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Pod and Seed Recipes

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Black-Eyed Peas à la Nita

Recipe from: Nita Holleman
Serve with a bowl of steamed rice, stewed tomatoes and corn bread. Serve with a pork dish, as Pork Chops or Pork Tenderloin. Iced Tea.

1 cup dried black eyed peas
cold water
1 fresh carrot
⅓ of a medium sweet Vidalia or sweet type onion
2 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 Knorr chicken or ham bouillon cube
½ teaspoon table salt

Wash 1 cup dried black eyed peas in cold water. Check for trash and discard. Place in a boiler and cover with water about 1 inch above the peas. Place boiler on the stove and bring to a good boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes. Pour off ½ the water. Add more water as before. Soak the peas in the water overnight. When ready to cook the peas, drain off water. Cover with fresh water. Add to this some cooked left-over cured ham with some of the fat and if available some of the bone. Wash and scrape 1 fresh carrot. Grate or shred the carrot. Add the carrot to the peas. Cut off about ⅓ of a medium sweet Vidalia or sweet type onion. Remove the outside peeling and chop finely. Add the onion to the peas. Add 2 Tablespoons granulated sugar. Do not add salt until peas are cooked and tender, or they will be hard. Be sure you have and keep plenty of water in the pot, several inches above the peas. Bring the peas to a boil and reduce heat to a slow boil or simmer. Cover with a lid. Check often to be sure they don't dry out and burn. Add water as needed. Cook about 1 hour. At the end of 1 hour, add 1 Knorr chicken or ham bouillon cube to the pot (or both). Cook another 30 minutes at least, or until the peas are tender and done. When done, add ½ teaspoon table salt.

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