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Egg Recipes

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Steamed Eggs

Use a steamer to cook eggs, instead of boiling them. A steamer requires less water, and the eggs rest above the boiling water. Be sure to chill the eggs afterwards. This stops the cooking and makes the shell easier to remove.

Bring a small amount of water in steamer up to boil, then reduce temperature to medium. Add one or more eggs to the steamer, cover, and let cook. The eggs should be almost completely hard-boiled in about 12 minutes. While the eggs are steaming, fill a cup with water, and let chill in the freezer. Leave enough space for the eggs to be added. When the eggs are done, remove the cup from the freezer, and use tongs to place the eggs into the chilled water. Let the eggs cool for a minute or two, then remove them and deshell them.

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