Clay's Kitchen : Ricette Italiane (Italian Recipes)

Ricette Italiane (Italian Recipes)

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Spaghetti Capricciosi

Recipe from: Laura Engles
Servings: 6

1 pound spaghetti macaroni
500 grams solid and mature tomatoes
10 teaspoons of extra virgin oil
300 grams mozzarella of bufala "Delle Rose"
8 leaves of basil
6 spoons of grated parmigiano cheese

Reunited in a tureen the oil with the tomatoes, private of the seeds and cut to filets, a pinch of oregano, the basil, the parmigiano and you leave macerate as for a pair of hour. To the moment opportune cooked the pasta and prepared a tureen with inside the cut strips mozzarella. Drip the pasta to the tooth and pour it on the mozzarella. Mixing very quickly and add the tomatoes with the other ingredients. Seasoned to the last moment with a pinch of salt and pepper. Mixing well and serve.

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