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Huevos Fritos (Fried Eggs)

Recipe from: davinandkennard
Servings: 6

This is oh so simple, but so necessary if you are making Huevos Rancheros! No butter please! Locate the best eggs...... look for ground raised because the yolks are so wonderful. I make them two eggs at a time so use my "dozen" as a general measure for 6 people.

1 dozen eggs
1 cup lard or vegetable oil
salt and pepper

Heat the lard or oil in a heavy skillet. Carefully break two eggs into the pan. With a spatula splash the whites with the hot fat until the whites are done and the yolks still liquid. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Serve as is or use with my recipe for eggs+recipe71>Huevos Rancheros.

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