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Rumbled Eggs

Recipe from: The Great British Kitchen
Servings: 4

The beauty of rumbled eggs is that they cook practically on their own, whereas scrambled eggs can easily overcook while you hastily make the toast.

½ ounce butter
6 medium eggs
2 teaspoons water
salt and pepper

Put a saucepan of boiling water over a low heat. Put the butter in a bowl and stand it in the saucepan to melt, while you beat the eggs, salt, pepper and water. When the butter is hot and clear, pour in the egg mixture and stir twice. They can then be left over the gently simmering water while you lay the table.

Give them an occasional stir as you pass by to prevent the eggs at the bottom sticking. As soon as the eggs are the consistency of clotted cream remove the saucepan from the heat and the eggs will keep hot over the hot water until they are needed. Serve on buttered toast.

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