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Fish Recipes

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Grilled Red Snapper with a Rougail Sauce

The Red Snapper is the most reputed and delicious of the Seychelles fish. You can taste it at the Café des Îles restaurant in Paris. The recipe below can also be prepared with white flesh fish which can be easily found at your fish shop.

One large lump of fresh fish per person
Sunflower cooking oil
half a glass of white wine
one big finely sliced onion
3 garlic cloves
fresh ginger finely grated
coriander and parsley
salt and pepper
a red chili

Make the Rougail Sauce:
Onions and crushed cloves of garlic plus grated ginger, fresh herbs (parsley, coriander) together in the frying pan, leave to color... Poor the purée of fresh tomatoes on the mixture. Add one glass of water or white wine. You should have enough sauce to cover the fish. Let simmer gently for about 5 minutes. Season with salt, pepper and chili.

Grill the Red Snapper:
Heat oil in a frying pan Season the filet of fish (salt, pepper plus a little of grated ginger). Cook your fish for about 3 minutes. Verify the cooking with a knife.

Finish up the sauce by adding freshly cut herbs before serving. Serve with the Rougail sauce, Creole rice, vegetable achards and chatinis.

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