1 pound strawberries, capped and sliced up a bit
1 tray of ice cubes
½ cup rum, you may need a bit more for processing

Layer all ingredients in a large blender cup. Blend until smooth but not liquified and pour into glasses and serve with a swizel stick with a chunk of pineapple or a strawberry.

We use a coconut flavored rum for this as it doesn't impart a strong alcohol taste to the drink. Please do also make sure to follow safety procedures for blender use. A friend stuck a wooden spoon in the top of the open lid and it became a nasty weapon.

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