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Lasagne alla Bolognese

Recipe from: Accademia Italiana della Cucina
Servings: 8

Here's the recipe which has been deposited in the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna in 1982 by the Accademia Italiana della Cucina. Translation is by Vilco.

1 kilogram "ragù classico bolognese"
400 grams Parmigiano Reggiano, freshly grated
bechamel sauce made with 100 grams all purpose flour (00 flour), 100 grams butter, 1 liter fresh whole milk, salt and nutmeg
butter, about 200 grams
1 kilogram green lasagna strips made with 700 grams all purpose flour (00 flour), 3 fresh eggs, 350 grams cooked and rinsed spinach
1 rectangular baking tin about 25 x 35 cm (10 inches by 14 inches), at least 6 cm (2.2 inches) tall

Bring to a boil a pot filed for ¾ of salted water. Cut the lasagna in rectangles about 10x15 cm (4 inches by 6 inches) or, if you're a good cook, a little smaller than the baking tin. Toss the lasagnas in the water and remove them when they come afloat (about 3 minutes). Cool them down by passing them under running cold water and place them on a white towel, better if linen or cotton. Line with butter the bottom of the tin and put some spoonfuls of bechamel and ragù. Cover with the necessary lasagna stripes and cover with a thin layer of bechamel, plenty of ragù, some butter flakes (like these) and plenty of parmigiano: the stratum must be as regular as possible, taking care that no air bubbles form inside (to obtain this, just pierce the lasagnas three or four times with a toothpick). Proceed like this for at least six strata and cover the uppermost lasagne layer with some ragù mixed with some bechamel, some butter flakes and some more parmigiano. Finish by adding a flake of butter in each corner of the tin. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes in an oven already at 180°C (355°F). Who likes the crunchy corners in lasagne can use the oven broiler, for a maximum of 2 minutes, to get a light gratin-like effect which doesn't get in contrast with the softness of the inside.

Let rest five minutes before serving and remember: the portions, put in the dish, must maintain in theyr shape and not collapse.

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