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Red Beans and Rice

Recipe from: Louise Austin

This recipe is from my aunt, Louise Austin, from the cookbook, What's Cooking with FLO?, favorite bayou country recipes of FLO (For Ladies Only) from the First Baptist Church in Napoleonville, Louisiana published in 1990.

1 pound dried red kidney beans
2 quarts cold water
ham bone or other ham, chopped in cubes
½ pound smoked sausage, sliced thick
1 bunch green onions, tops and all, chopped
1 green pepper, chopped
2 stalks celery, chopped
2 onions, chopped
pinch of thyme
4 bay leaves or less
red pepper ro Tabasco sauce
salt and pepper

Rinse beans; discard any bad ones. Put beans in heavy pot, at least 3 quart size. Add water, ham, and sausage. Set on low flame, uncovered. While beans are soaking, add chopped onions, green onions, pepper, and celery. Add thyme and bay leaves. Boil and cover. Stir often. Add water as/if needed. When they get tender, use a wooden spoon and mash some. Let cook until creamy. Season with red pepper of Tabasco sauce and salt. Serve over rice.

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