Clay's Kitchen : Ricette Italiane (Italian Recipes)

Ricette Italiane (Italian Recipes)

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Arrabbiata Sauce

Servings: About 14 cups

½ cup extra virgin olive oil
6 garlic cloves, crushed with side of chef's knife
4 35 ounce cans Italian plum tomatoes
1 tablespoon salt
1 To 1 ½ teaspoons crushed red pepper

In 8 quart Dutch oven, heat olive oil over medium heat until hot but not smoking. Add garlic and cook, stirring, 2 minutes; do not brown. Stir in tomatoes with their juice, salt, and red pepper; heat to boiling over high heat. Reduce heat to low; simmer, uncovered, 50 minutes or until sauce thickens slightly, stirring occasionally and crushing tomatoes with back of spoon. For smooth, traditional texture,press tomato mixture through food mill into large bowl — Or, leave sauce as is for a hearty, chunky texture. Cool sauce slightly. Spoon into jars. Store in refrigerator for up to a week. Or spoon into freezer-proof containers and freeze for up to 2 months.

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