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Preserved Lemons

Recipe from: 5thCourse
Servings: 1 jar

A North African accent for a variety of dishes, from tagines and couscous to a garnish on a wood fire oven pizza. Thin-skinned Meyer lemons recommended, though Eureka works well, too. Kosher salt makes a good choice as it dissolves easier. Your jar of preserved lemons may or may not be kept refrigerated.

6 to 8 meyer lemons—as many as will fit in your jar
kosher salt

Wash lemons well. Be sure to have a jar big enough for the lemons to fit. Put a couple tablespoons of salt in the bottom of the jar. Holding over a plate to catch the juice, make four deep longitudinal cuts, evenly spaced, in each lemon. Keep ends attached—or quarter the lemons keeping stem end intact. Pack salt liberally into cuts. Pack lemons into jar tightly, helping to press out some juice and sprinkling thin layer of salt over each layer of lemons. Top with final layer of salt. Add juice from the plate. Cover jar tightly and leave at room temperature for a few days, watching level of juice. Lemons should be covered in their own juice, if not, add more lemon juice. They'll be ready to eat in a few weeks and can keep for up to a year.

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