Clay's Kitchen : Recetas peruanas (Peruvian Recipes)

Recetas peruanas (Peruvian Recipes)

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Chupe de Camarones Pantagruel

Recipe from: Don Cucho, Pantagruel Restaurant Chef.
Servings: 4

2 kg. Shrimps
3 tablespoons oil
1 large chopped onion
2 chopped garlic cloves
½ kg. peeled tomatoes , seedless (mashed)
3 tablespoons ground "panca" hot pepper (replace it with hot paprika )
1 ½ lt. snails or white fish broth
1 cup white wine
½ shrimps extract (see preparation procedure)
½ kg peas
¼ kg. fresh broad beans
6 starchy potatoes
2 corn kernels
¾ can milk (or milk cream)
150 gr. good fresh fish
Fresh herbs (marigold, mint)
6 poached eggs

Peel shrimps, keep only the tails. In the head lies the shrimps gill that gives a very good taste to our recipe. Scoop the head out and sauté the rest in butter. Boil it with water and white wine. Then, blend and strain it to get at least 2 cups of shrimps extract. This extract is mixed with gill, dissolving it completely. Strain again and set aside. Make a dressing with oil, onion garlic, tomatoes and hot pepper. Fry a bit before adding broth and shrimps extract. Leave it boil and keep on adding vegetables (peas, potatoes, corn and broad beans). Leave it cook. 2 minutes before serving, add the shrimps tails, milk and herbs. Serve it immediately. Garnish it with sliced hot pepper, feta cheese and poached eggs ( boiled in water)

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